Terry Fox Run For Cancer Research

I enjoy running and, after having lost many loved ones to the dreaded disease, am passionate about cancer research too.

So what better way to combine my love for the two than to take part in the Terry Fox Run KL, happening at the Lake Gardens this coming Sunday at 8:30am.
(No, I still live in Kuching. Yes, I’m flying off to KL again.)

The Terry Fox Run KL aims to raise fund for cancer research.
The run is 6.5km long, but kids can take the shorter route of half that distance. The event is easy, all-inclusive, non-competitive and the route will be scenic and shaded. If you don’t wanna run, you can choose to cycle, rollerblade or find other ways to propell yourself forward. As long as you cross the finishing line, it’s good enough liaw.
No registration is required and no fees are payable. Of course, it’d be nice to buy the T-shirt and donate a bit to charity lah!

Last year, aspiring ironman-in-training Azman participated in the run and had this to say.

This event is such an eye opener. I’ve never witnessed the generousity and support of Malaysians for charity events like this. And according to my guess, I never will.
70% of those who came are not Malaysian! I’ve never seen such gathering of expats and their offsprings ever in my life!

Please lah, people. It’s for charity, it’s a healthy activity, and you’re not even obligated to pay a single cent to take part in it. So what exactly is so difficult?
Unfortunately for some Malaysians, it seems REALLY difficult. Even I had a hard time trying to get my friends to join me for the run.
A typical MSN conversation goes something like this.
Kenny: Hey, I’ll be in KL this Sunday, taking part in the Terry Fox Run. Wanna join?
Friend: What time is it?
Kenny: 8:30am at Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden).
Friend: Thanks but no thanks. But I will run with you in my sleep.
Kenny: Come lah!
Friend: I don’t think I could wake up!
Kenny: Why not?
Friend: Because I’ll be clubbing on Saturday night!
Looks like I’ll be running solo again.

In case you’re wondering who this “Terry Fox” person was, he’s a Canadian who was 18 years old when he was first diagnosed with bone cancer. As a result of his disease, his right leg has to be chopped off and replaced with an artificial leg.
While in hospital, Terry Fox was touched by the suffering of his fellow cancer patients. He wanted to help them. In 1980, he made a resolution to run across Canada in order to inspire people and to raise fund for cancer research. Despite losing a leg, the then-22-year-old ultimately ran the distance of 42km EVERY DAY, for 143 consecutive days.
He called it the Marathon of Hope. The photo of him limping with a prosthetic leg, with vehicles following closely behind him, is the most iconic from the 1980s.

Terry Fox died one month short of his 23rd birthday, after he was forced to abandon his run due to failing health.
By then, everyone had heard of the cancer patient who ran with a prosthetic leg to cover an amazing distance of 5,373 km. His legacy led to the establishment of the Terry Fox Foundation and the Terry Fox Run, both of which were set up the same objectives as the Marathon of Hope.
To find the cure for cancer.

30 years ago, a cancer victim with a prosthetic leg ran a marathon distance of 42km EVERY SINGLE DAY. If someone in that position could do that, what more does that say about us who’ve got two perfectly fine legs?

Today, trying to get someone to wake up for a run is already like worse than getting cancer.

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Is It True That Girls Fall In Love With Their Hearts And Guys Fall In Love With Their Eyes?

Yes, it is true that girls fall in love with their hearts.

But too bad their hearts don’t have a brain.
I wrote in my earlier entry that girls should take the initiative and approach the guys they like.
Nicole disagreed with that. She said girls should not approach guys because all men have this thing called “ego”. Hohoho… easy there honey. 😉 You got a lot of males reading your blog, and you don’t wanna step on our fragile “manly ego”.
Don’t you get it? The only reason why us men have a so-called “ego problem” is because of the simple fact that girls like egotistical men.
Face it. Girls LOVE ITwhen a guy acts like he owns the place and that the whole world revolves around him. Even better if he’s also arrogant and sarcastic.

I can almost hear someone scream, “NO THAT IS NOT TRUE KENNY. WE LOVE A NICE GOOD GENTLEMAN.”
Don’t believe me? I can point out three examples right off my head.

Example #1: Robbie Williams

The quintessential arrogant British bad boy. Even had an album out called The Ego Has Landed.

Example #2: Dr Gregory House

From the popular medical TV series House. Famous for such sexist quotes as “Your eyes are lopsided. And by ‘eyes’ I mean breasts.”

Example #3: Dr Sheikh Muszaphar

An astronaut, doctor and part-time model.
Let me repeat that.
What kinda narcissistic show-off put down on his astronaut application form “PART TIME MODEL”?
Since when are looks considered an important selection criteria in a space mission? Dude, not like some intergalactic aliens are gonna judge our astronauts by our looks!

To be fair to Sheikh, I actually quite admire the guy and I don’t think he has a reputation of being arrogant at all. But with all that media attention showered on him right now, the guy has every reason to be.
I can so imagine him coming back from space now and pull off this move to a girl.

See what I mean? With role models like Robbie Williams and Dr House to look up to, it’s not entirely our fault we would emulate their arrogance.
I’ve been in the dating scene long enough to learn that “Nice Guys Do Indeed Finish Last”. The problem with girls is that they make their decisions based on feelings, not logic.

Sure, girls always talk about wanting to hook up with sincere, humble, nice guys who are romantic, caring and giving to their every whims and fancies (like Kenny). But more often than not, they end up with some sweet-talking, arrogant, egomaniacal jerk who they’re attracted to because they appear strong, confident and dominating (like Robbie).
And there’s no better indicator for confidence than arrogance.
Let’s give an example. Say if you get asked out on a date by two similar, yet different guys.
One is a shy, timid, humble IT manager who never successfully dated a single girl before in his entire life.

“Me wuv u. U wuv me?”

The other is an over-confident lead singer of a rock band who had dated only supermodels and beautiful women in the past, and still have girls constantly throwing themselves at him.

I can honestly tell you that Arth gets more chicks than I do.

If these two guys go after you at the same time, which of them would you feel more intrigued by?
Your brain says “Fall in love with the humble IT manager! He’s the right guy!”. But your heart says “oh wow hehehehee that robbie is really cute!”
See? It’s not egotistic when you girls like it that way.

If you’re a guy and you’ve been single for a long time because your only approach to girls is the “love sick puppy” manoeuvre – stop embarrassing yourself and install some ego into you. Show ’em who the man is. I can guarantee almost immediately that girls will be throwing themselves at ya – even if you’re boasting nothing but a bag of hot air.
Strange, but it works.
Do you know of any girls who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy too arrogant for his own good? Or do you know of any guys who tries too hard to impress a really hot and pretty chick?

Share your stories, and the best male and female commenters each will receive a bottle of HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her, thanks to HUGO Fragrances. Contest ends 12:01am 1st November!

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Is Dumbledore Really Gay?

It’s been all over the papers: Albus Dumbledore is gay.

Who would have thought? Even I have to admit I was caught by surprise.
Following shocking news by Harry Potter author JK Rowling that the lovable headmaster of Hogwarts is actually a homosexual, I looked back at previous episodes of the Harry Potter movie series to see if the producers had deliberately left any clues in any of the movie scenes.

Coming out of the closet

I gotta be honest, I didn’t get very far. In fact, I had to watch and re-watch some episodes in order to pick up some of the clues. But as soon as I found them, I said to myself “Hohoho… Rowling. You almost got me there.”
A lot of people didn’t notice, but there was this scene in one of the movies that showed Dumbledore in his office.

See that rainbow flag? And that magazine in hand?
Then there was this scene in the movie where he was involved with this group called Dumbledore’s Army. The movie led you to believe that Dumbledore’s Army was a bunch of student rebels headed by Harry Potter.
But no, Dumbledore’s Army is the name for an all-male strippers group. In his spare time, Dumbledore was a part of that group when he wasn’t busy being the greatest wizard of all time.

Gay. Totally gay.
And if that’s not convincing enough, Dumbledore had even released an album a long time ago.
But not just any album.

From the looks of it, Dumbledore appears to have inspiration from a certain Japanese fella called “Hard Gay”.

Who would’ve thought?

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Things We Like About Women

If any girl reading my previous entry sound like a grumpy divorced old man on a women-bashing frenzy, my apologies.

The truth is, as much as I sometimes feel that women are the cause to all of our woes and problems, there are little magical moments when we appreciate you and think that you’re most beautiful angels sent from above. You may not even realise it, but some things you do subconciously make us feel all tingly inside and swoon all over you.

1. When You’re Putting On Make Up

There’s something incredibly mysterious about watching a girl put on make-up.
Maybe it’s the level of concentration shining through your face when you’re apply the lipstick. Maybe it’s how cute you look when you smile at yourself coyly in the mirror, obviously admiring the work you’ve done.
Or maybe we’re secretly thinking that all that effort you’re going through, is for us.

2. When You Play With Babies

Almost every guy I know are fascinated watching how their girlfriends behave around babies. This could usually mean one of two things.
Either we are secretly attracted to your maternal instincts because we’re thinking this could be how you play with our kids in the future.
Or more likely, we are fantasising putting ourselves in the position of the baby as you hold it close to your lovely bosoms.

3. When We Caught a Whiff Of Your Perfume

Next time you go out wearing your favourite fragrance (such as that extremely popular and excellent fragrance brand starting with “Hu” and ending in “Go”), keep an eye out for the dozens of guys who had turned their head to look back at you with more than a passing interest.
As any guy who have accidentally caught the scent of a woman walking past would know, next to physical intimacy, there’s nothing more mindblowingly sexy than having that sweet feminine aura linger in the air for a while longer.

4. When You Show Your Sexy Back

Everytime a girl bends over and her panties peek out accidentally, our eyes will normally dip briefly to secretly check out the type, material, colour, etc of her undies.
I’m not proud of it, but hey most guys do it. We love it when you tease us with your feminine charms discreetly that way, even if it’s unintentional.
It’s not perving, it’s just the way things are. And unfortunately you’ll have to accept it, otherwise you might have to lobby to bring high-waisted grandma undies back into fashion. 😉

5. When You’re Fast Asleep

Ask any guy what their favourite moments with their girlfriends are, and half of the guys would reply it’s looking at their girlfriends when they are fast asleep.
I gotta agree. Guys love gazing down upon your peacefully sleeping face when you’re looking all sweet and serene and vulnerable. Yeah, it makes us feel manly, macho and protective inside.
Even when in reality we’re actually quite fat and chubby.
Those are my 5 tips for the girls. Nicole has 5 tips for the guys too.
When is the moment when you find a guy (or a girl) most gorgeous?

Tell me your stories.
Thanks to HUGO Fragrances, the most interesting two stories by a male and female will each receive the new HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her. Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and ends 12:01am 29th October.

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Should a girl ask the guy for his number? Who should make the first move?

If a guy fancies a girl, should he just go ahead and make a move on her?

I used to believe that, yes. Men should definitely make the first move.
Get her number. Ask her out on a date. Whatever. That’s what movies like The Notebook, Titanic and (God forbid) American Pie taught us right?
After all, men are supposed to the bolder, more aggressive sex. We should take the initiative. And if we failed, what have we got to lose?

If you lose face, you can always go to The Face Shop and buy some face

As it turns out that, actually we have A LOT to lose.
If a guy makes a move on a girl and she turns him down, the guy loses face. But that’s not it.
Because what normally happens is that the girl would go back to her pack of girlfriends, and then she’d go, “Like, oh my god. You won’t believe just what happened. Did you, like, see that guy over there, like, make a move on me? He was like, totally ewww. I was, like, just sitting there and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I like buy you a drink?’ and I was like ‘No wayyyy, I’m too cool for you!’ Like, whateva!”
Then they’d all giggle among themselves while you stand there looking like an idiot.

Like this

Ok, I’m generalising and maybe it doesn’t always happen exactly that way, but it’s close enough.
My point is, everytime a guy makes a move on a girl, not only do we stand to face rejection, we also have to face ridicule and embarrassment from our friends AND her friends if we get turned down.
We get accused of being perverts, desperados, going for someone out of our league (I get that a lot). We can’t even touch or initiate light physical contact to show her our interest.

What’s worse, if we fail, next time she’ll start avoiding us. And next time you bump into her and her friends, you can’t help but to think that she’ll be whispering to her friends “Hey, that’s the guy who asked me out on a date. What a loser.”
I will never forget the time back in high school when I wrote a love letter to a girl I had a crush on and confessed my feelings. Not only did she not reply, she took my letter and passed it around everyone in class while they laughed at my bad handwriting.

To be fair, I looked like this back in the days

Then I had a think about it, and I came up with a BRILLIANT idea. Call it controversial or whatever, but hear me out.
Instead of girls waiting for guys to approach them, and turning them down if they are not up to your standards… Why can’t GIRLS be the one making the first move?
Do you know why there are so many single men and women around?
It is PRECISELY because girls do not make the first move at all! All they do is sit around waiting for Brad Pitt to fall from the sky and propose to them.

See, THAT is the difference between guys and girls.
When a guy sees a girl he likes, he drums up his courage and approaches the girl hoping to get a ‘yes’ from her.
When a girl sees a guy she likes, what does she do? Flip her hair around a bit, uncrosses her legs, adjusts her top a little… that doesn’t mean anything to us! How the heck do we know if you’re trying to send flirty signals to us, or if the room aircond is not working?

That’s why I say, girls should totally approach guys they fancy and make the first move.
I reckon most guys won’t have the heart to reject a girl’s advances anyway. And even if they do, you won’t see us going back to our mates and gossip all over you. It’s just not “the man thing” to do.
So girls, go ahead and ask him out. Get his number. Touch him.
No more waiting to be approached. No more subtle hints. No more confusion. It makes life so much easier.
Besides, it’s the new millennium. Women are much more independant now, right?

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Nicole and I disagreed, but what do you reckon? Should girls make the first move?

Feel free to comment ‘cos thanks to HUGO Fragrances, I got a bottle each of the latest HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her to reward the best male and female commenters. Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and ends midnight 25th October.To be eligible, just fill out your e-mail address when commenting.

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Fun and Games With Halloween Masks

With Halloween fast approaching, one of the things I’m most looking to get are some Halloween costumes.

But Kuching being such a small city that is already, is completely devoid of Halloween mood year after year. I’ve also been searching all over Singapore and KL, but I didn’t have much luck when it comes to locating anything Halloween.
Fortunately for me, I had a bit of luck in Bangkok. Though I didn’t find any full-fledged costumes, I did manage to find a small section selling Halloween masks in the enormous Siam Paragon store.

These aren’t full masks that goes over all of your head. They’re just simple ones that covers your mouth and nose and costs around 150 bahts each. But it doesn’t mean that they are any less fun.

In my past life, I was a master chef that makes a living sitting on top of people’s head while I show them how to cook.
I didn’t like that one because it wasn’t quite “me”. But this other one is more like me though.

Sia Jong-Il.
I. AM. NOT. HAPPY. And you’re fired.
I thought of getting this one. Then I thought why pay money to get a facial expression that I got permanently plastered on my face anyway when I’m angry anyway?
So I found one that looks different, but still suits me better.

Oink oink oink.

Aiyo, why you looking at me like thatttt.
Ugh. Still don’t like it. Only because it hits too close to reality.
After trying on so many, in the end I found the best and most suitable Halloween mask for me.

Sawasdeekaaaa. Me lub u long time!
Sucky sucky for five dollah!

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C-In2 Men’s Push-Up Underwear Review

Remember the push-up underwear for men I blogged about some time ago?

Well, I was in Singapore again recently, and I decided to visit the New Urban Male store and give this push-up undie a try, just to see how effective it is.
Yes, I know. The things I do for my blog.

A pair of push-up undies like this normally costs SGD$32.90 (RM75) but lucky for me, New Urban Male was running a buy one get one free promotion when I was there.
I think they’re trying to clear their stock because apparently Singaporean men don’t need help to push up their package. Either that, or they figured out that stuffing a banana down the undies is much cheaper.

So this is the undie. It’s black. It’s a brief.
It looks like any other undie except for this little strap.

What the strap does is that it holds the “man fruit” in place.
Like this.

Theoretically, using the strap will push up the “man fruit”, making it look like a “brinjal” when in fact you got a “long bean”.
I don’t know how well that’s gonna work, so I went into the changing room (after I paid for it of course) and tried it on.

This is me before I wear the push-up undies.

This is me after I put on the push-up undies.

Is there a difference? I can’t tell. So I asked my female friends what they think.
Yes, I know. I’m a lucky guy. It’s not everyday you can ask girls to comment on your “man fruit”.
Here’s what they say.

Nadnut: Is it already on? How come like nothing one?

Estee Teo: Wow! Really got big difference leh!

To be honest, it was kinda strange and uncomfortable walking around with a strap tied around my groin like that. My dick felt like it’s a pet animal, and I’m taking it out on a walk with a leash tied around its neck.
What’s worse, within a few minutes after I walked around wearing the push-up underwear, my dick starts to feel a little numb ‘cos the blood flow to my dickonosaurus is restricted.

Anyway, I decided to take it out for a real world experiment.
So there I was, standing confidently alongside the walkway at City Link Mall, wearing my C-In2 Push-Up Underwear, equipment strapped in, proud and hanging.

To my utter dismay, almost every girl who walked passed didn’t even BOTHER giving me a freaking glance to my pushed-up man fruit!

Even the middle-aged aunties who walked past couldn’t care less about my dragon balls!
That’s ridiculous. I am so disappointed.
What for I buy this stupid push-up underwear if none of the girls are giving willing attention to my willy!?
Then, just when I was about to give up, something happened…


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Cultural Learnings of Hanoi For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Malaysia

Finally, I’m writing the last piece of my Hanoi travelogue.

You had me at ‘Bao Dong’

Kinda strange I made a 4-day trip seems like 4 months on my blog.
On the first day of our visit, we thought about hiring a bicycle (US$1.50 / RM5) to help us get around.

Looking at how crazy the way people drive in Hanoi, I didn’t think it was a good idea. But we went ahead with it anyway.
The problem is, it is difficult not to love Hanoi.

Cone hats are back in fashion

There is not a single McDonalds or 7-Elevens in sight, but that’s a good thing. Highrise buildings are also non-existent here.
While KL, Singapore and Jakarta are competing to become the next New York City, Hanoi sets itself apart with a graceful touch of old town charm normally lost in big cities.

Aunties with necks stronger than your momma

We based ourselves at the Old Quarters, which is a great place to watch the city burst into life and activity. The soundtrack to Old Quarters is a never-ending music of the clanking of metals, the buzzing of chainsaws and the honking of cars. The 800-years-old marketplace is a step back in time and a great place to soak up the atmosphere here.
Meanwhile, elsewhere on the map, the French Quarters is the closest thing you can get to Paris.

As we sit in a quiet cafe on the side of a tree-lined boulevard, sometimes we forget we’re even in Asia.
The car drivers here are almost as bad as the ones I met in Shanghai.

They honk like their hands are like surgically attached to the car honk. Seriously, every small thing they also wanna honk.
Got cars in front, they honk. Got cars behind, they honk. In the middle of the night when there’s absolutely no cars around, they also honk!
Vietnamese street food is truly one of a kind.

Hallo? Lu Oo Pho Bo?

Most other places would be happy to provide you with at least some decent tables and chairs for you to eat at.
Not in Vietnam.

Over here, street vendors seem content providing with you tables and chairs that are SO RIDICULOUSLY SMALL, they look like they bought them from a toy shop.
I don’t know what they’re thinking. But they must’ve thought our asses stopped growing since kindergarten.

Yet, despite having to sit on freaking small toy chairs, a lot of locals seem to enjoy crowding at this particular joint.
And you know what they say. If the locals love it, it must be good.

Turned out I wasn’t wrong.
For just 10,000 dongs (RM2), the nice lady cut up the meat on the spot and I got a nice big bowl of classic Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) to feed my hungry stomach.
It may not look like the cleanest most hygenic eatery, but the food here is to die for.
Ok… maybe not. Because it’s not worth losing your life over a bowl of RM2 noodles.

I love it. After growing up loving Vietnamese food for so long, I finally get to sample the real deal.
If you feel like drinking a bit of alco, they even serve cheap Hanoi Vodka. It’s perfectly alright to drink freaking vodka for breakfast in Vietnam.
I totally enjoyed the streetside food experience. The only problem I had was still their tiny chairs.
I know I’m supposed to semi-squat and eat with my legs wide open and balls hanging out.

But I am so fat, I couldn’t even bend me knees!
Lonely Planet has been my favourite travel bible for many years, but I learnt the hard way not to rely on it too much. The information in there can be so terribly out of date.

We were looking for this delicious-sounding cafe called Chocolat & Baugette located at 11 Cha Ca Street.
After searching high and low, we stumbled across this sign inconspicuously hanging where the cafe is supposed to be.

“This is 11 Cha Ca Street. But Hoa Sua Cake Coffee Restaurant was closed. It hasn’t opened yet. Pleased do not ask us about them anymore.
(I added the last part in.)

This is Nicole, using my laptop to update her blog at 5am in the morning.

Yes. I know what you’re thinking.
I think I can see the title poster for the next B-Grade Korean horror movie already.

Coming soon to a cinema near you.
This is ka fay sua da, otherwise known as Vietnamese iced coffee.

When I took a sip at this drink for the first time, my eyes widened, my arsehole tightened and I was bouncing off the walls. That was the strongest iced coffee I’ve had!

All they gave us was a glass of condensed milk with a weird contraption on top. All it contained was ground coffee and a dose of hot water. But what passed through the filter, dripping into the glass below was ounces of pure coffee heaven.
It’s the Asian version of espresso, it’s so rich with caffeine kick and it’s cheap as hell.

Someone has gotta import this thing here.
We may have spent 4 days in Vietnam, but when we returned, the only Vietnamese word we could speak was ka fay sua da!
The water puppet show is a waste of time.

It’s cool and all that, but when the narration is all in Vietnamese, what’s the point?
Not like there’s a button that we can press like in DVDs to get the English subtitles.
This is me posing in front of the legendary Nguc Son temple on Hoan Kiem Lake.

This is me looking like a dork and picking up my bicycle after it fell over.

What’s worse, my bike fell over some joss sticks an old auntie left there for Hungry Ghost Month.
Sorry ghosts!
One restaurant that’s definitely worth visiting in Hanoi is Restaurant Bobby Chinn’s, the baby of that World Cafe Asia host from Discovery Travel and Living.

If not for the orgasmically juicy good food, then at least for the quirky and ingeniously worded menu.
It’s not cheap though. The two of us managed to rack up a bill of US$40 each, which is alright for a once-in-a-while indulgence.

But it was worth it because this is one of the best fine-dining restaurants I had dined in in a long time. My appetiser, the Tropical Seafood Ceviche, has the kind of magic that bursts flavours in your mouth.

Of course, it’s only befitting that my food is served in a coconut as a tribute to the size of my testicles.
Disaster struck when we left Bobby Chinn’s.

Nicole wearing a pink ao dai (US$10 / RM35 only)

Vietnamese people drive without a care in the world. Road rules are for decoration and zebra crossings are nothing but graffiti on the road. There are tens of other people fitting into the same lane as you. The unspoken rule is that you just cycle slowly, stay on course and others will avoid you.
That doesn’t always work, especially when you’re trying to cross a busy intersection where bicycles, motorcycles and cars all zoom past you so close you can feel them against your knees. In a situation like this, the last thing you wanna do is PANIC.
Which is of course exactly what I did.

A motorcycle overtook me from behind. In the heat of the moment, I lost my balance, collided into him, fell onto the ground as a car whizzed by me, narrowly missing my head and turning me into a bloody pulp.
I survived (of course), suffering injuries no worse than a sprained wrist and a bruised kneecap.

But as they say, “once bitten twice shy”.
The followed day I decided to play on the safe side and cycled as slowly and as carefully as I could

Screw it, I’m walking instead.

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