It Cancels Out

Arrived at KL airport earlier today for another weekend of work.

I bought a KLIA Express train ticket to the city. Normally it’s a straightforward affair. I hand the cash over to the dude at the counter, he gives me my train ticket.

But this time round, he also gave me an extra piece of paper that said something along the lines of “Thank you! By choosing us, you have saved the environment!”

Wow, that’s nice.

But by printing that extra piece of paper, you have killed a tree!

I’m very amused that the Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang thing is still going on after more than a year! I can so imagine their daughters next time going at each others throats, while their mothers combat each other with tongkats.

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  1. fiy, it’s not printed behind the’s on another piece of paper (assuming it is made of paper).
    is either ur blind or ur just a another mofo
    dumb fcuks

  2. it’s a typical Boleh land’s Boleh companies’s Boleh’s staff’s Boleh policies,,,Malaysia boleh…luv it!!!

  3. I think this is not a good way to save the environment… the corporation should reconsidered other method…
    1. Printing extra paper kill tree.
    2. Some people just read and throw anyway, it will messy up the train and KL.
    3. Create more trash day to day. KL have enough trash.
    4. How many percent of the people who take the train care about environment in Malaysia?
    So is it a waste or not?

  4. this is heaps dumb. even if the it was printed on recycled paper, its still a waste of resources (if you know how recycled paper is produced).

  5. Totally!
    When i saw the line ” By choosing us, you have saved the environment” i think the exact same thing……
    Somemore that is a big piece of paper! lol
    They should have just print it on the ticket itself =)

  6. no fag, you`re the blind and “mofo” one, he was reffering to the people that printed that extra paper. so yes, dumb fuck.

  7. They should just print on the ticket itself.. And also use a plastic card as ticket.. can be reused again and again.. that will save more trees..

  8. lol, perhaps i was reading it from another perspective, but his statement cud have double meaning..he cud be referring to the person who prints out the ticket or kenny’s post.
    either way yeah im a dumb fuck..i shoud’ve just ignore it. lol

  9. Well, perhaps that little piece of paper will probably be kept by someone, constantly reminding that person to recycle, reuse, reduce and to care for the environment. And, yes they should had printed it on the ticket itself. It’s rather daft.

  10. maybe they should just paint it to the train as livery…the train stay clean, kl stay clean, no wasted paper and the most important…. the livery can stay forever

  11. hey kenny.. what u said for their intention aint cool..think again.. that is not how u suppose to blog kenny… say something really like the environment.. but not about whether they r using paper or not.. msian have fucking ass habit with their trash… i hope u aint a guy who will throw trash on roadside and say if u would do so the government cleaner would not get to have jobs…. now i wonder how much u know about environment…

  12. killing a tree = makes a person’s day = help to increase the number of people taking the train = reminds us that transportation could pollute the air = kennysia blogging = readers happy

  13. Duh…………of course, REDUCING carbon emission is a GOOD thing.
    Even if u said it correctly, that ‘killing a tree’ is not as bad as INCREASING carbon emission, your statement is still flawed.
    Killing a tree would mean reducing photosynthetic activity, hence INCREASING carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

  14. Only create rubbish if you want it to be. Recycled when you want it to be instead.
    The thing is it does not cancel out anything at all. This post title is totally wrong too. The main topic is to reduce CO2 emission by taking public transport instead of using you own vehicle. What does that have to do with trees?
    Even if it becomes rubbish, eventually it would break down and the materials return back to the earth.
    Creating rubbish or increasing CO2 emission, i chose rubbish more in this case =)

  15. lol, it doesn’t make any diff since the missing trees are the major cause greenhouse effect
    Go LO CO2? or Go NO WAY?

  16. on the piece of ticket, they should print one line of “Go Lo-CO2” followed by the website address, for example “” easy peazy

  17. Kenny’s just saying that they could have cut down the paper printing, trees would have been saved and less Co2 (public transport) would have been given out. Killing 2 bird with one stone!

  18. The ends justify the means
    we always seems to contradict our actions everytime we do this
    it’s not very nice to hurt our GAIA
    why cant we be all more sensible like kenny ???
    you go girl !

  19. Hey , by taking that project, you need to fly and a short plane trip’s carbon emmision is equivalence to killing a few hundred trees.

  20. If CO2 emission increase, got more or less tree doesn’t make any difference.
    And Kenny, if you yourself are environmentally aware, you should not have taken that extra piece of paper as well =)

  21. its not that everything funny happens to kennysia.its whether you want to take notice of the things around you and just twist the idea a lill bit. plus he goes out alot more than us so of course more things happens to him.

  22. That’s business tactic … letting ppl things that it’s saving the environment by using their service but that piece of paper is already killing our environment .. they should just print the “Thank You” on that ticket itself

  23. Actually, KLIA Express is operating at a loss.. (Well, at least according to their manager) Cut them some slack lar~ YTL is rich anyway, so I guess it’s part of corporate social responsibility to serve the public? But there’re buses available to KLIA at RM10 although less reliable.

  24. True, imagine the number of passengers they handle daily. For my case, it’s better for a person to say thank you personally rather than using paper. It’s more sincere in this way, and also help to save the environment.

  25. Every one tree that we chopped down, there are 6 more we are planted. This is how the paper industry practice. I am a papermaker, just thought this would be useful to share.

  26. they just want to make more money out of people who are actually trying to save the environment, so cutting down more trees to print was good money for them, lol

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