A New Hobby

Having grown bored of the land, it’s only natural that I feel the itch to explore the world below.

I am picking up a new sport – scuba diving.
Having passed off wonderful diving spots like Similan Island in Thailand last year because I didn’t have a license, I’ve decided enough is enough.

Five days with Kuching Scuba Centre, RM950 and some layers of sunburnt skin later, I am now a proud certified PADI open water diver.
Getting a dive license means a lot of thing. First and foremost, it means I can now insert a long hard tube into my mouth all day long without feeling gay about it.

I found Nemo!

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90 Replies to “A New Hobby”

  1. That’s no Nemo, the fins are okay you need [url=http://www.hydrooptix.com/ps_mask_45dd_overview.html]ONE OF THESE[/url]:p

  2. You have been really busy, dont you?
    I started to wonder if you have teeth, Kenny. Smile is not bright enough without those lil white teeth… Your smile is always somehow cunning-looking to me… like “ah i hate to pose to the camera but i had to…” and guess you’ve figured out your “camera angle” hahah..

  3. Well done. Welcome to the world of diving. You’ll really enjoy what more being in borneo where sipadan is just around the corner.
    how’s water visibility off kuching?

  4. Better see those reefs before they’re all gone mate. You can email me if you want to know all the best dive sites in Asia and the world.
    Don’t worry me not a dive operator!

  5. Scuba diving is an awesome sport. Haha, PADI diver, my instructor says that PADI stands for “Put another dollar in”, while NAUI (Which I am certified under) is commonly known as “Not another underwater idiot” 😛
    P.S. You don’t insert a long hard tube into your mouth. At least not directly! 😛

  6. I’m envious. I wanna suba-dive! I’ve always wanted to try it. ): Being in Singapore kinda limits these kinds of experiences.

  7. Wow, sound nice dive. I never learn dive before but i like sea cause i was growth at beach side and spent a part of my childhood at beach side. I like to catch fish o..

  8. i’m curious! does ur software engineering company and blogging pay u that much to travel around the world – to eygpt and thailand and new zealand? and somemore you’re like the frequent flyer to kl and penang all the way from sarawak eh!! u shud blog about how to earn money! i need money to travel!!

  9. wow PADI certified diver!
    planning to get diving license also but never had any experience in diving before..
    is there a lot of things to learn during the training? is it difficult?

  10. iisnt dhe black tiinq behiind nemO lyyke lethal , kiil peeps wiib e black tiinq stiickkiinq out ? juz askiinq

  11. Hey Kenny, congratulations on getting your certification. You should go to Sipadan, one of the best diving spot in Malaysian waters. Holy! First it is “poke me” and now it is “press me”?

  12. Hey kenny! I am a diver too! Perhaps you can join me on a dive trip? And the funniest thing too! I just came back from a dive trip! Hahah! Went diving at tanjong pinang! At indonesia! Great spot! Saw a manta ray! How lucky can I get?! LOL~ If you seriously wanna go diving, do contact me ok? Will be waiting for an answer for you. 🙂

  13. Lol, i will recommended you come to Pulau Sipadan,Sabah for full excitment scuba diving.
    Want come to Sabah enjoy the wildest natural?
    Enjoy our natural in Malaysia b4 others countries as u bla bla. Remember ya, contact me when u intend to go to sabah. Cheers!!

  14. dun said u can find nemo here, everything u will find lobster, barracudas, beautiful coral fishes and sometimes even sharks swimming by.Ha ha. Are u ready for this?

  15. Kenny,
    since you got alot of fan that dives too, u should organise a dive trip with all of us meh. It always fun to go in a group to lepak and chase shark!! to snap pic lar not for their fins..Go take your advance before going to sipadan. If not, it will be a waste as you can’t go for any deep dive or night dive..
    p.s. behind neme(clown fish) is sea urchin. you should avoid this damn sea rambutan at all cost as it irrated yur skin kau2..

  16. I heard Lombok Island and Manado Island in Indonesia is nice for diving. I am not into it though I really wanna see the scenery down there. I am just too afraid of the sea.

  17. Hey Kenny, just noticed something strange on your cert. Why does it have icons for M and F??? I hope your dive instructor is not illiterate!!

  18. yeah.. you should take up more sports that involves being in the water…
    that way you won’t be so concious that you’re fat… and it gives your back a break too.. supporting all that weight in a day takes its toll…

  19. Nemo~! I love it too`! But too bad its too difficult to keep as a pet as it is a marine fish. Any easy tip to have such fishes, anyone? =)

  20. Kenny, how come u like hv so much time on ur hands and so much money? Can go here, go there. Do this, do that. Buy this, buy that. As we all know, u’re working IT Manager, rite? Can be away from ur work so often ah?

  21. Was wondering is RM950 all u paid for the whole thing or were there any other fees or expenses like say…..for the fins, snorkel and stuff like that??

  22. hey… join the club, join the passion…! SCUBA diving rox! I will be at Redang for the entire May having a time of my life diving and taking u/water photos…
    btw… cute clownfish there =)but watch out for the sea urchin though…

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