I Sleep Better With Chipster (aka Nuffnang Made Me Do This)

My niece sleeps well all the time.

My nephew also sleeps soundly all the time.

But they are kids. For me, I can’t fall asleep as easily as they do.
I sleep better only with Chipster.

Ok look, I don’t mean to make a fool out of myself for no reason. But my blog advertising agency Nuffnang is holding a Pajama Party this 15th March for their 1st year anniversary celebration, and I don’t wanna miss it for anything else.
It’s a gathering of over 300 bloggers from all throughout Malaysia and Singapore, in their pyjamas, at the Borneo Baruk Club (next to Pavilion KL).
Just think Dawn Yang in her nighties.

The only way I could be invited is if I do up this entry, and TODAY is the deadline. After everything that Nuffnang has done for me in the past 12 months, this is the least I could do for them in return, right?
Well, not really.
Actually I am “forced” into doing this.
I didn’t really wanna publish this entry at first because I know kennysia.com readers don’t like too many ads on my site. But you see, if I don’t do it, then Nuffnang co-founder Ming Shen would release the entire set of these incriminating photographs he took using a hidden camera when I visited his place last year

Ummm… it wasn’t what it looks like.
I’m not into teddy bears.

Blog Plug of the Day: 50% of the time she gets on my nerves annoying the hell out of me. The other 50% she’s actually very funny.
Therefore I hereby award Ho Swee Kim’s blog, wearesodeliciouslytacky.blogspot.com, the bitchiest blog in the whole of Kuching. Gotta love her post about 15 Things that are officially uncool. You know it’s funny because it’s true.

90 Replies to “I Sleep Better With Chipster (aka Nuffnang Made Me Do This)”

  1. From all the $$$ you’re making from your blog & Adverts, why dont u get yourself a new bed lah bro?
    Hope the teddy had protection.. 🙂

  2. the sleeping position reminds of the way Tony Eusoff “died” in one of the episodes from Malaysiantalents.com and yeah, i noticed ur comment… copycat!!

  3. LOL! Funny la the last picture..and the one where you are sleeping..its like Fu Rong Jie Jie all over again O_O..I am getting ready for my post too =X..i procrastinate, procrastinate and procrastinate.

  4. Your post never fail to entertain! Hahaha…*feels sry for the bear….perhaps the offspring from this unfortunate tragedy shall be named “Teddy-Sia”? LOL

  5. Bear : Get off me, you moron….Son of a …..,lousy bast….,can’t get a gal izzit???
    Kenny : Oh…Who are u calling lousy bast…,loads and loads of gals waiting for me okay, don’t play play….
    Bear : Oh, then start getting out of my ass and quit whinning….kekeke…

  6. this is my first time visiting this blog, and I think the little kids’ poses were too cute. And his pose was hilarious. good one. haha.

  7. i think you will look better if u were holding the half eaten chipster on your arms….btw i totaly think u are in with bears either that you just felt lonely and found the teddy bear…kennysia h*r*y….

  8. Don’t waste your money on Cheatster.
    rm 2.30 for a small pack that is less than half filled.
    WASTE MONEY! Typical Malaysian Cheats.
    Twisties company can go suck on it, biatch.

  9. Someone’s having a cheerleader-dream. Judging on Dreamgirls got to ya, eh Kenny? lol. Judging from the unopened Chipster, you hug it instead of teddy bears?!
    I sure you were trying to save the teddy bear from choking. You failed. Then you cried… >_> Or is that a cry of joys for loosing something else?

  10. Wah Kenny!
    Your fren timothy really won RM100k wo in DOND. And u r busy humping bear? ASk ur fren to treat u to some real action la.

  11. How can I say this nicely? You haven’t heard a word I’ve said. How can you ever think that pose was funny with your beautiful precious niece and nephew sawing logs and counting sheep on the same page just a few floors up? I am surprised they haven’t asked to look at your web page. And if they do and if you show them, consider the damage severe and done.
    But lucky you at least the hot girls think its cute and sexy. You must not have a care in the world, much less the problem/s I have to figure out. I used to be like you. Flirty. “Love” was my main focus even at the expense of other people. But you just quit on those people didn’t you? Jesus Christ and the second coming and how it is all going to end and worst case scenerio problem solving intense puzzles. Who cares about all that stuff now????

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