Is It True That Girls Fall In Love With Their Hearts And Guys Fall In Love With Their Eyes?

Yes, it is true that girls fall in love with their hearts.

But too bad their hearts don’t have a brain.
I wrote in my earlier entry that girls should take the initiative and approach the guys they like.
Nicole disagreed with that. She said girls should not approach guys because all men have this thing called “ego”. Hohoho… easy there honey. 😉 You got a lot of males reading your blog, and you don’t wanna step on our fragile “manly ego”.
Don’t you get it? The only reason why us men have a so-called “ego problem” is because of the simple fact that girls like egotistical men.
Face it. Girls LOVE ITwhen a guy acts like he owns the place and that the whole world revolves around him. Even better if he’s also arrogant and sarcastic.

I can almost hear someone scream, “NO THAT IS NOT TRUE KENNY. WE LOVE A NICE GOOD GENTLEMAN.”
Don’t believe me? I can point out three examples right off my head.

Example #1: Robbie Williams

The quintessential arrogant British bad boy. Even had an album out called The Ego Has Landed.

Example #2: Dr Gregory House

From the popular medical TV series House. Famous for such sexist quotes as “Your eyes are lopsided. And by ‘eyes’ I mean breasts.”

Example #3: Dr Sheikh Muszaphar

An astronaut, doctor and part-time model.
Let me repeat that.
What kinda narcissistic show-off put down on his astronaut application form “PART TIME MODEL”?
Since when are looks considered an important selection criteria in a space mission? Dude, not like some intergalactic aliens are gonna judge our astronauts by our looks!

To be fair to Sheikh, I actually quite admire the guy and I don’t think he has a reputation of being arrogant at all. But with all that media attention showered on him right now, the guy has every reason to be.
I can so imagine him coming back from space now and pull off this move to a girl.

See what I mean? With role models like Robbie Williams and Dr House to look up to, it’s not entirely our fault we would emulate their arrogance.
I’ve been in the dating scene long enough to learn that “Nice Guys Do Indeed Finish Last”. The problem with girls is that they make their decisions based on feelings, not logic.

Sure, girls always talk about wanting to hook up with sincere, humble, nice guys who are romantic, caring and giving to their every whims and fancies (like Kenny). But more often than not, they end up with some sweet-talking, arrogant, egomaniacal jerk who they’re attracted to because they appear strong, confident and dominating (like Robbie).
And there’s no better indicator for confidence than arrogance.
Let’s give an example. Say if you get asked out on a date by two similar, yet different guys.
One is a shy, timid, humble IT manager who never successfully dated a single girl before in his entire life.

“Me wuv u. U wuv me?”

The other is an over-confident lead singer of a rock band who had dated only supermodels and beautiful women in the past, and still have girls constantly throwing themselves at him.

I can honestly tell you that Arth gets more chicks than I do.

If these two guys go after you at the same time, which of them would you feel more intrigued by?
Your brain says “Fall in love with the humble IT manager! He’s the right guy!”. But your heart says “oh wow hehehehee that robbie is really cute!”
See? It’s not egotistic when you girls like it that way.

If you’re a guy and you’ve been single for a long time because your only approach to girls is the “love sick puppy” manoeuvre – stop embarrassing yourself and install some ego into you. Show ’em who the man is. I can guarantee almost immediately that girls will be throwing themselves at ya – even if you’re boasting nothing but a bag of hot air.
Strange, but it works.
Do you know of any girls who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy too arrogant for his own good? Or do you know of any guys who tries too hard to impress a really hot and pretty chick?

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213 Replies to “Is It True That Girls Fall In Love With Their Hearts And Guys Fall In Love With Their Eyes?”

  1. wooooooooo….i juz noticed sthg. and since im currently embracing my chungkoo-ness so im gonna do this.. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seena lot of guys who tries hard to pursue girls.
    Though it depends on the girl’s personality, some girls dislike that, others loved it.
    To make it simple, girls who usually gets attention from guys wouldnt feel that you’re special if you tries hard to pursue her, as that’s what she always gets. Unless you can make her feel that you’re unique, then it’s a meaningless attempt.
    Personally, just let time come, maybe, or maybe not, you’ll find one that really suits you and who’s really meant for you.

  3. well… nice guys do really finish last.. and i bet tats true… haha… hope there’s some ego in those hugo XY fragrance…

  4. hmmm..i know this guy who is going after a real hot and pretty lady ..
    it have been 6 months now…and he is still doing it..
    he sent her home, pick her to work from her house, take her out for meal from her house..
    yeah everything connected to the house because that girl is living with her boyfriend..
    I think that this guy is out his mind….

  5. fr personal experience, it’s true that nice guys finish last. girls never go for nice guys, but they prefer guys who can give them some excitement in life.

  6. I don’t know any girl who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy too arrogant for his own good, but I knew a girl who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy until it wasn’t healthy for her.
    Ever heard of someone who dreams fantasies of being with someone, and actually live it and tell people about it?! And not just one or two. Millions! (Well, not that many actually, but it was a great amount!)
    She told everyone she had dates with him, went to the movies with him, had their first kiss blablabla… when it never actually happened. The guy was never into her in the first place.
    She made up stories like how he wouldn’t pay for her meals or movie ticket like some stingy bastard. Like how he “wanted” her be didn’t want to be with her. Loads of mumbo jumbo.
    We don’t know how she got into such an obsession. The days she claimed to have dates with him, he was out with friends!
    I think there’s word for it. It’s called erotomania.
    Poor guy. All her friends thought he was the bad guy coz he sounded so lukewarm towards her. And stingy. If only they knew the truth.
    I think girls should stick with loving with their hearts. Coz when they start loving with their heads, they might suffer from a rare dilusional disorder.
    p/s: Last I heard, the girl was dating a humble IT guy. I hope she’s okay now.

  7. hehe~ yeah, me. i’ve tried that, been very dumbass during those immature time. She ain really hot, but i really dunno wad hook me up onto her. that’s during form 4.
    i bought some presents for her during a trip to kl, and since i can’t drive, i literally walked a long distance to her house, during bright sunny noon time. /swt/
    told my friend to help me buy cake and bring to school on her birthday, end up they sing the song during class time, which i’m not the same class as her. /waste of money T__T/
    wrote letters to her weekly, which she did reply, thank god. and fold those tiny little stars (*which she said she still keeps them, doh~!) everyday. EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY (except on weekends :P)
    yeah, months, and nearly til the end of form 4, she suddenly poop out and was holding the hand of a guy from her class, OUT OF NO WHERE!!!
    all my friends are sad for me, even sing jay’s “silence” at the canteen for me. lol~ my brathers!!!!!
    gg for me. ~\./~
    well, they lasted for 2 weeks. but i lost the interest on her, and lost the confidence in myself too. no more chasing gals anymoar (*actually coz i knew lil` chicks XD)

  8. When I was very young (mid teens), I went for boys who were bad/popular.
    At 19 I hooked up with the almost perfect guy who’s nice, sincere, humble, romantic, caring and gives in to my every whim (within reason of course) – kenny’s words describes my husband perfectly.
    And he has gotten better in the 6 years ++ we’ve been together. He cooks (cooks better than me), cleans, massages, goes shopping and grocery shopping with me, gives a mean bear hug, my personal chaffeur, loves kids, listens to my constant talking, surprises me occasionally, laughs with me, etc etc.
    Almost perfect cos he’s not a rich doctor so I no need to work. Dammit! But you can’t have everything.
    Seriously that’s not important. What’s important is that we’re best friends, love each other and are content.
    So why bother with a “bad” guy unless you’re playing, than that’s a whole different matter altogether. Stick with the nice guys and a happy ending.

  9. top 5 hahahah cool n this is my first comment here. tattoo very fancy? i had some too but no girls fancy me. having good work does have a good future for ur gal but is tat wat she wans? it all depends on wat kind of gals we’re dating mate… anyway, nice try on the blog!

  10. there is no such thing at love at first sight FIRSTLY!! How can you fall in love straight away??
    Maybe for guys… Cause that’s when guys check the girls out, she’s hot ” HELL YEAH I’M IN LOVE!!” But for girls, it’s always, slowly slowly get along first, then know each other and story goes on start developing feelings…
    It’s still the heart that counts… And if you really did met someone who’s damn hot with a damn good heart and you fell in love right away, you better buy jackpot, TOTO, 4D, 3D cause that’s your ultimate lucky day…
    And being in college seeing all those hot and rich guys… PFAAAH!!! All suck cock attitude, ego like hell, and only think about themselves!!! That’s why everyone says cute guys have no heart…
    Perhaps if you really have heart, maybe, someday… You’ll get what you want… So, it’s still hearts!! (and hell yeah I have XX chromosomes in my DNA)

  11. There’s a huge difference between arrogance and confidence.
    As a girl, I cannot deny that bad boys have this undeniable appeal, but they’re only in my list of “Guys I wouldn’t mind being in bed with and will never happen EVER because they’re eye candy not worth the pain” and there are those guys who work their asses of to get your attention because they love you.
    I think what nice guys need to be is just to try play the field as in not to try too hard. Girls in general like to be intrigued. Make girls guess (in a good way), it drives them absolutely crazy. I’ve seen too many nice guys try to hard and lose the girl because he verged on ‘stalker’ status.
    I sgree with Jing Yi. In the end, we will marry for nice guys or forever regret that we didn’t. Bad boys are nice only for flings, so good guys don’t give up yet, someone worthy of your sensitivity and caring will come along eventually.

  12. Girls always complain that the hot, cute, rich, egoistic guys have suck arse attitudes and fail at caring. Yet they always choose the hot, cute, rich, egoistic guys.
    Ironic? Or simply being a hypocrite?

  13. well wht kenny said is really true.. girl I normally meet always fall in love with guys who never appreshade their love.. most of them even love those useless guys for years.. although they have broke up for month even years.. for wht?!! never understand them.. maybe is because they can forget thier ego attitude.. so in this world ALL GUYS MUST BE EGO MAN.. thn every guys wont have girls rejecting guys.. rite? haha!!

  14. “Good guys never win” is more apt. I couldn’t agree more. When you’re in highschool, you see all the notorious gangsters have the hottest chicks. The popular ones. The model student. The book worms. All of them throw themselves on the gangsters and wannabe gangsters. Its appalling. Whereas us nice guys stand in the sidelines and be the “confidant” of said girls when they get dumped by said bad boys with a snowball’s chance in hell to ever date them.
    Its quite sad really. So near yet so far. She’s within arm’s reach but yet, not close enough to touch. Why? Cuz i’m a good guy. 🙁
    Oh well…the bad guys end up as car mechanics and char kuey teow seller who don’t appeal to girls as perfect husbands, and that’s when the good guys marry them. So all’s right with the world…..i think?

  15. There’s no perfection in this world. It requires one to put down one’s selfishness in order to care for another truly and sincerely, but selfishness is the prime requirement to generate the arrogance and “bad boy” type of personality where their own “individualism” (selfishness repackaged) makes them seemingly unique in this world of bland faces.
    Arrogant and egoistic male attracts women because the majority of Asian women have yet to get onto the “power-women” bandwagon, and having hailed from Asia, where patriachal communities is the norm for god knows how many milleniums, I’d say the inherent need to be dominated is closer to a genetic stain than an actual need.
    Let’s face it – a lot of women are more comfortable being in the submissive role, and most of them DON’T (read – don’t, not can’t) want to manage themselves at all. Therefore these women seek out men who are selfish and arrogant (read – fierce) to dominate them, tell them what to do and basically lead them in life.
    One other reason is that sometimes, in this cut-throat society, one must have a certain degree of selfishness to survive. They call it self-preservation nowadays. Men with arrogance often give the impression that he is fearless and one step above the churning waste that makes up our society, and thus be able to “protect” the women that they are with. Whether they actually do so in times of need is another issue though.
    In conclusion, for all the above traits, women generally grow out of this confused phase of not knowing what is good for them and only buying the hype of an arrogant egoist male by the age of… say, 28-35, some coming to womenhood faster than others, while some (which we call aunties) living in the limbo of childishness for the rest of their lives. Sad aint it? Hey, at least most of these “women” children have “men” children counterparts, so I guess if they manage to hook up together, they truly deserve each other!
    And who knows, maybe that’s what bring happiness to them?

  16. Pfft… Sif Nice Guys Finished Last. They don’t even get to finish the damm race at all. You know why? In the middle of the race, their hearts shattered into million pieces because their gf left them for bad boys.
    I am speaking not just from my personal experience, but from the experience of ALL my guy friends. Kinda makes me thing that I’m hanging out with the wrong bunch of losers but we’re not. We’re really nice and sweet and most importantly we loved our gf. So dumb and retarded right?
    I had this really hot chick. Things were going on really well. She hinted that she likes me but not strong enough to become her bf. SO guess what I did as a manipulated puppy? I made 500stars in a beautiful bottle, learnt to cook Thai food, walk 10hrs a day searching for the perfect present to match her beatific eyes, make dong-quai soup for her when she has period, cook porridge for her when she’s sick, sing songs for her when she’s sad etc. Only to know she’s been telling her friends how sick am i but yet she’s acting all sweet and happy in front of me!!! She went out with other guys that time and don’t let me go out with my girl friends then.
    Anyways, that’s the past. My experience taught me that courting girls is like fishing. Must pull and also push. Keep them on their toes. Do romantic stuff but not always. Let them know that you will leave them if they cheated on you. But tell them that you will stay indefinately, if they continue to love you.
    All the best to my mates who have been badly decapitated in the love game.

  17. Anyways, I have a great gf now. The trick is really stay confident. A little arrogance is an admirable trait. But you got to link it to humour as well. Always lead her and advise her. Girls don’t want a wussy kid who just tags and do whatever she wishes. They too wants some challenges. Give it to them and show them who’s the man.
    Lastly, always trust, cherish and respect one antoher.

  18. To quote wolfx:
    Oh well…the bad guys end up as car mechanics and char kuey teow seller who don’t appeal to girls as perfect husbands, and that’s when the good guys marry them. So all’s right with the world…..i think?
    So the good guys are basically marrying…leftovers?

  19. I agree with your point that chicks dig egoistic men. But the fact is, there are many circumstances when it comes to courtship. But most of all, egoistic-men wins gentle-men.
    ‘Boast’em all to get’em all!’

    Read this,i totally agree with that guy.Girls always have fun with the jerks,then settle down only when they’re older.
    The best part? Nice guys happily accept them into their lives because we’ve been deprived of their attention for a long time.Basically the arrogant tards have their fun,then you get the leftovers.(Not to mention the emotional baggage)
    PS:I KNOW most people have perfectly normal relationships based on mutual trust/respect,the above’s just my personal opinion based on my life experience.

  21. the truth is
    no ladies would prefer goody two shoes men as boyfriends…
    why? goody two shoes are no fun at all! we are not mysterious enough, not egoistical enough, not man enough, not bad ass enough be it character wise or physical wise and to sum it all, whatever bad and unpredictable also not enough! End of story! So lads (in this case, all type of nerds, as they would’ve called us) this is THE farking truth and no amount of Kisah Benar would do justice to this!
    But the world is fair! Poetic justice! Normally, all these miscreants that they lose their body and soul for would turn out to be lousy husband/father material! And so, the meek shall inherit the Earth! Heh…as the saying goes…
    But i am equally disturbed at this point of time, leftovers ye said? arrrgghhh…blimey…pretty bad business then i say!

  22. The solution to the overwhelming amount of ‘leftovers’ in the market is…get a nubile virgin wife from overseas.

  23. You know extreme lengths to impress a girl is too tough and may not yield results.
    At the end of the spectrum are less palatable but effective methods, try rape, psychological condition post kidnapping.

  24. huhu… i don like egoistic guys.. i have a classmate that is soooooo full of it… he luvs to show of his “brilliant” tez scores by holding it up in class and walking from table to table in a pathetic attempt to show off… wth i don even know who the heck is he trying to impress here… stupid guy acts like a 7 year old… and thats not even a fraction of wad he does… we’r all 17 btw….
    i get creeped out by the fact that this ego freak is constantly close to my gal-pal… fuhh…
    kenny, most of the ego type not so good le.. don pray-pray ah….

  25. Hm, well… I don’t actually like arrogant guys (with the exception of Dr. House, just because everyone loves his humour and jokes. Oh and that oh-so-memorable sarcasm he’s famous for. *cough* Getting off track here. Anyway…) and I really do prefer the nice, sweet type who isn’t going all out to be “gangsta” or whatever the hell social norm seems acceptable these days.
    Perhaps the female mind is initially attracted to the “bad boy” type because… Well, maybe he’s new. Different. Someone she’s never really been around or is a type of person she’s not used to. I guess it may just be a matter of time until: a) She finally opens her eyes to the fact that he is a jerk and/or the absolute worst guy for her. Or b) she turns out to be the dominant one and his whole “bad boy” persona dissipates.
    Hm… I honestly don’t know. Go figure, I guess. I would definitely go for the sincere, sweet, humble type. Out of all the guys I’ve had a crush on, only one was the arrogant and egotistical type. Once I got the stardust out of my eyes, I saw that he was a complete and utter idiot. So yeah…

  26. well, talking about ego-ness. my best friend is dating one of the most ego amn in the world!!!im not exaggerating. let me tell you what he does n you guys be the judges. she used to be a cheerful, friendly girl with tonnes of guy friends. but ever since she’s with her, she has turned into a whiny, guy-friend-less, sticks to her bf 24/7, type of girl. sigh…
    he controls her. dont allow her to pick up strangers calls (calls that she didnt save on her phone), dont allow her to wear tops besides t-shirt (as he said other tops are too exposed -.-), dont allow her to go out with her friends if there are guys in that gang, needs to get his approval for basically everything, such as checking mail, online (msn), go out with sisters!!!it’s really everything right?
    so, why would someone so pretty, so popular will fall for this guy? she was once in that situation. choosing btw the nerdy IT guy and over-confident rock star. she chose the nerdy one but i guess the nerdy one is one egoistic ****** that i’ve ever known. it’s hard for me to see her cries every single day even for one small minor mistake like not replying his sms in 3 mins time!!!wtf

  27. It’s the 21st Century for god knows what sake. Ego doesn’t work anymore. Try being all ego and arrogant to a career lady, prepare for getting dump or divorce.

  28. Hahaha… this topic again. This is going to be quite a stormy one.
    You’re on to something here Kenny. Here’s my 2 sen.
    Anyone, regardless of gender, who says that they would be attracted to people who are “nice”, “humble”, “caring”, “sweet”, “responsible” etc are merely saying so because that’s the proper thing to say.
    After all, most of us are very polite no?
    I mean we might find some other shallower things to be more attractive like physical beauty and other showier things but most people would never admit to being shallow.
    The truth is quite simple. Attraction has NOTHING to do with being good or nice or caring or any of that. Maybe in the long run those things count but in the initial phase of meeting someone, those things mean nothing.
    Don’t believe it? Think again and think very, very hard.
    You could be the nicest, sweetest, most responsible person in the world but if you go head to head with someone more socially adept and/or better looking and/or is uber confident to the point of arrogance, you will LOSE. Guarantee.
    Don’t believe it? Go and think about all our good friends who are nice, caring, humble etc who are still SINGLE and can’t get a date to save their own lives.
    It’s not because they are not nice, it’s because they are not ATTRACTIVE. It’s two totally different things.
    So, boys and girls if your friends advise you to be “nice” if you want to attract someone, don’t do it. it’s just a waste of time. Really.
    In order to attract someone, the object is to be attractive, not to be nice.
    If it was just about being “nice”, then why do so many assholes, jerks and womanising bastards get women to sleep with them? Why do so many people choose to stay in bad relationships? Why do some many people who are otherwise nice, humble, caring etc are regularly ignored and dumped and doomed to permanent bachelorhood/spinsterhood?
    A person’s character and a person’s attractiveness has NOTHING to do with each other. They are two SEPARATE and DIFFERENT things.
    This applies to all, regardless of gender.
    This is the truth. Think about it. It might save you a lot of unnecessary heartache…

  29. very simple, when most of girls on young playful age, always look for arrogant bad guys,
    when coming on age 25~30, wish to settle down their live, always look for sincere, humble, nice guys to become their husband.

  30. Most women hold onto hopes that their OVER egoistic man that they love will change someday. Maybe some will but most won’t.Tolerating ego is not liking ego.

  31. (Hi Kenny. How are you? Just here to say that we really enjoy your recent postings.)
    Oh, my response to this good-guys-finish-last conundrum is quite simple. If you want something/someone, just ask for it, if first you don’t succeed, keep on asking… something/someone will finally give. Confidence is the person who does not know when to stop asking even when the odds are stacked against him (yup, there is a fine line between being an annoying stalker and a fighter). Arrogance is keeping silent and thinking everything will come to you. Sadly, a lot of self-dubbed good guys don’t do a lot of “asking”.

  32. Sniff…2x
    Good guys can never win…
    Been there done tat. But being a good guy trying to be bad, thats a reli hard thing to do,u know..knowing that only the badboys get the pretty n hot chicks.Damn!! U gotta look badder,meaner,more masculine n think a lot lesser with the brain,n nore with the d*ck..
    All because the goodguys(losers) wanna have the same values the badboys have….
    I’ve had the whole 1year trying to get that sexy,hot,steamy lady(my dreamgirl lah)…!trying my best being the Cool badguy n yeah, sumhow it worked!! n when it all seemed to get goin’ just pretty fine, i got back to my own self, being that ‘loser’ trying to impress the Queen of my Heart 24/7..
    Hmm…..just after that 1 filthy,hard rockin’ year,she got bored of me, knowing all the past year i had been a ‘fluke’. a Poser! a real Loser of the Year…..
    In the end i got dumped over a genuine Hardass Badboy!!!
    Why does the world have to be so damn hard to live in?????? Where’s Jessica Alba when u need her the most?? Sniff…sniff…:(

  33. Is It True That Girls Fall In Love With Their Hearts And Guys Fall In Love With Their Eyes?
    Unfortunately, that’s a resounding YES!
    My good friend from school had (past tense..) a boyfriend who is the epitome of I-am-oh-so-great-and-you-all-should-loveeee-me type of guy. He was her breathing Adonis, the most gorgeous guy in the world, but to us, he is as sexy as a camel with an oversized, egotistical hump. For simplicity sake, I will just label the egotistic guy as He, with a capital H.
    When they got together some time back, some of my other friends gave their relationship a 2-month expiry date. These self-proclaimed sooth-sayers were very confident of their dire prediction, knowing the type of guy that He is and the colossal ego that He has. “Confirm won’t last, guarantee plus chop,” as they shake their heads in disapproval.
    When they broke up (He initiated it), He cited some really silly reasons for his decision.
    He claimed that she was not girly enough for him (and not fragile enough to feed his manly oversized ego I bet). Yes, an obvious but unfortunate example of guys falling in love with solely their eyes. He said that she didn’t wear enough skirts, she didn’t go shopping like other girly girls, she didn’t do this, she didn’t do that… He self-righteously felt that their relationship won’t work cause of her, and her un-girliness.
    When she pleaded with him, not wanting to believe that this is the actual reason for the breakup, he then went on to say that “I only say these things so that you will hate me and forget me. We’re not meant to be.” Oh, that self-righteous, egotistical cow! No, I meant camel!!! The rest of us felt like taking a big, fat needle to prick his colossal ego then.
    And till today, some 3 months later, she still can’t forget him. As for us, we can’t forget him too, thanks to his astronomical ego and novel breaking-up excuses.
    So, indeed, we girls don’t fall in love with our brains. We fall in love with our hearts. And I guess that’s the beauty of being in love. It’s true that many girls fall for the wrong guys, thanks to the misbehaving heart, but if we fall in love with our brains, the normal average guys wouldn’t stand a chance too! The brain would of course logically make us choose the rich guys (so that we won’t ever have to work), the good-looking ones (so that our children will look oh-so-gorgeous), and the smart ones (produce brainy kids).
    In short, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with our hearts. But we have to make sure that we can pick ourselves up again after falling down.
    Anyway, love your blog =)

  34. I personally think it all boils down to uhmmm.. what I call “maturity of taste”.
    Of course high school girls drools over bad boys! We are programmed to do so, the same way high school boy drools over Pamela Andreson. Bad boys are bolder, care about a toe in the world, and hence oozes “confidence” (arrogance), while nice guy, well, too nice to do so, so sticking to admiring the girl from far (why do Guang Liang’s songs come to mind?). Who do you think will get more attention?
    Should be noted though, that quiet guys are no longer wallpapers. Especially with japanese manga popularizing quiet+”cool” guy (think of ZaiZai from *cough* F4). They are quiet yes. Shy maybe. Bad boys? Nah.. But they ooze charm and again, arrogance (confidence) and dont care a toe about you.
    BUT, as girls turn into ladies, our desire changes and matures. Now mystery and arrogance are no longer as intriguing, and hardly a priority. Now we are looking for a stable future and a happily ever after ending. Yes, occasionally we can’t help drooling over bad boys, but who do you think we are going to end up with? Most probably the one who gets our father’s nod.
    Fireworks can’t go on forever. I know some girls who love the excitement of being with bad boys. But very few find the security, stability and happiness they crave for. Unless of course, the bad boys are (very rarely) read to commit too. Afterall, commitment-phobia is part of Bad boy package.
    So don’t get feel sad nice guys. Being rejected a couple of times is not the end of the world. Seriously. Work hard, be successful,and most importantly, be happy with yourself. Then not only YOU are happier, you will also automagically find girls swarming and drooling all over you.
    “Nice Guys Do Indeed Finish Last” AND HAVE THE LAST LAUGH ! HO HO HO HO HO HOOOOOOOO
    P.s: Bad Boy Robbie disappeared from chart, nice guy Take That took over. Take That, Robbie!
    lots of wuv,
    Barney’s wife (Robbie’s nemesis)

  35. quoting coolsaint:
    very simple, when most of girls on young playful age, always look for arrogant bad guys,
    when coming on age 25~30, wish to settle down their live, always look for sincere, humble, nice guys to become their husband
    I’m focusing more towards the later portion of your comment and i would like to comment on that generally.
    I watched an episode of House which had a simple and powerful thought provoking question for a patient ( i can’t remember which episode exactly ).
    The patient he was treating was adamant about his/her love for the partner and swore undying love and him/her being the one. The question goes something along the lines of:
    ” How do you know that she/he is the one for you? When time is ticking away, its easy to confuse love for someone when actually he/she is either settling for second best OR security.”
    I do agree with mac’s comment for the most part. It mostly boils down to what are you looking for in a person he/she is looking at. Are you looking for someone to be a physically intimate buddy or are you looking for something serious.

  36. its so damn true! im that shy guy you mention, and i always being meself around the girl i like, i be nice, but somehow, the hot popular guys always gets the attention! and yes, my macho looking guy friends always scores the chic easily because they have that oh-so-hot-and-cute-footballer-look thing. as for the other guys, girls would just say, ah-he-is-just-a-sweet-friend. sigh! check out “just a nice guy” on youtube. its pretty much what i want to say.

  37. Ha! Yea, you are right in some ways. And yes, men need to be abit ‘ego’ to survive, to live their love as well as work lives, it’s a nessacity for them. Like my boyfriend, he’s egotistical, and he’s successful in his business, I love him, and we have been long time together (get what I mean?)But maybe not too egotistical(like Robbie Williams), because in the long run, it’s going to give friction to his relationship, think about it, and you will know what I mean.

  38. Sad, but true that majority of the XX species tend to choose bad boys over nice guys.
    WHY do females choose Bad boys/Jerks/Egotistical men over NICE GUYS?! Have these women no brains?! -Simple; the egotistical ones are the LESSER of two evils.
    You hear it all the time: “He was such a NICE Guy, and she’s such a cold bitch.”
    The biggest problem is that most overly nice guys are hideously insecure. They are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for females mainly, to gain acceptance and attention, rather than simply for the pleasure of giving. You never know if a nice guy really likes you for who you are, or if he has glommed onto you out of desperation because you actually paid some kind of attention to him. Bad Boys are at least straightforward, if they like you, they’ll tell it like it is, and they don’t take us women on merry go rounds from point A to B to C to D, then back to A, like what a nice guy would do.
    Confident, independent and beautiful women find “OVERLY Nice Guys” too clingy, self-abasing, and insecure. Bad Boys are at least, confident, SECURE and they don’t play on female sympathy to get their game on.
    Overly Nice Guys rarely speak up when something bothers them. Instead of compromising and negotiating, they repeatedly “give in”, thinking that they’re cherishing her, but in truth making a fool out of themselves because I have only 1 word for that, WUSS. THIS is what women DON’T LIKE. We like it when our men take a firm stand on his own ground and challenge us.
    Nice Guys often claim that “no one will ever love her as much as I do.” Instead of being a profound statement of their love, this is a subtle, but nasty insult. It is akin to saying: “You are a difficult person, and only *I* can ever truly love you, so be thankful.”. JERKS/Bad Boys will AT LEAST be frank about how they feel, and they don’t put too much pressure on women by suffocating us with excessive adoration.
    Whilst a nice guy will whine and make a woman dive in the mud to salvage his emotions and guilt-trip her into accepting him, a JERK/Bad Boy will get straight to the point, saving us women time & guess work.
    Nice guys will complain/beg/whine whenever a woman tries to give them even the most tactful constructive criticism, but JERKS/Bad Boys show that a verbal kick in the nuts is nothing to get shattered over, they will instead aggravate us and make us want to argue back.
    The guys who whine excessively about “Women just don’t like nice guys!” are spending too much time wallowing in self pity. They are in truth, egotistical INSIDE./CLOSET JERKS, yet they try to mask that by being NICE. JERKS/Bad Boys on the other hand, are egotistical inside AND out. At least these stereotypes aren’t playing on hypocrisy and women sympathy.
    Guys,you don’t have to be an ego-inflated, arrogant bastard. You just have to LIKE yourself. You have to know what you want out of life, and go after it. Only then will you be attractive to the kind of woman with whom a long-term relationship is possible.

  39. Well kenny, ive heard a lot of the egoIST guys you meant and true indeed, its kind of like a nature built in guys that stimulates that character.
    If you asked my girl, she would definately tell you that I am an asshole before we were together. I got to admit it. We guys just have itchy butts getting ready to be whopped by girls. The girls you like, you will be shy around them; girls that likes you, you will act like the whole world doesnt even care she existed. Endless critics, even the way she breaths can be something to joke about. That often drives a girl up civic centre yelling her heart out: “ASSHOLE, CANT YOU TREAT ME ANY BETTER??” I use to have a lot of fun joking around with her, to some extend i m quite over the edge at times.
    Seldom do i find her but whenever call her, I will definately get her angry somehow and one time, she actually got soo angry she hung my phone. ouch~! The big balls weighting 1 ton suddenly shrinks to a tiny dot that even a magnifying glass couldnt spot. Well thats not the point. Sometimes, guys with a huge ego needs to get a big slap on the face for them to cherish you. ERM… Why on earth am i giving out this?
    And I really do feel the asshole attitude i used to have and sometimes still have can easily attract girls, well kenny, i think we should say, attract attention. To be honest, it attract guys too. “M*ther F*cker, trying to act cool in front of all the girls!”
    Haha, it got her 2 years plus to actually made me put down my ego and in return, i have to get through a lot of shit to get her because she becomes the asshole instead. HUMANs are just so damn typical, things you have, you wouldn’t wanna cherish it.
    Now we are together, this kinnda things still happens, but it has become our way to show our “Hidden” love towards each other.
    Guys, still, its our natural instinct to “DIAO GEH”

  40. That girl is me. I had an extreme crush on this brilliant casanova who is now a very good friend.
    He is ugly, and he knows it. I don’t know if he uses this to his advantage, but I guess he gets sympathy from some silly girls (like me). I am the kind of person who has some standards over who I go out with, but I fell for this guy’s HUMONGOUS ego despite his rather undesirable face. So did 40-50 over other girls.
    I did everything I could to get his attention. Write him long letters, lend him literature books (cuz both of us were into the arts scene), laugh about women together (he is rather a misogynist suprisingly, so am I, having low respect for nitwits, but I still falled for this lady-killer, and he laughed at the irony of it, me being one of them nitwits then). The biggest thing I done was to profess my love for him, that was the 1st time I had confessed about a crush, (but kena rejected lah) cuz he treated me as a friend. Imagine if he went into full-mode mojo! I bet you not even the most feminist lady would be able to stand his massive ego.
    He knows he is smooth. He knows he is good with the girls & is never abashed to admit it. Yet girls still keep falling for this guy who is just out to find that right girl in the end of his dating game. (Which I think is gonna take a long long time, though it is mellowing down)
    Me & other guys talk about him and said that if he had the looks of Brad Pitt, he’d be a menace to woman all over the world.

  41. i love guys who has confidence,but not guys who are dominant,as if he’s the only one who make all the decisions.( i’ll fight with him if he dares to be dominant on me..)
    i’ve seen my not-so-close friend(also ex-classmate) who is so obsessed with a guy who is quite arrogant and dominant.they did become a couple,it’s terrible when they start quarelling.once,he threw money at her(it nearly smack to my face that time.),another time was when he threw a bag,and slam the door.until the time when they seperate,the girl was even willing to slit her wrist so that he would come back to her..
    luckily she was saved.they’re still together now.but i certainly hope there won’t have anything worse happened more than that.sigh

  42. Wow. We have so much story teller here. Should write a fiction love novel. That bottle of perfume is really a great temptation.xD

  43. You wanna get a girl friend ?
    Just drive a Nissan Fairlady Z 350 to college.
    Sure 100 of girls line up for you.

  44. Hahahaha.. kenny.. not sure if you’re trying to use the read between the lines method. There’s a relation between your blog on male ego and the example you gave with the next blog on dumbledore… hahahahaha… nice going… :D.. if anyone of you don’t know about it.. google it and see..

  45. i admit i like guys with reasonable amount of confidence and ego. i definitely wont go out with a guy tat feel lowly about himself. guys tat know wat they are doing make me feel safe and directed in a way.
    guy with confidence tends to b more outspoken and sociable. they can have their mountain high confidence,ego and arrogance with the whole world around them but they shud not treat their gf in the same manner.
    when they act lk they own the world, the gf looked lk a poor timid slave around them ny.
    the girl love love best guys with confidence yet treat them with a more gentlemen act and understanding.
    i would be best if guy have the confidence, arrogance, ego but yet love their gf with their soft side

  46. I have known from the pass and present dating experiences, my men usually want to impress me for what they’ve got, like billing the meals take me on the rides and spending vacation times together.
    While for my recent experience I’ve known my man to have felt in love with for some years now, and as we women as you mentioned felt in love with our heart and not the brain, I find that I somehow realised I crave for his attentions at almost all the time, wanting him to be a gentlemen to me in everything from open the car door to remember anniversaries all when was the first time’s dates.
    It makes me feel he is romantic when he does so. I feel that he is a real man when he shows his concern for me, calling just to say, how he misses me etc., Walking like the whole world belongs to him when he is with me~ seriously I feel good to be called hot by his friends.

  47. Awww…Barney!! Mind you Kenny, I’d choose that IT guy!
    And I’ve just got to say that you make a really adorable puppy dog (muahaha)

  48. it was actually years back. like 6-8 yrs. u know I was young. did many stupid things.
    I had this crush (erm, let’s call him M) for like 4 yrs since I was f2. I was so into him that I actually stalked him for a time in my life. ok not exactly stalk la. but I know where he stay, and I purposely walk the long way back from school. I would miss call his house line just to know if he’s online or not. sometimes when Im bored I would just go to the mamak situated right outside his hse for a drink hoping to just catch a glimpse oh him. I would call just to listen to his voice although all he ever said was “uhuh”. in a way I was quite thick face la coz I know he’s playing game n he’s not free to talk. but I just wanna feel his presence by listening to his voice.
    was he rich? no. was he smart? no. is he good looking? hrmm. well he have the eyes I love. that ever so charming unforgettable smile. he have the humor. he boast a lot. which is super annoying. he flirts with every girl he knows. but yet I was head over heels him.
    sometimes he treats me well. and for those moments I was sky high. but most of the time he just treats me like crap. he knows I like him, I dont know if he feels the same way, but sometimes it felt as if he were taking advantage of the fact that Im obsessed with him. playing hard to get. he treats me like a gf when we’re face to face. very sweet and all. those xtra mile a normal guy wouldnt go, he would do it for me. like a close friend on the phone. like hi bye friends when chatting online or texting. I got really confused. bcoz I never knew how he felt (even til now). through out these 4 yrs I was the only one calling. he never called.
    the saddest part were during the period of my obsession with him, there was another guy (let’s call him C). C was like my best friend, always listen to me crying about M. he was like an angel to me. forever taking care of me, always being there for me, advicing me through all my difficulties. we spend long hours on the phone talking about almost everything under the sun. to the extend that when I was curious about sex, he even showed me my first porn! we did ntg la. I would consider C as the first guy who treated me so good, better than anyone I ever known then. it was wayyy later that C could not supress his feelings any longer & finally confessed.
    but I was still so “in-love” with M I could not accept C as my significant other. until now I do not get it. why do I ga-ga over an a$$hol3 who treats me like crap most of the time & let go of one of the guy who treats so incredibly nice.
    well those were the days la. I guess sometimes we all want what we couldnt get. all the ‘pain is pleasure’ theory. we know we’re gonna get hurted by dating bad boys & still we do it bcoz deep down inside we love the excitement. we love the pain although it hurts.
    the logic is simple. we human like pretty things. if we have a choice we wud choose a pretty partner. Just say this guy A, like this hot chick B. but B is also human n she like hot guys too. so if A is good looking enuff for B. then they have a chance of being together. if not then A is sure to get his heart broken. it all depends on your expectations & how you define beauty.
    from a 3rd party point of view. you never understood why guys go for girls they could never get. why girls love bad boys. here the clique “love is blind” fits perfectsly =)

  49. hm, for me i got to know a girl and well, i’m sorta trying to woo her, ahaha.
    but the thing is that she’s actually on rocky grounds with her supposed boyfriend. she thinks that she’s out of her mind loving this guy who actually sniffs glue and smokes. she tells me she thinks she’s stupid because despite him playing around with other girls but she still feels attracted to him. as for now, they’re not talking but she still misses him even though he sounds like such a conceited and egotistical jerk thinking that he can have every girl in the world. well, i guess this is one of the instances where it truly proves that most girls go ‘heart’ over heels because of these guys around.
    what about me? aha i’m playing it cool and maybe there’s a part of me who wants the guy to back off and take the girl. at least i don’t smoke or sniff glue right? ahaha oh well, i sorta showed my egotistic side. ironic but shows that i’m really a guy, ahaha.

  50. I know of a guy who tries really hard to impress a really hot and pretty chick. He did so much, putting down his man-ego just to impress this girl he fell head over heels with. But i would say, she’s really hot. Not that i’m a lesbian though. He has a minimum allowance and for her birthday, he went to this crystal shop and got her a beautiful Grand Piano because that’s what she wished for. There goes a few hundred dollars. This hot and pretty chick, just like any other girls, is a big fan of Winnie the Pooh. He went around looking for a cute looking plush toy but to no avail. He then decided to go as Winnie the Pooh for the day. He went to a costume shop, rented a Winnie the pooh costume and on that day, he walked around her neighbourhood in the winnie the pooh costume he rented, with a bouquet of roses in his pooh mittens. Let’s not talk about the dollars paid to rent the costume and the effort he put in looking for costume shops one after another. But the fact that he rather let the girl’s neighbours laugh out loud at him clearly shows how hard he tried just as long as he can impress her. Later on in the night, he brought her and her bunch of friends to a buffet dinner at a high class hotel. My my, there goes another few hundred dollars. He even went to the extend of bugging me to teach him bake a cake for her. An egoistic guy baking a cake from scratch, just to look impressive. And after all he spent on her, he had to eat Indo Mee for dinner since he ran out of money. Isn’t this enough to show how much one can try to impress a hot and pretty chick?

  51. LOL!!
    1stly, Robbie Williams scored chicks coz of his really hot accent and reallllly HOT body ok? there’s nothing to do with womne’s heart nor brain.
    2ndly, House’s hot coz of his Confidence. Not coz of that ego of his.
    3rdly, that malaysia’s first spaceman feel a little too sissy for me… and he’s only just a treat for the eyes. Kenny, you can easily beat him lar, though physically you might stand on the losing end…

  52. I think a girl looks the most gorgeous is when she lowers her head down to either stuff a spoonful of noodle into her mouth or to sniff the scent of a flower, pull her dangling hair to the back of her ears, then look at me and either smile or chuckle. Those gestures will definitely melt my heart.
    Sorry for the poor description. I hope my words are illustative enough for you to imagine. hehe

  53. I think both sexes judges each other from the physical appearance of the opposite sex at first glance. Its just human nature to do a double at a guy like our Mr Astronaut & a girl like Stephanie Chai. The difference is what happens after the ‘infatuation/lust at first sight’ stage.
    I believe most Malaysian girls have a certain set of criteria when it comes to choosing their partner. Some may not admit it, but let me share with you what a typical Malaysian girl wants out of a guy in chronological order:-
    1. Financial Independence.
    Topping the ‘criteria list’ will have to be $$$. Most girls wants a guy who is able to provide for them financially, if not, at least be financially well off on their own. Its sad, but true. So the heart doesnt rule the brains afterall. 😉
    2. Personality
    Don’t roll your eyes cos its true. Most girls are educated these days. Gone are the days where girls are shy and lack in confidence and opinions. Girls these days are very expressive and articulate(thanks to TV and Internet). It will be difficult if not an uphill task to maintain a relationship with a partner who doesnt connect with them on the same level.
    3 or 4 : Looks / Good Heart
    Its a toss up between the two.
    Some girls needs to be physical attracted to a guy before they can consider whether the guys is bf material or ‘just friends’ material. Its not shallow, its reality. You cant be in a relationship with somone whom you cant see yourself being physically intimate with, can you?
    Other girls just wants a guy who’s got a good heart, ie nice guy. This being ranked 3rd or 4th explains why ‘nice guys finish last’ cos if you dont satisfy criteria 1 & 2 (& 3 in some cases), you probably wont be heading anywhere with the girl.
    So its not totally right to say that girls fall with their hearts (and without brains :P).
    If girls really fall with their hearts blindly, will you guys be as wary as you are of gold diggers girls?? Will there be as many single men and women out there today ?? I dont think so.

  54. Fact:-Girls (in general) are attracted to bad guys. Not sure why, maybe it’s the sense of uncertainty and “living at the edge” kind of experiences in which a “gangsta sort of guy” can offer seems a more attractive prospect as compared to the mundane predictability that a normal bloke offers. Being safe ain’t a sexy option, huh?
    This is my true story. Way back in high school, I was a goody two shoe student, not really nerdy but nerdy enough, scoring a string of A’s in class and what not. I was infatuated with this new girl who was the hottest property in school then. I was in form 4 and she was in form 2. All the boys were crazy about her, and I’m so one of them. I knew pretty well then, that with my nerdy outward appearance, I won’t catch much of her attention in the midst of the hotter guys swooning for her attention at every opportune moment. And that was the case, until…
    Until I started making drastic changes. I started to curse like nobody’s business (I no longer curse now…just so you know.hahahha), taking upon a “50-cent gansta” persona, playing truant, enter into unnecessary fights, making news for the wrong reasons, and guess what, only then she started noticing my existence, bearing in mind my class were opposite hers. -______-“
    I took another 2 months to finally land her as my gf.
    Hope this simple tale from my high school days answers your question.
    ~Long live buzz lightyear.

  55. Girls know that bad boys will break our hearts.
    Which is why, they are perfect for flings, and for flings only. They intrigue us, thats it.
    Ask any girl who she’d rather settle down with though – it will be the nice guy.

  56. I agree with Rose and Jargos here,
    Its doesn’t really matter you are a good guy or bad guy.
    Before all these even starts, as long as you have $$$$$ , superb looks, and superb attitude , you will get tons and tons of girls chasing after you.
    Whats the point of acting like a bad guy when in the end you end up frying “Char kuey tiaw” ?
    I can tell you, your future mother in law and father in law don’t like these “bad guy” attitude.
    Whats the point of being a good guy when all you get is the “leftovers” , “used 2nd hand things” ?
    Just be yourself, and focus on those 3 things.
    Work hard, go to gym, and socialize.


  58. Perfect timing is everything.
    Our earth is made of 50% boys and 50% girls.
    Lets assume 5 guys and 5 girls is placed on an Island.
    Somehow or rather, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or smart, good or bad, it all doesn’t care. cause somehow or rather, the 5 guys will get married to the 5 girls.
    Simple as that.
    If you are a nice nerdy guy, go find a nice nerdy girl who appreciates you to be your GF/WIFE.
    Life is simple. Don’t take things to complicated.

  59. Urgh, I can’t stand arrogant bad boys.
    Did you notice that 1. Robbie Williams is SINGLE? He has no steady relationship? Sure, he has lots of girls throwing themselves at him. But how many fulfilling long lasting relationships do you think he has and which would you prefer?
    2. House is… A CHARACTER. A SINGLE CHARACTER. Nuff said.
    3. Can’t comment don’t know him. But 2 out of 3 makes a point doesn’t it?

  60. hey kenny,in a guy’s point of view,i think you are right!there a few types of girls i met,two of the most obvious one is the one who is always the “poplular” ones who wants many people to notice them or get people’s attention by having “popular boys” or the “bad boys” who drive sporty or eyes cathing rides.To put in short,this types or girls doesn’t understand between “need a guy” and “love a guy”,they just want to show off,And of course,that “special” someone mostly will be glad and joyful to date with the most beautiful girl in school,right?
    The next type of girls i know is the ones who only kept daydreaming about that good looking guys and starting to have a crush on someone like Brad Pitt,like what you said before,it seems that “the look” is so important to some girls.i also have to admit it here,ya,i like a hot and pretty girl too,but not until have a crush on the super hot taiwan model,ling zhi ling until sticking their poster all over my room’s wall,no no no,most guys don’t crazy until this “level”.Because i think us guys don’t crush on someone like ling zhi ling,we just “fascinated” by them,thats all.
    well, i have no rights to change anything about you girls and your “dreams”.because maybe most girls is like that especially dring their school or teenage days.what i gotta say is girls, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”,use both ur brains and eyes and make the right decision!

  61. Eh stop teaching guys to be even MORE egotistical can? Thus society had enough jerks and nincompoops and spoilt mamacissy boys who thinks they make the world go round thankyouverymuch. Don’t pull a ‘Hitch’. Please

  62. I couldn’t help but agree with you. Girls love to date bad guy because they are more fun but in the end of the day, we wanted to settle down with the nice guy.

  63. Agreed 100% with kenny.I too experienced the same thing.Lost to a guy that smokes,drinks,and hot tempered.She told me that she always quarreled with him,but she’s attracted to him.why?she answered dunno.It’s just feeling.I was always there for her when she need sumone to talk to.I’m always there to keep her away from danger,give her advise.I’m always there when she was crying and need sumone to confort her.What do i get in return.One sentence..yeah,that’s what i get.a sentence that said “I cannot see u in my future,it’s impossible”.I end up looking for a counselor to help me cos my life is starting to get is going according to my plan i hope.

  64. hmmm…act i hav tis friend..he is 1 committed guy…tis guy duno izit kiasu or kiasi…but damn wen he goes 4 a gal reli xiao…act he din pursue juz 1 gal but several, anyway he once fell 4 tis gal n on her bday he gave her a rm70+ watch…n vr onli in secondary school..he is a shy guy…but he does alot of stuff 2 please a gal…his a hotlink subscriber but juz 2 keep in contact wit a gal he bought another digi simcard n d credit…lets juz say he reloads frequently..whr d hell he got all tis money!!!!…his not rich honestly…not a penny from his parents…den thr was once…it was raining heavily…vr at school doing sum project..she was hungry n she tried calling Mcds but 2 no avail(N dey promise 24 hrs service, bah..) so he ran out 2 d mamak outside of d school,called back n asked her if she n her frens wanted anything..all he got was tat lousy umbrella…when his after a gal his like another guy..more manlihood but i alwiz wonder y till now he is stil single…anyway v alwiz tease him as d guy hu wans cheebye duwan frens..== once it was his bday n a gal said she wanted a piece of cake, he bought tat cheesecake frm secret recipe in a decent box n handed 2 her d next day…u can imagine d rest of us looking at it asking whrs our piece of cake…damn…sumtimes he did so much n yet gain nothing i kinda felt a lil sorry 4 him… Anyway Kenny do i leave my email as in typing it into that box? or i leave it in my comment? a lil confusion in d instructions…(

  65. gud guys end last…
    wat more can i say… girls wanna hv as much fun as possible when they still can… dating the ‘bad guys’… so they can b popular being wif the ‘bad guy’… girls juz like the attention….
    then after all the hard things they’ve been thru wif the ‘bad guys’, they settle down wif the gud guys… coz tats when they learned their lesson…
    i admit tat i dun hv enuf ego 2 go 4 a girl…i dun like being turned down by girls… never confessed 2 a girl b4… tats y im still single now… haha…. but there r sum girls who r brave enuf 2 confess their feelings 2 me… but 2 bad i dun find a way i can b together wif them… so sadly i turned them down… the main reason i turned them down is bcoz i had a crush on this girl 4 a few years… but i juz dun feel 2 hv the perfect timing 2 confess…. so all i do is juz wait 4 the time 2 cum… through the waitin, i’ve been so worried tat sum1 might juz take her away… but all i can do is juz trust her….

  66. kenny, did u participate in the astronaut selection process?
    anyway, i’ve a feeling that sum1 is reading this in the no-longer-planet-pluto..
    and i won’t be surprise if nestle wants to introduce its new products here..
    interesting! 🙂

  67. Nan ren bu huai, Nu ren bu ai!
    To Kenny Sia and Everyone,
    Heard of “nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai!”?(If guys are not bad, gals will never love them!). Well this phrase I learned it since I stepped into university life!
    Ok here it goes, have you wonder why GOOD guys are losers? It’s not because they don’t have or lack the skill of “kao lui” (tackling a gal) or neither they are natural suck in it but rather they are just TOO GOOD!!!
    You see, gals usually don’t find good guys attractive. You need to be a bit of the bad boy side (not totally bad but a bit will do) in the process of tackling a gal!!! Don’t believe? Let me tell you a story
    Last month, I was having lunch with my best friend and yeah she is very pretty. When we were in my university hostel, I could notice every guy is seeing her…. even OLD MAN too!! (opssss hope I don’t insult people here…. but “Male” never change to be honest! Their eyes must move accordingly to the movement of pretty gals)
    This best friend of mine is not just a simple best friend. I think we went into a hell of a Korean drama to be one best friend wuahahahaa! Yeah used to court her but in the end, we end up to be just good friends!! (How many people in the world have this privilege larr…. ooooo how lucky I am haha)
    Then we did have some chit chat about our lives and updating between our self. Then I ask her a question “Eh last time I tried to woo you, almost “dapat” you then suddenly why like that (In the end she rejected me). What went wrong arr?” She just smile and say “You are just too good!” I was like WHAT!!!
    Being Good is something everyone is trying to learn!!!! Something our religion teaches u….. Pendidikan Moral taught us….. Parents trying to educate us and I failed because why? I AM JUST TOO GOOD!!!
    Then she explained further, “You see…. You need to add a bit of the bad side….. gals will find it very nice and interesting…. too good… for gals macam tak ada character larr” (ooooo now I know… there is indeed psychology factors in it) So bad guys wins!! Good guys lose!!
    Yeah yeah I get the point, all this while I wonder why my good friend (yeah I have very few good friends and I think he knows who is he), always can tackle gals so fast and gals seems to like him even we have the same talents in many stuffs. This is because he is naughty and bad at times. And hell yeah he always teaches me how to be bad. But I just can’t learn like that! It is against my way (I know my “too good guy” technique can’t be used anymore). I am not an angel but I don’t be a bad guy just to court a gal, that’s trademark ok!!!
    Comes to me a story too, there is a guy who tries to tackle a wonderful sweet average gal for 3 years. Then don’t know what the hell, another guy comes in and show his kung fu skill (the art of tackling a gal or gals) and court her in 1 week time!!! Sighhhh…… blame it on luck? Skill? Or just because he is too good?
    I think many of you all will get the point by now. To all who consider themselves as good guys, going to be good guys, incoming training to be a good guy, WAKE UP!!! It won’t work! You need a bit of bad side at times!!! If not you will start mourning WHY OH WHY (it’s a song which I love it most) and starting to sing sad pity love songs!
    So good guys = F
    Bad guy = C- to B-
    Good plus bad = B+ to A
    An informal measurement I just put there
    Thought for reflection = Good guys never wins!! So WAKE UP!!! Start planning to be both bad and good at the same time. If not the big word “LOSER” will come to u!!!! (This is a special advice to every guy out there)

  68. People people people….
    Smoking, drinking, fighting is NOT cool !!! Trying to act like a stupit samseng is NOT cool. Talking foul languages is plain SILLY.
    You all wanna know whats cool ?
    You all wanna know how to get the most beautiful girl in the world ?
    then be like DONALD TRUMP !!!!!
    He has a mega company, Tons of money, and yet a bad guy in a Good way . I am referring to how he fires people on the boardroom.
    Donald trump is the perfect example of how you get a Miss Universe (Melania his current wife) to marry you.
    So please please…. I hope everyone gets an idea of what “bad guy” really means. Its bad, but in a good way aiming to achieve something positive out of it.

  69. Just want to share my own experiences 😉 I’m guilty of dating an egomaniacal jerk before, and then dumping him when he started becoming a complete baby around me. My friends thought I was making a big mistake dating him. They all thought his head was far too inflated for his own good, but at the time I just could not see it (really!). I have no idea why, love makes you blind I guess…
    I was intrigued by his confidence, his boasting, and I did not see it as arrogance then. More like just a tactic to impress a girl, but not arrogance. Hey, a girl’s gotta be flattered if a guy knows what he wants and how to get it. He told everyone that he’s going to make me his gf eventually, and he did. But then somewhere along the way, he became a ‘nice guy’. Nice as in honey-I-will-do-absolutely-anything-for-you-woof-woof sort of nice. And soon after, I just lost interest in him…
    Ok, before you start citing me as proof that women want ‘bad boys’, not ‘nice guys’, it is not what it seems. Women do not care whether a guy is ‘nice’ or ‘bad.’ However, women are interested in a guy’s status, money, how people view and interact with him, how outgoing he is and how exciting or cool his life is.
    I did not break up with him because he turned ‘nice’. I broke up with him because his life revolved around me and he was not seen as a leader anymore. And a guy with no life of his own is just not attractive to women. I know this makes us seem like cold-hearted b*tches for mostly being attracted to the life the man has structured around himself, and not the man, himself, as a person, but it is true at least for me and many of my friends. The arrogance is just a demonstration of status, or a side effect, not the main thing women want. Men with the qualities above and who happen to be nice-but not spineless-will also have girls at their feet, perhaps even more than those arrogant types.
    Sorry for writing such a long-ass essay, but I was on full steam there 😉 It sucks to hear guys complaining, wah, I can’t get any chicks cause I’m a nice guy! That’s not the problem, be powerful, influential!
    P/s: Kenny, you’re a famous blogger now. Ahem, I’m sure you have no trouble getting girls, providing that you show you’re a success, of course.

  70. What happen if you get the girl? So what next? And when you re done.. Are you going to reveal your trueself, How long can you gonna pretend to be a bad boy/man/jerk? of who you really are? still hiding behind the silly mask that you put up. Think again.
    Girls are much smarter than all of us guys might think of them..
    What happens if you fall in love?Still be a faker. So guys just try to look clean and dress smartly and be a gentleman. Treat her with respect and dunt be someone you are not.

  71. *laughs* I like confidence in a guy.. not really arrogance. But a little EGO and arrogance is good *bleh* and YES I LOVE HOUSE! *dies* hahaa I dont like guys who try too hard. Those that BE MEAN and ACT ARROGANT for the sake of IMPRESSING a girl. its so horrible. I do like gentlemans. =) I like guys who HOLD THE DOOR, LET YOU WALK OUT FIRST. i mean seriously, nowadays people are just ALL PUSHING. =__=”
    they’d be like ‘ladies? what ladies?’ *pushpush* ‘i wanna go out first! as if a few seconds would bloody hurt them. *stabs guys* ohohohoho =) guys with great smiles rock. (not related but bleh)

  72. Well I know a guy who has tried very hard to impress a girl. And that guys me… Well before I go into that topic. I agree with Kenny tat guys with big ego do get chicks because I’ve experience it before. Well I was with this girl and I treated pretty badly. Well that was because I was arrogant and boastful around her. Anyways that relationship ended.
    Now let’s fast forward to the present. I’ve had feelings for this girl for over a year now and I’ve abandon my evil ways. I try my best to be a gentleman around her being nice and humble, but look where I am now. She doesn’t even give a damn about me, replying when ever she wishing ignoring me, even discriminating me at times.
    Therefore, I agree with Kenny that girls do like guys with big ago and guys who are soft and all wont get girls because they are often taken advantage of… For example… ME!!!

  73. Kenny this is my story….. which juz happened not too long ago….. There were 03 guys involed :
    Guy No. 1 – JL
    Guy No. 2 – FZ
    Guy No. 3 – PV
    All these 03 guys know each other…i met all 03 guys on the same day in an event… the very first day JL showed me overloads amount of interest and the next thing u know it we were hooked up together after a merely 3 dates!!! I have to admit i was the desperato one here….. So… happy that i gottten someone finally after a failed 01+ year plus relationship (in which is the longest record), me and all 03 fellas came out for the nite and chill…..who knew….
    PV went ballastic and asked me “Why the hell are u with JL??” “Wat?? Why??? is there a problem??”My reply towards PV…. Turns out that JL is a problematic guy and is TOO Egostic to be with and worse stil he has money problems and yet he boosts non stop on how successful he is…… Ya ppl might say there’s some conflict in between JL and PV but i got the very same comments from 2 different persons on the same night!!
    As time goes by, JL started as wat PV commented… and also this time around of all timings FZ came into the picture showing whole lots of interest towards me….. So i ended stuck in one bloody, going no where relationship yet there’s another option for me….. 01 month into the relationship with JL, we quarreled and lastly that Egostic fella fleed in which he claimed to be a “chill out” moment for the both of us but he just disappeared into thin air!!! So wat do call this Kenny?? Chickened out or a mere A**hole?!!
    It was a horrifying experience after all with JL but being young with so many choices and chances around i can’t help but drift my feelings towards FZ… he came around during my peakest times with JL yet he stil can be as calm and charming….. We went out on several occasions …. This time around indeed i am suffering from a breakup but i’m not heart broken … Strange but true … Thinking that i just ended a nasty relationship like that i decided it’s best that i got to know the person well b4 i make or agree to the next step….
    Ironically …. after hanging out for a while with PV and FZ……. All of a sudden, PV confested that he likes me…….. OMG!!! Yet he knows very well that i Do indeed have feelings for FZ…. Worse thing is PV and FZ are a hell of good frens ever since primary school….. Scenario is i have 02 good pals going after me…
    But little did i know….. the feelings that FZ now holds for me are slowly vanishing into thin air…. Is it bcoz he’s Too Arrogant to keep trying??? Or is he the type that just easily gives up?? Suddenly he can be so nice and caring towards me and next day u know he treats me as if i’m Invisible!!! I could not take this kind of treatment anymore so off i go with Me Making the 1st move (Note: FZ did not directly confess to me but he told the whole gang that he has interest in me…) FZ’s birthday came around and there’s me … Rushing to buy fresh roses to him, rushing to his birthday party to hand delivery it to him and putting all my feelings down onto paper and pen just to tell him how much i feel towards him…… Outcome: NIL…………. Neither did FZ replied me in Even an SMS of my letter… he just treat as if nothing happens… So wat do u think of this Kenny?? Too Ego Again?? LOL 🙂
    PV on the other hand, i’m stil as close as i was the day i met him and yet he doesn’t stop wit his showering of love and care towards me… ALthough i have made myself clear that i Do Not have a whee bit of feelings towards him! I know this might be cruel but Yes Kenny Sia u are very correct when u mentioned – We girls fall in love with Our Hearts … Ther is a Chinese saying that Forcing Will Not Bring U Happiness ….
    It’s kinda of a confusion of why suddenly Men can easily fall for a person and the next thing they can just drop their feelings off somewhere in the long kang!!! So is it true that (Most) Guys will fall with their EYES?? Til this day i am stil having feelings towards FZ but i can definetly know that there wil be no outcome no matter how much i try….. Egostic can make a person LOSE whether it’s Interest or Feelings quicker that a jet setting rocket to outer space!!!!!!!! So people OPEN UP YOUR EYES, DO MAKE THE 1ST MOVE AND MAKE USE OF YOUR TIME!!

  74. I’m really annoyed with the word ‘angkasawan’ at the moment I wrote a whole post about it. I mean when it’s used in English sentences 😛 Engkasawan? Actually what’s the proper English term for it??

  75. And oh, I don’t think the ENGKASAWAN would need all those to attract the girls. The girls would still melt because of his good looks. A lot of the time a lot of girls fall in love with their eyes also 🙂

  76. Hh? Girls love Dr House? As in romantically? I certainly love the show. I certainly love the character. But sorry, not romantically interested. I’m sure it’s the same with many ladies. No offence but your examples fail to illustrate your point… I can explain the other examples if you like but then my comments would take up too much space 🙂

  77. Women are often helplessly drawn to egoistical men because of the confidence he displays; no doubts about that. But that is merely the initial attraction.
    The chance of a woman of marrying an egomaniac is highly unlikely, unless he’s got something more to offer.
    Most women wouldn’t want to spend their lives with daredevils; at the end of the day,I’m sure they prefer to live with a gentle, reliable, down-to-earth man instead.
    To make it simple, nice guys have the last laugh, I’m afraid.

  78. LOL! i so love that pic with u doing that puppy dog eyes! omg! SO CUTE lah!! hahahahaa. and nicole too… u 2… can be actor and actress already.. lol. can pose till so ‘chun’ one oso. lol.

  79. This a true story of mine.
    I knew this girl from NS. Had a crash on her on 1st sight. Started to do the chasing process like dating her, get something for her whenever I am getting something for myself, Talk/laugh/joke with her, be by her side whenever she is lonely/sad and need someone to talk with, share thought too. *all of this started in NS*
    Almost at the end of NS, she come to me and said “You are a nice caring person but I dont think I am suitable for you”. Why she said that it is because during her secondary school, she had a boyfriend which she slept with before during the 4 years relationship. I told the girl that I dont mind about what the past of the girl has, I just wanna be with her. She just smiled at me and said “If you really is then you should not fall in love me”
    So, I didnot give up at the moment although i feel sad when i heard that. But i continue to contribute my effort with win the girl’s heart. As time goes by, The girl fall in love with one of my friend. I didnot know bout it until i notice something fishy during our gathering. I did not asked the girl about it until 1 day she invite me for a walk at Sungai Wang. There she told me about her relationship with the guy. I feel shock as the guy was asking the girl to restore back the relationship with the girl’s friend but in the end, he win the girl that i hearted.
    I didnot blame the girl for that but I keep waiting by the side of the girl although i am not hers lover. As long as I knew she is having a wonderful and happiness life, I am satisfied.
    Is this stupid or great, is depend on yours own thought.

  80. I know some guys who sit there does nothing, and hopes that the girl will know that he’s secretly in love with her.

  81. wow, in that case i totally go against your post. haha. my personality and what you mention in the entry is different. i used to go thru the badboys phase, but i’ve realised that boynextdoors, sweet, humble, hopefully above average looks are much more appealing to me. 🙂 bad boys are just so cliche.

  82. I have two stories to share.
    First, a story about my girl friend, Kristy. She was dating her then boyfriend for more than 2 years. My friend really really love this guy a lot. So much so that she’s willing to do anything for him.
    The guy, on the other hand, admits that he’s not ready in a steady relationship. He just wants to have fun. He’s not looking for a life partner or whatsoever. He even said that he’s not over his ex-girlfriend and is also seeing another girl.
    Knowing that, my friend did not mind at all, and still love him whole-heartedly and hope that one day, she could make him change his mind and love her with all his heart.
    He is a real sweet talker, ego, selfish.. to summarize it, he’s a real bad boy. He even sweet-talks my friend, to get her to sleep with him, and she did. Call my friend dumb, but she’s hopelessly in love. She’s willing to do anything at all, just to be with him.
    Two weeks down the road, her heart was crushed. He dumped her, but still want to maintain friend. Leaving my friend heart broken, he still call and SMS her once in a while – telling her how much he misses her and want to spend time with her. And when they meet again, he just wanted one thing from her – sex!
    One day, my friend finally came to realize that he was just using her and she’s better off without him. One year later today, she’s still in depression and thinks that she’ll never find any good guy.
    Second story, is about a guy friend, Abel. He met this girl, Shannon through his sister – his sister’s best friend. She’s pretty, hot and sexy. She’s a good friend too – helpful, caring and fun to be with. They both came to KL to continue their studies. As they are both away from home, their relationship became closer as they promised the sister to take care of each other.
    Abel started to have feelings for and express his feelings for her. She accepted his love. They started dating. But there are times that Shannon would give excuses like she’s busy with assignments or she got exams coming. But she didn’t know that they have mutual friends. At times when she tells him that she’s busy with studies, she’s actually out with other boys.
    Abel did not care and think that she probably had agreed to go out with her friends much earlier and that she don’t know how to tell him the truth and so she make up excuses.
    However, at those few times that they did went out for dates, she would make him treat her to expensive restaurants, buy her gifts and such. She’s so good with manipulating his mind. She won’t say that she wants him to buy gifts for her, but she will say things like “These shoes are so nice, but I’m kinda broke this month. Hey.. you still owe me Christmas present. Nah, buy this for me as Christmas present, pleaseee.”
    Abel is not from a rich family. In fact, his family has got some financial issue, and she knows that. But knowing that he’s working part time in KL, she knows that he have some money. But she’s forgetting the fact that he’s paying every cents of his tuition fees, allowances and accommodation with his own hard earn money. He has to send money home too. After every date, he’ll be so broke for the rest of the month that he lives with just bread.
    Shannon on the other hand, is from a quite well off family, but she has never offer to pay for the taxi fare, lunches/dinners and have never get him any gifts. None for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even birthday presents. She’s just one typical gold-digger.
    Lucky for Abel, he realized that she’s just playing with his heart and using him to buy her things. He left her, and finally met someone who loves him genuinely.
    Now Kenny, your question – Is it true that girls fall in love with their hearts and guys fall in love with their eyes? Based on these two stories – Yes, absolutely.

  83. omg. you REALLY should not be giving dating advice to the public. you’re such an embarrassment.
    if you’re talking about casual dating, girls obviously prefer the more attractive guy so your point where you compare the fat photo of you hugging a bear and looking pathetic to the photo of slender-looking arth, the girls are obviously gonna pick the non-fat guy.
    duh. it’s got NOTHING to do with ego! it’s a very very superficial shallow thinking of every human female or male to wanna go out with the member of the opposite sex who is RELATIVELY more attractive.
    now if you’re talking settling down for life partners, that’s a whole different thing. girls SHOULD be choosing the person they’re most comfortable spending the rest of their life with and consider the stability of the rship and whether the guy provides security throughout. this is as opposed to choosing a marriage partner on the basis of his hotness.
    in the latter case, sure, if the girl finds that she can lead a relatively more stable life with fat purple-bear-hugging pathetic-looking you as opposed to arrogant, womanizing arth, then she’s obviously gonna choose you lar.
    it’s got nothing to do with falling for someone’s ego la pls. ego is such a turn-off okay.
    (unless some girl out there has some weird fetishes)

  84. both sides has got pros and cons.
    the weak ones are soft, gentle and sensitive
    the stronger ones are man, brave and looks like lots of fun.
    but the weak ones might sometimes be too dependent and scare to get into trouble or simply just afraid, thus missing chances to approach some girls that he admire.
    while the strong ones might get the girl, but that doesnt mean it last. lots of girls had got relationship with cool guy/model/fun guy, but because of thier egos, certain girls just cant stand them and ended up ugly. studs simply just thinks that they can “get” girl easily.
    what i am trying to say here is: I dont see why you cant be both?
    certain times u be the softy and sensitive, but other time u can also be the rock hard cool confident guy.
    be flexible, so u can attract more girls. not u only u attract those that dig the softies, and also those that digg hard cool ones. even better u also attract those that looking for something on both sides.
    for guys, start learning from both sides. it is ok to be sensitive yet cool.
    and girls, dont stick to one type of guys. you dont know what u like untill you sees it, just like cloths. summer costume wont be suitable in the winter.
    every snow will fall into its right place, and u cant change it. just be open minded (yet have a list of avoid, like smoking, or rage) and you shall bumb into girl/guy that you find interesting. ying wont be complete without yang. man wont be complete without women, and i am sure this works the same with personalities: ego will not be significant with contrasting with soft side.
    brain and heart shall always work together.

  85. Sad fact but its true that bad, arrogant guys that dont seem like a perfect partner in the perspective of men are often the ones getting the chicks.
    But still, a good mix of the bad and the good are those who have a longer relationship. a little more or a little less will just be, in worst case scenario (not really for the guy but more for the girl), a one night stand for the bad boys, and jerking off in his room for the good guys.

  86. Girls.
    If you shower them with attention, they don’t appreciate it.
    THE MOMENT you stop showing them any attention, IMMEDIATELY she do everything to win back your attention – even if she doesn’t remotely like you at all.
    I tell ya. It’s annoying.

  87. Back in 1999, there’s this girl whose been trying to get out of her relationship. It’s like a King control and Queen control kinda thing. Both sides have their say and so this gal is just tired of all that and wanted out!
    She chatted with the one guy she met online She found out this guy was like 3 years younger than her. Their online relationship blossomed for the next 2-3 months. She fell in love with him after they met a few times.
    Her current bf found out about this other guy. He went to the guys school and just grab him into his car and threatened to beat the shit out of the him. Things was settled when a teacher saw the situation. The bf left after giving the guy a final warning.
    The girl met the guy the next day. Professing her love for him. Knowing that her psycho bf would kill the guy if he would have found out about them. She just wanted this as an excuse to her bf so she can get out of their relationship so she can move on and be with the new guy.
    Girls can go crazy over someone. There are no boundaries when the love is so great.

  88. i agree with JingYi’s comment.
    it depends what you wanna have at the end of the day. playful flings with another person with no intention for a long-lasting relationship and commitment OR otherwise.
    i’m learning that be committed to one person would mean having that person as your ultimate BEST FRIEND – someone you can really be yourself at all times and still be comfortable and accepted as you are. and by having that great comfort and acceptance with that person, one will inevitably change for the better.
    iron sharpens iron, man. i’d like to think i’m more to the good guy type. and at the same time, i have my crazy side. girls like me because i am myself and im sincere (or at least that’s what i think .. haha)
    stop letting the romance factor rob u of a great friendship factor!! 😉

  89. Look, for goodness sake, let’s be real. All women like bad man, cause being bad brings a sense of security and protection to a women. Just like fragrances, and exactly like the Hugo. Women and Men alike want to be stuck in that moment. And that moment will only last that long. Same goes for fragrances, it can only last that long. As for the the Hugo, it can last longer, and the longer the better, cause everybody wants that moment to last, that first kiss, that first hold of the hand, the first hug, the first walk on the beach, the first romantic dinner, etc. And who would be better to spent it with? A guy whom is always cautious about what’s going to happen next or a guy whom is going to show you a good time no matter what happens next. You are better off with a guy who could show you a good time and at the same time make sure that you are safe with him. That’s what a bad guy is all about. Tough yet caring.

  90. How many stories have you heard about relationships involving egotistical men working out? Or that the relationship is lovely and happy? There is a BIG BIG difference between exuding confidence and cockiness. It’s good to have confidence and exude it through your charisma and have women falling for you because of that. It’s BAD to have so much confidence (which turns into major ego problem) and walk into a room thinking that you can pick any chick you want, have your way with her and walk away. Please. No chick wants that. Unless it’s for an ONS.

  91. what do you mean nice guys finish last?
    what about the nice girls? the girls who are always there,… the best friend, the ‘sister’, the buddy?
    guy, nice or bad, always go for the hot chick, the popular girl, the one that is surrounded by other guys. they pursue after the unavailable girl that blows hot and cold steam depending on her mood. and the end of the day, when the guy gets hurt, they go back to the nice (girl)friend, complaining, why they can’t ever get a chick? (hence, your post).
    heloooo? the nice girls are here waiting. you don’t have to fake confidence to get them, coz deep down, they know who you really are, and they have stuck by you, through thick and thin.

  92. Well I agree that girls may chase guys tat are quite macho and sometimes egoistic ( but definitely not too sarcastic) but i believe that a lot of girls tat are like this are just looking for a fun boyfriend you know. But at the end of the day when they wan to settle down quite a lot( im not sure if its most but definitely many) will actually look for a nicer more calm gentleman, who can hold responsibilities and stuffs like tat. And if you can shower enough attention and care SINCERELY (tat is for the long run, not a fling) sooner or later theres a good chance the girl may fall for you, proven and tested. My gf for two years now didnt like me at first, im not the best looking guy and all but i was really sincere and i helped her and never gave up as long as she was happy, in the end everything worked out. Its all bout heart and effort. Like how Jean Grey liked Wolverine but in the end she chose Cyclops hehe

  93. What ? Nichole says girls should not approach guys ? But look.. now who is jumping over ? Nichole is now into kenny’s blogs. She didn’t realise ? I seldoms sees kenny in nichole’s blogs. Now who is approaching who ? Btw, this blog site is becoming too Nichole&
    Am i right guys ? He, he.. ok ok, u r very right kenny. girls use their heart, but not their brains (for this case)..I am sure our lady is the first one to approach you as well.. haha.. have a good day ahead to all..

  94. women like men with confidence. The problem is that many women often mistake arrogance for confidence.
    If you are genuinely confident with who you are (it will show, trust me) and are a nice person at the same time, you’ll win hands down when compared to arrogant men who treat everyone badly.
    Confident men with nice personalities are snapped up like hot chestnuts on cold winter days.

  95. Actually Kenny, girls just want a guy who smacks them over the head once in a while (slaps work fine too), leeches off their hard earned money and tells them that they are actually fat (or they have small boobs) and should slim down (or get implants).

  96. I have studied the art/science of attraction for a while now, dated really hot girls(I meet randomly) and recently wrote 2 incomplete post about my discovery on my blog. Strangely some woman that have read it hates it(because it works on them) but guys in general love it. I am too lazy to rewrite it here. Now girls don’t email me like 50 times a day telling me how much you like/dislike it or I’ll track you down and get you arrested!

  97. But hey Kenny I think you have “got it” on how attraction works….. Its a very mechanical process. Cocky+funny is powerful but can be used to create an aura of mystery around you too(which works better in unison)…. for an example say a woman you like ask you, so what do you do for a living? I will just say I am a strip actor, you know how you see man striping before the camera and woman in BF? That’s me. She will say nah come on! Then you bust her balls by saying. Look, just because I have a sexier body than you doesn’t mean you need to get offended. Say the whole thing with a straight face without smiling.. and never review your true occupation….. it will keep her guessing. She will think, gee he is different to those other wussies that have been chasing me, this guy is cocky but… he is funny….. I wonder if he is doing it cause he likes me… when she digs, just keep busting her balls with cocky and funny(teasing her about being desperate and hinting her about 2 of you being just friends)… Never ever act interested in her and she’ll go nuts trying to dig you(while falling for you)! To do that you have to psychologically condition yourself by convincing yourself that you are the hottest guy in the world and if she rejects you then she is missing out not you….. takes lots of practice and rejections at first.

  98. Who says ego is only a guy thing? Believe me, girls have them too, sometimes too big that it blinds their judgement. How I know? I knowlah…
    When a Mr Nice Guy pursues a girl, she’ll play hard to get. But when girl see a Mr Macho Guy, she’ll purr and show her “manjaness” to get the guy’s attention. In the end, habuk pun tak dapat.
    If you just want a fling, go ahead and do the above, but if its for keeps, then the girl and the guy should know what they want in their partner, be themselves, be honest and sincere. Love is hardwork, but those who persevere will prevail. Don’t let ego costs you a lifetime of regret.
    Ego is like fire, what can give you confidence and sustain you, could also burn you…..Yodawati(she-Yoda) has spoken…:o|

  99. Talking about a guy who goes the extra mile just to impress a hot chick? Nothing beats my best friend I’m about to tell. I mean seriously this guy go all out for this hot chick. Read the few attempts he did and judge for yourself…
    Attempt 1:
    He woke up at 2am one morning just to prepare salad for her (since she loves them so much). At 2am he filled half of the big container with water and leaves it in the freezer.
    He then woke up at 3:30am; place a smaller container on top of the already frozen water of the big container and filled the side with water again. His purpose was to keep the salad fresh when the girl eats it. He passed the salad to the girl at 9am and the girl only ate it at lunch time, and sure enough, the salad was still FRESH and cold!
    Attempt 2:
    He made a card for her. You might say, “yeah, big deal. Most of the guys I know make cards for their girlfriends, girls they like and even some… to their mums.” Well my friend makes a hell of a card. It was so unique and nice that the girl actually agreed to go out on a date with him. (He asked her out in the card itself).
    Attempt 3:
    He bought her perfume and a big surprise for her birthday. On her birthday’s eve, my friend borrowed his friend’s car (no license yet), took an hour drive to her house, set up his fireworks equipments in the playground nearby her house then called her and took 20mins to persuade her out from her house using excuses like the moon turned red all of a sudden. When she stepped out of her house and there goes BING BAM BOOM! Big beautiful rounded fireworks lit up the sky that night. And everyone know that’s the best moment to confess to a girl but unfortunately my friend left his balls back at home.
    Attempt 4:
    Here comes prom night, when my friend finally has a chance get to hold her hands and dance with her. And this time Mr. No-Balls-Who-Doesn’t-Even-Know-What’s-Dancing-All-About actually asked her for a dance. At first he planned to dance for two songs and that’s it, maybe get her a cup of cocktail and confess to her then. You know how all those ballroom dance goes right? A step to your right and another to your left and repeat the whole thing again. My friend took a big step to the right and a small one to the left, so this causes both my friend and the hot chick spinning round and round in the middle of the dance floor. (Just imagine you open a music box and you see a ballet girl spinning round and round as the music plays). My friend was too into her so he actually didn’t sense what they were doing until at the end of the first song the girl asked, “Hey, are you dizzy? Do you know that we are spinning in circles?” Ya, just when he thought he was feeling dizzy because of her. So the cocktail and the confession part didn’t happen that night.
    In fact, the confession didn’t happen at all. The girl went for another guy. The guy is in a band. And guess what, she’s using the perfume that my friend gave her every time she’s out with her boyfriend. And that, sucks.

  100. Being as a loser-nice-guy in the past, Kenny, this is so true and i am so agree with you! Which is why I REVOLVED into a bad-ego-guy that rules… now where’s my chic-a-dee? 🙂

  101. Well I met this guy in February 2006 of all places thru the internet. We got to talking and October 2006 he offered to pay for my plane ticket to go see him. He lives in America by the way. So not knowing what I will get myself into, I flew half way across the world to see him. And now we have been dating ever since.

  102. It made me laugh that you compared yourself to Arth. For some girls it’s nothing about your attitude, whether you’re the shy, timid one or the over confident one, it’s also about the looks. No point if you’re the over confident guy without the looks.

  103. been recommended to view kenny’s blog but m rather dissapointed becos the approach for which he adopted to lure readers by way of rewards. truly pathetic…..

  104. If this topic was churned into a debate in high schools, Malaysia would be experiencing a dip in birth rates by 500% by the next generation.
    There are countless schools of thoughts regarding the subject matter, and it doesn’t matter whether the guy is being egoistical or not, it’s all about the timing and the person who’d be there.
    We’ve all had our fair share of heartaches and shattered dreams; at times unthinkable to relive the experience that even the slightest mummur of the person’s name ignites fury and armageddon. It’s painful I know, I’ve been through it, but I personally reckon we should not construe the subject matter to the selection of men into 2 classes.
    Being egoistical is indeed something

  105. To quote Leona:
    It made me laugh that you compared yourself to Arth. For some girls it’s nothing about your attitude, whether you’re the shy, timid one or the over confident one, it’s also about the looks. No point if you’re the over confident guy without the looks.
    Correction…it applies for most girls, if not all.

  106. Nicole, Kenny AND Hugo Boss are very smart in creating this publicity stunt for the brand. Both Kenny and Nicole are like politicians dividing the people by gender issues LOL.

  107. well, the world is fair.. the gal loves bad guy, ignore nice guy like us, and so, finally they get raped , lost body and everything.. padan muka rite? i got a few frens like that.. they r nice guys n they owez fail to chase hot chicks bcoz those chicks love jerks.. so finally those chicks all lost bodies n they were regret.. but its too late and when they wan to come back to my frens, my frens ignore them oledi coz they had lose interest of those chicks

  108. There are countless schools of thoughts regarding the subject matter, and it doesn’t matter whether the guy is being egoistical or not, it’s all about the timing and the person who’d be there.
    We’ve all had our fair share of heartaches and shattered dreams; at times unthinkable to relive the experience that even the slightest mummur of the person’s name ignites fury and armageddon. It’s painful I know, I’ve been through it, but I personally reckon we should not construe the subject matter to the selection of men into 2 classes.
    Being egoistical is indeed something every guy has to come to some day. It’s embedded in their DNA. Coming to terms with it is what matters. For everything that goes up must come down. Knowing when to inflate and deflate it is what matters. Being the rocker with ‘I AM GLORY PERSONIFIED’ tattoo-ed on your arm can only get you that far. House is a mere identity and as much as he’s potrayed as the best in his field, the show reveals also his quirks needless to say the addiction he has for those pain killers. And when was the last time you heard Robbie was happily married to someone. Go Wiki his name. Malaysia’s funding of Dr. SMS to space is a huge waste of public funding. Nuff said. (No offence Kenny, just stating the facts =D)
    Being timid would also get a man no where near the girl. If you haven’t had the nerve to go up to a lady and tell her how beautiful she looks, or compliment her on how her earrings goes perfectly well with that necklace; you wouldn’t stand even the slightest chance of getting to know her, what more to say falling in love with her. But we cannot discount the fact that humble men are respected for their humility and humanity in ways the naked eye cannot grasp at first sight. It takes time to see true quality live out itself.
    If LOVE is what we desire in our lives, then let me pose these few questions;
    These goes for both sexes –
    1) If being egoistical is the way to go, would it be love then? If driving a Nissan 350Z can get women to line up for you, would it be love or mere artificiality?
    2) If being docile and humble is what you do best, yet you palpitate every time she waves at you, would just standing there tell you who she is or how she feels?
    In my opinion, I strongly believe it takes both ends of a man to truly come to terms with love before he finds it and before she feels it. Experiences, good and bad, helps in the development of a person’s character.
    Like how Hugo pairs XX and XY so perfectly well as THE couples perfume, striking that balance in life between a man and a woman is purely subjective and no one can be taught how, only time and experiences can prove to be the best teacher to both sexes.
    In all fairness, ‘love is an ugly business, yet we live for it, for maybe it’s the only thing that matters’. – Denny Crane

  109. i like to share with you how my friend chase his current girlfriend. Both of them worked in the same company, the girl has many admirers but she’s never attached.
    When my friend learnt that she’s leaving the company to further her studies in Spore, he said he must make some action else he’ll never miss the chance. So they started going out for lunch but that was nothing.
    The girl soon left the company and flew to Spore to study. My friend eager to win her heart, called up a friend to help him get ready a huge bouquet of roses and her favourite Secret Recipe cake – Banana and chocolate cake, then bought a return ticket to Spore over the wkd of her birthday. The night of her birthday, he gave her a surprise by knocking on her apartment door with the gifts. She was surprised beyond words, and so touched by his gesture, coming all the way from Kuching to celebrate her birthday. And they started pak toh ever since.
    My friend who misses his girlfriend so much quitted his reliable job and moved to Singapore to be with his girlfriend. He’s willing to do anything, even cook and wash for his girlfriend before he found a new job in Spore.
    i just wanted to say, if a guy really tries hard and is sincere with his actions, he will definitely win a girl’s heart.

  110. Tell you honestly Kenny,
    Nice guys and girls are rare species nowadays. Only “playboys” and “bitches” existed in this game of love. When you are talking about sincerely, honesty, loyalty and humbleness in a guy or girl, it is only in your fantasy world. Most probably you have a good-for-nothing, conman, arrogant, son-of-the-***** guy and attention-seeker, gossiper, macho-seeker, money-seeker kind of girl around these days.
    Don’t believe me? If it’s not true, you wouldn’t have guys ended up in some bride delivery order from oversea Asian women from Vietnam, China and Indonesia, only to be conned of their money later on and girls ended up in match-making agencies which resulted in divorce later on after discovered that their spouse are actually some psychos. These are ACTUAL rare species of nice guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen!

  111. Dr. Sheikh is a SPACEFLIGHT PARTICIPANT, not an astronaut! Wakakakakaka!!!
    Oh, and I am now with an IT guy. Those ‘rockers’ scare the shit outta me, I rather run far far! 😀 Yeah, IT guy definitely!

  112. You guys are probably too PUSSY to chat us up and now you turn the tables on us and wonder why we don’t make the first move.
    Next thing we know, you wanna just lie there and not have to do any work. tsk tsk, shame on you all

  113. I do not believe it is true. I, myself, have fallen ‘in Love’ with my eyes, instead of my heart.
    With my eyes, seeing what lengths he goes to ‘win’ my heart, with my eyes I saw his capabilities, with my eyes I saw the things he did to incur a response.
    Yes, indeed..with only my eyes, I fell in Love. Looking back now, some of you might not call it Love, but it was what I felt when I felt it.
    Love…ahh, with great respect I capitalise the ‘L’. You ARE right. Nice Guys Do Indeed Finish Last. Not not always. I shall retort to that statement with ‘Slow & Steady Wins the Race’. *grin*
    About 7 years back, a guy (Let’s call him D) tried to ‘woo’ me. Back then, he was chubby and hardly appealing. Sure, with my eyes I saw his efforts, with my heart I felt his efforts, but with my brains, I rejected those efforts. It then took him another full four years to win me over.
    We dated blissfully for the next 3 & a half years, then he left me for someone else. If I could turn back time, I’d love to have ‘seen’ more with logic, piece together the puzzle, and made better choices – to be with him sooner, than later.
    Today – It seems like I have never existed in his life. It seems as if I were never there..perhaps he had his regrets – those that are the opposite of mine. Probably he would have made ‘better’ choices too.
    Yes, to answer your question, I do know of a guy who tried to hard to impress. I wouldn’t say I am hot nor pretty. I won’t say his efforts went entirely to waste, but if the relationship had led him to a point of regret, then yes, I would say he indeed did try to hard.
    Too hard & too long to have me..where I (over the years) took too much advantage of. I always thought he’d be there, no matter what happened. No matter the trials & tribulations we went through, I never dreamt that he would have been the one to leave.
    He tried to hard to Love someone that didn’t Love him the way he wanted me to. I didn’t give him what he asked for, I didn’t treasure him in time to make him feel Loved.
    And now – perhaps I have placed him on too high a pedestral after the breakup. Perhaps he’s immortalised as the perfect boyfriend now only because you never know what you have got till you’ve lost it.
    I don’t know myself. I don’t remember if he is as perfect as I think he is – or merely because I want him to be or want to think he was.
    This much I know – I struggle every day to let him go, completely. So that I can move on freely. It has been a year plus, and I never fully gotten over him. In everything I do, I think: He should be sharing this moment with me/He would have loved this/He should have been here/My this/that friend would have loved him, etc.
    Oh believe me, I have tried a lot. He’s at the back of my mind almost all the time but when I bump into him, my coordination goes to pot. I drop stuff, I stammer, I flush and I die on the spot. It’s like falling in Love, all over again, but with someone who doesn’t remotely feel for you. And it freaking sucks.
    I’m running off topic here. But if I have one last thing to say, it would be to remind everyone out there to Treasure What You Already Have. It’s as simple as that.
    We ALL try to hard for the things/people we Love/want to Love all the time. And it almost always end up great.
    To D, I am sorry for everything. And I want to thank you for it all.

  114. Whats the fuss? Hot guys like me gets the chicks, flirt as and when we want to, indulge in love making any time we wish. And best of all, a girl we love waiting at home for us.
    All those nerds and ah beng, please, serve my food and clean the floor, serve my drinks and suck my balls.
    What you get to see and dreams, we get them up close and personal.

  115. I remember when i was in primary school, i had a friend who liked this girl but he never had the guts to go up to know her or talked to her…
    So he asked me and my friends to help him. We thought of something that might help him get a reason to say something to her. We made a plan and he agreed on it.
    So one day after recess where we had to line up outside class before we can go in, we planed to execute our plan…
    We waited outside of class and was talking while we were waiting for that girl to walk by. Once the girl walked past, me and my other friends pushed that friend of mine forcefully towards that girl and made him bump into her…
    He kind of like went head first towards her chest and to prevent himself from falling he nearly hugged on that girl around the waist…
    After he got up his face was so red and he quickly said sorry and ran off to the toilet… Poor guy, he didn’t dare to look at that girl anymore after that incident…

  116. hey come on. our angka-sawan got to be good looking cos he’ll be the talk of the town. Imagine we have a very smart, genius, clever whatever you called it cosmonaught, but face like 8-liong-kam, you think our kids wanna become astronaught? no way man.
    Anyway, in the cosmonaught selection, all of them are up to par (in term of the brains) so, why not get 1 that’s good looking enough. Right?

  117. I’m a girl.
    And I agree with many of the posts up there which states: Egotistic tenedencies is not to be confused with confidence. The trick is to be able to differentiate the haves and have nots.
    We girls love confident men for the simple fact, men with confident instills security and displays initiative in matters of the heart.
    It is imperative for a girl to end up with a guy that matches or has a slightly higher sense of self and esteem as herself. As if there is a mismatch(from personal/friends’ experiences) either party would likely end up as follows:
    self-confident person:
    Finds partner too clingy. Has too much need to be pleased/spend time & money on/ no opinion of his/her own
    –> I’ve no time for myself. I feel trapped! I need space.
    insecure person:
    Get emotionally unstable (applies for guys too!), suffers from inferiority complex
    –> Starts being whiny in the relationship (girls)/ possessive (guys)
    –> maybe suicidal
    In short, although girls may appear to reject “nice guys” – but think of it this way: sometimes is is for the best. You certainly wouldn’t want to be used and abused in the relationship ..don’t you?
    Also, just becoz a girl says no at your first try (depending on her age/maturity) .. it may not mean that you are not someone she thinks of. But perhaps she’s not ready or she thinks she thinks perhaps you both need to understand each other more and not rush into things.
    Gem girls are not easy catches – and judging from my males buddies feedback, they’d rather not have it any other way. More chase, more effort to expand, more understanding of what is coming up, (if match) more lasting and meaningful relationship.
    So just as guys are not looking for whore as a wife, girls are not looking for a puppy for a husband. But a man strong, capable and bold enough to make decisions for them both.
    Sorry about the essay =P

  118. Kenny’s comments ring true. It stings your inside but yes, Nice Guys finish last or worst drop out prior to completion of the race.
    It is better to be a player rather then be played. However, be careful of not breaking a good girl’s heart.
    Or better yet play DOTA to ward away those lonely nights.
    “The face of Sprite but craves the seductively black Coke”

  119. After reading your entry, I feel that I just have to share this story with you.
    I have a friend (let her remain as X) who loves this guy, an egoistic one (let him be Y) so much that she is totally blinded by everything he does and says. Even if he ignores her, she would not get angry and tries to take revenge by not talking to him. No. It would be the other way round. She is always the one making the first move be it apologising when something goes wrong or even starting a conversation. He, as the BOYFRIEND, expects her, A GIRL to be doing everything. Sometimes I wonder if he really loves her. X is madly in love with him to the point that I feel irrational. She puts her whole heart and emotions into this relationship that when they have a quarrel or something else goes wrong, she would think about suicide, fearing of losing her so called dream guy. The newest news is, Y has been two-timing her and X never suspected it until a few days ago. I thought she will let him go and opt for a break up since he hasn’t been serious with her. But, no. She said Y is just playing around for the time being and he will return to her when he gets bored. X also stated that she will wait for him and believes naively that she will marry him in future.
    It’s hard for me to advise her as a third party. X thinks she is doing the right thing pursuing the guy who no longer loves her. The spark is gone, yet she is hoping for the warmth to stay when it’s been cold long time ago.

  120. reading through this post, i remember this time when a group of guys and a group of girls are like mixing around quite well already then suddenly half way a guy, who is ego and knows how to sweet talk people, comes in and become the instant limelight and steal all the girls attention..with the girls all around him like ants and sugar..the rest of the normal guy’s effort are all down the drain..and sure enough the ego guy will be more remembered than the other guys..
    and i always thought the better guy who is not ego and all those would be the top choice of guys for girls. but well it seems the other way around..there goes the saying ”nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai”. i tink being all good is just making yourself the ”quiet and timid” one which will not be noticed while the ego one will always be the one noticed. if you’re after a girl, what kind of guy you rather be? be a good one and have a lower chance of getting her attention, or be a ego one who gets her attention almost instantly.

  121. I think you are right. I know women’s eyes get me interested in them. Then it’s if they like me. If they are nice, I mean. And if they are not nice, then I just lose interest.

  122. happened in secondary school 1997 o 1998, classmate borrow lotsa $moneys$ from classmates and anyone who knows him in school, juz to bring a hottie to the canteen to show off that he had a big bunch of $$$$$$ in all his pokets and an ERIKSON 768 handset. then he give back all the money to everyone before school ends. the hottie fell for it @.@

  123. everyone usually chases over something which is hard to get..
    guys go for girls who play hard to get even though there’s one waiting for him…
    girls like it when guys play hard to get, it’s a challenge for them meaning that the guy is not easy to fall for someone else.. this i learned from my girlfriend.. hehehe…

  124. One thing I know for sure is that I’ve a fatal attraction when it comes to male’s animal lust.
    I’m not that of a hot chick and I myself can attest to that statement after being myself for, oh let’s say, all my life?
    Ever since I can remember, I’ve been pursued by men in a rather provocative kind of ways. Instead of lame pick-up lines or a serenade under the balcony, I got something else. Something rather creepy and most of time, bloody annoying.
    You see, I got the “flashers”.
    Meaning, men flashes their “doo doo” at me to get some sort of a perverted thrill. Yes, in my own twisted mind it’s their ways of pursuing me.
    I’ve been “flashes” like so many times that I couldn’t be bothered to count anymore and as you well know, it’s not something a girl would like to jot down in her diary as a memory to remember by.
    Hell, I’d sell my grandmother’s kidneys (yes, both!) if I can swap that sick act with a more romantic, lame or not, attempt to get my attention.
    Ego or not, male can be extremely sick when they wanted something… especially from a woman.
    The worst of all experience was when I was sitting by the window of McDonald in Kuching and a man came by. He looked at me from the outside of the window, smiled and winked at me.
    I was about to warm up to him as he was pretty good looking. Then he knocked on the window and showed me his open pants and his “willy” winked back at me!
    I tell you, the burger I ate just burst out of my nose!
    Contrary to popular belief, I’m not arrogant. Nor am I picky. And no, I am definitely not sexy. Nor do I wear provocative outfits to lure these animals’s interest. And no, I’m not busty either.
    I come to term that men do this coz they are desperate and stupid at the same time. And I agree with Nicole that they DO not think with their brain but with their “doo doo”.
    It’s a traumatic experience and it scarred my life! So, don’t you think at least I deserve to be woe properly without being flash by you-know-who?
    If you agree with me, then you also agree that I deserve a bottle of HUGO XX for her coz as you well know… Harmony IS overrated *wink* wink* and I need a consolation after all those nightmares from men’s desperate pursuits.

  125. Questions: Do you know of any girls who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy too arrogant for his own good? Or do you know of any guys who tries too hard to impress a really hot and pretty chick?
    Erm, i am not the kind of girl of the first question(even though sometimes, yes, i am). But i cant denied that i am a bit different. Instead of the man being ego, i would like to try being “ego” myself. Fine, so what is a girls like to be arrogant? Not too extreme, not to man, still feminish but hard to reach. That’s charming isnt it? There is one chinese proverb about the harder it is to get it, the more precious it is. I think that is what it means.
    I have known a friend who like a girl and was ready to sacrifice every thing, and when i say everything that means everything. (We are all still teenagers and that girl had already rejected him many times)
    Example #1: You want money, i give you.
    Yeap, that’s what he said. We are all still teenagers and he say give money? This is because that girl’s syarat is to have money (she thought that is going to make him quit). He think of every way to give the money. OMG…And when his parents found out, they stopped giving any pocket money to him for a month. When everyone thought, THAT IT, HE IS QUITTING. But NO! Instead, he went to work. A part-time job. When he got his salary, he give it to her. But the girl didnt accept it. She is still rejecting.
    Example #2: I’ll protect you and even my life
    Bullies in our school. The ‘hot and pretty’ chicks was annoyed by the bullies not long ago. She didnt asked the boy to help him, but he is trying to act like a hero. Standing up for her. He got himself into disciplinary problem. He thought the girl was going to accept him by now, but then, still no.
    Example #3: My friends? You are more important than them
    This friend argued with his best friend- his so called gang before. All about the girl. They asked him to give up, since she has rejected him so many times. He refuses to listen and argued with them. He was isolated by the gang for months. The girl knew about it, and he thought she is going to be touched. But again, no.
    Need more examples? I think not. This friend of mine, had already sacrifice almost everything a man could have. His pride, his money, his friends, his family, his time,his studies and his safety for life(fighting the bullies alone). What more can you ask from him? But the girl just wouldnt accept him. Poor guy, he really tries too hard to impress that girl.
    Maybe, he just isnt the girl’s cup of tea.

  126. I know of my friends that are stuck with the ‘arrogant” guys… I guess, what we wished for is not arrogance, but being able to make decision when needed, not being like, giving in to the girls all the time… That’s a bit wimpy..
    Dominating, arrogance.. er.. is a BIG NO-NO for me… I definitely do not like it. Why we like bad boys? Hmm.. I guess it goes with a style? And what do they say, opposites attract? They teach us something new, a side we’ve probably won’t know.. so, that’s interesting.. it depends also.. I would like a “humble IT guy”, I like technical stuff, but yeah, it’s just human nature that we like something that challenges us, we live for that, I guess..
    btw, no tattoo guy for me.. er… no.. haha…

  127. a hilarious story here..
    a friend of mine once try to convince a girl back in secondary school some years back..i should say she is the hottest chick in the school but at that time, his feelings for her is not reciprocated, and she kinda disliked him..
    he tried several ways to woo her..and one day, he really get annoyed as she always ignored him and get along well with another guys..and during recess time, he in front of that hot chick and friends shouted that the pain of being ignored is unbearable and try to suicide in front of her by taking some suicidal pills (white in color if i m not mistaken)..everyone witnessing that moment fell for it..until when he is so immerse in his acting, his “Tic-Tac” box dropped off from his pocket…everyone laughed their arse off..
    from that day, they started dating..serious shit here..he somehow dunno how manage to succeed..N u know what?I’m the one who suggested that damn idea..DAMN!!!i should had used that idea myself..missed out big time…!@#$%^&*!!!

  128. Umm….i have to say….both sexes fall in love with their heart and eyes. The only difference is, guys’ RES(Roving Eye Syndrome) are more visible because of binocular vision while girls are more flexible and have avian vision (more high-tech,canggih!! giving us a greater overall field of view and thus reduces binocular vision). That’s how we never get caught staring ahahaha

  129. You say you’ve never successfully dated a single woman in your life. So does that mean you are successfully dating married women??

  130. been recommended to view kenny’s blog but m rather dissapointed becos the approach for which he adopted to lure readers by way of rewards. truly pathetic…..
    Posted by: I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 30 October 2007 11:09 AM | Link to comment
    if u care to use ur brains, it;s very obvious hugo boss using AND PAYING kenny sia to promote their new perfumes.

  131. i know of a guy who went to extreme lengths to impress a girl. he was rich and fat and she was a typical popular girl, cheerleader etc. so his way of courting her was actually buying her expensive gifts, such as jewellery and stuff. he actually got her a rm10,000+ jewellery set for some occasion but she rejected it, talk about a broken heart. in fact, he actually even used his wealth to “buy” friends to make himself popular. he’d buy football boots for many friends and even bought a rm700 symbal ( those for the drums if thats how you spell it ) for a person in his band.

  132. yes..i’ve seen ppl that have encountered situations and went extreme length to appraoch their ‘targets’. Well, at certain times, you do realise that men DO fall in love with their Eyes,..After getting the gal’s number.. and chatted for the second time of the day.. He can just afford to say ‘ I love you’.. How in the world would you know that you ALREADY love that person in… erm less than 24hours?!?!?!?!?
    Everyone has a different definition of love i guess….
    Btw, so far for me arrogant guys don’t attract me.. If i ever encounter a potential i like at first sight, the moment his arrogance shows,its an absolute turnoff!!! I
    it has been like dat for years and i have serious doubt whether it will ever change.. (Highly unlikely)

  133. Hi guys,
    The article is true, but not all that true. I have been with my nice guy for 3 years now, and we plan to get married soon.
    He comes from a wealthy family, properly trained up by his parents and he sure is my great guy.
    He treats me good, and what I love about him is his Moderation in doing everything and anything.
    Remember guys out there, MODERATION is your Key to success.
    What do I mean by Moderation ?
    Simple, One day you go dine at a 5 star hotel, the next day go mamak. One day you go Skydiving, bungee jumping, another day you just sit at home together playing friendster. One day you buy diamonds for her, another day you just fold stars.
    If everyday you just sit at home together surfing internet, Life is boring, and obviously she will leave you. If you just eat at the same old mamak stall together everyday, obviously she will think you are a cheap skate. If you just sit at home and play DOTA all day long, then you only guard your own interest. If everyday you give her money, she will think you are just buying love with money.
    If you call her everyday, she will think you are a control freak. You don’t call, she thinks you don’t care.
    So Do everything and anything, but do it MODERATELY.
    Another key is to fill your life with COLOURS. Paint your world and do unexpected crazy things.
    Such as suddenly buying a ticket for the both of you to visit Dubai !!!! Keep her excited with your activities. Go do things she would never expect once a while such as rent a hot air balloon just for the 2 of you.
    Another tactic that is important is confidence and STANDING UP FOR YOUR/HER RIGHT.
    For example, your girlfriend goes to a shop to buy clothes, She happily buys them, and upon reaching home, she found out there is a defect on the new clothes. As a guy, Never say “aiya tidak apa la”. But instead be a Hero and Stand up for her. Tell her tomorrow you will go back to the shop and exchange with a new stock.
    Another example, She fails in her assignment. If you are in the same class as her, go and stand up with her to the lecturer. Talk and negotiate your way to make her grades pass.
    About Self IMAGE now. I hate guys who act like SAM SENG, I hate guys who use the F*** words to act macho, I hate guys who smoke and drinks.
    So what do girls like ?
    Guys who are SHARP and neat. What is mean is, you should have very good clothings, short fingernails, good short or long haircut (depends) , properly shaven, good body posture, clean and smell good, smooth face and etc, etc and etc. We observe every aspect of you. You need to look SHARP. We will sense when a sharp guy passes by us.
    I guess thats enough for now.

  134. I think you’ve translated it wrongly, it’s more of confidence than ego.
    I for one don’t like clingy guys, that would translate into low self esteem.
    A guy has gotta be comfortable in his own skin & the environment he’s in, not some nerve-wrecked desperado who can’t even hold a proper conversation. He will only be forgiven if he’s a good kisser.

  135. i never posted for u “kenny” before as i’m more to reading rather than posting…. y i post today? cuz this is written on 29 october which is my birthday reading it on oct 31st 3.45 am…wondering if that hugo will be my birthday present from u? ur post caught my attention again… y? cuz it reminds me of my ex-gf…
    i was with her for a year not allowing her to go out seek for a job..(part-time) until she said she just wanna get some experience… definitely working get to know some guys and of the supervisors going after her…. she left me because of that guy for a few reasons, controlling her too much, no time to accompany her~
    well.. that guy does not have a better look than me rather than jsut a normal promoter supervisor…… what i’m trying to point out here is man ego doesn’t really work in the long run….i learnt my lesson and i will never forget her in my life……
    i dun think man ego can really get a girl but rather than sincerity on what the girl could feel….
    we mentioned alot about confidence, where does it come from?? Money, looks, education, career, car, house? these are the 6 things which could gain me confidence… maybe i’m wrong.. do teach me….
    most of the guys fall in love with the eyes as guys love new things… arent we always attracted to pretty girls even if ur holding one on ur left or right hand?
    girls love with their heart? and wealth! this is y we see alot of hot chick with a bad guy or …. i’m always wondering y? some might not be rich or wat… would it be the way they talk or could it the way they treat her? or perhapsblack magic.. not sure… i’m so confused and posting craps 🙂

  136. yes kenny! i would date Arth anytime over you!
    cos he is HAWT!
    Here’s what a friend of mine ( a guy ) did to woo a gurl.
    1. he wrote her love letters (boring)
    2. he cooked for her ( ok la…)
    3. he sang to her in front of all our friends (interesting)
    4. he drove her EVERYWHERE.. i mean EVERYWHERE. ( not a very good thing la..)
    5. he was a gentleman towards her.. but he is naturally a gentleman la. (well, this is REALLY good cos MEN these days simply dont understand the word CHILVARY anymore! its a dying trait esp in malaysia)
    He got the girl after sometime…. ( he is one of those Kennysia types la .. LOL ) But, eventually, she cheated on him.
    So, kenny and all NICE guys out there. Be careful….. Do find someone who loves you for who you truly are!
    Honestly, most of my girlfriends ( and I ) are TOO egoistic to woo men! We believe that Hot Chicks like us shud be chased by men.. Not the other way ard…
    But, ah…. things you do when ur in love!
    i did some really SWEET stuff for my ex! hmmmm…..
    but, i cant tell you all these la. LOL. TOO BAD!
    well, here’s some stuff girls can do to woo a guy. Honestly, its so FREAKING easy too woo a guy. Cos, their EYES does everything, as Kenny puts it. ;-P
    1. Your body language….. Hmmm… says a lot!
    2. Your eyes! Always look into his eyes when ur talking to him. ( Seem interested EVEN if u are not!)
    3. Cook for him. ( Even a simple sandwich would do!)
    4. Play with his hair softly and tenderly when least expected! (turns a guy on instantly)
    5. MOST importantly, be a true friend to him! Cos, all a guy REALLY ever wants is someone he can talk too!
    All right! I gotta go!
    Have fun y’all!

  137. nyer nyer nyer … sometimes, people just tend to show off, to preach what is non-absolute. If visiting Dubai and getting a hot air balloon is rated moderate, then i bet you’ll need to be damn rich to afford to please her. Oh, i forgot, she’s marrying someone from a wealthy family. And her wedding will be held in some castle floating in the air, and the whole world is invited.

  138. Hi Zu,
    I mean its just examples. Obviously its way too overrated, But I guess you get what I am trying to bring across right ?

  139. It depends bah. Sometimes men or women can fall with either their eyes or heart or both. And no, it is not true that women like men who are ego, arrogant or bad-ass-looking. No doubt bad boys attracts us as much as bad girls attract men. It is the hormones that attracts both of the gender.
    I believe there quite a number of women are so turnoff by men who aired arrogance and ego in them, around them. Women are not like men, who like to chase after women who are hard to catch especially those who are pretty. Men like to have a pretty, beautiful girlfriend – less on the aspect of love at first but as a prize possession to showoff to their friends.
    Yeah, so we women falls with men with our hearts, using feelings. Better than men who always think they are more logical than women because they judged with their eyes which send signals to the brain. Or maybe not 😛 So men uses eyes and where do the eyes scan? On the breast area, their asses and then if the woman is hot, men’s willy will give some hard feeling and that send rushes in men’s blood and that makes men more logical because they judge that way? At least we are not like that 😛

  140. Its true, we know that girls will fall for the arrogant, egoistic bad boys ALL the time.
    But but but, who do they end up marrying in the end? The arrogant egoistic bad boy who has girls throwing themselves at him all the time or the nice caring guy who loves you?

  141. Of course NO…girls fall for gentlemen and not the arrogant and egoistic bad boys..First impression did not last long. Thus, girls prefer caring and able to make decisions kind of guy. Which girls do not prefer a guy would hold the door for them?..I mean can make decision and did not mean making decision in an arrogant way by showing off they could make a more accurate decision or they should take charge of everything..So, I absolutely agree that girls fall in love with their hearts..
    As for guys, I am strongly agree that they fall in love with their eyes..
    Example, I can darely said that, the guys will melt when the girl starts to cry..They just cant resist the girl’s tears bt just follow their wish… 😛 ..Guys just want their girls to be beautiful..that’s why so many girls went for plastics surgery just to satisfied their guys…
    I agree that guys fall in love with eyes..hahaha…
    p/s: all girls are beautiful in their own way

  142. well, i can say that girls do fall for bad guy easily. The reason: bad guy always the one with humour, confident, know how to manipulate people’s mind, and know what girls want.
    i knew this guy few months ago. he is a real big liar. he boast how wealthy he was. how he used to drive Ferrari in Australia. How he own Lexus in HK. How he become Lee Ka Seng’s assistant. How is is still single for so long. How he quit being a surgeon after his ex past away in his arm. how he was forced to give up his HK 20K income and back to Malaysia work. how woman is a big headache for him so he is still single till now. how this and that. bla bla bla. but the fact is everyone still believed in what he said. people just believed in what he said because of he is good in manipulate people’s mind. no doubt he is very goog in talking. very very good.
    however when come to the truth….he have to borrow money from people to go back to HK see his wife and kids. yes. he is married in HK with 2 kids. i guess none of the people in Malaysia knew this. and he can go after lots of girls telling they are the one he’s been looking for after so long being single. and girls die for him.
    truth is ugly. pity his wife didnt know anything happened here…. = =

  143. I don’t dig ego guys. I Like humble guys with confidence. And why dont i dig ego guys? Because i believe what ego guys can do, I can do better.

  144. Is It True That Girls Fall In Love With Their Hearts And Guys Fall In Love With Their Eyes?
    I have to agree SOLID with this statement, as i am in the situation to relate to. I fell in love with a guy a year ago, and he never failed to amaze me even tho his egoism stood in the way, i accepted him for who he was,even though he didn’t have much to offer, i fell in love with his charisma and for him just being Him. Still, I continue loving him till this very day. He, on the other hand, fell for the looks i guess, as he decided to maybe gimme a “try” …after only a couple of months, he broke up with me. I gave him my all, everything i could afford, I quit my job and my life elsewhere for him , just so he knows how much he means to me. I made huge sacrifices just to have him back. He has marked a standard for guys in my perception , a standard so high that i fear no one can beat that standard, so , i still miss him so much and it hurts me so to see him around hanging with lotsa different beautiful girls. So, i guess he falls with his eyes and me, with my heart~ Still hoping for a change in tide…with time…

  145. nice guys are too timid and shy… their shyness potrayed that they dont have enough self-confident and they are just TOO nice.
    when i was in college, there were one or two really good condition nice guys going after me. they’re gentlemen, nice, soft-spoken… pursuing a good science degree and is rich themselves. but i was never attracted to them.
    we went out for movies, dinner, and other outings.. but they are just too nice and too bland. i dont wanna say girls in general, but for myself, i cant see the potential in them being my bf bcoz they are always so nice, saying “yes” in everything, doesnt wanna argue/debate with me. they are boring, in fact.
    the nicer they are, the more dull they are too.
    but i’m not saying that i like bad guys too. a real man know how to be nice with a girl and also how to “argue” with them [girl]. ego man are not necessary intellectual, but intellectual man are often ego. because they have enough self-confident, knows what they want and knows what a girl needs. they’ll tell their girl honestly what they dont like about her and how she should improve. on top of all, they know how to say “NO”.
    in any way, “bad guys” is too general. man who knows what they want and know how to say “no” is always a gentleman. because they wont change themselves for other, unlike nice guys.
    a real gentleman brings himself well towards a ;ady and other ppl; even at times, being sarcastic [which is often humourous].
    a nice guy is just like a puppy, only for those who are motherly.

  146. I don’t really care about his competition but I have something to say about you Mr.Kenny Sia.. your such a MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig) seriously!!! I hope Nicole agrees * sniggers*

  147. yesh! this is something i always dont get it right. i have girl-friends around me, telling me. “U’re very nice guy la. Why no girl-friend??” “Don’t worry la. Alot of girl will come after u!” “U sure u no gf?” …I’m sick of it. I’ve have girl-friends around me, for the past few years, I grow with them..see them fall in love then out of love..and all of’em, they ended up being DUMP by the guy or either the guy is having an affair. As far as i know, the guys that they hooked up with are all the good-lookings, flirty, and somehow bad in someway. They cant get over it and they still love HIM. Get a life lah. Girls, stop it and please throw that spell away from u. Guys, good girls are hard to find too..if you saw one..better grab it before the chance slip through. Happy Halloween peeps. Chill..

  148. There isnt a pattern to predict how girls choose guys. But I must say most girls have two hearts. Well, not two hearts as in they are disloyal or anything like that, its the fact that girls have two sides to them.
    One part of them wants security. The other part craves excitement.
    And believe me, guys who can charm wins hands down.
    The thing about guys who are bad boy or sarcastic is that they are absolutely charming. Now tell me, who can you communicate better with? The quiet guy who stumbles when he speaks or the guy who is extremely open and jokes around with?
    Most of the time, its the things they say charms girls over. Not how they look. Not-so-handsome guys can be hot too.
    Now if only the shy good guy have the guts to be more confident and charm the ladies, I’m sure these guys would be perfect.
    Problem is, if these nice guys cant convince themselves that they are good enough for the ladies, who is gonna convince the ladies that they are?

  149. Know of any girls who go through extreme lengths to pursue a guy too arrogant for his own good?
    I once knew a girl friend who had seriously went through extreme lengths to pursue her ex. (Names are hidden for privacy purpose)
    The girl, A was quite an innocent girl who hardly knew anything about the game of love when i got to know her as she came from an all girls school and she had not had any boyfriend before.
    As for the guy, B is the so called hot guy with hot body, staying at my corridor. Though some girl may see him as the prince charming due to his body and looks, but he was kinda irritating as he kept picking on me and irritated the shit out of me every single day without fail.
    when the duo met, the girl had a massive crush in the guy. so what she did was totally legendary. she was the most daring girl that i’ve met so far in pursuing the guy she liked.
    these were what she did to get him when they were just NORMAL friends:
    – did his really stinky overdued laundry (his sweaty gym clothes that stinked the whole corridor)
    – acted as ‘the girlfriend’ when his aunt and friends came. she even made them little gifts before they left
    – got him intern jobs through connections
    – went to gym bcuz he always go to the gym
    – brought him to meet her family
    – accompanied his parents throughout their stay when they came to visit
    – sat with him intentionally for every meals
    – tried to get a taste of alcohol (tho she did not drink) cuz he likes drinking
    – scoled me for teasing him to be a mid 20s virgin (she is a true good girl christian btw)

  150. Conclusion is, All things are possible to those who believe.
    Its all in the Mind, Malaysia Boleh, Nice guys also Boleh.

  151. Bad guys will alwez GET the hot chicks
    Good guys mayb MARRIED the hot chicks
    but then again the good guyz get the LEFTOVER….

  152. A new reader of your blog, and just had to comment. you got all those three choices wrong, dont fancy any of them, especially robbie.. Girls, at least I, go for men who exude confidence and believe in themselves. Confident but not cocky. There are a lot of nice, confident men around. Nice does not necessarily mean shy and timid, and confident does not equate to bad-ass. as for marriage, whoa thats a lil too far for me to think about right now :p

  153. “Girls LOVE IT when a guy acts like he owns the place and that the whole world revolves around him. Even better if he’s also arrogant and sarcastic. ”
    Girls love guys that really DO own the place, and guys whom the world REALLY revolves around. Even better if he’s witty and intelligent.
    Girls HATE guys who ACT. The most patheic way to attract the much needed attention – to feed their ego. Not ignoring the fact that they are generally pretty bad actors.

  154. When girls say look isn’t important. Its all lies. all those crap about inner beauty the girls going on about is a trap to get us good guys.
    yes i has been cheated on by my ex-gf 2 years ago. now looking back at the things she said about look isn’t important and similar crap, i can’t help myself but laugh.
    since i got over her i lost some weight and now the world is my playing field. guys satistically speaking, its better to go after many girls, coz by chance one of them will fall head over heels for you. its all maths, now u wish u had listen in maths class don’t you? haha

  155. first and foremost, stop shooting Mr SMS. It’s not like any of us even qualified to become a space tourist ….. hahahahaha ….

  156. Hello, I lurrrvvvvee Doctor Gregory House! Haha I think it’s the sarcastic thing that make girls so “wow, damn he’s smart” kind. And well, when he looks like he owns the place, girls swoon.
    I used to like this really bad boy from school. I was a prefect and well, nerdy. He was what you’s call the typical ‘beng’ and though not extremely good-looking, he was very nice to girls, yet bad (real fierce) to the guys. Whenever girls are with him, they feel like princesses. I think it’s because you know that they treat you differently from how they treat their friends. So it makes the girls’ hearts beat faster, and hormones are to blame for these emotions.
    Hey, we can’t help it if our emotions, not logical thinking rule our minds. That’s why cute stuff sell well. That’s why the women’s market is always profiting. We go on our moment(s) of impulse. Bad boys make us feel that. Nice guys don’t. Only if in the long run, but they most likely make us feel comfortable. So that’s why girls go for bad boy types.
    It’s logical. =P

  157. i m a gal..cant help ladies easily to fall for bad boys..but at d end d day, it is the real true sincere good guys that their heart ll glue to.. n last… ;)so good guys out there..just be urself and you ll find ur ms.right!! good luck

  158. a reply to this post:
    [I’m really annoyed with the word ‘angkasawan’ at the moment I wrote a whole post about it. I mean when it’s used in English sentences 😛 Engkasawan? Actually what’s the proper English term for it??]
    er…actually, the term ‘angkasawan’ is used by the media to avoid confusion and criticism as Sheikh Muszaphar is not even certified as a cosmonaut/astronaut by NASA. he’s merely a spaceflight participant…so, to not hurt the ego of many Malaysians who see him as an idol of some sort because of his accomplishment as the first Malaysian on space, they called him ‘angkasawan’…
    funny Malaysians.

  159. Men and women both have a desire to know they are wanted and desired. Given that agenda, one’s motivation will determine how they react to being hit on or initiating conversation.
    Some people are truly interested, some are just shopping and some are looking for an ‘attention” fix.
    What’s your agenda?

  160. In my opinion….. I like egotistical guys.. but only for a fling. In my experience, relationships with egotistical guys do not last long coz they’re too busy thinking about themselves. But it’s nice to be seen with him, coz women like to show off they’re guys to other women. However, i really do hate a guy who has nothing to be egotistical about (but is), arrogant but obviously have nothing to be proud about.
    But! for long-term relationship.. i think i prefer a more stable guy. But also, someone who is abit macho and not a door-mat, yet sensitive (no respect for those “door-mat” kind of guys.. how to defend my honour like that?!?!? Wussy!).

  161. How true 😛 I suppose it depends on which is stronger, logic or feelings. Is it possible to have both? What if logic tells you that you should go for the nice guy but there is a lack of feelings? Do you still go for it and hope that the feelings come later? I can’t seem to come to a final conclusion as to why girls always want the nice guy but end up being with the jerk.

  162. Sometimes, good guys always fail. Good guys are too nice, too honest and too humble. So, they end up losing all the time and the one they love walk away with another guy who is more nice(as if), more honest(as if) and not humble.
    Maybe nice guy should learn how to cheat and how to make themselves look “perfect” in the eyes of girls.

  163. It’s not bad boys that we like but smart and sensible guys. BUT, they must not be geeky/nerdy/mommy’s boy/sissy. A guy who cares for u not because he’s afraid of you but because he loves you. It’s all about balance. Guys who are scared of their gf have small balls. Guys who abuse their gf have no balls.

  164. Ivy Chai, do you still remember the ads by Petronas where the grandmas all sit together at their old folks home and talk about their kids? All of them talk about how successful their kids have become. All except one. She said that her son is not rich but he has a car and every weekend, he’ll bring his family to visit her and then they will all ride together in the car for an outing.
    I think showing off your man to your girls is nothing compared to showing off what your man has done for you. You know, buying something beautiful but useless may seem elegant but they may eventually get thrown out or donated to charity in the end but buying something useful, now that is an investment.

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