35 Replies to “Zac Efron Lollipop”

  1. hahah..wat a lame tag line… btw.. I like wondergirls so much.their song very nice. Girl oso pretty pretty geh..heheh…
    Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day to all…
    Kenny, how u celebrate with ur mummy?

  2. hey kenny,
    it’s not a group of policemen. if u notice carefully. it acutally the same person!!! (:

  3. OH YEAH!!!! I want to lick him all over and suck him dry. It makes me wet just thinking about it. Yummy, yummy.

  4. Urgh… Oh dear.
    That is JUST WRONG!
    I hate Zac Efron to the very core. Tomorrow, I’m gonna march to every supermarket in town and check from shelf to shelf–making sure that THING is not available! I’m not gonna let THAT in my neighbourhood, at least.

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