Weirdness In Subang Jaya

What the heck is this… “Manhood Therapy”?!


Why would anyone’s manhood require therapy!?

I was surprised when I touched down at Kuching Airport last Sunday to a bunch of nurses stationing outside my arrival gates.

Thanks for welcoming me, ladies. No thanks for shining your torchlight into my eyes.

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  1. manhood therapy is aka ‘urut batin’. in other word, they will massage ur penis and balls which stimulates man, unless u r an eunuch like zom… (they shud have called it masturbation massage instead)…

  2. truth be told, it’s actually widely known as urut batin, and it is supposed to enhance your sexual performance if you do go for it.
    but of course, the process of urut batin involves the masseur to actually touch and handle your genitals.
    just for the record, i’ve not tried it either. lol

  3. @Miss Sweetylemon, do manhood theraphy ourself and let others ppl (i bet should be female) do for us.. 200% different feeling leh.. haha.

  4. Bah, I can massage my own manhood for free at home lah, why pay good money for it?
    But seriously Kenny, you should try it and then blog about it. Just make sure your post has a happy ending…

  5. oooo…. wow…. i wonder what kinda manhood therapy will they be offering??? massaging??? essential oil??? oooo….shit, gotta stop this imagination… anyway, glad that you pass the airport health inspection…

  6. Although this is about the blog post before this….
    (ignoring the fact that im 16 haha)

  7. manhood massage for those Defunc fellas. Some guys even masturbate also cannot erect. So the center will help you make it hard as a rod.

  8. Hey kenny…
    Im a kuchingite living in KL and have recently read ur entire blog top to bottom (having heard of it ages ago though)..
    To be honest without being too gay – have u ever thought of running for mayor or to use a popular political cliche “serve your constituents” (as u would agree, this term is bandied around at all ceramahs by all those old ahpeks who i believe do not understand the meaning at all)
    I reckon every true-blood kuching male is made up of the same stuff (boric acid kolomee noodles) and honestly i think u love kuching enough to run it very well..maybe start small with ur area (padawan??), do the niggly small stuff like unclog clogged drains,fix electrical wires etc and also the important stuff like grow the community in terms of providing education for the kids, cleaning up the snatch-theft issues, etc etc…
    U’re probably thinking knn this fella talk so much why doesnt he fly back himself and take over right? well my life/family/friends are all in KL right now, and although im always happy to be back, its definitely not the right time for me as well…
    Instead what i can offer is my unconditional support (to however extent financially – maybe we can source some non-conflicted supporters) and some very-very trustworthy and capable people to assist…
    Anyhow its an idea – basically i think u’d make a good person to take care of kuching (i wouldnt use the word politician here – it kinda conflicts)…u’re probably thinking u wd still want to party saturdays and fly ard etc and wouldnt have the time etc, and u’re prolly right, like i said it’s just an idea u cd think of
    U’d make a great minister of tourism too =)
    Anyhow, regards and restecp =)

  9. i heard it’s called “Tiu Geng” in hokkien…literally translating “pluck nerve”
    supposed to enhance sexual health.
    but tiu geng sounds painful.

  10. restecpe (ali G)… haha…
    if kenny running for politics… he would be affiliated…
    affiliation bad for a blogger… unless he’s blogging for politics…
    kenny’s a business guy, if not mistaken.

  11. LOL, the comment is getting funnier and funnier…
    From a 16 years old wanted to marry Kenny to someone recommend Kenny to become a political person (^^)
    Hmm, i think Kenny next post is going to be…
    “Who want to Marry Me???” and there goes some funny list and then some funny comment, keep it up there Bro, maybe you should try the therapy yourself…

  12. ohhhhhh this place is in ss15 rite? OMG just opposite my housing area!!! Must go look at the poster for myself!!! =)
    its a thai massage parlour rite? anyone who likes siamese chicks can try it!

  13. At least we had an idea of what ‘manhood massage’ is actually like.
    I wasn’t really sure, but some months back I stumble upon ‘womanhood massage’ too. Wonder how is that like…

  14. haha…u noe, when i saw that while i was living in subang couple years ago and the first thing i thought of was wad you would say if u see that.

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