Shining Moments

My shining moments are…

When you played hide-and-seek with me in the supermarket, and cried when you couldn’t find me.

When you dressed up as “Mei Ling”, or do those ridiculously stupid bo liao things normal people wouldn’t do.

When you told me you want to be there when I make things right.

When I put the regulator in my mouth and breathed underwater for the first time.

When we reached the pinnacle of Mt Kinabalu after battling rain, cold, altitude sickness and a badly sprained ankle.

When you told me you were proud of me, and meant it.

Love. Friendship. Passion. Hope. Dreams. Family. These are the shining moments of my life.

What are your shining moments?

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74 Replies to “Shining Moments”

  1. I think mine was being loved by GOD and is still loved by GOD. Having GOD besides you all the time is really great! Truly blessed…

  2. I don’t know if you could even call this a shining moment, actually not a shining moment, but helped me to have a more shining moment rather than a damaged one.
    2 years ago I lost my sister in a car accident, she was getting married in 2 months, had a great job, a good life and then she was just gone…
    I had a really terrible time dealing with it, and I secluded my self from society.
    Reading Kennysia’s entries about how he lost his Dad helped me to feel a bit more comfortable with my situation. It still didn’t stop the nights of tears and wishful thinking, it just made me feel better while things were tough.
    Thanks kenny for sharing your experience, I don’t know if you know how helpful it was.
    p.s That first picture reminds me of the time I was at tha warehouse (crappy nz department store) and I took my little nephew to the haloween costume area, he cried so much running.. and actually, he looks EXACTLY like that kid haha,. funny~

  3. Reminds me of my happiest moments with my family… I didn’t know it was the “happiest moments” by then. Now I do…
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. 1. The day (5 July 05) when he admitted that he has fallen in love with me.
    2. When he proposed to me on 9 Feb 07.

  5. When my loved one loved deep into my eyes, touched my soul and said “I love you” and we shared our first kiss. It was so magic!

  6. sorry, that should have read — > When my loved one looked deep into my eyes, touched my soul and said “I love you” and we shared our first kiss. It was so magic!

  7. my shining moment is every morning when i wake up and opens the window, the sun shine right thru it on me…

  8. Everyday is a shining moment to me. Being able to wake up every morning and see my family in good health is definitely one of the reasons that makes me happy-go-lucky al the time. Ok lar.. sound a bit dramatic… but hey, family love always top my priorities…

  9. Dear handsome Kenny, shining moments make me give thanks to many things in my life…they are many shining moments in my life; the day I realized something pretty about myself, how guys would fight just to get to date me, the day I graduated, my first job, my first boyfriend… and yet they are many more shining moments to come. 

  10. Shining moments we create for ourselves are aplenty.
    Shining moments of others we’ve created?
    Make a shining difference to someone else just as you have done for yourself.

  11. My shinning moment is when I am able to help someone in need. Okaylah…it may not be in form of monetary but in physically and mentally. You can see the shine on my face when I am able to do so especially to friends, it feels soooooooo GOOD!…..that’s my shinning moment.

  12. When i shaved my head … that was MY shining moment.
    Being botak shines. Serious. You can see reflection of things in certain angle. And you seriously shine and attract attention in supermartket for being THE female botak-head. Bad idea… so much for ‘first time for everything’

  13. Reminds me of the time I reach the toilet to pangsai after ‘holding’ for a good two hours in cold weather.

  14. When I saw my grandma’s GOLD FRONT TEETH fall into the bowl of rice she was eating, over CNY reunion dinner almost 20 years back.

  15. when i was in the army and they made me polish my boots, it shined and i was so happy that I polished myself and i satarted to shine too. thats my shining moment

  16. whenever him and I are hand in hand, I shine, basking in all the warmth and hope love brings… that’s our moment… right now, I can’t think of a shining moment of my own…
    reading your blog has helped me through my loneliness. thanks.

  17. My shining moment? I don’t have it yet. But I hope I will. It’s when I can finally bring my parents to Paris =)

  18. it’s when i know i can do more for the society, for the community after hearing a talk from a guy in baixiao.

  19. my shining moments are
    -when I successfully trained my puppy
    -when I saw the look on the gong gongs and po pos faces when we distributed food during my visit at the home.
    -when I achieved my new year resolutions.
    -when a friend told me “you’re like a star, not always seen but always there. thanks for being you”
    -when I met Lee Hom in person *squeals*
    -when I cooked dinner for the family without burning the kitchen.
    -when I finally overcome my fear of driving!
    & the shiniest moment of all was when my parents told me that they’re proud of me, the look on their faces-PRICELESS!=)

  20. my shining moments r when im wif my 3 sisters talking n laughing 2gether, hugging my parents, n when my special sum1 look into my eyes eventhough he’s nt mine..

  21. your life is lively. u like get to do so much fun stuff like climbing a mountain and scuba diving and running a marathon. I would never voluntarily do such things. one because they seem so..unreachable. i dunno. envy.

  22. meaningful.
    my shining moments are when my love are shared with my family,my friends,and also my bf.

  23. my shining moment was when i manage to qualify ask an international lifeguard when i didnt think i could. After training hard and working my ass off, i manage to pull through 10 difficult obstacles! It was a real shining moment for me, was really proud of myself! Together with me were friends who encourage each other to push harder each time, to swim faster knowing it was worth it!

  24. Kenny San… I know this may be a little out of topic, but…
    I had a dream just last night, about you! Of all people.. it was in the Future, and you were gonna quite blogging.. and the reason for quitting blogging was, that you were going to work full-time for the government, as a member of Parliment! And it was so real, coz on your last post you had thousands of people commenting, telling you not go stop, wishing u all the best, hating you (or pretending to at least), etc,.. hehehe, so I just wanted to share.. 🙂

  25. Shining moments in my life..?? what are they..?? Turning 21… not that little daddy’s or mummy’s girl anymore. Being able to decide on the future path that i deem to persue… grown out of the shy quiet timid girl…into one who dares to speak her mind, who is more socialble, who is able to care for ppl around her..seeing the proud look in ur parents face.. that they’ve brought up a fine… nevertheless, there are many challenges in life that i have yet being able to overcome or conquer…n i have faith that as times goes by, as i grow more mature in my thoughts n my actions that these obstacles n challenges in life will be a chapter in my life that i can be proud off.

  26. my shining moment would be when i logged onto the internet to find out that i was accepted into the universities i was most hoping to get into i ran around the house jumping skipping and laughing like an idiot especially coz it was my birthday that day…

  27. My shining moments:
    When I graduated and my parents were so proud!
    Everytime I pak toh with with my bf (now husband)
    When my bf and I decided to get married.
    When I got my first job
    When I got each and every one of my pets (2 dogs and 2 cats)
    When after waiting for 3 years, my bf’s parents finally gave consent for us to marry!
    Our wedding day!
    When we bought our first car.
    When we bought our first house.
    Everytime I passed a test/exam.
    When we helped a friend woo the girl he liked (by lighting up with fire the words I love you on the beach + play romantic music + fireworks) – he got the girl
    so many moments to cherish in life….

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