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Pinkpau was telling me about her Halloween costume and how she nearly had a “wardrobe malfunction” with it.

Pinkpau: haih stupid wan la i hate nipples
Pinkpau: why do we have to have them
Pinkpau: cos they spoil my pictures >=(
Kenny: At least you girls have a use for them! How bout us guys? We can”t even use our nipples for anything!
Kenny: Except letting our girlfriends poke them.
Pinkpau: or nipple cripple
Kenny: Or play with it like an iPod.
Seriously, why do men need nipples anyway?!

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Doing Karen Cheng

This is a story about Karen Cheng.

Karen Cheng is a Perth mother of two who runs a popular blog at
Karen has a typical mummy blog where she shares snippets of her life, covering topics such as women’s lifestyle, parenting and fashion.

Karen Cheng also has a very peculiar habit.
Whenever Karen is dressed up nice, she will go in front of a large mirror, whip out her digital camera, snap a photo of herself in the mirror, and then upload it onto her blog.

99% of the time, her camera will be fully visible, her eyes glancing downwards towards her camera, and her head tilted slightly to the left as she does that.
She does this so often, her readers even have a name for it.

They dub it… “The Karen Cheng pose”.

One day, Karen received an email from one of her readers.
The reader told her that they were going out for dinner when spotted this large mirror. Since they were all dressed up nice, they decided to take a photo of themselves doing “The Karen Cheng Pose”.

SariPartyGirl doing the Karen Cheng pose

A few days later, she received a similar e-mail from another reader. And then another. And another.
Without even realising, Karen has stumbled across a winning formula.
Girls + Nice Dress + Self-Photography = Big Internet Hit.

Before you know it, a Facebook group was created, 1,104 people joined, 664 people posted photos of themselves doing “The Karen Cheng Pose”, TVs, newspapers and magazines go crazy over it, and a full-blown internet phenomenom has well and truly taken off.

Karen was on holiday in Singapore last weekend with her husband to celebrate her 30th birthday.
Since she has many Singaporean readers, Karen came up with this a crazy idea to combine camwhoring with charity.

Her plan is to get everyone together at one place, do the “Karen Cheng” pose with THE Karen Cheng in front of a mirror, and get each person to donate SGD$10 towards the Singapore Red Cross.
Coincidentally, I was also in Singapore during the same time to attend my high school friend’s wedding, so after some e-mailing each other, I decided to pop into her private function when I was in town.

Waddya know?
Being a mostly girls event, there were babes.

Doing the Karen Cheng with Karen Cheng

More babes.

Doing the Karen Cheng with Sher and Huiwen

And even a dog.

Everyone was dressed up really nice to the point that it was like we’re doing a fashion show.
The best part is? I was one of the very few guys there.
So this is what we do.

I was the luckiest man on Earth for 15 seconds.

Fun and games aside, Karen’s little gathering did end up going to a good cause.
It was just a short two-hour thing, but over 100 people turned up for the event and raised in excess of SGD$2,000 (RM4,600) for Singapore Red Cross.

So this is a story of a 30-year-old mother of two from Perth, who loves fashion and camwhoring so much that she unwittingly started an internet trend, brought together many people, and ended up doing something very good for charity.

And the reason I’m writing about this?
Well, with so much drama and crap going on in blogging lately, I think we all deserve a little happy story. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ten Reasons Why Najib vs Anwar Is Like Dawn Yang vs Xiaxue

By now, everyone should be aware of the highly entertaining fued between Singapore’s queens of controversies Dawn Yang and Xiaxue.

Everyone should also be aware of the dramatic battle of one upmanship between our future prime minister Najib Razak, and our other future prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

I’m not sure if I’m the only person who notices this. But… don’t you think the fight between Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim is so similar to the fight between Dawn Yang and Xiaxue?
Here, let me explain.
Najib = Dawn Yang
Anwar = Xiaxue

What? You mean you haven’t noticed?
As glaringly different as these people may be, they actually have a lot more in common than we give them credit for.
Let’s look at the long list of similarities of these two “almost equally high profile” bitchfights, shall we?

Xiaxue Vs Dawn Yang Anwar Vs Najib
Xiaxue and Dawn Yang are two big time bloggers in Singapore. Anwar and Najib are two big time politicians, both of whom are deputy prime ministers predicted to become Malaysia’s future Prime Minister.
Dawn Yang has a hate site, authored by Dawn Wayang. Najib also has a hate site, authored by Raja Petra.
Xiaxue accused Dawn Yang of lying about plastic surgery. Anwar accused Najib of playing a role in the Altantuya murder case.
Dawn Yang vehemently denied allegations of plastic surgery. Najib vehemently denied having ever met Altantuya.
Xiaxue insists on calling Dawn Yang a liar. Anwar insists on calling Najib a liar.
Dawn Yang used her manager Noel to make Xiaxue shut up. Najib used Saiful (or more accurately, Saiful’s ass) to make Anwar shut up.
Xiaxue refused to shut up. Anwar refused to shut up.
Instead, Xiaxue used the increased publicity to introduce to everyone…
Mr R!
Instead, Anwar used the increased publicity to introduce to everyone…
Mr Balasubramaniam!
It was then that an explosive bombshell was dropped. It was then that an explosive bombshell was dropped.
Shock! Horror! Dawn Yang went to Bali on Valentine’s Day with Mr R! Shock! Horror! Our deputy prime minister likes anal sex!

Now don’t you agree they are just soooo similar?

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Wild, Hot & Sweaty

Over the weekend, I was in KL to attend the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Party.


The event was another one of Nuffnang’s large-scale blogger gatherings since the Pajama Party they hosted in March.
Hey, blogging is never meant to be a solitary exercise and well-organised parties like this one is especially fun to go to.

It’s also a great opportunity to get to know a hot chick or two.

… and maybe a cock.
Being an animal-themed costume party, I half-expected that people might don’t care and just turn up in nothing more than T-shirt and jeans. How wrong was I!
Almost everybody came sportingly dressed as outrageous animals, took part in games, danced and really just completely let go of themselves.

Tarzan Liang (aka Coolest Emcee In The Whole Of KLรขโ€žยข) was again the host for the evening.

Boss Timothy giving the welcome speech.
I thought he might come as a mole (y’know, ‘cos of his trademark mole?) but he came as a lion instead.

Cheesie came as a sexy lioness.
Look, she brought along her lunch box so she didn’t have to eat all the animals there for dinner!
How considerate.

Chris Tock came as a cow, with his udders all hanging out.
The guy won a RM4,000 laptop for being voted Best Dressed!

From left to right, that’s Pinkpau Su Ann as a lady bug, Suet Li as an ostrich and Jolyn as another lioness who came running all the way from Penang.
Su Ann brought along this gigantic leaf and said its her home.

As for me, I came dressed as…

The costume was damn hot ok. Was sweating throughout the entire evening.

A lot of people came up to me and asked where’s my pot of honey.
To that I say, “screw the pot of honey!”
Winnie the Pooh is all grown up now baby.

Audrey the bee flew to my direction thinking I have honey, but I gave her Carlsberg instead.

Finally met Suet Li after hearing about her for so long.
Before this event, I actually thought Suet Li hated me a lot because she boycotted my blog once due to being so mainstream.
But she turned out really nice, and we even camwhored a bit.

From Dreamgirls to bloggers, my girls Adeline the leopard and Hanis the moth.
Five months ago I was dishing out criticism on the clothes they wear.
How strange it must be for them to look at me now dressed as Winnie the Pooh.

With that girl Cynthia, whose boyfriend defeated me in a not very close fight for this year’s CLEO Bachelor award.
Now she wanna kill me. What lah.

Lots of people dressed up as bunnies.
Liang: “Wow, check this out! Four female bunnies to one male. You must be leading a good life my friend.”
Male Bunny: “Yea, but too bad I’m gay.
If all bunnies are like that, they’re gonna go extinct soon.

How awesome is that elephant costume!
Apart from being nominated for best dressed, Shad also won a special prize for featuring his pet TAPIR on his blog.

There’s a cow walking around letting random people cop a feel at his udders.
If only I could do the same thing to girls, the world would be such a beautiful place.

The gorgeous Nuffies from the front.

And from the back.
Oi, look at our tails lah. Don’t stare elsewhere ok.
The buffet dinner served at Modesto’s was fantastic.

It was so good, a cow walked into the restaurant to have his dinner there.
Next thing you know, he walked into the kitchen and mysteriously disappeared.
*cues X-files music*

A chicken and a pooh bear shaking it on the dance floor.
Something you don’t see in Zouk everyday.

I was playing with Cheesie Lioness’ tail, but this picture ended up looking very salah.
Bad Pooh Bear! BAD!

This is Estee the butterfly, who flew in from Singapore.

This is me wearing Estee’s butterfly wings.

This is me wearing Estee’s butterfly wings, Su Ann’s ladybug cap and WenQi‘s bunny ears.

This is me wearing Estee’s butterfly wings, Su Ann’s ladybug cap, WenQi’s bunny ears, Robb‘s porcupine backpack, pulling on Chris Tock’s cow tits.
All in all, an extremely fun evening out and I cannot wait for Nuffnang’s next blogger gathering.

Of course, there are heaps of other photos but I cannot possibly post them all. I’ll let you browse the other blogs for them.
So I’m gonna conclude this entry with a very special community service message.

Stop Animal Abuse.
Please, animals have feelings too.

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This blog entry is dedicated to the stubborn Raja Petra of, who refused to post bail for his sedition charge, and chose instead to sit in jail.

It’s amazing how one election could change so many things.
Before the elections, bloggers were condemned by government officials as if they were scums of the Earth on par with child rapists and mass murderers. One guy named Khairy even compared bloggers to monkeys.
After the elections, suddenly we have monkeys invading the parliament along with his friend, Big Foot.

Before the elections, politicians who blog are mostly those from the opposition parties. Most famously, leaders Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim.
After the elections, even those big shots in the ruling party jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

These past two months alone, we have seen an ex-Selangor MB, the current Malacca CM and the current UMNO Information Chief all starting their own blogs.
The biggest news last week is that our former Prime Minister himself Tun Dr Mahathir has turned into a blogger as well.
So now kids, if anybody tries to tell you that blogging is a waste of time, feel free to say, “But Dr M also does it leh!”

Of course, there is a huge difference in the way these political heavyweights blog compared to the way that we from the younger generation do so. For example, these political leaders don’t talk about what they have for lunch, which celebrities they met up with, or how many pink stuff from Juicy Couture they bought. These people tackle the big issues, using head-spinning words like “judicial appointment” and “press freedom” and “rising crude oil prices.” Younger bloggers like us simply don’t write much of such stuff at all.
What I am saying to these politician-turned-bloggers is, they should really lighten up themselves. Blogging is not just about “changing the political landscape” and all that. It’s also about meeting new friends, doing crazy things and having fun. And these people don’t do enough of that at all.

I mean, you are never gonna see Lim Kit Siang camwhoring like this on his blog.

Or stupid commenters like this in Dr Mahathir’s blog.

Most definitely you are not gonna see Anwar joining some silly “I Sleep Better With Chipster” blog contest.

Still, I welcome these politicians joining our blogging community.
Because previously, when you say “bloggers”, you immediately think bored teenage boys or attention-seeking schoolgirls putting 101 camwhoring photos of themselves in skimpy outfits. As early as 2 years ago, parents used to really hate their kids blogging.
But now, we have old politicians whose average age is 60 years old calling themselves bloggers!
I think that’s a good thing. Old people using new technology is always cool. I just wish they could be more like friends with us younger bloggers, you know? Stop bashing your political rivals for once, and start coming to our blogger gatherings for a change. There’s so much that we can show you.

Maybe sign up with Nuffnang or something.
Whoa, if that happens, then maybe next year’s Nuffnang Bloggers Pajama Party is gonna look like this.

Ok, maybe not.

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Attention, ladies and germs. Behold!

Feast your eyes on the brand new mobile edition of!
It’s new. It’s live. It’s available right now on your mobile phones at!

Now this is actually something I’ve been desperately wanting to do for a long time, but never had the time to do so until recently.
With the introduction of Maxis 3G in Kuching and throughout Malaysia, a lot of people are now using their mobile phones to go online. I know because since I switched over to Maxis and hooked up with one of their Maxis mobile browsing plans, I find myself going online everywhere I go, all the time.

It’s really useful.
Most of the time I’d use my phone to check e-mails or read up on blog comments whenever I’m on the run.
More recently, I’ve been using it to surf news sites like, especially during election time when I wanna be informed immediately which seats have fallen to the Opposition.
It’s not just me that’s doing this. Everyone around me are keeping up with the trend, going online everywhere using their 3G mobile phones. But sadly those people use it for a different reason lah.
They only use it to check the latest soccer results.

Regardless what you use the Internet for, the truth of the matter is that more and more people these days are getting on the mobile web-surfing bandwagon.
As a website designer, a former software engineer and *cough* trend setter, it is therefore only logical that I create a mobile version of to cater for these people.
And here it is.
I call it Mobile. ๐Ÿ˜‰ stands for Mobile.
It is a reworked version of optimised for PDAs and mobile phones.
The content is exactly the same as the original website, but I scaled everything down to so they can fit the smaller screen sizes of mobile phones.
The best thing about the mobile version of is that it has no ads, no fancy animation, no unneccessary graphics. Not only that, I went through great lengths to keep file sizes low, so everything loads faster on the phones and bandwidth charges are kept to a minimum.

Pretty much all the important features of the original blog is there. All the comments left by readers are there. All my older archived entries since the day I started blogging are there, all neatly sorted by categories and months.
The only thing I left out is the comment box ‘cos I don’t wanna have to worry about spam and such. I also left out the Chatterbox because too many crazy people are in there talking non-stop twenty-four seven.

But apart from that, I’m pretty happy with what I came up with.
It took me one full day to do the coding for Mobile, and it wasn’t that hard.
I do hope more Malaysian blogs and websites out there can optimise their content for mobile web browsing though. Sure, nothing beats surfing the web on the desktop right now. But with 3G phones getting smaller, data charges getting cheaper and Maxis 3G coverage getting better, mobile web browsing is definitely the way to go in the future.
And those who aren’t already with Maxis mobile browsing would be left behind.

Like this poor fella right here.

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Singapore Straits Times Also Asks Kenny Sia If Blogging Is Harmful To Health

Apparently over in the US, two bloggers have died over what is presumed to be “blog-related stress.”

Personally, I think putting the cause of their deaths squarely on blogging is a bit ridiculous.
But that doesn’t stop a journalist from The Straits Times (Singapore) from asking bloggers what they think about the whole issue.
Cowboy Caleb was the first interviewed, and that smart arse answered those smart arsequestions in the most smart arse-rrific way that only he can.
A few days later, I got a SIMILAR set of interview questions by the same journalist. I thought the questions were kinda cute, so I’m publishing my reply here.

How many posts do you write a month?
Around 15 entries.
What is the most number of posts you’ve ever written in a day?
One. Bear in mind, I normally spread my time over several days to complete one long entry.
What is the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of blogging?
I wrote a letter to OSIM demanding them to replace Fiona Xie with me on their OSIM uZap ads. They never replied.

Do you find yourself having the urge to blog at the strangest places and times? eg do you blog while having meals, during concerts, in the toilet etc?
The only urge I have when I’m in the toilet is something else. Not blogging.
But come to think of it, the word “blog” sounds very much like the sound I make when I’m doing number two in the toilet. Except after a heavy meal, the sound I make it not “blog”. More like “BLLLOOOOGGGGGGGG!!!!”
Seriously though, whoever blogs in toilets needs to get their heads checked.

How often do you check your blog to see if there are new comments?
Every 4 or 5 hours, or whenever I’m free.
I get a new comment every few minutes or so, and I have the habit of reading those comments on my phone whenever I’m idling.
It is reported that many bloggers suffer from weight loss/gain, insomnia etc. Has your health been affected in similar ways?
Yes, my health has been affected.
Since I started blogging, I went on a detox diet, completed two 42km marathons and climbed the Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. All these are things I wouldn’t have possibly done if it wasn’t for the encouragement from the people I met through my blog.

With reference to the NY times story, those bloggers who died in the US are in fact no different to freelance writers who are paid per piece by companies who hired them. When your pay is determined by how much production you generate, obviously some people get a little bit ambitious and overwork themselves.
Here in this region, we don’t have that kind of system where freelance writers are paid for each blog entry they generate. Most bloggers in Asia are doing it as a hobby. However, there are freelance workers in other industries who overwork, and those are the ones that need to worry about their health more.
Do you feel the stress to beat fellow bloggers in coming up with the wittiest post, the fastest response to a piece of news etc?
Used to, but not anymore. I have my own style and other bloggers have theirs. There’s no point competing, unless you wanna compare the size of our egos then yes, sometimes bloggers compete with each other.
Then again, everyone already knows that my balls are the biggest.

Do you believe that blogging can kill? Why?
Yes, blogging can kill.
Blogging can kill time.
Therefore, blogging is dangerous and bloggers should be put into jail together with Mas Selamat.

Somehow, I don’t think my interview is ever gonna make it onto the newspaper.

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Rejected Stickgal Contribution

Remember Stickgal? The blogger from Singapore who used comics instead of words to write her blog?

She sent me an e-mail recently.
She said that she’s wondering if I could help her out by guest-starring and contributing some entries to

I replied her and told her that I have been extremely busy lately, and that I’m finding it hard enough to update my own blog, let alone contribute to other blogs.
I don’t have a lot of free time. And when I do have some free time, I’d rather take a break from blogging and do “research” on Edison Chen.
Research only hor.

But because stickgal is so cute, somehow I managed to find time in my hectic schedule to contribute a special blog entry to Stickgal.
I spent a lot of hardwork and effort on it. When I sent it in to her, I thought that she’d be very touched because I am so flooded with work yet I still find time to do her a favour.
But nooooooo. ๐Ÿ˜› Instead of posting up my contribution and hailing me as a legendary hero, this is what she wrote to me in the end.

I wonder why.

“Stickson Chen”

My drawing not nice meh?

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A Special Announcement By

My mom and I spoke to each other at length last night.

She was expressing her concerns that all these blogging is taking too much time away from me. Ultimately, I need to decide what is important in my life. And what is important right now is that I focus 100% on my career, spend time with the family, eventually finding a good wife, start a family and settle down.

It wasn’t the first time she had such a conversation with me. The only difference is that last time, I was adamant about keeping running. This time round, I am actually seriously thinking about quitting blogging altogether.

Short of running for Elections, I have pretty much achieved everything a Malaysian blogger can do and more. Because of, I have been to events I never imagined I’d go, met friends I would never have met otherwise and get my photos printed across numerous newspapers and magazines. There’s nothing else left for me to achieve as a Malaysian blogger.

Blogging used to be fun. People used to like me. Last time I used to get a lot of nice encouraging emails. Now I only get like 5 a month, and those 5 are from students needed me to help them do their thesis.

Worse, now my blog is also used as a medium to attack me as a person.

People leave comments and attack because my blog wasn’t critical enough, elegant enough, crude enough, political enough for them. I was attacked because I was a bad judge for Malaysian Dreamgirl. I was attacked because my blog has too many ads, eventhough I turned down many lucrative deals just because I don’t want my readers to feel bogged down by ads.

People use my blog to insult me because I am fat, because I have canine teeth that makes me look like a vampire when I smile, or because I speak with an accent eventhough I honestly could not help it after staying overseas for so long.

Sure, some negative comments is expected, but too much of it is seriously just too much for me to take. Like the last time when I blog about eating a snake in Vietnam, taking a photo with a topless tranny in Thailand, or even something as innocent as experience bringing a hamster to a restaurant.

It wasn’t like this before, blogging used to be fun. Now it has gone so personal it’s ridiculous. It’s getting extremely stressful trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. Wondering again and again if what I’d write would offend people is driving me nuts.

I can’t even function normally anymore. I’m spending less time with my family, concentrating less on work and becomes extremely devoid on social life. I could hardly find the time and mood to go on MSN even.

After updating this blog non-stop for 3 years plus even during my supposed holidays, I feel that now is the right time to make a decision.

I therefore announce that I am quitting blogging forever.

Blogging was fun, but it has lost it’s meaning. Ultimately, there are things more important to me than updating a website. It’s time that I make amends, and do all the things I wanna do in my life before I lost the opportunity to do so.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years.

Wait, what’s today’s date again?

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I Sleep Better With Chipster (aka Nuffnang Made Me Do This)

My niece sleeps well all the time.

My nephew also sleeps soundly all the time.

But they are kids. For me, I can’t fall asleep as easily as they do.
I sleep better only with Chipster.

Ok look, I don’t mean to make a fool out of myself for no reason. But my blog advertising agency Nuffnang is holding a Pajama Party this 15th March for their 1st year anniversary celebration, and I don’t wanna miss it for anything else.
It’s a gathering of over 300 bloggers from all throughout Malaysia and Singapore, in their pyjamas, at the Borneo Baruk Club (next to Pavilion KL).
Just think Dawn Yang in her nighties.

The only way I could be invited is if I do up this entry, and TODAY is the deadline. After everything that Nuffnang has done for me in the past 12 months, this is the least I could do for them in return, right?
Well, not really.
Actually I am “forced” into doing this.
I didn’t really wanna publish this entry at first because I know readers don’t like too many ads on my site. But you see, if I don’t do it, then Nuffnang co-founder Ming Shen would release the entire set of these incriminating photographs he took using a hidden camera when I visited his place last year

Ummm… it wasn’t what it looks like.
I’m not into teddy bears.

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