Goes Mobile

Attention, ladies and germs. Behold!

Feast your eyes on the brand new mobile edition of!
It’s new. It’s live. It’s available right now on your mobile phones at!

Now this is actually something I’ve been desperately wanting to do for a long time, but never had the time to do so until recently.
With the introduction of Maxis 3G in Kuching and throughout Malaysia, a lot of people are now using their mobile phones to go online. I know because since I switched over to Maxis and hooked up with one of their Maxis mobile browsing plans, I find myself going online everywhere I go, all the time.

It’s really useful.
Most of the time I’d use my phone to check e-mails or read up on blog comments whenever I’m on the run.
More recently, I’ve been using it to surf news sites like, especially during election time when I wanna be informed immediately which seats have fallen to the Opposition.
It’s not just me that’s doing this. Everyone around me are keeping up with the trend, going online everywhere using their 3G mobile phones. But sadly those people use it for a different reason lah.
They only use it to check the latest soccer results.

Regardless what you use the Internet for, the truth of the matter is that more and more people these days are getting on the mobile web-surfing bandwagon.
As a website designer, a former software engineer and *cough* trend setter, it is therefore only logical that I create a mobile version of to cater for these people.
And here it is.
I call it Mobile. 😉 stands for Mobile.
It is a reworked version of optimised for PDAs and mobile phones.
The content is exactly the same as the original website, but I scaled everything down to so they can fit the smaller screen sizes of mobile phones.
The best thing about the mobile version of is that it has no ads, no fancy animation, no unneccessary graphics. Not only that, I went through great lengths to keep file sizes low, so everything loads faster on the phones and bandwidth charges are kept to a minimum.

Pretty much all the important features of the original blog is there. All the comments left by readers are there. All my older archived entries since the day I started blogging are there, all neatly sorted by categories and months.
The only thing I left out is the comment box ‘cos I don’t wanna have to worry about spam and such. I also left out the Chatterbox because too many crazy people are in there talking non-stop twenty-four seven.

But apart from that, I’m pretty happy with what I came up with.
It took me one full day to do the coding for Mobile, and it wasn’t that hard.
I do hope more Malaysian blogs and websites out there can optimise their content for mobile web browsing though. Sure, nothing beats surfing the web on the desktop right now. But with 3G phones getting smaller, data charges getting cheaper and Maxis 3G coverage getting better, mobile web browsing is definitely the way to go in the future.
And those who aren’t already with Maxis mobile browsing would be left behind.

Like this poor fella right here.

Liang, Malaysia’s most energetic botak AIM-nominated emcee, recently released his music video titled “Tricks”.
Liang is a someone I got to know after we worked the crowd together at the many events he emceed. Most bloggers would know him as the loud emcee at the Nuffnang Pajama Party. He is a great guy in person so of course I’m more than happy to lend him support and publicity.

84 Replies to “ Goes Mobile”

  1. Well done. Tho i’ve no 3G phone yet, but yes, this trend will be accepted my more ppl near future…maybe in 5yrs time? lolz

  2. Kenny, u are truly an inspiration to to date with the trend!
    I wish elder generation like my parents one end up like that guy with the humongous mobile phone in that last picture of yours. I wish there’s a way to motivate them.

  3. Nice work man, keeping up with techs. Might wanna make the text bigger and blacker though, think about your reader’s eyeballs…!! >.

  4. I’ve been using a 3G phone for quite a while now, the problem is the lack of internet support or high prices of it here in the Philippines.

  5. I wanted to do a mobile edition for my own blog for a long long time. Just don’t know how!
    Can I hire you Kenny?
    99 cents for a days work?

  6. what a great idea! I’ve been accessing you blog through 3G and it was slow to load and has way too many features *cough*cbox*cough* Not that I can post anything much on cbox with 3G. Anyhow, i digress
    will be using this version instead! =)
    Oh and blog about MDG finale soon won’t ya?

  7. hmm.. I’m on 3G for more than a year now, but.. the only thing I use it for is to video call my sis and friends.. I’d still prefer going online the old school way.. Maybe some 3G people are left behind too, hiak hiak hiak 😀

  8. “that stupid liverpool goalkeeper damn kayu”??? WTH?!! Cudnt find a less offensive conversation is it?

  9. actually i dont really see the need for to go mobile. to be frank, this blog do not have rapid updates during a day. since you update your blog once a few days, i really have no idea the purpose to read it in small screen (and paying extra money to maxis, as im using prepaid)
    maybe its important to you to check out the comments (maybe you are seeing this in your pda), but i think readers not really need this. and this will put more burden to your server!
    the only purpose i use 3G is to check mail, whenever no pc and internet is available. =)

  10. Aiyo, I have been using my ExpressMusic Nokia Phone to surf the internet and check out your blog also..a long time already..I use the Mini Opera as browser..very good..

  11. lol… Jose Reina (Liverpool GK) is kayu. Kenny, u support the Gunners, is it? haha. If yes, then we sama sama shoot ppl using big cannons with coconuts underneath. LOL

  12. hey kenny, the poor fella in the pic is the creator of the dynatac mobile phone
    without his (and his team of engineers) effort, we’ll not have the current fanciful mobile phones that we see today

  13. Im a proud celcom 3g mobile user in Kuching.
    And thus far, i must say the coverage area of 3g for kuching is the biggest and fatest because i’ve tried maxis.
    I use my N82 to surf the net, do my business and check mails.
    Most importantly MSN mobile. =)
    But thing about 3G is it drains the livin hell of your batteries. Regardless of what phone it is, its drain ur batteries fast.
    I encourage more to use Maxis because i don’t want celcom to be overflooded with customers which will take more of my share of bandwith.
    Celcom 3g is extremely good for p2p too 😀 lol

  14. not necessary 3G phone.even my K750i(sonyE) can get through that.i already excessed ://
    for more than 2yrs now for reading news especially bbc sports and get football result.

  15. Great news for the mobile users like me, though I have been using opera mini to visit whenever I’m on the move.

  16. oh yes….maxis internet is good. in few months time, maxis will come up with much better on mobile internet experience on your mobile.
    very nice mobile site…will bookmark it!

  17. Hey Kenny,
    Thanks for the mobile edition. I had picked up the habit of surfing, emailing, and checking stock quotes on mobile since many months ago. Many of the sites are not optimized for mobile that excessive left-right, up-down scrolling are required. It’s so nice to see fit onto the tiny mobile screen. Appreciate your effort!

  18. Good job, again. Don’t be fool, don’t hv 3G doesn’t mean ppl are left behind. Most people are not afford it like you do, rich ass. And some people just don’t like to online everywhere like you do, smart ass. LOLz.

  19. I can’t believe that slut won MDG, and with her being the first winner for this so-called ‘reality show’ I doubt you guys are going to make it next year because it’s complete bollocks. I wonder if you were fed together with the crew with the ‘supports’ of Cindy’s parents. This is such a shame and if any foreigners sees this, I’ll be so embarassed to say that’s all MDG can give as a ‘model’.
    Show me the supporters of Cindy (excluding people who’re in her family and friends’ list) and Hanis’, contra the figure and convince the audiences that this whole ‘competition’ is truly of fairness and good faith.
    What a disappointment. Boo MDG. it failed, big big time.

  20. Hey Dude, that’s cool, I’ve been reading in larger format from the mobile computing device, now it’ll fit the screen.
    3G damned expensive lah..burnt RM30 a day. Did you try Truphone on 3G yet, I have Truphone VOIP installed and works really great on 802.11.

  21. Hahahaha…blogging mencuri separuh dari hidup I… never mind about the 3G…nanti 75% of my life will be blogging only… my mind damn effected!!! anyway congratulation to u Kenny…

  22. What actually is needed for a website or blog to be “mobile device surf friendly”?
    Just cut off the graphics and use small fonts?

  23. what supportive family cindy’s got :D:D
    as for the parochial people taking things at face value, BOO!
    and so bitter as to getting personal and call her a slut.
    what are you, mich? a saint?

  24. Sometimes I think people just criticize kenny for the sake of doing so.. as if they have nothing better to do. Be it in MDG, or even just setting up a site for mobile phones.
    Don’t worry about criticisms Kenny, just be who you are!

  25. haha singapore had that for quite some time ago. but yeah, its pretty convenient to go mobile like this haha.

  26. To Kim:
    No, I wouldnt call myself a saint and in fact I don’t even have a model’s quality to judge. However, it doesn’t take a tyra bank to speak out an average person’s point of view for the result of MDG. I admit calling her a slut is personal but if that’s how she bring herself up to people, it’s inevitable. At the first glance of the pictures that she posted in her blog do you call that sexy instead of slutty? Judge urself.
    I don’t mean to criticize Kenny in any sense because I’ve always been a reader of his blog and am always impressed with his wittiness and responsibility as a blogger. I was wrong in doubting him for being bribed because I later on figured that since he’s only one of the judges and not the organizer, he couldn’t even take control of the whole event. His main job was to make this show well known on the internet as he’s the famous blogger. My apologies, Kenny.
    Also, I’m not judging Cindy for her looks. Nobody said she was ugly. She’s definitely an above average looking girl but that alone does not mean that she qualifies to be titled as a ‘Model’. In terms of talents, personality and looks, she’s still far behind. It’s like saying Christina Aguilera would make a better model than Kate Moss. If MDG stated in the beginning that they’re looking for a model, then look for a model. And hey, most of the models do not have a pretty face, but they do have that ‘model look’.
    I don’t intend to start an internet war or whatsoever, I’m just trying to give my 2 cents in the most general way. There will be people who agree with you; but I’m sure there’ll also be someone who supports what I am trying to interpret.
    Nonetheless, I’d still say that MDG is a disappointment and like what most people are saying: They are going to lose quite a number of viewership.

  27. finally come out a mobile version! Cool… i also created a mobile version using google tech. (easier for nerd like me) , check it out here for anyone interested to have wap site 🙂 Cheers & Happy Labour Day!

  28. O~ cool~, kenny u very “in” o. ahhaha, too bad my hp is not suitable to surf net.. the screen toooo small~!!

  29. Posted by: Miss C at 02 May 2008 12:07 AM | Link to comment
    looks like ur blog would not be the most viewed in msia anymore since dr mahathir decided to start a blog.
    check it out at 🙂
    Hahaha… ya loh. his 1st post already got 1154 comments.. phew. must be a record.

  30. Kuddos to Kenny! Since you made your website mobile, I could read it whenever i couldn’t online. Seems that sometimes the internet connection in my office decided not to access your site. ;( I Loved the mobile version. It’s just that sometimes I couldn’t make out what’s written on the short note section. But then again, it’s the contents that I would want to read more of. Keep it up! Cheers!

  31. I haven’t watched MDG but looking at the winner…errrm, I agree with Mich that it’s a disappointment. “Is that all Malaysia has to offer?” very good and valid question in this case.
    Maybe the prettier and more talented ones didn’t apply. Hopefully Season 2 (if there’s any) will have a better winner.

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