A Special Announcement By kennysia.com

My mom and I spoke to each other at length last night.

She was expressing her concerns that all these blogging is taking too much time away from me. Ultimately, I need to decide what is important in my life. And what is important right now is that I focus 100% on my career, spend time with the family, eventually finding a good wife, start a family and settle down.

It wasn’t the first time she had such a conversation with me. The only difference is that last time, I was adamant about keeping kennysia.com running. This time round, I am actually seriously thinking about quitting blogging altogether.

Short of running for Elections, I have pretty much achieved everything a Malaysian blogger can do and more. Because of kennysia.com, I have been to events I never imagined I’d go, met friends I would never have met otherwise and get my photos printed across numerous newspapers and magazines. There’s nothing else left for me to achieve as a Malaysian blogger.

Blogging used to be fun. People used to like me. Last time I used to get a lot of nice encouraging emails. Now I only get like 5 a month, and those 5 are from students needed me to help them do their thesis.

Worse, now my blog is also used as a medium to attack me as a person.

People leave comments and attack because my blog wasn’t critical enough, elegant enough, crude enough, political enough for them. I was attacked because I was a bad judge for Malaysian Dreamgirl. I was attacked because my blog has too many ads, eventhough I turned down many lucrative deals just because I don’t want my readers to feel bogged down by ads.

People use my blog to insult me because I am fat, because I have canine teeth that makes me look like a vampire when I smile, or because I speak with an accent eventhough I honestly could not help it after staying overseas for so long.

Sure, some negative comments is expected, but too much of it is seriously just too much for me to take. Like the last time when I blog about eating a snake in Vietnam, taking a photo with a topless tranny in Thailand, or even something as innocent as experience bringing a hamster to a restaurant.

It wasn’t like this before, blogging used to be fun. Now it has gone so personal it’s ridiculous. It’s getting extremely stressful trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. Wondering again and again if what I’d write would offend people is driving me nuts.

I can’t even function normally anymore. I’m spending less time with my family, concentrating less on work and becomes extremely devoid on social life. I could hardly find the time and mood to go on MSN even.

After updating this blog non-stop for 3 years plus even during my supposed holidays, I feel that now is the right time to make a decision.

I therefore announce that I am quitting blogging forever.

Blogging was fun, but it has lost it’s meaning. Ultimately, there are things more important to me than updating a website. It’s time that I make amends, and do all the things I wanna do in my life before I lost the opportunity to do so.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years.

Wait, what’s today’s date again?

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742 Replies to “A Special Announcement By kennysia.com”

  1. wicked! haha.. i saw it coming. the moment i read it, i was like.. happy april fool’s! ๐Ÿ˜€ heh!
    still, kenny dun stop blogging… pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    if u do, its a blogo-tragedy for us netizens.
    nah, Happy April fools’.
    i’m kidding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. alistair,please use ur brains to process your thoughts.and you can even post 2 different comments on this.
    ‘wait,what’s today’s date again?’
    get the hint laaaaa
    happy april fool,fool.

  3. Somehow i guessed you might be pulling such stunts!!!!! Good one.. You got a lot of em worried!!!

  4. hey.. dude.. i like ur blog..
    people comments on the negative side doesnt mean it does harm.. sometimes u need tat for improvement and publicity… u r getting more popular from it too..
    when people say u r suc** a a judge.. bare in mind.. they just never ask whether they themselve can do better than that…
    but if u really spend too much time here.. and neglected ur family.. i think u should quit..
    blog is not a life.. its a part time fun and pocket money.. or maybe u earn a lot from here.. who know… ๐Ÿ™‚
    all d best to you… 27th nov.. we r on the same boat.. haha
    excel in life…

  5. damnit…. u almost got me…. but i guess the things that u mentioned must be bothering u for sometime…. i jus wanna wish u all da best…. ur life is unique and amazing….cheers

  6. Eh blardey Kenny Sia. He scareds me!
    Without kennysia.com my life would be a meaningless void, starved of joy and humour..!
    I was preparing to go back to living in my box and sell off my computer. Damn you Kenny Sia!

  7. cehhh…ya right la…april fool…you shock me damn it, like u care wat people say to u. bwahaha. Nice blog anyway.

  8. how u do that?!
    almost felt like its the end of the world!! (exaggerated)
    how can kenny leave just like that?!
    no, u wont quit until i go blind….i wanna see ur future wife n kids!! i want more!!!
    so keep it up kenny!!

  9. nice one kenny!
    u got me there, for a second, i felt like i will need to read khir toyo’s blog to keep myself entertained!!!!!
    please do know that u hav loads of fans all over the world! im from leeds. and if ur dropping by to uk for one of ur trips….drop me a message! will b great to meet u!
    keep up the good work!

  10. Oh Kenny, please dont quit if you really did meant any bit of it initially.
    I did not read this blog until 2-3 days later so I didn’t get the April Fool joke until I read others comment about date.
    Anyway, you have done a good job blogging and it has been fun following your blog, especially as a Singaporean (I assume Malaysian and Singaporeans are very much alike?) studying in Australia.
    Thanks for the great blog these past 3 years

  11. Chemistry test on April 1st is keeping me hyper-alert. Because of that, I knew it’s a joke after 3 seconds of recognising the title of this ‘post’. Haha. Gosh, exams sure keep people extra mindful of what’s happening, doesn’t it??

  12. oh my!! i was feeling so sad when i read it and then only i realised it was a joke..kenny, don’t quit!!

  13. I read the post like TWICE (in utter shock) before I caught the last line. DAMNIT u got me BIG-TIME!
    No don’t ever stop, Kenny. Checking out your website is my highlight EVERYDAY, for a uni student studying overseas in Hong Kong. U ARE GOING GLOBAL! SO DON’T EVER QUIT!

  14. damn…i was believing you juz now….even i myself already get ready to live on internet without kennysia.com
    Happy April Fool!!!

  15. is it just me or most bloggers decide to do the same i-am-deleting-my-blog joke? hahaha i know from the title liao also this is just april fool.

  16. shit.. u got me there.. haha~ this is my first time commenting on your blog, so here’s what i have to say…Don’t Ever Quit!!! my life would be such a bum without this blog to remind me of home!! keep up the good work!! =)
    p/s: i also would wanna agree with some of the comments above.. u are going global Kenny!! I’m living in Toronto, and i’ve even made some of my friends read your blog!! have a great april fool’s by the way..!!

  17. happy april fool’s kenny.
    I kinda sympathize with you. You can’t even take a short break without going through your blog when you are in Italy?
    C’mon go and have fun, forget about blogging for once.
    Come back refreshed and recharged!

  18. Haha, nice one…I didn’t quite get it until the last line. The first paragraph was a bit OTT though, made me suspicious. Settle down? Focus on job? Wife? Huh?
    On a more serious note…even though I’m not a regular reader of your blog, I enjoy it a lot and hope you keep it up. Kennysia boleh!

  19. I knew something like this was coming xD.
    I am studying at the states now, and will be returning this summer.
    Was chatting with a friend in Malaysia on MSN just now and he tricked me by saying that he is getting married in June. I was like, wtf?
    So yea, already got tricked once. And it’s still 31st here. Boo to you =P

  20. wow, you are killing two birds with a stone. first, you made an april fool joke. second, you managed to attract some attention and you expected people to beg you to keep on blogging.
    such a loser man. i’m not that stupid to be drawn into that trick. i’m not going to beg you to continue blogging. only loser will do such thing to make ppl beg you to keep on blogging. this is sickening! if you have balls, just quit for real!

  21. Damn. This the first time i commented in your blog.
    For a moment i thought you gonna quit for real!
    I feel so sad and i told myself i must send my first email to you to let you know i have been reading your blog all these years!
    You got me!

  22. OMG, u really got me… i have been ur loyal reader all dis while… i actually felt disappointed that I wouldn’t have something 2 look forward to when i log into ur blog everyday…
    well, i tink u’ll probably quit blogging when u r in …fifties? or probably u’ll continue blogging till u r in ur eighties.. LOL.. n u’ll blog bout ur grandchildren then..

  23. oh my kenny! it’s the first time i left a comment in your website because i was so afraid of you realllllly quitting blogging! ):
    i really enjoy what you blog all the time; providing your funny and sometimes lame views. it really cracks me up! way to go!

  24. wtf!!!
    wahahaha! you really got me there!!!
    nice prank mate!
    but i must say, just rmbr there’s life beyond blogging…and that’s what you are getting out of it =P the many different experience of life itself!!!
    neway, still like your blog, and i just laugh at your attempts of making “entertaining” advertisements… but still those are probably the only long text adverts which i’ll ever read in my life so kudos for that!
    cheers and lots of fun in Italy!remember to go to the top of the hill to enjoy the sunset in Florence…(was it michangelo? forgot already) nice classic view of the city…

  25. Turn this site to an enterprise. Turn this to a business like ….
    To be globally success,u must learn to accept. u only need to package it properly.
    I have a dream, I have a plan. I have a hope.
    kennysia.com worth more than a $millions…
    if your choice is set for peaceful mind, so be it.

  26. f u kenny i hate you for doin this.
    i use the internet for two things- kennysia… and porn.
    wat should i do now? this aint healthy…

  27. attn: 2birds. if u think it’s such a loser thing and wont be so stupid to fall for it..and so against this blog..why the hell are you still reading it, and commenting so strongly on it?! man u r pathetic. say til like that, then still bother to keep reading…blatantly ur the loser here

  28. got the joke from the very first line..
    and anwyways we all know that you will not stop blogging..after all the fame and publicity you receive..
    try elaborating the joke..like taking a break for a full month..then people might really believe this joke..

  29. that is so predictable..i wont believe kenny sia would quit blogging. even if kenny sia 100 years old an still alive, he would blog until he dies.right?
    happy april fool!!

  30. OMG. i really tot that u were gg to quit. I wun be able to face the withdrawal sympthoms!!!!So pls dun ever QUIT!

  31. friends,
    kenny is saying…be nice to me , ok!!
    Newly elected Presiden Mah of Taiwan once was in the restaurant during his campaign. He was so impressed with the food cooked by the chef, he insisted to shake hand with the chef inside the kitchen. The old chef told him to back off, cos he is the supporter of Meng Ching Tang(opposition). Mah was so gentlement and told the chef, it is ok if you never support me, but I really like your dishes and I want to shake hand with you and thank you. The chef complied.
    All wonder whether the chef had voted Mah for president?
    Always reply people who critise you and say Thank you. whether you take itor not, you can be some1 with open minded, open heart.
    Mah won 7 mil voters’ heart…even 5 mil did not support him.

  32. i don’t say this at all but this post should be tagged under KNNCCB.
    happy april fool’s day

    Please let this be April Fool.. Or I personally hunt you down in Kuching.. all the way from Mukah with my Twinkle…I even ask everyone to sign petition also so that u will keep on blogging.

  34. April Fool… you got me for a moment there! HAHAA…You can’t stop bloggin’ man, you’re too wanted! XD

  35. Sure or not………..don’t learn from M’sia politician, very bad.
    Fong Po Kuan :
    came out an annoucement not to take part in 2008 general election right nomination date. But end up she change her mind and she even remove the statement from her blog after she won the Bangku.
    A.Sivasubramaniam :
    A statement copy paste from The Star
    “IPOH: It was a day of drama for the Perak coalition government when a DAP assemblyman quit from his party, รขโ‚ฌโ€œ sending party leaders scrambling รขโ‚ฌโ€œ only to retract his resignation six hours later.”
    Now Kennysia.com…….

  36. i knew u wud come up with something April Fool!!! i smiled at reading your April Fool post. u stop blogging is like kuching lost its cat. LOL!

  37. Good on ya, Kenny. You got me. I was reading your blog as my 1st thing to do in my office today and I was a bit feel like crying and wondering that you are now in Italy and you did talk to your mum for a long conversation?? Guess what, your blog is a side dish for my lunch every day. Please keep it up and keep my lunch tasty. Cheers.

  38. reading the long post, i was thinking “at least use a better joke lar. and leave the chatbox alone woeii..”
    u shldve picked another day to do it so it wld be actually scary. then u’ll see “fanboy died from heart attack in office cubicle” news soon.

  39. My first comment since visiting KENNYSIA.COM more than a year ago!!!!
    Hi Kenny….I have truly enjoyed your experiences. Of course I don’t agree with somethings you blog but this is part of the free speech society. Eversince moving to Perth, Australia has shown me what freedom really means. Your experience in soaking up bad comments will help you to be a better man. I support you decision to quit as I believe you will have a brighter future ahead since you have already built a strong foundation for yourself. Rest assured this generation will remember you even 20 years time when you decide to blog again or appear in the media.
    Oh! I truly believe you had a hand in giving DAP the victory in Kuching.
    Good on ya mate.
    May God Bless your life richly.

  40. Hey I have canine teeth too…. but we rock!
    Anyway, maaannnnyyy people blog these days, for many reasons. And they still have time for family etc. I think it is more of a balancing act. You mentioned that blogging helped you achieve a lot… so why dont you sustain those achievements by continuing to blog further. Blogs evolve to different levels over time. Your readers cannot expect the same throughout.
    Kenny, dont blog to be liked. Blog to be heard!
    Happy Fools’ Day

  41. ok..ha..ha funny…yeah and i thought you are going to whack the site..just keep em coming..i just cant get enough …..

  42. You rawk. I got tricked by me. Was gonna shed tear for you man! There are things I dun really like how you blog. But then again, its your blog :)Keep blogging!

  43. *sighs* Kenny great joke there man.. wth you almost gave me a heart attack.. I really thought it’s real and I totally went moodless.. haha..
    couldn’t imagine daily life without having to click on kennysia.com.. =p
    Happy April Fool’s Day people..

  44. Hahaha.. Andrew thinks Kenny is really quitting ๐Ÿ˜› that is another joke by itself too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy April Fool to Kenny, Andrew and to everyone else

  45. man. i must admit, you got me there. that was a mean joke! kenny how can i live without reading your blog?

  46. Haha…Kenny sia !! What a joke man.
    You scared the shit out of me. How can I live without kennysia.com man.
    Dont tell me this is true. I am going to kill you if you stop blogging…. hehe. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Keep it up brother !!

  47. Sh*t….i feel so sad at the moment i read………..not until i read the last sentence…..keep up with your good work. we all love you. well, at least i love you…i mean ur blog.

  48. wow.. i read Cleo last night and i saw u, one of the 50 guys… then for the first time i log on to your blog and this is wat i got … great job!

  49. CHEH!!
    Really tot it was real!!!
    Anyway… keep going!!
    Been reading kennysia.com for a while now.. n i stil can’t get bored of it…
    Introduced lotsa my frens too~~
    Happy April Fool’s Day to u too~~!!

  50. L O L ….
    i was very very very surprised to see u quit from blogging.
    i didn’t know it was a prank . good trick !!
    … honestly, dun ever stop blogging !!!

  51. Hello…this is my first time to leave comment. but I regularly visit your blog. when i first read this article…I thought here we go again, another April Fools day article just like marketman in his blog. Hey, bear in mind, you grow to become a great person bec of all the criticism. This is your blog and you deserve to write and talk what you want.
    TC….& good luck.

  52. niama you
    too much la you, farker…
    my heart sank, u bloody poop!!!
    damn you… damn you!!!
    am usually just a reader who nvr comments..
    see what you’ve made me done!!
    You quit, I make sure everyone come smacking you upside down everyday…

  53. Omg….!! You scared me, seriously, lol!! I forgot the date today… -_-” and you sounded sooooo serious about it lo……… sweat.

  54. regarding the advs, actually another reason i like ur blog is bcoz the way you start a post,until the end link your writing to the product is very attractive. ppl will not get bored of the way you advertise the product rather they are interesting to find out, what product you are saying. That is my personal opinion.
    To become famous, you have to be able to accept how other ppl look at you through magnifying glass. Be strong man. I support you.

  55. WAHAHA
    happy april fool day to you too kenny… ๐Ÿ˜€
    but somehow, part of it is quiet true… the part about blogging used to be fun until you are being judged by others and the stress and all… but still, a happy april fool…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. what the hell kenny dont quit your blog what is this dont tell me april fool again
    please remove your comen or the page
    a short blog well do thank you
    just me your fan here jeremiah here

  57. Okay, I was on the verge of crying until I saw the last line…
    I have been reading your blog regularly for the past two years (never left any comments) and I also email my friends the link to your blog whenever you posted something extremely funny.
    Kenny, you are on the fleshy side but you look absolutely adorable and healthy…I’ve seen skinny ppl who looked like they are going to faint the next second and they don’t even look half as good as you do.
    I just want you to know you are really good. I remember Liang Wen Fu (famous Singaporen song writer) had once said, not only newbies need encouragement, seasoned songwriters needed that as well.
    So here’s some encouragement from me, to an old bird blogger like you ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. crap u , it was so touching all up until the last phrase wen u asked bout wad’s the date for today. CRAP man! nearly shed tears. but, wtf man, u tis boy.
    Happy April’s Fool! LOL.

  59. whoops … i fell right into the trap.
    great one, kenny. really love your blog and would be very sad to see it go.
    anytime you need a bloggerly hug come to aunty biblio!

  60. You got me there. I was on the verge of calling my friends and telling them “Hey Kennysia’s quitting blogging!!” Seriously, I almost made a fool of myself.
    Good one Kenny!

  61. i was like cursing at those people who insulted you and thinking noooooo! he can’t! until i read the last line!
    damn u kenny! good april’s fool. took me a little while because it’s not april here yet!
    happy april’s fool!

  62. Eh Kenny. Get a good hold of urself. Though i know it was a 1/4 prank, i wouldnt even feel any sadness even if u were to really quit blogging. I hv fun reading ur postings but frankly, it will not be a loss to any of us shld u really decide to call it a day.
    But having said this, dont quit la.

  63. Happy April’s Fool everyone, including Kenny.. nice post ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, u’ve done great all these years, my colleagues and I all enjoyed your blog.. I’m sorry to hear that blogging is taking your time away from your personal life.. just take some time off! ๐Ÿ˜› dun quit!

  64. i think you should quit for good. first of all, you are too proud. everytime i notice that you never smile at people and your face is like pppl owing u tons of money. just quit for good.. i was so happy to read about it until the end when u said it’s April Fools.

  65. Try just be urself. Don’t try to immitate the guru of all blogging, Maddox. It is just very pathetic when u do.
    Life is too short to be someone else.

  66. That is a super cool one!! Was wondering is this guy really going to quit FOREVER?!?! As he is getting so much superb “benefits”. He must be crazy and need doctor if he is quiting. Haha. Happy April’s Fool!!

  67. Hahaha!!
    I just updated my own blog warning people about April Fools Day pranks!
    I didn’t fall for it~
    Nice try though! And I must say that personally, I adore your vampire-like teeth. =D

  68. By the way, we have not seen KNNCCB on Kennysia.com for quite some times already… Become a good boy already?
    F8ck la, KNNCCB! Use it!

  69. he have had quite some experiences in doing tat ‘gone wif the wind’ thing…
    meaning? not to say putting up such bombastic blog, he wont even tell if he did quit

  70. Happy april fool!!! Dude, I was so disappointed when I read the word QUITTING BLOG FEVER FOREVER…I thought there will be no more entertainment… Nway,hahahaha… keep on updating ur entries… I love reading them!!!

  71. Geez…I thot you’re quitting for real. Was juz thinking what a waste of talent! ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep blogging there…

  72. happy april’s fool kenny ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please please don’t quit your blog, it’s the only fun thing for me to read T_T

  73. Kenny, u said there is nothing left for u to achieve as a Malaysian blogger??
    Why? Are u becoming complacent? There is still SOOOO much to achieve. Until the day the whole world knows u (be it for good/bad reasons), u have still got hearts to move & minds to tickle.
    Heard of “The pen is mightier than the sword”? U can surely prove to others that a Malaysian can go international. As some had commented here, Kenny, u are going global. So don’t stop!

  74. i used to be a silent reader. mans.. i sure hope it’s what they say and it’s an april fools’ joke because i actually really like reading your blog. sure, it made me cringe sometimes but i think the number of times it made me laugh out loud or amused completely outweighs those cringe worthy moments. rock on kenny!

  75. Tooooooooooooooooooooottttttt *!#&%&#@%& TOOOT!!!
    Good one. Don’t do that again man.
    Remember this, if there’s 50 people who hates you, there’s always 500 more who loves you. So don’t quit. Keep it going man. Happy April Fool’s day to you too.

  76. Lawl. I was fooled at first, THEN I realized today’s date. Hahaha. Kudos for springing that one on us. : D

  77. *takes kenny up and slam on the floor*
    goodness.i got a total shock upside down inside out! and forgot the date.

  78. I can’t believe that you guys actually got fooled the moment you read it. I knew it was coming because I was expecting it when I decide to visit his blog today. *laughs hysterically*

  79. U JackA**….
    i as abotu to believe it and start sending sms to all my frens…grr…..but when i read back..now i realise it is prank…Cisss.s……
    haha…well Kenny…u rock regardless how u look like…appreance is deceiving. Keep on blogging and passing out information for us…. Thanks to u…

  80. Kenny,
    This is the first time I’m leaving you a comment altho I’ve been your loyal reader since a few years back!
    Phew, I was a bit shocked at first, but WTF.. dun pull such stunts on us lah dude!

  81. I still don’t dare to rule out the possibility of it.
    But even if it’s a prank, is the pouring-of-heart, and the sharing of hurts and disappointments, jokes too?
    Did we not became a bunch of people who expects him to be a clown, while always be ready with a whip in our hand just in case he crosses his line, as if he’s some exotic, crazy animal?
    If those things written were true, that you’re starting to neglecting things that are important to you, I support your decision to quit. Your family and all that you’ve listed is definitely more important than all these I’m-bored-need-someone-to-dance-around-to-entertain-me readers.
    So, if you are really quitting, I wish you all the best in life.
    Be well, and live.
    Take care.

  82. erm i also love reading kenny’s blog but it sound like it true… well happy holiday for Kenny! gonna kill u, if u don’t quit

  83. Nice one kenny… But we all do know its an april fool prank… LOL!
    Dun care la what these people think of you… We got your back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. omg.
    i always get tricked on april fool.
    so i wanted to stay home and not be fooled
    and i read ur blog.
    and i cried cus u wanted to stop blogging!!
    tell me its april fool joke.
    i dont mind getting fooled at home.

  85. freak me out!!when i was jz about to post a blog with the topic ” kenny sia has quit blogging4ever”, then i clicked the link below without knowing i was being fooled yet..then i read the comments here…ARGH!!
    happy april fool day =-=”’

  86. i’ve always been a silent reader in ur blog…
    i reali enjoy all ur jokes n posts…
    dis is de 1st time i leave a comment in ur blog..
    i’m trying hard not to curse u rite now…
    i reali thought u were goin to stop blogging…
    i was goin to curse those ppl who insult u until i saw de unexpected ending…
    u r de first person who pranked me today…
    i can’t believe de first person who pranked me today is a blogger who dun even noe i exist…
    damn…i feel like killin sumone rite now…

  87. hey kenny, please don’t quit bloggin’…all of us will have absolutely nothing to do to look busy and no more meaning in “eating snake” at the office!

  88. *LOL* Can’t help but think that what you’re saying is honestly what you feel, although you’re playing a prank. You’re very strong to be able to endure it all these years, I know I wouldn’t be able to cope as much! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Anyway, Happy April’s Fool! (you got me for a moment there *sheepish*)

  89. OMG KENNY!
    not funny!!!!!
    its still march 31,2008 here in Canada… and i read your blog and check for updates like…every 6 hours!
    I’m glad you’re not quitting… but seriously there’s loads of ppl reading your blog thats not commenting maaaa.. maybe i should email you and ask for help with my stupid research paper too!
    LOLS~ happy April Fools you loser.*laughs*

  90. Hi Kenny,
    Stan Lee once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”
    You gota continue writing stuff that you like~ That’s your responsibility since you are given the power of blogging ^o^
    Aka aka fighting!!
    p/s: I L-I-K-E reading your blog.

  91. you must be joking eh…is April fools day..lmao…nice 1 kenny…hope you don quit eh…support u dei

  92. U COW!!! For a good 10 mins I was feeling sooo upset!!! idiot lah u!! Somemore wasted my 50Cents in SMSing u!!! WTF~~~~ *angry!! need to binge eat*
    If my dieting plan fails cos of this, you are holding FULL RESPONSIBILITY to lose weight with me!!!

  93. my gawd!!! i love your blog and when i saw that BIG anouncement, i got the shock of my life!!!
    then… i remembered that it’s April Fool… u got me there.

  94. WTF !!! u got me there…haha. seriously, dont stop blogging…u help me learn new words and i enjoy your reads alot…forget bout negative comments…brush it off…doesnt all celebraties get harsh negative comments all the time?
    keep it up…and continue blogging !

  95. WTF KENNY I HATE U HOW CAN U JOKE LIKE THIS TO US??? ARGHHH!!! damn, my blood frozed… stupid stupid kenny. but then again, that’s pretty smart… ugh.

  96. sob…i was so sad when i read this…after i read the comments only i remember tat today is 1st april! =D~

  97. OMG this was really low punch!!! i have so much fun reading your blog from Slovenia and see whats going on in malaysia and now suddenly you shut it down????? i was like what the hell is he crazy???
    and i just realized its april 1st hahahaha
    omg… very good joke :pPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
    you SHOULD NEVER STOP BLOGGING because your blog is a really unique one!

  98. I was cheated by your post lo…sudd felt pathethic for your situation..anyway, good job for your 3 years blog. Well done o…

  99. what a goood joke then!
    ur blog is the most interesting i’ve ever read so pls keep on the good job. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. i knew u’ll come up wf such stunts!hehehe..nice one kenny!anyway if u’re still feeling unappreciated…we luv u lots!!u come up wf the most entertaining blogs,hehehe..

  101. KENNY ur so evil!!!! i hate u!! ='(
    U seriously made me sad to read that ur gona quit… darn… Im such a great fan of urs how could u do this do me?!?! LOl… how dumb of me to believe it, but well yea, honestly was so shocked and sad that u said ur gona quit blogging forever.. DONT ever quit blogging! I will mourn… ='(

  102. hi..kenny. i just got your blog add from my sis. Once i open your blog and saw your jokes. I tot it was real and tot i am so unluckily. But half way reading, i know you lie. HAPPY APRIL FOOL’s Day!!!!!! and i dont wanna to be another fool.

  103. WHA LAU I WAS LIKE HUH??!! WTF. omg i dint even get it EVEN when u asked what the date was today. WHA IM SO SLOWWWWWWWWWW
    anw nice one. dun ever stop blogging alright?? =)

  104. Gosh u are damn good Kenny! I fall for it. Kanasai one hehehhe. Plz don’t stop blogging though. Love u much and this come from a man hahhaha.

  105. wahlau, gave me a heart attack there for a while. seeing that i came here to perth and found ur website, i was at least comforted knowing that a famous malaysia blogger came from perth ๐Ÿ™‚
    keep blogging!

  106. Aihz,no need to trick ppl lah Kenny…When you said you wanna quit blogging i immediately know today is April Fool Day…kukuku~

  107. Hey Kenny! Jess from Australia, Melbourne here. U GOT ME =.= happy april’s fool!! i got trick 3 times today so far.. more to come.

  108. i almost get cheated. would be bored like hell if u really quit blogging. damn u kenny! nice trick! LOL~!

  109. Eh, I didn’t realize today’s April’s Fool’s Day, haha ๐Ÿ˜›
    That definitely made me gone “WTF?!” XD Great joke ๐Ÿ˜›

  110. Darn You, Kenny!
    Almost got tricked by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You better not stop blogging… *I’ll KILL YOU* (In Achmed the terrorist’s tune)
    Keep up the great blogging sensation, Kenny! Way to go!!!

  111. gosh..i almost had a shock of my life reading this la..i so love ur blog ok..but anyhow,its a great prank.. =)

  112. OMG, when i read tru it. I had a heart attack. I really believed it was going to end just like that.. My mind goes ” JUST LIKE THAT? He going to end JUST LIEK THAT” omg… you got me.. u had me..

  113. teruk lah u!!!! u really got me there!! but have u actually spend time lookin 4 our other 1/2 yet? or too busy zooming around. anyway, HAPPY APRIL FOOL!!!!

  114. OMG.. nearly got me there…. =.= don’t quittttttttt……………….. i’ll be devoid of cheap cerebral entertainment..

  115. Its good then ,you quit and have a good rest..no more blogging..and wont hurt plp feeling and wont destroy plp’s marriage or family…Wateva it is..
    bon vovage!!!!!!!!!!

  116. please don’t do anything that silly PLEASE!!!!!
    happy april’s fool

  117. niama….i almost hit my head on the wall when i first read this…ey kenny, no other things to do meh? go masturbate yourself laa even better!

  118. …………
    i was jus looking for kenny’s email so that i could say something nice but now…. !@$#%@#$^*^%*%@
    thts one hell of an april fool’s joke

  119. Damn u kenny…. I was busy in office the whole morning that i decide to have a break to ur blog to find HUH.. quitting?? By glancing through the text i quickly scroll down till end if there is some error in the site… but still bear with the feeling that u r quitting with all the concern u wrote that u address before..So i reset back and read the whole text..till the end..sadly…until i find why is there a link to the date of today???>>>gOD April Fool…..u KNN..coconut ^^

  120. omg..u shocked me…
    though i believe part of it is true, i still cant take the fact that u’re quitting. pls dont ok!
    u have my support forever. i’m just a reader who logs on kennysia.com everyday and leave comments once in a while. but this blog has brought me many laughther and joy. i am a kuching-nite i can say that a lot of my coursemates here hv changed their perspective towards kuching because of ur blog. u are such an impactful blogger.
    all these are sincere. haha. not an april fool’s joke:P

  121. hey kenny,
    nice joke there.
    Happy April Fool by the way.
    U are who u are, don’t change to suit others.
    If u changed, and u ain’t kenny sia anymore.
    Keep up the nice work.

  122. this might be a joke, but i think the feelings expressed is not. kenny is telling the truth about people bashing him for no reason.
    but he’s leaving out the positive comments in his comment box.
    we still love you, kenny!!!

  123. good one… haha…
    remembered its april fool day…
    but really shock …
    u r so creative… u should quit…

  124. If I never clicked the link to read the comments I seriously thought this was true -.- knnccb
    Kana con sial! Anyways Happy April Fool’s Day!

  125. bloody hell kenny, you had me from the start you jerk! lol dont quit.
    i literally forgot that it’s april’s fool today LOL.
    keep the blog going. ;] all the best, kelly.

  126. Ohh I love your posts! Don’t quit blogging! ahha
    I thought it was real, but as I’m scrolling down I realised it’s April Fools’. But please don’t quit, really ):
    Write more about Jay Chou!!

  127. lol i’m not shocked cos one of my favourite gossip sites pulled the same prank. happy april fool’s!

  128. what??.. april fool?? damn i should’ve read the whole page.. arghh!! yup you got me….!!(fixing my rocket to your location…..buawahah..)

  129. OMGoodness….. KENA TIPU!!!!!
    SWEAT! SWEAT! SWEAT!….. KENNY… I GOT ME!!!! DARN IT!!! hahahha….
    PLS… dun quit blogging… i really enjoys your blogging man…. hahahah….
    I”LL KILL U!!!!!!!
    Me and Grace loved reading your blogs la…hahah.. CHEERS MAN!!!!!

  130. Hi, this is the first time i left a comment after reading your post, and i have to admit… U GOT ME :p Happy April Fool Kenny =)

  131. But the joke is…
    actually what you wrote is pretty true…
    go overseas holiday also need to update blog…
    can’t even catch a proper break!

  132. if u quit… i’ll haunt u till u blog again…
    haha.. from the moment i read this post i knew it that it will be another april fool’s jokes..
    Deep inside my heart i know that Kenny Sia will never quit… haha..
    whatever laaaaaaa
    happy april fool day…

  133. a good one . .
    many of us here have been reading and have an enjoyable moment here.
    I hope u are able to be urself while u are blogging, if u do really find out blogging take too much of your time, blog lesser but not quit.

  134. The most common words S’pore uncles used “Kan Ni Na”
    i though u retire liao.Happy FOOLS Day!

  135. I knew it the very moment i saw the page. Cos you tried something similar last year as well.
    And come to think of it, a year have passed! Time flies. Gonna get married soon *LOL* .NOT.

  136. i nearly cried laaahhhhh. i wanna continue to read kennysia.com. /___________________________\ hopefully it’s a joke. /_____\

  137. Bah.. ๐Ÿ˜› i knew from the start it was an April’s fool thingie..!! aiyoh.. !! i expected a better trick from you lah … muahahah!!

  138. walao!!!!! u ah!!! stunned me a while… can’t believe it…. wawahahahakkekekeke… u r good!!! Good!!!! Kena fooled by U!!!!! hahaha…well…keep it up….
    ps: this my 1st time i leave comment….:)

  139. As many others, it’s the first time I am commenting here yet I’ve read every single post of yours.
    Even though it’s just a joke, I believe these are still your concerns deep inside.
    Don’t ever give up no matter how many people are out there to bring you down, because if you quit, you are bringing down many other people like me.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Take care and enjoy life!

  140. oh..upon reading i know it!
    could have just delete the whole domain for one day!!
    haha..try be more innovative next time..
    happy April Fool Day!

  141. long time i dont read ur blog and my friend showed me your link. I was so happy that u finally stop blogging, but the april fool. cheh cheh cheh, chehhhhhhh larrrrrrrrrr

  142. Damn la! I was fooled even though I know today is 1st of april. But honestly did u experience most of the things you stated above? and having hard time for communicating with your family because of work and blogging?

  143. Kenny!!!!!!!!!! why u do this to ur readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was extreamly sad when u said that u decided to quit lah….I didn’t know that it is joke until i smsed my friend.

  144. omfg lmao.
    you got me on that one! xD
    i was gonna go ‘ZOMGGGGG KENNY NOO KENNY NOOOOOOOooo” around the net, till i saw the last sentence! rofll
    I do srsly hope this is an april fools’ joke lol.
    loving your blog kenny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. ergh. damn. caught me…
    but on a serious note, i am sure there is some truth to kenny’s comments. I do see much more critical comments on his blog and i am sure any human being will certainly do feel a little hurt by such comments.
    I do hope that such people who are put off by his blog to just pls stay away. No one is forcing you to read his blog…

  146. I was planning to do this, but oh well, our dear Kenny has just done it so i guess I’ll have to think of something else. Anyways, good job dude. If I weren’t planning for this i would have gotten fooled by ya. Very convincing. ^^

  147. lol. i just know this is an april fool joke~
    but what you have written are all so true to begin with. still, i just don’t quite believe you’ll quit just like that.
    anyway, when there’s people who like ur blog, i’m sure there’s also people who don’t. i’m sure every one understand this so, i don’t really think it’s a problem to worry about. except that some that couldn’t take the pressure might choose to stop blogging but i don’t think you are one of those.
    lastly, i just hope you’ll achieve even more better things in the future. honestly, i’ve been a reader for as long as i can remember even before i started blogging myself. you’re one blogger that i respect and yet this is the first comment that i’m dropping. anyway, good luck.

  148. too bad. i got fooled too many times today, I can’t help but saw it coming the first paragraph i read.

  149. This actually got me to post a message for the first time ever. I really fell for it and was totally stunned at the prospect.
    Been reading your blog over a year now, and it was good to see you getting the opportunities and exposures and deals- good on ya mate! You deserve it. Love your writing, love your style. Please don’t stop!!!

  150. lol.. Knew it at the first glance of the post. I know you won’t quit blogging now one la. You still have the passion to blog in previous post, with the buildings and all. Having the patience to upload the pictures one by one and arrange them is showing that you still have the passion.
    Happy April Fool.
    p/s: I still not yet putting a prank on people today. No idea how =P

  151. So disappointed Kenny… this prank is lame EXACTLY because it is so predictable… You could have done something more subtle and novel.

  152. LOL! Thats a good one, you really caught me! Well, I have been reading your blog consistently since early 2005 and had been supporting you all the while, so even if you really decided to quit, I will give my full support to you! But it is good to know I’ll be able to continue reading your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. OMG u almost got me right there till I remembered today’s date. Kenny, U’re such a cheeky jerk. But I still love ur blog. Pls don’t ever consider quitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. LOL! you’re supposedly on vacation but yet you remembered to pull an April Fool’s prank on us. ROFL. Although of course the entry for the most part were true but you know you have more supporters and avid fans, than critics and flamers reading your blog. *nudge nudge, wink wink*

  155. just ignore those negative comments, you know you have some people who loves your blog.. =)
    happy april fool people..

  156. i didn’t see it coming! u scared me when i saw the huge bold words of “quitting blogging forever”
    i felt a sudden pang of sadness. reading yr blog has become part of my everyday life. without your blog, i dont even feel like reading the others. you are an inspiration Kenny, and more than a few times u made my day with yr witty and creative posts.
    dont let the detractors take you down, you still have loyal readers supporting you nationwide!

  157. u fooled me!! please don’t do that again! i was actually very sad.. ='(
    no matter what, don’t be affected by those donkey critics.. just keep on doing what you’re best at!!
    make full use of that superb talent of yours!!
    loyal readers will always support u! =D
    jia you!! =D=D=D

  158. Stop blogging la….stop blogging la..
    If you’d said something like your fingers cacat already…you can’t type anymore…then we believe you.

  159. One of the coolest post I’ve ever read… well.. seriously you got me there.. Felt amazed all of a sudden… not amazed.. i mean… it was an eye-opener…. continue to entertain us with your other wacky posts!

  160. um kenny dun mind i sae tis ar……………….. u may stop blogging but can you keep the blog of ur old archives???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    u mention smewhere the kolo mee very nice 2 eat. i m still looking 4 it. KTHXCU.

  161. ooyoh kenny wah u so big oredi ur mother oso gif u lecture on blogging ethic wan??!!! tis not veru realistic blog entry leh………………. compare to ur other entry this wan is veri unrealistic n exagerated……………………………………… i tink a better idea is 2 sae tt ur computer crash n ur fingers bcome fried……………………………………………….can consider changing ur april fool entry kennot??!!!!

  162. kenny, this is the 1st time i leave u here a msg, and i have read ur blog since more then a year… i always check for update in ur site..
    when i saw this blog entry u wrote today… there is 6 words i would like to say to u!
    keep the good work!
    Beaufort colledge 1999 student!

  163. hey kenny. i was stoned when i read about this post. then i noticed today is actually april fool. nice joke anyway. it’s really good one. it’s way better than some stupid jokes i’ve cracked in my school today. it was a little scary at first but then, i felt stupid.
    just imagine how many life you have affected since you started blogging. i think a lot, a big amount probably. reading the journey of your life is interesting. i just started reading your blog not long ago and it has not really affect me yet. i think it will. personally, the way you blog is cool. your posts about our country’s politics is just great. really. i’m not kissing your ass or what but i have to say, you ROCK! .. AHAHAH ..

  164. Wow! That takes me by surprise ! sad actually until i read the last sentence …. ๐Ÿ™‚ WHAT A RELIEF .. CELAKA U

  165. Lol… now I know why they said Kennysia did the same thing as mine.. Lol…
    I did the similar post as yours too…
    haha… but yours look more real leh! Kekez…
    Happy April Fool..

  166. I know this day will come from the very beginning.All the hallucination,all the fame,all the fuss, especially in Malaysia,the Bolehland.It is all to do with illusion to a twenty somethings boy.I was amazed that it lasted so long and it seems to go for ever, but I am glad that someone with intelligent will notice the superficiality about the whole thing.WTF I wanted to say. You are much talented to swim in this water.You are better off in many fields. Thanks to your mum.Same as me ,thanks to my mum.

  167. Kenny!! WTH!! U shocked me. And I didn’t even get the joke about the date coz I read this entry today (2nd Apr). WTFFFF.
    Don’t u dare stop blogging, aigght? I simply love reading ur entries! They’re really funny and good!
    Love ya!
    All the way from across the customs,

  168. thank goodness it was only a joke!
    i was about to be the 6th person of the month to email you!
    don’t stop blogging, they will be pple who support you!
    it’d be a great loss if you really stopped blogging.
    here’s a bimbo smiley to you:
    – michelle ๐Ÿ˜€

  169. holy shit! i thought that it was for real! and i was telling half the nation (okay, exaggerating here) about you quitting and how upset i was! till someone knocked my senses and said “do you know what date is it today?” then i realized. kenny, you just pwned me. cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. I’ve been to a website that pulled that same trick on me a couple of years ago. Nice try but you didn’t fool me. ;D

  171. KENNY!!!!!!
    hahahahah, bloody hell i actually went, “shit, you HAVE to be bloody kidding me!!!”
    i love you, but you’re an ass, lol!

  172. I really thought that you’re quitting blogging, I was like DDDD: then came the “Wait, what’s today’s date again?” I was like -.-!!!!!!!!!
    But it’s quite impossible for you to receive only 5 emails though. xD

  173. oh.my.gawd.
    i fell for it wth. i actually thought kenny was gonna quit blogging forever and ever and i was like
    even when i saw the comment thing
    “whats todays date again?”
    it didnt hit me.
    argh im such a noob LOL

  174. wahahah. good one kenny, but i knew right away u were joking. cuz since when u become so emotional one? ur thinking process not that emotional one la c’mon!!!

  175. It may be an April Fools’ joke, yet I somehow sense there might be some truth to what you’ve said… Do keep blogging, and don’t let stupid people get you down!

  176. oh btw.. like hell u wanna quit your current lifestyle ey? sorry u are not one of us anymore, the average joes lol..

    really thought you were going to shut down your blog until i read the comments..=( didnt get the hint from the date thing as well..lol..BUT STILL!!dont anyhow say shut down your blog leh.. T.T T.T T.T
    please continue to write for people like us!!!>..

  178. Thanx kenny for giving me something to look forward to every evening. I really appreciate ur hard work in maintaining website.
    I guess I would have never put on a comment if u didn’t post something like this (be it April’s Fool or not). Darn. But still, thanx for doing all this and bearing all the nonsense. I look forward to more of ur travel logs and ur quirky words.

  179. haha, half way through, i told my self “kenny, i do realise what date it is today you know”. but really, great impact, nice job.
    yeah, i miss your old blogging styles.

  180. I may be skinny but guess what…
    Can’t say I was fooled, but you’re definitely going to get all the wuv you need to tide you over for the next year;)

  181. KENNYYYYYYYYYYYYY NEVER EVER QUIT BLOGGING! I will read till you get married, till you get your daughter (heehs), then you can get a son or smth, then till they get married, then till you attend their wedding, then till you get grandchildren, till you get great grandchildren, and so on.
    Continue blogging!

  182. I almost had tears welling up in my eyes. How can I pass my nights without checking for kennysia.com’s update? I must have uttered ‘OMG’ 10x in the last 30 seconds reading your last paragraph…..LOL.

  183. Haha… didn’t fool me. Another website did the same thing last year and I was fooled then so from the beginning, I expected it.

  184. Blardy hell…u shocked me! I read your blog so often, and u wanna quit blogging? How COULD YOU!!! Hahaha..thank god its APRIL FOOL’S DAY! *evil you*

  185. lousy kenny.. one look oso know u cheat la.. haha..
    and by the way there’s another hong kong singer suicide again..

  186. He obviously said that whole heartedly.
    But good joke anyway.
    Say what you really want to say, and put up one more amusing post at the same time.
    That’s Kenny.
    I can’t help but to agree with him though.
    He can’t blog freely anymore. And that’s just ridiculous.
    Since everyone GETS this joke(he obviously left a glaring clue to guide us into commenting this way), wouldn’t it be soooo amusing if he REALLY did stop blogging?
    That would truly be the icing on the cake!

  187. OMG. HAHAHA. My mouth was wide open throughout the entire entry!
    YOU GOT ME! Cheh.
    Oh, hi Kenny. Silent reader finally saying something. Or maybe I’ve said something before… way way back. LOL. Oh well.. Here’s the time to say, your blog actually been quite entertaining for me to read (This is in case you actually choose to stop blogging, which I hope is not the case). =)

  188. happy april fool….
    ‘shocked’ by ur announcement, alomost heart attack ๐Ÿ™‚
    if u quit, there wil be ‘tsunami’ in blogger world, haha….so write off ur bad idea…

  189. hahaha i saw it coming!~ i know i hardly leave comments but i do enjoy reading ur blog and i hope u will never stop…just blog what makes u happy…cheers!~
    Happy April’s Fool day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  190. i was so worried! and gonna send u an encouraging email str away. hehs. now just gonna comment and say keep up the good work! you’re a great blogger ^-^

  191. u got me there!!! lol. got fooled! was in so much shocked. everyday the 1st thing i open my firefox is to type in kennysia.com

  192. Seriously… i was going to drop you an email to encourage you to press on and blah blah…
    Haiya.. totally got fooled by you instead….
    fed up….can’t remember is april’s fool…

  193. god…
    man….u almost fool me untill the line ‘what date is today’…
    funny pal….
    keep it coming….
    well…seriously, ur blog been very entertaining and informative…sometimes,after work,i would surf in for a relaxing break from work stress.so for the general wellfare of people like me..DONT U EVEN THINK ABOUT QUIT.

  194. Hey dude, don’t ever think to leave all of your readers ok? Promise us, you will blog till the day your life is through.

  195. is this some kinda joke or what? April Fool?
    I hope it’s a joke man, seriously.
    I feel like crying if u quit now.T_T
    Please dun quit, I love this blog. You are the coolest blogger around.
    Kenny, U R DA BEST!!!!

  196. OMG i almost got a heartattack. Kenny, please, you’re a fantastic blogger and everyone loves you. At least I do, hahah. You may want to prioritize other things in life now, but you should not stop blogging when you feel like blogging lor. Long live Kenny Sia!

  197. There was an incident at my work place in Singapore today, and everyone that it was April Fool’s Joke.
    When i first heard it, i laughed hard thinking someone was trying to pull one on me. But then, when the boss finally walked in and announced the incident, i knew it was for real.
    What happened is that i work in a training center. And one of our trainee (Malaysia Chinese PR Holder) literally committed suicide by jumping off the 10th floor at 2 am.
    I hope it won’t make headlines tomorrow.

  198. I agree with your decision, time management is very important, as we only live this life for once. If you ever decided to re-start blogging in the future, take it lightly. All the best.

  199. kenny! i was like “har? what??” when my friend told me that you are quitting. so sad man! until i see the comments… ”’-_-

  200. I hate you KENNY~!!!
    I was damn shocked than was angry when I found out it’s actually April Fool. It seems so real~!! Dun ever quit k? It’s ok if you dun update too often but just dun stop bloggin…hehe…Happy April Fool~!

  201. no offence….but…
    FUCK U MAN!!!!!!!!!!
    Being d innocent,april-fools-day-forgetting lad, my heart sank deeper n deeper till d last sentence.
    I am a big fan of ur blog. Pls keep it up n running for many years to come.

  202. my bf actually msg me n told me this ‘big news’ in the morning feeling all surprised..and after that msg me again saying ‘ah…it’s april fool’ and ask me to continue to sleep..

  203. hehehe i knew it was a april fool’s post the moment i read tt u were “seriously thinking about quitting”!

  204. HAHAHA! You really got me there! I’m a frequent reader of your blog and it struck me how it would be a waste if you discontinued blogging. This is my first time leaving a msg here and I would just like to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. Please continue with the humour! Haha.

  205. ah kenny u got me good…i was like…wat!!!!!(1st time i post here)i die not reading ur blog hehe(april fool)…NICE ONE

  206. hey, kenny… seriously i think this is one entry you’re taking your sweet revenge on those who went you nasty comments on your blog. you just couldn’t live without your readers telling you how much they needed you. and yes, you take pride and glory when you are immortalized in the blogging world. rite? heh heh.. but, hey… hats-off to you, kenny. seriusly, you’ve earn my support! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  207. hey, kenny… seriously i think this is one entry you’re taking your sweet revenge on those who went you nasty comments on your blog. you just couldn’t live without your readers telling you how much they needed you. and yes, you take pride and glory when you are immortalized in the blogging world. rite? heh heh.. but, hey… hats-off to you, kenny. seriusly, you’ve earn my support! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  208. Bugger… I almost died. I’d have to say though, that if it were true, the advice your mom gave was pretty good. I’m glad it’s a bloody joke though, if not I’d be REALLY upset.

  209. ah come on man.. you really got me… i was so disappointed in this.. don stop blogging. your interesting post really clear the blues away you know.. you’re a blessing to some of us.
    blog on!

  210. That gave me a scare! I thought I won’t ever get to read your quirky post ever again! Although I’ve never commented on your blog, I’ve been your loyal ‘blogder’ for years. Keep up the good work!

  211. aiyoh … it was very obvious lah kenny. i immediately knew it was a joke the moment i read the first sentence. it was a good try though

  212. you’ve voiced out the public’s opinion in its’ entirety.
    i reckon you should take your own advice and quit.
    afterall, the only thing you’ve gain from your blogging ‘career’ is the identity of a superficial bastard that is credited for mediocrity.

  213. kenny…..i almost cry~~~~ but if this wasn’t a joke…i wouldn’t blame u for doing so. it’s true wad u said.it’s time ma friend. ~~~u will never walk alone kenny~~~ regards frm Ukraine

  214. You are devoid of social life?! That’s truly fake!
    That’s certainly an April Fool joke.
    You are too hot and cute to just stop the blogging suddenly!
    Anyway, continue blogging, we all love you very much!

  215. OMFG!
    Im to damn gullible, i had a freaking pair of tears in my two eyes when i read that!
    Kenny, pure pawn8ge. Fully support you. I dont give a hoot bout your advertisements anyway. YOUR ADVERTISEMENTS ARE BLOG POSTS! THEY ARE STILL FUN TO READ!
    Keep up the good work Kenny, I dont have your email to send you encouragement. So read this. ^_^

  216. i already expected this to b a joke since u always hav april fool pranks in stall for ur readers on april fool every yr!hahahha

  217. I HATE you kenny…
    you have my heart paused for a moment!!!!!!!
    Anyway, your blog made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t leave me alone, I’m your loyal fans ๐Ÿ˜›

  218. yah rite, the moment i start to read the first two lines, knew rite away its a april fool joke. din bother to read the rest of the entry n look ard for the comment box to say
    Tats LAME (cos its too expectable)
    Try sth Harder next time

  219. wth!!!
    this is crazy..
    dun ever u leave us man…
    spam us with more blogs
    i am dying to read more…
    pls do..!!

  220. hey dude, you are farkin creative feller..!!
    what a touch and fool story>!!
    hope you keep blogging and please enjoy it!!

  221. oh god you had me there i nearly teared! till i scrolled further down that is.
    nice one and rock on! ๐Ÿ˜€

  222. Lol…you got me…for that, im gonna give you a road named after u, i saw it today in kuching…forgot where is it lol! it isn’t exactly kenny sia but i can work it up ^_^
    however, need to find that stupid kenny road again…

  223. Kenny,
    I challenged you to quit blogging FOREVER.
    Dare to take up my challenge?
    You don’t have a chicken guts to do it.
    But the again, Happy April Fools’ Day.

  224. I scrolled down to the bottom straight away to see if there were any hints of a trick. sure enough there was!
    haha. anyway my birthday falls on the april fools =p

  225. oh man!
    i was like @$#%%^^&, can’t help but feel sad if it were for real.
    your entries are really funny, and somehow inspires me to want to go out to see more of the world too!
    dun stop blogging, but i guess it’s more impt that u learn to strike a nice balance soon.
    keep it up!

  226. omg… u scared me at first, kenny. i was like thinkin n pondering on ur last sentence. then it HIT me!!! April’s Fools =P great job ler.
    i was very disappointed at first when my bf told me KENNY SIA QUITs BLOGGING FOREVER!!! i was like OMG WHY!!!! then i came back to read ur post then “phew”. its good to suffer heart attack for a moment, but please dun stop bloggin =) peace! may i have ur msn? XD

  227. i saw u at 4th mile (688 block) at 11 something. u went up the massage centre. wad r u doing there? it’s so late n u go massage????

  228. your blog is that little jolt of humor, that tiny spark of life, with alittle salt & pepper sprinkled ontop for taste that i’m addicted to. never play such a prank on my weak heart every again, kenny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  229. i guess i’m the one who think that u have canine teeth, fat, not critical enough, not elegant enough, not crude enough, not political enough, all stated but yet to be honest ur doing a great job and entertaining…. these points did not stopped u from bringing joy to so much ppl… even with these factors in it ur still doing good ur worth to be given an award on the blog industry…..

  230. Good job.. I thought it was for real because you have expressed your concerned about ur schedule lately.
    Don’t worry, I’m sure there are haters in every aspect out there but i’m sure u’ve got more die-hard-fans than those haters-buggers
    You’re my inspiration, Kenny! Thank you

  231. u got me actually, but a fren remind me is april fool….btw, u wouldn’t gv up wat u achieved in blogger world rite?will u?haha….

  232. OMGGGG !!! U really got me !!! AHHHH!!!!! This is the biggest april fool prank i got today…
    anyways..it was quite scary and sad… no kennysia blog is like no more wanking ! can die wei

  233. Predictable. Lame. But good try though. Never in my wildest imagination that Kenny Sia will ever quit blogging. Maybe not for now. But if you actually post this on another day besides 1st April, then this matter is really, really serious.

  234. DAMN! I really thought it was REAL….man you totally pull it off well…damn damn..still feeling the effects k..cause i don’t think I’ll find another blog which is as interesting as you!
    Hey, that better remain as a joke!

  235. lol like wtf,like you’ll quit blogging with all these lucrative offers to you thru’ ur very existence of ur blog…but ur blog’s cool,so everything is cool here.

  236. hey…be4 its too late…are u plan to climb the KK mount again…i think it would be fun to have u as my tour guide
    P/s: i met u b4 somewhere and say hi to u with a big smile ! :))

  237. damn you Kenny Sia !!! i almost stopped breathing. hahaha. i was sooo shocked. i was like no no no no no, cannot cannot! i was so crazy that i was making mental notes in my brain to create an online petition to get you to not quit. Then i saw “whats todays date again” and i was like….. OMG. Thank God!!!!!!!!! and i breathed again… I bet many of your readers had the same reaction as me… Yes im prepared to bet a million bucks that many of your loyal readers almost started hyperventilating when they saw the sentence “I therefore announce that I am quitting blogging forever.”
    yes, thats how much we love you kenny. รขโ„ขยฅ dont ever quit blogging. even if half of the world is against you, always remember that you will still have a pack of ,what, 10,000 ? loyal supporters standing by you . :))

  238. the moment i fall for it, i shat brick.
    nice one man.
    but seriously, please dont close down, if you want support, read the comments. Some of us (i mean me) actually already integrated your blog as part of their life, like chasing a TV show.
    btw, more ads also means more moolah, is it that some kind of support already?

  239. Ohmygosh. understand the phrase ‘my heart skipped a beat’?! yeah as so many people have said, don’t stop blogging. haha. gosh. Imagine your inbox if you did.
    Darn, congrats on being Malaysia’s fav blogger. I’m reading you from half way across the globe! Keep it up.
    with much admiration.

    you fooled me big time .
    LOL you’re good, kenny . ๐Ÿ™‚
    and NEVER quit bloggingggg . i love reading your blog. it makes my day. (awww) lol x

  241. LOL! I knew it was a prank, but was totally totally shocked it has almost 600 comments !
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Gosh! nothing says we love you more than that kenny!

  242. i seriously agree that you are a lousy judge for the DreamGirl. Because of that, i stop watching it already….

  243. At first I was confused and then, I realised yesterday was April’s Fool. Didn’t see it coming until half way reading…
    HeHe… nice one!!

  244. eh macha!
    i was like NOOOOoooooo ffffffffffffffurrrrRigggin WAY Kenny is no longer blogging. You got me but heh! you had better not stop writing. I will come haunt you down even if I had to fly from Melbourne to Kl to kecit you!
    rock on dude,

  245. shit..
    u scare me.. until i called my gf at sg
    hey you know what kennysia quit from blog..
    she said.. what??? she feel so sad.
    im bit jealous but no choice, she’s your big fans ๐Ÿ˜€

  246. Kenny, you deffinitely are a good bloggie. ****, you make all of us have 1 second heart attack u know..

  247. OMG. I was shocked okay. I thought why all my favourite bloggers decided to quit one by one. But that is a hell of a joke to play. Evil Kenny! ๐Ÿ˜€

  248. Oi u wanna kena pukul izzit. U scared the shit out of me. Don like tat leh. I’m one of ur frequent reader even tho i don leave comment often, I’m here. Thank you u ya. Pls continue to blog =)

  249. Aussie accent??? What Aussie accent??? You DO NOT have an Aussie accent Kenny. You sound like a typical guy who was educated in Chinese school. Sorry to disillusion you. Stop saying you have an Aussie accent or we will all die laughing.

  250. ok lah ok lah! i also contribute one more comment to help break your record.
    just read this on 2nd April, first time in my life feel so happy after being fooled.
    keep up with it kenny!

  251. April Fool huh? No I wasn’t fooled by the nonsense. However, your post did contain a few FACTS:
    1. You ARE FAT.
    2. You have teeth that would make an orthodontist RICH just working on you.
    3. No, you don’t have an Aussie accent. A Malaysian Chinese accent to your English, YES definitely.

  252. Nice try Kenny. You almost got it.
    But really, don’t mind what people say okay? You’re you, and that’s most important. If kennysia suddenly became too political or too critical or too of whatever, more readers would run away-that’s for sure. So keep up what you;re doing. =)

  253. Should you decide to take your mother’s advice and get married, come to Hawaii for a honeymoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  254. Ok,ok, u got me! That was evil.
    I should have remembered the date, sheesh!
    All those insults – roll ’em off like water off a duck’s back, k?

  255. You naughty boy! I don’t care it was April fool’s day. It’s not nice to play tricks to “old people” LOL. Love your blog Kenny. Keep it coming.

    I so hope this is april fools joke.
    Your blog is amazing, don’t delete! ๐Ÿ™

  257. this is the first time i am visiting your ever famous blog, mr kenny.
    and well am i surprised that it might be your last.
    april’s fool or not, i hope that you would not give up something you enjoy doing just because of the crude comments of others.
    so what if u are fat (or not i dont know how you look like) tell them lah ” so what laahh? ”
    anyway, its just a random comment.
    all the best to you.

  258. You are kinda cute when I first encountered your blog..But, in a nice way, you seems to have put on weight lately so hopefully you’ll do something about it.

  259. knew it from the start is a joke.. hahaha.. but i actually i’m ok with your appearance/size because u’re not promoting/ ambassador for some beauty products. we enjoy your funny/lame jokes very much. Advertisement done tastefully is still on the good side as long as u maintain your root to making it interesting and funny. as for msian dreamgirls…..mayb u wanna bring a napkin with u the next time u visit them coz u do look like a ham sap lou! hahahahha.. joking. but pls continue blogging!

  260. You forgot to also mention that you masuk Cleo 50 most eligible bachelor dah ~ ….
    ohhh … macam election candidate yaaa …

  261. wah kenny you fckin bodoh larrr,haha u think we so stupid fall for it meh…and its not funny ok can?

  262. To be honest, I’ve never heard of the name Kenny Sia before recently. I’ve just started blogging consistently recently, and my mates gave me disbelieving glares when I asked them “Who is Kenny Sia?” lolz..
    Anyway, It’s great to play pranks on April Fools’ Day. I made some on my own blog and have my mates falling for it lolzz.. It’s the fun of betraying everyone’s trust and laughing at them falling for it that makes this day so special.
    and btw, look at the number of comments u get here. D*mn, you are BIG! Keep it up, cheers~

  263. omg kenny…if you stop blogging,life for me would be empty…go ahead and have a breather man,but come back!!come back after!!!haha.i fell for that hook line and sinker so yeah,happy (belated) april fool’s

  264. Adui… so sad ler… April Fool’s or nt.. Hopefully for yr readers u will continue… whether until come to the day u grow white hair or hv to hold a tongkat.. u muz continue!!! lolz….
    cheers kenny!

  265. you sounded like u were weaping while writting that one down. its true also, what u wrote, still this blog must and will lives on….
    i just started to read ur blog 2 months ago, going through page by page….i’m currently at volume ‘may2006’….

  266. wah lao!! you almost got me there. hahaha.
    good one kenny! almost cried a bit there..(ya rite…) but nontheless, don’t stop blogging!!!

  267. Lol why the coconuts >>>>> wakakakaka nice one anyway kenny …
    kennysia is my idol.
    i love your coconuts.
    Posted by: benjamin and yussairi at 02 April 2008 11:35 AM | Link to comment

  268. BTW, How do I get in touch with you?
    I am willing to offer you a job !
    No pun intended I would think that you would be looking for an opportunity since you are quitting from being a Blogger!

  269. Well, you got me alright =D
    I was like “OMG!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! Kenny Sia! How could you do this to all of us???!!!??”
    Wanted to say F you for quiting blogging.
    But now, seriously man.
    F you!!!!!

  270. dude….you scared the crap out of me…but towards the end i kinda started to think…and realise well…the ending ๐Ÿ˜€