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You did not finish answering all the questions!


This is what I saw when I drove past Kuching’s iconic cat statue this morning.

I laughed so hard I nearly crashed into the divider.


Cat wearing a BN scarf, holding a DAP flag?


Come to think of it, our Indecisive Cat Statueâ„¢ pretty accurately reflects the attitude of most young voters in Malaysia. A lot of people I spoke doesn’t seem to be very interested in politics because:

(a) They don’t care who’s in power
(b) They don’t think it’s important because BN is gonna win anyway
(c) They don’t know who to vote

If it’s Reasons (a) and (b), I can understand.

But there’s really no excuse for people not to vote if they answered Reason (c). If people don’t know who to vote, then as responsible citizens, we should find out more about what each political party stands for, and make our decisions based on that.

Of course, that is easier said than done. After all, everyone is saying that they’re good and the other parties are bad. And it’s easy for us to get lost in the avalanche of information.

Which is why for the benefit of the Rakyat, is proud to present…

The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢

Are you confused who you should support this election? Never fear! By using The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢, deciding who to vote this election has never been easier!

Don’t be like our Indecisive Kitteh. Deciding who to vote now is as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Answer the questionaire below.
2. Click ‘Submit’
3. Whoever The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generatorâ„¢ asks you to vote, YOU VOTE!

Disclaimer: is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party.

The Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™

A) Yes

B) No

2. Do you agree with the statement that “Only the BN government can bring development, progress and stability to the country”?

A) Yes

B) No

3. Do you agree with the existence of race-based political parties?

A) Yes, it is necessary for multiracial Malaysia

B) No, it encourages racism and have no place in multiracial Malaysia

4. Do you believe that the PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) is still behaving like religious extremists or have they started to become more moderate?

A) They are still religious extremists who look down on women and want to control non-Muslims

B) They have mellowed down and become tolerant towards non-Muslims

5. Which of the following Asian countries should Malaysia model herself after

A) Singapore

B) Indonesia

C) Pakistan

6. Which of the following scandals last year was the most damaging in Malaysian political history?

A) The “VK Lingam judge-fixing” scandal

B) The “Chua Soi Lek sex video” scandal

C) The “Namewee Negarakuku” scandal

7. You are the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If one of your ministers was found to have engaged in corruption, do you:

A) Sack the bugger

B) Demote the bugger

C) Promote the bugger

8. You are the Minister of Law. A seven-year-old girl was found raped and murdered. Which one of the following would you do first?

A) Call on the police to track down the murderer immediately

B) Get help from a bomoh

C) Scold the girl’s parents for being so damn careless

9. A video was secretly leaked, alleging that the position of “top judge of Malaysia” was fixed. Do you:

A) Set up a panel to verify if the allegation is correct.

B) Set up a panel to check if the tape is real or fake.

C) Get help from a bomoh

10.What is your take on public street protests?

A) It is important to let the government know that the citizens’ worries and concerns need to be addressed

B) It causes inconvenience for me to go shopping on Sunday afternoon

11. What is a HINDRAF?

A) An illegal group with links to terrorists

B) An NGO fighting for the rights of Indians

C) A Hindu with dandruff

12. What is BERSIH?

A) A real nuisance that deserves to be sprayed with Zam’s water cannons

B) A coalition of NGOs campaigning for free and fair elections

C) A new brand of laundry detergent

13. You made a deal with the Russians to purchase US900 million worth of fighter jets from them. The Russians are very happy and they are willing to give you something that costs US$26 million in return. Do you:

A) Ask the Russians to give a US26 million discount and use the money to invest in the development of rural Sarawak and Sabah.

B) Ask the Russians to give US$26 million worth of scholarships for Malaysians to train scientists and doctors at Russian universities.

C) Send a male model into space and call him a ‘Angkasawan’

14. Which of the following Malaysian subculture is a menace to society?

A) Religious Extremists

B) Mat Rempits

C) Political Bloggers

15. You are stranded on a deserted island. Based on looks alone, which of the following Malaysian politician would you rather be stranded with?





E) I rather kill myself


According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-For-This-Election Decision Generator™, you should vote for…


You may copy the HTML code below and publish this result on your website.

<p><br><br><center>According to the 100% accurate <i> Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator&trade;</i>, I am voting for…</center></p><br><br>
<p><center><strong style="font-size: large;">!</strong></center></p>

<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<img src="" width="450" height="250" alt="" border="0">
<br /></center>

<br><p><a href="">Who Should You Vote For This Election? </a></p></div></b></center>

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Okay, so I published a blog entry. Quite a few people didn’t like it and I copped it left, right, centre, upside-down, inside out.

It is amazing to read through the 700+ comments and watch the vicious insults fly and the name-calling get taken to a whole new level.

When I did not mention how I helped, people say I am useless in a critical time. But when I explained exactly how I helped, people say I boast about being “hero”. The more I try to explain, the more I kena attacked. But if I didn’t explain, they said “OH!!! He did not answer my question so it must be true!”

As one reader so appropriately put it, “I felt more traumatized reading all these comments than reading about the accident itself.”

nadnut in the process of kicking my nuts at RISK.

If people are more interested in telling me what to do and not listening to what I have to say, what can I do, right? is and always has been about the quirks, the unusuals, and most importantly the reality of the world around us. Ideally I’d like people to leave this blog feeling a little entertained and maybe learn something new they didn’t know about before.

Unfortunately, with close to 20,000 people reading this everyday, each demanding something different out of me… the truth is, it ain’t easy to make everyone happy. And frankly, it sucks to be in my position.

So yes, sometimes I slipped and I made some people angry. For that, I am sorry. Sorry that I didn’t perform up to your expectations. I tried. It was difficult.

But unlike most bloggers out there who adopt the mantra that “this is my blog and I can write whatever *toot* I want”, aims to please ALL.

I want to please everyone out there, and that includes those who claim to hate me but still come in here and leave me an insult on a day-to-day basis. Which is why to make your job easier, I have decided to specially create this Hate Comment Generator. Just for you. Hate Comment Generator

Target Name:
Target’s blog:
Target is:
Assume intention:
Insult character:
Attempt to censor:
Quote Spiderman?
How many times :
Hate Comment:

Sorry guys, I hope this makes up for all the naughty things I’ve done.

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How un-Malaysian Are You?

You did not finish answering all the questions!“;

Some time ago, The Star Online puts up a fun online quiz called How Malaysian Are You?

That’s all fine and dandy, but I was thinking – as we become more complex and modern as a society, how do we know what’s Malaysian and what’s not? Some say driving rudely is intrinsically Malaysian, but in Australia their drivers are a hundred times worse than Malaysian drivers. Similarly, your IC might say you’re Malaysian, but when you listen to Britney Spears, eat McDonalds and can’t speak more than two words of Malay, how Malaysian are you?

It has come to a point where we gotta stop wondering “How Malaysian Am I?” and start wondering “How un-Malaysian Am I?” And exactly just how un-Malaysian are you?

There’s only one way to find out.

How un-Malaysian Are You?

1. What is teh tarik?

A) a delicious frothy drink prepared by repeatedly pouring hot milk tea from one can to the other.

B) A beverage that tastes no real difference to a normal milk tea.

C) "teh tarik" is teh name of teh l33t h4x0r who’ll pwn j00 @$$ if j00 n0t c4r3fu|.

2. When you have your dinner, what cutlery do you use?

A) Chopsticks only

B) Fork and spoon

C) Fork and spoon you stole from Malaysian Airlines during one of your flights. You also have a MAS plastic saucer plate you kept somewhere. No wonder Malaysia Airlines lost so much money so they had to raise their fares!

3. If "destination" in Malay is destinasi, and “action” is aksi; what is “section” in Malay?

A) seksi

B) sectsi

C) seksyen

4. What is freedom of speech?

A) You are free to say what you want without fear

B) You are free to say what you want without causing fear

C) You are free to say what you want only if you agree with me, otherwise you shut the hell up and get lost lah.

5. You’re walking along in a shopping centre when the young lady in front of you suddenly slipped and fell. You…

A) Look at her in bewilderment, then continue on your journey.

B) Help her up

C) Help her up but only if she’s hot

6. You’re walking alone in a park when you came face to face with a complete stranger and he gave you a brief smile. You…

A) Smile back at him and say hi

B) Give him a weird look as if he’s a mental nutcase

C) Clutch your handbag/wallet tightly and run away as fast as you can

7. Which of the following are cities in the UK that you’re familiar with?

A) Leicester, Blackpool, Sheffield

B) Manchester United, West Ham United, Liverpool United,

C) Chiao-SEE, Midduh-BLO, Ah-ser-NUH

8. Which of the following types of movies will most likely be banned/heavily edited by Malaysian censors?

A) A controversial fiction based on the conspiracy theory that Jesus Christ had a child with prostitute Mary Magdalene.

B) A proudly Malaysian made documentary / musical about the former leader of a now-defunct communist party

C) A romantic comedy about a magazine writer who tried to lose a guy in ten days, but ended up falling for him instead.

9. Which wedding this year do you think is worthy of being considered Wedding of the Year?

A) Datuk K and Siti Nurhaliza

B) Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

C) Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

10. What exactly is a "Multimedia Super Corridor"?

A) A designated area where companies of a certain status can enjoy generous tax breaks.

B) Neh, the place where you go shopping for computer very cheap one.

C) Neh, you know the… the… the very high tech one ah. Aiya I lazy to exprain to you.

Congratulations , you are % not Malaysian.

That means you’re as Malaysian as…

75) {

Michael Jackson!

50) && ($score <= 75)) { ?>

Guy Sebastian!

25) && ($score <= 50)) { ?>

Michelle Yeoh!

= 0) && ($score <= 25)) { ?>

Abdullah Badawi!

You may copy the HTML code below and publish this result on your website.

<div align="center"><p><strong style="font-size:
large;">Congratulations , you are % not Malaysian. </strong></p>
<p>That means you’re as Malaysian as…<br>
75) {

<img src="" width="300" height="400" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Michael Jackson!</strong></p>
50) && ($score <= 75)) { ?>

<img src="" width="279" height="300" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Guy Sebastian !</strong>
25) && ($score <= 50)) { ?>

<img src="" width="307" height="400" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Michelle Yeoh!</strong>
= 0) && ($score <= 25)) { ?>

<img src="" width="284" height="400" alt="" border="0"><br>
<strong style="font-size: large;">Abdullah Badawi !</strong>

<br><p><a href="">How Un-Malaysian Are You? </a></p></div>

Free Pixart Photobooks To Giveaway!

It’s difficult to narrow down the winners, but someone have to be eliminated and someone have to win. Congratulations to the following winners and enjoy your free Pixart Photobook!


Winnie Ting, Petaling Jaya: “Would you please help me to dig the itchy booger out? My hands are kinda oily. TQ.”

David Martinez, Singapore: “The face that only a mother could love.”

Felicity Kuek, Kuching: *Personal earwax cleaning in progress*

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$badEmail = TRUE ;
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$badEmail = FALSE;
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} else {
echo “There’s an error with one or more of the fields.

$mail_success =FALSE;
if($mail_success) {
Contest form submitted successfully!

Fail to send contest form.

E-mail Kenny at to check if your entry was received successfully.

Every now and again, I get freebies from people in exchange for publicity on

About this T-shirt.

I think it’s a fair deal. You gimme a sample of your product, I tell everyone what I honestly think about your product, even if I hate it to the bone. That’s marketing. Everyone knows there’s no such thing as bad publicity and that a marketing manager’s worst nightmare is nobody talking about their products.

These days gets around 10,000 readers everyday. It’s a marketing gold mine waiting to be tapped, and I’m happy James see the potential in there.

But here’s the sucky part: readers simply do not like bloggers who sing praises about a commercial product because they’ve received gifts or monies from the company. Apparently, blogging about commercial products nowadays is equivalent to heresy in the Dark Ages.

So after that last entry, some angry people e-mailed me as if they were ready to put me up on a burning stake screaming “YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!”

Well, let me say I’ve never forgotten about you guys. True, I got a free photobook from Pixart as part of my review. But here’s the catch. After talking to them, Pixart has also agreed to give away THREE Pixart Photobooks exclusively to readers!

See I told you I’ve never forgotten about you guys! 😉

So here’s the deal.

First, you gotta install the Pixart Photostylist software (get it here or here).

Then fill out the form below.

And… yep, that’s about it! (Make sure you read the contest rules and regulations below hor.)

I am so nice, sometimes I feel like Santa Claus. Ho ho ho.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*’s Pixart Photobook Giveaway Name :

* If you don’t have a name, I’m gonna start calling you “OI!”

Date of Birth :


* Naughty! You must enter a valid date of birth!

E-mail :

* No e-mail how to contact you!? Use sixth sense ah?

Phone (optional) : Occupation : City/Town : Country : (The ‘how-well-you-know-me’ question)
Which of the following cities did I NOT visit during the past three months?


Kuala Lumpur


Hong Kong


(The ‘proof-that-you’ve downloaded-Photostylist’ question)
According to Pixart Photostylist, what are the 4-steps to creating your own Photobook?
Step 1 : Step 2 : Step 3 : Step 4 : In 30 words or less, write a creative caption for the following photo.

(I might change the photo once in a while. So check back in a few day’s time for a new photo if you’re stumped with this one.)

  *Contest has ended*

Rules & Regs

  1. This contest is open to anyone and everyone, except employees of, which is like… Kenny Sia himself. (Damn!)
  2. The prize is one of three Pixart Photobooks, worth RM89 + delivery fee each. The winner shall bear no costs.
  3. Prizes will only be delivered to the following countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States. If you are not residing in any of the above countries, please migrate there first before you take part in this contest.
  4. Winners are judged based on Kenny Sia’s mood.
  5. Judge’s decisions are final.
  6. Yes, there is only one judge. And that’s me. So be extra nice to me if you wanna win. Heh heh heh.
  7. If I know you personally and I didn’t pick you as the winner, you are not allowed to be angry at me. Serious. It’s in the regulations.
  8. Contestants can enter as many times as they like. But if you try to enter too many times, you’ll get on my nerves and I’ll automatically disqualify you. Muahahahahaa.
  9. Cannot take photos inside Later terrorists bomb.
  10. Contestants MUST download and install the Photostylist software in order to qualify.
  11. Winners will be contacted by e-mail, so make sure you put in your correct e-mail address.
  12. Don’t put in my mother’s e-mail address later I get into trouble.
  13. Don’t worry, your personal details will be kept private from all the evil multi-millionaire corporations.
  14. This contest shall end at 11:59pm, on the 21st December 2005, Kuching time. All entries after the deadline shall be null and void.
  15. Don’t even try to adjust your computer clock backwards and submit your entry. It doesn’t work that way.

Yea, that’s about it. Good luck!

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Wallpapers By

I am awesome.
I travel a lot, and I take a lot of photos when I travel. Very often, I wet myself witnessing how amazing some of the shots turned out to be. Most of these pics were taken using a simple point-and-shoot camera (my trusty 3-megapixel Kodak) with minimal touch-up done using Photoshop.
These pics had served me faithfully as my desktop wallpapers in the past. I reckon it’s criminal if I don’t share them, so feel free to download them for your own personal use.
The Boathouse
Perth, Australia.

Download as 1280 x 960 wallpaper

Saratok Sunset
Saratok, Malaysia.

Download as 1280 x 960 wallpaper

Singapore Sling

Download as 1280 x 960 wallpaper

East Meets West
Shanghai, China.

Download as 1280 x 960 wallpaper

I need to rant.
It seriously pisses me off to no end listening to people with a warped sense of aesthetics.
Everytime I put up a photo of a girl who I think looks good or at least above average, 99.9% of the time I’ll get inundated comments saying she’s not JUST “not pretty”, not JUST “an average-looking lass”, but “fucking fucking UGLY”.

Carrie is pretty. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a piece of turd oozing out from the backside of someone who had taken Melilea for 30 days straight.

Has the whole world gone mad? Whatever happened to the different degrees of beauty? Everything now must be either ‘pretty’ or ‘ugly’ one meh? Whatever happened to descriptions like ‘reasonably pretty’ or ‘average’ or even ‘mediocre’?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everybody should agree with me. I’m okay if people think the girl I put up is not pretty. I’m just saying I find it UNBELIEVABLE that people would actually classify girls like Ericka or Emma as “fucking fucking UGLY”.
Shit, if girls like Emma are considered fucking ugly, what do you call Courtney Love?

As far as I’m concerned, there are two possible explanations to this scenario.
One, is what Lena Fonseka said to me was right. Our perception on beauty has become so screwed up by fashion mags and MTV, that anything less than FHM cover girl perfection is considered “fucking fucking UGLY”.
If that’s the case then I mourn for the deterioration of human intelligence. Thanks to you, every girl who has not graced the covers of FHM is now considered “fucking fucking UGLY”.

Two, is that I went to sleep one night and miraculously woke up in Planet Mars. Over here, every thing is polar opposite to the way things are on Earth. Our red is their green, our cloud is their sea, and our pretty is their ugly. If that’s the case, then I apologise for being an ‘alternative’ not willing to accept mainstream opinion.
And to make it up to you, I present to you YOUR most beautiful woman in the world.

Don’t complain. You asked for it.

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Agent Smith Quote Generator

Barely 2 days worth of R&R in Kuching and I’m already back slaving myself in sleepy Saratok.

I don’t think I can survive in Saratok. There’s virtually no entertainment around here and the only Internet Cafe I know of closes at 6:30pm.

Meanwhile, I haven’t yet gotten over my Agent Smith obsession. Here’s an Agent Smith Quote Generator I created. Enjoy. 🙂


To save this image, right-click the image and select “Save Image As…”.

NOTE: No quotation marks ( or \”) and ampersands (&) allowed or else it won’t work. Use for quotes instead.

Last creation:

Please post a comment if you’re gonna use this on your site, yea?

Click here for archived image gallery!

Let me know if you guys found any gem. English – Benglish Translator

Want to assist your child’s learning with English lessons?  Then using these great English lesson plans made for teachers can provide your children extra help. You can find great literature on how English books measure up and which ones meet state standards. The lesson plans will help you follow along with their English learning.  Also check out these great resources for teaching your kids English and achieving good grades.

Enter website address to translate:

I was happily writing my Ah Beng entry last Saturday when suddenly I sensed something was amiss.
Notice how on the Internet, we have these English – Spanish translators, English – Chinese translators, etc. Heck, we even have an English – Gangsta Talk translator. But has anyone ever noticed that we do not yet have an English – Benglish translator.

Think about it! We have literally tens and thousands of technology graduates in Malaysia and Singapore working their asses off each day for giant corporations like Motorola. And for what? Does it benefit our own people? NO.
On the other hand, we have all these Ah Bengs and Ah Lians on our streets. They rather drive their modified Kancils with boom-boom sound instead of surfing the Internet reading blogs. Why, my friend, its because they feel neglected! Neglected by society! Neglected by school! Neglected by all these proper English-speaking people! We only care for ourselves. But what about them?

The English we use on the Internet all so cheem-cheem one, how do you expect those Ah Bengs to understand? Can you imagine an Ah Beng surfing the Internet or not?
“EH! Wat all this lan jiao Googur chee bye Brogspot!? I DONCH KNOW ONE LEH!”
Poor Ah Bengs. 🙁 I’m sure they all feel very left out.
And that is why over the weekend, I flexed my programming muscles and came up with this English – Benglish Translator. Its just something I quickly put together in my spare time, and there’s only around 100 words in the dictionary right now, so its not gonna perfect. Any suggestions, let me know.

Enter website address to translate:

Recommended readings:
Project Petaling Street in Benglish in Benglish
XiaXue in Benglish
Minishorts in Benglish
Joel Tan in Benglish
Mack Zul in Benglish
Cowboy Caleb in Benglish
Finicky Feline in Benglish
Vincent Lau in Benglish
If you’ve found any funny Benglish-translated sites worth visiting, comment and share lah!

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Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

The Good News: If OneStat was right, 6172 visitors flocked to the day I was simultaneously The Star-ed, Jeff Ooi-ed, Tomorrow-ed, and MyLazyLeftEye-ed. MyLazyLeftEye dedicated a particularly touching tribute to me that brought a tear to my right eye.
The Bad News: Cowboy Caleb’s grandmother passed away yesterday. My sincere condolences, mate. Hang in there.
I doubt I can update this site for the next 5 days, so here’s another mini-game before I leave for KL tomorrow. Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone.
Ahead of tomorrow’s gathering I figured out it would be nice to do another silly personality test. Like before, there’s eight possible answers. So find them all out if you want. 🙂

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

One of the biggest kicks I get out of reading blogs from both sides of the causeway is watching the interaction between the two. Case in point, the sexyblogger meme ended up becoming a cross-country ‘grober’ phenomenon.
In general, the popular Singaporean blogs are a lot more fun and humourous in nature (and perhaps overly so) whereas the popular Malaysian blogs can get a little too serious and news-like. Like wine and coffee, its all a matter of personal taste really. Serious blogs raise awareness and educate, whereas fun and humourous blogs seek to entertain.
So anyway, in an effort to promote and further improve the interaction between Singaporean and Malaysian blogs, I (once again) made use of my rusty programming skills and came up with another mini game. This one is heavily inspired by the stupid personality test like “Which Pokemon Character Are You?” that some people post on their blogs.
Its another equally stupid personality test called “Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?”
It took me quite a while to write this (which explains why there wasn’t an update last night), but I’m quite happy with my effort. 🙂 gs I’m doing this partially because I realised that lately I’ve been entertaining my Singaporean readers with fascinating topics such as ‘Racism in Malaysia’ which I’m sure they don’t give two merlion’s coconuts about anyway.
But I’ll do one for Malaysian bloggers at a later date.
Here’s the link to the quiz:
Obviously this isn’t a real personality test. But do visit the whoever’s site that came out in your result, yea?
Try the test and let me know how you went. If you don’t want to put it on your blog/don’t have a blog, you’re more than welcome to spam my comment box with your results. I’m interested. 🙂
I did my test too and here’s what I got.

Congratulations Kenny, you are…

Mr Miyagi of

You are witty, and you know people from places. Those two qualities and others make you a very popular person among your peers, but that’s probably because they want to hear you dish out filthy backstage gossips. You also have a knack for inventing new words to suit yourself. You are a very loyal friend, and would jump into the ocean if your friend asked you to. That’s probably gonna happen if your friend gets too jealous of you pulling all the girls/guys.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

The Queen and Prince Lip-Reading Game!

For obvious reasons, my mood hasn’t been the best lately and I think that is reflected on my entries these past few days. used to be known for its humourous entries. But hey, if I’m not laughing myself, how can I make everyone else laugh?
Heh. Maybe now its your turn to cheer me up!
Remember a while ago I wrote about how absurd it is that UK tabloid News of the World actually employed so-called professional lip readers to decode the Queen and Prince Charles conversation at his and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ wedding? Click on that link if you haven’t read that entry yet.
Here’s an excerpt if you’re too fucking lazy to exercise your finger and click on that link for your convenience.

How the heck can they simply decide what people are saying just by looking at a video? How do they even know they’re speaking English? For all I know, they could be conversing in Hokkien.

Hokkien Version

Well guess what?
Now, you too, can guess lip-read what exactly was said between the Queen and Prince during that royal wedding! proudly presents

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter what you think was said between those two.
  3. Save the generated image.
  4. If you have a blog, just post it up on your blog and comment below.
  5. If you don’t have a blog, just send it by e-mail it to me at im(a)

The script is not perfect but at least it should provide some form of geeky entertainment. I shall publish the best ones here in a few days time – depending on the amount of response I get of course.
So make me laugh, cheer me up… or something. 🙂