Indian Game Shows Are Awesome

I thought Japanese game shows were entertaining, but this one takes the cake.

There’s this game show in India called Dadagiri. Contestants have to survive three rounds of insults by the show’s bullies and compete against each other to win 50,000 Rupees (RM4,000) in cash prize.
The woman in the video is Esha The Goddess – the self-proclaimed “meanest, nastiest girl from college” and quite possibly the Indian version of Xiaxue.
Her job is to put down the contestants and she particularly hates people with ugly faces.

Part One: Watch this first. It’s in English. (1 min)

So in this particular episode, Esha yelled against one male contestant. She slapped him. HE SLAPPED HER BACK. She took it like a man. Meanwhile the whole entire 65,374 crew members surrounded the male contestant and proceeded to rip his non-existent balls out while he cried like a bitch.

Part Two. The Slap. (2 min)

If this is not TV gold, I don’t know what is.
I have only one thing to say after watching the clip.

How can she slap? HOW CAN SHE SLAP?

The Wikipedia entry on “Malaysian Chinese” is hilarious. This part is gold:
“A sizeable group of Malaysian Chinese speak English as a first language. They speak English at home, and make it a point to immerse and educate their children in the English language. Like their counterparts in Singapore, they are known as the ‘English-educated’ although the term is something of an anachronism. Most of these ‘English-educated’ Chinese are unable to read and write in Chinese.”
It’s funny because it’s true!

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  1. whose fault? still dont it the girl fault? the girl still act cool after she kena slap..the guy cried, really menjatuhkan maruah lelaki..

  2. this is very funny…
    but I just kept feeling the words “how can she slap” is added to the video, not genuinely said by that person…

  3. Well, the abuses should have been kept verbal aren’t they ? Is she allowed to slap people ? Typical no brainer, slapping a person who’s really pissed after insulted by a bitch of course will provoke the person la lol. Don’t care how gentleman that fella is, that is kinda normal but the sobbing after that is hilarious lol. Notice how the other male host went and beat the shit out of the contestant ? I wonder if that ” ESHA ” is his bitch, pathetic ….

  4. Something smells fishy here.
    Look at 0.06 when her hand was so far away from the guys face. Next sec, her hand is right next to him and comes the immediate slap.
    The guy in the end also walks away seemingly unscathed.
    A publicity stunt perhaps ..

  5. Bitch getting bitch-slapped.
    Coolest dude in the world. He took matters in his own hands despite knowing the crew outnumbers him. Never mind he sort of cried at one point. The fella took a hell of beating.
    The bully in the ‘cool’ black vest, which seems to be really waaaaaay ahead of the 60’s time capsule, was only defending the woman because he wants to get some.
    How could you slap her? Pffttt. How could you not?

  6. this show had brought shame to the indian community. if that girl got raped, tortured, and killed, indians would be really happy about it.

  7. I just noticed this. No one attended the woman after she got slapped. One guy attempted la, but his attention quickly waned. Just goes to show how big a bitch she is.

  8. Should’ve just knife the bitch in the jugular veins and let her bleed to death. Stick one to the hero wannabe host too.

  9. definitely the woman’s fault. she keeps yelling fu*k n how can she slaps? who she think she was. tsk tsk.cant tolerate with this kind of woman.

  10. The freaking host and hostess should be knifed. How can you treat the participants like dirt even though they are poor. Nowadays tv show hosts and some DJs are getting really ‘biadap’.
    They forgot they are also workers, nothing special.
    Someday they’ll also be out of a job.

  11. hmmm.. i duno what to say though.. but the way he looked at her before she slapped him looked kinda disgusting.. like erm.. hinting someting? =x

  12. the girl was a total bitch. so were the other men who came out. why help the bitch who was obviously breaking the game show rules with her fucking fat ass? they just helped her cause they wanted to get in bed with her. bastards.

  13. i think she’s not bad….mean girls like her are definitely good in bed…but i think if the contest is all abt verbal abuse endurance…then let it be that way…she shouldnt have slapped him…and he shouldnt have slapped her either…sometimes producers must keep an eye on all this kinda things..

  14. No wonder how poor is he, he still have pride for himself. Well done to the guy for slapping back, dont take it for the sake of money.

  15. and to some ppl…please dun be racists….each individual regardless frm any race have their own flaws…nobody’s perfect…bangsa malaysia ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. to be fair he was outnumbered… tho if he din slap her back he would have come out the better man. prolly stare her in the eye and say biatch ur mum hit me harder last nite! but she begged for more after! hahaha

  17. omg why like so uncivilised one. how can slap contestants?! i think they should stop doing the game show anymore cos it’s so pointless. game shows are supposed to be fun lor. not violent liddat. with mean remarks and slapping sumore walao. )):
    i hate the moment of truth also. fav game show is are you smarter than a 5th grader wtf.

  18. Everyone chill out. I am fine.
    I got a dollar from everyone in India for slapping her. But minus 50 cents each for crying.

  19. LMFAO 0:25
    And the sound after that sounded like he just got sodomized….

  20. i think the girl shouldn’t hv slapped him. she’s gone overboard. i mean, if someone were to slap u like that, obviously you’re gonna attack back, rite?
    the guy with the black vest is the host is it? he’s defending da girl as if she’s his gf or sumthin. heh.
    anyway, this show is LAME.

  21. Yahh!How can She SLAP?!She has no reason to slap him!and her self-proclaimation is so true,so mean!In fact,she isn’t pretty at all as she judges others by their covers!I hate this type of person!
    after all,this game show is totally LAME and are the contestants who took part in that game show.

  22. are you all retarded? it’s called a game show. she’s doing her job. the idea is to tolerate all the shit getting thrown at you. so what if she slaps him? it’s what she’s supposed to do to piss them off.
    total LULZ at the crying guy.
    bodoh sial.
    obviously kenny sia’s readers have not much sense of humour. you do understand kenny’s “how can she slap” reaction is mocking the crying indian guy right?
    god. how damn stupid do you people have to be?

  23. Stupid show with stupid host… But smart contestant slapping her back, as a warning that physical humiliation is something tooooo over.
    The post out:
    Yea its sad that even in nowadays society we can still see banana men around. I mean 50 years ago during our grandparents/parent’s generation , they did not have choice, to choose which school they like. Now we have choices already, but some people chose to look up to the “western thinking” so much that they want their kids to be 100% english educated as well.
    Yea, ppl have choice, but its your own choice also whether you wanna lose your identity or otherwise.
    Long live chinese!

  24. No judging here, just giving my personal opinion. As much as it may seem funny to some, it is NOT funny at all to me. What’s with the slapping and fighting? Both hosts are idiots and cheap (as much as the contestant may not had to resort to slapping her back), and to be honest I don’t really agree with endorsing such kind of degradative shows.
    Even if the issue of the benefit of this show is put aside, verbal insult should be the maximum limit and NO physical actions should be allowed.
    I don’t find it funny at all to see the contestant had his “balls ripped off” simply because how would you respond IF YOU/YOUR FRIENDS suffered similar fate?
    The guys who went after the contestants act like cowards because they go in numbers against ONE person.

  25. well, there were some crew members who tried to separate the male host from the participant.
    those crew who went and beat the participant were just trying to get into esha’s pants me thinks.
    if she’s the mean bitch she say she is, why would anyone want to defend her, unless she’s giving something else on the side? pfftttt

  26. Agree, slap that whipped bitch again. She defenately had forgotten where the line is, and the male host kept whacking the contestant as much as he wants, again and again just because he thinks he is bigger size than the contestant?

  27. This goes to show how Indian men are treated on their home soil.
    The Indian women there mainly from nothern India are treated like goddesses.
    lol !

  28. hahaha… serve her right.. hahah.. if i were him.. i’ll not slap her but give her an uppercut to her head. That would knock her out cold.. hahaha.

  29. My dear xjion89, I think you are the stupid one. ๐Ÿ™‚
    An idiot calling the rest of the world idiots. My god.
    Esha had better make a public apology.

  30. “My dear xjion89, I think you are the stupid one. :)”
    Oops, I actually directed this msg at “Humour”. Parallex error.

  31. That bitch totally deserved to be slapped back lor! She shouldnt have slapped that guy in the first place. Talk about dignity and male ego! How I wish that guy slapped her harder / throw her a punch! Hope that bitch learned her lesson.

  32. “Insulting game show” shouldn’t involve physical insults, that’s just doesn’t right no matter if you’re females or not
    That so-called “meanest” bitch got what she deserved LMAO!

  33. seriously, i would slap back her too. nobody likes to be pushed yet along slap in the face watch by millions. and what with the other co host. acting like a macho man only

  34. I was in Delhi when this episode was broadcast on their National TV. It was a big news then!
    Did you guys hear MUTHACHUT, BENCHUT when the guy was whacked thoroughly? FYI, MUTHACHUT means Mother F*** while BENCHUT means SIS F***!
    Welcome to India!

  35. Seriously, an ignominious fiasco and disgrace of the indian reality TV shows. Btw, she’s really a bitch. The guy should have just punched her in

  36. Pity the guy contestant. I feel for him. I’m a girl myself but I have to admit that the host, Esha has gone way out of line from a reasonable cause to slap that poor guy. She has NO WATSOEVER RIGHTS to slap him! SHAME ON YOU, ESHA! You are supposed to be verbally insulting or abusing but not physically. That goes for the male host too! Whatever his name is. He has no rights to hit that guy and caused bodily harm to him! SHAME on YOU TWO! They should make a public apology to him and compensate! I think the guy should sue them to claim compensation under the mental shock element while his love ones should sue them under the nervous shock claim! Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm pretty sure the show is going to be rich because of the ratings they are receiving prior to the slap and punches this guy was not expected nor warned of. So sue them for the misconduct of their both hosts!

  37. lol..bitch slap..hahaha but..yeah she deserve it..she n her tight..outfit..she FIT thou..but i wouldn’t wanna get bitch slap all the time innit??

  38. the guy host actually got whacked himself also…see the part 0:35…a guy punches him in the stomach but immediately after that he runs up again to that poor guy and starts walloping him again….and then later in the video can hear lady telling sth about the poor guy being briefed about it…all drama??or perhaps a true reflection of reality??

  39. Wow, a classic example of who is truly the most powerful human subspecies in modern society.
    One little slap, and a whole gang of men proceeds to assrape the poor guy. He did nothing wrong, that fucking bitch deserved it. Even in this comment section there are a few guys trying to act manly, protecting the girl. WTF !? WHERE IS THE GENDER EQUALITY THAT FEMINISTS TALK ABOUT ALL THE TIME !?
    Seriously though, Esha was way too fucking soft. One slap and she is already dazed, weakling. USE THE FUCKING WHIP BITCH WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT JUST FOR SHOW !?
    If it was naeboo she would’ve kicked his balls and twist his nipples AT THE SAME TIME, and immediately suffocate the poor guy with her F cup boobs as the crowd goes wild…

    “naeboo !! FINISH HIMMM !!”

  40. She does look bitchy. But then again folks, it IS a tv show. I dunno whether the contestants were signed any forms allowing her to insult them in so and so manner or not. Thing is, she is just doing her job. Dunno much about the show, so I dont know whether the physical abuse part is allowed or not. Perhaps it was part of the agreement?

  41. Hey Kenny.
    I don’t normally like your blog too much (yea yea go ahead and tell me ‘then don’t visit my blog then’ but its still good blogtertainment :D) because you post lots but its never enough!
    Out of all your posts this one takes the cake!
    I’ve never seen a woman being hit before and I think that guy’s a bloody tool!
    Kudos for the great post, and keep posting these weird and wacky stuff!
    Loved the part where he got bashed up by 20 guys calling him ‘Motherf–ker’ in Hindi. LOL.

  42. Probably why the male host overreacted was because he was planning to get laid that night…after that slap, it finally sank in that he won’t be getting laid after all by that Esha girl…that’s why he got sooooo pissed…hahahahhaa!

  43. She shouldn’t be slapping people on a reality show in the first place. It’s as degrading as tying up a naked japanese girl on the floor and letting the pigs bite on her. These ppl are not so civilised either. They’re suppose to just restrain him. Not kick him to the ground and continue to humiliate him even more.

  44. he should sue actually. i think there should be a case. she slapped him once, and even though he slapped her back, he was gangbanged what. fucking dumb show. nothing to enjoy at all.

  45. if you look properly.. the corwd was actually trying to defend the poor guy.. it was only that asshole try to keep hitting him. fuckkerr la.. stupid esha thinks she can mistreat contestant… i go n rape her upside down see whether she dare to slap anyone again anot..

  46. If I’m the male contestant, dat bitch will get punch back and lost her teeth for sure and the male host will get backbone crash! Cause dat bitch landed in a wrong show, she should be a participate in Jerry Springer’s show instead. ๐Ÿ™‚

    HOW CAN SHE SLAP ME !?!?!?!

  48. This show is rigged!!
    That’s what i read in another blogger’s site.
    No way that whole slapping thing was real cuz if it was ,we would have busses burning in India and women gathered at streets protesting the show..hence my conclusion is was rigged!!

  49. most dumbest program. No moral value at all…tat bitch( Esha ) unpleasant to look at…I dun like the way she performs …dadagiri hahaha…funny

  50. Esha is a embarrasment to woman. uneducated spoilt selfcentered disgusting human being…actually thats too nice of a discription to discribe her. Looks like a tranny as if hot…totally disgusting!@ If l see her l wouldnt even waste my saliva to spit on her ugly face….beautiful is from within n those bullies no nothing about that been deprived from proper education and parenting

  51. it was the girls fault,,,
    she hit 1st,,,,
    and some more, the man didnt do anything significant to her.
    @_@ slap in the face = hurting man’s pride.
    dont you know that ??

  52. OMG what a stupid show… Waste of peoples time! Do they really have nothing else to put on TV these days?? No wonder kids are getting mroe screwed up.
    Sure, no guy should ever slap a woman, but she’s such a bitch, what an embarrassment to women out there.

  53. kenny, u shldnt involve xiaxue in this blog, she is not the same as the indian bitch! xiaxue is smart and always know what she is doing!
    unlike the indian bitch, she is so idiot, i dont like her.

  54. MAN SHE WAS RIGHT TO SLAP HIM :O He looks too ugly. Oh well.
    And how can you assume that they all wanna go to bed with her? How can you come up with this idea?! Maybe you’re the one who wants to bed her. Sad =/

  55. Kenny, your readers’ reactions are far more entertaining than the video itself. Apparently, one slap is all it takes to condemn somebody to hell. Are you surprised, there? Ha.

  56. Humour is bodoh sial, contestants who join the show prepare to expect for those VERBAL abuse..not PHYSICAL abuse, ok??
    u think guys no feeling one ah? cannot cry?
    the guy who kena slapped will have a bad ordeal when he thinks back of this matter! because besides kena slapped by the bitch, the rest somemore scold him bad words, somemore kena punched! n then somemore got so many people is watching this show… n then many stupid people will judge the poor guy for being not “gentleman” just because she is slapping a girl( who wouldnt slap her anyway??) n crying out loud like a girl(he is too overwhelmed by this thing mah, sure lah he cry like that, i can see that he is a very sensitive guy, but he join this show never expect people to physically abuse him one)
    so, it is all the bitch’s fault, her job is insult people verbally , not physically!

  57. omg…wtf… how can they even create this reality show? bringing down ppl’s dignity and call themselves a winner at the end? but i love the drama part…haha…where the bitch slapped that guy and he slapped her back!

  58. Uncivilised barbarians. The bitch totally deserved it. And so did the crying dude, for participating in such a mindless stunt. IDIOTS, all of them.

  59. U noe da bitch quiet down after receiving that wonderful slap??…
    Too bad there were an army of horny men hoping to please her ass…

  60. this is unacceptable
    u know, people in INDIA not all rich like malaysian-india la weei
    they strive for anything..& even thought to enter this stupid contest for the sake of money!
    this show will never av a chance in malaysia cuz we still eat rice everyday, dont u?
    but i;m giving two thumbs up for the contestant..afterall..poor people still have dignity
    that bitch shud be rape, to the meanest way possible

  61. well in some cultures, they say a woman’s slap is good luck, but this guy prolly thinking equal rights ,heeeheee so he slaps back. Would be so if it was the guy who slaps first. Would like this guy to talk to my ex-ladyboss. heheh. Or d ex-HR girl. I prefer b*tches who rat on ppl,not d catfighting type like this one.
    India promotes non-violence in their culture, like how Gandhi starves to their independence from British, instead of using brute force and weapons. Maybe things are changing now.

  62. can u all please inform the Coconut balls that i was here and tt i am really upset with what he wrote abt me. He will hear from my lawyer soon if her does not apologise for the remarks abt me. xiaxue

  63. this program should be banned. so that bitch can slap n the guy cant? he was outnumber but he stood his grounds. thumbs up for him.

  64. I would love to be on that show. My personality would be a suitable candidate for the show.
    I wish they start a similar show in Singapore just for me.

  65. I want Kenny, the chubby boy with coconut ball to be on the show to be slapped by me and have his balls plug out by the mean queen. xx

  66. i dun think she took it like a man. being a professional in front of live tv cams, da 1st thing she wud do is 2 walk out of da cams.. after dat she may b crying like a bitch 4 all u noe..
    anyway, all of them oso asked 4 it la.. hahaha

  67. this show had brought shame to the indian community. if that girl got raped, tortured, and killed, indians would be really happy about it.
    thats harsh.
    no one should be raped, tortured or killed. the guy who said that is even more brainless and uncivilized.

  68. The hosts are assaulting the contestant. intentionally causing GBH. it is not a joke. those who think it is, are just stupid.
    Even if it is kenny’s joke, its not funny.
    A innocent man is being assaulted here in the name of reality show. put urself in his shoes. wat if u r being assaulted and u say its ok, i am the joke?

  69. definitely the woman’s fault.70% of the script was supposed to be rehearsed and 30% would be spontaneous. No physical actions were supposed to be involved.
    when she couldn’t be spontaneous, she slapped him?!
    i wouldn’t have minded that much if her vocabulary range was wider. All she could squeak out was fuck this and fuck that and fuck off. Oh come on… there are so many more colorful swear words to use. That plus the brainless wannabe attitude deserves a good spanking.
    funny thing is they continued filming as if nothing happened. 60’s capsule guy won ๐Ÿ˜›

  70. imo, that bitch deserved it. She ran out of “smart” things to say, so she proceeds to slap that guy?? WTH. In fact, she should be punched in the face. The guy crying was a riot though. lol.
    Now i know how they make game shows there.. =/
    Esha the Godamnstupid.

  71. Damn, how can that girl slap?! and the male host is soo biased! i agree with some of you saying that maybe he just wanna flatter the girl so maybe the girl will ‘ride’ on him. If i were there, i’m gonna so kill the tv host.

  72. It’s just like any traditional asian culture, where there’s this idea of Male Superiority. It’s also the reason why that dude kept repeating “How can she slap me?” . Technically she can, of course, but view in the picture of the tradition mindset, it was a “valid” question asked, between the words it’s precisely transcribed as : How can a Woman slap a Man.
    It was unexpected, unbelievable, and unforgivable.
    Welcome to gender equality , people of India.

  73. hahaha its real idiot, but i like, i mean its kinda entertaining… hahahahaha how could she slap, howrr coulddd sheee slap!?

  74. haiyah this video, so typical of indians la, damn drama about everything. instead of slapping her back, if it were me i would grab her ass

  75. i wish we have this kinda game show here at Msia. They should invite politicians to the game. lol. Sick game, but cool. The girl deserve it. Wearing skimpy outfits doesn’t make u a goddess and allow u to slap people around.

  76. so indians are uncivilised(in their genes, as said by a certain someone above) and dumb? i mean, honestly people, in this age and time, you’re still stereotyping? just because one person does it, you can condemn the entire race. grow up and get out of your tempurung for pete’s sake.

  77. a question of “Male Superiority”?
    What if Esha’s a man, and the contestants are women? Would then the insults be an act of bully? And would the slap would be a criminal act?
    Violence should never be an act of gender equality, regardless who initiated it.
    In this case, the bitch has gone beyond mean. Shes simply an asshole.

  78. Shows like this and comments from a few of the people here are reasons why I will never want to bring a child into this world. This show brings nothing, ab-so-lute-ly nothing good for humanity. Then there are the people who find this funny? You should be outraged.

  79. please lo. xiaxue’s insults are civilized, she just goes and says FUCK FUCK FUCK here and there, where got like xiaxue? you damn biased lor people.
    i’m not even a xiaxue fan please.

  80. The vast majority of dick head Indians are just as fucked up as what you see. Always trying to think they’re some kind of hero, acting all macho in front of pussies.
    When there’s something to gain you say men and women are equal. When shit like this happens women have the upper hand. I’d personally bitch slap all those fuck face mother fuckers till kingdom comes.
    Go fuck yourselves!

  81. Why is it ok for a female to hit a man but not the other way around? She hit him first, and by the man saying, “How can she slap?” sounds like she overstepped her boundaries. I think she deserved to be slapped and the crew made the whole thing one big mess when their role was to clearly subdue him and not pummel him. That was not clear either, I could not see what was going on. How do we know that he was being beaten up severely? By the way, I am a female, with two very young boys and it just riles me up how men are made to put up with shit from women nowadays. If you watch a lot of the American movies, you can see that it is super cool that a woman kicks a man’s arse but it is never the other way around. What sort of message is that giving to our men in this world nowadays?

  82. The game is whether the contestant can withstand the insults from the girl but it turns out the other way round the girl lost her temper first if there is other people like the guy did the same thing to her.She would have been slapped hundred of times

  83. i don’t feel entertained.
    and that slap, quite square la. i slap u, u slap me. but ai yah nvm lah i m quite satisfied cos he slapped her. i’d be happier if he punched her though. n *gasp*, guess what, she shaddap ady after the slap wtf. so that’s good news.

  84. If you watch the whole game show where contestants eat out of toilet bowls and other sorts of idiotic activities, the guy crossed the line…you have to put it into context.
    If you are an adult walk around the beach with your speedos, its ok. If you do the same in a kindergarten, you should expect to get a beat down like that guy as well. It’s all about context.
    the video is hilarious and everyone there got what they deserved

  85. Who gives a shit whose fault it is?! It’s hilarious and that’s the whole point of reality tv!
    Made me laugh.
    Accent + sobbing from a man = priceless

  86. 1) The bith deserved to be slapped. Ohh feel so good. If I am there, I would have slapped her and spit at her.
    2) Don’t let me see this kind of snobbish and action bitch. I would give her a double spilt second slap and shout at her and slap again and again and she say “I am so sorry”
    3) The bitch is trying to be action and cocky and looking down on contestant.
    4) First of all, contestant join the show for fun and to win money. They don’t join to get slapped by a girl.
    5) Esha, deserved to be slapped. Give her more slaps. Talk like shit. Speak like idiot. Who she think she is?
    6) How come so many guys there? Trying to win her ass and pussy?
    7) A show that a female lady can shout at guys? What about a show on a guy that can shout at ladies and show their anger on them. Immediately it would the guy who is shouting will be punched and slapped.
    8) Don’t let me see this Esha. I would slap her nicely. Esha has absolutely no write to slap a contestant. Haha. Immediately get quite after getting a slap. Good . Slap this kind of snobbish bitch. Deserved to be slap

  87. 1. slap back is a reaction when u got slapped. i wonder how many ppl dont slap back in his situation.
    2. the contestant got screwed by other men there just becos esha is some celeb of the show, while he is just a contestant.
    3. the guy should sue the hell out of this show. both criminal law and civil law.
    4. so degraded.

  88. i found it quite funny actually .
    if you enter such gameshows, you should be aware of the things it entails, so the guy did overreact in my opinion .
    Anyways, it is most probably a publicity stunt, quite common nowadays to attract more people to join .
    love the hostess man, cant find such women nowadays lol .

  89. Reality tv is fine but not able to control the situation till gazillions crews to whack the shit out of that guy, that is pure stupidity.
    As for the bitch, can’t fucking stand her. Trying to speak and curse like Americans but her fucking heavy Indian accent is too fucked up. What an ultimate whore – dressed like a whore. She can curse all the fuck words to guys but when the guy didn’t even say F word, get slapped. She deserved it.

  90. i wonder why everybody is insulting the girl for acting like a bitch?
    isn’t her persona on the tv supposed to be
    “the self-proclaimed “meanest, nastiest girl from college”?
    she’s paid to act that way (american slang, dressing like a whore, etc)
    but she shouldn’t have slapped the guy in the first place. so she got what she deserved back.
    the whole crew punching the guy up…no comment.
    don’t know who will watch this reality tv though. seems like it’ll get boring after… 2 episodes?
    and as for comments who say that its really gender biased where girls get to belittle man on tv, wake up! its on TV! actors and actresses all get paid. compared to what is happening to woman in some parts of the world (and including our own country) what’s happening to the male gender on TV is nothing.

  91. wooooo….just because she can’t feel her tongue, it doesn’t mean that the guys can’t feel her insults.
    I liked the way the wheeping guy slapped her. Doesn’t mean that im not a gentleman though~

  92. Interesting post.
    However the comments by people clearly show their dislike for the Indian race. It’s odd though. When 2 or 3 indians do something like that, we insult their entire race. When 1000+ indians contribute and work for a big company (e.g: Microsoft) , we don’t acknowledge that. Even if our race is far more superior, insulting theirs only shows how terrible our ‘superior race’s’ behaviour is.
    And i bet, if the exact same thing happened, but if it was from China instead, i doubt anything related to racism would pop by here.
    If you don’t like Indians since the few you know have given you a bad impression, don’t hate all of them.
    Go figure.

  93. That gay men in black vest is really looking to get in Esha’s leather pants. There is no need to hit that contestant, he should calm them down when it went too far. Both hosts sucks in attitude, appearance, and judgement.

  94. This must be the worst thing i’ve ever seen. just makes them all look like idiots and babarians. And it’s that own guy’s problem. He like what, joined the show, knowing he would get insulted and things get done to him just to? get that little bit of money. Whatever la, they should just close down that show.

  95. this comes to show that people are bankrupt in many ways.. socially and intellectually. I can feel my brain cells dying watching this…

  96. I f*ck your brains, 1 man should never say that to anohter, man as far as i’m concerned, if anyone slapped me on national tv, be it a man or woman, id go apeshit, mother chod banchoot

  97. I think this show is stupid. The girl needs to do something better with her life than get on tv and say fuck every other minute

  98. Oh no. I din know india has this kinda show. Well, im studying here. Basically sum indians do act like this in real life. I dunno hindi..but i know what is Mother Chot the guy was toking means Mother F**Ker. Lols.

  99. There is nothing wrong with the guy. He is just trying to defend himself, and he has the right to do so. This is really wrong…

  100. How can she slap. HOW CAN SHE SLAP!?
    LOL. What a pisser.
    I pity the guy though. Getting mobbed by a huge group of men after defending himself from that bitch. I wouldn’t want to reply to her taunts and shit if I were a contestant on the show.

  101. the only way to win this stupid pariah gameshow is to get a deaf person to join.. stupid bitch.. guess the college only taught her to say Fuck.
    This bitch and the rest of the crew bring shame to indian culture.. trying to be westernized when we’ve our own culture.

  102. is slapping allowed as part of the rules?

  103. Stupid assholes. So many assholes gang up to beat up one poor fellow who merely retaliated in kind.
    If any of the assholes got slapped by the bitch, they would have retaliated in kind too.
    Bloody mother-fucking assholes.

  104. So what if the bitch is beautiful and sexy? It doesn’t give her the right to anyhow slap any contestant.
    She ought to be taught a lesson she will never ever forget for the rest of her life as a bitch.
    A lesson so harsh she might repent of being a bitch.

  105. OMG! I’ve seen fucked up stuff on reality TV, but this takes the cake man. This scene is absolutely unbelieveable…. it’s like, reality TV is the scum of television… and now this host is allowed to physically abuse contestants?!!! WTF!? How desperate does one woman have to be to boost her own ratings… she totally deserved a big fat bitch-slapping. the contestant should have slapped both of the hosts!

  106. lol. the bitch said “why dont you go fuck off?” and then the guy said “We go?” or something like that before she slapped him.

  107. i bet if the contestant was one big chunky hunk, she would not have dared to lay even a finger on him. A big bouncer type of guy would be able to teach the bitch and all the bloody mother-fucking assholes there one big bashing lesson they would regret taking for the rest of their miserable lives.

  108. If this is real, great, I’ve finally found the stupidest TV show. Both hosts are barbarian, the male host beat the guy seriously and the female host is really dam cb.

  109. sigh.. didnt think this would end up as an Indian slamfest. Don’t generalize la.. there are assholes from every race.

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