12 Years

12 years have gone and past,
We know some things never last,
We used to be sad that you had passed,
Now we think back to the times that we had,
Our moment in time will never fade.

11 Replies to “12 Years”

  1. hi kenny!
    just started reading your blog few days back, and couldnt help myself tracing each and every blog you’ve written dated back to when you started off.
    your dad shall be very proud of you from where your were to where you are as of today.
    The progress and experience you have shared is inspiring.
    Thanks kenny!

  2. TIme flies, life moves on, memories carved. More importantly, cherish the moment.
    Can’t believe I have been following your journey for the past 12 years.

  3. I have been reading your blog since many years ago. Just happened to visit your blog today and see that you are missing your father. I’m sure he is very proud to have you as his son.
    Must have been busy prioritizing family matters and work. I’m happy for you and hope all are well.

  4. Hi Kenny,
    You crossed my mind today. Not sure if you still visit your blog here, but I used to blog too, on Xanga — Beckbites and we used to chat back in the more innocent days of the Internet. Hope you’re doing well, where ever you are, and everything is going in your favour.
    All the best to you.

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