2007 New Years Resolution

This time last year, I made myself a list of resolutions I hoped to achieve by the end of 2006.
Now that the year is over and a new one has arrived, it’s time to reflect on those resolutions I made. Let’s look at how well I did.

Resolution #1: Drink less alcohol.
A friend of mine once claimed he only drinks on three days. Those three days are yesterday, today and tomorrow.
There’s only two times last year when I managed to get myself so drunk to the point of needing people to send me home. But now, I limit my drinking days to just Saturdays so I’m pretty far from my friend’s philosophy. Overall, I’m drinking a lot less alcohol and keeping things in moderation.
Verdict: PASS

Resolution #2: Cuss less and avoid commenting on religion in kennysia.com.
There’s a reason why you don’t see a lot of of f-words and stuff that would make people burn down buildings on this blog anymore.
Verdict: PASS

Resolution #3: Visit Singapore more often.
Ended up visiting Singapore only twice in the entire year. Not sure what happened there, but I think I’m more wanted in KL as compared to Singapore.
Verdict: FAIL

Resolution #4: Put 50% of my monthly income into savings, unless I’m travelling.
Failed. Failed big time. As it turns out, I travelled out of Kuching almost every month. Sometimes I did it even twice a month.
The whole 2006 I ended putting only 10% of my monthly income into savings – hardly enough to make a difference.
Verdict: FAIL

Resolution #5: Lose 10kg.
I wanted to lose 10. I lost 8. Short by 2.
Verdict: FAIL

Ah well. All in all, I kinda sucked when it comes to my 2006 resolutions. Maybe I’ll have better results this year.
So, let it be known that before the end of 2007, I want to:

Resolution #1: Achieve a savings equivalent to 5 months worth of my salary
This one is to replace my doomed resolution of putting half my monthly salary into savings. I still think saving money is a virtue I should pick up while I’m still young.

Resolution #2: Gamble less
Gambling is fine if played in moderation, but I always get carried away. Sometimes I play harder and harder trying to “win back” money that I’ve lost. That’s not a good thing.
I’m no compulsive gambler but I stupidly lost about RM600 last year gambling on the stupid World Cup thanks to that stupid France and that stupid Zidane headbutt. Altogether I lost a stupid RM2,000 placing stupid bets on stupid games.
I’m still gonna gamble lah but from now onwards, I’m gonna stop playing when I hit my limit of RM100 a game.

Resolution #3: Raise funds for charity
Shhh… don’t tell this to anyone.
Actually, last year I was thinking of staging a major publicity stunt by circumcising and auctioning off my dick’s foreskin to raise funds for charity. But my family kicked up a big fuss when I wrote about circumcision on my blog, so obviously I had to abandon that idea. Besides, who’s gonna buy my foreskin?
Still, cancer prevention and care is something very close to my heart. I need time to plan, but I hope to initiate some sort of a campaign and do something positive to benefit the cancer societies.

Resolution #4: Get out of bed by 7:30am every weekday
When you mix around with nocturnals, you turn into a nocturnal yourself. Most of my close friends don’t have day jobs so they can afford to go to bed at 3am every night.
I blindly follow their sleeping patterns so when morning comes I become dead like zombie. Gotta wake up early.

Resolution #5: Learn a new sport
A friend gave me a complete set of golf clubs last March, but nine months later I still swing like an monkey trying to scratch its butt. He must be so disappointed.
I’m gonna dust off my set golf club and by the end of 2007 I guarantee you I’m gonna go from noob to pro. Watch out, Tiger Woods.

Resolution #6: Finish a 42km marathon in 5 hours time
Now that I have 8kg less “excess baggage” and a better knowledge about what to expect, 5 hours to complete 42km should be quite realistic.

Resolution #7: Climb a mountain
Never climbed a single mountain before in my entire life. Not even our pissy little Mountain Santubong in Kuching.
I know a few people who have scaled Mount Kinabalu in Sabah and came back telling me what a worthwhile experience it was. I’m tentatively planning a trip to KK on the 20th January and if anyone reading this is up for the challenge, maybe we should attempt to conquer Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain together.

Resolution #8: Appear on reality TV
Hey, it’s possible. With so many homegrown reality shows popping up, I thought it might be fun to appear on just one of them. Living so far away from KL might be a problem though.

Resolution #9: Turn into Daniel Craig
Damn tulan. Why every girl I know keeps saying Daniel Craig is hot?

Ok, maybe it’s logically impossible to transform intoDaniel Craig, but I wanna at least lose another 8kg and get a physique like him.
I wanna be hot too.

Happy New Year, everybody. Whatever your resolutions are, may we at least put some effort into achieving it lah.
As an Ah Lian would say, “Everyone jia you! Together we shall gambatte!”.

Talk about a bad start to a new year.
On the first day of 2007: I spent the first few minutes in the company of two sulking ladies; my 2-month-old digital camera was stolen from right off my belt in the middle of a crowded dance floor; and to top it all off, I was woken up at 7:30am by my colleague in Sibu because of a technical issue.
Meanwhile, if somebody come across a white Sony T10 with photos of my baby niece in there, please return it to me and I promise you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

81 Replies to “2007 New Years Resolution”

  1. Good bye 2006 hello 2007..!!! time to let go of the past and look foward to the future.? what am i holding on to..?? searching for answers to the questions i have in mind.. ?? why can’t things just remain as it is..?? why must we grow up, why can’t we just be as naive as we used to be..?? life then was much simpler, no worries ..!!! well i guess that is part of growing.. u start as a baby who sleep and feed at a certain time, as a toddler, who starts learning to walk, as a adolescence , going to school, gaining knowledge, to college, to universtiy… and finally into the working life..!!! In every different stage of ur life, u meet new ppl and new frens, some frens remains as close buddies, someone u can share u ur inner most thoughts while others just come and go by without u noticing it..!!! i very much wish that i could hold on to that particular group of frens and the good old times i had with them, but yet they can only remain as sweet memories that nevertheless are just memories!!! The future , i must face it myself, with or without them..!!!! I have to learn to cope with wat life has to offer, i have to make the best out of it and pray that along the way, i will still meet kind hearted souls that share my interest and thoughts and befriends with me becoz of who i am..!!! i have to learn to let go..!!!! and not to hold on to the past as they are just history!!! My family will be the few things that is permanent and i will treassure them, i will love them and i will cherish the every moment i have with them !!!! so those of u out there who are in my shoes.., let go of the past… look foward to the future…!!! let memories be memories.. however sweet they may be, it is just memories..!!! along the way. create new memories that will scultpure u into a better and stronger person..!!!

  2. I’ve learned that it takes as much time & energy to wish as it does to plan any resolutions.
    Happy New Year, Kenny!
    p/s Regarding the bad start to a new year.. maybe you should consider it as a bad end to an old year (i.e., lunar calendar). 😉

  3. Go climb mount KK while its there, while u still young, while u’re still strong and healthy, u don’t need to have a lot of muscle power. What matter is the will to get to the top. Should u succeed, this will be one own achievement that will last a life time.

  4. Bro,
    If you can finish a full-marathon, KK shouldn’t be a problem la. Near the summit got cozy heated rooms with restaurant somemore … chicken feed for you la.
    Me very unfit person but have reached summits of countless mountains/volcanoes (got hardcore ones somemore).
    It’s all in the mind, bro …

  5. All the best with your resolutions, Kenny! 🙂 I believe you can do it if you want it really badly.
    And Happy New Year to you, again!
    P.S. Daniel Craig IS SO HOT! 😀

  6. woohoooo~ gonna conquer mt kinabalu? cool~ it’s better u go during d beginning of d year since it’s not raining season. it would be fun i guarantee u =) hef fun and happy 2007 !

  7. Trust me, you’re not alone when it comes to bad start of the year. I scratched my mum’s car on the first, got into an accident on the 2nd. Now we don’t have any car. Anyone wants to lend me their car? 😀
    I’m heading to KK on the 11th, too bad I’m leaving on the 17th. 🙁 Have fun and make sure you eat the seafood there, heard it’s fantastic.

  8. hehehe jia you to u ^^v
    i’ve climbed mt. santubong twice 2 years ago.haven’t climbed any mountain since.[climbing gunung gading in july last year doesn’t count because ive nvr made it to the top due to the hellish steps needed to be climbed n the fact tht everyone gave up too early.so i cnt go alone can i??? actually i couldnt stand it too,which was the 1st time ever =.=].my parents wont let me climb mount kinabalu during my last trip there =.=’.
    if ur up to climbing mt. santubong,or any mountain nearby,juz let me noe xD

  9. Of all your new year’s resolutions, your last one sounds the most possible :P. Go for it Kenny, shoot for the stars… please, just don’t alter you nose in the process… (I don’t think I could take it if two of the funniest bloggers I read both did plastic surgery >_

  10. eh come climb bukit timah hill la. or next time u come sg i bring u go do treetop walk.
    u can hold my hand.
    and also resolution #3 from last year should also be put back on this year’s list!

  11. Hey, you are coming to KK? How nice 🙂 have you booked your for accommodation for your Mt Kinabalu climb? It takes 2D1N to conquer it and you need to stay over nite at the mountain b4 you climb to the top and advance booking is required… heard that it’s at least 6 months in advance. if you need further info, do let me know. I’ll help you out. I live in KK 😀

  12. I believe you can be like Daniel craig. He used to had a belly too and looking flabby all over. They trained him up to be James Bond. It took him hard time to shed the fat off and toned up the muscles. So i think you can do it too. Just get a personal trainer, if you can. 🙂

  13. hey, taking up an saving policy might help with ur saving plan. Start small then build up from there. The interest rate is better then bank too.

  14. Daniel Craig? eewwwwwwww…dun like. Dun worry lah, you’re kawaii remember? Kawaii is better than hot. No worries. Good luck with the marathon.

  15. Wah, Kenny, you damm suay sia.
    Last time you lost T9 and buy T10.
    Why don’t you wait for Sony to come out with T11 and buy it?

  16. alrite!
    someone man enough to reveal the results of his resolutions for 2006.
    for a man, 2 things are very important: financial stability and the ability to follow through. so kenny…well done n gluck for 2007!
    btw..aiya..fail a bit nvm wan…nothing is perfect and got try better then no try!

  17. I rarely make resolutions, since I will end up breaking them. I’m sure you’ll do fine though, Happy New Year and good luck!
    Btw, I’m still halfway through colouring your pic *grins*

  18. 50% of ur monthly income is quite alot rite… i am havin hard time trying to save 10%… as most part of my salary goes to loan repayment…
    u should really climb mount kinabalu… but please be prepared wif ur gear… remember to get a walking stick… it helps alot…
    start climbing early… mayb around 730am…
    try climbing from mesilau… the view up mesilau trail is superb… timpohon is crap…
    bring very little load… dun be excessive…
    bring power gel… it’s useful…

  19. It’s good to see someone who actually completes new year’s resolutions. The charity resolution for 2007, especially is very honourable of you.
    And your blog reads better, without all the bad words – overall, salutes, kenny, and may 2007 bring you prosperity and a foreskin that stays on.

  20. for the very first comment on this blog that *scrolls up* Zack gave. What sort of lousy fu*king comment is that. WHO WOULD CARE? AND HOW TRUE IS THAT? You can be lying to get some 7 seconds attention where ppl try to figure out how was it. And mostly again, who would care. Maybe kenny la, if kenny posted somthing really dirty and wrong then change it without thinking that anyone could have seen it but then you saw it and he thought that no one did then he feels a little shaky now. But then it brings back to “how true is that?”. So, yeah, use your brain la zack. Gosh *smacks head*
    Now, i know this isn’t a comment, but it is afterall a comment im leaving here for comment that others gave, so yeah, sill considered kua. =P
    *oh im so bitchy*

  21. Hey Kenny,
    I have climbed Mt. Kinabalu three times. It’s no sweat! (grin). Just make sure you make a reservation months ahead for accomodation.
    BTW, a big thumbs up for finishing your first marathon. You are the man!

  22. Oh yeah, you wanna take up a new sport? Learn basketball!! =D And don’t get the misconception that people who play bball get tall though, it’s tall people who play pro bball @_@

  23. just few of reality tv shows to consider kenny :
    what women wants? part 2 maybe? 😀
    superstar/malaysian idol/akademi fantasia – every year have, kuching sure got audition
    fear factor malaysia – maybe this can give it a try
    myteam 2nd edition – can kick bawl dude? 100m under 12 secs.

  24. yuks daniel craig’s body is so awful
    the chest join together 1, so ugly!
    and old!
    choose another one lah (throw out)

  25. The point is to continue making new determinations even though we may give up halfway. Just making the determination is half the battle won!
    Good luck in your resolutions! =)

  26. Kenny, funny you say that you want to come to S’pore more for the ‘scene’. I actually like the ‘scene’ in KL… Grass always greener on the other side? Merry new year all!

  27. IMHO, gambling is never good even if done in moderation.
    Anyway, Mount Kinabalu is really worth cimbing. Been there, done that. Get Mr.Upson the guide. All the bext.

  28. Jz to correct u here (and oso a bunch of Malaysians out there who probably dunno), Mt Kinabalu is not the tallest mount in SE Asia. Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar is the tallest one. Even Indonesia’s Puncak Jaya is a lot higher than Kinabalu. Go wiki if you wish to know more about these mountains. 🙂
    And Happy 2007 to you! May your resolutions work out this yr!!!

  29. Hmm raise fund for charity. Maybe you can check out world vision malaysia to sponsor the kids.50bucks per month only…
    Learn a new thing each year. Take up diving to have different view of the world!

  30. Hey kenny. Don’t be so sad about your weight la. I think even if you didn’t reach your goal of lessening 10kg. You still did lose 8 rite?? Anyway, as ah lian says: ” Everyone jia you! Together we shall gambatte!!

  31. HAPPY NEW YEAR kenny!
    Good luck on the losing weight dept. You look good in ur ‘after losing weight’ photos.
    I need to shed 10 kg not in a year but in 2 months. that’s my new year’s resolution!
    ps: wrongly posted this on the yoga post ;p

  32. I just got back from climbing Mount K – you should definitely do it, Kenny! It’s beautiful up there, plus you’ll be fighting fit for your marathon after that!
    Best time to climb is in April. Good luck!

  33. Don’t be stupid, there are many people out there who would kill to have their foreskins back. Circ is unethical and cruel. Aids risk? Look at America, one of the highest rates of circ AND HIV infection. Those cut are now trying foreskin restoration. All of you people out there reading this, don’t be conned by those quacks in white.

  34. All the best in keeping to your resolutions Kenny. I have been reading your blog for a while now and your entries still make me laugh. Have to say that last line (ah lian thingy) cracked me up. Happy New Year!

  35. happy new year kenny!
    c’mon lar daniel craig is so NOT hot…
    and…GOLF??? lolzzzzz o…k… if you do get any better at it maybe next time u should make an entry about shan shui golf club in sabah.
    also, i hope you achieve resolution no. 3!

  36. Hello,
    I am also a fan of gambling. not a heavy one but still a fan. I would like to consult with you guys.
    My friend told me last week he got an offer from 888 VIP club to join them and win $1,000 VIP bonus. I really want to know if there is someone here who joined this club and can recommand it to me.

  37. may be you should quit drinking.
    People always say those who like to drink will have pot belly.
    While, you were reducing the size, you are actually gaining it more by just a glass of drink. Quit and you will be slim like u wanted.
    I know beers and liqour like tuak are cheaper in Kuching.
    What a sacrifice to make!!!
    Decision is yours???

  38. Yes. u must starts saving while young. Or else, u are paying for the cost of delay. Actually there are plans to fulfill ur short term and long term dream, financially.

  39. If u ever come KK..I wanna go climb Mt. KK with u. I lived here for 25 years and never climb it yet. I heard the mountain calling for me to climb it soon..lol

  40. Kenny~
    want to climb mount kinabalu? i have vacant beds up the mountain in july and september. it comes in a package of course. My mum brings the tour. call her (madam wong) if you are interested. 🙂

  41. Hey Kenny,
    Maybe I could suggest scuba diving for your new sport resolution? Sipadan was awesome, eh! Also did Mt Kinabalu on the same trip and it was awesome too, eh! The only thing though, is that I couldn’t bend my knees for a whole week after the climbing, eh! Al in all, that was the best trip I had, eh! So many things to see and do Malaysia, eh. Mulu caves were great too, eh. Have a great year, eh!

  42. what a lame guy.. u wanna cut off your dicks foreskin and auction it ofF? lol whos gonna buy it anyway.. youre just some blogger. not david beckham. get it into ur head u arrogant kid

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