KL Marathon and Josiah & Kim’s Wedding

It has been a very hectic past couple of days for me.


A lot of stuff have been happening lately but I’m too tired to put them into a properly structured post. For once, this blog post is gonna be all my thoughts jumbled up, in Malaysian rojak style.


I did the 21km category of the KL Marathon last week and completed it within 2 hours 34 minutes. My target was 2 hrs 30 mins.

As much as I’d love to finish the race 4 minutes earlier, the undulating course proved too difficult for my 84kg body to handle.

The final stretch along Lake Gardens was the real stamina killer. It was almost entirely uphill and by the time we reach flatter ground, everyone around me turned into zombies and walked towards the end. It was a depressing sight.


Despite my disappointment not hitting my target, I must admit that I absolutely enjoyed this race. Initially the pollution and haze in the lead-up to the event worried the heck outta me, but everyone thought the weather and temperature that day was perfect. And I agree.

I had the most brilliant playlist on my iPod to accompany me for the race. Listening to this track from Capsule made me felt like Transformer cruising towards the finishing line. On top of that, I was 8 minutes faster than last year and achieved a personal best for 21km.


Can’t wait for my next run. The next challenge is to beat the Shah Alam 22km race in 2 hours 20 minutes.

But before I do that, I’d have to lose weight, desperately.


On the same night, I attended Josiah and Kim‘s fun and classy wedding dinner at The Westin.

Kim Ong was xanga.com/kimfluttersby when I knew of her back five years ago. She didn’t know me then because I didn’t have a blog. But somehow we shared common friends from the same university and someone introduced me to her blog.


Josiah Ng is Malaysia’s Olympic track cyclist.

I also knew of him back in 2004 when I saw him on TV competing at the Athens Olympics. Australian TVs were rooting for their athlete competing in the cycling event, but when I saw a Malaysian in it, I was hooked.

The intensity in his eyes and the power he unleashed on the velodrome made me an instant fan of his. He came second in that race, and I made it a point to watch the cycling event every Olympic Games after that.


These two were complete strangers to me five years ago. Never would I have imagined that I would be attending their wedding dinner some five years later.

Funny how the world works sometimes.


Josiah and Kim’s wedding was an intimate and classy affair. Josiah’s dad was especially popular with the females in the crowd when he advised his son to “not let Kim do all the housework. Remember sometimes you must also cook for her!”

To show off the fact that I ran 21km earlier, this is Josiah asking me to gesture “21” with our fingers.


During the wedding, a strange feeling came over me. And it wasn’t just because Kim’s friends are all pretty darn hot.


But seeing all other happy couples that were there that night, suddenly I felt the urge to start dating again.

It’s been more than 7 months since I declared myself unattached. As much as I enjoy making money and the freedom of moving around solo, the lack of a female companion is really getting to me. Physically, emotionally and errr… hormonally.


I don’t know how many guys out there lead a workaholic lifestyle as hectic as mine is, but I’m very curious to know if anyone can sustain a relationship when you’re required to travel out of town almost every single week and meet new people all the time. How is it possible for the partner to even put up with that?

That’s why I really have a lot of respect for flight attendants.


Because these people fly around the world so much and are constantly surrounded by rich and good-looking people. A lot of them may be single, but many of them still manage to sustain a normal relationship. Some are even married.

How the heck can their partners put up with someone who spends four or five full days a week on the job, in different countries around the world?

Unless they are James Bond lah.


If there’s one thing I learn about girls after all these while, it’s that the female species need a lot of attention. If you wanna give attention to girls, you gotta devote time.

But here’s the kicker.

Once you’re invested all your time, successfully got the girl and officially declare that you are “in a relationship”, suddenly you have to face fights and arguments and all those petty things that woul
d take up even MORE of your time.

Then suddenly you are forced to give up time on your career or hobby. And you find yourself having to spend ALL your time on your girl to make them feel more secure. Because if not then your girlfriend’s girlfriends will say that you are “useless”, “heartless”, “not caring enough” and then advise her to leave you for a better man.


The thing is as I mature, I find time is something so precious that sometimes I feel it’s more productive to spend time on my career or a hobby, than on something as difficult to deal with, intensive and emotionally-draining as… girls.

In other words, to put it in business terms, spending time on girls does not generate a very good R.O.I.

You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.

Is there something wrong with me thinking that way?

Wow, one whole blog post about chicks.

Something is definitely wrong with me.

Aiya. Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.

Does this species of female exist?

And please don’t say for 500 Baht an hour in Bangkok.

I just got fined by the traffic police for not be able to produce the physical copy of my driver’s license. I told the officer that my driver’s license is embedded inside my MyKad but he told me to argue that in court instead.

A while ago, I read in newspapers that traffic police cannot summon those who show MyKad. So how leh? Is that not being enforced anymore?

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  1. Kenny… sooner or later you’ll hv to settle down rite? At the end of the day, it’s all about balance πŸ˜‰

  2. Kenny,
    Relax…. your’re only 27…. long way to go. Dpn’t tell me your clock is already ticking?

  3. well said.. agree with you.. but do remember, as age catch up with you, career is no longer as important..

  4. I think man also want as much as attention as woman want to get in a relationship. Mostly still prefer a girlfriend who will standby for them at home.
    Compromise is important in every relationship. Distance can make you love and miss your partner more. Not taking your partner for granted. however…distance can also make your partner have affair..
    A married man (who work months abroad and only go home after months) once told me that every time he went home, it feels like his 1st wedding night.

  5. Not all females require alot of attention.
    As long as there is trust between you guys it’ll all work out eventually.=D

  6. I am in a long-distance relationship and don’t hang out with my boyfriend very often. Really thankful that we have a good thing going despite the distance. What I treasure most is the ability to “connect” with him. Through phone conversations, I am so glad that we can talk, and I can hear him tell me about his day and all that it entailed and know that I am still a part of his life.
    However, I must admit I find it hard to share my life with him over the phone. Some life stories are intimate and very personal and I feel awkward talking about these out loud. So I write and I can go into a lot more depth when I write to him.
    He doesn’t reply every email but I know they are read and that he knows this side of me that is not known by anyone else. It’s our secret. πŸ˜€
    All the best in your relationships, Kenny. Sincerely, Hillary.

  7. Yes Kenny, there is one:
    1. The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you.
    2. Dogs don’t notice if you call them by another dog’s name.
    3. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor.
    4. A dog’s parents never visit.
    5. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across.
    6. You never have to wait for a dog;
    they’re ready to go 24 hours a day.
    7. Dogs find you amusing when you’re drunk.
    8. Dogs like to go hunting and fishing.
    9. A dog will not wake you up at night to ask: β€œIf I died, would you get another dog??”
    10. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away.
    11. A dog will let you put a studded collar on it without calling you a pervert.
    12. If a dog smells another dog on you, they don’t get mad. They just think it’s interesting.
    13. Dog’s like to ride in the back of a pickup truck.
    14. If a dog leaves, it won’t take half of your stuff.

  8. Actually, girls don’t want too much attention. I don’t. Because the more time you spend with a guy, the more you get annoyed by what was previously his cute habits.

  9. Kenny, it was a pleasure having you at our wedding. Wedding usually ignites feelings. Don’t take it as a norm to be with someone. Let the right one come along in time.
    Oh yes, majority of the girls at that table – the Main Convent Girls of 2001 are single. *winkz*
    There are lotsa girls out there who don’t require much attention. Every single moment you guys spend together will be cherished even closer. Be careful when you pick the right girl, nowadays needy girls aren’t in and I believe not many are like that anymore. If you think otherwise, you haven’t been casting ur net wide out enough.
    Oh btw, May looks pretty good in that photo.
    You’re a charming n good guy, dun let girls take advantage of you too. You’re inspiring me to do the marathon someday. Hehe.

  10. i agree with u kenny. freedom and doing anything alone are the most precious moment for us guys. relationship is always mafan… it just like
    GIRL: You tell a man something, it goes in one ear and comes out of
    the other.
    MAN: You tell a woman something: It goes in both ears and comes
    out of the mouth.

  11. Just hang out with more girls la…
    but if you want physical contact try your luck on getting a FB thru adultfriendfinder.com. Heheh

  12. I am one those women. I only get to see my ex husband once in 2 weeks. I never complain. Thinking if I say anything he would call me nagging. Then, he divorced me coz he found someone new. How fuck up is that? There’s no pleasing anyone.

  13. you know..I was actually waiting for you at the finish line in KL marathon. LOL..I knew you were joining and I wanted to shout your name for fun as you cross the finish line. But but..I did not see you at all..aww..*sad*
    you’ll feel the loneliness for now. It will pass once you get busy again. πŸ˜€

  14. well, Im the girl who needs once a week attention only.Why? i work half dead in hospital, I need to die on my bed on saturday, and Yes, I can spare 1 day with my guy, because I truly love him.
    If uncle kenny can only/wanted to spend less time with his girl2, then, maybe he isnt ready for relationship lor.
    Uncle kenny, dont remember the lost, Im sure you two had good memories.Make use of it to change your perception
    im proud of his long distant run..i like-i like

  15. Haha !! u r right kenny.
    Famous ppl like u no need to deal wif bangkok cheap bitches who work for 500 bath in hours right ? .. XD
    How ur girl(wife) will look like then ho ? always c u hug girls here n there .. very keen to witness ur wedding day kenny .. Haha !!

  16. You need a damn secure, emotionally stable girl who has her own life. Someone like your good friend Pinkpau would be a suitable match!! πŸ™‚

  17. Things may seem that way now but I believe that, when you meet the RIGHT person, she will change your opinions about relationship.

  18. I don’t believe that good relationships are meant to be that hard. Sure, you may have the occasional argument or disagreement but when you’re with the right person everything just clicks and falls into place.
    And by the way, it is possible to have a relationship where the both of you only see each other once a week or only on the weekends …
    Just gotta find the right girl (or have the right girl come to you) πŸ˜›

  19. Kenny, maybe u should get a girl who share the same interest as you. You guys can travel together and do the same stuff together.
    Another piece of advice : Seek Kim for her advice.
    Good luck.
    Btw, I love your blog!

  20. You need a girl who understands your blogging and travelling. Preferably a blogger too.
    I’d pick Su Ann too! πŸ˜›
    Like for me, I identified my needs. I’m loud, so I need a guy who’s pretty loud. (Sorry Jo!), more like an extrovert, don’t mind being out there but also balance a life and be quiet when necessary.

  21. I like your blog. Yes Kenny, being single is one thing, being lonely is one thing, being in a rs is another thing. so, well, I have been seeing this guy for 7 months, from he started courting till we are today, things start to get sour when i don’t get enough attention from him, coz I miss him much. Then comes the guessing game, the jealousy game, it’s either he is jealous I went out with someone, or I’m jealous when he went out and dissappear with someone or working. It doesn’t feel good. Worst come to worse, i have some problem with him recently, and might even break off, & if we do, i find no purpose staying in KL, and have some unmeaningful night life here in KL, without having someone to miss. If we really do break up, Kenny, I find myself, believing no purpose for me to stay longer but to work in oversea for better money, new people, new faces, new house & extra money. To come back to KL with somee pride and hope. GD luck Kenny, all the best ya!

  22. Kenny made it sound as though girls are almost impossible to please..
    Is this wat m’sian guys views on girls, generally?
    So sad ar?
    I think it’s all about compromising and attending to each other’s needs.

  23. Well, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Some men are so dedicated to their careers and they just think of their careers so much that they don’t have time to think of other things. If u think ur not ready for a relationship yet, u can go down that path.
    I know of some girls who aren’t complicated and are rather straightforward. I think it comes down to luck.

  24. Kenny, I think it’s just another phase in life. But what you said is right, if you find time is so precious now, then it’s worth it to spend it on your hobby or things you would like to do. And about getting a partner, well as a guy, even if you are 40, there will still be girls around, plus if you are wealthy!

  25. What the… !
    Hahahaha! I think Lim Su Ann is gonna get major stomach cramps from laughing after reading through these comments. I like Su Ann a lot, and I get very attracted to chicks with brains, but knowing the type of guy she’s attracted to, I don’t think I can even qualify to be in her short list.
    She’s from Columbia University and I’m from… Curtin!

  26. “You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.”
    hahah XD am gonna agree with this XD

  27. guess u just yet to find ‘THAT’ girl u are willing to sacrifice all for. One day u find someone who is worth all the $$ worth all the time and all the energy and effort…

  28. This might be kind of random… but who is that hot girl and 3/4 of boobs on kennysia?
    Is that a proposal or what?

  29. Love comes when you’re not looking for it. Just hang in there for a little longer. Who knows – you might meet her during one of your trips. It hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t.

  30. Hey dude, good job on the marathon time. I believe the right girl you is not a spoiled glamor girls with stick figure who cries over broken finger nails but a independent, business owning lady with nice abs, toned arm, tanned body and drives a manual geared car.

  31. Hey Kenny! Come to Miri! πŸ™‚ Anyway, cheers, because time will tell! No use beating yourself up over love. Go play something macho.. like paintball πŸ˜› x

  32. I think what u need is a woman who knows how to balance things out and know how to compromise depending on situation. 24/7 attention/childish attitude can lead to a boring relationship. the “don’t care at all” attitude can also be troublesome and u’ll start to say ‘she doesn’t care’. XD

  33. wow, u still can attend a wedding dinner after all that running. I crash 16 hours straight. That’s my first 21km anyway. Looking forward to King of the Road too, but this time chicken abit, just 10km. Hopefully can see u at the finishing line!!

  34. when the right person comes along, things will fall into place. =) there are definitely people out there who aren’t 24/7 clingy and needy, and can respect what you do for a living etc by not being naggy, but she’ll be understanding. just keep looking! =)
    and great job on your race! =)
    & P.S. nothing wrong with being frm Curtin!! =p lol.

  35. alright you’re such an ahbeng for listening to that Capsule track.
    dumchit dumchit dumchit dumchit dumchit ..

  36. There are idd girls who are not as high maintenance but I also think you need to make time for them ^^
    I also think that’ll happen naturally though. When you really, really, really like someone, you enjoy spending time with them. You WANT to make time for them so you will.
    The right person will come sooner or later, don’t worry:)

  37. i share the same sentiment as u…and know exactly how u feel…im a stewardess myself and have been flyin for the past 5 years…and yes…i’ve been single ever since…yes…like u have mentioned…we (flight attendants) get to meet a lot of people and always surrounded by attractive people because the nature of our job…but also because of the nature of our job we do not have the luxury of time to get to the person like people who work on ground…in a month i spend only 10 days on ground and the rest of 20 days away…any guy who is interested will eventually tired of waitin or lose interest…how la like dat…
    but then again…i always believe that love will come when the time is right…so just be patient…and let see what God had planned for us…cheer up Kenny! 0:D

  38. I’m sorry, but I have to admit I was staring at that girl in yellow for longer than necessary.
    She has very big round and ample…. eyes.
    Was she your ex Kenny?

  39. Haha! No she wasn’t.
    She’s a kennysia.com model. Her job is to appear in pictures that has completely no relevance at all to my text. πŸ˜‰

  40. I dunno why there’s always this mentality that girls need a lot of attention… and that meeting once a week is really too little…
    In fact, there are girls out there who are as busy as you, and may not have the time for dates even when u may be free to meet up.
    Hence, I do believe there are girls who don’t mind meeting once a week, or even less, and be left to deal on her own stuffs when you are busy. Instead, I think guys cannot take it if girls put their men, not as their top priority.
    Will u mind if your girl friend abandon you to deal with her stuffs as and when she’s busy?

  41. You need to look for someone who has her own life, something she can concentrate on other than you. Someone who probably is as busy/successful as you.
    Girls complain that they don’t have much attention, it’s because they have no other aspects in their life that they can concentrate on. Or they just haven’t matured yet to understand and to come to a compromise.
    Also, all the best in finding her Kenny =)

  42. Also, wat @ you getting fined. My mom had her driving license embedded in her MyKad too. But the only problem she got was that she had no idea when it expires. So lo and behold, after finding out that it had expired for a few years now at some office, she had to sit for the road test to have it renewed =/
    Malaysian Government. If you want to do something, do it properly la aiyo.

  43. “In other words, to put it in business terms, spending time on girls does not generate a very good R.O.I.”
    can’t agree anymore
    “You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.”
    totally agree
    “Is there something wrong with me thinking that way?”
    i am 23 years old and i feel exactly the same nothing is wrong with u

  44. Working a lot tends to make people feel lonely and wonder if there is a purpose for all this effort. Because working just for the sake of working usually will not sustain. You will eventually burn out if there is no purpose.
    Everyone wants a place to call home and someone to come home to, it’s human nature and shows that you are growing Kenny. For your sake, I hope that you will one day find that special person that you feel is deserving of your time and devotion. Showing that you are open to the possibility of a relationship is the first step in the right direction…

  45. The second last picture is very distracting. I have to keep repeating the sentences below the picture over n over again

  46. Sounds like you need to look for a woman who shares the same interests as you do and learn how to accommodate each other into your lives.

  47. “MAN: You tell a woman something: It goes in both ears and comes
    out of the mouth.”
    haha, this is so true.
    p/s: i’m a girl.

  48. Honestly, yes they DO exist. My friends and I haven’t seen our respective bfs (they’re 4th yr students, we’re baby 1st yr kids)in 2-3 weeks, because the guys had Dentistry and Med College Admission Tests just this past weekend. We all voted to leave them alone to study.
    Just wait, someone will come along who understands the demands of jobs/school and appreciate that your hobbies also made you the guy she fell in love with…just wait πŸ™‚

  49. take your girl along with you… just like federer having mirka all the time when he is travelling… i know its expensive… but thats how it works for travellers like you Kenny.. love your job, love your loved ones, love your self good luck mate.

  50. Dear Kenny,
    I honestly felt what you felt when you were at their wedding. Most of my friends are married, if not at least attached to someone. I on the other hand had just gone through a break up. After 2 yrs of being together, he told me that he no longers feel that he wants to do the things couple do. He just want to be left alone. And you are right investing in a girl almost always the ROI is super low. But come to think of it, investing in a guy too is about the same. It is not about the money, but it is more on the effort, the time spent. And sometimes it is so easy for ppl to let go of something instead of trying harder.
    We woman are not that difficult to understand, nor do we want and demand a hell lot in their man, at times, a call – to know that you do matter and still matter in their life is actually more than enough. It is not about the Guccis, Pradas or Coaches… but it is more on the intimacy that two person share…At least that is what I think a relationship should be… You know, you connect at a higher level..
    I must say it is not an easy week to go through… but I believe in finding the right person.. so no sweat Kenny. You are a great guy and I love reading your blog… I am sure all of us are destined to find someone who will love us just as much as we love them…

  51. agree!!!! a doctor is the best choice for you Kenny,after reading your entry.They are brainy, understanding, caring, and i bet most of them also demand for a bf who doesn’t cling 24/7.

  52. think about it. if a girl treat u as the way u treated her. She also busy with her works and will abandon you anytime when her works come. Will you still be with her?

  53. As easy as it sounds, if you were to run a contest ‘a date with kenny sia’, as much haters you have out there, I reckon there are still tonnes of girls who wants to ‘date’ you.
    But how many of them sincerely want to know you and able to grasp your time and hectic schedule and insane travelling destinations.
    There must be a few good ones out there Kenny. Hang on!

  54. Sorry Kenny, I can’t help it but I really wish to share some of my experience with u.
    A few question for your thoughts – u said that when u see other happy couples, u feel the urge to date again. Ask yourself, when u r busy, have u ever think of your partner or having a partner then?
    You are just feeling lonely when you are not busy with your work or hobby. Is normal for all guys I guess. My husband is like that too physically, emotionally and hormonally =P. My husband does not travel out of town but he spends at least 15 hours each day, 28 days a month in his shop working. Normally I’m half awake in the midnight when he comes back from work. We may cuddle each other if we are in the mood or else, sleeping will be more important. For him earning money for a better future is his top priority. He doesn’t meet new people everyday but new customer.
    So how is it possible for me to put up with that? Is Love Kenny. He is like this even when we are dating. He doesn’t spend much time on me either. If we got time we will meet up or worse I will take bus to find him in shop.
    I’m not sure about others but I have to agree that female species is indeed a species which prefer a lot of attention if possible. I think a male species would prefer that as well if given a choice.
    Every relationship will go though phases where you fights, argue and crying for female even for petty things =( . Its normallah.
    You need to GIVE UP SOME time on your career or hobby but not until you are force to be lah. What’s the point of doing so if you are not happy? Tolerance and understanding btw a couple is very important if situation like these happen. Talk to her why you cannot be with her. I’m sure a good gf will listen to your explanation. Words like “useless”, “heartless”, “not caring enough” – leave you for a better man is a no no.
    Time is precious to everyone. How you would like to spend it is your own business but please do not relate times spend on girls in business term. We are not your business but YOUR PARTNER!
    I put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but I feel that sometimes get very little in the end. Is there something wrong with me thinking that way? YES… It is WRONG!!!
    I have the same feeling when I started the relationship with my husband. I always think that I sacrifice a lot for the relationship but in the end get nothing. But to be frank, this kind of mindset is totally a no no in relationship. Reason is, not all that we give out is what we will receive back. Again is back to the tolerance and understanding. If you cannot tolerate, being a single would be the best choice.
    Your requirement to meet your girl once a week is acceptable… I believe, this species exist and they are plenty of them. Is FATE Kenny. You will meet the ONE when you are destiny to be. My sister is still available. I don’t mind to be your sis-in-law..LOL
    So no worries ok?? Hahah.. Sorry for the long nanny story. Oh BTW, I’m 26, Office Lady with 2 kids and family. Whenever I saw friends who are still not married and enjoy their life every single day, I’m envy too but I told myself, look for better future with what we have now. CHEERS !!
    Oh,You should have confess to SU ANN if you really have some good feeling towards her. Girl with brain and pretty. I also interested..=) Don’t miss the train !!

  55. agree with shaolin tiger, u need a older woman… some of them really put alot of attention on their career rather than men yet need men’s companion occasionally/ =)

  56. “Aiya. Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.
    Does this species of female exist?”

    Yes, they exist. for example, me. I don’t require much attention and certainly i don’t need frequent meetings. If i demand those, my relationship with my bf won’t last until now. We’ve been together for more than a year now. He’s working offshore and yes, we need a lot of understanding and trust to keep the relationship well.
    I agree that you need to date older girls. perhaps women of your own age Kenny. good luck in finding one of our species! =)

  57. perhaps u need a collateral blogger as a gf, who blogs together with you.. attend the same events as a couple but she blog in the lady’s perspective..

  58. if you’re a dog lover, you wil get another dog but still cant get over the previous ones. i have 7 dogs and i love them so much but one of them is old already and ‘he’ needs attention too. ‘he’ gets jealous too. Dogs have minds like humans, they have feelings too.

  59. You’re 27? Long way la!
    Kenny quote: “You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.”
    My opinion, not every girls need full attention and time ok, maybe you just didnt found the compatible ones or the understanding matured ones.
    Kenny quote: “Aiya. Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.iya. Maybe I jusDoes this species of female exist?”
    There are girls/women who meet their boyfriends one a week due to work. But of course, spare that one whole day with her a week la, or else whats a woman’s worth? If im treated 2hrs a week, i’d rather go single and go have fun with my friends and family lo.

  60. Edited:
    You’re 27? Long way la!
    Kenny quote: “You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.”
    My opinion, not every girls need full attention and time ok, maybe you just didnt found the compatible ones or the understanding matured ones.
    Kenny quote: “Aiya. Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.Does this species of female exist?”
    There are girls/women who meet their boyfriends once a week due to work. But of course, spare that one whole day with her a week la, or else whats a woman’s worth? If im treated 2hrs a week, i’d rather go single and go have fun with my friends and family lo.

  61. “Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.”
    Mate, i think you just need a FUBU ^^

  62. I don’t know how many guys out there lead a workaholic lifestyle as hectic as mine is, but I’m very curious to know if anyone can sustain a relationship when you’re required to travel out of town almost every single week and meet new people all the time. How is it possible for the partner to even put up with that? – Kenny.
    Easy Kenny. Tell her to take it or leave it.

  63. How come my comment was not displayed? wrote a lot…wonder if i have accidentally clicked on Cancel πŸ™

  64. Learn from me! Me and my fiance has had more than 2 years of LDR and we made it! It’s a huge success! We’re getting married soon :). It’s the love πŸ™‚

  65. They’re called trophy wives, who are with you for your fame and money.
    On the other hand, what would you think of a woman who’s never there when you need her? Who has her own burgeoning career, many friends you don’t share, a rich social life, and is quite simply too busy for you most of the time. Would you have a gf like that?
    I wonder, most guys complain about girls sucking up time, but guys also expect them to wait around and be there when they need them… of course, some girls are just ridiculously high maintenance in general.

  66. my father works as a flight attendant and my parents are still very sweet! but i know that my dad has to sacrifice his relationship with his friends to spend time with us. For him, it’s worth it because family comes first. =D

  67. “Maybe I just need the type of girl who doesn’t require attention, only required to meet up once a week and can simply abandon anytime when my job gets the better of me.”
    As far as I know, researchers could qualify into the category as they spend much time in their office / labs analyzing the latest discoveries and writing them down in reports. Or to be more simple, a research-driven, workaholic tertiary educator. That is, if you dont mind her achievements to be higher than yours at certain points of life.
    And I’m sure with a laptop, proper internet connection and some papers, she’s as good to follow ur travelling every weekend πŸ™‚

  68. That’s a good one! It’s like a mysterious puzzle piece that appears out of no way and doesn’t seems to fit into the big picture. Hmmm…. Doubtful.
    By the way, ran the KL 21KM Marathon. Too bad, didn’t see you at all. Will be going for Penang 21KM marathon. Joining?

  69. I have an idea. why not get a stewardess as your gf bcoz both of u guys have a same thing which is travel a lot ;))

  70. hey dude, be careful of what you wish for. women are meant to be pampered. If you like somebody independent and successful, she probably see you once a wk and i think its nice to have someone who have a hobby of some sort in common with you. Then when you are enjoying your activity, it is considered quality time with her too. Maybe, you end up feeling neglected instead. ha

  71. i think the best thing 4 u right now is to paktor with your hobbies. the time will come 5 years l8r when i’ll get to attend yr wedding (hopefully)! ;p

  72. Hey Kenny,
    I read your blogs as entertainment. Good stuff. Always enjoy it.
    I have a successful career and business. I enjoy the challenges. It makes me strong especially when my mind and faith is put to the test.
    With all honesty, I hated every moment of my life when I was in a relationship. I feel like I am working for her and if I do not perform well, I’m just going to get it for no reason. Somehow, I have to admit that I enjoy spending time with my buddies and close friends than her.
    As time passes by, I began to realise what on earth do I have to love this one girl who only cares about herself when there are so many other people out there especially poor children and those living in harsh condition who deserve the MOST of my time and attention. I simply do not make any sense!
    Ever since I then, I have being devoting my wealth in helping the poor and needy children plus lots of quality time with my aging parents and close buddies and business comrades. I have to admit, I never felt happier and I find my life more meaningful than to spend the rest of my life having to service this one woman whom no matter what you do, is never enough to please her.
    Do I feel lonely? Of course. Who wouldn’t but it’s 100x better than to get a woman in your life, fill that gap and suffer for the rest of your life for it. Not worth it. When I’m lonely, I have my buddies and I tell my buddies everything, not even my own girl. Tried telling her how you feel, you know what I mean, you are just going to get it!
    Just to sharing my experience. Good Luck Buddy!

  73. I guessed not only females needed attention, males too.
    Maintaining a relationship is to have certain level of understanding.
    I’m sure you will find her, someone that can understand what is best for both parties!

  74. Holy shit is that girl in the yellow dress the infamous Naeboo who never shows her face ???? OMG !!!!
    Among all the kennysia.com girls featured in the past only the great Naeboo has such beautiful big round boobs !!
    Thank you, Kenny, I can finally die a happy man. *cries*

  75. Among all the kennysia.com girls featured in the past only the great Naeboo has such beautiful big round boobs !!

  76. Kenny quoted:
    “In other words, to put it in business terms, spending time on girls does not generate a very good R.O.I.
    You put a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship, but sometimes get very little in the end.
    Is there something wrong with me thinking that way?”
    A resounding big YES! Something is very wrong with you, kenny. Who says a relationship is about the END? It is the journey that both of you go through (be it hand-in-hand or head-to-head). Jennifer Aniston agrees completely with this!
    Yes, you may put in a lot of time, money and effort into a relationship but so had the girl who devoted herself to you. She too could have done more with her time, but she chose to be with you.
    And what kinda “returns” are you refering to when you say “R.O.I.”?
    Returns like a good shag in bed? An arm candy to show off to your friends? A quiet and docile “pet” who sits at home and cleans your place? Or did you mean return as in a marriage? (clearly you are not ready for that based on your mentality now…still not mature on relationship aspects, besides, marriage is not the END).
    I find your thoughts kinda contradict with one another. You like hot chicks, but you are looking for someone who is intelligent, independent, can put up with your schedule, yet always around whenever you need her.
    First of all, if she is hot, she would be spending lots of time getting other male attention, but she chose you. Naturally she will sense the lack of attention you shower upon her. With the looks, won’t she feel shortchanged especially since her girlfriends told her that she could do better with other males?
    Secondly, if you want someone independent and do not “drain you up emotionally”, then what makes you think she will be there when you need her around? She is an independent woman and will always be. So don’t expect her to feed your needs when you are lonely.
    Thirdly, an intelligent woman will of course be good with ideas and words. In this case, you will usually have long, heavy, deep arguments and quarrels that would probably drive you up the wall because she is as good as, if not better than, you when it comes to reasoning. So watch out if you are with the “Brains”!
    So my two cents to you, kenny, are:
    * Study YOURself and what EXACTLY you want. Have a priority list so that you do not contradict your ideas of what you want in a woman.
    * After knowing what you want, allow women into your life and do not say “I don’t need these time-consuming bitch” or “I am a travelling person, beware!”. You will send vibes out that you might not even notice, but the female species do.
    * Please, please, please choose a girl with your MIND, not your eyes. Of course the HEART plays a role, but always refer to your mind and cross-check with your priority list.
    * Just FYI, women who needs attention do not necessarily want your time. Attention is NOT equivalent to amount of time spent with her. You could be sitting whole day with your gal but reading newspaper or even staring blankly at her pretending you are listening. That does not come across as “spending quality time”. Attention may be manifested through actions, words, favours done, eye contact (with sincerity), words of praise, or just the fact that if she needs you in case of emergency, you will be there for her! Give her short but strong boosts of attention, and she wont be needing a long and whiny “attention” session.
    * Stability comes with age, so dont rush. And I mean emotional stability.

  77. Hi Kenny, thanks for covering my cousin’s blog. Yep, Josiah Ng is my cousin… and I wasn’t able to attend the wedding because of stoopid h1n1. Was supposed to sing their first dance song too πŸ™ Haiz….
    Anyway, nice writeup on the wedding. πŸ™‚

  78. PSSSH. I’m looking for a guy who WON’T give me so much attention because to me attention just means care and love which means I have to care and love back which means I have to spend a lot of time which means a RELATIONSHIP.
    Fuck relationships Kenny, they’re never worth it. NEVER. Get casual hook-ups with hot women and be happy with it.

  79. One of my best frens is like that.
    She can’t find a man who will leave her alone and be satisfied wif pah-tohing once a week!!

  80. Kenny, why don’t u choose guys instead of girls? Since the kind of girls you’re looking for obviously don’t extinct, wonder does tht species ever exist. LOL!

  81. what are your grounds of argument gentlemen? or am i talking to another bunch of shallow minded losers that’s worth a second of my time πŸ˜‰

  82. Dear Kenny,
    We at antithesis2.net noted your issue: “WHERE ARE THE GIRLS.” and we have come up with the solution.
    Antithesis Tip #1: We strongly recommend that you focus your efforts on finding female partners in the following professions:
    1) Accounting (especially audit)
    2) Law (especially for due diligence purposes)
    3) Any form of middle to high management in the Banking sector
    They too have demanding jobs and will exercise much understanding on those in the same predicament (i.e. you).
    Antithesis Tip #2: Please stay away from medical professions if they work shifts.
    For more Antithesis tips, and for referrals, we charge a small fee.

  83. Hmmm… That must be the reason why my views on girls are so skewed, considering the only girls I’ve ever dated were students, ie. those who only need to attend classes 3 days a week = too much free time on their hands.
    I have dated a Law student though. Too bad it didn’t end well… because I was frequently used as her target practice.

  84. Hahahhahaa….
    I oways LOVE to read ur blog bcoz of all d very REAL “YOU” & ur stories. I like u to b very frank abt ur feeling abt women, and I agree abt d write up too!
    Great interpretation Kenny!

  85. I don’t think they exist. That’ll be like.. a miracle. lol. We love someone for who they are anyway, not what we wish them to be.

  86. Excuse me,are u calling me a loser since u r replying to my nick? Well as not to create confusion to u, actually i was responding to kennyfanno who ask Kenny to date ‘The saint’ which is refering to ur nick i guess…I think u r a guy right.. so im asking if he/she want kenny to be gay and if u can see his/her comment before urs..he/she really did advise kenny that… And suddenly erie reply to my comment saying St.Theresa pulak… so i also dunno what happen… I’m quoting ‘the saint’ which is guy (R u?).. but someone was thinking of St. theresa.. Is it my fault… sorry ‘the saint’.. bah… why i need to explain.. silly

  87. There are 2 types of species that suits you .. one is the type of girl that can close one eye as long you feed her with money ..
    Another one … get yourself a dog.. dog is the best companion and he/she will not get mad at you for long because dog is forgetfull!!!

  88. Holy shite bro! Who’s that CHIO BU in the yellow dress?!?! NB, kua liao lao chwee nua….buay tahan…
    On a side note, I’m looking for a girl who’s low maintenance, has little expectations, simple, easily contented….and oh yeah, must look like the wild, horny type (like the girl in yellow) but it’s actually a guai, stay-home type…of course, she’ll really become horny at night when I’m *wide grin*… Problem is, I can’t such a girl! At least not yet…*sigh*…sianz 1/2…

  89. The solution is easier than you thought: Find someone in your league, i.e. a frequent flyer blogger. Attention can be given over the air (i.e. phone, Net, etc). Intimacy is best at twice-a-week at weekend (after the honeymoon of, say, 3-months)
    Most important, if you both agree that love and sex can be separate things, and love is as beautiful as it’s illusional, then you have a winner πŸ™‚

  90. Hi Kenny,
    It showed that you have not found the right girl.
    the right partner is someone who accepts you as you are, your work, and your habits.
    if you have to try so hard to please the girl, then how long do you think the relationship last?
    But im not saying you should not please a girl or compromise in a relationship. So compromising IS necessary, and pleasing her definitely will spice things up a bit πŸ˜‰
    Good luck!

  91. Coming from a guy who can’t even neither spell ‘please’ correctly nor use proper capitalization, who are you to judge people ?
    Su Ann is awesome ! πŸ˜€

  92. Easy solution: Date a flight attendant! I’m sure you can sync your flights with her schedule πŸ˜‰ You both can meet more often that way!

  93. Hey there are non-needy girls out there! All they need is ur loyalty and utmost care πŸ™‚ Really!
    My friend have been dating this guy she met through random chatting and in this past 1 year nearly 6 months plus she had only met him like 3 times?!
    Well he’s already working but she’s still studying abroad. Twice he came during the school holidays he came down just to spend time with her.
    And they are growing strong πŸ˜€
    Have Faith!

  94. totally w u on tt bit – how to find a ger who can put up w busy work commitments one who needs NOT-so-much attention. MOdern city predicament? Gd luck w your search!

  95. Yes i agree, kenny should try dating girls from audit or accounting jobs. Those who work long hours and have no weekend and holidays.
    I was from audit and have many girl colleagues saying that their bf complains the gals dont spend enuff time with their bfs and always work work work.. lol..
    Kenny would be a good match for this.

  96. Hi Kenny, love how you brought out the fun and beauty of our Malaysian culture. Being in UK it’s sometimes a bit difficult to explain to people everything. It’s easier to just refer them to your blog to know more. Keep up the good work. Of course I hope to hear of your wedding bell soon.

  97. there are girls like that out there..
    i’m sure some girls are comfortable and secure enough to not have to want to spend every single waking moment together.. and besides, the right girl for you will always support you in terms of work, hobbies and other commitments, not the other way round of you having to give up whatever it is you are doing just to make her feel your love… thats just wrong, dude!
    i think someone with quiet confidence is best.. there will not be a need to always feed to her insecurities.. thats what drains you most.. occasional questions like, “do i look fat in this dress” or “omg my picture looks terrible” is a given laaa.. hahaha… but other than that, there should always be trust as you travel all the time.. your work and your passions take centre stage right now and whoever it is will need to understand and accept that..
    but then again, i’m pretty sure u already know all these.. sometimes its just a little hard to face reality and leave things be.. we’re only human at the end of the day… we all fall prey to a little bit of denial and desire

  98. Hi Kenny,
    Where will be your next full marathon this year? Always wish can catch you in the race but always missed you in the event. When I did half, you ran full (Penang Bridge 2007, Singapore Marathon 2008), when i did full marathon you did half (KL Marathon 2009).
    Btw, just like to tell you, it’s your blog KLIM 2006 inspired me to do a Full Marathon, before that I only run 10km. I did my first full marathon in SCSM 2007. Now I completed 4th Full, and just can’t stop running πŸ˜›
    All the best in your coming races. Keep it up! Cheers πŸ™‚

  99. LoL.. what u expect . Women want EVERYTHING now.
    Focus on urself n career first. Women will come naturally.

  100. I don’t like sticky guys. I only need to meet my guy say twice a month. And my only “requirement” is that the guy talks to me or text me once a day. It’s only natural right? Otherwise what’s the point of having a partner.
    Even with that, after 5 years, the guy tells me he doesn’t love me. So I think sometimes, guys are like girls too.
    Not all girls need THAT much attention anw.

  101. Do u actually read the feedback u get from ur readers?
    Interesting blog! I’m kim’s god sister n was just reading ur blog on her wedding …
    With the right person, the ROI of a relationship will exceed expectations. When u’re with the right person you will know. Trust me u won’t need to ‘go out’ with this person for a few yrs to know.
    My hubby proposed after 6 mths of going out, married w6mths later n baby 9 mths after that, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!!!
    Good luck mate. Hopefully your bride is out there somewhere…

  102. well kenny,
    i think me and my frens ..we are those that u wanted..doesnt need a man all the time
    but the thing is sometimes guys will get insecure becuz of that..
    they will think that they are not needed for almost everything which is true cuz for us we can actually do almost everything on our own…solve our own problem and have fun on our own
    but are u ready for this kind of relationship where sometimes u;ll feel that u r not needed??? πŸ™‚

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