Two Years

Hello Papa,

It’s been two year since you’re gone. How are you doing up there? Does the people there treat you nice? Do you get good food? Is it cold at night?
You’ve been away for so long you missed out on so much! A lot has happened since I last wrote. I don’t even know where to start!

Sister moved to New Zealand and she now lives in Hamilton. I flew there to visit her and her family last September. Hamilton is a very much like Perth, except there’s no Burswood Casino and Arirang. Still, the weather there is fresh and the people there are nice and I think you’ll like it there.
Sister is doing ok. I think she’s really enjoying herself now being a mother. Just last month, she gave birth to another baby girl. A tiny bundle named Lecia. She’s cute!

And her two other kids seem to grow up real fast. Jayden is turning four soon and Kirsten is already two and a half.
Feels like only yesterday that you saw her sleeping in her pink baby basket. Now she’s walking around everywhere causing carnage on anything she could lay her hands on.

Brother got married before the new year. Everyone was happy to welcome the bride into the family. You would too, I’m sure. The wedding ceremony at Hilton was most lavish and joyful. Brother even did a touching tribute to you on his wedding night. Did you get to see it?
Now everyone is asking me when’s my turn. I find it quite annoying actually. But one thing I figured out recently though, is that mom was right: Any man living your kind of lifestyle would require a woman that is both incredibly supportive and understanding.
Having experienced a bit of what your busy career was like, I find that truer than ever. Such women is rare.

Not too long ago, we shifted your office to the new place. Yours is on the top floor. The view from up there is fantastic! On a clear day, you could see the best of Kuching skyline alllll the way to Santubong mountain. There’s even a nice little balcony area for you to take your smoking breaks with Mr Benson and Mr Hedges.
I can imagine you spending quite a bit of time out there. After all, these are the fruits of your labour. I think you’ll love it a lot.

Have you been catching up with Grandpa lately? He left us earlier so he’s probably with you up there. Mom said he used to be real proud of you when you would buy Grandpa lunch and fruits in front of his friends. So don’t forget to do that more often over there k?
As for me, I have more or less settled down, getting the hang of my job and learning new things at the same time. Pursuing an MBA is now off the hooks, though it still seems there’s so many things to learn and not enough time to do it.

They wanted me to do law, but the subject is so dry. They wanted me to do insurance too, but I’m so bad at selling things. I wish I could discuss my career direction with you right now. I didn’t use to do it a lot in the past because I thought you always wanted me to do things I didn’t want to. But I see your point now. I wished I could tell you that.
In fact, I wished to we could have done more things together, as a family. For the first time in a very long time, we had a family trip to Egypt recently and it just feels so different without you. So many times I feel like saying how wonderful it is if you could enjoy the trip with us. So many times I get upet just thinking about it. The emptiness that you left in us is still there.
Signs of mom’s old age is starting to show. It would be so nice if you could be around to spend more time with her.

When I was in New Zealand, I met a retired couple both 79 years old. They live in a lakeside house and drink tea on the balcony every morning. Just the two of them.
You used to do that with mom every morning too. And I pictured that would probably be how the two of you would look like when you retire. That didn’t happen.
Papa, I miss you. And all of us miss you dearly. We miss your stories, we miss your jokes, we miss your laughter. Above all else, we miss your warmth.
It’s been two year since you’re gone, and we still wish you were here with us sometimes.
Do keep watching over us. Until then, please take care.

Your son Kenny

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  1. He’s gone. He ain’t up there, nor down there. If there’s a place where he is, it’s called ‘non-existence’.
    Wake up Kenny, and move on.

  2. sorry ah, don’t know how to edit my post above.
    well… maybe someday you will have children.
    If you raise them right (or almost right), your children will remember you just like how you remember your dad.
    If they do, then you are a good father. Just like yours.

  3. Nice post Kenny, your dad will be real proud of you of how you turned out. He wouldn’t have wished for a better son.

  4. we all have our loss and gains.. do be strong to face your life, kenny. don forget to still appreciate for what we have, not just just what were lost. we’re all here for you.. to share your pains and joys together. =)

  5. hey, your father will be proud of you no matter what you do. he knows you remember him and honoring him every year with a touching tribute to him.

  6. Well..Kenny..u are much luckier than me. At least your beloved dad left you in a good condition and environment. Anyway, i believe all the parent always try to give the best to their children. Hails all the parent for their sacrifices in raising their children.

  7. I’m sure your dad is in a better place. And I’m sure he’s very proud of you. =) But no amt of reassuring from ur readers will help you there. You just have to be sure of it in your heart. I have no idea what you’re going through, and I dread the day when my turn will come. God bless you.

  8. Good entry. I have been following your blog since the start and I could understand how you feel as similar things happened to me.

  9. kenny, take good care of your mum, bro, sis in law, sis, bro in law, nieces, nephew…and everyone that you cherish ~~love them as much as they do..

  10. Trust me in this, he’s living a good life and smiling down at you, from the heaven. I believe in that and I wish you guys would be thinking like me.
    Kenny, I’m glad that you live your life too your fullest…You look at the choices you make, you then look at yourself – are you doing the best thing that you can do? Are you living your life to your full potential? Are you getting what you want out of life?
    Kenny, I think you had. Happy for you, keep it up, look at where the sun is shining. xx

  11. hey kenny. this post melt my heart and almost bring tears to my eyes. some things just worth reminiscing over huh? *hugs*

  12. Hey Kenny,
    feel the lost even reading ur post. I’m sure ur father would be very very proud of you =)

  13. twice i read your post, twice it hits me.
    how much i must treasure my family when they are all still around…
    i’m all tears Kenny.. pray that your “papa” will be in God’s good hands above..

  14. 树欲静而风不止。。。

  15. I like to look on the bright side: Every day I beat my own previous record for number of consecutive days I’ve stayed alive.
    Keep looking on the bright side, and you’ll be as successful as me.

  16. Kenny,
    I know it hasn;t been easy for you- I miss my dad too and sometime I still don’t belieave that he has gone. he will be proud to see how you grow over the years and to know that how well you have been looking after your mother:) be strong for him and smile because you know he would want to see you happy:)

  17. That’s very touching, so much so it brings tears to my eyes… And I have to say, having lost my dad 4 1/2 years ago, it still feels empty deep in that corner, whenever I think of him… 4 years sounds long, but it doesn’t really… It was like yesterday when the doctor told us “We’ve tried our best”… Time doesn’t so much to it, except makes u learn more on how to hide the pain so people you care about wouldn’t see it, and you don’t cause more pain to them than the lost already did…
    Take care… I’m sure he knows all that you’ve written, and I’m sure he’s smiling up there… Well, he’ll probably know more than you do…

  18. *touched*
    Kenny.. Be proud of yourself. you’re such a great son. am sure your Papa will be watching over you and your family all the time. 🙂

  19. Such a touching post.. it triggered that soft spot in my heart. Goes to show how much you have in yourself eventho u can be really wacky at times! keep up the blogging!! cheers..

  20. i love the father posts. they never fail to bring a tear to my eye.. i’m afraid of losing my father too. i know i’ll miss him beyond human understanding

  21. kenny
    not much to said you got a very nice said to your dad all the best to you any where you are very lucky to come from a good family as for me i come from a broken and sad family any where more blog in ya homepage well you any where how come you never show your dad face in the blog
    thank you jerry here

  22. kenny, i always knew you had a heart & despite your outward vulgarity most of the time, you display the qualities of a filial son. keep it up, kenny! ur dad is watching you from above. take care!

  23. Kenny… i understand how you feel.. i also lost my mom 2+ years ago… life was never the same again and i still miss her till this very day… Almost every night since then i cried myself to sleep till this very day… i appreciate this post of yours very much….

  24. great post.. it touches many hearts and mine as well. i hope everyone’s living blissfully with their families 🙂

  25. So touched!
    After reading the post, make me want to call my papa who stay in the east coast and tell him that I love him and make sure he takes good care of himself!
    You are such a good son Kenny!

  26. Nice post bro..
    Time pass pretty quickly when it comes to this..I miss my dad equally just as much. I recall the 1st time when you posted about His departure.
    He would have been proud of you – just like my dad would of me. Be strong bro!
    We still have a long way to the man he taught you to be!!

  27. Very touching indeed. I cant help but have tears in my eyes.
    I miss my dad too and my mum is 78 years old now.
    Keep it up Kenny.

  28. Dear Kenny,
    Been reading your blog for quite sometimes,but I’ve never leave my footprints here =) I’d always think u’re a funny guy who always come out with funny post which I found to be light-heartened and entertaining as well. However,this post made me think otherwise now. I’m impressed by this blog entry of yours, it’s very meaningful and heart-warming,it touches my heart=) Honestly,I could feel how much you miss ur papa =) Just like how I miss my loved ones who are now in the heaven with Our Heavenly Father. Dun worry, I believe ur papa will look after you right from above the heaven, and he’ll always stay inside your heart,agree? =) So,live life to d fullest and enjoy every bits of it~ Who knows where life will takes you. The road is long and in the end; the journey is the destination.
    p/s: surprisingly,this is d first time i really love your blog *haha* No offence though, I do read your blog often, just not really into it, nor a so-called fan of yours. Until this =) Keep on blogging…

  29. I normally don’t comment on blogs, but I had too state what a brilliant post you made to remember your father. He must be proud.
    I lost my mom just last year and you hit every core of emotion. I always wondered why she left us so early, but I guess it’s some sort of masterplan.
    Keep up the good work, Kenny.

  30. “Hey Kenny, so long time never write about me here, how dare you, by your Papa”
    Haha, I’m sure your Papa is very happy and crying after reading this

  31. Kenny,
    It was exactly 2 years ago too when i first read your blog until now, i never skip a single post of yours. I don’t know you, I’ve never seen you in person but there’s a feeling staying so strong in my heart that you are a lovely person. 2 years ago I teared when I read the post about your dear dad, I could feel the pain but of course it’s not as pain as you were feeling. You make me learn… you make me appreciate people around me more…
    Thank you and… Love you!

  32. Bible says:
    “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
    (John 3:16)
    There is a heaven to gain, and a hell to shun. By our self effort, we will never be good enough for heaven. But God so love us. Thats why God send Jesus to die on our behalf, to pay for our sins. That we might have the righteousness of God.
    The only way to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

  33. Oh, Kenny, this is such a great post. I’m in tears. I’m thinking about my papa too up there, he passed away at 2003 with the same condition as your papa… oh papa, i miss you..

  34. My tears come out while i was reading this post n at the same time viewing this blog n listening to his song… The song playing is so match to be the background while reading this post.. I can feel the sadness n emptiness from both of u.. both of u had the same common that how much u guys miss ur papa.. n both of u use the very own way to express how u guys miss ur papa.. he wrote him a song.. u wrote him a post.. n both of u come from Sarawak.. It really touched me… T_T

  35. soooo touching… it definitely makes ppl stop and think about the lil things in life that we take for granted.
    and even tho my own papa’s very muc alive and well, i get how u feel.
    he’s proud of u, m sure of it =)

  36. i cried when i was reading ur entry… =)
    im sure ur dad proud to have a son like u..
    i understand ur feeling… coz i went through it before…
    take care, nice sweet entry from u…=)

  37. Kenny, i’m sad for you and feel sorry. With never realize, your dad has passed for two years already. I still remember, the matter was told by your aunt that he already knew that he got cancer when he visit to Lawas for the plan that open an Everise branch at there. He was faint and and then sent for body checking. That was telling by your aunt after some period that your dad passed away.
    I knew what kind of feeling you are now, the feeling of lost a beloved relatives is kinda hurt and sad. Sure will still miss them even quite long period. Like me, my grandma has passed for ten years already, but i still fresh with her image and what how she treat me. May be that is what we said 没齿难忘or 刻骨铭心。Even that is not that love among lover, but it even deeper than that.
    Be strong! I knew your dad sure will watch up you people above there!

  38. lost my dad 11 years ago april 28th. i act extremely nonchalant about the entire situation when questioned, but your post reminded me that it’s okay to miss him.

  39. I hope my sons will think like you did when I died. Your dad must be proud of you.
    I’ll be in Kuching tomorrow till Friday. If you have time we can meet up. 🙂

  40. God Bless Your Father up there… God smiles on you and so does he with your father in His presence..

  41. move on with life.. 生老病死 is the reality of life.. be glad that your dad did not suffer that much..

  42. I can’t pretend to understand what you are feeling as both of my parents are still here.
    Nonetheless, I feel for you. Good tribute from a son, Kenny. This only serves as a reminder for us to cherish our loved ones who are still with us everyday :D. Live life well dude.

  43. I have a friend who’s dad passed away just days ago. I hope she will live happily, just like you. great post by the way. =)

  44. one way of knowing how our loved ones are doing up there is to look at our own current life…are we living a life fills with hope,joy,fullfilment??A life of no regrets?? If all those are yes..then i’m sure our loved ones would definately be feeling what we are feeling..especially when u are part of him.

  45. aw kenny, that was touching.
    believe me, your dad is always watching you and forever he will. He’ll be proud of you (:
    take care kenny! 😀

  46. last year also touching,this year also touching next year also touching when it will be end you all stupid fool

  47. thanks for writing this entry…it makes me appreciate my papa so much more…i m so glad that he is still here with me…i realise that there are so many times that i have taken his presence for granted…
    i lost my grandma to cancer about 2 years back…and i can understand the grief that you are still going thing i can tell you for sure..the sadness doesn’t go away…but as time passes by…the pain that we feel in our heart fades…

  48. i know how you feel, i lost my grandpa when i was 15. he had stroke and i had no chance to say good bye before he left us. i know that he is better now, but i miss him an awful lot and i wish he was here too. he was like my dad.

  49. i lost my granddad this year due to cancer. =(
    ppl may ask you to move on but memories are made of these… I’m sure ur dad is very proud of you right now.
    nice entry, kenny.
    T’care =)

  50. v.nice entry…
    but omg!!! those were the same old couple i met when i went to nz some years back!!! and their house/farm… OMG!

  51. i wished i could hav the chance to chat with u, either through msn, or even through real life.
    be happy kenny. be happy.
    why? u say?
    coz u used to hav a papa to hug to, to quarrel with, to play with, to talk with.
    i never, kenny. i never. not tat i’m sad, not tat i’m jealous, not tat i want sympathy, but just that i think its abit unfair that i do not hav the chance to feel the love from a father.
    be happy, kenny. he is proud of you.

  52. I can’t really believe that in times like these, when people choose to write something in their own blog to express how they are feeling in their own freedom and prerogative, some stupid, pathetic, shitty people like “pa at” and “Bear” would make comments like his/hers that is so damn inconsiderate and heartless! These people do not deserve good friends or families around them simply ’cause they cannot even learn to cherish the events that inevitably take place in their life whether they are good ones or bad ones.
    Consequently, that leads them to envy other people’s experiences (like of Kenny’s) that are written in beautiful words that express sweeet memories of their loved ones, which ultimately results in idiotic and inconsiderate comments that are made by idiotic bum called “pa at” and “Bear”!
    Ya’ll should buzz off!!!
    Kenny, disregard comments from people like that! It’s not wrong or pathetic like some people here expresses it, to remember your loved ones, especially your parents who have loved you and raised you up with careful details your whole life.
    It keeps you more alive than ever, and keeps you humane, knowing and reminding you that you need to cherish the people who are still around you even more.
    God bless you bro! Keep these posts coming. It’s encouraging to know that even funny people like you still displays another side that is humane and I find that an ideal balance.
    Take care! -Joe from Penang-

  53. I kept a similar entry you wrote for your daddy a year ago.
    And everytime I find you maturing and growing up.
    Very proud of you Kenny. Even though you don’t know me.
    And I’m sure your daddy is proud of you too.
    Actually you never know. This thing called fate. You might meet future Mrs Kenny Sia around the corner. Just embrace her when she appears.:)

  54. HEy kenny.. Death is part of our lifes, its normal =). I’m sure ur dad is very proud of who u’ve become… u have such a rare quality u noe ??

  55. A touching entry. I am sure he is well blessed and well taken care of up there. The picture of the hands says it all.

  56. I teared, and this is probably one of the more heart felt posts of the month. I emphatise and i also understand. Bless those who are around, for those who have passed are at peace. So be it.
    Praise the Lord, whatever your faith be…

  57. He’s gone. He ain’t up there, nor down there. If there’s a place where he is, it’s called ‘non-existence’.
    Wake up Kenny, and move on.
    Posted by: Bear at 05 May 2007 1:28 AM | Link to comment
    TO BEAR:

  58. It’s always true that good people always go first. I feel how you feel Kenny. The thing that really got me reading your blog was the entry on the departure of your dad to the holy land. That’s because my dad departed this world almost the same time as you. 20th November 2005, the date I will never ever forget. And similarity of the pictures you took during the funeral was so like mine. Specially the one with the flowers being strewn into sea from the back of the boat leaving a trail into the horizon. That’s the same picture I have when my dad was let go into the free world. Now, things have certainly changed, but memories will never ever change for me and I guess for you too it’s like a dream that it was just yesterday that you saw him smilling and laughing and driving and walking the dog and doing his morning ritual….I feel you Kenny and may his soul rest in piece, as I know that yours and mine are in a much better place that we are in right now.

  59. arghz… this entry makes me cry! anyway.. ur dad is proud of ya up there if he knws he well ya doing =)

  60. good one dude! Touching… We always take things we have for granted only to later treasure it when it is gone…
    Anyway, I love the first pic you took from above that new building. Mind bringing me in for a tour? Muahahaha…

  61. My heart goes out to you. Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts. I’m sure your pa was and is very proud of you.

  62. tt’s a very touching post.
    i think you have jus reminded many of us to treasure the pple ard us.

  63. he will be able to see it kenny=)
    omg that means ive been reading ur blog for like 2 years already? time really flies!

  64. me,being a man at 23…was moved to tears by your post.i’m not as lucky as u to have such a nice dad who left u a comfortable life.our dad did a lot of terrible things to us.most things that even outsiders feel that he can’t be forgiven.we’re always hoping that our dad will mend his mistakes although he haven’t.with your post like this,i probably should get back to talk to him and give way to his mistakes and try to change him again before he really leaves us one day.thanks a lot kenny.ur dad must be reallly proud of u.

  65. everyone’s fated to meet each other, even with parent and children. i was fated to be my mother’s child and you too were fated to be your father’s son. both you and your father must have been real lucky souls to be fated to be family.
    t’was a very touching post.

  66. someone we love would have to leave us one day. though they have left, they still stay alive deep down inside our heart and in the memories. =)

  67. I’m sure yr dad will be so proud and happy to have a wonderful son like you.A msg to CHON – SHUT UP YOU STUPID FAGGOT!!

  68. Your dad must be enjoying the internet access in Heaven reading ur blog wey .. Hehehh.. Nice. 🙂
    Of all u know, ur dad has a blog too, but only can be accessed by the people that are above.. U get what i mean.. Woohoo! 😛
    Cheer up la yall!!! Aiyo.
    Nice post anyway..

  69. I hate how you make me cry when you write about your dad.
    I see little of my parents and lately I have realised how much they have aged during my absence. I’m terrified of losing them.
    Your post showed me what I would miss when they are gone.

  70. i lost my uncle 5 yrs ago..n i stil shun some places he used to bring me when u was younger..*whack kenny* u made me cry in office la..i must sayang my parents more more while i still can 🙂 *hugz kenny*

  71. He can listen to what you have to say to him in your heart. Although he is far away and no longer beside you and your family, but he is always living in your hearts.

  72. I can imagine the kind of legacy your dad had left for your Kenny. I was really touched by this post. I will strive to leave the same kind of bonding your dad left to you to my future kids. Cheers for the inspiration.. 🙂

  73. ahhh.. I’m holding back the tears now… :'(
    Such an entry really makes you stop and think.. the only thing possibly even sadder than losing a loved one is that despite it all, sooner or later we’ll start taking things for granted.
    Be good to yourself.

  74. just want to ask how many of you really be a good son ,a good daughter when yours parents still around you butch of shed people will only miss yours parents when they are gone for ever (u all stupid can only say hug,cried ,touching only when reading this blog after that will forget everything.)Be obident,be patient with them when they were still in this world.Mother DAY will be coming soon dont just bring bring them out for dinner then the next day back to normal,they deserve to have mothersday everday

  75. ur entry touched everyone’s heart. it moved me to tears. as i am still mourning. my dad left me 8 months ago. up till tis day, i still cry whenever i tink of him. i miss him dearly. i’m tryin very hard to cope with the lost. i hope tat 2 years down d road, i will b able to b as tough as u.

  76. im feel touched by ur last sentences.
    brings me a bit tears on my eyes.
    be strong dude..
    may he live happily up there.
    and your live happily down here. =)

  77. We will always lose someone and something special. One thing you must learn is you MUST and WILL appreciate those who are around you, be thankful to God for His grace upon you (although you don’t believe in God) because when you start to miss someone when they are gone, I can only say “GET A GRIP!”

  78. hey kenny you dont wanna use carnage to describe your baby neice… they used that exact same word for the horrors at Nazi camp, in North Korea undethe columbine massacre and the VT shooting

  79. Kudos to Bear. He hit it right on the nail. There’s no up there, no down there. No watching over us.
    You want advice. Be with your mum. Make every moment count. Be with the people that are ALIVE now and make them HAPPY. Don’t regret when it’s too late. Being whimsical and writing long posts like the one for your father every year is so that you can feel better for the mistakes you have done and to pander to your readership.

  80. Geez.. This is one of the very best entry of yours. Make me realize the importance of loving my parents when they are still here. Thank you so much, Kenny!! U still have ur mom, cherish her as much as u could. You are a faithful son and god bless u to meet ur other half soon (^_^)…

  81. To OMG, I only spend one time a year to document on my blog and reflect on the memories that I have of my father.
    Is it so difficult for you, as a reader, to give me the space that I need to remember my father?
    Yes, I know my father is dead.
    Yes, I know I have to get over it. I am still trying to.
    But is “getting over it” forgetting about someone important to me just because they have passed on?
    “Your father’s dead. Get over it.”
    Get over yourself.

  82. Out of a hundred comments, there’s bound to be one left by a retard. *hug*
    “Getting over it” is not even an issue in this entry. It’s about remembering your father. The other 99 commenters/readers realise that.

  83. I feel for you Kenny.
    We move on with life and just cherish whatever that we’re stil having now.
    All the best.

  84. “We move on with life and just cherish whatever that we’re still having now. – Farn”
    Exactly my sentiments, Kenny. Farn has probably expressed what I wanted to opine upon in a more palatable fashion, but I stand by what I said earlier. If my earlier comments offended you, so be it.
    “But is ‘getting over it’ forgetting about someone important to me just because they have passed on?”
    Nobody’s asking you to FORGET your father. I lost my mother not too long ago. I know how it feels to lose a parent. She’s in my blood, my bones, my very psyche. How could you forget a person who gave life to you?? Ditto with your dad.
    But waxing lyrical about a person who is deceased (albeit a very much loved one) and acting as if he were still somewhere doesn’t make much sense to me ESPECIALLY if you purportedly do not believe in a God. He’s no longer here…
    He’s gone. Cherish the memories, just don’t make out that he’s still alive and watching over youse. Take care of your family, take care of your mum, cherish the time you have left with her.
    If what I have just mentioned put me across as a fatalistic, boorish and uncaring SOB to you, so be it. I’m just being honest.

  85. Ngaidi… why so sad… Well, appreciate life and cherish those close to our hearts but left first.

  86. So touch…and my tears rolling.. I miss my dad… but… i cant meet up with him… my mum stop me for doing that…
    I’m sad.. n struggle… 1 day maybe 1 day.. i’ll find a good chance to meet him again…hope he is doing alright in KL…
    Ba, wo xiang nian ni…

  87. Nice entry. I live far away from home and that keeps me worrying what if something happens to loved ones back home. You have done well for yr self.

  88. 很久没有读一篇感动的博客了。

  89. your dad is in a much better place – heaven. he’s up there looking down at you, and i’m sure your dad will be proud of you.

  90. memories will support & guide us to move forward……
    *bitter*sweet* will always stay in one’s heart forever…

  91. Hi.. I stumble across your blog when my friend refer me to your pink piggy video.. I am sure no matter what you do and what happened, your parents are always always proud of you. 🙂 Take care and enjoy yourself. Take care.

  92. Kenny,your post made me cry.Your father is definitely proud of you.
    And to OMG,no matter how logical you think you are,everyone here wants you to shut up because you’re just full of rude crap.
    Kenny,HUGS 🙂

  93. Hi Kenny koko,
    I decided to read this piece of article after your mum told us how touched she was when she read it. She is rite, my mum and I found this very touching! Like you, we really miss uncle a lot! He is a great man and I am so proud to have him as uncle! Hope he has a nice time up there.
    ~dearest cousin~

  94. to OMG:
    it’s a freedom for someone to think like that aint it? so whats up with u whining over the issue and come on! let people have some break! people do have feelings over something they had lost and why dont u let people have some break and grief about it? it’s not like he offended u or something?
    plus, he’s not offending u by thinking about ‘my dad’s watching over me somewhere..’
    so, get a life u reality jerk.

  95. Hi there, I’ve just recently knew about you and your cool blog. Surprising consequences that is I’m from New Zealand and I have moved to your hometown;Kuching in 2006, when I realized that you’re also related to both places, however, I felt like being your friend.
    I think it’s nice talking to your dad through your blog. We’re all human and sometimes it’s crucial for us to express them through certain ways, so don’t worry, it doesn’t make you look depressed:) Keep on talk to him, as long as he lives in your heart.

  96. You know what’s pathetic? The fact that people these days actually “enjoy” swimming in cynicism, up to the point that they don’t even know when to come up and walk on the dry path anymore. So ignore these people who are obviously trying too hard to sound cynical just to be apart from the norms. And a note to all those who made inconsiderate comments; don’t think too hard to come up with something which sounds “emotionless yet witty”, you might hurt yourself.

  97. Bear, OMG, and “God”… THis is a Tribute to a person this blogger has regarded as pillar of his life… now…. why are you people doing this…. what do you gain…. and what is it you are really after…. as JT sang not too long ago,,”what goes around, comes around”…. i personally will haunt you in your sleep… right until the end of your sorry lives…….. see you in hell }:)>

  98. nice one kenny. one of d best entry you had done so far..keep it up and learn to accept loss as a gain.
    ur father wud wan u to stand up and be strong and carry on.
    loving son

  99. This is obviously a tribute to and remembrance of someone’s father, and may i remind the few insensitive unkind readers out there, this is Mr Kenny Sia’s blog. he is entitled to write whatever he wants, especially when he is not offending anyone. I don’t think he hankers for your readership. If you do not wish to read his tribute to his dad, please navigate to another page. There are a gazillion webpages for you to surf. Maybe you should surf to some psychology self-help pages to aid you in your much needed self-reflection.
    This was a heart-warming tribute and well-written piece. It takes guts for someone to admit finer feelings, and true sentiments. It allows other people with similar experiences who may be grieving to find solace, knowing they are not alone.
    Losing your mom/dad/loved ones and thinking you are brave enough, or strong enough to not, might i quote, “wax lyrical” about it, does not mean yours is the best, or ONLY way to grieve or mourn for a loved one who has passed on.
    Mr Kenny Sia has just decided to share his sentiments on his own blog/his own space on the net – where you, as a reader, has a choice whether to read or not.
    Whether or not there is a up there/down there/ on right here zone of existence or even parallel universes is a religious or atheist choice of belief. Lets be open-minded enough to accept that we all have our own political/relig/moral leanings.
    It is simply bad manners to assume that Mr Kenny Sia has to “deal with it” or “get over it” the same way as you do yourself.
    And it’s really rude to say “shut up” to someone writing an open letter to his dad.
    It is just a literary form of self-expression. And a well applied one, I should add.
    Whether or not souls of loved ones are watching over us from above is not the point to be debated here. It is simply a manner of courtesy to respect people’s feelings.
    Making uncalled for and insulting comments (however “well-intentioned”) is simply unneccessary and shows a lack of etiquette and respect. Isn’t almost the real life equivalent of going up to a funeral and telling the mourners and saying, “He is dead, get over it”?
    We forget often times that we may be in the digital world. But you know something? Some rules apply both here in cyberlalaland and in real life. Human feelings are still human feelings. Sitting behind a computer screen doesn’t make you any less human. (I hope.)So lets all learn to be a little bit more gracious please. Thank you.

  100. Touching .. Kenny, i am sure your Dad will always remember you and your family. I’m now a reader of your blog ! I love all your entries ^_^

  101. How touching! I grew up without a father coz he died at a very young age of 33, I was still 3 years old then. I wish I had that chance to experience what is it like having a Dad. 🙁

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