Wild, Hot & Sweaty

Over the weekend, I was in KL to attend the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Party.


The event was another one of Nuffnang’s large-scale blogger gatherings since the Pajama Party they hosted in March.
Hey, blogging is never meant to be a solitary exercise and well-organised parties like this one is especially fun to go to.

It’s also a great opportunity to get to know a hot chick or two.

… and maybe a cock.
Being an animal-themed costume party, I half-expected that people might don’t care and just turn up in nothing more than T-shirt and jeans. How wrong was I!
Almost everybody came sportingly dressed as outrageous animals, took part in games, danced and really just completely let go of themselves.

Tarzan Liang (aka Coolest Emcee In The Whole Of KLรขโ€žยข) was again the host for the evening.

Boss Timothy giving the welcome speech.
I thought he might come as a mole (y’know, ‘cos of his trademark mole?) but he came as a lion instead.

Cheesie came as a sexy lioness.
Look, she brought along her lunch box so she didn’t have to eat all the animals there for dinner!
How considerate.

Chris Tock came as a cow, with his udders all hanging out.
The guy won a RM4,000 laptop for being voted Best Dressed!

From left to right, that’s Pinkpau Su Ann as a lady bug, Suet Li as an ostrich and Jolyn as another lioness who came running all the way from Penang.
Su Ann brought along this gigantic leaf and said its her home.

As for me, I came dressed as…

The costume was damn hot ok. Was sweating throughout the entire evening.

A lot of people came up to me and asked where’s my pot of honey.
To that I say, “screw the pot of honey!”
Winnie the Pooh is all grown up now baby.

Audrey the bee flew to my direction thinking I have honey, but I gave her Carlsberg instead.

Finally met Suet Li after hearing about her for so long.
Before this event, I actually thought Suet Li hated me a lot because she boycotted my blog once due to kennysia.com being so mainstream.
But she turned out really nice, and we even camwhored a bit.

From Dreamgirls to bloggers, my girls Adeline the leopard and Hanis the moth.
Five months ago I was dishing out criticism on the clothes they wear.
How strange it must be for them to look at me now dressed as Winnie the Pooh.

With that girl Cynthia, whose boyfriend defeated me in a not very close fight for this year’s CLEO Bachelor award.
Now she wanna kill me. What lah.

Lots of people dressed up as bunnies.
Liang: “Wow, check this out! Four female bunnies to one male. You must be leading a good life my friend.”
Male Bunny: “Yea, but too bad I’m gay.
If all bunnies are like that, they’re gonna go extinct soon.

How awesome is that elephant costume!
Apart from being nominated for best dressed, Shad also won a special prize for featuring his pet TAPIR on his blog.

There’s a cow walking around letting random people cop a feel at his udders.
If only I could do the same thing to girls, the world would be such a beautiful place.

The gorgeous Nuffies from the front.

And from the back.
Oi, look at our tails lah. Don’t stare elsewhere ok.
The buffet dinner served at Modesto’s was fantastic.

It was so good, a cow walked into the restaurant to have his dinner there.
Next thing you know, he walked into the kitchen and mysteriously disappeared.
*cues X-files music*

A chicken and a pooh bear shaking it on the dance floor.
Something you don’t see in Zouk everyday.

I was playing with Cheesie Lioness’ tail, but this picture ended up looking very salah.
Bad Pooh Bear! BAD!

This is Estee the butterfly, who flew in from Singapore.

This is me wearing Estee’s butterfly wings.

This is me wearing Estee’s butterfly wings, Su Ann’s ladybug cap and WenQi‘s bunny ears.

This is me wearing Estee’s butterfly wings, Su Ann’s ladybug cap, WenQi’s bunny ears, Robb‘s porcupine backpack, pulling on Chris Tock’s cow tits.
All in all, an extremely fun evening out and I cannot wait for Nuffnang’s next blogger gathering.

Of course, there are heaps of other photos but I cannot possibly post them all. I’ll let you browse the other blogs for them.
So I’m gonna conclude this entry with a very special community service message.

Stop Animal Abuse.
Please, animals have feelings too.

Wish I were in KL this weekend to attend KLue magazine’s Urbanscapes!

92 Replies to “Wild, Hot & Sweaty”

  1. Kenny, you went there as Winnie the Pooh but we couldn’t see your butt in the outfit. I thought bears would have at least a portion of visible meat at that part. Saying this doesn’t mean I am interested with your butt wtf.
    Anyway, it looked like an exciting event. But people like us couldn’t attend it yet again T_T

  2. I think you should have gone there with a gorilla, or even a vampire (although it’s not an animal, is it?) outfit. It would have suit your teeth xD
    No offence though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. If I were to go, I’d go as a slug. Now that would be something different! As costume, I’ll just smear myself with grease and walk around looking lazy-like and zombiefied. That should do the trick! I can safely say I will be avoided at all time

  4. ppl dont read ur blog when they say it’s “too mainstream” coz nothing u write is of interest to them lar.
    dont think everyone hates u for no reason. where got so much time?

  5. KENNY, I’m UR Biggest FAN! ! ! ! !!! !!! !! !!!! I’m oni 12 yrs old, but I LOVE UR BLOG !! I think it is funny ^^

  6. eh i did not boycott you!!! i just said it was too mainstream but i didn’t say boycott ok such a strong word T_T but that’s all in the past wtf

  7. hey kenny, u know what? i just broke up with my bf named kenny as well a few days back. when i am still grieving the loss i dreamt about u.
    I woke up puzzled and confused!
    what’s wrong with me? u need tell me if u have casted some spells on me or something? email me to know exactly what was the dream all about…or maybe u can analyze the dream for me.
    anyway, i think u should have dressed like Freddy Krueger. ^.^

  8. i’m a pig born in the yr of horse, with a name of cow.. wondering how i’d looked like if i mix all these up.. btw, great partay~~
    how come that one of the nuffies being asked to cover up herself, bcoz she was too sexy? it’s considered a private party what.. n all attendee is >18yo right? managed 2 see her outfit in some of the pic posted on FB b4 the cover-up.. nose-bleedin’~~ tee hee~~

  9. Aiya…. I should have went for it…
    If Kenny is the POoH Bear, I should dress up as the PIGLET…walking side by side with PooH Bear!!!
    hehee ๐Ÿ˜›
    Probably need another Tigger and KanggaROO and EEEYORRR….

  10. LOL!! You were soooooooooo cute!!! And the x-files song, bahahahahaa!!! great to see the party was great! i would’ve loved to join but i’m all the way in perth.. T_T

  11. Stop Animal Abuse.
    Please, animals have feelings too.
    I think that was a very important msg you sent out, and thank you for that (:

  12. You can like freakin’ see the ass cheeks on one of those nuffies man.. Kenny you are a butt man, askin ppl to take shots like that.

  13. the reason was because initially nuffnang thought that the theme of the party was wild so they requested that i dressed as sexily as possible. initially i was asked to wear a tiger bikini but i dint have the ears so i wore that instead.
    but one of the pr in maxis who is considered the client found it inappropriate with the reason there would be media everywhere and all sort of rubbish.
    which was weird becaue another guy from maxis who claimed to be the organiser requested us nuffies including me to hold the usb modems for a media shoot and when i told him that i was not allowed to have media take my pic because of what another maxis person said he said that was rubbish.
    then dunno what what so in the end just put that top over lor.. hahaa..damn long winded…

  14. My first time putting in a comment after keeping up with your blog for some time, all because Kenny you are so irresistably Cute in that outfit!! Haha. Last photo’s expression, my goodness. *MELT* haha.

  15. Oh-my-gawd, who is that girl with the white tubetop and skirt dressed as a bunny?…. hoooooooooottttt

  16. aiyyyerrrrr…. y u nvr post up my picture that i took with u wan……??? My bayang also tak nampak in any of those pictures u posted up….
    *cries* *cries*… ๐Ÿ™
    Anyways… see u soon yah.. take care!!

  17. Kenny. Pls read this.
    I just thought you should know that you inspired a friend of mine to start a blog on 29th of June. Since then he has been battling brain tumor and his girlfriend has been documenting his experience. His condition is becoming worse and it would mean alot to me, and especially him, if you could drop by and leave a word of encouragement. I am sure he will be extremely touched to hear from you.

  18. lol..take photo with so many lenglui ar..untung la you kenny..LOL
    how’s the party ? look very interesting ..=.=”
    roughly how many nuffnang members are there ?

  19. oooh, you didnt put up the pic where you menyibuk behind the DJ deck when they announced the King and Queen of the Jungle. You still wanna still the spotlight huh?

  20. Tx for leaving the comment. I’m sure you brightened up his day ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, Tersh is a she not a he. *Dush*
    Thank again!

  21. hohoho ur so bad kenny.
    you only posted up e pictas wit e hotter girls.
    like iuiuiu e ones u took at e uglier ones you threw away.

  22. that girl in the bunny outfit, also happens to be running for miss malaysia world. so help eliminate her competition at the official website!

  23. looks like the kind of party Hugh Hefner would organise. But then again, Kenny Sia wont be there cause he’s party has only one guest. Him!!!

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