Happy Birthday naeboo

Dear naeboo, today is your birthday.

naeboo = angel disguised as a devil

I actually find it somewhat amusing that I am wishing you happy birthday now.
Before we met, I used to always have this nagging feeling that you didn’t like me, just ‘cos you don’t like “femes” bloggers. A long time ago, I even wouldn’t have expected the two of us to have come this far, nor would I have considered you to end up becoming one of my most trusted friends. Ever.

The night I won RM200 eating raw eggs and cherry tomatoes covered in tabasco sauce, after you PUSHED ME ONTO STAGE.

Sure, you dissed me a lot. You dissed my hair. You dissed my face. You dissed my weight. You called me an orang utan. Dammit, you dissed my taste in women. BIG TIME.
But hey, at least I know that if I am ever in need of a honest-to-God no nonsense opinion, I have you.

You are one crazy cracked-up nutcase, but for some inexplicable reason, I know I can trust you. Either you are really special, or I am just too damn stupid.
You are one of the very, very few people I feel comfortable sharing my dirtiest secrets with. Then again, I know you have secrets dirtier than mine. 😀
Although to be honest, I’m not too sure if I should feel special that you’re sharing it with me, ‘cos more often than not you just give me TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Ewww.

Your photogenic legs

But what I like most about us is the effortless chemistry that we share. Riding Osim iGallop together. Challenging me to eat Sup Torpedo. Chatting till 5am until I missed my flight. Taking a piss out of the audience at Deal or No Deal screaming “Bu Mai! Bu Mai!” *waves hands in a frantic manner*

And hey, thanks also for moderating my Chatterbox. To show you my appreciation, I shall dedicate the rest of this entry to my favourite classic naeboo quotes.

Talking To A Very Frustated naeboo
naeboo says: i’m so stresseddddddddd
Kenny says: its very easy, i show u
naeboo says: 253645869
Kenny says: (you forgot ur shift button)
naeboo says: i just feel like swearing in numbers

Clubbing in Penang

Kenny says: Eh, how come there are “mounds” in front of the clubbing district? So strange.
naeboo says: That’s where they bury the dead clubbers.

naeboo’s First Time At KL’s Low Cost Carrier Terminal Airport

naeboo says: Whoa. This airport really low cost.
*The baggage carousel’s alarm began to sound*
naeboo says: Hehehe! Even the alarm sounds so low cost. Like the sound of chicken chirping. They put chickens inside cages and poke them with needles. And then when the chicken gets fat, they take them out and sell it to KFC! Wahahaha!

Malaysia’s IC System

Kenny says: Eh see, my IC spoil already. Got split in the middle.
naeboo says: Just laminate it lah.
Kenny says: Cannot! If I laminate it then I cannot use the smart chip anymore.
naeboo says: When’s the last time you used the smart chip in your IC?
Kenny says:
Kenny says: Good point.

Poking Fun at Kuching’s Ulu-ness

Kenny says: Wow, traffic lights in Penang really advanced hor. Got countdown timer somemore.
naeboo says: Yalor, in Kuching our traffic lights are powered by fireflies.
Jin Boone says: Really ar!?
naeboo says: Ya. And then if we wanna get Astro, we have to put a monkey on our roof to hold a wok pointing towards the sky. That’s why when it’s raining we cannot get any Astro reception.

Hahaha! Happy birthday. Bitch. 😛

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Cold Dish

Something odd I found in the vacancies section of today’s newspaper.

I can understand what’s the job of a cashier or a bartender. But take a look at the third line.
Can someone tell me what exactly is the job scope of a “Cold Dish”?

I thought a “cold dish” is a type of food. NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN PUT IN YOUR RESUME!
Can you imagine what your future employers are gonna think if you tell him that you’ve been working as a “cold dish” for the past 6 months?
Makes me wonder what the interview process for the job of a “cold dish” is gonna be like.

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This Is Disturbing

Something quite disturbing I found in Egypt.

They drew the guy on the right smiling. Why? Honestly, you are not supposed to be smiling when you have to go through something like this.
Don’t even get me started as to why the guy on the right has a freakishly extra long arm to pat on his friend’s head.

I’m not sure what those Egyptian characters in the red circle means, but I’m pretty sure it can be translated into “KNNCCB! THAT F@$KING HURTS OK!!!”

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Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 Pageant

Taking a break from my adventures travelling, kennysia.com brings to you exclusive coverage on the grand final of recent Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 pageant.

The contest began two weeks ago after a national call to search for “real woman”.

Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing all these while. Searching for a “fake woman”?

The grand final was held at the Palace of the Golden Horse at the Mines Resort. It was a grand affair with tickets costing up to RM220 per person.
Normally when you have to pay that amount of money for dinner, you expect good food served with great wine.
Well, this must be the first time I attended an expensive dinner function that instead of wine, we were served MILK.

Then again, it’s not like we came for the food anyway. 😛
The pageant itself is as cliched as beauty pageants get. After the usual boring speech by the Datuk, it didn’t take long for the 16 grand finalists, dressed in elegant batik, to come out much to the delight of the crowd.

I must say, the line-up this year is pretty (no pun intended) impressive.
Normally when it comes to beauty pageants in Malaysia, half the contestants look like their face kena crashed by lorry. But this year, all of them look absolutely fantastic.

Maybe the search for “real woman” did work after all.
Here are some of my favourites.

Contestant #1: Caroline, a 22-year-old student from Sabah.
She later won the title of Miss Congeniality.

Contestant #4: Tanya, from Penang.
Her body is freaking toned and FIT to the ‘T’.

Contestant #11: Nai Hsing, from KL.
Blessed with a pair of huge Japanese anime character-like eyes, she’s every contestants’ favourite to bag the title of Miss Malaysia.

And of course, not forgetting our blogosphere’s very own Contestant #7 from Malacca. 😉

Traditionally, there’s never a swimsuit parade in any beauty pageants in conservative Malaysia.
This year, thanks to a swimwear sponsor, the contestants were all required to catwalk in their bikinis as part of the contest. Needless to say that certainly makes for a much more interesting show. 🙂

Kinda make me wish I were one of the judges, then I can quality examine them without any guilt. Heh.
Disappointingly, there wasn’t a talent show in the contest. Usually that’s the most interesting part of any beauty pageants. I was looking forward to Contestant #7 swallowing a live sago worm as part of her talent show.

Soon, the judges decided and announced their Top 5. Sadly, apart from Contestant #11, none of my personal favourites got in! Heck, even our humble Malaccan iguana-eating girl isn’t one of them.

The question posed to the Top 5 was “What is a real woman?”
Those girls, arms on hips, will then have to go all philosphical and answer stuff like “A real woman is one that is confident and beautiful inside and out.”
Deep. I thought a real woman is one with boobs and vaginas. Not those Ah Gua you see in Pattaya.

When it finally comes down to awarding the titles of Miss Malaysia Universe, Sue Ann Cheng (14) bagged the 2nd Runner-up prize, everyone’s favourite Goh Nai Hsing (11) ended up with the title of 1st Runner-up.
And the title of Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 goes to…

Miss Adelaine Chin.
Just like in the Oscars, the other two finalists who didn’t win have to try their best to pretend to be happy and cheer for the winner.

Adelaine will now represents Malaysia to compete in Donald Trump’s Miss Universe in Mexico City next month.
Here’s some videos I took during the pageant.

I might add, for complicated reasons, that all videos and photos here are taken by Kenny Sia, but is the copyright of Pageant Promotions. I gotta mention this otherwise they wouldn’t allow me to take any photos.

Adelaine wasn’t the only person lucky that night. I got lucky as well… when I won a lucky draw.
Fine, all I got was some cheap T-shirt and swimming goggles from Prosun. Their creative packaging rocks. 😛

But that’s not the end of the night.
After the show, Dominic and I hung around the hotel a bit to catch up with Contestant #7.

It was nearly 3am and she was hungry for supper. That’s understandable since she had to watch her diet for the past 10 days. So she called up the other girls to ask if they would wanna join for supper.

I would be happy if one or two of them to join. Maybe three, max.
But no…

There was EIGHT.
EIGHT beauties, all of whom who just competed in the Miss Malaysia Universe pageant, came down to join us for supper at 3 in the morning.

We’re talking about HALF the competition here, complete with make up, body art, fake eyelashes and fake nails still on, cramming into the backseat of the vehicle.
These girls must be really hungry.

It was like one of those Guinness Book of World Records thing where they try to squeeze in as many people as possible into the car. But we had it with beautiful women instead of a bunch kiasu idiots.
Trust me, I was dying to move to the backseat myself.

If this is not what dreams are made of, I don’t know what is.

Mamak food never tasted so good.

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Good Luck, Nicole

My friend, fellow travel junkie and partner in The Amazing Race Asia (if we managed to get through lah), Nicole Tan, is one of the grand finalists for tonight’s Miss Malaysia Universe 2007.

For a girl with the personality of a tomboy who has never modelled before, never joined a pageant before and never even been in a bikini before, this is gonna be quite an incredible feat.

All these while, she’s that small town girl from Malacca who enjoys eating exotic food like snails and worms and iguanas. And now, she could be the next Andrea Fonseka. Heck, she could possibly even be the next Jennifer Hawkins.
Go on Nicole, make us proud.

I must admit, having a Miss Malaysia as a partner for The Amazing Race is definitely gonna be something to brag about. Heh heh.

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Fun Facts About Egypt

Those of you who have been following my Twitter when I was travelling would know that I often update it with my observations of the quirky way Egyptians live.
For those who have missed it, these are the best ones and I’ve put them here again. This time with pictures.

There is a lot of sand in Egypt.

From the airplane, the country looks like one freaking huge sand box. These huge expanse of North African desert is lifeless yet beautiful.

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound. 1 Egyptian Pound equals 100 Egyptian Piastres. Mmm… piastres. 😉
1 Egyptian pound is about 60 cents Malaysian.

You gotta have plenty of these as baksheesh (tips), else you can’t get service anywhere in the country. They carry your bags, you pay them tips. They open the door for you, you pay them tips. Even when they pose for photos for you, you gotta pay them tips.
The quality of Egyptian banknotes is pretty bad. They feel like cloth more than the plastic kind we’re used to. My mom said they look like “kiam chai”.

In Egypt, their payphones are also called “Ringo”

They must really like Cheesie over there.

Because of my size, the Egyptians have given me a nickname. They call me “Rambo”.

Egyptians have a wicked sense of humour. I was wearing this tight adidas sleeveless top during one of my visits to a historical site and while I was walking back, I caught the attention of the tourist trap merchants. The whole stretch of them were yelling out to me “Bruce Lee! Bruce Lee!” Then one of them shouted “HEY RAMBO!” and everyone cracked up laughing.
Our local tour guide eventually got wind of it and for the rest of the trip, my nickname was “Rambo”.

I played arm wrestling with an Egyptian merchant. I lost. The bugger cheated!

After witnessing all the commotion that me (aka Rambo) had caused at the markets, one of the local guys challenged me to an impromptu game of arm wrestling.
You don’t see our two countries sizing up in many of the sport events. But for once, this is Egypt Vs Malaysia.

Early on I was dominating. With 300 loud Egyptian guys firmly behind their boy, and only 2 of my mates cheering me on, sad to say, I lost. 😛
Not to say I’m a sore loser, but he did lift his whole elbow up halfway through the match.

When I said the way Kuching people park their cars is bad, I obviously hadn’t seen the way Egyptians park.
This is one quirk I find most interesting.
Kuching people are expert when it comes to parking their cars. It doesn’t matter if it is a pedestrian walk, a yellow line or a No Parking sign, as long as there’s space to fit in a car you WILL find a Kuching car on it. Heck, if they could, Kuching people might even park their cars on trees.

But you know what? After seeing the way Egyptian park their cars, I am left speechless.

They just park sooooo close to each other. How the hell is ANY of those cars gonna get out without getting scratched?! Now THAT’S a mystery greater than the Pyramids of Giza.

I mean, I’ve heard of the term “bumper to bumper”. But this is ridiculous.
Of all the cars you see in Egypt, 99.9% has scratches on them. You have a better chance at winning 4D than you have finding a perfectly undamaged car in Egypt. For that reason, you’re almost never gonna see a brand new car in the country.

Seriously, who teaches these people how to park their cars? Mr Bean?

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Gila Gila Galabiyya

The galabiyya is a type of long robe commonly worn by Egyptian men.

Normally back in Malaysia, when we wanna go out, we simply just put on our t-shirt and jeans. Most of the time, we don’t even need to think about it. T-shirt and jeans is like the “default attire” over here.

Over in Egypt, when the guys there wanna go out, they don’t put on their t-shirt and jeans. They put on their galabiyyas.
The galabiyya is the like the national uniform of all Egyptian men. They wear galabiyyas out for every occassion. And I do mean EVERY occassion.

They wear it out to smoke sheesha.

They wear it out to work as security guards.

They wear it to work in the quarries.

They wear it out to go boating.

Heck, they even wear it out to the beach!
I’m not sure how anyone could wear this type of clothing out for boating and stuff. Surely, your mobility will be quite limited right? You can’t really run if you wear a dress like that.

I must say though, it’s really comfortable. The loose fitting hides my bulges well. Without wearing jeans underneath, my bottom is really… airy. Perfect for the hot Egyptian weather. 😛
Man, I wish I could wear this thing out in Kuching more often.

Sadly the only chance I’m probably gonna get to wear it, is for a Halloween party.

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A New Hobby

Having grown bored of the land, it’s only natural that I feel the itch to explore the world below.

I am picking up a new sport – scuba diving.
Having passed off wonderful diving spots like Similan Island in Thailand last year because I didn’t have a license, I’ve decided enough is enough.

Five days with Kuching Scuba Centre, RM950 and some layers of sunburnt skin later, I am now a proud certified PADI open water diver.
Getting a dive license means a lot of thing. First and foremost, it means I can now insert a long hard tube into my mouth all day long without feeling gay about it.

I found Nemo!

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