Rejected Stickgal Contribution

Remember Stickgal? The blogger from Singapore who used comics instead of words to write her blog?

She sent me an e-mail recently.
She said that she’s wondering if I could help her out by guest-starring and contributing some entries to

I replied her and told her that I have been extremely busy lately, and that I’m finding it hard enough to update my own blog, let alone contribute to other blogs.
I don’t have a lot of free time. And when I do have some free time, I’d rather take a break from blogging and do “research” on Edison Chen.
Research only hor.

But because stickgal is so cute, somehow I managed to find time in my hectic schedule to contribute a special blog entry to Stickgal.
I spent a lot of hardwork and effort on it. When I sent it in to her, I thought that she’d be very touched because I am so flooded with work yet I still find time to do her a favour.
But nooooooo. 😛 Instead of posting up my contribution and hailing me as a legendary hero, this is what she wrote to me in the end.

I wonder why.

“Stickson Chen”

My drawing not nice meh?

According to CLEO, the leading bachelor right now for CLEO’s Most Adventurous Bachelor is Ebi Kornelis.
But when I checked out his profile, he said the most daredevil thing he’s ever done is… PARASAILING IN SABAH. What! Parasailing? Adventurous?! How is parasailing adventerous?! All you need to do is get dragged with a rope for a few seconds. That’s not adventurous. I swallowed a friggin’ SNAKE HEART in Vietnam ok! With blood ok! How come no one says I am adventurous!
Yalah yalah, this is sour grape speaking here. 😛 I should shut up now or else Ebi Kornelis is probably gonna swallow me with his hair.

149 Replies to “Rejected Stickgal Contribution”

  1. lol your sourgrapes comment on CLEO Most Adventerous Bachelor. (in short talk)
    Well, you could learn from history
    (and from, ahem, a fellow blogger, “also known as Ch***** if you read her blog”),
    and when the results are out, and you don’t win that title,
    you could write an entry about how the judges are blind, and have no vagina because they don’t know how to choose the most eligible bachelor.
    Then, Ebi might withdraw from the title because he might not be a bachelor after all.. and then you can get called back to receive that title.
    Come on, think of all these possibilities.. you should have fans and supporter make banners for you, that says “Vote Kenny” because he cut his hair… i mean, swallowed a cobra’s heart, and hire a few moderators to censor dissenting views.
    Hey, maybe you can win a car too.

  2. wa lau,
    this Kenny si pei ham sap!!
    got free time search Edison Chen and the girls but never inform all his readers the RESULT of his search … si pei kiam siap!! share share mah!!

  3. this is edison

  4. wahahaha good one kenny. eh u going to zouk for the CLEO finals. go la go la plsssss, then can meet u in person =p

  5. but,y she still put some negative thgs like commit suicide because of heartbreak. it’s not a good comic too bah….like there is no life anymore when heartbreak. 🙂

  6. stikgal damn lucky wei. I wonder if I send an email to kenny and ask him give some ideas on making my posts more interested, would he reply? .. AHAHHA .. lol
    nice one anyway.
    have fun dooing your research. i think you should use google.

  7. walau damn funny
    Was kinda depressed this few day and your drawing brought laughter to me. Would like to say thank you sincerely from my heart

  8. eh? the third cartoon isn’t that some Japanese cartoon character?
    cannot anyhow ah… copyrights hor.
    anyways, eurgh those edison pics just erased years from
    my life.. *curiosity kills the cat*
    in particular, the “leading ladies” involved are so “ew” downtown.
    (and they are supposed to be the pretty gals. bahaha.)

  9. Eih Kenny, i dont know why you are selected to be one of cleo most eligible bachelor lei.Yes, you may be rich,succesful, and you can blog very well….but i think you dont really have the looks though.C’mon its a fact okay.Please dont compare yourself with the other hunkier guys, you are nowhere near them.But then kenny, you already beat them with ur talent!They may have the looks but not the brains. ^_^

    im very sad now, after i read your blog, it really make my day.. DAMN funny now, keep laughing.

  11. hahhahaha… knnccb~!! this is some funny shit man~!
    and yeah, i voted u for the most adventurous bachelor already… but sad lar.. u’re not even close in any category yet…

  12. Wah lao. Win liao. Unappreciative Singaporeans.. :p
    If Kenny contribute kiddish stuff onto my blog I will post it. If Kenny contribute adult stuff I will DEFINITELY use it!

  13. That Ebi guy ah~
    Look like he jumped out from an alien vs predator movie.. soo eerie looking to me lor…
    Not my cup of tea/coffee…
    If I were to have coffee wif him hor, instead of getting to him better ..
    my mind would be day dreaming of how he’d stick out another mouth full of fangs to gobble me up in 1go..
    That pic in my head is just so not sexy…..
    therefore I will vote 4u Kenny!!!

  14. hahahakkzz!! creative !!
    U can alwiz think of stuff like dat can u?..
    Creative & totally original contribution to a friend despite ur busy schedule.

  15. what a coincidence. i was just reading her site and was thinking that she was running out of ideas and then came here and saw this.

  16. parasailing = adventurous? hahahah.. damn funny.. by just sticking your butt to water aint do much, ebi.
    try white water rafting on the Padas River (Tenom) having Grade Three to Four rapids. And that is call adventurous.

  17. Dear Kenny,
    i’ve voted you as “bachelor i want to have coffee with”….
    **wonder why i have to do this when in fact i can just say ‘hi’ to you when i saw you around the kopitiam or ‘honk’ you when i saw ur car on the road** ;-P

  18. about your drawing, why is Lilian’s leg so long? and where is her hands?
    dont get what you trying to say in the pic…~~
    oh..i am inocent..

  19. awww..its because ebi used to participate in akademi fantasia and all the fans are just voting blindly!!
    I voted for u as most adventurous anyways..=)

  20. walao…………very funny pic………..
    but no detail one………….
    you have to draw 18sx de…………

  21. Adoi… if she knows most of her visitors are children, then she knows what should and shouldn’t be posted in her blog. Haha.. She’s really concern in educating the children..
    But kennysia ‘ko ko’ here… Lol…
    Beh tong…
    Btw, the drawing look unique! Can win Picasso la.. muahaha…

  22. My goodness, Kenny!!!!!
    Don’t forget that your blog is also drawing a lot of attention to young teens lah…. a lot of under 18 here u know????
    Looking at Edison and Gillian makes me ROFL!!! This is SICK wehhh!!!!
    My dear Kenny, your sense of humour is really world-class lah!!! No wonder, I kept coming back to your blog without fail.
    Hahahahaha… Keep up the good work, dude!!!

  23. Kenny, you deserved it!!! Said you were busy and when a lady asked you to do something for her, you dropped everything including your pants to do for her. End of the day, you got this treatment from her. No sympathy from me. If you continue to behave like lady crazy nut, I am sure you will die in the hands of a lady one day. Remember this!!

  24. HAHA! nice one Kenny, that post was especially funny. You’re sincerely funny, not trying at all, thats why i come back day after day. Lol.

  25. oh my god kenny, I thought that is suppose to have died down but you’re still having fun making fun out of Edison and Gillian Chung aren’t you?

  26. Kenny.. your drawing on ED and GL so funny.. just few lines can make so many people laughing hahaha

  27. get real lah kenny. we only vote the good looking ones in irrespective of whatever category they are in the running for 😛 youre a great blogger! stick to that! dont get an overinflated head now..

  28. have ur blog with ratings la,either can vote for good or bad comments,suggestion only(eg .youtube)

  29. haha but yeah seriously,why isnt the stick of gillian got hairy pussy wan,then it would have been

  30. Thanks for an entertaining blog!
    I was traveling in HK, actually paying respects to the Big Buddha at Lantau Island when I saw the pictures of Edison on the cover of a magazine in a 7-Eleven kiosk…..arrrr the irony.

  31. Ok, you have serious funny posts here in your blog. I admire you humour sense and you are not fat, just chubby. Anyway, congrats on being nominated as one of the top 50 most eligible bachelors by Cleo Mag which is my favourite mag as well. and seriously I think you will win at least one subsidiary title. Good Luck anyway.
    As for the Stickson Chen, you are creative you know, if you ‘draw the faces’ instead of cut and paste..hahaha..anyway, thanks for the laughs..

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