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It Cancels Out

Arrived at KL airport earlier today for another weekend of work.

I bought a KLIA Express train ticket to the city. Normally it’s a straightforward affair. I hand the cash over to the dude at the counter, he gives me my train ticket.

But this time round, he also gave me an extra piece of paper that said something along the lines of “Thank you! By choosing us, you have saved the environment!”

Wow, that’s nice.

But by printing that extra piece of paper, you have killed a tree!

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Worst Name For A Condom Ever

I know, I know.

I have been absent for a while. It was the Gawai long weekend in Sarawak and I can’t help but to jump at the opportunity to skip town.

I was in Indonesia and had the most fantastic 6 days doing absolutely nothing. Work was the last thing on my mind. Besides, there was no internet connection where I stayed, so I couldn’t update even if I wanted to.

But one thing they sure have is the most RIDICULOUSLY named condoms I have ever come across.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you… VIRGIN CONDOMS.

Virgin Condoms – not suitable for virgins.

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Look! It’s The Prime MinistZZzzz…

Yesterday, I attended the National Integrity Convention hosted by the government of Malaysia.

Since Abdullah Badawi became Prime Minister of Malaysia 5 years ago, one of his top priorities was to fight corruption and uphold the values of integrity in both the public and private sector.

The National Integrity Convention is born out of those efforts, and is the government’s way of educating people how to do business and live their life with integrity. In essence, it was like “Pendidikan Moral”, but for adults.

The night before, we were hosted a dinner talk in Hilton, where the guest speaker was Raja Nazrin, the crown prince of Perak.

As a commoner living in the small city of Kuching, I don’t get attend a lot of functions involving members of the royal family. That night was one of the rare few occassions in my life, I actually heard somebody addressing himself not as “saya”, but as “beta” (the Malay word for “me”, reserved exclusively for royalty).

The prince receives tremendous amount of respect from me and the people in attendance.

Raja Nazrin comes across as someone extremely smart and knowledgable. It’s not surprising, considering he has a degree from Oxford, as well as a Masters and PhD from Harvard University. He has a reputation of giving exceptionally inspiring speeches on patriotism and on nation-building that connects well with the people at large.

Despite his royal status, Raja Nazrin is also a humble man. I distinctively remember when he was getting married, he explicitly refused the state government to fund his wedding or for large corporates to take up ads in newspapers congratulating him. He insisted instead that the money be used for charity or be spent on projects beneficial to the community.

Raja Nazrin’s selfless character is truly the epitome of integrity.

Another speaker at the convention on integrity was Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak for 27 years.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister himself also make an appearance at the convention.

Regardless of what anybody thinks of Abdullah Badawi as Prime Minister, you gotta give him at least credit for trying. Speaking my personal experience, government services have improved by leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. Since he came to power, many in the government sector has also began taking corruption very seriously.

Prime Minister himself even flew all the way to Kuching just to attend a convention to educate people on integrity. That’s dedication!

[09/11/08 – The rest of this entry has been removed out of respect, concern and consideration for the organising committee of the National Integrity Convention, who I understand has worked very hard to put together this convention, with nothing but the best of intentions.]

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ADV: Beer-flavoured Internet Flash Games

You know what goes well with football?

Beer, of course!
And you know what goes well with beer?

But with your beer goggles on, there is a risk that “babes” you get might turn out something like this instead.

For that reason, sometimes it is wiser to stay at home, enjoy your beer and have a safer type of fun.
Like playing some beer-flavoured internet flash games on the internet with your friends.

Heineken Beer, the sponsor of UEFA Champions League has came up with a series of internet flash games so strangely interesting, it got me thinking. What exacty were the executives at Heineken HQ drinking when they came up with these ideas?
Hmm… 😉
The series of three flash games are up at the Heineken Champions League Great Together website.

In the first game, you have to use your skillz to navigate a Heineken beer truck through a maze to reach the supermarket in the least amount of time possible.

In the second game, you must use your skillz to do a Mexican Wave inside the supermarket in order to bring the beer back home.
Dunno what kinda supermarket allows you to do that. Surely it’s not Everrise.

In the final game, you must slide and catch the beer over the bar counter without breaking any bottles. If you managed to catch it five times, then congratulations, you have teh skillz!

The only twist here is that you cannot complete the series games on your own. In following the theme of ‘Great Together’, you gotta finish playing the first game, invite another friend to complete the second game, who’ll then invite someone else to complete the last game.
It is important that you finish the games as quickly as possible, so make sure you pick someone with teh skillz.

What made these games go so over the top is that each time you completed the game, they play a funny video of a choir singing some congratulatory messages to you. As if to jokingly stroke your ego.

That itself is already worth wasting 2 minutes of your life to play these games.
But I’ll tell you what’s not a joke: The Grand Prize of this contest.
It’s tickets to the Heineken Star Final: A free trip for three person to go on an exclusive holiday in an exotic tropical island and watch the the UEFA Champions League Final in style.

The destination is a secret, so don’t ask me ‘cos I dunno!
But if this year’s Heineken Star Final is a good indication, where Edwin Law joined 150 football fans from all over the world in South Africa to watch Manchester United win the Champions League, then it’s a pretty good chance the Grand Prize next year will not disappoint.

To win the Grand Prize, first you must pull together a team of three.
Then, head over to the Heineken Great Together website and complete those three games in the fastest time possible

If you are struggling to find team mates, not to worry. There are always heaps of bored people hanging around my Chatbox 24 hours a day.

If you ask nicely, I’m sure they’ll be people there happy to join your team.
A word of warning though.
Although these Chatboxers may be able to help you get by.

But skillz, they srsly lack.

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Indian Game Shows Are Awesome

I thought Japanese game shows were entertaining, but this one takes the cake.

There’s this game show in India called Dadagiri. Contestants have to survive three rounds of insults by the show’s bullies and compete against each other to win 50,000 Rupees (RM4,000) in cash prize.
The woman in the video is Esha The Goddess – the self-proclaimed “meanest, nastiest girl from college” and quite possibly the Indian version of Xiaxue.
Her job is to put down the contestants and she particularly hates people with ugly faces.

Part One: Watch this first. It’s in English. (1 min)

So in this particular episode, Esha yelled against one male contestant. She slapped him. HE SLAPPED HER BACK. She took it like a man. Meanwhile the whole entire 65,374 crew members surrounded the male contestant and proceeded to rip his non-existent balls out while he cried like a bitch.

Part Two. The Slap. (2 min)

If this is not TV gold, I don’t know what is.
I have only one thing to say after watching the clip.

How can she slap? HOW CAN SHE SLAP?

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Herbal Medicine For Hair Growth

Despite my apparent young age, I unfortunately have an embarrassing hair loss crisis.

It’s difficult to hide my shame every time I go to my hairdresser, only to have him shake his head and tell me, “Kenny, your hair is getting less and less. What’s going on? You’re only 26!”
It’s not like I didn’t try to find a cure. I bought a tonic solution that I have to rub into my head every night, but I got lazy after applying it for a few months.

Then I went to consult a doctor about this.
The doctor, who thinks I’m a primary school student, told me that I have too much male testosterones, which is causing of my hair loss.
Apparently, being too much of a man is a bad thing.

He also got me on this pill called Propecia. Some of my hair grew back after taking them continuously for about a year, but I stopped because each month’s supply costs me a ridiculous RM180, and I reckon RM180 could be spent on better things than growing hair.
Not long after I stopped Propecia, my hair stopped growing along with it.

So I was in Bangkok this past weekend when I spotted this signage at a market. Beneath a whole bunch of Thai alphabets, it says in English “HERBAL MEDICINE – HAIR GROWTH”.
Interesting. It’s definitely something worth trying.
Then I took a peek inside the shop, and saw this photo of the inventor.

This, my friend, is what happens when you have a taste of your own medicine and it’s TOO BLOODY EFFECTIVE.

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