Twenty Four

Today, I turn 24.

When I was 23 years old, I…
– was in KL and had no cake for my birthday.
– got so drunk I puked for the first time. This happened at a new friend’s Christmas gathering, and I puked in his house, on his couch, in front of everyone. Way to go, me.

– went kayaking for the first time.
celebrated Chinese New Year alone for the first time.

– had someone plagiarise the photo I took for this website, sent it in to The Star, and won herself RM50 in the process.
– said goodbye for the first time.

– met Amber Chia for the first time.
played golf for the first time.

– met Cheesie for the first time.

– completed a full 42km marathon for the first time. Total time spent: 6 hours 33 minues. I ran for 30km. The remaining 12km was spent limping and dragging my feet towards the finishing line.
– had my first column, “Blogroll with Kenny Sia”, published by KLue magazine.

– travelled to Phuket, busted my baht and had a good thai.

– had my car broken into. That son-of-a-bitch made away with my expensive car stereo and forgot to take my iPod nano.

– had a blast at the Rainforest World Music Festival with Joyce, Kevin and YC flying in from KL; and Arthur and IngHui coming in from Miri. Met Jojo for the first time.

– travelled to Hong Kong, and till this day I still can’t get over my annoyance at those Chinese aunties cutting my queues at Disneyland.
– said goodbye to my maternal grandfather for the last time.

– reunited with a primary school classmate Gladys for the first time after 13 years.
– started taking medications to treat my hair loss, and had my doctor using his finger to describe erectile dysfunction.

– travelled to Auckland, New Zealand for the first time.

– went bungy jumping for the first time.
– went Zorbing for the first time.

received a job offer from my ex-boss in Perth that put me in a dilemma whether to remain in Kuching or utilise my Australian PR and move to Perth. For now, my decision is to stay.
– met Samantha for the first time.

– had The Most Awesomest Birthday Party™ last night, for the first time.
– and finally, puked my guts out for the second time.
Compared to last year, the past 12 months was less of an emotional rollercoaster and more of a joy ride.
When I was 23, I travelled to many places. I tried my hands at new things and breathed refreshing energy back into my life. Along the way I met countless new friends, friends that have grown to become an important backbone of my life and whom now I consider like my family. After going through the pain of losing a parent, this is exactly what I need.
Today, I turn 24 years old. The best (and worst) has yet to come. But I’m ready for it. All I gotta do is have the coconuts to tackle whatever life throws at me.

And coconuts, I have. Come what may.

Thanks to everyone who turned up for my party last night. Hope you guys had a blast, ‘cos I sure had.

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  1. Happy birthday Kenny! I’m sure you have enjoyed the time and ‘grown up’ when you were 23 years old. Hope you have made yourself pass all the difficulties, and look forward to your 24-years-old!

  2. sorry kenny..i have to go and has no time to say thanks to u since u’re busy dancing with your frens hehe =)
    hope u enjoy your party last nite ? =P
    do u love the present ? haha

  3. Happy Birthday, Kenny! That’s an awesome cake! I didn’t know there were bakeries in Kuching that could make 3-D cakes. Which one did you go to and how much was it? If you don’t mind me asking, that is…

  4. happy 24th birthday kenny. 🙂 it always brighten up my day, just reading your entries. darn clique. ;p anyway i’m sure you had a blast. just hope i could have been there, bahhhh. heh.

  5. hehehehe… i saw the aftermath of your party todae. btw, u still have a stack of your photos at the counter. i think its the one with you humping someone’s leg & the one u sucking a hotdog. damm funni pics i say. happi birthdae.

  6. hi there kenny, thanx for the most awesomest partie !! hehe, hope u many memorable years ahead and happy b’day once more =)

  7. Happy Happy birthday kenny…may the years to come be even better than those gone by…HAVE FUN…cheers from vancouver, canada 🙂

  8. Congrats Kenny for accomplishing / experiencing so much. you should be able to die happy ! (though I wish you a thousand joyful years more)
    Happy Birthday! I wish I had made it to your party. then I could’ve checked off wild time via international travel from my list of life goals.
    Kimberly, Chicago IL

  9. Happy Birthday Kenny:))) What a year for you, anyway the most important thing is staying healthy;) Have a great one:)

  10. dear kenny,
    happy birthday..
    reading through your happenings while you were 23, reli felt as if i know you personally. what started out just as an amusing blog has ended up as an everyday read, new post or not..
    enjoy the day, cheers =)

  11. Happy Birthday, Kenny!!!
    Been religiously reading your website whenever I have a chance.
    🙂 Hope you have more fun in the next years to come !

  12. hi.. i like reading ur blog very much.. you’re so funny you nvr fail to make mi laugh with your witty writings.. Happy 24th Birthday! hope you can visit my blog though it’s abit boring la.. juz abt my mundane life.. if possible, do leave mi a message.. i hope to be ur fren like mamoyo aka ing hui..

  13. Happy belated birthday! Too bad I couldn’t join in your birthday celebratin. But so happy to know that you’re planning to stay for the time being! 😀 Is it true that you’re going to be emcee for a dinner on 13th Dec?

  14. happy 24!!
    you grow mature and mature now
    24 is still young,you will meet more people and i think you will learn more in your future

  15. Wouldn’t it be nice, If the sea were a lake? Then all Kenny’s readers, Could have some birthday cake! Kenny’s readers wish him, From so far away. Right now we send blessings,
    On Kenny’s special day! Happy 24th Birthday, Kenny Sia!! haha…

  16. Happy birthday! Continue putting up great entries.. I bet there’ll be more great things that’ll happen in the coming years. And yeah, you may have the coconuts, but don’t lose your already big heart along the way, ok? Take care!

  17. Kenny ah. You are too funny. Happy Birthday. (:
    Couldn’t you do sometihng for that picture that got stolen and not credit for? I hope she burns. (:

  18. Happy Birthday Kenny! Hope many blessings will come upon you as another year advances.
    P.S: Just found out you also share the same birthday as Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix. Isn’t that just so cool?

  19. Don’t know if it’s your or not but i think The Star newspaper poster a picture of you and Wendy in the Sunday Star main page (26th Nov). Can’t remember which page it was.

  20. Happy B’day Kenny. You’re 24, still a long way to go man.
    I haven’t taken stock of the stuff I did in my 20’s and yet, I’ve just entered my 30’s… ^_^

  21. When I was 23:
    – already had enough of birthday parties, because I could never top my 21st, a 4 day bash culminating in an Annihilator/Judas Priest concert
    – i haven’t puked yet. That would be several years into the future.

  22. at first, i never understood how bloggers could publish stories about their daily takes, and well,relate their happenings to complete strangers. How someone could make a normal, your typical day-to-day activity seem so interesting. However, i do know now. And that’s why there are blogs which are worth reading and I definitely feel like yours is one of them.
    COngrats on a blog well-written and once again, HAPPY BELATED BDAY just like the 102 other people above me have said..
    Lee Na

  23. happy birthday kenny.
    glad dat u had fun.
    and i’m glad dat u stay coz we malaysian are proud to have u here with us.
    da best is yet to come.

  24. Hey Kenny.
    Coming to Kch this weekend. Let’s celebrate your birthday another time, this time with me, and fashionably late.
    Hugs. See you very soon.

  25. This sure beats my traditional hard-boiled eggs dyed in red. How was it like celebrating with that many friends and strangers?
    Happy Birthday!!

  26. You make me wanna’ strive to live life the way you do, pls stay original and a lover to all ppl!
    HaPPy 24th BiRThDAY!!

  27. You make me wanna’ strive to live life the way you do, pls stay original and a lover to all ppl!
    HaPPy 24th BiRThDAY Kenny!!

  28. Hi Kenny,
    I like ur birthday cake.
    Can I have it? 😛
    Happy turning into 24 “er si”(hungry to death) year. 😛 J/K
    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  29. ur bday is on the 27th november issit? thats pretty cool. best day in the whole 365 days. u noe y? cos its my bday too!!! yeehaw!!!

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