Blogs As An Advertising Medium

This entry is an advertorial. I make it no secret that I welcome limited amount of ads on my blog.

Advertising on blogs is nothing new. Since way before I started, local Malaysian bloggers have already figured out a way to optimise their page for cash.
Unfortunately for us, those advertisements are mostly in the form of Google Adsense, littered liberally all over their site and often at the expense of user-friendliness. These blogs relied heavily on traffic coming in from search engines, engaging in a practice known as Search Engine Optimization, because few readers would access their page directly.

It’s not to say their blogs are not interesting. They are, especially since most of them are have blog titles like “Funny Junk” or “Addicting Stuff”. But half the time, these bloggers’ inspiration and content are copied from elsewhere, carefully threading the line of splogs – which are spam blogs created SOLELY for the purpose of making money.
At first it was just a few, then more and more jumped on the bandwagon.

Example of a spam blog created by a Malaysian “blogger”

Before you know it, instead of reading good quality local content by Malaysian bloggers, you are reading about how to Make Your Penis Bigger or Consolidate Debts because those are keywords that generate the most cash in Google Adsense.
Worst of all, those ads aren’t even relevant to us Malaysians. Most of our readers are from Malaysia or Singapore. And if I’m living here in Malaysia, why the hell would I wanna waste my time finding out about a product or a service all the way in the United States?

I swear this isn’t as gay as it looks

The rise of these borderline splogs also gave way to the demise of – which was until 2 years ago the only online community where Malaysian bloggers get together. It’s a sad thing.
For a while, I thought no one is interested in writing a good blog for Malaysians anymore because it seems like everyone out there is trying to optimize search engines in order to make more money. Trust me, at one point in time, I felt the same way too.

Luckily, around about this time, local companies began to take note of blogs as a viable advertising tool. And why shouldn’t they be? Compared to advertising in traditional printed media, blogs are a lot cheaper, faster, and more effective too. Readers don’t have to go to the newstand and pay money to read blogs. Unlike in newspapers or magazines, advertisers don’t have to compete with the hundreds of other advertisers vying for space on printed media.
On top of that blog readers are mostly the youthful, literate and tech-savvy crowd – a demographic highly sought after by advertising agencies.

One by one, Malaysian companies began to embrace what I’d like to call “the word-of-mouth advertising of the new age”.
First Pixart, then, then Crocs, LG, Nokia, Intel and so on. For once, these ads are actually relevant to Malaysians.
Finally, you can actually enjoy the products or services being advertised on Malaysian blogs!

However, that phenomenom in itself created another problem.
Up until recently, local advertising on blogs are largely the domain of bloggers with higher traffic on their site. In Malaysia, that’s namely Jeff Ooi and myself. There are still PLENTY of Malaysian bloggers out there whose audience size are smaller than ours, and yet they are being ignored by the local advertisers.
This is understandable. Most blogs are too small to attract any advertisers, and advertisers find it too much of a hassle to source them out one by one. They’d rather just deal with the “bigger” blogs and that’s it. All the other Malaysian bloggers are left out cold.
That’s where Nuffnang steps in.

Conceived by Timothy Tiah, he himself a blogger, Nuffnang‘s goal is to unite all Malaysian bloggers coming under its flag and matchmake them to relevant Malaysian companies.
Here’s how it works. You put up their code on your page, and Nuffnang will help you find advertisers. When there’s someone wanting to publish their ads on your page, you get paid. Once you accumulate more than RM100 in your account, they send you a cheque in the mail.

Everyone gets a piece of the action

In other words, you don’t have to be big, you don’t have to slut your blog out to Google Adsense, and yet you’ll still be able to make money with your blog, and you will still be able to provide relevant local content for your blog readers.
You happy. Your blog readers happy. Your advertisers happy. Nuffnang happy. Everyone happy.

See? Timothy so happy.

Relevance. That’s the keyword.
No longer do blog readers have to put up with irrelevant advertising on Malaysian blogs. Nuffnang claims it is Asia’s first blog advertising network, and I have no reason to doubt that at all.
Mark my words. If things go smoothly for them, Nuffnang could very well revolutionize not just the local Malaysian blogosphere, but the entire advertising industry as well. That’s exactly why I am throwing my support behind them. It is a service by Malaysian bloggers, for Malaysian bloggers.

Malaysia’s Nuffnang Vs American-based Ad Agencies

If you’re a local blogger and you don’t mind making a few ringgits on the side from your blog without sacrificing relevancy, go ahead and sign up with Nuffnang. You’ll get paid for your efforts and help a local startup company grow big in the process.
Heck, if you’re lucky you could even win an iPod nano.

To start, just click here.

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Conquer The Bridge

Thanks to my over-indulgence during Chinese New Year, I am so terribly out of shape right now.

He’s in shape. Round is a shape.

Yes I know its the Year of the Pig, I just didn’t expect I’d turn into one myself. The truth is, I’m at a porky 83kg now. That’s 5kg more than last year.
I am so fat that when I wear my boxers, my flabby tummy pushes the underwear waistband all the way out until it folds by itself.

That’s embarrassing.
I really gotta do something about my flabby tummy. Starting by cutting down on late night fatty food.
That’s tough, because in Kuching, whenever people ask me out or something, we eat. There really isn’t much to do in Kuching apart from eating. And when we eat, we eat fatty food.
No one’s gonna go out with me anymore if everyone else is drinking beer, eating fried chicken wings and I’m the only one munching on salad. I might as well kiss my social life goodbye.

But hey, I reckon I can get back in shape because I did it before and I’m determined to repeat my success.
Last year’s marathon helped a lot. And this year, I’m gonna do it again.
This time round, it’ll be at the Penang Bridge Marathon!

Actually I have already started training for this marathon since last year.
But then 1st January came.
And then Chinese New Year came.
And then the temptation of fat oily bak gua proved too difficult to resist.
And then before I knew it, I piled on 5kg and all that training effort went to waste. ARGH!

Anyway, I’m hoping that this time round I’ll be running together with some readers who are inspired to do a marathon for the first time.
I’m not an expert in running, but I’ve read enough to be able to give out some tips for first timers. Websites like, and should be able to tell you more.
First, do up a training schedule and stick to it. That’s half the battle won.

My minimum is to do 5km three times on weekdays, and finish off with 10km of continuous running on Sundays. I’ll gradually increase that to 26km two weeks before race day.
I run at Stutong Forest Park every Sunday. It’s the only good running location I know in Kuching. On weekdays I do Reservoir Park, which is too small for my liking but good enough.

Running can get pretty costly. Still, its worthwhile to invest in the right stuff sooner rather than later.
A pair of good lightweight running shoes and chafe-free socks would set you back around RM400.

On top of that you’d wanna wear cool and dry apparels specially made for running.
The worst thing you could wear to a race is the 100% cotton Made-In-China official marathon T-shirt that you get free with registration. If you wear that, you’re gonna sweat so much you’ll finish the race wearing a sponge.

I personally like the ClimaLite stuff. I wear them to the gym all the time. They cost about RM80 each, but you can’t skimp on price for comfort, especially when the journey is 42km.
Apart from these essentials there are two more things most people think are optional, but I’d classify them as “life-savers”.
The first is a tube of analgesic cream. RM10.

Analgesic cream is NOT the kind of cream you apply on your anal. It’s medication to relieve muscular pain after a hard workout. Trust me, if you’ve never ran long distance before, you’re gonna be needing this ASAP.
The second is an MP3 player.

iPod nano RM939 + Marware sports armband RM120

If I didn’t have my iPod with me last year, I don’t know how I’m even gonna cross the finishing line. Once you get the music pumping in your ears, you’d forget about all the pain you’re suffering… until you take the earphones off.
Azman, who recently completed the KL Half Marathon, said that if his MP3 player had boobs and vagina, he’d marry his MP3 player.

Who’s coming with me for the Penang Marathon? Let me know.
Then after the race, we continue marathon all the way to Ipoh to eat chicken rice.

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I’m On Reality TV

So I’m gonna be on reality TV… well, at least as a cameo anyway.

I went to Penang a while ago because a girl there by the name of Joo Nee Oh sent me an e-mail and invited me over for the opening of her dance studio.
If it weren’t for the sincerity of her invitation, I might have my doubts. But the fact is, she was so sincere that her e-mail to me sounded like this.

Dear Kenny, I sincerely sincerely would like to invite you as my VVIP guest. I will have no hesitations to fly you down from Sarawak if you agree and your accommodation will also be provided at Cititel Hotel Penang. I know it’s not exactly a five-star hotel but my finances are really tied down by the budget allocated to us by the sponsors. Believe me, if I had the means I wouldn’t mind sending Paris Hilton over to Sarawak to escort you over. But to prove my sincerity, I’ll throw in a tour of the Penang brothels and the best Penang Char Koay Teow for you. :p

And so I flew to Penang. It’s the brothels that did it for me. What a smart lass.

They would be more useful if they could help carry my luggage.

Actually no, we didn’t get to tour the Penang brothels. Nevermind that ‘cos I don’t advocate those kinda stuff anyway. To me, paying for sex is like paying for parking: if you can get it for free, why pay for it?
On a more serious note, Joo Nee is one of four finalists from a TV show called Nescafe Kickstart. It is basically an entreprenuerial reality show much like The Apprentice, only with more of a local Malaysian flavour, minus that billionaire with a bad haircut who likes to fire people.

If you haven’t yet caught the show (7pm Saturdays on TV3), go watch it. It is one of the best local productions yet. I’m not lying.
If you think I’m only saying that because I am in one of the episodes, then you are absolutely right.

Joo Nee’s studio is called Let’s Dance and is located on the 28th floor of Northam Tower A, Penang.
Before all these happened, Joo Nee was a struggling accountant with an IT firm punching numbers into computers 8 hours a day. She threw that all away when the opportunity came along with Nescafe Kickstart, and the smart girl decided to take a HUGE risk quitting her job to start her own business.

Within 2 months, the 24-year-old amassed enough sponsors to finance her project. On the 10th February, Let’s Dance was finally declared open.
I was there to witness it.

Of course, this being a dance studio, there were tons of dance performances lined up.
The highlight being Joo Nee Oh shaking her Shakira.

Then there were hip hop dancers who danced like they could somehow defy gravity.

I also can defy gravity.

Ok fine, I’m not very good at it.
Unfortunately for me, someone at the dance studio filmed me trying to dance hip hop and posted it up on Youtube.

I’m not sure which episode of Nescafe Kickstart I’ll be in, but let’s hope there’s less embarrassing footage of me on TV.

Let’s Dance studio is now open, functioning as a dance school by day and doubles as a dance club by night. For as low as RM6.25 per lesson, you can learn sexy belly dancing, latin, hip hop or other dances, and help Joo Nee’s small business grow big in the process.
They are good. Confirm you will dance better than me one lah. And make sure you catch the show 7pm Saturdays on TV3.

I think this move is called “Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall”

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This blog entry is sponsored by Joo Nee Oh. If you have something against advertising on blogs, pretend you didn’t read the previous paragraphs.

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Angelina Jolie Adopts Another Baby

So, Angelina Jolie adopted a boy from Vietnam recently to add to her multicultural family.

This may sound a little weird, but I can’t help but to feel somewhat jealous of those adopted kids.
Think about it. The lives of these kids are gonna change so dramatically, they can virtually piss and laugh at their biological parents who made the stupid decision to abandon them. From being an unwanted kid from an impoverished country; to the adopted child of a high-profile cash-loaded Hollywood celebrity – hey, who wouldn’t want that?

You gotta wonder what the situation is like at the orphanage centres when Hollywood celebrities come around. Getting people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to adopt you is like winning first prize in 4D. You get your golden ticket to good life, unlimited supplies of video games, and attention from hot young sexy Hollywood actresses when you grow up.
It’s the kind of life that even normal people like us dream of.

Now, I might be flamed for being insensitive if I say this, but I wonder… If these kids know who Angelina Jolie is and what they’re getting into, surely they are gonna compete fiercely with each other to vy for her attention.
Heck, if I were one of those orphans, I’m gonna be so desperate that I might even start juggling balls, doing backflips, shouting “Pick Me! Pick Me!”
Then maybe Angelina Jolie is gonna look at me all droopy eyed and go “Awww… such a cute widdle baby.” before jetting me on a private plane back to Hollywood and live happily ever after with Brad Pitt and their four kids.

Long shot. But hey, it’s not just any other person you know. It’s ANGELINA JOLIE!

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Instant Noodle Desperados

It’s amazing what people can come up with when there’s a contest with a big sum of money on the line.

A while back I wrote about this contest Maggi is running, asking fans to send in their homemade videos showing how much they love their instant noodles. I checked back the Maggi website today to look at some of the qualified entries and man, are Malaysians getting more and more creative or what.

Some of these amateur homemade videos are actually pretty good! You bet those executives at Maggi Headquarters must be sitting there, enjoying their instant noodles in a cup, wearing their suit and tie, getting a kick out of watching us common folks do foolish things just to win the RM5,000 grand prize.

First thing that caught my attention was this guy who sang a horrendous Cantonese song professing his love for Maggi Mee.

Then there’s this brilliant submission by a contestant who used computer animation to make a cat and mouse “talk” about the instant noodles.

But my most favourite video entry of all, has gotta be this D-grade horror flick spoof, titled “Toilet Ghost”.

A stroke of genius or a showcase of desperate people acting silly? These people love their food so much, it’s almost like they wanna marry a yellow cup of instant noodles and have kids with them.

Watch more at the Maggi website and laugh your backside off.

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United Colors of Kuching

Now here’s a sight you don’t often get to see in Kuching.

The colours of the major different races sitting down at a table, playing Mahjong, of all games. 10 years ago this wouldn’t even be possible. Without us even noticing, Kuching is surely becoming more cosmopolitan.
This time next year, don’t be surprised if you see a black dude cooking laksa, or a white lady serving drinks at a hawker centre over here.

And by white lady, I don’t mean this drink called “white lady”.

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Kid Chan Takes Photo Until Become Famous

They say if you wanna succeed in your career, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.

Widening the number of people you know is important. Possessing good networking skills is not an option, but a key to an individual’s success. I often see a lot of people good at what they’re doing end up bumming at home. Then there are those who are out there able to secure endless business offers, simply because they know how to know the right people.
When it comes to networking, one person from my circle of friends stands out brilliantly.

His name is Kid Chan, wedding photographer and owner of Portrait One and Kid Chan Studio. Now, I’ve been to several social functions with Kid Chan, and to watch him so diligently go around the room networking with people is nothing short of awesome.
This guy can walk into a room full of strangers, walk out of it an hour later with 90% of the room all knowing his name and what he does for a living. The remaining 10% who don’t know about him are most likely in the toilets when Kid was doing his rounds.

With such an impressive networking skills, it is very little coincidence that over the years, Kid Chan has risen above the rest of the competition to secure his place as the number one wedding photographer in Malaysia.
Oh, you don’t believe me? Kid’s reputation in wedding photography is undisputed. Flip through ANY bridal magazines in Malaysia, and you are bound to find works from Kid Chan Studio published among their glossy pages.

Don’t say he’s lucky, because Kid believes that luck comes with hard work. At only 29 years old, Kid seems to have achieved what many other wedding photographers can only DREAM to achieve.
His spectacular list of clients speaks for itself. Among some of Kid’s most notable weddings done to date are Paula Malai Ali and Tengku Kudin, last year’s Wedding of the Year between Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K, and closer to home, YB Larry Sng and May Ting, daughter of Sarawak’s timber and construction giant Tan Sri Ting Pek Khiing.

So spectacular is his repertoire that Kid Chan was named one of “100 people You Must Know In Asia” by Malaysia Tatler magazine, amongst many other accolades.
I asked Kid to be the photographer for my brother’s recent wedding dinner in KL. We caught up afterwards, and I decided to interview him for my next entry in’s Personalities.

No, I don’t eat babies for dinner. Photo credit:

Let’s cut to the chase and ask the question every photograther wants to know – how did you do it? How do you take photos that look so poignant and breathtakingly amazing. I would describe your works as postcard-quality, but I don’t wanna give too much credit to the postcards.
The PPC of photography (WOW did I just coined a term?). Patience, Practice and Chance. But I am a firm believer that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Kid Chan with Hollywood actress Devon Aoki. Photo credit:

You have photographed some of the world’s most recognised people, including royalties, world leaders and entertainment celebrities. Who are some the more memorable personalities you’ve photographed?
Most of them are very memorable, with great stories to tell. When I shot Jackie Chan for Pride it was great. In fact shy a bit, when he came back early from a function. So technically, he needed to wait for us. Hahaha!

Your lovely wife Shirlyn is also the financial controller of Kid Chan Studio. Some would say it’s a bad idea to be in the same workplace as your partner. Have you encountered any difficulties working together thus far?
Seriously, that is the BEST decision I have made for the company. Technically, she is not my partner but my boss. The vision is now clearer, we are also much more effective and efficient. The real deal is I get to sleep with such a sexy boss, and no one’s complaining! Hahaha.
So what you mean is, you can come home from taking photos of the sexiest models in this country, and still keep your upper and lower heads intact?
I suppose trust is very important, and I hardly shoot models.

You are the first Malaysian to be a member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association. What’s the difference between a traditional wedding photographer, and a “photo journalist”?
Photojournalist tends to be more an observer rather than creator. But frankly in Malaysia, we need to compromise. The degree of acceptance is still somewhat lacking for a full photojournalism work. The only pure wedding photojournalism work so far I have done is for Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. It is because the show was live broadcast, and photographer were not given any chance to communicate with the subjects.

What would you say was your “big break” in your career?
I supposed Paula Malai Ali’s wedding was big milestone in my career. She was so kind to insist all the publications give me the due credit mention. It was at a time, when no one knew what was wedding photojournalism and SEPIA was! Even then, I really did not know what I was doing was wedding photojournalism. However I believe in whatever we do in life, you can’t be an one hit wonder. Your “big break” should really be what you going to do next. Just like now, doing this interview for Malaysia’s foremost celebrity blogger is a big break for me.

And the “Kid Chan” brand name just spread like wildfire, isn’t it? It’s good that you’re shooting Malay weddings because they usually have such a large extended family, so all their brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews, nieces all know about you.
Talking about wildfire, I recently had a very surreal experience. I lost my 3 months old Gucci wallet and went to lodge a police report. When I was done, the PUAN asked me for a autograph!
What would you say is the single most important quality that a person must possess to find success in his or her field of work?

Photo credit:

Your specialty is in Malay weddings. As a Chinese boy, how do you know what to shoot especially when you first started out? Have you ever done anything during these weddings that made you go “Oops! I shouldn’t have done that”?
But being a Malaysian and growing up into such a multi-racial environment, I would not say that I am totally oblivious to other cultures. In fact my clients, who are now mostly my friends, really took the time to guide me. Of course, I was very careful (sensible is not a word to describe me) – not to go overboard or try to do anything funny. Contrary to popular belief, being a non-Malay is more an advantage rather than hindrance. I was able to look at the wedding from an out-of-the-box view.
Although I am regarded as the pioneer of Malay wedding photojournalism, today my portfolio is really very diverse. Beach and garden weddings have also become a very strong area for me.

Let’s rewind back a little before you found the enormous success that you enjoy right now. You didn’t start off as a photographer. You graduated from commerce at Curtin University, and then what happened?
I did corporate work for a while. My boss was a very respected corporate figure in the education sector. We bought, sell and manage very prestigious education institution. But fast forward, I felt that I was about to burnt out so went on an apprenticeship. The rest they say was history.

So what exactly happened that put your foot into wedding photography?
Believe it or not, accident! You see, those days a wedding photographer was not really regarded as a serious photographer. If you want work, you’d do commercial or corporate photography. But we were then servicing some very important corporate and government clients. And so, if they call and said “Kid, my son is getting married. I’d like you to come and take some pictures for me.” You can’t say, “Tan Sri – we don’t do that!”

Photo credit:

You didn’t want to be a wedding photographer at first because traditionally, wedding photographers were treated like bellboys. Now you’re staying in luxurious 5-star resort hotels like Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons everytime you travel for an assignment. What do you have to say about that? 😛
I won’t say everytime, but most of the time. Although we never imposed on the client, most of the time they treat us very well. Just like a very close family member and it is FANTASTIC!
I was given one of the nicest view when I was in Miri Marriot (I had a dual frontage of the beach and the pool) for YB Larry Sng’s wedding. Another client put me in a premium water chalet at Avillion that costs RM1080, when he can just put me in rumah tumpangan Port Dickson. Really it does not just stop with the rooms – one of my client insist that we fly business to London, another had us chauffered driven in a Bentley and we were given bodyguards as escorts!

I want your job.
And I want yours! But like they always say, “the grass is always greener on the other side”, and “be careful with what you wish for.”

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Khoo Kongsi Is Cool

When I was in Penang, I dropped by and visited the Khoo Kongsi clanhouse temple.

The concept of ‘clanhouses’ used to be quite important popular in the olden days. When Chinese people migrated from China to the then Malaya, they banded together loosely and form kongsi’s, or clans. A clanhouse is basically was where a bunch of people with the same surnames get together and talk about how cool it is to be related to one another.

Things used to be a little a lot better back then. In the past, clanhouses developed their own self-government system and handled important social and welfare duties for the good of their members.
Clanhouses still exist today. But nowadays, all they seem to do is organise boring dinner functions and sing karaokes.

The Khoo Kongsi clanhouse temple is one of the most intense and ornately decorated buildings I have witnessed in Malaysia. Walking through the ancient halls looking at the intricate carvings was a surreal experience. A lot of credit goes to the trustees of the board, one of whom is, interestingly, called “Kay Por”.

There’s more evidence of how different things were back then in the Khoo Kongsi’s “Hall of Fame”.
Last time, having someone in the family graduated from University was such a big deal. If your surname is Khoo and you graduated from college with a diploma, you get a huge ass banner to show off your achievements, proudly displayed in the Khoo Kongsi’s Hall of Fame.

But these days, every other person and their pet cat has a qualification from college. It’s so easy now to get a degree that if you want, you could even buy one over the Internet. So the Khoo Kongsi stopped putting up huge ass banners, and all they have is a long list where every graduate’s names goes in.
Perhaps the most amusing part of the Khoo Kongsi clanhouse temple is found at the front of the building.

I understand that the front of the temple is made to look like a ancient Chinese courthouse, complete with placards and weapons and all.
What I don’t understand is, what exactly is this weapon used for?

My guess is that a long time ago, a teenage boy from the Khoo Kongsi attended his first ever Beatles concert.
He figured he needed to bring something that would make him stand out from the rest so that the band performing on stage could notice him. So he invented this nifty tool and brought him along to the concert. Sure enough, John Lennon spotted the boy’s distinctive gold-hand-on-a-stick from the crowd and Lennon was so impressed that he invited the boy to the Beatles penthouse later that night and have a big private party with lots of hot chicks.

And that, my friends, is why people perform this hand gesture all the time during rock concerts. True story.

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Cafe del Mar Singapore

I’m a big fan of chillout music.

Ever since I got to know about this genre of music a few years ago, I’ve virtually stopped listening to pop music altogether. My musical collection was revamped from manufactured crap by the likes of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, to chillout/lounge music by artists no one has even heard of under the Cafe del Mar label.

Everytime I sit down in front of the computer to blog I must put on some chillout, otherwise I wouldn’t have any inspiration to blog at all. This kind of music is perfect for stuff that requires a lot of my concentration, like blogging. They’re not as sleepy as Enya and not as noisy as the Black Eyed Peas. Just some nice slow tempo beats that’s not too overbearing.

Cafe del Mar is actually a bar popular for tourists to congregate to watch the sunset.
The original Cafe del Mar is located on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Recently, they also opened up a branch in the Singaporean island of Sentosa.

I hadn’t been to Sentosa since I was a kid. That time Sentosa was still largely children’s playground with the Underwater World being its main attraction. Now, the place is slowly turning into a rich people’s playground featuring a huge country club and the soon-to-be opened casino.

The setting of Cafe del Mar is great. There’s heaps of sundeck chairs lining up along the beach for people to relax.
And because it is located on the beach, naturally the view here is fantastic.

(in Borat accent) “Nice!”
If you feel like dipping into chlorinated water, there’s even a pool located in the vicinity.

Personally, I wouldn’t wanna swim in that pool though. In Kuching, when we wanna go swimming, we wear our goggles and maybe put on a swimming cap.
In Singapore, when they wanna go swimming, they wear sunglasses and earrings.

Like that how to swim? No wonder Singapore never produced any gold-medal winning swimmers.
But I better not stare at those girls too much, or else the tight T-shirt-wearing security guard over there with bigger breasts than me might come and kick my ass all the way back to Malaysia.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Singapore and I love Cafe del Mar. It really is a great place to chillout with friends and I can’t wait to go back there.
There are few things in life more enjoyable than lying on the beachfront, listening to good music, sipping vodka orange while watching the sun sets.

Legs courtesy of Mia.

Unfortunately, Singapore doesn’t quite have the best beach sunsets in world.
In Phuket for example, watching sunset by the beach looks something like this.

But Singapore, being a port city, offers sunsets that look something like this.

Bloody cargo ships, spoil the view only.

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