This blog entry is dedicated to the stubborn Raja Petra of malaysia-today.net, who refused to post bail for his sedition charge, and chose instead to sit in jail.

It’s amazing how one election could change so many things.
Before the elections, bloggers were condemned by government officials as if they were scums of the Earth on par with child rapists and mass murderers. One guy named Khairy even compared bloggers to monkeys.
After the elections, suddenly we have monkeys invading the parliament along with his friend, Big Foot.

Before the elections, politicians who blog are mostly those from the opposition parties. Most famously, leaders Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim.
After the elections, even those big shots in the ruling party jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

These past two months alone, we have seen an ex-Selangor MB, the current Malacca CM and the current UMNO Information Chief all starting their own blogs.
The biggest news last week is that our former Prime Minister himself Tun Dr Mahathir has turned into a blogger as well.
So now kids, if anybody tries to tell you that blogging is a waste of time, feel free to say, “But Dr M also does it leh!”

Of course, there is a huge difference in the way these political heavyweights blog compared to the way that we from the younger generation do so. For example, these political leaders don’t talk about what they have for lunch, which celebrities they met up with, or how many pink stuff from Juicy Couture they bought. These people tackle the big issues, using head-spinning words like “judicial appointment” and “press freedom” and “rising crude oil prices.” Younger bloggers like us simply don’t write much of such stuff at all.
What I am saying to these politician-turned-bloggers is, they should really lighten up themselves. Blogging is not just about “changing the political landscape” and all that. It’s also about meeting new friends, doing crazy things and having fun. And these people don’t do enough of that at all.

I mean, you are never gonna see Lim Kit Siang camwhoring like this on his blog.

Or stupid commenters like this in Dr Mahathir’s blog.

Most definitely you are not gonna see Anwar joining some silly “I Sleep Better With Chipster” blog contest.

Still, I welcome these politicians joining our blogging community.
Because previously, when you say “bloggers”, you immediately think bored teenage boys or attention-seeking schoolgirls putting 101 camwhoring photos of themselves in skimpy outfits. As early as 2 years ago, parents used to really hate their kids blogging.
But now, we have old politicians whose average age is 60 years old calling themselves bloggers!
I think that’s a good thing. Old people using new technology is always cool. I just wish they could be more like friends with us younger bloggers, you know? Stop bashing your political rivals for once, and start coming to our blogger gatherings for a change. There’s so much that we can show you.

Maybe sign up with Nuffnang or something.
Whoa, if that happens, then maybe next year’s Nuffnang Bloggers Pajama Party is gonna look like this.

Ok, maybe not.

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145 Replies to “Politician-Turned-Bloggers”

  1. lol…politicians finds blogging the new effective medium ground to raise issues and speak out things that will never be heard on the national mainstream media..what is gonna be said cannot be justified and we can actually verify wat is said..coz anyone can say anything on the net..nobody knows its validity..soo wat are these ppl up to in blogging? last time they said negative comments abt blogging..now le??

  2. we’re waiting for the day for corrupted politicians to take stupid pictures of themselves for every cent they stole from the nation.

  3. One thing i do not understand though.
    Why would RPK needs the public to donate money to bail him out. I do not believe that he has no RM5000 in his bank account?
    Donation should be for those who really needs the money, eg charity organisation.
    But donation to a RPK to bail him out? That’s kind of ridiculous

  4. I see the attempts by our politicians to enter the blogging community as a half cooked attempt and quite lame actually. They are doing that not because they are sincere in wanting to send their message across but because they think that just because they have a blog, people will believe whatever they say. What a lame thinking. No matter what the medium is, people are not stupid to simply take in whatever they say. How dumb!

  5. well i guess that when we talk about bloggers we can divide them to bloggers who write about serious issues and bloggers who write, or maybe to show off, their lifestyles. kennysia may write light stuffs but that duzen mean he is ignorant about what’s going on in the country, unlike most teen bloggers who r living in their own world. which is y of all non-political blogs, i only read kennysia, bcos it’s not as childish as others. after all, when kenny wrote this post, it’s obvious that he’s poking fun more on the bimbo bloggers or even himself rather than the likes of anwar or lim kit siang, isn’t it? but as always, brainless stuff always draws more audience. sad truth…
    btw, when u see more commenters leaving stupid comments like “i’m 1st!” after what kenny has written, u just gotta believe that some of the readers r indeed brainless….

  6. i think it’s fantastic how our political leaders are reaching out to more half of our youth (wtf how old am i) through the only medium not completely uncensored by theywhomustnotbenamed.
    put it this way. chedet.com is the ONLY blog i read that’s not completely frivilous or typed out with pink font.
    that “Dheepan” guy seems to have a rather one-sided and empty if not (in lack of a better word) stupid opinion of the whole concept of blogging itself.
    on the other hand…
    “I saw lots of chic dresses on sale for less than RM50”
    how can you not feel homosexual saying that just wows me.

  7. omg, damn funny la kenny! i bet those politicians would love you to do more pics about them.
    Khairy – K = hairy

  8. RPK does not need the public to raise fund to bail him out. The fact is that he REFUSED to be bailed out bcoz he wanted to challenge the gov. But sadly it was announced in the news that RPK FAILDED to pay bail (what a big joke) & instead of 400 supporters, it became 100 supporters visited him. It was his supporters idea to raise fund to create awareness in this.
    Referring back to the topic of politicians becoming bloggers, isn’t tat entertaining?

  9. Kenny,
    If ever these people come together for a blogger gathering (and yes..peacefully)..
    You might want to lead the pack.
    Bloggers Unite Conference!

  10. Latest degrees offering:
    BSc in Blog Creation, BSc in Blog Editing, BSc in Blog Maintenance …

  11. u r right. they turned to blogger to express their thought or for other reasons maybe………… πŸ˜‰

  12. Most new bloggers start out by welcoming their readers, explaining why they are blogging, and giving an overview of the subjects they plan to write about. Not so Mahathir, who gives the impression of a man who doesn’t think he has to explain himself to anyone. (He was probably motivated by the blogging success of opposition politicians and the fact that the media has been ignoring his escalating criticisms of the current prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.)
    If you’re hoping for some of Mahathir’s signature anti-Western rants, you’ll be sorely disappointed. His first and so far only post is a rather boring critique of Abdullah’s judicial reforms, though this is some quality armchair quarterbacking:
    Is the Government proposing to work with the opposition on this issue, and so display its weakness? Will there be a quid pro quo, a bargain with the opposition? It would be interesting to see how the PM proposes to deal with this.
    My humble blogging advice for you, Dr. Mahathir? Respond to the interview with your estranged protégé Anwar Ibrahim, who says you “underestimated” him and wrongly thought you could break him in prison. Blog readers always love a good controversy, and I promise this will link to you.

  13. You have got the link wrongly for ex-Selangor MB and the current Malacca CM. Both of them are the opposite of each other πŸ˜‰
    Otherwise, a nice and funny post especially the last pic =D

  14. Muahaha – i like the last photo …
    I wonder how much Boss will pay for chedet.com, if Dr M sign up for nuffnang….ermm…

  15. how can they lighten up? ppl always look up to them and take them very seriously. I once saw Anwar dancing on stage and i rubbed my eyes hard. It was funny.

  16. dude, just bcoz u have a blog doesnt make u an instant “blogger”. just as if u own a guitar, r u a rockstar?
    second, PKR is just making a point not to post bail. asking rm1 from everyone is simply a show of how much support he has behind him. by this afternoon, the cimb acc got rm24k and paypal rm11k, somewhat means 35k ppl behind him (if everyone really donated rm1 each coz i gave usd1 haha)
    whatever medium is used for publicly airing views is alw up for abuse. whether politicians are involved or not. just look at how many bimbo blogs are there or how many ppl set up and not maintaining them blogs.
    p/s: khairy is a monkey himself. idiot la he. mr M shld STFU, as always.

  17. Hahaha, This is the reason why i always come back to ur page. keep up the good job, btw my father gave RM1000 to RPK. Not so much for him to post bail (because we know he wont take it), it is for the ‘real’ news that he provided us all these years. It is the least we could do. I dont think we have much to talk about during dinner now that RPK is in prison. Im kinda sad…

  18. The oppositions used blog to previously because all the mainstreams media is controlled by the government.
    And why are the goverment blogging now? They are already controlling all the media and press. They are heard everywhere already.. sweat
    Don’t they get it!! Our generations wants equal news and we are mature enough to decide on our own. Lies and false promises by the government wont work for our generations no more. So it is not about blogging at all… hahaha

  19. dude, DrM blog comments in terms of hundreds and thousands. Will he beat you as top blogger in Msia?
    but then again, got too much of the gelaran Tun.

  20. yay…!!! our parliament is packed with action from BIG MONKEYS N BIG FOOT!!! WAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

  21. at least they recognize the power of the internet, if not we will continue to be known as the country which build their house in the trees and caves..

  22. and furthermore, no one will ask u to take photo in the next Nuffnang party if all the politicians are going..*kenny very sad*

  23. Thanks Kenny for this. Really appreciate what you do to increase the awareness. I think when the new PR government in power, u’d be one of the very few to be consulted on the power of the blogger and media. Love ur blogs for the wits, love malaysia-today for the news that they brought us everyday.
    May Altantuya murderer have sleepless night with the spirit hounting them
    P/s : By the way today is Altantuya supposedly 30th birthday. Imagine how u feel when u have a fren with small kids with nerve problem got blown up by military C4 in another country. How dissapointing and hurt we would be. Can’t think that this could happen in Malaysia.

  24. i… i… i… am.. still.. stil.. still.. wait.. wait.. waitt… waiting for Zz…zz..zz..zam to blog….
    so, are all the comments and censorship on chedet the same type as all the comments on cheeserland? the UMNO of MDG!

  25. i kenot help but smile at the pic of “anwar” posing for chipster .. and yes i agree .. these ppl like to blog about political stuff le .. i went into mahathir’s blog to see judicial stuff when i want to read ” today my breakfast was.. ”
    yup, they should lighten up

  26. hahahaha
    its so lame of them wanting to start a blog…
    as if they could change the view of the teenage or young adult with their ideas!!!!!!
    neway, nice post!

  27. tell u the truth kenny, i am one of those who’s really allergic with the world of politics especially malaysia’s (which I seriously avoid like plague) so you can say i am very ignorant on the latest updates but thanks to you, i can proudly join in the old foggers conversations on politics and chip in my two cents worth of idea/facts even tho i do not read papers nor watch the news πŸ™‚

  28. cool~ it’s actually good to hear them speak openly. like i never stop kennysia and lim kit siang. don’t y’think they open up our mind to see things from different perspective and view?

  29. This is a really funny post. I agree with you whole-heartedly. Blogging shouldn’t be so “heavy”. It should always be fun to read and easy to digest. I like your blog the best. Keep it up pal…

  30. It is said with truth, new ideas and innovation that:
    First it is ridiculed;
    Secondly, it is violently opposed;
    Thirdly, it is accepted as being self evident.
    Bloggers ridiculed, ..yes
    Bloggers violently opposed..yes..some are in jail for their opinions. Many in China…And I believe there are a few Singaporian rebel bloggers also.(not XiaXue!haha ..like the line in a Beatles song.. “She’s a pretty nice girl, but she hasn’t gotta lot to say”
    Finally we see blogging becoming accepted as a valid medium of communication in the mainstream(in some parts of the world)being used by people who see it’s power. Self evident it is.

  31. hahaha…dis post is hilarious…
    i hate de idea of all de political leaders jumping into de blogging bandwagon…
    just like @Malaysian has said in his/her comment,
    opposition leaders blog cos de newspapers was controlled by de government,so why de hell did de government ppl blog too?
    do they wan to control de blogs too?
    arresting Raja Petra is not a wise move…
    i think Raja Petra wanted jail instead of bail so dat he can make de situation bigger n dis news will become more widely known(maybe across de world)..i wonder wat will happen next..

  32. Dear RPK is my hero,
    RPK is my hero too while Kenny Sia is most people’s favourite blogger when it comes to entertainment. Dont complicate matter. You know he aint serious, dont you?

  33. Cibai lah this guy.
    WTF. Do more of this stuff, please. Just don’t go into jail just yet.

  34. Haha, great post.
    Taib and other losers are trying too hard. Well, they should try harder.

  35. super hilarious. one of the best post ever. chedet.com’s comment is cool.
    ask for advise from ur lawyer b4 post is a good idea. lets camwhore!

  36. y not u juz say how nice if av human r wif baby brain
    rpk a brave gut among the majority coward who stand up 4 justice, proud of the efforts from him, sad of the suppression on him

  37. Thx alot Kenny, u just lighten my day…Really funny 1 lol. Anyway i still believe politicians should stay as politicians… nt in a million years i will read wat tat “smart” Dr M has anythign 2 say

  38. blogger is a occupation today, so people that blog can’t simple address themselves as blogger. he is just a new people in the bloggersphere.
    ya that’s why kennysia can be known as blogger right? hehhe πŸ™‚

  39. U know what Kenny, I just can’t imagine the politicians-turned-bloggers dressing up in pajamas attending a party. That is way too hilarious.
    Maybe you can ask for an interview with these politicians…and ask for their opinion in these. Would you, Kenny?

  40. hey, posting entries like this. u dun scared that you will end up in the jail too? hahaha! i enjoy it. nice one!xD

  41. All these politicians started to blog because our PM mention that BN ultimate loss in this GE 2008 main cause are they are lack of bloggers… What an excuse! But you will see more and more of politic blogs…

  42. haha… i wonder why there are big foot and big monkey in the parliament. i guess they must hv lost their home n found a new home in the parliament!

  43. ya i agree that blogging is an occupation nowadays cos that’s where u can earn some side income. otherwise when uncle lim calls one a richest jobless beruk then one can’t rebuke him back.

  44. i know i know..u all comment under the kennysia-funny-bohliao-bohchap context…
    but there relly look like vomit after reading this
    i guess these comments r not wat kenny-get-rich expecting…isnt it kennysia? i luv the way u brought up attn on social issues but mayb its 2 ‘funny’ tat majority of ur readers doesnt seem 2 get the mainpoint leh

  45. Well i guess that dumb ‘Skim’ Gal is a BN supporter. That’s why she gave such an immature comment

  46. I thought I saw this
    “Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam, dilahirkan pada tahun 1949 di atas katil di Melaka, kini bertugas di atas katil dengan makwe-makwe dari pejabat Ketua Menteri Melaka”

  47. I definately will run to buy lottery if the politicians attend the pyjama party. Very Funny lah… don’t they look cute??
    BTW Kenny… why your listen link have the lady voice instead of yours? Not seksi at all lar.. Let us listen to your voice lah… Do podcast …can ar…..?

  48. Blogging is so famous and easy to use and is free, it is usual for them to become a blogger since that most people would like to read what they have to say about their opponent.

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