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Shining Moments

My shining moments are…

When you played hide-and-seek with me in the supermarket, and cried when you couldn’t find me.

When you dressed up as “Mei Ling”, or do those ridiculously stupid bo liao things normal people wouldn’t do.

When you told me you want to be there when I make things right.

When I put the regulator in my mouth and breathed underwater for the first time.

When we reached the pinnacle of Mt Kinabalu after battling rain, cold, altitude sickness and a badly sprained ankle.

When you told me you were proud of me, and meant it.

Love. Friendship. Passion. Hope. Dreams. Family. These are the shining moments of my life.

What are your shining moments?

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Two Years

Hello Papa,

It’s been two year since you’re gone. How are you doing up there? Does the people there treat you nice? Do you get good food? Is it cold at night?
You’ve been away for so long you missed out on so much! A lot has happened since I last wrote. I don’t even know where to start!

Sister moved to New Zealand and she now lives in Hamilton. I flew there to visit her and her family last September. Hamilton is a very much like Perth, except there’s no Burswood Casino and Arirang. Still, the weather there is fresh and the people there are nice and I think you’ll like it there.
Sister is doing ok. I think she’s really enjoying herself now being a mother. Just last month, she gave birth to another baby girl. A tiny bundle named Lecia. She’s cute!

And her two other kids seem to grow up real fast. Jayden is turning four soon and Kirsten is already two and a half.
Feels like only yesterday that you saw her sleeping in her pink baby basket. Now she’s walking around everywhere causing carnage on anything she could lay her hands on.

Brother got married before the new year. Everyone was happy to welcome the bride into the family. You would too, I’m sure. The wedding ceremony at Hilton was most lavish and joyful. Brother even did a touching tribute to you on his wedding night. Did you get to see it?
Now everyone is asking me when’s my turn. I find it quite annoying actually. But one thing I figured out recently though, is that mom was right: Any man living your kind of lifestyle would require a woman that is both incredibly supportive and understanding.
Having experienced a bit of what your busy career was like, I find that truer than ever. Such women is rare.

Not too long ago, we shifted your office to the new place. Yours is on the top floor. The view from up there is fantastic! On a clear day, you could see the best of Kuching skyline alllll the way to Santubong mountain. There’s even a nice little balcony area for you to take your smoking breaks with Mr Benson and Mr Hedges.
I can imagine you spending quite a bit of time out there. After all, these are the fruits of your labour. I think you’ll love it a lot.

Have you been catching up with Grandpa lately? He left us earlier so he’s probably with you up there. Mom said he used to be real proud of you when you would buy Grandpa lunch and fruits in front of his friends. So don’t forget to do that more often over there k?
As for me, I have more or less settled down, getting the hang of my job and learning new things at the same time. Pursuing an MBA is now off the hooks, though it still seems there’s so many things to learn and not enough time to do it.

They wanted me to do law, but the subject is so dry. They wanted me to do insurance too, but I’m so bad at selling things. I wish I could discuss my career direction with you right now. I didn’t use to do it a lot in the past because I thought you always wanted me to do things I didn’t want to. But I see your point now. I wished I could tell you that.
In fact, I wished to we could have done more things together, as a family. For the first time in a very long time, we had a family trip to Egypt recently and it just feels so different without you. So many times I feel like saying how wonderful it is if you could enjoy the trip with us. So many times I get upet just thinking about it. The emptiness that you left in us is still there.
Signs of mom’s old age is starting to show. It would be so nice if you could be around to spend more time with her.

When I was in New Zealand, I met a retired couple both 79 years old. They live in a lakeside house and drink tea on the balcony every morning. Just the two of them.
You used to do that with mom every morning too. And I pictured that would probably be how the two of you would look like when you retire. That didn’t happen.
Papa, I miss you. And all of us miss you dearly. We miss your stories, we miss your jokes, we miss your laughter. Above all else, we miss your warmth.
It’s been two year since you’re gone, and we still wish you were here with us sometimes.
Do keep watching over us. Until then, please take care.

Your son Kenny

A New Hobby

Having grown bored of the land, it’s only natural that I feel the itch to explore the world below.

I am picking up a new sport – scuba diving.
Having passed off wonderful diving spots like Similan Island in Thailand last year because I didn’t have a license, I’ve decided enough is enough.

Five days with Kuching Scuba Centre, RM950 and some layers of sunburnt skin later, I am now a proud certified PADI open water diver.
Getting a dive license means a lot of thing. First and foremost, it means I can now insert a long hard tube into my mouth all day long without feeling gay about it.

I found Nemo!

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Conquer The Bridge

Thanks to my over-indulgence during Chinese New Year, I am so terribly out of shape right now.

He’s in shape. Round is a shape.

Yes I know its the Year of the Pig, I just didn’t expect I’d turn into one myself. The truth is, I’m at a porky 83kg now. That’s 5kg more than last year.
I am so fat that when I wear my boxers, my flabby tummy pushes the underwear waistband all the way out until it folds by itself.

That’s embarrassing.
I really gotta do something about my flabby tummy. Starting by cutting down on late night fatty food.
That’s tough, because in Kuching, whenever people ask me out or something, we eat. There really isn’t much to do in Kuching apart from eating. And when we eat, we eat fatty food.
No one’s gonna go out with me anymore if everyone else is drinking beer, eating fried chicken wings and I’m the only one munching on salad. I might as well kiss my social life goodbye.

But hey, I reckon I can get back in shape because I did it before and I’m determined to repeat my success.
Last year’s marathon helped a lot. And this year, I’m gonna do it again.
This time round, it’ll be at the Penang Bridge Marathon!

Actually I have already started training for this marathon since last year.
But then 1st January came.
And then Chinese New Year came.
And then the temptation of fat oily bak gua proved too difficult to resist.
And then before I knew it, I piled on 5kg and all that training effort went to waste. ARGH!

Anyway, I’m hoping that this time round I’ll be running together with some readers who are inspired to do a marathon for the first time.
I’m not an expert in running, but I’ve read enough to be able to give out some tips for first timers. Websites like, and should be able to tell you more.
First, do up a training schedule and stick to it. That’s half the battle won.

My minimum is to do 5km three times on weekdays, and finish off with 10km of continuous running on Sundays. I’ll gradually increase that to 26km two weeks before race day.
I run at Stutong Forest Park every Sunday. It’s the only good running location I know in Kuching. On weekdays I do Reservoir Park, which is too small for my liking but good enough.

Running can get pretty costly. Still, its worthwhile to invest in the right stuff sooner rather than later.
A pair of good lightweight running shoes and chafe-free socks would set you back around RM400.

On top of that you’d wanna wear cool and dry apparels specially made for running.
The worst thing you could wear to a race is the 100% cotton Made-In-China official marathon T-shirt that you get free with registration. If you wear that, you’re gonna sweat so much you’ll finish the race wearing a sponge.

I personally like the ClimaLite stuff. I wear them to the gym all the time. They cost about RM80 each, but you can’t skimp on price for comfort, especially when the journey is 42km.
Apart from these essentials there are two more things most people think are optional, but I’d classify them as “life-savers”.
The first is a tube of analgesic cream. RM10.

Analgesic cream is NOT the kind of cream you apply on your anal. It’s medication to relieve muscular pain after a hard workout. Trust me, if you’ve never ran long distance before, you’re gonna be needing this ASAP.
The second is an MP3 player.

iPod nano RM939 + Marware sports armband RM120

If I didn’t have my iPod with me last year, I don’t know how I’m even gonna cross the finishing line. Once you get the music pumping in your ears, you’d forget about all the pain you’re suffering… until you take the earphones off.
Azman, who recently completed the KL Half Marathon, said that if his MP3 player had boobs and vagina, he’d marry his MP3 player.

Who’s coming with me for the Penang Marathon? Let me know.
Then after the race, we continue marathon all the way to Ipoh to eat chicken rice.

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Been moving around a lot lately, so much so that I didn’t have time to sit down and do a proper blog entry.

While driving me today, my mom almost made a wrong turning from the straightforward route to the airport. I had to alert her when I noticed we’re on the wrong lane, just in time for her to immediately swerve back into the correct path. “Oh yea! I forgot it’s this way”, she sighed.

I am the youngest of three children in my family, also the most rebellious. Growing up, my parents always scolded me for being the most stubborn one. Many times when I have an opinion about something, I would always insist that everyone else is wrong and I am right.
Even when I’m clearly in the wrong, I’d still pretend that I’m right.
My mom clearly has had a difficult time dealing with me, especially during my raging teenage years. When I was younger, everytime she and I had a fight, my mom would always get a kick out of pointing out the glaring flaws in my arguments. On the contrary, no matter how hard I try, I could never make her admit to the mistakes she had made.
Fact is, when I was younger I make a lot more mistakes in a day than she makes in a year. But everytime she points my mistakes out for me, I would brush them off as nagging. Everytime I made a mistake, she would force me to do things her way, and I hated her for it.

Today, I’m well into my mid-twenties. And my mom, well, she’s getting older. Her memory fails, her judgment deteriorates, and the mistakes that she makes become more frequent and more obvious. Now when I point out her mistakes to her, instead of defending herself, she sighs in resignation.
I’m still the young, brash and stupid boy that I was. I still make heaps of mistakes. Only difference is, apart from the superficial stuff, she’s no longer pointing out to me the mistakes that I make. On occasions when we have a disagreement, she lets me “win” instead of forcing me to do things her way.
Maybe she no longer understands what I’m doing well enough to make the judgment. Maybe she’s afraid I’d brush her away as nagging and not listen to her. Maybe it is just that she has simply accepted the fact that I am all grown up into an adult now, and thinks that I no longer needs a retired person like her to tell me my mistakes, to advise me what I should do in life.
What my mom doesn’t know is that now I’m all grown up, I appreciate – more than ever – what she did for me when I was growing up.

I am an adult now and I still make mistakes. How I wish now that everytime I make mistakes, my mom would point them out for me, once again.

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2007 New Years Resolution

This time last year, I made myself a list of resolutions I hoped to achieve by the end of 2006.
Now that the year is over and a new one has arrived, it’s time to reflect on those resolutions I made. Let’s look at how well I did.

Resolution #1: Drink less alcohol.
A friend of mine once claimed he only drinks on three days. Those three days are yesterday, today and tomorrow.
There’s only two times last year when I managed to get myself so drunk to the point of needing people to send me home. But now, I limit my drinking days to just Saturdays so I’m pretty far from my friend’s philosophy. Overall, I’m drinking a lot less alcohol and keeping things in moderation.
Verdict: PASS

Resolution #2: Cuss less and avoid commenting on religion in
There’s a reason why you don’t see a lot of of f-words and stuff that would make people burn down buildings on this blog anymore.
Verdict: PASS

Resolution #3: Visit Singapore more often.
Ended up visiting Singapore only twice in the entire year. Not sure what happened there, but I think I’m more wanted in KL as compared to Singapore.
Verdict: FAIL

Resolution #4: Put 50% of my monthly income into savings, unless I’m travelling.
Failed. Failed big time. As it turns out, I travelled out of Kuching almost every month. Sometimes I did it even twice a month.
The whole 2006 I ended putting only 10% of my monthly income into savings – hardly enough to make a difference.
Verdict: FAIL

Resolution #5: Lose 10kg.
I wanted to lose 10. I lost 8. Short by 2.
Verdict: FAIL

Ah well. All in all, I kinda sucked when it comes to my 2006 resolutions. Maybe I’ll have better results this year.
So, let it be known that before the end of 2007, I want to:

Resolution #1: Achieve a savings equivalent to 5 months worth of my salary
This one is to replace my doomed resolution of putting half my monthly salary into savings. I still think saving money is a virtue I should pick up while I’m still young.

Resolution #2: Gamble less
Gambling is fine if played in moderation, but I always get carried away. Sometimes I play harder and harder trying to “win back” money that I’ve lost. That’s not a good thing.
I’m no compulsive gambler but I stupidly lost about RM600 last year gambling on the stupid World Cup thanks to that stupid France and that stupid Zidane headbutt. Altogether I lost a stupid RM2,000 placing stupid bets on stupid games.
I’m still gonna gamble lah but from now onwards, I’m gonna stop playing when I hit my limit of RM100 a game.

Resolution #3: Raise funds for charity
Shhh… don’t tell this to anyone.
Actually, last year I was thinking of staging a major publicity stunt by circumcising and auctioning off my dick’s foreskin to raise funds for charity. But my family kicked up a big fuss when I wrote about circumcision on my blog, so obviously I had to abandon that idea. Besides, who’s gonna buy my foreskin?
Still, cancer prevention and care is something very close to my heart. I need time to plan, but I hope to initiate some sort of a campaign and do something positive to benefit the cancer societies.

Resolution #4: Get out of bed by 7:30am every weekday
When you mix around with nocturnals, you turn into a nocturnal yourself. Most of my close friends don’t have day jobs so they can afford to go to bed at 3am every night.
I blindly follow their sleeping patterns so when morning comes I become dead like zombie. Gotta wake up early.

Resolution #5: Learn a new sport
A friend gave me a complete set of golf clubs last March, but nine months later I still swing like an monkey trying to scratch its butt. He must be so disappointed.
I’m gonna dust off my set golf club and by the end of 2007 I guarantee you I’m gonna go from noob to pro. Watch out, Tiger Woods.

Resolution #6: Finish a 42km marathon in 5 hours time
Now that I have 8kg less “excess baggage” and a better knowledge about what to expect, 5 hours to complete 42km should be quite realistic.

Resolution #7: Climb a mountain
Never climbed a single mountain before in my entire life. Not even our pissy little Mountain Santubong in Kuching.
I know a few people who have scaled Mount Kinabalu in Sabah and came back telling me what a worthwhile experience it was. I’m tentatively planning a trip to KK on the 20th January and if anyone reading this is up for the challenge, maybe we should attempt to conquer Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain together.

Resolution #8: Appear on reality TV
Hey, it’s possible. With so many homegrown reality shows popping up, I thought it might be fun to appear on just one of them. Living so far away from KL might be a problem though.

Resolution #9: Turn into Daniel Craig
Damn tulan. Why every girl I know keeps saying Daniel Craig is hot?

Ok, maybe it’s logically impossible to transform intoDaniel Craig, but I wanna at least lose another 8kg and get a physique like him.
I wanna be hot too.

Happy New Year, everybody. Whatever your resolutions are, may we at least put some effort into achieving it lah.
As an Ah Lian would say, “Everyone jia you! Together we shall gambatte!”.

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New Shoes

I am fat.

I have always been fat. I never denied that.
I have been fat since I was 9. And no matter how much weight I gained or lost, I am still fat.
People used it as a weapon against me all the time. Whenever anyone wanna attack or insult me, the first thing they would do is say that I’m fat.

It didn’t do my self-esteem a lot of good, even way back when I was in high school. I was quiet. I did not have a lot of friends because I did not fit in the “popular crowd”. I was bullied because I was fat.
I was like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
All of the other reindeers, used to laugh and call me names. They never let poor Kenny, play in any reindeer games.

That’s alright. I am fat. People call me fat and I deserve it.
It’s not like I have anyone to blame it on.
Who can I blame? My parents for giving me bad genes?

Some people can eat like a horse, drink like a fish, don’t exercise and still remain slim.
I have to watch what I eat strictly and workout 6 times a week like mad just to prevent myself from getting too fat. If I fail to follow that routine for even just one week, I will gain fat. That’s how sensitive my body is.
But that’s ok.
I recognise it as my disability. It is a curse I have to live with. But it doesn’t bother me.
All it means is I have to work extra hard to be on the same level with everyone else.

So be it.
This time last year I made myself a list of New Year’s Resolutions.
One of the items on the list, is to shed 10kg off my body weight.

And so I started exercising regularly. For the past few months I have been hitting the gym almost without fail 3 times a week immediately after work. On top of that, I am alternating between jogging and swimming 45 minutes in the pool everyday.
I began eating all the healthy stuff. Friends who went out with me before would vouch for my strict draconian diet. I gave up a lot of my favourite Kuching food, like kolo mee and laksa. I took the Kenko Diet Plums I got from Cheesie. At the peak of my desperation, I was eating an apple for lunch.
It has been 12 months since I made that resolution.
I was 86kg then.

I am 78kg now.

Just 2kg shy of my target.
Of course, I am still fat lah. I know that I’ll probably never ever be considered slim. Still fat, but just less fat.
Knowing how stubborn my body is, losing the 8kg over the period of 12 months wasn’t that easy.

Without a doubt, the most significant turning point in 2006 was when I did the 42km KL International Marathon. Of all the participants present that day at the starting line, I was definitely the most out of place. I was like the Jack Black among all the Johnny Depps and Angelina Jolies.
And yet I did it, even when it meant limping and literally DRAGGING my two numb legs for the remaining 12km of the race.

I felt like a brand new person when I crossed the finishing line. It wasn’t just because I had achieved a seemingly inhumane feat. It was also the people I meet along the way, like a 73-year-old who finished the race 1.5 hour ahead of me, that inspired me and gave me unlimited confidence boost.
Completing the 42km made me truly believe that nothing is impossible.
Soon after the marathon, I noticed my body underwent serious transformation. Within a month, 4kg worth of fat melted right off my body.

A lot of people e-mailed in asking if I’m participating in future marathons.
Yes, I am.
I can’t lie. I miss the trance I went into after reaching the human threshold 30km into the race. I miss the hit of natural high when I crossed the finishing line. The fact is, I cannot wait to compete in my next marathon. I’m addicted to it.
One of my new year resolutions is take up distance running seriously next year.
I have already started training for my next marathon.

But the shoes I wore for my last one was completely obliterated. I wasn’t ready to replace them since I only had those shoes for less than 2 years.
I did helplessly try to superglue the soles of the shoes back together but the damn thing couldn’t even hold on for a few days before opening its mouth again.

I was walking around in the adidas store at 1 Utama during my last trip to KL and learnt about their ‘Test Run 28’ campaign which I thought was real interesting concept.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all within 28 days, the shop will exchange them for another brand new pair from the ‘Test Run 28’ range, no questions asked.
That’s real important because good running shoes always costs so bloody much. Most people don’t know if the shoes really suit them or not until they tried them out in the real world.

It’s been ages since I bought new sports shoes, so I was like a kid in a candy store going through all the choices.
I spotted the adidas Supernova Control and fell in love with it as soon as I slipped them on. It is their latest in their popular Supernova series which has been getting rave reviews from the runners community. A pair of those costs RM499 . That’s the price to pay to get their top-of-the-line technical running shoes.
RM499… that’s like, RM249.50 for each foot. :/

The difference between a RM499 technical shoe and a RM49 one you can get from Bata is that the more expensive adidas is fitted with all the high-end technology a normal person couldn’t care less.
Technology like the Ortholite for its antimicrobial moisture wicking sock lining, 3D Torsion System for mid-foot integerity, Quickstrike for light-weight flexibility, adiWEAR for durable outsoles, adiPRENE for shock absorption and adiPRENE+ for efficient forefoot propulsion.
Oh sorry, did I make you read through all those? 😉
Heh, I wouldn’t even adiBOTHER to adiSTAND all those adiTERMS, adiWISE I will get an adiHEADACHE+ and then I’ll say adiOS.

Still, can’t deny that the new shoes look cool though. 😛 I just love the silver and metallic blue colour combo. It looks darn futuristic.

Anyway, I worn the shoes for a few days now and they feel fantastic. No wonder seasoned runners love these. My ankles don’t hurt as much after running and that’s a good thing if I plan to improve my marathon time in 3 months time.
When you’re running religiously everyday, simple purchases like this can make your feet really happy.

So who’s joining me for my next marathon?

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Twenty Four

Today, I turn 24.

When I was 23 years old, I…
– was in KL and had no cake for my birthday.
– got so drunk I puked for the first time. This happened at a new friend’s Christmas gathering, and I puked in his house, on his couch, in front of everyone. Way to go, me.

– went kayaking for the first time.
celebrated Chinese New Year alone for the first time.

– had someone plagiarise the photo I took for this website, sent it in to The Star, and won herself RM50 in the process.
– said goodbye for the first time.

– met Amber Chia for the first time.
played golf for the first time.

– met Cheesie for the first time.

– completed a full 42km marathon for the first time. Total time spent: 6 hours 33 minues. I ran for 30km. The remaining 12km was spent limping and dragging my feet towards the finishing line.
– had my first column, “Blogroll with Kenny Sia”, published by KLue magazine.

– travelled to Phuket, busted my baht and had a good thai.

– had my car broken into. That son-of-a-bitch made away with my expensive car stereo and forgot to take my iPod nano.

– had a blast at the Rainforest World Music Festival with Joyce, Kevin and YC flying in from KL; and Arthur and IngHui coming in from Miri. Met Jojo for the first time.

– travelled to Hong Kong, and till this day I still can’t get over my annoyance at those Chinese aunties cutting my queues at Disneyland.
– said goodbye to my maternal grandfather for the last time.

– reunited with a primary school classmate Gladys for the first time after 13 years.
– started taking medications to treat my hair loss, and had my doctor using his finger to describe erectile dysfunction.

– travelled to Auckland, New Zealand for the first time.

– went bungy jumping for the first time.
– went Zorbing for the first time.

received a job offer from my ex-boss in Perth that put me in a dilemma whether to remain in Kuching or utilise my Australian PR and move to Perth. For now, my decision is to stay.
– met Samantha for the first time.

– had The Most Awesomest Birthday Party™ last night, for the first time.
– and finally, puked my guts out for the second time.
Compared to last year, the past 12 months was less of an emotional rollercoaster and more of a joy ride.
When I was 23, I travelled to many places. I tried my hands at new things and breathed refreshing energy back into my life. Along the way I met countless new friends, friends that have grown to become an important backbone of my life and whom now I consider like my family. After going through the pain of losing a parent, this is exactly what I need.
Today, I turn 24 years old. The best (and worst) has yet to come. But I’m ready for it. All I gotta do is have the coconuts to tackle whatever life throws at me.

And coconuts, I have. Come what may.

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What The Fortune Teller Said

Through the guys behind the 2006 International Feng Shui Convention, I got into touch with renowned Feng Shui Master GK Ham from Penang.
Before then, the convention organisers told me that they had sent my photo to the Master, requesting him to perform facial analysis on my behalf. I am happy for them to do that, but I was curious which of my photo the organisers submitted because there were tons on my site.
To my horror, out of ALLLLL the pictures they could’ve picked, the bugger sent in this one instead.

MY GOD. Master Ham must be giggling like a schoolgirl when he saw that silly pic of me.
Regardless, he has this to say about my pretty face.

“Yin Tang (area between your eyes) area is clear, means at work you will always have noble people to help you. In problems you encounter there will always be someone around who has the will and resources to help you out. In your first part of your life 0 – 35, when you encounter problems all you need to have is patience as most of it will solve itself if you can wait.”

That is why I never tidy my messy bedroom lah. I’m hoping that it will clean up by itself if I wait what.
He went on to say.

“Prominent nose tip and nose flare, means ability to accumulate wealth before 50. Upper lips are thinner than lower lips. In career and personal life, sometimes people will find that you are too realistic in handling emotions and matters close to the heart.”

Man, he’s good. I never had anyone scrutinising my face and brought up all the details about me before.
The last time someone looked at my face this closely, I was ripped off for an overpriced facial at Bella Skin Care.
I was told to also provide Master Ham with my birthdate (they call it BaZi) so he could do something called a “Four Pillars of Destiny” analysis. I don’t even know what a “Four Pillars of Destiny” is! It sounds like some sorta bizarre Kung Fu move straight out of a WuShu comic book, together with such ancient fighting techniques as “The Hungry Hippo Eats McDonalds” or “Three Crazy Chickens Cross The Road”.

What “Four Pillars of Destiny” or BaZi actually is, is a thousand-year-old Chinese system of fortune telling based on the five elements of fire, wood, earth, metal and water. Behind it is a very technical system that only an experienced practitioner is able to decipher. To put it briefly, every person possess an element, and every period in time represents an element. If the element of person balances out the element of that period, then it is viewed as good luck.
Anyway, according to my birthdate, I am a wood.

I am wood, but doesn’t mean I’m made of wood hor.

According to the Master, wood people are like a tree – honest and straight-up, but stubborn when it comes to problems. It means I am compatible with fire and earth people, because those are the elements that balances me up.
I asked Master Ham a few questions about my long-term future. On my preference to marry late, he said “best year for you to get married is 2009, if you miss that the next possible one is 2014.”
Die. By 2014, I’ll be 32 years old liaw. What kinda girl would still want me when I’m 32! 🙁

I told him my concertn with health, and he advised, “go as easy as possible on the booze. Problems in your health is very much related to liver especially when you are 35 and onwards. If possible cut to a minimum.”
Die. How to part with my vodka! 🙁
Finally, I asked him about my career dilemma and this is what he has to say.

“Your useful element is Fire, therefore you will thrive and be happy in anything that has to do with media and technology. Blogging enables you to express yourself through technology which is a natural attraction and also a good choice. Things you should be wary of is print media. Publishing and conventional writing is not something you will like if you dive into it fully.”

“Going overseas, I would suggest Down Under as it is South (Fire). KL is also good as it is the central part of Peninsular, central is represented by the Earth element. Retail is not so suitable, as it is more of Water and Metal element. Plus you are not suitable to get into partnership if you decide to go into business. 2008 and 2009 will good year if you decide to change your environment.”

Matilah! Even the Feng Shui Master is asking me to go back to Australia!

Master GK Ham is one of the speakers at the upcoming International Feng Shui Convention, to be held in Singapore on the 4-5 November. He will be joined by 18 other well-known Feng Shui Masters from around the world in the largest English-speaking convention of its kind. This truly is set to be an enlightening experience of a lifetime.
What lies ahead in year 2007? How do you read a person’s face? How do you use BaZi to analyse your relationship between friends and family members?
As an exclusive special for readers, book now and receive an immediate 5% discount off the registration fees.

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