Worst Name For A Condom Ever

I know, I know.

I have been absent for a while. It was the Gawai long weekend in Sarawak and I can’t help but to jump at the opportunity to skip town.

I was in Indonesia and had the most fantastic 6 days doing absolutely nothing. Work was the last thing on my mind. Besides, there was no internet connection where I stayed, so I couldn’t update even if I wanted to.

But one thing they sure have is the most RIDICULOUSLY named condoms I have ever come across.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you… VIRGIN CONDOMS.

Virgin Condoms – not suitable for virgins.

Blog Plug Of The Day: Kevin Chan wanted to prove that he is a “Standout In Life”. So he went around 1Utama wearing… a Spartan outfit. Hilarity ensued.

116 Replies to “Worst Name For A Condom Ever”

  1. This is so freakinf FUNNY[LMAO] VIRGIN condom,the moment condom is being use,there’s no such thing as virgin exits.. what a fugly name for condoms ahaah.

  2. Hey Kenny, I think I actually did come across this same brand here in KL! In one of the minimarts… Can’t recall where though..

  3. hey . virgin condoms . what an unusual . perhaps the company’s aim was to create a condom that people will remember . hence , virgin condoms was borne

  4. Hmmm, the indons are freaking naive human beings, i guess. Why, their preception of using condoms to stay a virgin, hee hee :()

    I am quite amused when so many comments are laughing at indo, when its produced in malaysia.

  6. wearing spartan outfit in 1 u, that really takes up loads of courage, i wouldn’t even wear a turban on my head while shopping…
    maybe the condom is meant for virgins only??? and it is ribbed too, i think that would be a bit too vigorous for 1st timers

  7. They name it virgin coz when you use it… it’s like doing it to a virgin ler.. the ‘manjakani’ herb makes the pussy as tight as a virgin… hence the name… itu pun tak tau ke?

  8. Juz curious why did U happen to “come across” the condom?
    Dun need hide la.. Got need to use so *ahem* ritz.
    Who’s the lucky girl? *opps

  9. Aiyahhh, let me tell you la. This condom has the traditional herb call manjakani. Manjakani has astrigent quality that actually constricts the viginal wall and upon repeated use it actually tightens the virgina. So the name virgin is most apt as the women will feel like a Virgin after using this Virgin Condom. This is a patented and new product in the market. Try it out la.

  10. Condom made in indonesia, reliable or not?
    Hey kenny, i saw you at wisma sebakes yesterday. Damn, u should have bought pc/notebook with me, i would give you 30% discount for it, sad man.. but u didn’t.

  11. Since when Richard Branson has product diversification into condoms? and its sold in Indon??? hmm… interesting…

  12. haha. u know wot? before reading the other comments I was gona say that its probably called Virgin cos its so tight or something u feel like u doin a virgin.But thanks to master and seah it confirms my guess. well kinda.

  13. Casey, u r a f*cking stupid malingsial. manjakani is herb claimed to tighten vagina. using it will make vagina feels like virgin’s.
    why dont u get a pack for ur mom?

  14. Any good reason for you to be so furious???
    Sounds like you are pouring out your anger to each & every person commented over here. And, I become the spot where you have just landed your atomic bomb…

  15. VIRGIN condoms what a name I like it makes you think of doing a virgin & using their condom…then I start to think about it. I can think of a bunch of other names that could be used what happens when the initial use of this product as a first-timer(no pun intended) of this brand wears off…the question is do you really get repeat business with a name like that?

  16. Whahahaha, in my country we have virgin oil, but this one make me laugh all over my bed, nyahahahaha. This is funny ,lol

  17. Now this is hilarious!-) I guess they named it that because they knew it would cause great word-of-mouth marketing!

  18. lol, you can’t blame them for trying to have a catchy name… and i think it’s effective bacause if it isn’t then you wouldn’t have blogged about it 🙂

  19. hi kenny, i saw u in bali. haha! having dinner at one of the food court on 28/5… :p with a group of girls. i recognised 2 of them R & C ;p

  20. What the heck? That’s the most perfect name for a condom. The shopkeeper will say “Have you tried a virgin? If no, then I have a virgin for ya!” Hahaha!

  21. ha ha ha! if it’s not suitable for virgins, i would suggest that you just buy the product ( condom ), leave it unopen so it will suits you. you bought the product, yet you’re still a virgin! use it when you are not a virgin anymore. duh!

  22. Haha.. What were they thinking when they named the condom “VIRGIN CONDOMS”..lol…
    One thing though, as an advertising gimick.. think about it , you will never forget this name..lol.

  23. Virgin Condoms Great name. It reminds the user of this condom, that this is the last minute he remains Virgin.

  24. Are you kidding! I guess it does the job…both as protection and for attracting & keeping its name memorable. I dont know many people who are so focused on the condom brand name that it will make a huge difference at that very important moment, but it makes for an interesting laugh in the aftermath!

  25. Very interesting name. Maybe are for virgin people.
    The ads will sound like this: You are virgin? You don’t need a women. Use virgin condoms.

  26. Indonesian women (and most Asian women) are more tight down there, so it’s like you use it with a virgin!
    Very stupid name for a condom…

  27. firstly, we are not naive indon. if u have a brain then u would have said Indonesians instead of indon.
    secondly, malingsial like u are more naive than indonesians.
    if u like to make fun of indonesia, why come here? stupido…
    btw, do u even know “maling” means thief? well, now u know.

  28. I bought from a 12 pcs pack from a pharmacy next 7- 11 in Damansara Utama last week out of curiousity cos they were giving away a free vibrating ring with it. My gf just just kept on screaming with pleasure. I don know if the condoms are so good or becoz of the vibrating ring?

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