In life, nobody ever goes through success alone.


Everyone of us achieved success did it with the help and support from the people around us.

Throughout my four years, I have met countless incredible people who are never selfish in lending me a helping hand. Two people among the top of my list, are Timothy and Ming of Nuffnang.


For those who don’t already know, Nuffnang is the largest blog advertising agency in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia.

A blog advertising agency functions much like a modelling agency. Except we do not model. That’s a good thing because we could probably make Nuffnang go bankrupt with our looks.

But Nuffnang functions similar to a modelling agency in that they get approached by corporate clients seeking to advertise in blogs, and Nuffnang then assign these jobs to the most suitable bloggers under their network.


Today is Nuffnang’s second anniversary, and I thought I should write something here to pay tribute to this wonderful team of people whom I am very proud to be associated with since their inception.

I want to tell the story about how Nuffnang and I got started, because people do not know realise how much effort and drama went behind my signing with Nuffnang. Before I do, be warned that the story is a little long, and there is no punch line at the end of it. But even if you have no interests in blog advertising at all, I think this story have lessons in entrepreneurship, people and business skills that I am sure we can all benefit from.


Blog advertising, as I knew it, is not exactly a new industry.

It may be relatively new compared to traditional forms of advertising like newspapers, TV or billboard ads. But in actual fact, advertising on blogs has been practised long before Nuffnang was founded. In Malaysia, I was one of the few ones fortunate enough to consistently receive 1 or 2 jobs a month from various advertisers without the help of an agency, and those gave me a small but decent supplement income.

The problem back then was that blog advertising was only limited to few selected high-traffic bloggers. The industry was extremely inconsistent, unregulated and unrefined.

So although there were no shortages of companies out there wanting to invest in blog advertising, they did not know how to do it or who to go to.

Compounding the problem is that every blogger has different rules and policies when it comes to blog advertising. How one blogger does things is very different from how the others do.

For example, you will never see Kenny Sia doing an ad for a laptop posing like this.

I just wouldn’t give the same effect as Cindy doing it.

It’s kinda like how in modelling, some models will pose nude and some won’t. Some bloggers will not do certain things asked for by the advertiser no matter how much money was put on the table. Advertisers were also confused as they wondered how come bloggers do not function like in the print media where they can just plonk a full-page ad in for RM 12,000 a day.

It was precisely due to these confusion that a lot of investment were lost, investment that could have been injected into the blog advertising industry but abandoned because advertisers were confused. But in February 2007, this bleak scenario was set to change when Timothy and Ming decided to start Nuffnang – an agency that focuses exclusively on blogs.


Truth to be told, I was very sceptical when Timothy contacted me way back in January 2007, inviting me to join his “blog advertising network”. I was sceptical because plenty of other people had contacted me before to join in on their projects, and I always  turned them down either because I had no confidence in what they’re proposing or what they’re asking for seems to benefit them more than it benefits me or my readers. Why should I help them profit anyway?

Besides, I was comfortable with what I was already earning and I figured I could get by with the contacts I have in the industry. Apart from the convenience of having somebody representing me in Kuala Lumpur while I remain in Kuching, I simply could not see how I could benefit from joining Nuffnang at all.

I thought, why should I let an agency take a slice of my earnings as commission when I could do it all myself right?

Regardless, I stayed on and hear what Timothy had to say. My initial impression was that he was polite and humble, yet persistent in our correspondence. A couple of phone calls and e-mails later, I finally agreed to try out their service.

But that was only just the beginning of the drama.


Around the same time, I was actually approached another similar to Nuffnang. They too, invited me to join their network. They too, appeared to offer similar, if not bigger and better payouts compared to Nuffnang. Many bloggers, including those with less than 1% of my traffic were getting paid very high rates, and on the surface it seemed almost too good to be true.

So when Nuffnang’s competitor spoke to me, I told him that he’s welcome to use me to pitch for jobs as well. After all, I don’t have to be exclusive to one agency. Foolishly, I thought that there was no harm signing up to two different agencies if both could offer me advertorial jobs.


But what I never had expected, was that Nuffnang and the other agency were so fiercely competing with each other. In more than one occasion, both agencies were pitching the same job to the same advertisers, and both claimed to represent Advertisers were confused. It was very bad for me and worse for the industry in general.

On my part, it was like having two lovers going after you at the same time. Sounds good in theory, but very bad idea in practice.


Secretly though, I knew that because both agencies wanted my exclusivity badly, I was in the position to make ridiculous demands. 😉 But of course I never did that because I believe in business, good people should not be taken advantage of. And Timothy and Ming seems like two good-natured people.

The battle between Nuffnang and the competitor raged on for several months.


In the end, I wrote a long e-mail to the directors of both advertising agencies that I can only be committed to one.

The agency I choose shall be one that not only represents my best interests, but also shows potential in working hard for me and for Malaysian blogging community as a whole. In return, I pledged that once I make a business decision on which agency I award my exclusively to, I will do my very best to help them succeed and I will not let them down.

Timothy and Ming replied resignedly saying that they will accept whatever decision I make. Nuffnang’s competitor replied with this.


I did not make my decision immediately. In fact, I spent the next three weeks evaluating which agency I wanted to represent me.

Nuffnang’s rival was quick to offer me a huge upfront payment for my exclusivity.

Nuffnang 0 – Competitor 1


But monetary compensation was actually the least of my concern.

The most important thing is that they need to show potential in representing my interests to the clients.


Before either of them ventured into blog advertising, the rival agency has already been in the internet industry for a while and the boss has himself built quite an impressive number of leads and contacts. Nuffnang’s competitor was already better known in the internet industry.

Timothy on the other hand was a fresh graduate whose previous internet business experience was one cute website called Tuition Hamster.


Nuffnang 0 – Competitor 2


Because I didn’t know Timothy nor his competitor all that well back then, but I seeked a lot of second opinion from those who knew them personally. Just like how schoolgirls often talked among themselves over which guy they should date, I did the same with my trusted circle of friends.

I don’t know what Timothy did, but that guy has got some seriously supportive friends. Out of 10 people I asked, 9 have nothing but good things to say about him.


Nuffnang 1 – Competitor 2


Nuffnang also shows a lot of respect, integrity and sincerity in their way of doing business, which I like.

I got the feeling that they meant every word they said, and not just making empty promises. In Nuffnang, a lot effort was put into improving their product and services. The two bosses were very focused and determined to do their best. Very rarely do you see Nuffnang waste time in slagging off competition.


Nuffnang 2 – Competitor 2


The last thing I did was run a search through all my e-mails, comments and their blogs to see if any of them had ever talked shit about me. 😉

I wasn’t expecting fanboy comments of course. I just wanted to check if they are one of those scumbags who would spend day and night belittling you, then suddenly turn around and act nice just because they wanted something from you. Too many of those leeches exist in the business world.

Turns out that Timothy had left comments on my blog every now and then since 2005. The competitor on the hand, had never even participated in my blog at all.


Nuffnang 3 – Competitor 2


Eventually I made my decision.

Although the competitor has a more experience and offered me more money, in the end it was Nuffnang’s sincerity that won me over. On the 15th May 2007, I gave Timothy the phone call to inform him of my decision.

Over the next several months, I passed on virtually all my leads and industry contacts for him to work on. I encouraged other bloggers to give them a chance to tryout their service. I gave them a small advertising space on my blog for free, which they must work hard to fill up. They did not disappoint.

On their side, they held several large-scale social events, discovered interesting bloggers no one heard of and most importantly – promoted to the commercial world that blogs are a legitimate and effective advertising avenue alongside television, newspapers, billboards and radio.


It would be an understatement to say that Nuffnang made an impact on the blogging community, because they virtually uprooted and completely revolutionized the way the media and advertising industry look at blogs.

For two 20+ year olds with no experience in advertising whatsoever, that is very impressive.

Nuffnang had not only fulfilled all their promises they made to me, but they did so much more. Many other bloggers two years ago who would never have the chance to earn any income and now doing well enough to even have it as their regular income.


My partnership with Nuffnang has been synergistic and fruitful to say the least. Yet even until today, Timothy and Ming never rested on their laurels and opened up branches in places as farflung as Australia.

As I embark on my journey to start my own b
usiness this year, I am sure I’ll find myself constantly drawing lessons I learnt from my experience with Tim and Ming.

Anyway, this might sound a bit gay but I am gonna say it anyhow.


Congratulations to the both of you on your second anniversary!

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ADV: How To Fake An American Address

Last Christmas, myself and 20 other Malaysian bloggers was invited to attend Nuffnang’s Christmas party in Singapore.


The event sponsor was vPOST, and true to Nuffnang’s fondness of organising themed parties, everyone was required to dress up according to the letters V, P, O, S or T.

The thing is, we were only told of the dress code just four days before the event. That’s hardly enough time for us to prepare our costumes.

But if there’s one thing we’re good at being a Malaysian or Singaporean, it’s the fact that we are all experts in “last minute improvisation”. Three days before the event, I asked everyone what they’re gonna wear and no one knew. But when it comes to the actual event, virtually all of us ended up with some seriously crazy ass get-ups!

Like V for “Virgin Bride” Audrey.


P for “Paranoid” Jared.


S for “Santarinas” Peggy.


And T for “Transvestite” Ben!


I was the one of the lucky few who was assigned the letter O, which is possibly the most difficult letter in 26 alphabets to dress up for. I asked many people what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the letter “O”, and they all said “Orgasm”.

Now how the hell do you dress up as “Orgasm”?

Wear a black shirt and put some white stains on it? And where could I possibly get the “white stains” from? Please don’t say “the natural method” because I’d need a bukkake session to collect enough.

So in the end, I settled for a simpler O.


I came as an “Old Man”!

Don’t play play.

This uncle may be old and wrinkly, but as soon as he saw Peggy and her red army of hotties in their sexy Christmas outfits, his tongkat responded by rising to the occasion.


The best thing about the Christmas party of course is not just the food, the friends and the babes. When we left the club that night, each of us were given door gifts in the form of a set of personalized stamps (complete with our ugly mugshots on it) and a SGD$5 voucher to use on vPOST.

That’s useful to ‘cos I have been using vPOST a lot since I learnt of their existence.


A lot of people in Malaysia may not even have heard of vPOST yet, let alone know what it is.

I think that’s a real shame because it’s a great service that allows even those of us in Malaysia to get our hands on items from the US that may previously be inaccessible.

Lemme paint a scenario here.

Fullscreen capture 2912009 25420 PM

Let’s say you’re cruising through the Internet, browsing through some favourite online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay,, Victoria’s Secrets. Not that I shop at Victoria’s Secrets. But just an example lah, y’know?

You saw several thing that you like, and the prices even after conversion to Ringgit are reasonable. So you select what you want and you click through to check out.

But alas, this error message came up!

So what do you do?

If you have friends living in the US, one way to do it is to “lompang” their address so you can get the items shipped to them first then ask them to mail it out to you in Malaysia later.

But if you do that too often, don’t be surprised if suddenly your friends all become “very busy” and started avoiding you at all cost.

See? Pinkpau is boycotting me now.


Here’s where vPOST comes in handy.

I don’t have to bug my friends living in the US anymore. As soon as I signed up with vPOST, I was given a postal address located in the USA.

Using this address as a intermediary, I can purchase almost anything I want online from the US and have it delivered to my “fake” American address.

When the items arrived (usually after 2 to 3 days), those minions workin
g for vPOST will send me an e-mail informing me of the shipping charges.

Gmail - vPOSTUSA Shipment Alert - 422009 23346 AM

I pay them using credit card or Paypal, and vPOST will then courier the stuff over directly to my Malaysian address.

Like this!


The entire process takes only about two weeks, which is insanely fast given my previous horrible experience buying things online from the States.

In the past when I used to purchase my protein powders from, it took 2 to 3 MONTHS just waiting for it to arrive. Once, my package didn’t even arrive at all. No kidding. Ground shipping was so damn slow and unreliable I suspect that they used illegal immigrants to carry the stuff over by swimming across the Atlantic Ocean.


But vPOST is quick and reliable. As far as I know, no other postal or courier services in Malaysia have offered a similar service to purchase stuff from the US.

Suddenly this opens up a lot of doors of opportunities for us considering the biggest obstacle we have with buying things online is how exactly to ship it over. There’s a gold mine of stuff just waiting to be explored on eBay USA alone.


Already I’ve bought an iPod nano case from Marware, several books from (that I cannot find in MPH or Borders bookstores) and some anti-snoring tablets from to cure my snoring problem.

Yes, unfortunately I have been told my snoring sometimes resembled the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra on crack. Since none of the stuff sold in local pharmacies worked for me, I decided to try a stronger medication from the US.


Apart from Malaysia, vPOST is also available in Singapore, Australia, India and Thailand. Singaporeans can get stuff not just from the USA, but also from Europe or Japan shipped over.

I’ll be waiting for the day when vPOST starts delivery from Japan to Malaysia. When that happens, I’m gonna be the first to get my hands on one of these “Oppai Pillows” I saw on the Internet.


This is an “Oppai Pillow”.

Otherwise known as “Breast Pillow”.


Hey, don’t blame me! I have been single for WAY too long.

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A Surprise Valentine’s Day Gift

I got back from Phuket today surprised to find this sitting on my desk.

Whoa, a Valentine’s Day present! Who could it possibly be from? It cannot be from girls because I haven’t been going out. It can’t be from Soni either because… well, who am I kidding? Soni is not real.

I opened the box to reveal the mystery.

Turns out it’s a present from the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society – the same charity outfit we helped raise funds for by going bald.

Of all things that they could possibly give, they gave me…

… a bottle of shampoo.

Yalah yalah laugh lah. Hahaha.

Very funny, guys.

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The Best Thai Food And Seafood In Patong

Phuket has been unexpectedly fantastic so far.
One of the best things about Phuket is the food, and seafood in this little Thai island is said to be legendary. On the first night of our arrival, we set out to fill our stomach with the best Thai food and seafood in town.
The problem is, we don’t know which restaurant serves the best Thai food and seafood in town.
Luckily the Thais are nice. They point out to you which restaurant serves the best Thai food and seafood in town.. And they do so by proudly proclaiming it on their signboard.
Like Cocoa-NutThe Best Thai Food Seafood In Patong Beach.
If you wanna know where this is, it’s located just right next to DangThe Best Of Thai Food and Seafood.
It is also located on the same road with SakronThe Best of Thai Food and Seafood In Patong.
And they are all not far from YoyoThe Best Food In Town.
In Phuket, every restaurant is also the best Thai food and Seafood in town.

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I Look Like An Egg

The deal was, I would go bald if donations reach RM 50,000.


Well, we did not get RM 50,000.


The final amount was more like RM 65,325.01

Sixty five thousand three hundred twenty five ringgit and one sen. That’s at least RM 15K more than the target I had hoped to achieve!

As a result, this is how I look like right now.






Don’t laugh.

I said don’t laugh!

It’s not easy going through the process. As the lady from The Cutting Edge runs the trimmer through my head, all I could see were cameras flashing all around me.

Little did they know that I was fighting really hard to contain my emotions. Not because I was scared I might look weird., but parting with your hair is almost like losing a best friend.

You had it for so many years, and suddenly it’s all gone.


Well done to everyone who has donated towards the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society. You made me real proud.

I have been receiving tons of “congratulations”, “thank yous” and “well dones”. None of which I felt I deserve. Because all I did was reaching out. It was those 500 over donors who responded to my plea for help that deserves the applause and recognition.


It is so heart-warming to know that even when every other person on the streets is talking about the economic crisis, people are still very generous when it comes to giving out for charity. This fund-raising activity has proved that by wildly surpassing our expectations on so many fronts.

Donations came in from as far as Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Some had amounts so large, I needed convincing before recording it down on my list of donors.

The most generous is this reader of mine from Penang who had no idea how much to donate, so he donate an amount equivalent to his car plate number: RM 5,890.

I seriously thought he was joking until he sent me the receipt.


How many of us would part with RM 5,890 to help people we don’t even know?

Coming in closely was Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes, a businessman I’m emulating after, who made a personal contribution of RM 5,000 directly to the SCCS. Tony’s donation was so outrageously large that I almost felt obliged to shave AirAsia’s logo on my head.


A quick thank you also to Peter Tan and JoyceTheFairy, two other bloggers who previously also shaved their heads for charity, which in turn gave me enough courage to go through with this one. Hopefully many other people reading this will be similarly motivated.

Then we’ll have one whole breed of botak bloggers!

(Ironically, Joyce and I are both the official online judges for an online model search show called Malaysian Dreamgirl. We will be two botak judges!)


But in amidst the euphoria of a highly successful online fundraiser, let us not lose focus on the real reason why we’re doing this. This fundraiser is not about me nor my botak head. It is to help those underprivileged children suffering from curable forms of cancer, and yet lack the funds to seek treatment.

And this is where we come in. Although’s target of raising RM50,000 is reached, the SCCS’ target of RM200,000 is still far off. This Sunday if you go to The Spring, you will see 100 other Sarawakians shaving their heads all in support for childhood cancer awareness.


Last time getting a haircut in Kuching costs RM8. Now it is RM65,325. Prices have sure gone up a lot these days. 😉

Well, we’ve done well.

On a completely unrelated note, I got one good news and one bad news.

Tomorrow is 14th February. Somehow, I managed to con a… errr, convince a friend use up my extra spare air ticket to Phuket. So yes, the good news is, I unexpectedly now have a (casual) date for Valentine’s, and we’ll be going to Phuket.


The bad news is, my hair will not be coming with me.

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ADV: How To Save Money This Valentine’s

The last Valentine’s Day present I bought was also the most expensive.


Yet, I didn’t end up giving the present to her.

I bought the present three months ago. Five days later, we broke up.

So now I am left with an extra return flight ticket to Phuket and nobody to go with this 14th February.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_61

The worst thing is, because the trip is over the Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s almost impossible to find anyone else to go on this trip with me.

I can’t bring my female friends along because it’d give them the wrong idea, and I can’t bring guy friends along either because it’d seem like I’m gay!


The moral of the story to guys is: don’t spend too much money buying unnecessarily extravagant gifts on your girlfriends. You never gonna know when you’re gonna end the relationship.

Instead, a better Valentine’s Day present would be something simpler and more meaningful.

Like a box of Toblerone.


Because at least if you do break up with her afterwards, you can still eat the chocolates yourself.

Even better, don’t give them the box of Toblerone. Keep the chocolates for yourself.

After all, many girls these days have open declared that they don’t mind not receiving extravagant gifts. According to them, “it’s the thought that counts.”

If that’s the case, then send her a “virtual gift” from instead. 

Sending a “virtual gift” is not gonna cost you a single cent and besides, “it’s the thought that counts.”

So this is from me.

She can’t say you’re insincere because it is something you build yourself.

She can’t say you’re kiam siap either because if your virtual gift pack is selected as the winner, then Toblerone will physically put together the gift pack and send the real deal to you. So you can give it to her or pass it on any of your friends and families you choose to send the gift to.

As for me, I have no girlfriend to give a present to this Valentine’s. So I guess the only person who will be getting a gift from me…

… is my 2-month-old nephew Ethan.


There you go Ethan.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Oh wait, you don’t have teeth yet.

Nevermind. Uncle Kenny will eat all the Toblerone for you then.

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More Help Is Needed

Five days ago, I said that if I could raise RM50,000 for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, I will shave my head bald.

As of writing, the total amount donated stands at RM28,854 – slightly over 57% of the target we are hoping to reach. Response from the public was particularly overwhelming within the first two days of the announcement. But sad to say, less and less people have come forward with help and it seems like the donation has already slowed down to a trickle, and I’m unsure if we might even reach the target.

Thank you to all generous readers who have contributed. To date, the number of donors stands at 128. That is good.

The bad news is, this number represents only less than 1% of my daily readership. What happened to the other 99%? Either 99% of readers have no means of donating. Or 99% of my readers love my hair too much to see me go bald. 😉

Well, I figure if we wanna do good for society then we should go all out. For me, the first step is to make that huge sacrifice to let go of my hair. I’m also putting in half the advertising revenue generated from this site into the pool.

But alas, still not enough people are contributing.

So here I am again, pleading for more to come forward and donate towards this cause that I am adopting. Why am I doing this? Because clearly not enough is being done to help the faceless Malaysians quietly working behind the scenes to make the world a better place.


Let’s put it this way.

If everybody reading this can stop what they’re doing right now and spare just one ringgit for the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, we would have got RM20,000 and we would have reached our target already.

Of course, if you can contribute more than one ringgit, please do. We can all drink that a glass of beer less, give up that one stick of cigarette, or put away that one piece of fried chicken wing. Don’t have to break your bank. Just give whatever you can within your means to help those less fortunate than you are.

The amount you contribute may not be much on its own alone, but when pooled together it will be big enough to change people’s lives.

And it could change my hairstyle too!

Can you spare a ringgit?

Please click here to contribute towards my Botak Fund. It’s for a good cause. 🙂


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ADV: More Flexible Than Plasticman Doing Yoga

The most annoying thing about air travel, is not the crying babies on every flight.


It is not the smug look you get from those rich first class passengers as you walk pass them miserably towards your economy seats.

Heck, it is not even that overweight bastard seated right next to you, with his bulgy arm monopolizing the entire arm rest and his layers of fat overflowing from his guts right onto your seat.


Oh wait, that’s me.

No, the most annoying thing about air travel, is when you make plans for a holiday six months in advance to go to say, Bangkok. But when the time comes, something urgent pops up and suddenly you can’t go to Bangkok anymore.

Maybe some disaster happened at work. Maybe you found out you’re allergic to Tom Yam. Or maybe the girlfriend making a big fuss… in which case, it is still okay to go to Bangkok. Can just get a new girlfriend there.

The point is, when something unexpected happens and your holiday plan is ruined, if you wanna change it, suddenly there’s this whole change fee and penalty thing to fork out. And those fees aren’t cheap, especially if you use low-cost airlines.

Low-cost airlines traditionally built their revenue stream around people changing, cancelling or making last-minute bookings. That is why their fare conditions are extremely inflexible, and that is why their promotion are often several months ahead of time.


Old-school airlines like MAS are more flexible to changes. Although their fare prices generally cost more, there are always people who are happy to pay for the privilege of that extra flexibility. 

But of course, it’s not always that we have to sacrifice flexibility to save money. We are all different types of travellers at different times under different scenarios. And with a revamped fare structure, there’s something for the different types of travellers in us.


For the student / backpacker / “kiam siap” people in us, there’s the MHlow Fare to look forward to. It’s inflexible because you cannot cancel your flight, but as long as online booking is made at least 21 days before travel, they’ll give you 70% off the full fare, even throwing in hot meals and 20kg baggage limit as part of the deal.

But sometimes when they’re doing their Everyday Low Fare promotion, like right now, the air fares would be even lower than that.

I just booked my flights for the adidas King of the Road half-marathon in Shah Alam on 2nd August and was shocked out of my red undies when I saw it selling at this price.


Bear in mind this is for Malaysia Airlines ok.

Which means I’ll get to utilise the KLIA because everyone is saying it’s so under-utilised right now!

For the tardy business executive in us, who but can only be certain of our schedule 2 weeks before departure still wanna save money, then MHbasic Fare is more suitable.

The restrictions are almost the same as the previous one, but with 50% discount off the full fare and the flexibility to change your flight if you want. The penalty fee here is also more reasonable at RM65 flat.


For the loving boyfriend in us, who wanna spoil our girlfriends on a shopping holiday without compromising our tight schedule, it’s wiser choose MHsmart. We can book our flight as late as 4 days beforehand, get 20% discount and it even comes with added frills like Enrich points and a large 25kg baggage limit, which she’d find lovely for her shopping.

The best thing is, if you book by phone, you don’t have to pay anything up until 48 hours later. So if suddenly you decide to dump her, you can always cancel the trip and not pay a single cent!