Look! It’s The Prime MinistZZzzz…

Yesterday, I attended the National Integrity Convention hosted by the government of Malaysia.

Since Abdullah Badawi became Prime Minister of Malaysia 5 years ago, one of his top priorities was to fight corruption and uphold the values of integrity in both the public and private sector.

The National Integrity Convention is born out of those efforts, and is the government’s way of educating people how to do business and live their life with integrity. In essence, it was like “Pendidikan Moral”, but for adults.

The night before, we were hosted a dinner talk in Hilton, where the guest speaker was Raja Nazrin, the crown prince of Perak.

As a commoner living in the small city of Kuching, I don’t get attend a lot of functions involving members of the royal family. That night was one of the rare few occassions in my life, I actually heard somebody addressing himself not as “saya”, but as “beta” (the Malay word for “me”, reserved exclusively for royalty).

The prince receives tremendous amount of respect from me and the people in attendance.

Raja Nazrin comes across as someone extremely smart and knowledgable. It’s not surprising, considering he has a degree from Oxford, as well as a Masters and PhD from Harvard University. He has a reputation of giving exceptionally inspiring speeches on patriotism and on nation-building that connects well with the people at large.

Despite his royal status, Raja Nazrin is also a humble man. I distinctively remember when he was getting married, he explicitly refused the state government to fund his wedding or for large corporates to take up ads in newspapers congratulating him. He insisted instead that the money be used for charity or be spent on projects beneficial to the community.

Raja Nazrin’s selfless character is truly the epitome of integrity.

Another speaker at the convention on integrity was Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak for 27 years.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister himself also make an appearance at the convention.

Regardless of what anybody thinks of Abdullah Badawi as Prime Minister, you gotta give him at least credit for trying. Speaking my personal experience, government services have improved by leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. Since he came to power, many in the government sector has also began taking corruption very seriously.

Prime Minister himself even flew all the way to Kuching just to attend a convention to educate people on integrity. That’s dedication!

[09/11/08 – The rest of this entry has been removed out of respect, concern and consideration for the organising committee of the National Integrity Convention, who I understand has worked very hard to put together this convention, with nothing but the best of intentions.]

Flea markets seems to be taking off a big way in KL. The Sunday Sundae Bazaar, held every Sunday in Jalan Klang Lama, is another one such bazaar geared towards the young and trendy looking to buy or sell second-hand, vintage and handmade stuff.

From what I heard, something similar is gonna happen in Kuching pretty soon too.

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  1. How audacious!!! Posting photos of our sleeping PM!
    But this is the truth lor. Sigh, no wonder his nick is “The Sleeping PM”. This could not be his first time I guess.

  2. haha…one more time,our PM sleep in official event..wat the use he come to the event just for sleep..go home sleep la..
    Wah..Swak CM,the most leader i respect,eventhough im not swkian..;)


  4. *_*”
    few months ago Raja Nazrin was invited to give a talk in my uni, no doubt he gained the utmost respect.
    few weeks ago Tun M was also invited to give a talk in my uni. and we get the chance to hear it personally from him that the PM should step down now and not waste more time as the 3 months from now (to the time he will step down) is vital, to reform/rebuild the toppling gov.

  5. Is it just me or all four pictures of him “in deep thought” were the same photo?? Naughty Kenny, tut tut, don’t bully the old man lur

  6. Hi Guys
    He is our BAPAK DEMOCRASI, the other 4 previous prime minsters have work day and night to achieve their vision.
    But out Mr.Bean PM is more than smart,he just sleep to give us a democratic Malaysia.
    Ask yourself,if he don’t sleep like this will us wake up and vote the opposition on last march 8 election.

  7. honestly speaking.. he hasn’t brought Malaysia to achieve higher levels compared to tun mahathir..
    sigh.. all he cares is just getting a new wife and promoting pertanian..pertanian..and pertanian..
    god bless Malaysia man..

  8. about INTEGRITY:i strongly agree,S’wak is the best examples for West M’sian…THUMB UP! for our Chief Minister about this because not allowed that Racist party UMNO step in our soil.Recently,i heard some parts of S’wak they already put up UMNO flag but not officially approve….my words to UMNO…

  9. good pic…Taib on intergrity…big supprise.Not only Pak Lah felt in deep thinking so did Taib.Taib…think hard how best can he gets from the 7 Billion stimulus fund annouced by Najis.Kenny u may get some…5%

  10. it’s kinda normal to see people sleeping at conventions because if it was me i’d have fallen asleep after an hour. zzz. i wonder how many people the pm had to listen to every single day. haha. with great power comes great responsibility.

  11. Ha ha,please have pity on our PM Badawi! Just think of it, he has to sleep next to the CM of Sarawak! Hey man, I rather sleep next to a pretty woman anytime!

  12. Hahaha.. OMG! omg omg!
    He is such a dumbhead to do that in front of 600 pple, what more in front of kennysia!
    Lol. I wonder if he knows that you have posted about him!
    and im not surprised he does this. come on, look at our country! lol.
    Good job kenny!

  13. Seriously I don’t think Najib can be a good PM too.
    However, Abdullah: Anyone can be PM!
    Kenny, pls blog on this and i think it will be very interesting.

  14. Now that is some funny shit ! U should have record it in video and collaborate with Namewee to produce “Our Sleeping PM” !

  15. cmon kenny. u said it. all this talk about integration is boring. why do we need talks on integration in malaysia. we are all malaysians or at least thats what stated in our passports. we aint no mainland chinese or indians. we need more interaction and tolerance and not integration.
    i guess i would have dozed off too. plus anyone in his age with a strenuous schedule wouldnt probably do otherwise.As far as i see it, he has opened the door for a new malaysian politic.

  16. too bad raja nazrin’s nt our PM.. othrwise, m’sia wud b so much more 4ward… plus, he’s much younger n educated.. hu noes, if he ruled, mayb we wudn’t hav such a crappy education system here..

  17. you should have used these captions :
    Integrity National Convetion: PHAIL!!!
    Deep thought FAIL!!
    P.M. EPIC FAIL!!

  18. That’s the way…the post was looking too good for our wonderful Malaysian standards…Man…does Badawi look like an Owl or what?! LOVELY….just lovely…someone that can actually manage to look lamer than Bush.

  19. Very embarrassing.TDM must have overlooked this habit of his deputy b4 appointing him to succeed for the throne. Cepat turun pak lah…buat malu kita rakyat Malaysia sahaja.

  20. Obama VS Pak Lah. Obviously you know who’ll win πŸ˜€
    Well we can’t blame Pak Lah… maybe he’s tried and bored XD can you imagine talking about something he’s promised to do but so far hasn’t done anything about it? If I’m him I’d be clueless and lost either, and hence fall into… *deep thought*

  21. At first I really thought he was in ‘deep thought’.. but as I scrolled further, it doesn’t seem like the case… what a polite way to put it.. heheee… but its funny though…

  22. our country become more liberal under the rule of Pak Lah . Since he has bcom our PM , we know more about our ministers’ ” dirty acts” eg. Lingam’s case. And because of him , opposition parties won a lot of seats in the election as he allowed them to conduct speeches in public before the election was held. So we can’t say that he did nothing to our country.

  23. I agree that Pak Lah’s work for our country is under-stated. He has 20 over years of corruption to fight, and he did the best he could in these few years. Yet all ppl can think about is that the cost of living has increased since he became PM.

  24. he just like us, if we listen to some boring topis like “pendidikan moral”, we would fall asleep too! i fellasleep during my discipline teacher speech, i was caught by her!! then she “dimerit” me for 10 points for it.=.=

  25. for fuck’s sake … at least try to stay awake ? what was he doing before attending such an event ? a fucking disgrace

  26. as tired as he is, please make some effort to honour and respect the event (which supposedly reflects one of his missions being a PM), or at the very least, try. how can he expect us to take integrity seriously, when he himself, was happily dozing off on a stage, disregarding the convention himself?
    promises left undelivered. utter disappointment.
    WEAKNESS is the word.

  27. and yes kenny!! you rock socks!!! while the US voted for change, they got change…. I wonder when will Malaysia change…. we’re all waiting… such a disappointment man…

  28. This is our PM…..Poor Man….
    Always zzzzzzzzzz….away….
    maybe the convention is boring or to much sex i think…..

  29. hohoho.. TAR=Bapa kemerdekaan, then we have the bapa perpaduan, bapa kemajuan, mahathir i fogot bapa wut edi..but abdullah gotta be bapa of sleep..eh no bapa of deep thinking..hohoho..

  30. right. yes, his work might be understated but heck what is the main point of having a leader? to lead and to SHOW us the right way of doing things. oh God, to sleep in a conference or a meeting? now what use would that bring us in real life =.= more respect? *laughs*

  31. haha…we all know Pak Lah and his great habit to sleep anywhere he can..maybe he’s too tired from extra night activity with his wife…maybe he’s trying so hard to get another child with Jean..

  32. If Abdullah was indeed a good PM, he’d be responsible for the people. As such a large amount of transparency and accountability is required in government, as well as some sort of code of conduct. Furthermore, there has to be some sort of judicial system of Adminstrative Law to challenge Executive Decision. However, nothing short of bullshit has thus emerged in the 5 years Abdullah was in power. Furthermore to the statement made above that he allowed opposition parties to make speeches… that’s b/s. The opposition parties are allowed to make speeches during elections under law; any attempt to thwart so would be against the (already amended countless of times) Malaysian Constituiton. Big Effing Sigh… Corruption is only good when you’re no longer middle class, but a member of the elite. But the welfare cost to the country outweighs personal gain. These douchebags should think collectively instead of individually. And the Sarawak CM? ohhh yea, the epitome of integrity (cunt)

  33. i know under the law they allow to conduct speeches in the public. How come it didn’t happen under the rule of our Previous PM? how come eveyrthing is covered? since Pak Lah become our PM , we know about Samy Vellu’s case and why it didn’t reveal out about his dirty acts under the rule of our previous PM>??

  34. i believe he is nice person ( not so cocky) as compared to others . Unfortunately , he is not smart enough to manage the country.

  35. i know that the previous PM had helped our country but using expansionary budget will not help our country in the long run .

  36. Kenny, our PM is doing YOGA la, his is the highest level of YOGA which the fatwa will be coming out on this soon. Some said arrest you under ISA, if you arrested on this, i’m going to light a candle for you like i do for RPK πŸ™‚

  37. wait till u are at immigration at putra jaya …these disappear between 1130 am till 4 pm..! pm sleep they sleep !

  38. er…dudes? who think being ministers are easy…er..no offence here anyway…but being the prime minister is no easy task…politicians have to fly here fly there…while you guys were just sitting behind the computer flying curses and swearing…this ppl..opposition…BN ppl…all of them have to travel from states to states…its very very tiring…my dad is a frequent traveler so i know how one who travel so much feels…not that i’m saying hte PM is doing a good job though…but i can’t stand those ppl who thinks our PM is a mechanical being…who have solar cells which could recharge…anyway…i’m always proud being a perakian…because our crown prince is awesome…

  39. Wahhh… not bad even our CM Taib also can teach us about intergrity. Hahaha.. no wonder integrity is going nowhere in this country.

  40. Dear Kenny
    What should consideration of “respect, concern and consideration for the organising committee of the National Integrity Convention […] worked very hard to put together this convention, with nothing but the best of intentions” have to do with you removing the other half of the entry? I’m sorry, but I have trouble understanding how this concern led to your action to censor.
    Are you self-censoring yourself here? From what I understand from reading the earlier entry, you were just reporting what you observed.
    Perhaps if you are fearful that certain quarters accuse you of being partisan, may I suggest you repost the photos without comment.
    I think the photos will mean a lot to the Malaysian people.

  41. [09/11/08 – The rest of this entry has been removed out of respect, concern and consideration for the organising committee of the National Integrity Convention, who I understand has worked very hard to put together this convention, with nothing but the best of intentions.] – Kenny.
    Out of respect, concern and consideration for the orgnizaing committe of the National Integrity Convention, or you’ll received threat of ISA from you-know-who?
    It’s a shame that you have to remove it, because what you have reported is fair and it’s justified with your conscience; and you did not used the word “sleep” but “in deep thought”. So I do not see the reason behind you removing it out of respect for the orgnizaing committe of the National Integrity Convention, unless of course someone sent you a hate comment threatening you with ISA.
    Anyway Kenny, out of respect for you that you insist of removing it, but you missed the point of FAIR COMMENT, JUSTIFICATION and CONSCIENCE!

  42. I am most agree with Jim…as one should admit what he is doing…if he is ——ping then he should ——ting it! it is sooo clear! be an example la! want to do deep thinking go home and do la…it is like only know how to say but cannot do..then how can our nation improve le? tiok bo?

  43. erm..one cannot be evaluated through his/her speech…no matter what kind of degree he/she holds.
    if one is really respected by ppl, he/she should follow the constitution of malaysia..
    BUT , the royal family of Perak interrupted the selection of the perak mufti or some sort like that…… what a shame…

  44. You’re all hopeless lemmings. Just because other ppl says the PM is dumb, you all follow blindly.
    Pls look at the facts. MAS made money, Proton made money, Perwaja got listed again, and there’s a lot of cleanup AFTER Badawi became PM.
    The current situation of the economy is world wide problem, not because bad decisions were made.
    Remember during the TUN’s time, everything made losses. We were all blinded, and if you commented anything that sounds like an insult to the Gov you would be in jail.
    Pls think objectively, and look at the big picture as I think Badawi is still the best PM we ever had. Don’t be a Lemming, be brave enough to THINK for yourselves.

  45. Stupid stupid Malaysians. Can’t get REAL. Always want sweet nothings. Just a bit of bitter cannot go on. Looking for subsidies always. Look at the Koreans and Japanese, soldering on when the going gets tough.
    – controlled organised crime, less makei shop
    less pros dens (healthy society)
    – GLC’s make money
    – annuar freed to realise March 8 victory for the
    opposition (without annuar u think can win?
    – not one person under ISA for long
    – some rumour of corruption
    – some hindraf ppl arrested, most released
    – teresa kok released, reporter released, raja
    petra released
    – complaints by other races are tolerated
    – organised crime bosses controlled police
    – annuar detained, ops lalang ppl detained
    demonstrators never heard of again
    – GLCs make losses everywhere
    – no press freedom, (STAR shut down at one time)
    – mega projects, country’s deficit very high
    – NO rumours of corruption (??) ISA
    – ppl quiet because things were perceived to be
    good. Just like cows, give them grass and they
    will be quiet
    – Perwaja collapsed, proton collapsed, MAS
    collapsed, others make huge losses
    – rights of other races? haha, what rights?
    can’t even complain, ISA
    – Lim Guan Eng jailed, Lim Kit Siang jailed,
    MB raped a girl, walk free, MB caught in
    Australia, sais ‘no spekee english’, walk free
    – MIC, MCA, can’t complain, ISA. Become running
    – big racial segregation
    – malaysia kini raided repeatedly
    list goes on if you really think about it. THINK!
    So which PM more frightening, the one who works for the ppl and readily accepts abuse, or the one who works for himself, his family and his cronies
    and will not tolerate any insult of any kind?

  46. I used to sleep during classes during school days, nowadays I sleep during meetings. My boss said it’s probably the projector fan sound that causes me to fell asleep, I said I take on the Prime MinistzZZZ…

  47. Jim, I understand what you mean. I don’t wanna remove it either lah, but let’s put it this way.
    If I don’t remove it, someone innocent is gonna have to heavily suffer from the consequences – not me. πŸ™ If I take the punishment then still ok lah. But someone taking the punishment because of what I wrote is a bit much.
    As much as I stand by what I wrote, I don’t want what I write here to get other innocent ppl into trouble. It’s not worth it lah.

  48. “As much as I stand by what I wrote, I don’t want what I write here to get other innocent ppl into trouble.” – Kenny.
    Wah, Kenny you’re so good-lah, can think of other people. But don’t you think other people can think for themselves?

  49. I think he got a medical problem. Pity him. I know of another guy who’s got a similar problem. He’s a professor at a public university – really brilliant with almost a hundred papers with his name but whenever there’s a meeting he would doze off.

  50. Good one bro. Saw from Malaysia-Today as well. Wise to edit your entry too, though I’m sure you don’t mind the original still available in other parts in the cyberspace.

  51. kenny y u dun need to defend the organising committee- did they not decide to get taib as a speaker?
    for everyone else cut some slack for badawi. yes hes shit, and will prob never never as ‘good’ as mahatir but hes old n needs sleep. not that i said mahatir is ‘good’. he was in my opinion more corrupted than badawi, who is just weak.

  52. The weight of the country’s issues are on Pak Lah’s shoulders. This may be a talk which he may view as unimportant comparative to some, nonetheless he shouldn’t have ‘deep thought’ in the middle of a talk. He may be human, but a leader of our country should demonstrate exceptional skills to at least be attentive, which he lacks, i think it’s time for him to go back to his ‘deep thought’ and let someone else a shot at the top. Our country has to wake up from the nightmare.

  53. Three is difference between those who talk shit and those who sleep, those who talk shit write comment here, those who sleep, are up there. Still they talk shit!

  54. zen- our pm did not c4 people, he is just weak and not strict enuf with the media and all… mahatir is more corrupt and did all the bad things behind ur back and cover up with the media.. and ‘Najis’ is the 1 who c4 ppl lah.. which is the worst.. doing it under ur nose and challenge u to investigate him.. imagine having the next pm who is a murderer,bomber..

  55. kennysia,
    i don’t understand at all what lame excuses u are giving.. i think u are a lame fat coward who is scared of ISA ISA ISA ISA.. because u are not married yet and u dont have a beautiful girl to **** in ur big ass life. tats why u so scared of going into ISA.. u fat coward.. if u wan to remove just remove nia.. no nid to give some coward excuse

  56. Sad la…we can’t make fun of our politicians ka? Backbenchers are already making fools of themselves in parliament, so why should the PM be spared the mickey?

  57. Oh, and I agree with Kenny btw. Ain’t worth it to get other ppl in trouble. Just waiting for the day we can make fun of politicians without fear of recriminations

  58. Please respect our leader, no matter how unreasonable, how weak, how inefficient he may seem. He was elected by the people, there was no mistake in that. Why criticize him now?
    If the people within the country couldn’t even pay some respect to their own leader [tho they might disagree and have a lot of opinions on whatever that leader is doing], how do you expect people from other country to respect us?
    My point here is, as long as he is our leader, we should respect him.

  59. People criticize the same thing again and again for years and yet still complaining the same.
    We’ll get nowhere if all we can do is criticize and to make fun of them.

  60. hey you ppl … ntg wrong being afraid of ISA … afterall who wants to be detained for 2 years without trial? got to work and family to ya know …

  61. People like to talk tough on internet…tell me who won’t be scared if you are threatened with ISA, can go lockup for 2 years for something small like this. Chiak your own sai la…

  62. scared ISA no wrong,but not pretend to be doing ‘other people’ a favour.kennysia supporters so GONG,better not be from kuching else i tiau kang die of shame.miss the point i bring up.GONG

  63. put back the post if you love your country.
    kenny, I believe you are a man of integrity, and values.
    i’m sure hiding the truth is not one of them.
    and i know how proud u are to be a malaysian and how much u love the country from reading ur previous posts.
    pls… stand firm… for the good of our country… for the people… and set an example for everyone… stand up for ur values and ur principles… as the people’s blog.. stand up for something kenny, something u truly believe in and what we know u believe in… you are doing so much more to people’s lives and the country… do not succumb to the evils of this world…
    many of us out there know… that u didn’t remove the post out of ur free will….

  64. just to let u know… there a lot of people behind you and u have the support of the people…
    make us proud..

  65. Dear Ken,
    Don’t forget the special force hitman unit was formed during Tun’s time. And Lance Corporal … was recorded as saying, Altantuya was not the first
    There are already many cases done larr. Only this case was because the victim contacted many person
    so was brought up. What about the poorer ones without contact in Malaysia?

  66. what a coward you are and of all the people who said the press are not fair and not daring and need censorship. SO WHERE DO YOU STAND NOW???? So next time before you pass comments, think. you are just like the press now, scare shit. DONT BULLSHIT WITH THOSE EXCUSE ABOUT ORGANISER WORKING HARD. JUST ADMIT YOU ARE ALSO PRESSURED LIKE EVERYONE.you are no different. AT LEAST IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH, PEOPLE WILL RESPECT YOU. so before you judge anyone look at yourself first.

  67. sibie, well you wanna know the truth? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH???
    Well THIS IS the truth. THE TRUTH is that after I put up that entry, the organising chairperson sent me a frantic SMS message saying how disappointed he was in me and how his career is ON THE LINE now because I put up that photo of the Prime Minister and made a mockery out of the whole convention.
    THE TRUTH is I resisted taking down the photos. I resisted taking down the photos for so long until so many other people SMSed me when I was all the way in Singapore and APPEALED to me to remove the photos. I’ve got FRIENDS telling me to put aside my personal ideals, and THINK for a moment as a HUMAN BEING WHETHER OR NOT IT IS WORTH IT FOR SOMEONE INNOCENT TO LOSE THEIR JOB JUST BECAUSE OF MY BLOG POSTINGS.
    You want to talk about me being a coward? THEN SO BE IT. Call me a coward because at the end of the day, at least I know I could go to sleep at night knowing someone’s job in the civil service is SAVED when I removed those photos. I could go to sleep at night knowing somebody who worked HARD managed to KEEP HIS JOB SERVING THE PEOPLE because I took down those photos. I could go to sleep at night knowing that I DID THE RIGHT THING, putting somebody’s else’s FUTURE, CAREER and INTERESTS above mine while people like YOU jump to conclusions, bark and shout on the internet calling me a coward when you know JACKSHIT about what is going on.
    Don’t fucking pass judgment on me when YOU YOURSELF DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH, coward.

  68. Most people are one-sided, and think they are right in their own thinking. They only see the surface of the event, they never know what really happen in the event.Yea, PM might be sleeping, but politic is a long term games, at least he push the key for anti-corruption move which is a key to change. Don’t just go and judging based on one side. Think it through and talk to other people about what they think, you might have a different view of what happen.
    Telling the truth if you can solve the problem is good, if you can’t, you will just be another trouble maker who refuse to solve it but want to expose it, just to see how right you are. Well this is a child act, “I want people to know that he’s wrong! I want to expose him!”
    Yea, you are right in exposing him, but you will be wrong if something go wrong with him, for instance:
    What will other people think about him?
    What will other people do to him?
    Is what he do is wrong enough to cause our life miserable?
    Do you want to hurt him or you just want him to admit his wrongs?
    If you just choose the latter, then you should think what the effects might be. Let say, one photo relate to some VIP, and your career ruined, where you spend like 10 years working on it. If that happen to you, what will you do? Of course you will shout &*#$&# at the person.
    I just want to say, shouting is very easy, just as you randomly shoot an arrow out to nowhere, but when it hits someone, you get the what you have shoot. Well, if you insist you are good at fighting back, you can try, I will see how long can you hold? Ummm… Until you get to over 60 years old, wasting all your energy to fight back?
    Anyway, I might be one of these people who shout for fun (with lots of bad grammars) without responsibility. Well, at least, I shout at my own logics, you can choose not to listen.
    –Thank you so much, it’s been a while I write long essay. XD

  69. Kenny, u did the right thing..Innocent people should not get involved, as they only want to do their job nicely.
    By the way, we all already know of his “deep thinking’ style, one more post on it will not serve any purpose at all.

  70. I keep wondering after reading the posting by various readers whether:
    i. you REALLY care for this country
    ii. do you know what came out from these conventions.
    A lot of positive news for Malaysia was publised in the newspaper derived from these two major Integrity Convention. ( that if you all read it lah)
    The Commissioning of Anti Corruption Agency will be pushed and passed.
    For such a long time now, people has been voicing concern and displeasure over this ACA thing. The Commissioning of ACA will REALLY EFFECTIVELY boost the anti corruption work in Malaysia. Isnt Corruption like the MAIN problematic issues we are displeased about?!
    We are all feedup with big fish getting away with corruption while the small fish getting caught. This is partly because the ACA is not independant. COMMISSIONING it will make it more effective.
    This is GREAT NEWS for all of us. CHANGE we all been waiting for. CHANGE that we have been fighthing all along and FINALLY – under PAK LAH – this is made possible.
    WE should be praising this as a great Integrity boost for the country right?!
    But noooo…..we all go PM bashing and Kenny Bashing….BUT NONE OF YOU REALLY CARES THE BIGGER ISSUE HERE.
    IT’s not about Kenny putting up the pics of PM napping and him putting it down later. – It’s not about whether he hides the truth about PM napping for 15 mins. BUT THINK! PM napping for 15 Mins – will it make so much difference to the BIGGER CHANGE our country is getting from this COMMISSIONING of ACA?!
    Instead… you all bashed PM for napping for 15 minutes. HOW CAN YOU ALL BE SO MYOPIC MINDED?
    ALSO on the visit of Raja Nazrin. He spoke lengthy about how the Royal Institution must stand up for integrity – and must disagree/reject government leaders who are corrupt. Dont you agree this is important message to the royal institution?! Instead of just being a Royal Figure head that rubber stamps all bills being passed, make visits, use Tax payers money, marry younger wives, etc etc…
    RAJA NAzrin tells them to be WISE! To stand up for corrupted leaders. TO be the role model for the society. To be surrounded by wise councils, To know the interest of the society. and REJECT corrupted leaders.
    NOW tell me…allllllllll of you that has been calling Kenny a coward and wants to bash PM more.
    What the FUCK you want?!( It’s as if bashing PM and Kenny suddenly makes you more concern about Malaysia now because you know the TRUTH?!)
    Let me remind you:
    PM bashing wont make this country a better one.
    Kenny bashing wont take his integrity away.
    You all want a better country. THEN YOU HAVE TO be HONEST to your yourself. C’mon people. Think wisely. you cannot put a blanket of negative judgement on your country and this Govt just because PM napped on the stage in front of 600 plp.
    You dont just zoom in and attack the PM, the Govt, kenny JUST BECAUSE of this.
    There are bigger issues that need your attention and support.
    It saddens me. That out of all the 175+ commentors,only a few stood up and say positive thing on what Kenny did.
    The rest of you just enjoy wallowing, bashing, jumping on the band wagon – in jeers to the PM and this country.
    People, you can do better than this.

  71. ” RAJA NAzrin tells them to be WISE! To stand up for corrupted leaders. TO be the role model for the society. To be surrounded by wise councils, To know the interest of the society. and REJECT corrupted leaders. ”
    You meant Stand up against corrupted leaders…

  72. There’s alot of condemnation about our govt that you and I read everyday. I do not know to what extent the truth is but I believe words are the means to meaning.. and for some, the annunciation of truth.

  73. T_T I was too late to see pwictures!!!
    Anyway.. I think there’s a story behind all this that people aren’t seeing.
    The manager pleaded with mr.Sia to take down the pictures because his job was on the line. From what I’ve read, the pictures are of Pak Lah sleeping. Which makes one think doesn’t it?
    Who’s the one threatening to fire the manager?
    Tum de dum.
    Malaysian politics so drama.

  74. Well, Kenny, actually the whole situation is not so complicated. You see, this organiser could have just denied any knowledge of you.
    You are not his staff (or a civil servant for that matter) and thus he is not responsible for what you did or do. If you were, then he or she might be in the hot soup and have to answer for it.
    Clearly, you are not. You visited, had a good seat with a good view, and put what you saw in your blog. You are a stranger to him so whatever your actions taken after that is non related to him or her.
    In the 1st place , PM shouldn’t have a nap in front of a crowd at a public event. Not your fault.
    It becomes your fault when you acknowledge that you know the organizer and you are prepared to right the wrong when you didn’t have to in the 1st place.
    You saw and you blogged. Simple as that.
    An analogy. Supposed that I was the one who had blogged about this ZZZ in my blog. PM department complains to the organizer. Organizer says “Who the hell is he or she, cos I don’t know, you go find this bugger yourselves cos I don’t even go online!! I cant even control my kids let alone some blogger who I don’t even know or care shit for !!”
    So the organizer can go ahead with his or her life and everything is business as usual.
    By then, this would then be another matter altogether. PM department would then be pursuing this with me specifically in heart and mind.
    But am I prepared to be pursued and hunted down then? For a joke?
    So, in conclusion, When you add issues of religion or politics (2 very sensitive things lah)into your blogs, you have to be very prepared or have a goal in mind to achieve. You can’t be too careful about this sort of things, so to say. RPK can vouch for me on this.
    So if you are not up for it, its better you stay with the usual subjects of places of holidays,what you do for the day or something mild like that.
    Best regards,

  75. I believe people overlooked the interests of others here.
    It’s totally easy for someone to put up an anology and just say…”So the organizer can go ahead with his or her life and everything is business as usual.”
    It’s as if we already know inside out of that organisers / managers job etc and judged that it’s alright, it’s cool…
    But you are NOT in their shoes.
    I wont put a banket judgement on the level of sensitivities on someone else’s job.( no matter how big or small the company is) – especially those connected to Govt / political parties…whatever u know…
    But is denying the trick here?
    Would you deny and go on living peacefully knowing what you did put someone in a uncomfortble situation?
    I doubt a blog like this can caused someone’s job… but heck, sure it’s really not nice seeing their work ended up like a piece of joke on the net…
    Like he said, they did a good job. i think that’s fair. It’s not their fault that our old saggy PM napped right?
    But then again, i really dont know why Kenny put up a post that invites and incites condemnations etc… and it can get out of control.
    Well, imagine if it’s YOUR BIG EVENT and YOU ARE the ORGANISER (and you worked shitless hours to ensure EVRYTHING is smack perfect) and and YOUR BIG BOSS is captured on camera, digging his nose, or some untowards gestures in front of a huge crowd and …it end up in a celebrity blog like Kenny’s? (30,000 hits per day)
    Tum de dum de dum……..

  76. say ‘HELL’ out loud to m’sia government n politician.. all they do is unfair to ue chinese.. don’t u agree??

  77. Right..who isn’t tired in this 21st century? Even pre-school’s children are stressed. How would you react if a surgeon fell asleep in a middle of a surgery? The fate of 2.5 million people is in his hand and he berani tido. Well..that shows what his commitment level is. Hello wake up! This is the 21st century liao…u missed out so much. No wonder u r operating at the mindset of the 80s. “Kita bina sekolah besar, kita bina hosptal besar”. Big do not equal to quality. Kenny u licik eh? Pandai kau selitkan messej ni.

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