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I have been out of the dating scene for so long.


I think I must have totally forgotten how to go after chicks. 🙁

Come to think of it, the last time I seriously went after somebody was eight years ago. Even then I wasn’t very good at it, but at least I reckon I got a good grasp whether a girl likes me or not.

Now that I find myself back in the scene, suddenly I find myself so clueless and confused when it comes to girls.

Like an old hunter who has not picked up his rifle since his retirement, my hunting skills are so terribly rusty that I can’t shoot straight if my target is standing still staring back at me.

This whole dating business is too difficult and confusing for me. The hardest part is always the guessing games that two people play.

As men, many times we do not know whether or not the girl actually likes us back, or just merely treating us as good friends. Even if a girl likes us, she is not gonna tell you outright.

This ain’t Japan where girls give chocolates to guys they like on Valentine’s Day.

I am still a bit old-fashion in that I believe as gentlemen, we should always be the ones making the first move. At the same time, I also believe that we shouldn’t embarrass ourselves by violating her comfort zone, unless we are absolutely certain that the feeling is mutual.

We don’t wanna come across too desperate if she’s only treating us as friends ‘cos that might actually scare her off! Not only that, for the next few weeks, us guys will end up becoming gossip material between her and her girlfriends. That’s gonna ruin all chances we have.

And it’s a sure fire way to fall from Single and Eligible category, to the Single And Desperate (SAD) category.

So it all goes back to square one, how can we be certain that a girl likes us or not? We wanna go all the way, but we dunno what level of intimacy she is comfortable with. And if a girl don’t say it, how would we know?

Two words: Body Language.

Let me paint the scenario here.

Boy likes Girl. Boy asks Girl out. Boy goes out with Girl.

That’s when the guessing game begins. 

As soon as the date begins, I start observing her body language.

Girls give very subtle hints to tell that they like a guy more than just friends. Our job is to guess. Hopefully we can impress her enough that at the very least, she grants us a kiss, on the lips, before the night is over.

What I do is that I carry around an invisible Female Interest Level Scorecard. For the benefit of single guys reading right now, I decided to publish it here.

Add points if things go our way. Subtract points if she thinks of me as just a friend.

Add points if:

  • She hugs you. +5 points
  • She hugs you so tight it almost suffocates. +10 points
  • Laughs at your jokes. +5 points
  • Eyes locked onto yours when she’s talking to you. +10 points
  • Leans forward across the table when talking to you. +15 points
  • (Unless your voice damn soft lah, then it’s a false positive and –20 points)
  • Holds onto your shirt when going through crowded areas. +5 points
  • Holds onto your arm when going through crowded areas. +10 points
  • Holds onto your hand when going through crowded areas! +15 points
    (that’s why we bring girls go clubbing. It’s a test, you see.)
  • Gaze at you intently when you’re not looking. +10 points
  • Before saying goodbye, she pauses as if waiting for something. +15 points!


Subtract points if:

  • She does all the stuff above with her normal friends anyway. –5 points
  • She does the above stuff, but only when she’s drunk. –10 points
  • Instead of hugging you, she shakes your hands. –20 points
  • Laughs at your jokes, but very painfully and forcefully. –10 points
  • Looks around the room impatiently when talking to you. –25 points
  • When she talks to you, the only topic of conversation is about her ex. –30 points
  • When she talks to you, the topic is about her current bf. 99 points!

By the end of the night, total it up, and see whether or not you pass or fail.

If you score:
0 to 20 points, can hug her goodbye. Hug with one arm only. You are a friend only.
20 to 40 points, can hug her goodbye with both arms. Still friends.
40 to 60 points, can kiss her lah, but on the cheek. Don’t greedy!
60 to 80 points, you da man. Move in for lip lock. You got her!
80 to 100 points, according to the game The Sims, this is what they call “Woo Hoo!”

I scored NEGATIVE 109 p


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KL Marathon and Josiah & Kim’s Wedding

It has been a very hectic past couple of days for me.


A lot of stuff have been happening lately but I’m too tired to put them into a properly structured post. For once, this blog post is gonna be all my thoughts jumbled up, in Malaysian rojak style.


I did the 21km category of the KL Marathon last week and completed it within 2 hours 34 minutes. My target was 2 hrs 30 mins.

As much as I’d love to finish the race 4 minutes earlier, the undulating course proved too difficult for my 84kg body to handle.

The final stretch along Lake Gardens was the real stamina killer. It was almost entirely uphill and by the time we reach flatter ground, everyone around me turned into zombies and walked towards the end. It was a depressing sight.


Despite my disappointment not hitting my target, I must admit that I absolutely enjoyed this race. Initially the pollution and haze in the lead-up to the event worried the heck outta me, but everyone thought the weather and temperature that day was perfect. And I agree.

I had the most brilliant playlist on my iPod to accompany me for the race. Listening to this track from Capsule made me felt like Transformer cruising towards the finishing line. On top of that, I was 8 minutes faster than last year and achieved a personal best for 21km.


Can’t wait for my next run. The next challenge is to beat the Shah Alam 22km race in 2 hours 20 minutes.

But before I do that, I’d have to lose weight, desperately.


On the same night, I attended Josiah and Kim‘s fun and classy wedding dinner at The Westin.

Kim Ong was when I knew of her back five years ago. She didn’t know me then because I didn’t have a blog. But somehow we shared common friends from the same university and someone introduced me to her blog.


Josiah Ng is Malaysia’s Olympic track cyclist.

I also knew of him back in 2004 when I saw him on TV competing at the Athens Olympics. Australian TVs were rooting for their athlete competing in the cycling event, but when I saw a Malaysian in it, I was hooked.

The intensity in his eyes and the power he unleashed on the velodrome made me an instant fan of his. He came second in that race, and I made it a point to watch the cycling event every Olympic Games after that.


These two were complete strangers to me five years ago. Never would I have imagined that I would be attending their wedding dinner some five years later.

Funny how the world works sometimes.


Josiah and Kim’s wedding was an intimate and classy affair. Josiah’s dad was especially popular with the females in the crowd when he advised his son to “not let Kim do all the housework. Remember sometimes you must also cook for her!”

To show off the fact that I ran 21km earlier, this is Josiah asking me to gesture “21” with our fingers.


During the wedding, a strange feeling came over me. And it wasn’t just because Kim’s friends are all pretty darn hot.


But seeing all other happy couples that were there that night, suddenly I felt the urge to start dating again.

It’s been more than 7 months since I declared myself unattached. As much as I enjoy making money and the freedom of moving around solo, the lack of a female companion is really getting to me. Physically, emotionally and errr… hormonally.


I don’t know how many guys out there lead a workaholic lifestyle as hectic as mine is, but I’m very curious to know if anyone can sustain a relationship when you’re required to travel out of town almost every single week and meet new people all the time. How is it possible for the partner to even put up with that?

That’s why I really have a lot of respect for flight attendants.


Because these people fly around the world so much and are constantly surrounded by rich and good-looking people. A lot of them may be single, but many of them still manage to sustain a normal relationship. Some are even married.

How the heck can their partners put up with someone who spends four or five full days a week on the job, in different countries around the world?

Unless they are James Bond lah.


If there’s one thing I learn about girls after all these while, it’s that the female species need a lot of attention. If you wanna give attention to girls, you gotta devote time.

But here’s the kicker.

Once you’re invested all your time, successfully got the girl and officially declare that you are “in a relationship”, suddenly you have to face fights and arguments and all those petty things that woul
d take up even MORE of your time.

Then suddenly you are forced to give up time on your career or hobby. And you find yourself having to spend ALL your time on your girl to make them feel more secure. Because if not then your girlfriend’s girlfriends will say that you are “useless”, “heartless”, “not caring enough” and then advise her to leave you for a better man.


The thing is as I mature, I find time is something so precious that sometimes I feel it’s more productive to spend time on my career or a hobby, than on something as difficult to deal with, intensive and emotionally-draining as… girls.

In other words, to put it in business terms, spending time on girls does not generate a very good R.O.I.

You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.

Is there something wrong with me thinking that way?

Wow, one whole blog post about chicks.

Something is definitely wrong with me.

Aiya. Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.

Does this species of female exist?

And please don’t say for 500 Baht an hour in Bangkok.

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Hell Hath No Fury Like Women During Warehouse Sales

So I happen to be in KL when the FJ Benjamin warehouse sale was held.

This is one warehouse sale that everyone was crazy about. It was so crazy that ‘crazy’ is not crazy enough to describe how crazy it was.
Because when they meant “sale”, what they really meant was “siao”. We’re talking about RM500 bags going for RM100 and RM800 sunglasses going for RM120.

It doesn’t even matter that the sale was held in Klang, 40km away from KL. People are still willing to travel all the way there to grab a bargain.
There were queues outside the ballroom from as early as 8am. Within minutes after the door opened, the entire floor space rapidly descended into chaos.
It was like the Perak State Assembly, only much worse.

The ladies, in particular, were ferocious. A whole bunch of them were hawking over the Guess handbag section like the Orang Utans I saw in Sandakan during feeding time.
It was a complete and utter mayhem.

To make matters worse, none of the changing rooms were available. People were waiting up to 50 minutes just to try on a pair of pants.
I seriously cannot be bothered queuing up to get into the change rooms when all I wanted was to try on a couple of Raoul shirts. A couple of aunties were actually trying on clothes OUTSIDE the change rooms. So I followed suit.
I went to a quiet corner of the hall and basically, took off my T-shirt to try on my new clothes. Nobody cares anyway.

Now this is when something funny happened.
As I turned back around to put my T-shirt back on, suddenly I could not find it anymore! SOMEBODY HAS TAKEN AWAY MY T-SHIRT!
What the hell? I searched high and low, but it was gone! Who the heck would wanna take my T-shirt!
Must be these aunties!

They thought everything was for sale until they also took home the shirt I was wearing!

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Harmony Is Overrated

This entry is NOT sponsored by HUGO, though it’s inspired by it. 😉

When I was first introduced to the whole Harmony is Overrated campaign, I was told that the concept of the new fragrances is a celebration of modern male-female relationships.
Relationships, as we know it, has certainly come a long way. In the past, it’s the men having the sole power to decide everything, and women merely follow. More recently, I’ve seen cases where women are the one asking for everything, and their men just spoil and willingly give into her thinking it’s an act of love.

But that was before. With the changing mindset and attitude of today’s people, no longer is it the case where guys have to give into their girlfriends, and no longer is it acceptable that husbands go around marrying multiple wives.
Men and women have become more intellectual and demanding these days. Along with that, we’ve also becoming so damn weird and difficult to understand!
Having been through some relationships myself and having observed many more, I do feel that at times it seems like men and women are made to be so completely different. From friends, to courtship, to dating, to marrying, men and women continue to tear their hairs out over why the opposite sex is so ridiculously difficult to deal with.


As a guy, too many times have I experienced myself that sometimes when I thought I was doing the right thing, I still get blasted for not being caring or considerate enough.
Every little thing are enough to start a fight.
You thought you’re doing something right by waking up early and bringing your girl to a restaurant on a Sunday, only to get the cold treatment because it’s not the restaurant she wanted to go. Then when you try to redeem yourself by driving to the place that she wanted to go, suddenly she said she has no mood to eat anymore. Then you’re like “WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM BITCH?! JUST FRIGGIN EAT DAMMIT!” and she’ll be like “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME ANYMORE YOU USELESS BASTARD!”
Then plates would be smashing and some innocent waitress passing by will probably get stabbed by a flying chopstick.

To be fair, girls find it hard to understand us guys as well.
I’ve said it before. During courtship, us guys would go through heaven and hell to impress a girl and make her happy. We’d be like so romantic, Juliet would cheat on Romeo for us.
But then after we got the girl, suddenly all those previous effort goes out the window.

Credit: Stickgal

Yea, it’s tough being a guy.
We’d be slogging off at work and come home thinking that our girl would appreciate us bringing in the extra cash to build a better life together. But no. Instead of getting any form of appreciation, we have to deal with some stupid minor thing that happened then sent her “nag nag nag WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THIS nag nag nag YOU PROMISED ME nag nag YOU FORGOT AGAIN!”
You don’t wanna argue, but because you gave in to her so much already that you’re sick of it, in the heat of the moment some hurtful words will inadvertently shoot out of your mouth which will make her exclaim, “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!” Then you’ll be all stubborn and she’ll be screaming, slamming doors and throwing things at you.
It’s like that. We go to work stressed, we come home also stressed. No wonder lately there’s so many “foot reflexology” places popping up for guys who wanna escape from their wives.

Sometimes when you look at other couples, you see how perfect they are. Then you look at yours and you wonder why you fight all the time. Then you start to wonder if you’re actually right for each other. Or if there’s someone more perfect, loving and compatible for you out there.
But in today’s relationships, it is no longer a realistic expectation that men and women will achieve total perfect loving harmony. Men and women have evolved. No matter how compatible or perfect we think other couples might be, they will still be prone to disagreements and arguments just like everyone else. Harmony IS overrated.
The bottom line is, men and women are very different. And it is inevitable that men and women get together, they will fight and fight with each other until the day they die. There’s no logic in why that’s the case. It’s just the way it is.

Sometimes the fights can be worse than WWE

But what seperates the kind of fights that break relationships and the ones that make couple grow closer together is how you resolve it, and also how sincere you are in resolving it.
Every couple fights. But every fight is also an opportunity to get everything you want out of your system and to learn more about one another. Every cold war is a time for us to reflect on our own actions and our partner’s words. After that, there should be a phone call or a text. No matter how stubborn a person is, no one can be so stubborn until they’d turn down a chance to genuinely compromise, reconcile, and make things better.
Besides, the first hug after a week-long cold war is always the best.

This post is not sponsored. And there’s no more freebies to give out this time round. 😉

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Online Dating – Is It Way The Way Of The Future?

Fine, I admit.

I have a personal profile on the Facebook, Friendster and even
Facebook and Friendster are social-networking websites so its alright. But
Let’s just say at the time I was desperate, single and really, really bored.

Look, I don’t know how well joining online dating websites like or work for other people. To be honest, I have yet to meet anyone who could claim to have successfully found the man or woman of their dreams from online dating websites.
I’m pretty sure there are some people out there who did. But if there are then maybe they’re sitting behind their computer screens and not come out long enough for me to meet them.

Theoretically speaking, online dating should work fairly easily.
You create a personal ad, upload a photo of yourself and post it to various dating websites like, or If someone likes what they see, they pop a message to you and then the two of you meet up, go on dates, marry, have kids and then live happily ever after.
That’s the theory.
In practice, theory is crap.

In reality, girls lie about their weight and guys lie about their income.

What’s more, people tend to always upload impossibly flattering photos completely opposite of what they look like in the flesh. Maybe from the website, he looks like Steven Chow but when you see him in real life, he looks like Steven Lim.

“You are my sunshine. I love you like chicken pie.”

Then add to that problem, is this extremely unfavourable ratio of guys compared to girls on online dating websites. The hottest chicks are always get thousands of messages from guys. How the heck is she gonna finish reading all the messages, let alone reply yours out of so many?
Too many poles and not enough holes is never a good thing.

So when you think about it, finding a prospect for a boyfriend or a girlfriend online using dating websites isn’t any easier than doing the same in real life. The only benefit is that shy or people low on self-confidence may find it easier to chat up to a stranger online first before meeting face to face.

I’m not saying that online dating is for desperate guys and ugly girls. I can certainly see the benefits of online dating.
Busy men and women who work long hours and having to take care of the house may not have time to hit the clubs and meet new people. For the girls, it gives them a way to evaluate a prospect’s character before deciding to jump into bed with him.
For the guys, it’s even better. If we don’t like the girl we’re talking to, we can just end the conversation abruptly and nobody would owe anyone anything.
It ain’t easy to do the same in real life.

Accidents can happen when you’re trying to escape from a bad date

Having said that, is online-dating the way of the future? Nah, I don’t think so. Maybe for some people it might be a good move.
But for now, I think guys should stick to the good ol’ method of scoring chicks by owning a Mercedes.
Nicole disagreed with me. Then again, she’s always the unrealistically over-optimistic one.
Have you participated in online dating websites before? Any happy or horror stories to share?

Post a comment, and the best stories by a male and a female will win the new HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her. Contest ends 12:01am 12th November. This is your last chance. 😉

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How Do Couples Keep The ‘Spark’ Alive In Their Relationships?

Keeping the sparks alive in a relationship can be difficult, especially if you can’t find the matches.

Believe me, I’ve been in a long-term relationship before myself. When you’re committed yourself for such a long time, there comes a point when we no longer feel the need to impress each other anymore.
Girls stop wearing make-up and contact lenses. Out goes the pretty little pink dress and in comes the baggy tracksuit pants.
Guys aren’t any better.

Something went terribly wrong some where

After commiting for so long, there must come a point in a relationship when a guy asked himself, “Who the hell is this girl and what does she want from me!?”
The thing is, in this world where people have priorities, responsibilities and multiple commitments, it is inevitable relationships do go stale after a while and routine tends to get a little bit boring. But it doesn’t have to remain that way.

The trick is to break out of the routine and do something out of the ordinary.
A holiday getaway together always works. It’s so cheap to travel to many places now. And besides, it could save your relationship. When you’re in a new place and new environment, you tend to learn new things about each other that you never knew.

Relationships also go stale if couples spend too much time together. Stop being so possessive and give each other some space.
Most guys I know have big aspirations when it comes to building their career or achieving some life-long dreams. Pursuing these dreams require what we call “man time”.

Girls are not allowed during “man time”. But give your guy some “man time” to pursue his personal goals and trust me, he’ll appreciate it and in return reward you with some “sexy time”.
Meanwhile, learn a new skill or pick up a hobby yourself. Can’t possibly leave yourself out of the rat race too right?

But above all else, there’s nothing more important than telling your guy (or girl) “I love you”. Constantly.
It’s incredible how these three simple words get taken for granted so quick into a relationship. Us guys are especially to blame, because we think that words like these are not really neccessary since it’s understood.
Hey, even I used to think that way in my previous relationship.

And then I broke up.
A friend of mine once told me that the ‘spark’ in a relationship could only remain alive if you put in the effort.
Without effort, without sincerity, without care, there is nothing.
I couldn’t agree more.
Of course, there are thousands of other ways couples keep the sparks and romance in their relationship alive. Nicole has some tips for the guys too.
What have you or your partner done to keep the sparks alive in a long-term relationship?

Tell me your tales and I’ll reward the best male and female commenters each a bottle of HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her. Contest ends 12:01am 8th November. Thanks to HUGO XY for him and HUGO XX for her – Harmony is Overrated.

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Why Do Men And Women Need Each Other?

Men need women, but sometimes I’m afraid that women dont need men as much anymore.

With the advancement of technology and the changing mindsets of society, I am sometimes quite afraid that girls do not actually need guys anymore.
In the past, women are mostly confined to the kitchen while they depend on their hubbies bringing home food and money to feed their children. That was last time.

Now, a lot more women I know are graduating with good grades and securing high-paying jobs. In many cases, women are now very much self-sufficient do not need to rely on men for cash anymore.
At the same time, flip through any papers and you’ll read news on technology coming up with interesting ways for women to replace the traditional needs they require of men. Reproduction is replaced with IVF, sex is replaced with dildos, and companionship is replaced with pet dogs.

“Who needs men when you could have a pet sausage dog?”

All these led me to believe that maybe in the years to come, women might actually not need men anymore.
Don’t get me wrong, I like a smart, independent and self-sufficient woman any time. But I was demoralised when I read what Nicole wrote on her blog, because she pretty much suggested that the only reason why women needed men now are for “entertainment purposes”.
ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. That is how insignificant our role is right now!

Why are you doing this to me.

So it’s slowly becoming clear that girls don’t need guys that much. But the sad thing is, the same cannot be said for us guys. In fact, guys still NEED girls in a lot of things.
The obvious one is sex. Blow-up dolls just wouldn’t cut it.

My birthday gift for Su Ann. It’s a tissue box cover. NICE RIGHT?!

We still need girls to bear the fruits of our loins. Babies don’t just drop from the skies. And even if they do, us men can’t milk outselves like a mother could. (Actually we could, but let’s not go there)
We still need girls to do our laundry and clean our houses. Call it old-fashioned if you will, but after a long day at work, very few men including myself enjoy doing household chores on their own.

More than anything, guys need girls to be their companion, to show them admiration and to tell them how awesome they are. Don’t laugh, ok! I’m serious. Men will DIE if girls don’t feed our ego.
We need to know that we are the hero in our women’s eyes.
Which is why as much as I applaud the feminist movement and how women are being treated more equally now in the modern world, I still fear that our roles as men in women’s lives are diminishing.

Perhaps men’s biggest need of all, is that we need to be needed.
Nicole thinks women still need guys, but do you all agree or not? All you feminists out there better comment!

Best male and female commenters stand a chance to win a bottle of HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her, thanks to our sponsors. Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and ends 12:01am 5th November.

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Is It True That Girls Fall In Love With Their Hearts And Guys Fall In Love With Their Eyes?

Yes, it is true that girls fall in love with their hearts.

But too bad their hearts don’t have a brain.
I wrote in my earlier entry that girls should take the initiative and approach the guys they like.
Nicole disagreed with that. She said girls should not approach guys because all men have this thing called “ego”. Hohoho… easy there honey. 😉 You got a lot of males reading your blog, and you don’t wanna step on our fragile “manly ego”.
Don’t you get it? The only reason why us men have a so-called “ego problem” is because of the simple fact that girls like egotistical men.
Face it. Girls LOVE ITwhen a guy acts like he owns the place and that the whole world revolves around him. Even better if he’s also arrogant and sarcastic.

I can almost hear someone scream, “NO THAT IS NOT TRUE KENNY. WE LOVE A NICE GOOD GENTLEMAN.”
Don’t believe me? I can point out three examples right off my head.

Example #1: Robbie Williams

The quintessential arrogant British bad boy. Even had an album out called The Ego Has Landed.

Example #2: Dr Gregory House

From the popular medical TV series House. Famous for such sexist quotes as “Your eyes are lopsided. And by ‘eyes’ I mean breasts.”

Example #3: Dr Sheikh Muszaphar

An astronaut, doctor and part-time model.
Let me repeat that.
What kinda narcissistic show-off put down on his astronaut application form “PART TIME MODEL”?
Since when are looks considered an important selection criteria in a space mission? Dude, not like some intergalactic aliens are gonna judge our astronauts by our looks!

To be fair to Sheikh, I actually quite admire the guy and I don’t think he has a reputation of being arrogant at all. But with all that media attention showered on him right now, the guy has every reason to be.
I can so imagine him coming back from space now and pull off this move to a girl.

See what I mean? With role models like Robbie Williams and Dr House to look up to, it’s not entirely our fault we would emulate their arrogance.
I’ve been in the dating scene long enough to learn that “Nice Guys Do Indeed Finish Last”. The problem with girls is that they make their decisions based on feelings, not logic.

Sure, girls always talk about wanting to hook up with sincere, humble, nice guys who are romantic, caring and giving to their every whims and fancies (like Kenny). But more often than not, they end up with some sweet-talking, arrogant, egomaniacal jerk who they’re attracted to because they appear strong, confident and dominating (like Robbie).
And there’s no better indicator for confidence than arrogance.
Let’s give an example. Say if you get asked out on a date by two similar, yet different guys.
One is a shy, timid, humble IT manager who never successfully dated a single girl before in his entire life.

“Me wuv u. U wuv me?”

The other is an over-confident lead singer of a rock band who had dated only supermodels and beautiful women in the past, and still have girls constantly throwing themselves at him.

I can honestly tell you that Arth gets more chicks than I do.

If these two guys go after you at the same time, which of them would you feel more intrigued by?
Your brain says “Fall in love with the humble IT manager! He’s the right guy!”. But your heart says “oh wow hehehehee that robbie is really cute!”
See? It’s not egotistic when you girls like it that way.

If you’re a guy and you’ve been single for a long time because your only approach to girls is the “love sick puppy” manoeuvre – stop embarrassing yourself and install some ego into you. Show ’em who the man is. I can guarantee almost immediately that girls will be throwing themselves at ya – even if you’re boasting nothing but a bag of hot air.
Strange, but it works.
Do you know of any girls who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy too arrogant for his own good? Or do you know of any guys who tries too hard to impress a really hot and pretty chick?

Share your stories, and the best male and female commenters each will receive a bottle of HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her, thanks to HUGO Fragrances. Contest ends 12:01am 1st November!

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Things We Like About Women

If any girl reading my previous entry sound like a grumpy divorced old man on a women-bashing frenzy, my apologies.

The truth is, as much as I sometimes feel that women are the cause to all of our woes and problems, there are little magical moments when we appreciate you and think that you’re most beautiful angels sent from above. You may not even realise it, but some things you do subconciously make us feel all tingly inside and swoon all over you.

1. When You’re Putting On Make Up

There’s something incredibly mysterious about watching a girl put on make-up.
Maybe it’s the level of concentration shining through your face when you’re apply the lipstick. Maybe it’s how cute you look when you smile at yourself coyly in the mirror, obviously admiring the work you’ve done.
Or maybe we’re secretly thinking that all that effort you’re going through, is for us.

2. When You Play With Babies

Almost every guy I know are fascinated watching how their girlfriends behave around babies. This could usually mean one of two things.
Either we are secretly attracted to your maternal instincts because we’re thinking this could be how you play with our kids in the future.
Or more likely, we are fantasising putting ourselves in the position of the baby as you hold it close to your lovely bosoms.

3. When We Caught a Whiff Of Your Perfume

Next time you go out wearing your favourite fragrance (such as that extremely popular and excellent fragrance brand starting with “Hu” and ending in “Go”), keep an eye out for the dozens of guys who had turned their head to look back at you with more than a passing interest.
As any guy who have accidentally caught the scent of a woman walking past would know, next to physical intimacy, there’s nothing more mindblowingly sexy than having that sweet feminine aura linger in the air for a while longer.

4. When You Show Your Sexy Back

Everytime a girl bends over and her panties peek out accidentally, our eyes will normally dip briefly to secretly check out the type, material, colour, etc of her undies.
I’m not proud of it, but hey most guys do it. We love it when you tease us with your feminine charms discreetly that way, even if it’s unintentional.
It’s not perving, it’s just the way things are. And unfortunately you’ll have to accept it, otherwise you might have to lobby to bring high-waisted grandma undies back into fashion. 😉

5. When You’re Fast Asleep

Ask any guy what their favourite moments with their girlfriends are, and half of the guys would reply it’s looking at their girlfriends when they are fast asleep.
I gotta agree. Guys love gazing down upon your peacefully sleeping face when you’re looking all sweet and serene and vulnerable. Yeah, it makes us feel manly, macho and protective inside.
Even when in reality we’re actually quite fat and chubby.
Those are my 5 tips for the girls. Nicole has 5 tips for the guys too.
When is the moment when you find a guy (or a girl) most gorgeous?

Tell me your stories.
Thanks to HUGO Fragrances, the most interesting two stories by a male and female will each receive the new HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her. Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and ends 12:01am 29th October.

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Should a girl ask the guy for his number? Who should make the first move?

If a guy fancies a girl, should he just go ahead and make a move on her?

I used to believe that, yes. Men should definitely make the first move.
Get her number. Ask her out on a date. Whatever. That’s what movies like The Notebook, Titanic and (God forbid) American Pie taught us right?
After all, men are supposed to the bolder, more aggressive sex. We should take the initiative. And if we failed, what have we got to lose?

If you lose face, you can always go to The Face Shop and buy some face

As it turns out that, actually we have A LOT to lose.
If a guy makes a move on a girl and she turns him down, the guy loses face. But that’s not it.
Because what normally happens is that the girl would go back to her pack of girlfriends, and then she’d go, “Like, oh my god. You won’t believe just what happened. Did you, like, see that guy over there, like, make a move on me? He was like, totally ewww. I was, like, just sitting there and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I like buy you a drink?’ and I was like ‘No wayyyy, I’m too cool for you!’ Like, whateva!”
Then they’d all giggle among themselves while you stand there looking like an idiot.

Like this

Ok, I’m generalising and maybe it doesn’t always happen exactly that way, but it’s close enough.
My point is, everytime a guy makes a move on a girl, not only do we stand to face rejection, we also have to face ridicule and embarrassment from our friends AND her friends if we get turned down.
We get accused of being perverts, desperados, going for someone out of our league (I get that a lot). We can’t even touch or initiate light physical contact to show her our interest.

What’s worse, if we fail, next time she’ll start avoiding us. And next time you bump into her and her friends, you can’t help but to think that she’ll be whispering to her friends “Hey, that’s the guy who asked me out on a date. What a loser.”
I will never forget the time back in high school when I wrote a love letter to a girl I had a crush on and confessed my feelings. Not only did she not reply, she took my letter and passed it around everyone in class while they laughed at my bad handwriting.

To be fair, I looked like this back in the days

Then I had a think about it, and I came up with a BRILLIANT idea. Call it controversial or whatever, but hear me out.
Instead of girls waiting for guys to approach them, and turning them down if they are not up to your standards… Why can’t GIRLS be the one making the first move?
Do you know why there are so many single men and women around?
It is PRECISELY because girls do not make the first move at all! All they do is sit around waiting for Brad Pitt to fall from the sky and propose to them.

See, THAT is the difference between guys and girls.
When a guy sees a girl he likes, he drums up his courage and approaches the girl hoping to get a ‘yes’ from her.
When a girl sees a guy she likes, what does she do? Flip her hair around a bit, uncrosses her legs, adjusts her top a little… that doesn’t mean anything to us! How the heck do we know if you’re trying to send flirty signals to us, or if the room aircond is not working?

That’s why I say, girls should totally approach guys they fancy and make the first move.
I reckon most guys won’t have the heart to reject a girl’s advances anyway. And even if they do, you won’t see us going back to our mates and gossip all over you. It’s just not “the man thing” to do.
So girls, go ahead and ask him out. Get his number. Touch him.
No more waiting to be approached. No more subtle hints. No more confusion. It makes life so much easier.
Besides, it’s the new millennium. Women are much more independant now, right?

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Nicole and I disagreed, but what do you reckon? Should girls make the first move?

Feel free to comment ‘cos thanks to HUGO Fragrances, I got a bottle each of the latest HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him or HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her to reward the best male and female commenters. Contest is open to all Malaysian residents and ends midnight 25th October.To be eligible, just fill out your e-mail address when commenting.

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