Tailor Shop Name Fail

Spotted in Penang.

Seriously? Don’t think I would wanna wear the stuff that comes out from this store!

Note! Location for World Walk Day this Saturday in Johor is changed to Taman Sri Stulang.

75 Replies to “Tailor Shop Name Fail”

  1. LOL.
    I wonder how the hell could he ever advertise his store ?
    “Come, come, BEE GAY tailoring, best in penang weih !”

  2. oh c’mon kenny! gay also means happiness lor.. It’s not funny to associate ‘gay’ to fail. very offending to the third sex.. just to be fair kenny.

  3. A:where you buy that pant,look nice ah
    B:Bee Gay…
    A:I’m asking you about the pant.what this got anything to do with gay
    B:Im not kidding,Bee Gay
    A:this skimpy shirt doesnt mean I am not straight!I got GF summore
    B:Im telling the truth!
    A:*(punch him)!!!

  4. Ouch, a bit harsh don’t you think, Kenny? It’s probably not that hard to find this shop in Penang and this lady is just trying to make a living.

  5. Come on guys, it’s just a matter of perspective, I’m sure the intention is not to insult or give ridicule but it does sound funny for some people and for the rest i suppose not…let’s not take the matter too seriously πŸ™‚

  6. nahh.. kenny’s just posting this crap just to make him more famous and getting more attention! I know kenny’s enjoying reading comments.. FUCK! think first before you do something.. remove this post!!
    and wow! @Lynx: “IT’S A MATTER OF PERSPERCTIVE”
    many gays are suffering now because of that perspective you got!

  7. kenny sia relies on crap like this to keep this sad stupid blog alive.
    this place use to be humourous. but no its just a piece of shit.
    now picking on a shop’s name to resurrect this dead blog.
    you think gays are people you can humiliate because they are different?
    put yourself in the owner’s shoes. its his name, he doesn’t know what gay means. he just had his name used a his shop’s name. trying to make a living. it wouldnt be fun now would it, for you to laugh at.
    jokes poking fun at gays are so childish.
    grow up man. grow up.

  8. Kenny, i prefer your old blog style of writting. guess its not easy to keep up when you move on to a different level, nevertheless i wish you the very best @ LevelUp…

  9. Haters, you are so pathetic. Why don’t you spend more time masturbating(which unlike posting hate comments, gets yourselves an orgasm, unless posting hate comments is what you do to get it)
    Who wouldn’t make the same remark if one passes by the shop especially with a group of friends? It will be in one person’s ear and out the other as quickly as one can laugh.
    Say something like this on the internet and people like you will always want to see it in the most offensive light.

  10. Oh, boo hoo hoo you queers, cry me a river, won’t you? Someone made a joke about this and all you can do is burst into a flood of tears. Oh yes, clearly Kenny is launching another attack on the gay community. Wow gay people, your pity parties are so boring………………
    Clearly the internet is full of people too immature to think for themselves, and so they automatically think Kenny is a homophobe just because he posted this.

  11. A widely read blog making fun of an innocent person’s shop. I don’t care how much “for fun only, don’t take it so seriously” reason fanboys give. This post is clearly going to hurt this shop’s reputation and it’s rude to make fun of someone else’s name, one way or another.
    I thought someone who has seen so much of the world and experienced so many cultures and religions should know better then acting like a closed minded fool. I guess i was wrong. =/

  12. I am a gay man and I read your post often and actually really enjoyed them. But very disappointed when I read this one. I work and live like everyone else. What’s wrong of being gay? Put me off a bit Kenny. Shame on you.


  14. Seriously, picking up a shop’s name and making fun out of it, just makes some of us sick, shockingly come out from the CEO of a fitness center, a big shot entrepreneur from Kuching, seriously, people here do not want to associate themselves with your products or services!

  15. Talking about something and posting it online are two very different thing. Talking about a naked person…and posting the naked person’s photo online..go figure idiots.
    You can make fun of the name, but do not put in your own shallow opinion and judgment and tell ppl not to buy from the tailor. That’s just unethical unless you see for yourself the quality and design.
    I’m liking Level Up Lan Ciao

  16. It is an old shop. GAY means happy during 70th and early 80th. Only after late 80th GAY has a new meaning: homosexual.

  17. I don’t enjoy reading hate comments but at the same time, you shouldn’t be saying that it’s ok to laugh at other people.
    It’s like looking at a physically disabled man, sharing some insulting remarks with your friends, and then laugh behind his back. Is that fun to do?

  18. It goes to show that Malaysians do not look up at the dictionary.
    Gay means happiness. It doesn’t mean homosexual all the time.
    And anyway, it’s just someone’s name. Why laugh at it.
    Have you ever heard of something called ‘ethical blogging’?

  19. What goes around, comes around.
    One day will people start to insult your business & making a mockery out of your hard work.
    This is not even funny coming from a influential blog like yours.
    We wanna support you, but be wise Kenny. Please.

  20. B: why do you punch me although i’m telling the truth?
    A: You asked me to be gay!
    A: nono, i’m just answering your question.
    (A’s gf came by…)
    AGF: what happened?
    A: i asked him where did he buy his pant, and he told me to be gay.
    B: I i i… (with a swollen punched up face)
    AGF: How dare you insult my skimpy shirt bf! *(slap on the face with a handbag)!!!

  21. a bit harsh don’t you think, Kenny? It’s probably not that hard to find this shop in Penang and this lady is just trying to make a living.

  22. Kenny’s comment MIGHT have come off as homophobic – which can be excused.
    Yours, however, IS homophobic and highly offensive.
    Agreed, the internet is full of people too immature to think for themselves, and so without thinking – they immediately insult the gay community while trying (and failing) to insult the haters.

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