55 Replies to “Keluar Sign FAIL”

  1. bro, u have reached celebrity nirvana. how i wish i have 0.00001% of your aura, then i’ll be more than happy. πŸ™‚
    no hard feelings on the photo, ya?
    note: jogging is good!

  2. dude. they meant a different “keluar”, if you get what I mean.
    (wall, corners in alleys, good spots for … uhm… you know)

  3. so its ok for u to take a picture of a naked man bathing in japan and its not the case when the subject happens to be you?

  4. hahahaha that’s funny, and unsurprisingly, the first thing i thought of was harry potter..
    harry potter has a global appeal, it’s not only for kids.
    and just about anything can be made to disrespect any religions indirectly.

  5. funny lah the door is for the hungry ghost festival that well be soon in
    hehe kenny good job loh

  6. kennysia jogging in Taman Song! i also will jog there to stalk you, beware!!! kukuku (evil anime laugh)

  7. Aiyaahh, to escape you have to follow the direction where the green person on the sign is running, along the wall towards the right. No Harry Potter nor Ghost nor Hulk. So obvious.

  8. I think we have to tap something in order to make the ‘door’ open like in Harry Potter (when HP wants to go to Diagon Alley through the wall).

  9. wakakakaa .. . that’s not for us … its ahmmmm .. u know lar … when it comes close to July in the Chinese Lunar calendar

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