You’re Way Too Beaoooouuuuuutiful Girl, That’s Why It’ll Never Work

There is only one person in this whole world who could make me feel less bad about being a fattie.

Here’s a guy who could walk into Zouk one and a half hours too late, sing for just 30 minutes, and then leave with hundreds of teenage girls still gasping for breath and their panties halfway hanging.
It doesn’t matter the fact that he is big, black and looks like the size of five Kenny Sia all combined into one. As soon as he opened his mouth and sang his “You’re way too beauuuuutiful girl”, instantly all his sins are forgiven.

Despite the hot crowd reaction, I gotta say Sean Kingston’s performance was disappointingly a lacklustre affair. The guy brought along two backup rappers, four bad ass bodyguards and one deejay onto stage just for his piss weak 30-minute long “concert”.
It was so bad, it made me… “Sui-ci-dal. Sui-ci-dal”. Until I wish it’s over.

The botak guy with the tulan face on stage is Sean Kingston’s body guard

Come to think of it, it was the DJ he brought in that did most of the work entertaining the crowd.
The DJ played all of Sean Kingston’s music complete with pre-recorded vocals. All Sean Kingston did was rap on top of the tracks the DJ played. Please lah, you calling that a concert?

When Sean Kingston gets hungry, he eats microphones

Since the concert was held in Zouk, I thought after the event, Sean himself might do the right thing and hang around the club to interact with the crowd a bit more.
But noooo. Immediately after the concert, Sean Kingston was no where to be seen.
My guess is that he had probably “moved to the tropics, sip pina coladas”. And he didn’t even bother to “take me there.”

Still, although the “concert” was bad, I gotta thank Hotlink and their excellent PR team for sending me the invite to this event. At least I know what a lazy overrated slob Sean Kingston is now.
The only saving grace about Sean Kingston’s whole 30-minute-long World Tour concert?
Watching that huge gigantic round blob actually DANCE on stage.

Me love.

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158 Replies to “You’re Way Too Beaoooouuuuuutiful Girl, That’s Why It’ll Never Work”

  1. he was late? no punctuality? he give we Malaysians a bad impression already. Aren’t they actually scared of that?
    and you kidding me it’s all about the DJ? He’s just pure lazy. Bad bad bad.

  2. he was late? no punctuality? he give we Malaysians a bad impression already. Aren’t they actually scared of that?
    and you kidding me it’s all about the DJ? He’s just pure lazy. Bad bad bad.

  3. Yeah, Sean… so L A M E .
    He was MEGA MEGA MEGA popular in N.Z . . .
    And now, no one gives to flying fucks about his stupid ass YO’ SO BEAUTIFUL crap song.
    Thank god you did this entry, he is such a tasteless singer, and THANK GOD I’m not the only guy around here who thinks the same.
    And yeah, everyone loves him mo, and he’s not even GREAT at ALL.
    Ha ha, had a big screen play of it in Hamilton with FM… but hey, then again, that’s Hamilton, and you know how much I hate that degenerate town.
    Kenny, THAT was a classic post.
    Sea, IS SO SHITTY.
    Thanks, you so made my day writing this.

  4. never like him before
    watched his live while he was in aussie
    terrible terrible performance
    he almost lost his breath, lmao
    way too fat, way too young, and way too boring!!!
    the audience just dozed off

  5. Yeah, Heard about him from my friend that he went to Aussie too.
    He was also 1 hr & 30 mins late
    He also sang a lackluster performance for only 30mins
    Sean Kingston is an overrated bald pig.

  6. fourteenth!!!!!!!
    seriously dude, u dun get annoyed with those first, second, third comments meh? pointless no?

  7. I’m always lazy to comment on your blog although I been an avid reader since forever. Anyway, this blog entry piqued my interest as this only strenghten my perspective all along. Sean Kingston is an overrated ‘star’ that don’t deserve any of the fame.

  8. yeah i was at the event. i actually saw you kenny but malu wanted to approach since you were wit sum chick. haha. totally agree with what u gotta say about the event though. kudos!

  9. sean kingston also looked fat n ugly…yuck~ imagine without makeup n lighting, his mtv wil be…yuck!
    don’t compare urself with him to feel better…
    u r way too much better than him lar~~

  10. i dun like sean kingston songs lar…most of them are poor-scripted and irritating. I dunno why ppl like him so much lar. His songs are just way too below average.

  11. This underaged fella murdered songs from the great Ben E. King and Led Zeppelin. How many more is he going to stop?

    1. Sean Kingston is probably the worst singer I have ever heard in my life. If you disagree with me, then please answer this question. Why is every single one of his recordings obviously auto tuned? Plus when he first started out, he was grossly overweight and extremely homely looking. People wonder why that he dropped like a hot potato?

  12. O M G…half an hour?! I am so glad that I didn’t buy the tickets now…and lip singing? That’s unacceptable. I suggests those people that bought tickets take their action against Hotlink! What a waste of time and money. I will never listen to Sean Kingston the same way again!

  13. i only knew the song and the name of the person…wow is he that huge???…amazing…bad personality…thanks Kenny for the update…you are not the only person who thought so…reading from the comment as well..lots of ppl agreeing with u….
    shame on you…Sean, K#^@*^*#

  14. who the f*ck is Sean Kingston lolzz??? forgive me though, i don’t listen to angmoh songs nowadays, have no idea on what’s hot and what’s not.. he’s obviously in the [what’s not] category i guess..

  15. Yeah kenny.. like many other silent readers, this happens to be my first time posting a comment. But i need to take advantage of this sean bashing session for the sake of my sanity. I swear, if i ever hear another goddamn sean kingston song, i will give up on radio all together. On and on and on every single fucking shitty day i drive to work i have to turn on the bloody radio to hear this fat piece of lard singing that fucking irritating Beautiful Girl. Jesus Christ al-mighty give me a break! Switch radio station doesn’t help either cos the other network is probably playing another one of his lame ass songs. You know what that fucked up beautiful girl song’s good for? Well if the world wants to bring the “war on terror” to an end, all they need to do place loud speakers on their tanks and play that song over and over again!! The enemy will probably blow their brains out rather than to endure another minute of that trash!

  16. lol i never like his songs.
    and i never will.
    they are soooooo annoying and the lyrics are so asldfjalfjlsdkjafljs zomg. @__@
    only those siao ahlians will like his songs and put his songs on their blogs. *roll eyes*

  17. this is a typical hip hop/rnb sorta gig. but hey dont start hating everything that kenny hates. Sean Kingston is shit “only” becos the radio plays too much of him. Hidup tupac!

  18. sean kingston is fugly. his pics for his cd covers and stuff are so heavily photoshopped that it’s embarrassing to see him in real life cos he looks so different.
    not many ppl seem to be giving his ‘concert’ good reviews. ah well…

  19. at first i liked the beautiful girls song when it first came out.
    after countless of replays in radios stations and all, just hearing the name “sean kingston” or “beautiful girls” makes me puke.
    he’s too boring aledi la.

  20. his reputation is shit. he was supposed to perform at a club here in newcastle but in the end didnt show up without even an apology..
    thinks he’s some big shot or sth. i dont even listen to his songs. my friends told me that.

  21. wah kenny go see sean king with the songs wah wah wah lau eh
    kenny i never see you sing beautiful girl
    new sole song
    kenny sia sing
    best see ya

  22. He was on sunrise few weeks back and he was kinda out of breath when singing Take You There.Obesity is responsible perhaps?

  23. well.. Sorry to say, the moment radio play his music of “Beauuuuuutiful girl”… I shut it off.. MUAHAHHAA.. I know this pissed lotsa of people, but heck, I hate that song!!

  24. overrated!
    maybe Sean tried to “blend-in” with Malaysians Timing.. *lol..
    Come wit such “piss weak” energy; might as well DONT Come at all!
    Booooooooooo to Sean Kingston!
    Kenny Sia rocks!

  25. I do enjoy his duet with Natasha Bedingfield tho – “Love Like This”…
    But ya, he is over-rated.
    hey, it’s not politically correct to say big black blob… 😛

  26. i dont judge by 1st impression. so no i wont comment anything about him coming late to shows.
    about his song and his credibility as an artist, he can go and piss off. even faizal tahir sounds better than him hahahaha!

  27. sean kingston’s songs are sooooo annoying! a lot of my ah beng cheena friends like him, but i find his songs very annoying!!!
    hen e xin!!!

  28. Oh i only saw the event coverage from newspaper..thought it’s a good one until i see ur post kenny..thnx for some true words! Now i know haha

  29. “It doesn’t matter the fact that he big, black and looks like the size of five Kenny Sia all combined into one”
    what’s wrong being black kenny, you bloody racist bastard!!!

  30. Okay, so the verdict is…
    Kenny, seriously… this was one of your best observation posts… on a total piece of crap singer.
    Goes to show that plastic rap music is nothing without screen editing and vocal editing…
    On stage it’s like TOTAAAAAAAAAAL SHIT.

  31. who the hell is Sean Kingston?
    owner of Kingston Flash Disk factory ??
    the only song i know with title ‘Beautiful Girl’ is that song by Jose Mari Chan
    i guess i’m living in Mars all this time.. -_-;;

  32. I see alot of people echo my feelings on Sean Kingston as well. He is pretty much the worst thing to have happened to music in recent times. What a big load of shit. Seriously I fail to understand how people can listen to his so-called ‘music’… everytime I see his face I feel like punching him. Fat talentless fuck.

  33. HAHAAHAA “Me love.” Great post Kenny! 😀
    Very disappointed to hear that of Sean Kingston though- I kinda like his songs.

  34. Sean kingston’s songs get really annoying after a while. it’s so over-rated , they keep playing it on the radio -_-

  35. ohhhh, don’t be modest, kenny. only one and a half kennysia should be enough to equal that fella. 🙂

  36. Even though his concert sucks, dont lah call him a fat blob or something like that coz you are just the same also what.
    Look at yourself in the mirror first before commenting on others ^_^
    and no, im not a sean kingston fan

  37. Sean kingston’s songs make me and my friends damn tulan leh..everytime we hear him, we switch station.
    is it me? or does everyone find the way he over-exagerates when he pronounces his name at the beginning of every song damn annoying? people can already tell it’s a moron by the way he slurs all over the song with his fake jamaican/indian accents d la.. c’monn.. knnccb

  38. Yeah Kenny, you’re totally right about Sean Kingston. He also did a gig (it’s not really a concert if it’s less than an hour long) down here in Australia and his attitude was pretty much the same. Heck, he looked pissed half the time! Me & my crew were like “give him a break, he’s prob tired from a long flight or sumthin” but I guess this shows he’s always anxious to leave right after each show

  39. i’m taking it that no one heard (or publicized) the indecent proposal golden-boy sean extended to a member of the organizing team.
    my dear pudgy boy sean, sending your body guard to “collect” the woman of your choosing back for a night of oily wishfully-overly-endowed-negro sex isn’t particularly appealing. it doesn’t make you look any better, nor does it make you any more appealing to the ladies.
    oh, and for those of you who were wondering, his sincere invitation for a one night session of sean-lovin was met with a very sincere “NO THANKS”.
    if only life was like the internet. his e-penis would have shrunk by at least an inch.

  40. At first I didnt really bother about the song then found it quite catchy but now its just plain annoying…. can’t stand his other songs as well. for someone so new to biz he sure doesn’t put in much effort.

  41. Gosh.. Kingston bashing.. Im in.. I hate the fact that he had to murder Ben e Kings classic song.. its sooooo well no words to describe the atrocity that he does..

  42. kenny i agree wit u..his concert suck big time!i won 2 invitations to a private function sponsored by Hotlink to watch him live at Coco Banana..what a spammer!event says start at 7pm..he came at 9.30pm and went off at 10.30 wtf..he brought along his skinny rapper along for reasons God knows why.damn kuku la..h8 him >.

  43. Hallo kenny! its nice to b ur reader here. ur blog such such funiest. kwang kwang kwang… well, glad to u all for meeting kingston. iya budak gempal yg ngetop dgn lagu the beaotipul gal. i tot he is such hensem guy coz the voice mengalahkan akon or p diddy. Oh my goshhh, after c his pics album gue bilang ‘unbelievable, amazing, glamouroussss’ Hahahaha….he getting more fatter than b4.
    gambate kenny!

  44. hey kenny…u sound jeles lah..sean kingston can get laid with more hotties you can only dream about during your sunday morning sleep in while you play with your fat of all ppl slag off another fat ass celeb..go fuck urself kenny..

  45. me love kenny!!!!
    free ticket to sean kingston concert or msn with kenny?
    choose kenny over fatty sean !!!!!!!!!

  46. I have never liked that song from the moment I first heard it. It sounds like a really cheesy and lame advertisement jingle. Unfortunately the rasio station keeps playing it repetitively. Come to think of it, Malaysia’s radio station sucks.

  47. err..’you’re way too beautiful girl’ makes u fell less bad about being a fattie?? so ur a girl now huh kenny??? hahaha

  48. It’s kinda funny how you guys diss him for being fat, fugly, boring bla bla bla… but he’s making the kind of money that most of us probably won’t make in our entire lives. Sad to say.. haha

  49. ‘fat blob’ hahaha, thats abiit harsh.. his songs are quite catchy. really suckz that he didn’t quite take the performance seriously. and his botak bodyguard looks like he’s damn ‘beh song’ hahaha.

  50. PLS ok.. kenny he’s only 17 years old.. don’t need to be soo mean about the comments..
    and like as if you are skinny.

  51. whenever i c his face in the screen, i feel like punchin him right at his fat ugly face… come on la… a fat n lazy guy like this… makin girls go wild?? sean kingston’s face is so ‘kiam pak’..

  52. I agree that his live singing is terrible, which is nothing like his recording album. But seriously, calling him a gigantic blob, or 5 Kenny Sia into one (which doesn’t indicates you’re slim) makes one think:

  53. Yes. He’s just another teenage sensation. But please, just give him a break okay? He suffered a lot as a kid and music was his only solace. He was brought up by his aunt and got kicked out at 17 or something (not sure abt his) because she couldn’t accept his music. I’m not saying this guy here deserves to be praised. I’m just saying don’t be too hard on him.

  54. omg, srsly Sean Kingston.
    I’ve never liked any of his songs.
    (yes, including that irritating of a hell “beeeeeautifuuuul giiirlss…”)
    he annoys me.
    but he’s only a kid. 19, y/n?
    i’m sure he’s swarming with money.
    funny, how a black guy sometimes is jibed abt weight issues.
    i read a recent interview of him in 8Days mag
    and boy, i was LOL-ing at how the journalist seemed
    to piss him off. haha.
    “you’re er, not like Chris Brown.”
    “Yeah i know. I’ll be heading the gym for my next album..”

  55. the fact is he is probably making money as much as 5 million times more than you do dear Kenny and he doesnt look half as good as you.

  56. Oii!!! TOOT!!! That’s my darling you talking about!!!
    Oi……………. how dare you!!?? His ‘me love’
    Eish… you don’t know style!! And big is beautiful!!! Eh…….. no comment about you though XP

  57. Aw…life is tough on some folks…ppl like to value other people by their outside appearances… even though they themselves are not attractive at all…and say nasty things…unless they dont mind being called nasty things themselves i guess…i dont really like the song and the singer myself…not because his looks arent appealing…stop judging ppl on their looks alone la…be mature…some ppl are not fat, etc, n very attractive, but are still able to think in this mature way…really admirable…wow haha…beautiful inside and out…it’s so strange and funny when unattractive folks aren’t able to. peace n love n take care!!

  58. Well mere human always look from appearance only but not from inside, but still S.K. is still suck coz come late..

  59. yeah……..kenny,u r looking better than that huge round guy 100 times!
    but….is good to u if u less 10kg.hehe…..

  60. “It doesn’t matter the fact that he is big, black and looks like the size of five Kenny Sia all combined into one. As soon as he opened his mouth and sang his “You’re way too beauuuuutiful girl”, instantly all his sins are forgiven.”
    Are you saying,
    sin #1 – being big
    sin #2 – BEING BLACK?
    sin #3 – being the size of five Kenny Sia
    you racist piece of shit. Being black is a sin now is it? There are so many racist things I could say to you now, but my intelligence gets the better of me, unlike you, who doesn’t seem to possess any.
    and by the way, i am in no way a sean kingston fan.

  61. Haha…”kenny is racist” so emo sey. Relax la babe. If you know Kenny Sia, he’s not someone who are negative like u thought.
    I don’t know what’s special about Sean K. He’s just being lucky to be able to sell his record I guess. So hate it when he sings that “Big girls don’t cry” with Fergie. Rosakkan lagu betul!

  62. Dude,
    You really need to phrase your statements better. I was about to point out the same thing the last guy said. I dont think you intentionally meant to say that being black is a sin but that is really what it comes off as. Not cool brother. Not cool at all.

  63. A typical arrogant US celeb. We can only blame ourselves for giving him too much credits and unnecessary welcome gesture.

  64. Kenny my man, your an entertaining blogger, but I am afraid the way you phrased your words in this particular post is rather offensive especially to black people… I think your attack on Sean Kingston should be more personal if you want to tell people about the performance being terrible, but you are a smart guy, im just curious to see how you get of this…

  65. Sean Kingston sucks.
    When he isn’t “guest starring” on someone else’s song, he’s ripping off an older hit by sampling it (Stand By Me –> Beautiful Girls).
    He’s big, black and ugly to boot. At least Diddy is black but Beautiful.

  66. The way I look at it, Malaysians are just boredshitless and desperately wanted to do something different over the weekends. For example, go clubbing and party with a celeb. Nothing wrong with that, at least you got something to brag about on Monday office morning.
    But in Sean Kingston case, all these sound kind of pathetic.

  67. “It doesn’t matter the fact that he is big, black and looks like the size of five Kenny Sia all combined into one.”
    You might wanna revise your sentence there. I agree with the commentator above, your sentence seems to indicate that being black as something negative, and that’s not cool. Btw, this is the second time I’ve caught something like this on your blog. I can’t remember the post in specific but it was regarding a haircut, a mail, and someone from India or something. I also remember you saying you like girls with Eurasian looks, which is absolutely nothing wrong. However, one can’t help but wonder if you have a lil caucasian/light skin adoration going, and hv negative feelings about people with darker skin.

  68. My 1st time reading ur blog. Like the honesty.
    On Sean Kingston…
    No: 1, he can’t sing.
    No: 2, all i can hear from sean kingston is constant whining.
    No: 3, he’s so fat he can’t wipe his own ass. thtz the explanation to point No: 2.
    Anyways, concert organizers are wasting so much time bringing in dumbo like this, yet slack at convincing divas to wrap themselves up!

  69. Sean Kingston who??? His voice and songs are equally annoying and obnoxious. Hope he gained enough money through this album so that he would fuck off from this industry like, FOREVERRR!!!

  70. wah kenny i oso agree man. damn bloody racist man you. white skin means good black skin means bad is it?
    you are the judge in the beauty contest right? no wonder only a few dark skin are still in lah. that also probably no hope lah with you as judge.
    form sarawak ku klux klan la.

  71. -______-” luckily you didn’t pay for those tickets kan? i would demand a refund.
    he looks so malas in the pics. his back up singer (yes you, the one grabbing your balls) looks much more animated

  72. Getting a recording contract these days has Everything to do with Who you Know and little to do with TALENT. Those Lacking Talent resort to Outrageous & Abnoxious to get noticed. On receiving a Grammy, Toby Keith stated “There are many singers out there much more Talented than me, I am just lucky to have been ‘Discovered'”.
    Sadly, Negative publicity is more beneficial than No Publicity at all. A True ARTIST takes personal pride in Every aspect of Their Performance.
    Now you know What Questions to ask when agreeing to Terms for Signing up Entertainment.

  73. ‘Beautiful girls’ is tops on my MOST HATED SONGS list!!! Makes absolutely no sense….wanna die because the girl is too beautiful. Get a life, get a dick, get a head. I wouldn’t waste two heartbeats to go there for him to take my anywhere…urgh.
    Granted, some of his OTHER songs are pretty OK. I din know he was that fat, tho, you know. 🙂

  74. his song is nice la!!!!!!!! eventhough he is fat! but he is round n “blobby” dunno wat word is that.
    medical point of view of why he can onli perform 30 minutes : he gets tired fast, dancing arround with that mass, he probably has dyspnoe,and high blood pressure, dizziness, leg pain~~~ bla bla bla FORGIVE SEAN KINGSTON

  75. Black?! You said that like there’s something wrong with him because of it! I hope you die of a heart attack and high cholesterol you fat, chocolate cake-eating, racist bastard! I’d expect this from the rednecks in my own country who used to lynch us in the past, but then again they’re less racist now than you are!
    What the hell did Black people ever do to you? Colonize your country? Dominate your politics from the outside? Impose on your internal affairs? Pipe filth and porn into your country? No, that was white people, but I ain’t heard you say crap about them, though!

  76. BTW, I agree that Sean is a fattie and not that talented. But his blackness is not some sin to be forgiven, you damn Klansman!

  77. HI Kenny! Bumped into you and your friend outside Low Yat Plaza KL. It’s great to finally meet you in person, since I have been reading your blog weekly for some time now. All the best man, and keep on blogging!
    Best regards,
    SL Chong

  78. haha…
    nvr tot sean kingston hef so many haters!
    i dnt exactly hate him nor like him but im tired of dat stupid
    “beatiful girls” song.
    i dnt listen 2 radio coz of it.
    but hey!
    dnt ha8 him dat much coz u might end up lovin him 1 day!
    no offence!haha

  79. Sean KingSton is too ugly to be a singer.
    His face got Cb kia look.
    I think if he come down kuching, i will ask ppl to sut tiaw him.
    My cd player almost rosak because of his lousy song. Heng heng my cd player quality.
    I think i will sue him if my cd player and speaker rosak because of him….
    Such lousy song. Kenny sia nasib his camera din spoil when take this picture. coz to ugly the face.
    fat like wad. why ppl like also dono
    u ppl that like him = stupid
    almost make my computer died when load his picture.

  80. i don find kenny insulting.
    people like this memang padan muka kena sut.
    give black & bad impression to black people as a whole.
    Maybe label him as charcoal instead of black.
    he is chao ta kia to me.
    ai tiok pak. come kuching wait tiok sut nia.

  81. my bf like him a i try to hear his album…and guess what? i cant believe his whole album, each song’s background or even intro also shout his name…make me woa..thats annoyed vain fat black ass adore his name so much until need repeat his name at each song..a crap

    You’ll drool all’er if u knew how many cute girls i fucked that nite, u mofo!

  83. Sean Kingston’s Chinese gay boyfriend’s short prick couldn’t fuck deep up his HUMONGOUS ass, and he’s wayyy not happy…

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