Herbal Medicine For Hair Growth

Despite my apparent young age, I unfortunately have an embarrassing hair loss crisis.

It’s difficult to hide my shame every time I go to my hairdresser, only to have him shake his head and tell me, “Kenny, your hair is getting less and less. What’s going on? You’re only 26!”
It’s not like I didn’t try to find a cure. I bought a tonic solution that I have to rub into my head every night, but I got lazy after applying it for a few months.

Then I went to consult a doctor about this.
The doctor, who thinks I’m a primary school student, told me that I have too much male testosterones, which is causing of my hair loss.
Apparently, being too much of a man is a bad thing.

He also got me on this pill called Propecia. Some of my hair grew back after taking them continuously for about a year, but I stopped because each month’s supply costs me a ridiculous RM180, and I reckon RM180 could be spent on better things than growing hair.
Not long after I stopped Propecia, my hair stopped growing along with it.

So I was in Bangkok this past weekend when I spotted this signage at a market. Beneath a whole bunch of Thai alphabets, it says in English “HERBAL MEDICINE – HAIR GROWTH”.
Interesting. It’s definitely something worth trying.
Then I took a peek inside the shop, and saw this photo of the inventor.

This, my friend, is what happens when you have a taste of your own medicine and it’s TOO BLOODY EFFECTIVE.

The same mischevious people that collaborated on the Freeze KL “flashmob” project has returned with the Read while Waiting Project.
What’s gonna happen? This Saturday 23rd August at KL Sentral, whilst millions of random Malaysians are doing their commuting, one thousand people will suddenly stop what they’re doing and pick up a book to read at EXACTLY 3PM. The idea is to confuse those who are not in the know as to why everyone is suddenly reading at the same time. Meanwhile a hidden camera will record their reaction and the results uploaded onto Youtube.
Sounds fun? Wanna join? Watch the video right here.

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  1. Propecia is really good when it comes to controlling hair loss.
    Do try hair loss specific shampoos as well.
    Another traditional alternative (tho i tink it’s a waste) is to rub brandy onto your scalp and (this is embarassing) wear a shower cap, keep it on for about 30 min or so before washing off.
    I know it supposedly helps hair growth and kills kutus.
    Did u try the thai herbal solution then?
    Is the LV bag for sale too?

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    Sincerely yours,
    Daryl Teo
    Here’s the postie:

  4. If you had to choose between having no hair, and having hair but it must be like the inventor guy in the pic, which one would you rather choose?

  5. Hi…
    As far as I know, currently the most efficient method is minoxidil + propecia.
    For minor hair loss, use minoxidil (liquid that apply to your hair twice daily. I think around RM70 for one month usage). Minoxidil is a generic brand name. Famous brand for minoxidil is Rogaine (very expensive) or Kirkland etc
    For serious hair loss, use propecia. It’s a controlled medic, so u have to buy from pharmacy.. There are side effects…
    Try to search in Lelong.com.my or ebay.com.my for cheaper price

  6. Minoxidil + propecia both approved by US FDA for control hair loss.
    Propecia and Proscar has the same ingredient. Proscar has higher finasteride content. It is for treating BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). ***U can buy Proscar and divide the pill yourself… :p***
    Many fake drugs in the market. Try to get presciption from your doctor and order it from MSD in bulk and u will get discount (something like buy 20 boxes get 4 boxes free). I shared it with my buddies.
    Anyway, I stopped taking it after i get married. :p

  7. hey kenny, i work at MSD, i can ….”source”… you some if u like. seriously man, they throw this stuff around like there is no tomorrow.

  8. Oh my…
    The last picture obviously fake, my photoshop can do a better job.
    But this really works? If useful can update this post again?
    *Rich people normally no hair one, Kenny u should proud for this.

  9. wah.. the hair so thick?!!
    kisiao, funny la… wakakaak
    hey, i oso got same problem..my hair is also losing, & i’m jz 21 going to 22…

  10. There is this chemical call minoxidil that encourage hair growth or at least stop hair fall. Brands like Growell contain this chemical formulae. Can do some research on your side and give it a try. good luck. 🙂

  11. hey kenny..ive been reading lots of blogs nowadays.i find it interesting that you guys blog about all the events and stuff.im just wondering how you guys started your blog?how do you publish it after,till its well known now?im just curious.coz i think you guys have done a good job making me addictive to read and come back for more

  12. reading doesnt seem to help these ppl’s language skills ley. can still use the term “alphabetS”. “alphabet” is a series of letters. it’s like saying “furnitureS” which is wrong.
    aiyo canot stand it.

  13. try saw palmetto, its the herbal equivalent to propecia.
    and yes, it also helps with benign prostate enlargement very much like propecia/finesteride.

  14. my bro has some hair probs and is getting his medication from chiangmai thailand. apparently its really good! he saw soo many docs, ate diff medication, but no cure.
    I have Alopecia areata and doc gave me a steroid jap right into the head! n some says, old fashion way is to rub garlic on ur scalp b4 u sleep!
    try it if u dare! 🙂

  15. kenny if u need cheaper propecia u can contact me; i am selling it at RM160. An alternative Proscar is even cheaper; for a box of RM200 u can split 1 tab into 4 portions and use it for 4 months!!!

  16. hahaha!! at least it is a convincing advertisement 4 his own med.. 2 bad baldness is sumwat a gene defect .. altho it could also b caused by other environmental factor(s), i still think its more 2 d genes. but perhaps u should look at d brighter side; male baldness is often associated wif social maturity (wikipedia) n definitely u will hav less of d grey hair prob :p

  17. Hey Kenny, I loved your post! That last photo was hilarious. Although, the fake Louis Vuitton bag in the photo made me suspicious…if the Louis is fake, then so is the hair!
    That guy in the photo looks like a cross between an evil doctor and a black-haired magistrate!
    Don’t worry about your hair…you look fine to me!

  18. Lol, the inventor looks like he’s wearing a wig! I can’t stop laughing when I saw the picture! Is it me or the hair is just too black?
    Anyway, hilarious post! Love reading it!

  19. hey hey. I remember I was helping someone to survey the pharmacy about hair loss product .. and if Im not wrong, the drug u take have a high chances of causing ED. so it isnt very good.
    but .. if u r really keen about ur hair loss, u can try this product called Rogaine which has really good reviews the last I read. but quite exp lor ..about 200+
    but I think can use 3 months ..
    kinda forget dy .. but u can go google, forums or pharmacy check it out la

  20. Ha! Ha! This last pic is very good! He! He! I am sure that guy ‘down there’ is a real forest! BTW losing some hair ‘up-there’ is much better then losing all ur hair ‘down-there’! Some lady do like bald guy!

  21. aiyo…Propecia for RM180/box??? crazyyly expensive..can get from me cheaper larrr 🙂
    Kuching pharmacies/clinic really good ah…can make good money not like us in KL need to undercut each other!!!
    Finasteride 5mg or Brand name Proscar was actually developed for treatment of BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) and one of the common s/e is hirsutism or excessive hair growth. Thus, MSD found a cure for male pattern baldness and out came propecia at 1mg.
    The best combi is to take propecia once daily, apply your hair with minoxidil 5% lotion and use Pregaine Frequent Use Shampoo..this combination won’t cost you a bomb if you compared with price they charge at hair treatment centres outside.
    I am not suppose to advertise my pharmacy here but if any of you need any simple advice you can drop me a mail :)cheers
    “kuching lang operate pharmacy in KL”

  22. maybe you didn’t scrub your hair scalp with your finger at least twice a week to get rid of the excessive oils blocking your head holes.. your hair look so oily. if you did scrub.. maybe you masturbate too much

  23. ive been using profecia for 3 months now, positive results and thank god i fall under the 97%..but ya la..its expensive..but i always get it from AA pharmacy and they are only selling it @ 149 per box.

  24. just buy proscar and crack it into 4. should be approx 160/box which should suffice for 4 mth but please consult ur doc first. if he says yes, then only go ahead. save you a tonne of money!

  25. my dad has a remedy to grow hair even if ur a botak. no harm trying if u wan more hair without spending so much money. 🙂
    ingredients: coconut oil, egg white, lime. mix these 3 ingredients together and massage on scalp. leave it a few minutes and rinse. do it daily. good luck!

  26. The master of the hairgrowing picture look like a Hong Kong movie actor, Anthony Wong Chau Sang.. Hmmm He was one of the actor in the movie called “Internal Affair” and the recent one “The Mummy 3” Anyway, Hair loss is pretty tough to deal with and basically there is no cure for it if due to genetic… Best way is still hair implant…

  27. You used to be so naturally funny XD…imho you shouldn’t try think about how funny something can be on your blog all the time. It’s getting really forced.
    Anywayz a good diet is really important for hair. Natural’s always better than pills so eat lots of fruits, nuts and veggies for vitamin B, C, biotin, zinc and magnesium.

  28. woww… I see the comments from a few of fellow pharmacists. Hehe!
    RM 180 is expensive for Propecia. As suggested by most, it’s generally cheaper to split Proscar 5mg pills into 4 portions. Then again, we worry about the actual amount of drug retained in each quarters to remain effective.
    Well, there is a chinese herb that has been researched and certain findings do show it helps for hair growth – Shou Wu. Not sure if u should try other questionable herbs though.
    Oh, and whatever treatment you have decided to adhere, maybe you can consider supplementing zinc and vitamin E. Both helps too.

  29. The Thai herbal medicine actually works. I bought a small bottle from him and now I am growing facial hair !!!

  30. Come visit me in ss2 near murni, jux relocated from my old location…look out for big yellow sign board 🙂
    special discount no prob!!
    btw propecia/proscar are not ladies…u gals jux try the minoxidil + pregaine shampoo, and it work wonders 🙂
    cheers mate

  31. Dude , as I told my fren, think of it this way, if there’s a permanent solution out there , our Semi Value would have been cured…

  32. Propecia has a major side effect that very few people are aware of.
    Herbal medicines actually works but if you did not test it out for yourself. 🙂
    I’m sure you dont need anymore help me as most if it had been said.
    Good luck with it Sia.

  33. And btw, dont go straight onto Proscar/propecia , do some research because it mighthave negative effect on the hairline. I think it’s not designed for receeding hairline

  34. Thank for giving such usefull tips about the hair loss treatment. I am hundred percent agree with you that the herbal medicine are suitable choice for hair loss. As many other org like hair loss treatment are also admit this fact that due to the their great curative properties herbal medicine are best for hair loss problems.

  35. I am using Rogaine twice daily and taking Procerin as well. Procerin is a herbal medicine with Saw Palmetto as its active ingredient. Been using both for around six months now. Initially when I started Procerin, I experienced a lot more hair loss. But now it’s much less. Can’t be sure whether it is Rogaine or the Procerin working or the combination of both that is effective. Wanted to try Propecia but was put off by the side effects i.e. loss of sex drive(which happens a lot more than what the producers claim). Here’s the thing, all the products mentioned work by inhibiting DHT (which is a by-product of testosterone or something like that). DHT/testosterone is linked with the male sex drive and muscle building. SO when you use Procerin or Propecia to inhibit DHT, it will inevitable lower your sex drive though some suffer more from the side effects than others. Rogaine works differently as it is a solution that is applied directly on the scalp so it doesn’t affect your DHT levels. I do gym regularly even before I started on Procerin. I did notice that after taking Procerin for months, my muscle building is less effective. But that is to be expected as you need testosterone to build muscle and to stay lean but when you take Procerin or Propecia it lessens the effectiveness of testosterone. And I have experienced a lower sex drive(don’t get me wrong, I still get lots of action and wank everyday, but I’m just not as horny as before) even with just using the herbal medicine. That’s why I’m reluctant to try Propecia.
    That is just my personal journey/experience with hair loss. Good luck to the rest.

  36. My hairdresser was telling one of my friends to squeeze aloe vera leaves and rub the insides on your scalp and leave for 15m before washing your hair. It’s cost-effective! Buy an aloe plant or two and you’ll have more than you need.

  37. Hi
    I am a 27 years old male of korea and have been worried with my hair loss.I have light skin anddark straight hair but when i listen about the herbal hair regrowth shampoo. i think that i should try this also. after using it my hair starts growing. herbal hair shampoo is really a surprise gift for me. thanks to herbal hair shampoo.

  38. I was losing my hair, then I found IHT-9 Herbal Hair Regrowth Shampoo. After a few applications I noticed mya hair starts growing. A month later my hair stylist asked me what I was using to get your hair to grow so fast. A few months after that my stylist said “you have a lot of hair!”

  39. My name is Mark Warren and i would like to show you my personal experience with Propecia.
    I am 61 years old. Have been on Propecia for 6 years now. The drug has definitely slowed hair loss and kept my bald spot from growing much. Much less hair in the bathtub. No side effects – I’m puzzled by the hysterical posts about this. My big gripe is the cost – the price has gone up, not down. And my dermatologist refuses to prescribe proscar, which is the same thing except you have to split the pills.
    I have experienced some of these side effects-
    None that I can link to propecia specifically.
    I hope this information will be useful to others,
    Mark Warren

  40. No matter how hard women try to retain their lovely hair mass, a majority of them are bound to shed hair as they age. When that happens depression is an eventuality; I have a word of caution for their kind, do not push the panic button! Start looking for options and you will surely get a solution. From my experiences I have learned that non-surgical methods to treat hair loss are most suitable. One thing, they are cheap and secondly they are non-invasive. I have been applying HairGenesis non-drug formulations, including shampoos, gels, and creams for quiet some time and the results have been more than ordinary. The icing on the cake has been that these medications do not have any negative side effects. Make your choice by exploring their product catalog at http://www.hairgenesis.com

  41. I guess it can be quite traumatic for the ladies to experience hair thinning and hair loss. It’s best for women to consult a qualified Trichologist or hair restoration specialist to have their hair loss problem diagnose.
    Having said that there’s various factors that affects or rather trigger hair loss. Hormon imbalance, stress, medication, illness, lifestyle such as food, lack of quality sleep and even childbirth affects hair loss.
    It’s kind of different for the guys though. Guys can go about showing off their shiny bald head and still looks cool though.
    For those guys who are looking to solve their hair loss problem, don’t panic please. One advice for those on Propecia. Go check out the Internet on side effect related to Propecia and be advice and do consider whether its worth the risk taking such oral medication.

  42. I have been taking Propecia for well over 7 years and to be quite frank I don’t experience any serious side effects except for the occasional low libido that comes along with such medication. Some people claimed that Propecia is not good to address hair loss problem but also good in terms of reducing the risk of prostrate cancer.
    Whatever the case, Propecia is not a cheap medication, it cost me something like well over 100 singapore dollars a month for a pack of 28 pills. If you are on a tight budget and would like to continue with Propecia, my advice is that you could take Propecia once every two days or even one every three days or so. Here’s the secret that I have discovered. Your scalp and hair respond more favourably if you alter the frequency of Propecia intake!.

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