My Favourite Baby Girl

Hi Kirsten,

This is a special update from your favourite uncle just to let you know that I’m thinking of you!

My number in Egypt is +2 016 3155176.
Yes, apparently they use 016 in Egypt too. “I will follow you.”

36 Replies to “My Favourite Baby Girl”

  1. Ooookkk.. Whats with this OMG!!! Youre commenter number -inserts number here- thingy? Lol. Kenny, are you finally givin in and humorin us?

  2. First time being in the first 10 to comment, anyways, I am sure egypt is worth going..nice cute nephew you have btw..

  3. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! sooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! kenny…ur niece is sooo much better looking than u!! wakakakakaka….must be the better genes!!!

  4. Hahaha! Thank you Crazymsianbabe, because ‘the better genes’ come from me! ~~~ Kenny’s sis!
    BTW, Kenny, next time when mum comes to NZ to visit us, pls buy some ‘da fa’ for Kirsten and me to eat! Heehee.

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