Pinkpau was telling me about her Halloween costume and how she nearly had a “wardrobe malfunction” with it.

Pinkpau: haih stupid wan la i hate nipples
Pinkpau: why do we have to have them
Pinkpau: cos they spoil my pictures >=(
Kenny: At least you girls have a use for them! How bout us guys? We can”t even use our nipples for anything!
Kenny: Except letting our girlfriends poke them.
Pinkpau: or nipple cripple
Kenny: Or play with it like an iPod.
Seriously, why do men need nipples anyway?!

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127 Replies to “Nipples”

  1. jz in case for the guys who have thoughs to b transvvvy…save up another procedure,save the surgeon’s work, save time,save $$$

  2. yea
    so the chest wont look so dull and plain
    and in case mum is not home and the baby’s hungry
    there is something to replace first..
    actually it’s quite useless
    i dont like guys who wear very fit shirts and showing their nipples.. lols

  3. Once upon a time, God created men who have big boobs. Thinking that men are lonely without their counterparts, they will be lonely. Thus, women were created for the men, but this time, the women had no boobs yet. Unfortunately, the women were ignored as the men like boobs, big boobs to be exact. The men played each other’s boobs everyday without fail and let the ladies off neglected since they have no boobs.
    Furious, God decided that the men were outrageous to neglect HIS godly creation of female. Thus, he sentenced that all males will have their boobs removed and had their nipples remain to remind of their stupidity. And all the females had the boobs from God.
    Since then, women have boobs and most unevolved men are still chasing after boobs even after all these evolving years. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. cause during sex, if the male’s humping pole is on the way erecting, while waiting at least the partner can start teasing with either the balls or the nipples ! it is actually for foreplay usage!

  5. I think it has its purposes. If one day all female human species expire and go extinct, and scientists have found a way to reproduce without the female existence, then males will finally find use for their now currently inanimate nipple.

  6. haha kennysia has been waiting for an opportunity to post his hair nipple, this is it!
    and wow pinkpau looks hot there.
    i hope there are leaked pictures showing her see-thru nipples.

  7. same reason why men have brains.
    they have it, but it’s useless.

  8. The answer is that as embryos men and women have similar tissues and body parts. If anything the embryo follows a ‘female template’. That is why nipples are present in both sexes. It is the effect of the genes, the Y chromosome and the hormone testosterone that brings about the changes and masculinises the embryo. Testosterone promotes the growth of the penis and testicles. Because nipples are there before this process begins the nipples stay!
    i love google!

  9. Hahaha nice one kenny. iPod! Hmmm… Can’t imagine if you have iPod click wheel as your nipple. Steve Jobs will hunt you down as the next gen iPod.

  10. Yeah lah! Pinkpau! If there were no nipples, I would be a very sad person. ): Seriously. Nipples have their very important place in our lives, and if anyone wants to show them off to the world, so be it lah!

  11. In Embryology; all embryos are the same; it’s the chromosome Y that causes the gonads (eggs in layman term) to become testes & what other structures you have in your male genital system.
    If anything, nipples are not redundant; unlike the appendix ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If you look at male mammals, they have nipples too. Ever take a look? A dog has 8, human only has 2. Aiks!

  12. Men have nipples cos they were supposed to be girls until they MUTATED while in the womb and became FREAKS with penises (or if you prefer another term, boys).

  13. so that girls can suck the guys’ nipples when they are having foreplay ma… just like how the guys suck the girls’ nipples to excite them. LOL

  14. It’s really because in evolution, a feature gets selected when its beneficial to the organism(being) and the feature becomes disadvantaged when it is not beneficial to the organism. (so beings who have the “bad” feature die off)
    In the womb all will grow to have nipples.
    Nipples don’t make a man any more disadvantaged than no-nipples. so the nipple trait stays [i.e nipples are not “bad” = they are “gooood” ๐Ÿ™‚ ]!

  15. if you are reading this, “why do men have nipples” was a book’s title about homosexuality. if you are interested, i think this is because the first 3 weeks of embryo doesnt have sex determined

  16. aiyah… the 2 main reasons men have nipples are:
    1. so that we know that the shirt we are wearing is center when your buttons are midline between your nipples
    2. and that you know you have walked too deep in water when the water reaches you nipples
    Your science teacher never teach you ah?

  17. Well… you can scratch them, pull the hair around them, twirl them around for practice and basically learn to be thankful that a woman’s nipples are far more superior and erotic than a man’s.

  18. Nerdy answer.
    It’s an important landmark for doctors to conduct physical examination.
    For example about 1-2 finger breadths below your left nipple you can just feel a faint heartbeat. That is the bottommost corner of your heart.
    Heh. The nipple’s not totally wasted on guys.

  19. Hi KEnny
    May be let me tell u why guyz have nipples
    when u are 2 weeks old stil in worm
    the god havent decided whether u shud be a guy or galz
    but b4 tat u already have nipples
    then after decided u are guy or gal…is too late to “delete” it….
    i m serious…

  20. there’s a book where 2 doctors team up to write bizzare FAQ by people
    The book is called ‘Why do men have nipples?’
    It’s cause when a foetus is still developing during the first few months, it develops all the female parts first (which includes the nipples) then only afterwards the male get their male parts
    Why is beyond me XD

  21. men has nipples so ppl can tell the difference between the front n the back mar! coz men’s boobs are mostly flat…..and some men have hairy chest n back…hahahaha so needs an indication lo!! hehehehe

  22. There’s a book called “Why do men have nipples? Hundreds of Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini”. Check it out =)

  23. Some nipples! I hate it that it keeps playing havoc to my imagination. I mean, when you’re done sucking one, you find that it’s just another rubbery stub – nothing to shout about. I had expected something like yearning out to me to suck it but no such! But when you don’t have it, you yearn for it. Such havoc, I hate it and I love it!

  24. God give a chance to men, if they regret to be a man and want to transform to women, it makes easier for them. See, just pump them up, cut the worm, you got it done.
    Else, you need to buy a pair of nipples from India, China or Russia, or MIX?

  25. Because all embryos start off as females before the chromosome combination finally decides. That’s why men have nipples. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. actually, believe it or not, guys CAN breastfeed. yup (check online for this fact)
    men do lactate (but not as much as women) and can breastfeed.

  27. nicolekiss’s btq is overpriced la~ the stuffs all not nice also -.-
    pinkpau is really hot la… i like her gaya~

  28. hahaha.. good one! i think most people don’t get your joke man.. (they don’t know the ipod scroll “counter clock wise” keypad). ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. Kenny, ewwww! I’ll never look at Ipod the same way ever again, just like how I look at Al-Rajhi logo. My friend who works in that bank keeps getting shite from me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. I believe this post is not about what men’s nipples are for, but rather to try to show how intimate the conversation between the author and the hot gal in the picture can get. My imagination is lighting up like fireworks.

  31. Scientifically saying,(you might wanna check up on that,I’m not a biologist but study physics,I just happen to read that)
    Woman only produce X chromosomes,guys produce X and Y chromosomes.
    X representing female,hence X + X =XX = baby girl!
    Whereas when Y chromosomes was matched to the woman’s X chromosomes,
    Y representing male,hence X + Y = XY = baby boy!
    In other words,all guys are born as a girl in the initial months,developing male characteristics in the later months.
    Non-scientifically saying…
    We girls just wanna pinch the guys up there ๐Ÿ˜‰

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