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    epic win to japan

  2. because the wanna to have the old school feel mah ~~ wahkaka 😛
    kenny ~ i “unexpectectly” saw you toda ~ wahkaka 😛 damn happy 😛

  3. 1. you share the same birthdayas my wife & she’s born inthe year of the dragon, bu tyou accidentally left your year of birth out!!!
    2. tried to meet you when you were in NZ but no luck, maybe next time!
    3. I believe I have met your late dad when I was working in Kuching in the 80s & he left a mark on me, & I am still passing than message on today.
    4. you are doing a fantastic job, keep it up!

  4. it really looks like those olden days browned photos which my grandpa and grandma took in the photo studio…
    but you still look good nevertheless…

  5. hahaha! why Japanese don’t use color photo huh? color photo can show facial features more clearly than monotonous colours.

  6. And I thought that the WWII anti-Jap sentiment was over…somehow somebody got stuck in the past, how sad.
    Grow up.

  7. Kenny, now is the time for you to choose a better photo which still looks good even in black and white~

  8. gretting kenny how are you long time no chat in side your website wow i dont know why japan people are like this want make your foto like a funeral want wow kenny
    hehe since when you when to japan
    keep in touch sc ngui here

  9. Hey dude, when I went to Japan with my brand new Malaysian passport, I was detained at the immigration office because there was no stamp showing I left Malaysia. The senior office was called upon…I tot die lah this time, what to do?…then it darned on me, Malaysian pass port very high tech one, got chip. So I informed the officers, including their boss, and I held the last page against the light and show them the outline of the RFID antenna, baru they went” hehhhh! Honto…Kawaii”.
    Our passport is First Class one …except our mentality lah..sigh.

  10. LOL… Next week during Cheng Beng’s prayers at the graveyards, I will spot any similarity with yours. But honestly you look more handsome in B/W than coloured photo. So classic like Gene Kelly or Clark Gable era. Ha ha!

  11. Japan visa photo sux, but at the least country is clean, sophisticated, civilised and so on.
    Unlike Malaysia, 1st class passport so what? People uncivilised, needless to mention our infamous corrupted politicians. Come to think of it, it’s been some time since u last blog about malaysia politics. Hav u been ‘contacted’ by our ‘beloved’ BN juz like how they ‘contact’ http://www.gutteruncensored.com/? I hope you can blog about something more practical and meaningful juz like what you blogged last year.
    Anyway, for all Malaysian’s safety sake, check dis out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbpj1XOhuGI. Like many other Malaysians, we are starting to live in fear.

  12. I went to Japan in Oct 2007. I had the exact same thoughts as you when I got the visa. WTH, it looks like funeral photo lar, my goodness, choy choy choyyyyyyyy~

  13. Hahahaha! I went to Japan in 2004 and that was how my visa looked like too! My friends often laugh at it saying it looks like a picture from the obituary section.
    You’d think that after 5 years, they would have gotten more high tech. But noooo! =P

  14. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
    I can’t stand not to laugh looking at the picture… hey, you look like uncle d…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..
    Why don’t you just click at my name and look at my pic lah… old fashion also but nice….
    and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I need help, please vote for me ah….

  15. “So why the hell did they make my Japanese visa look like somebody’s funeral photo?!” – Kenny.
    Once upon a time………

  16. Japan Airline is having a promotion on 1 april, RM1350 nett for return tickets
    (KL to OSAKA/Tokyo). Will go with my gf early this april…

  17. In Japan, everyone dresses as if for a funeral. They go to work in dark suits. They go to weddings in dark suits. Only the tie colours tell you that it’s a wedding and not a deathday. If it is not dark then it’s a bland grey. That’s not even including the crazy goths…

  18. It does look very traditional Japanese. Kinda like it. . pretty cool.
    Maybe cause you’re Chinese so you have a natural instinct to not like Japanese? or yeah, you see things in a chinese way that a japanese couldn’t care less
    This is a tactless comment ain’t it. No matter. art has always been abstract anyways. 🙂

  19. Calling all young Malaysian to register yourselves as a voter at any post office around the country.
    Fulfill your role as a citizen to bring this beautiful nation many steps forward (:

  20. Hahahahaha!!! そですね~~~でも、かわいね。

  21. well then, thats an unpleasent sight, anwyays, at times there are certain things better kept classic than modern :p including your picture. HAHAHA seriously bro, thats hillarious

  22. Everyone looks the same in their Visa, last time mine, more worst…
    Later let me find back the pass-port 1st, then I post it up here…

  23. Till you reached Japan, then you know that Japan aint as futuristic as we imagined. However, it’s the only place that you can get the best service in every corner of the country. LOVED IT. Have Fun !

  24. No offense, but for a moment I thought “no. of entries” was “status” because it wrote ‘single’. =/

  25. Japan is a graying country. Everything its government does looks like something for senior citizens.
    Welcome to Japoland, my friend.

  26. that is exactly my 1st thought too when i got my japan visa last year… and i joke to my family that in case they cant find any picture for my funeral, they can always refer to my japan visa… haha

  27. Please write about Japan when u come back from Japan!! I want to read ur review in Japan!!!! the b/w pic is funny! i always wanted to go to japan but sadly cant afford it..=.=please write about it! and also write smtg about anime!!it famous in japan! Love to read blog of yours! toodles~

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