Online Dating – Is It Way The Way Of The Future?

Fine, I admit.

I have a personal profile on the Facebook, Friendster and even
Facebook and Friendster are social-networking websites so its alright. But
Let’s just say at the time I was desperate, single and really, really bored.

Look, I don’t know how well joining online dating websites like or work for other people. To be honest, I have yet to meet anyone who could claim to have successfully found the man or woman of their dreams from online dating websites.
I’m pretty sure there are some people out there who did. But if there are then maybe they’re sitting behind their computer screens and not come out long enough for me to meet them.

Theoretically speaking, online dating should work fairly easily.
You create a personal ad, upload a photo of yourself and post it to various dating websites like, or If someone likes what they see, they pop a message to you and then the two of you meet up, go on dates, marry, have kids and then live happily ever after.
That’s the theory.
In practice, theory is crap.

In reality, girls lie about their weight and guys lie about their income.

What’s more, people tend to always upload impossibly flattering photos completely opposite of what they look like in the flesh. Maybe from the website, he looks like Steven Chow but when you see him in real life, he looks like Steven Lim.

“You are my sunshine. I love you like chicken pie.”

Then add to that problem, is this extremely unfavourable ratio of guys compared to girls on online dating websites. The hottest chicks are always get thousands of messages from guys. How the heck is she gonna finish reading all the messages, let alone reply yours out of so many?
Too many poles and not enough holes is never a good thing.

So when you think about it, finding a prospect for a boyfriend or a girlfriend online using dating websites isn’t any easier than doing the same in real life. The only benefit is that shy or people low on self-confidence may find it easier to chat up to a stranger online first before meeting face to face.

I’m not saying that online dating is for desperate guys and ugly girls. I can certainly see the benefits of online dating.
Busy men and women who work long hours and having to take care of the house may not have time to hit the clubs and meet new people. For the girls, it gives them a way to evaluate a prospect’s character before deciding to jump into bed with him.
For the guys, it’s even better. If we don’t like the girl we’re talking to, we can just end the conversation abruptly and nobody would owe anyone anything.
It ain’t easy to do the same in real life.

Accidents can happen when you’re trying to escape from a bad date

Having said that, is online-dating the way of the future? Nah, I don’t think so. Maybe for some people it might be a good move.
But for now, I think guys should stick to the good ol’ method of scoring chicks by owning a Mercedes.
Nicole disagreed with me. Then again, she’s always the unrealistically over-optimistic one.
Have you participated in online dating websites before? Any happy or horror stories to share?

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145 Replies to “Online Dating – Is It Way The Way Of The Future?”

  1. Online dating? well… IRC more like it. We chatted online, on phone etc. When the time came and we met, both of us feel very very bad? ok… maybe i’m a shallow person… but would you date a hippo with bad breath? i mean..seriously…
    I even tried blind dates, didn’t went well either.
    Btw… i got my profile on and no reply since 2002 =P
    But now i’m happily married with a beautiful wife who i’ll spend the rest of my left over life with.
    Words of HaMz: No one’s perfect… just be grateful someone wants to marry you.

  2. Looks like I’ll have to buy my own Hugo XY. Good job in marketing Hugo!! 😛
    Interesting story… may I make something up? I’m unfortunate enough to not have any interesting stories to share on this… Just that my friend met this girl online by playing Ragnarok.
    How cool. May we have multiple entries? In case some ideas spring up? 🙂

  3. hmmm… dating huh? Kenny, you really are desperate. Nevermind though, sooner or later, you’re not gonna be single anymore. Trust me, some girl out there is waiting for a guy like you.

  4. Online dating seems so superficial. Yes, feelings may develop but what you are REALLY feeling? Is it love? Addiction? Amusement? I vouch for the latter. I always say, action speaks louder than words and action leaves a larger imprint in your heart while words can be forgotten after a while.

  5. Success stories are not unheard of. If you Googled for them you’d find a lot.
    I know someone who met her current boyfriend in an IRC (not intending to date one another, just chat). They eventually exchanged e-mails and got to know each other; both clicked well. She lives in the U.S, him in Malaysia. They eventually met up and lasted for a couple of years even though they didn’t meet up often, both located at opposite ends of the world and all… until he proposed to her. True story.

  6. I joined when I was 13!! and Im still on it now unfortunately Ive yet to meet someone good. Most of them are just pervy ang mo kaos.
    Once some guy was so crazy over me. He said he’s willing to come all the way from NZ to meet up with me and obviously wants a little more than that. He even wants to get a Malaysian PR but we know that’s rather impossible for someone who only works as a.. security guard? So.. I told him to stop being a freak. I already have a boyfriend and I dont do things like that so I pretty much ignored him since.
    Then.. one day, he suddenly messaged me saying something like “Fine, you got your way. Im going to take my life. You fucking nasty bitch for making me feel worthless. Bye” :O!!
    Turn out he didnt die after all. A month or two later, he messaged me again. I was like “Arent you supposed to be dead?” and he said something like “Oh, I did cut myself and ended up in hospital for a while but Im all right now. So what’s up? How’ve you been?” -.-
    The truth behind him wanting to meet up so badly is because he’s been single for many months and he claims that he cant orgasm through wanking.
    Plain weird -.-

  7. Desperate time call for desperate measure.
    Some may even got hook up by using Online Games, that is if you can be sure that on the other side of computer, its equipped with a hole instead of a pole.
    In online game world, the golden rule is males are male, and female most likely to be male.
    I know of a friend. She was hook up with a Mexican guy through MSN. Imagine that! And she even claimed that after graduating, shes gonna fly all the way to Mexico and marry him, even if thats the first time they met face to face.
    WELL, lets conclude that desperate time call for desperate measure eh. I am not sure how that mexican will react but my friend definitely lie about her weight

  8. Online dating, I have never tried.
    But I remember the days of MIRC, when you’d chat and ASL a person. Then we’d find that “Oh he’s from my place” or “Hey, this chick’s from my place”
    And you’d find that you clicked so well, online. The moment you see her or him and notice that person’s not that attractive, wham! There goes.
    You don’t even chat anymore after that. And it’s then you notice how important looks really are. Who said it’s the heart that matters? right……

  9. well, i joined those online dating sites since young, but it never last for long. maybe because i was too young to understand what’s going on.
    you register, go do something quick with your profile, and start browsing for girls staying nearby or girls around your age. you drool at those hot photos, send messages, and wait.
    two weeks passed, nothing in your inbox, got bored, and back to irc and icq those days.
    though irc worked for me, went out with this girl and group of friends, treated them to lunch, and wooottsss gone she is now. haha.
    guess in real life it’s not that easy, been single for a looooonngggg time already. heh.

  10. I knew a girl from mIRC in mid ’98 and things started to pick up from there. After 6 months or so, we started exchanging emails and wrote to each other about our life. At the end of the year on 31st December 1999, we met up for the first time. It was slightly awkward meeting someone virtual. She was so shy even though she knew loads about me. I was so nervous that I was nonsensical in whatever I was saying. I’m really glad we met up.
    We have been together ever since then till this very day. If it wasn’t for her existence, I would have missed out a lot in life.

  11. I have dated online before, without meaning to. Back when I was fresh from high-school, naive with my head full of dreams, I met someone on IRC who I enjoyed chatting with day and night. Even though he was half a world away and much older than I was, we carried on seriously enough for him to come back to Malaysia just for me.
    When we first met in person, the adjustments felt really awkward. Like what Nicole says, it’s easier to have the illusion of perfection when you didn’t have to see the real person. Online, a bloke may seem so intelligent and charming (with his words all well-thought out before he typed them) and arguably decent-looking (with the best photos he’d ever taken, hiding away all the flaws. He was not quite so brave and shameless like our friend Kenny) so you start imagining you’ve scored yourself a rare, fine specimen of the XY species.
    But in person, all that fallacy fell away and he turned out to be an otherwise ordinary man, who is awkward, careless, over-assuming, egoistic and bad at social situations. Also, our physical differences turned heads wherever we went. These are the things you sometimes fail to consider when you have an over-extended relationship online.
    I thought I was lucky anyway (It could have been some kind of worse freak like steven lim, right?) and because our conversations were not half-bad and certain things really clicked, we stayed together for 4 years before we called it quits. Not bad for someone I met online.
    But if you ask me if I’ll do it again or consider dating online, I’ll say “eeek no thanks”
    All that practise in feeling let down when the person you see is not like what you expected (and I don’t mean just not looks alone), is tiring to the point of traumatizing.
    Relationships are tough enough without having it start from false expectations. Or 100 e-mails saying “hi hot chick! I’m feeling horny! Wanna hump?”

  12. Online dating is bullshit. if they are as preety, as rich, as ‘perfect’ as they claim in their profiles, they wouldnt be facing problems finding their dates in real life. some might say that they are shy in meeting new people, but posting your close-up pictures in a social networking site that enables gazillions of desperados and “desperadis” to see and contact you? Manifestly, what they claimed about being ‘shy’ is not that true anymore, no? In USA, there are already cases involving luring underage girls to have sex with self-poclaimed “teenagers”. Sigh. A harmless social networking site has been turned into predators’ lair. Sad huh.
    Anyway, my point is, say ‘Tak Nak’ to online dating.
    p/s: im not here to win the cologne.
    happy deepavali to all Indians!

  13. Online dating?
    Haha, that has got to be the story of my life. See when I was somewhat young and immature (read: highschool) I was THE awkward teenager of the class. I was always the boyish type who hung out with the guys and never ever got to be asked out, because hey not only was I chubby then but due to an accident back when I was 7, I happen to sustain scars that I still carry to this date. ANYWAY. So yeah that was me. Then I discovered the THING THAT IS CALLED THE INTERNET. And I realized, wow this is more like it. I can be anything here and I can be the coolest thang in the group with no one the wiser on how I’m such a depressed and idiotic girl. Then I met a boy in one of MSN group things and he was the, let’s say, the coolest and meanest and most sarcastic of the group (heck even in the internet people are attracted to the assholes). And weirdly enough he noticed me. I happen to like the attention and the thought that he noticed me and was never ever mean to me. I TAMED the savage beast were the content of my thoughts. So we “dated” for a year or so. By dating I mean going online every single day and talking to each other and swearing that even though we were ocean’s apart we’d still see each other. In the end we never got to though because I just realized the foolishness of it all. I spilled my guts to this guy, all truth and shit, and yet he was always the mysterious one… Always saying that he’s been let down a lot and that I have to give him time to “heal” and then he’ll share and stuff. It was a very messy part of my life I guess. I didn’t realize how foolish I was to get so involved with someone when there was probably no chance of ever meeting up with him.
    I guess online dating works, but I don’t think it will ever work with me because let’s just say I need something more. Something else. Someone who can hold me and tell me everything and I can believe him because I see it in his eyes and his body language that he is telling me the truth.
    And plus, I’m glad that I have that with someone real. Someone who can accept me for real and hug me and hold me. Someone who loves me, scars and all.
    Lotsa love, Jana
    I know I’m not going to win cause I don’t live in Malaysia but I thought I’d still share anyway.

  14. On line dating is a number game. It is like playing the lottery. You may meet someone you like quick. Or you may take long time to find someone you like. Until both of you like each other ,nothing gonna happen. But like lottery your chances increases as you meet more people.
    I know several people who got married through online dating. First of all don’t look for looks.
    It is the personality, that attracts eachother.
    Until you meet someone whose personality is compatible with your personality, nothing will happen. Every body likes babies and kids. Because they are always happy, laughing, smiling and does every thing natural way— they don’t fake or pretend to be something. They are honest like daylight. Just follow the personality of kids. Most people likes to be with honest, kind and compassionate people. Girls who behave like kids have no shortage of boyfriend. They get married very quick and usually have happy married life.

  15. my friend actually received a call from a guy claiming he is from and he asked her on her eligibility! The guy was dissappointed to find out she’s already married!

  16. Online dating? No thanks. For me, physical attraction is soooo important, I usually like or dislike (maybe not dislike but you know what i mean) someone from first meeting so this online chatting thing won’t work for me.

  17. i did not participate in online dating before but i had attend one….during secondary school, we used to hav one of my fren knew tis guy from icq and the guy was pretty educated, very appealing and impressive…after chatting and flirting for few months, they finally decide to meet….but….she (my fren) was known as a ‘good’ girl to her parents plus her parents are very strict so she cant attend the meeting session….me (as her best fren) represent her to help her to ‘check-out’ tis guy….i’m not tat stupid to go alone…so i dragged a few of my girl-frens jus in case he is not tat good looking or appealing as my fren described…i still remember it was in sunway pyramid bowling centre….quite a weird place to meet but tats the only landmark tat i can think of at tat moment…hehehhahaha….so there goes the meeting session…apparently…it was very dissapointing…from his looks i can see he is a smart guy (a.k.a nerd) with thick spec and braces..although it was dissapointing but one of us manage to ask him ‘let go for a drink’…that guy reply ‘oh, i got drinks here’..he showed us a water bottle he was holding….a 150mL mineral water brand name spritzer….all of us stunned……the guy said ‘ just joking’…we jus entertained him by giving a smile….we did have a short coffee session in starbucks…bout an hour then we left him and continue shopping….if he was a good looking, macho, tall, fair and handsome (again…), it would be a longer meeting session and longer coffee session…maybe movie and dinner …hehehahah….girls are realistic…and materialistic too….
    tat was my first and last experience of meeting an online guy…..cuz i know u will never meet some one great…and if u do tat will be one in a million….

  18. Of course if u compare online dating with the old fashioned direct dating… The old fashioned way beats the crap outta online ones
    Firstly… what u c isnt always what u’ll get, 90% of ppl lie online… bragging abt themselves mcm tin kosong. And with the photoshop technology, even aunties can make themselves look like miss world but in real life they look like Medusa. P/s:And if online dating is the way of the future… i guess Hugo Boss XX and XY wouldnt b much of a necessity =(… u cant smell ur date through the computer screen. U wont get high therefore no attracting advantage.
    But hey, guess what… from all the negative stuff tht i hav typed above… my bf and i met online(friendster to b precise) and were on for like… 3 years LOL. *slaps myself* Sad though sumtimes when ppl ask u like
    ‘hey… how did u met ur bf? hehe… he met u sumwhere n came forward 2 get ur number or sumthing?’
    n u’ll reply…
    ‘nola… met online 1’
    Thn they’ll start 2 think like what everyone else thinks… Eeyerr… online 1 ah… not dangerous meh this n tht… not romantic at all 1 -.-” Sad case whn ur whole fate n future depends on a click of the mouse
    Oklo… if u’ve met ur bf through direct date sure there will b more romantic stories to tell ur friends n u can brag all about it. But for my case… I’ve found my perfect one and fate tht lies on the click of a mouse isnt tht bad after all =). Hes gd looking, rich, has a good heart, exact same interest… anything n everything a girl would dream off… hes in the whole package XD… now thts a happy story =D

  19. long long time ago, during my college days in nilai, where the life there is so boring, even if you have a handphone most of the time it doesnt ring cos the signal is really bad!
    my only communication with the outside world was the internet connection in my room, thank god for ICQ! i used that to communicate with the rest of my classmates and my family.
    anyway to cut the story short, i met this guy B through ICQ, and after chatting online for 2 years i decided to meet up with him. we dated for a year plus before we called it quits.

  20. Not here to flame anyone but obviously, online-dating reflect a side of weakness of that specific person. They don’t have enough courage to face the reality instead of choosing the virtual one’s. C’mon guys, step out of the box. Find someone who is not from the “internet”.
    Online-daters are full with lies. What’s more is you tend to spend loads of times on them and eventually find that he/she doesn’t suit you when you guys decided to meet up. Face the reality, life is cruel. If you’re not good looking, a “BYE-BYE” to you. Girls and guys are both realistic and materialistic.

  21. My two relationship both come out from online dating…gee…i must be an ugly,shy n not-socialize person…in fact, i m just used to be a bit boyish lah…my male friends treat me as brother so i have no other mean but out-sourcing :p
    My first relationship was with someone from foreign country few years ago, i even flew there to meet up with him, crazy enuf for a gal? i would say it’s a serious relationship for both of us, we started by irc n than it was e-mail than followed by phone call…we would chat until late night n went to work with panda eyes in the next day, we make promises n commitment, we even told our family about our relationship (serious enuf?), we quarrel, break up n get together again n finally we decided to meet up during a holiday, n he even brought his family along… yet, few days after coming back from the meet up, I can’t get contact with him though his phone. I am so helpless, worried n hurt but just cant do anything about it, I find excuses for him but I knew something was gone, finally I asked some one whom he didn’t know at his home country to call him n he did pick up the phone…from that moment my dream was shattered, if he don’t even want to make this whole things clear, I shouldn’t embarrass myself more by flying over there to look for him…so the relationship was broken after 4 months…yeah! only 4 pity months…I feel like an idiot alright, but the pain didn’t hurt as much as I imagine…guess I didn’t love him whole heartedly, maybe it’s the distance+ imagination+ passionate to be in love that drive me through all that.
    And my second relationship came from, (I have lots of courage u c!)… after the first lesson, I pick someone from my home town, n instead of bumping my head into another relationship, i spend more time communicating with him, through email, icq, phone n sms… we started as friends, talking about weather, hobbies, life, food n everything under the sun but not yet about our relationship, a month later we had a date, it’s a pleasant one n we talked like we’ve known each other for so long, everything run smooth after that n we didn’t stop going further ….now, after 5 years together, we r still together n going strong, we know we r meant for each other n most importantly, we treasure our relationship.
    Coming from an online dating, I would say that it’s an opportunity for u to know ppl other than your existing circle, it’s a good option for the ppl who’s shy n don’t have new places to know new gal/ boy, u have the option to filter through their profile, n if u r good at writing, it actually helps u a lot. Just that, to increase the opportunity of a successful relationship, I reckon it’s important both of u stay at the same place, relationship is merely an imagination until both of u actually get along together, when u know how he eats, how he talks, how he behave to the stray dogs on the street… Don’t plunge yourself into a love illusion just by the photo that’s posted, find someone who share the same interest with u is always more practical than someone who’s ‘hot’; don’t make it a ‘deal’ or ‘not deal’ decision, adjust the mentality from ‘finding a husband/wife online’ to ‘making a new friend’ will keep u more alerted n sensible; observe him through his writing n talking, does he seems to always avoid talking about his personal thing with u? like where he live, what friends he get along with, his family etc…it could be a signal whether he’s serious or not? ….ok! I’ve taking too much of Kenny’s space, wish everybody good luck on dating online!

  22. Online dating is a OPPORTUNITY for those who are SINGLES but are THREATS for those who are attached.
    I broke up with my ex bf because he was too addicted to chatting with his online Girl FRIEND while goin out with me,which makes me JEALOUS all the time. Fights emerged between us whenever i found him chatting with her. And he’ll turned to her whenever we fight. I’m glad we finally end the relationship after a 3 years struggle in the relationship. My Ex and his online GF dated before I ended the relationship which hurts me heaps!
    A year later after my last relationship..I met my current bf thru friendster. We were both singles that time, I wasn’t desperate in engaging a relationship after a hurtful past.. but things go well and we started sending emails and later on we went for some dates together and went out with few groups of friends together too. Our friends were encouraging and supportive..Fate build our feelings. As for now i think he’s very caring and tolerant towards me.
    I’m glad i’ve been thru a hurtful past that makes me stronger and mature in handling my relationship.

  23. Oh online dating. Been there, done that. Doesnt work one la. some ppl says nope. looks doesnt matter.. as long as u have nice kind guy to look after u for the rest of yr life that’s great already. If that’s the case why are they so many not-so-good-looking young guys and gals out there with no partner yet?? minus the fact that there r Les & Gays lah.
    In my school, those with couples r the ones who are either good-looking(guys) or simply gorgeous(gals). I’ve never seen ‘Beauty & the Beast’ kinda couple.
    So hence, online dating is pretty much a whole lot of rubbish to me. I believe that the best way to find the person of yr dreams is thru real life. not some kind of virtual-dating way. besides, it’s really dangerous to just go and date some stranger.

  24. It happened to me. It took us a half a year to warm up to one another and alot of courage to meet each other in reality. Firstly, we haven had any previous relationships, secondly it’s our first time falling for someone on the online realm.
    When we finally met, it was in the bus like how I pictured it to be. He sat beside me blushing and so was I. After all the countless telephone conversation over the phone and just a picture of him, I’m finally see him in person. I remembered asking him almost a thousand times after we met if he regretted meeting me and if he wanna run away now.
    Instead he held my hands and told me that his hands are now glued to mine and is waiting to create a beautiful future together.
    I think online dating is possible, only if you don’t go in looking for someone to spend a future with. Start by looking out for friends, You never know where this friendship will eventually lead to 🙂

  25. crazy enough, I met my current boyfriend from friendster, I gave him a smile (with no message), and he has been curious enough wanting to know this girl, so we started chatting, then talkin on the phone for few months before he came singapore to meet me (he’s from Australia, and I’m studying in singapore). We stay strong til now!! Yes, he’s my first, and he met my family already and they love him.
    We are going to engage soon, afetr I graduate in 2009, we love each other so much, he does alot of things for me, work hard for our future, and yes, I’m willing to die for this guy, because I love him so much, I’m lucky to meet him 🙂
    Just wanna say, internet soulmate is possible, but… got to depends on your luck 🙂
    ps: I really want the perfume, please let me win Kenny :p

  26. Online dating is like the worst thing ever. Yeah lah,you get to sound hip, cool, confident and this and that. But when we meet, both sides turn shy and the guy who sounded so macho via MSN is like, ‘OMG, sissier than my sister!’
    And I sound like a mice who could only emit a squeak when talked to. It’s like the whole world around us is descended by a layer of silence. So quiet that you can even envision the violin played by those crickets. Or maybe the lizards on the wall are making some obscene, hair-raising sounds.
    And suddenly, the nightmare just pop out. He has no taste in fashion, while I feel like I’m overdressed around him. The worst thing, I should say, is that annoying silence. Nothing beats that.
    And the bonus: You actually learn not to trust those pictures people post on the Net. They appear really pretty or winsome. In reality…
    I guess you don’t want me to talk about that.

  27. Online dating? i guess there are evidences that it works providing the guy and the girl post their real pictures and profiles. It might be quite disappointing if the virtual guy that you spend time chatting and talking over the phone for hours to turn out as a COMPLETELY different person that you expected him to be. Its either you accept his/her flaws or you just forget what happened between you and him/her. I guess if you really want a online relationship, i think it really based on fate, as there are a lot of two timers, or i guess three,four timers that will have different relationships in the real world or the virtual world.

  28. for online dating it is good when u hit the right target. like me now, 3 of my ex are from the internet and same as currrent….

  29. i have 2 friends who met their partner thru irc, and both got married this year.
    A&B met in irc and dated for 8 yrs before they tie their knot, and they seem extremnely happy with their relationship.
    C met D in irc. D is a Swedish. After months of online correspondence, D decided to travel to malaysia and he stayed on. now they”re happily married.
    Then, i have a friend who met his gf thru and he seem to get a nice girl, so i thought maybe i should try my luck as so far, all my relationships ends up hopeless. i registered myself to ahmoi, within 2 weeks, my mailbox got flooded. non of them seem like a potential to me. hundreds of email still coming in, i got panicked…and i deleted my ahmoi account.

  30. I had 2 girlfriends that got married to guys they know through net. So I guess it’s more of luck and where cupid is hanging out.

  31. In this age of information technology, internet has become THE MEDIUM for communication whether in our work and social life. Some people cannot live without the internet.
    So it’s only logical that instead of the traditional match-making agencies and pen-pal writing that we have in the 1980s(by the way, we still have today), we have such thing as online dating websites and online chatting. These new MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION are even faster than the traditional ones.
    However, to me, both of the mediums served its orginal purpose i.e making friends, looking for companions and life partners. However, both are have its drawbacks i.e. you didn’t see that person physically before and you only knows him/her in the “superficial level” and not personally and intimately, unlike we meet someone face to face. So, the drawback is that you might someone who might turn out to be some psycho, unlike you knew him/her online or the traditonal ones.
    Looking at the issue of online dating as Kenny has mentioned, yes, there may be some success stories where two strangers from two different worlds in the two different continents have met, make friends and have met the man/woman of their dreams and eventually get married. So you have the internet and online dating websites of bridging the gap of two souls of this seemingly borderless world.
    However, there are many heart-breaking stories as well. Not only that, there are many criminally link stories of girls get molested and rape after meeting a total stranger whom she thought is meeting her Price Charming.
    So people nowadays do not really trust online dating websites. They may have profiles, but that does not mean they are relying 100% on online dating websites for them to find their dream partners. They are still looking around through social clubs, social activities, their circle of friends and colleagues.
    So to those young people out there, please do not rely on online dating websites as THE SOURCE for you to find friendship and seeking marriages. You are too precious to be conned, molest and rape by some pyschos.
    To those who have find happiness in online dating websites, I must congratulate you! No doubt, there are some honest, caring and loving people in the online dating websites.

  32. Ouch! That pic of u and the gate is er, so so wrong..
    And lol, i know it’s irrelevent but i love ur sheep background.
    So cute. *sheepish*
    I haven’t heard anything like
    Just the name of the site made me roaring with laughter.
    Good luck with the online dating scene.
    (but i dun think u need luck LAH, Kenny.)
    *heart shapes popping everywhere….*

  33. *sorry for the numerous comments*
    I just realized the Steven Lim you wrote about
    is the same ass from S.I auditions.
    He ANNOYS the crap outta me. LOL.
    Click on the link to his blog and it made me gag all
    my lunch.
    *So embarrassing. (since i’m a Singaporean as well.)

  34. Yr blog used to be interesting as it despicts yr life,personal opinions etc but I realised nowadays it has become more & more commercialised.

  35. If you’re slightly on the heavier side of the scale like me, more likely than not you’ve tried the whole website that promises to find you a match; like many others i was lured into it by my best friend who found her mr perfect on , an indian matrimonial website.
    It seemed like a bloody drag, if you know what i mean.. i had to market myself in order for guys to get attracted me, and from the replies that i got… safe to say either i was marketing myself wrongly or that the site had just lame people who could not even construct a decent sentence in english and who were all out to just find a way to get me into bed with them. Haiihhh talk about cheap men! :p
    Then I met some from Australia… and the first thing that came to my mind was.. is he for real? In time i learned that , meeting someone online is fine, just as long as you know that at one point in time you’re goona actually meet each other, otherwise there is no point in it. Long story short, I realised that guy was also a pea brain… and so I realised that not everyone is made to find their mr perfect online or at least online dating websites.
    The hours that are put in, with the time difference and all that isn’t worth it. If its meant to be it will be… you dont have to go out and search for mr. perfect or ms.perfect they’d come to you if that how’s its meant to be 🙂
    Try it, if not for anything else for the experience , never know it could be your cup of tea 🙂

  36. “Too many poles and not enough holes is never a good thing.”
    Don’t u know what takes place in the fallopio tube? what’s wrong with millions of sperm vs one egg?

  37. haha hilarious! XD
    i dont believe in online dating
    like you said, too many people making up false identities making up stuff that isnt true about them, aint safe at alll…
    but i do know this friend of mine to got girlfriends online. notice the ‘S’..
    he says he takes it seriously but really 5 girls at a time? makes him feel special i guess. HAHA keeps bragging about them. somehow i think these girls are just really desperate.
    haha dont think you would have problems lar..
    you’re a nice guy.
    plus, some people do like chubby guys.
    seriously. Good luck!

  38. hey! WTF? at 1st i see some footage of nicole in your blog… then in your blog video, then more of yer pictures in your blog…. more and more pictures of her in your Travel blog.. with her, sharing a room.. .. now even the stuff that u blog are similar to hers??!! It’s getting kinda irritating dun u think..??
    knowing that u have a gf but still go travelling with this gal and sleep in a same room….

  39. Dear Kenny, it is still about my life and my personal opinion. Just because the entry is sponsored doesn’t mean it is any less about my life and my personal opinion. I am still the one writing it, not HUGO.

  40. Haven’t seen any successful online dating? Well, I’m lucky that I’ve witnessed it because two of my cousins got married to the man they once met online. The first cousin got married to a Dutch and is happily married with a son now. The second cousin got married to an Italian-Australian and it’s residing in Australia now.
    You might think it’s impossible and I’m making them up because it sounds like a rip off from a novel. But I’m not, it really happened. My dad warned me many times not to follow the footsteps of my cousins and find an online boyfriend but after witnessing the possibilities I might reconsider it.
    I personally have not tried online dating but, I’ve participated in online forums and met a bunch of people from around the world. I even chat with them and well.. flirted. So, to answer your question there’s nothing wrong with online dating since I’ve seen successful ones and it only works for certain people.

  41. back in college days, ICQ and IRC were very very popular (yes, you can guess my age already….) I was from inti college so i always hang out in the inti irc channel. here’s the story.
    a guy sent me a PM so we chatted a bit and guess what? we actually know each other but never talk to each other. we have some casual talk and end of session. next thing i know, he’s got my phone number and started to call me every day. our conversation goes like this.
    him: let’s meet up
    me: ok, no problem
    him: but then if you fall in love with me how?
    me: then so be it la -_-|||
    him: i’m handsome wor, if you really fall for me how le?
    me: then i’ll just fall for you lo.. -_-||||||||
    and it goes on and on and on.
    after a few calls from him, i asked around people taking the same course as he is. THIS IS THE FUNNY PART. after so many years i can still remember the conversation.
    me: lu eh pak XXX bor? (you know XXX or not?)
    friend: ooohh, he kor pui pui orr orr tua tua jiak kong wah tua tua sia eh har!!!??? ( oohhh, the one who is fat fat black black big big size and talk super loud one!!!???)
    me: si meh? ee kong ee jing eng tao le??? ( really?? he said he is very handsome one??)
    friend: (laugh until cannot breath)
    until one day, a friend point out him for me. my friend was right. the story was soon known by his classmate and he was teased for months.

  42. ooh kenny is PISSED.
    you should totally calm down.

  43. Hey Dude, on line dating is exactly like real dating, sometime it works sometime it does not, if it does not, move on to the next . The advantage of online dating is that you don’t need guess if the person you’re interested in ” is attached”. Unless you like the Cat chase mouse, ” tackle”… games.
    Basically when someone sign up for dating service he/she is available for the date/love/cheat/ one-night-stand market place. Great service if for career minded people who wanna meet someone with mutual interest without guessing or chasing game.

  44. Online dating is for kids wishing to be adult.
    Kids these days can tell you that they have girlfriends and boyfriends whom they have not actually meet! They take it seriously and that’s the funny part!
    Oh by the way, I am sorry if you’re a kid and what I said offended you. Kids should stay away from anyway.
    P/S: still alive kah? So long already.

  45. I hope I win this one. My guy teacher has a body odor of a dead buffalo. Then I can give him and spray his ‘presence away’. If I win the woman one I’ll obviously keep it for myself.

  46. I ve had a near experience w online dating once….well..the reason why only once cos of what that had happened in this episode of my life’s ‘Things i dont want to remember and ppl to find out’..
    flashback 1999..form money..ur life revolvvves around tuition n while chit chatting w a close fren one day..he told me he’s meeting this ‘CUN’ chick w a GREAT personality by the name of ‘Jamie’..some1 he got to know through MIRC and hit off as his old boys school heng tai he ask me if i want to come along to provide ‘moral support’..sked say sked la..
    so they decided to meet at amcorp pj..once happenin hang out n love nest for all pee jay school was suppose to wear a brown sweater and she a red top la..i went ahead first to scout around the premise to report to him if ‘Jamie’ has arrived and how she looked like..very imp..just in case she s not she described..
    then i saw top n all..damn cun wei!!..then something quite not rite happened..i saw three girls sitting in a table giggling away wearing the same!! leng lui w two other not so pretty i went bck to report la..saying that even the not pretty one aso is ‘jamie’ at least u can get the pretty girl’s no for me instead..dissapointingly he agreed..
    as he sat down w the girls n started chatting i realized one gay dude with traffic light bright red which was supertight fitting..and ball choking pants..joinin the table of 4..from afar i saw he started introducing himself to heng tai and the rest of the girls started leaving 1 by 1..
    so then i realize he kena setup w a gay lo by the name of Jackie..1 hour later he tried to act macho and cover line by saying ..ohh..i knew all along ..haha..little did he knew Jamie’s got a ‘gun’..= )..

  47. I used to have the habit of finding gay friends in online dating sites. I think gay friends are more sensitive and they can be very good listeners and they can be very fun to hang out with. I think that way probably because I’m quite a nerd and I don’t have much good friends who will listen to my problems in real life. Talking to a girl about my problem might put myself into embarrassment, as you would know how fast the story can “travel”.
    Although most of them are craving for gay-sex in such online dating sites, there are certainly some of them who are finding for pure friendship.
    I’ve found one. He tells me a lot of his stories and he listens to my problems. Although we have different sex orientation, we became good friends.
    If I ever have a chance to win the Hugo XY EDT, I would like to have it delivered to him. Good friend deserves something for being a good listener. And even a gay deserves to use the Hugo XY.

  48. i met my hubby online!! well, we both got to know each other from a car forum 🙂 then he saw my friendster profile and read my blog.. before that he thought i’m a guy pretending to be a girl on the car forum as he hardly comes across a girl car freak! hehehe..
    anyway, we exchanged emails, chatted online and on the phone for a week or two.. then we met in person after that.. and after our 1st meet up, he sms-ed me and told me he’s in love 🙂 we dated for 3 months before we went to the registry to sign the paper 😀
    and now i’m happily married to this wonderful guy for 1 year!

  49. After you mentioned that kenny, i went to check out and i saw different purposes of ppl registering themselves init…
    For pretty gals, ( no offense) most of them just wanna c how many msgs they can collect if they register in it..
    For those who are not.. Liks Kenny said… wont be fair..esp with Photosshops and stuff.. Hehehe.. i dont belong to the pretty kinda category… Dun put love as context..
    The simplest one…~~ Friendship..
    In real life in person how likely are you able to meet a true friend out of the odds? Possible but count count.. you’d be lucky if you actually met ONE in your life time.. So wat more about that person who is meant for you? Like he said.. POSIIBLE but we also know that thered be a probability scale on that.. This world is no longer as safe as it used to.. apa lagi true love..

  50. i understand how u feel, but ur earning liao yet i’m still a student. so, gimme few years then i’ll compare with u. but one thing i’m blur about is, ur earning, yet u still can’t get any char boh. either ur not earning enuf or ur not skilled enuf (gotta pick up guitar or something kua). but i’m not at the position to caci u, but…think girls like guys wit at least something kua.. don’t tell me u like some girl wit no special skill or stuff meh? plain doesn’t appeal anymore kua… u only have your online thinge i guess, but not enuf meh? or u too picky? only god can help u, hehe… i’m hungry, buy me lunch can ar? huhu

  51. true story?
    here’s one :
    i participated for fun in some friend finder sites
    because i’m “Let’s just say at the time I was desperate, single and really, really bored.” like you used to be
    with the hoping to find a female friend, end up a gay messaged me … LOL!
    gay friend finder?
    here’s another one :
    i saw a girl’s contact and i messaged her, but it is actually a prank set up by her colleagues.(i was told later)
    the point is, there are too many uncertainties in the internet world. its best to ensure everything before making further progress. security is the key!
    technologies is made to help people but also may lead to harm people at the same time.

  52. The closest i got to online dating was through RSVP and I can say I am really satisfied with it. I’ve made a lot of friends (as I am not seeking relationship at the mo) and more often than not, they are very very nice people; hardly dodgy serial-rapist kind.
    Yesterday, I met someone I’ve met through RSVP, a nice Industrial Designer who recently graduated from my uni. He sent me a “kiss”; rsvp way of saying “I’ve read your profile and I would like to get to know you” and I sent another kiss right back. He then proceeded to send an email with a message “I cannot stop looking at your profile picture; you have dreamy eyes and a really warm smile” and requested a chat session. So, we started chatting with each other on Monday, and we hit off immediately. We talked so much like we’ve known each other for ages and we found that we have a lot in common. Yesterday I met him in person.
    Before we met, we agreed that we will come as is and have little expectations as possible, which went really well.He was as I expected, and I suppose he was a little disappointed that he didn’t see any dreamy eyes. I had to clarify with him that dreamy eyes only come when I’m slightly drunk. We wine and dined by the beach watching the sunset and this is the first time that I feel so comfortable with a total stranger that eating seafood with my hands instead of cutlery was totally okay (and of course eating so much too without having to pretend I’m on a diet). At the end of the night, he was happy to see the dreamy eyes.
    We went back to the city and had chocolate pizza while drawing on the “paper table cloth” about his bizzare ideas and designs, and my take on how buildings should be, since we come from the same “school” in uni. we had fun scribbling on the paper-cloth and talking about our lives till the owner of the restaurant (who’s my friend) had to chase us out as they were closing.
    I know for a fact that both of us were reluctant to go home. So we drove to Krispy Kremes in the city and stuffed out face with donuts. Since the effect of alcohol have worn off, he let me drive his RX8 for a bit and I sent myself home on his car. With a brief hug and telling him I had a good time , I went into the house.
    This morning I got another Kiss on my RSVP from him saying he had a wonderful time and that we should meet up again before I head back to Malaysia for holidays on 23rd.
    If circumstances were different, I would have considered dating him for real. But I suppose it is not to be. Thus we have to content ourselves with a good friendship that I know neither of us have any qualms about…
    p/s: I would recommend RSVP… either way, ta… I have to respond to another email requesting another chat. Let’s see if I can catch myself an architect this time round. 😛

  53. Ok, here’s a story of mine. I have this male friend, he don’t really look ugly, just that, he’s kinda playful.
    Then one day, he told me something about him participating in online dates. He then show me some of the detail about the female side. but then again, no photos are included in this chatting.
    After a few days later, one of my best friend which is a female and she is damn gorgeous, show me something about online dating, and the guy she was chatting my friend who i first talk about. This is because i remembered the nickname.
    Then i started laughing and i think it’s best i don’t get involve in this. At the end, i didn’t let them know about it.
    One week after that, they decided to meet each other. They said that they would wear orange and meet up in some place. But..something went wrong here, both side asked someone else to replace themselves. Both of them cheated another person to replace them during the meet up and both of them would hide at the side observing who is the guy or girl they had chat online. But they ended up seeing the wrong person.
    I guess this couple would become a great couple if they just have to be honest about themselves. It would be perfect if they didn’t go cheating each other. For online daters..try to be honest instead of cheating. That might make online dating successful.

  54. Honestly, I am a non-sunscriber member and yes I ever dated some of the men from itself. The meeting was not bad but yes some of them does fall into category of not what you had expected but nevertheless there is always room for give and take because as what Kenny mentioned before, sometimes look can be superficial.
    I gotten myself serious with one of the member and we only lasted for one year. (Too bad for him hehehee..) Anyway, most of them does look exactly like in their pic and some yes when they were 10 years younger..Sighhhh… Most of them has one common goal when they wanted to join this online dating, to broaden their search coz they can’t find anyone near. Like for example, allows the member and non-member to be more precise in their search. If they only want to meet with someone within 100km of Selangor, then the engine search will look for anyone within that range. No..they are not DESPERATE!!!Maybe some but I can assure you that 80% of the men and women are not desperate.
    As for me, I still received winks and messages form the member,and I am open with a sincere invitation. My only advise for those who wants to involve in the online dating, there is always limit for everything, be honest about yourself and always remember to be careful and be safe all the time coz we’re talking about stranger that we never meet or talk before.
    If it is destined that you will meet your future one from online dating, take it as a bonus in your life. With all the technology surround us, making our life more easier, I think this online dating is another tool to help us. Always remember, only human can choose to abuse or not to abuse this tool.

  55. i disagree.. What about acquintance you meet in real life (though interest based on a profile and pictures is largely based on a self-penned profile. May not capture who you are. Whilst knowing a person in your social circle, you agar-agar know how he’s like), know the existance of each other but nothing more. Then you chat online/msn and realise you click?
    You could even meet on another more personal online platform: blogs. reading each other’s blogs being you into a persons mindset, feelings, thoughts.
    Most of the communication goes on “online”. It’s low commitment; chat whenever you’re free, share your music taste, your day, thoughts. One could get quite close this way.
    Then that could go on to sms-ing each other and going out. which is a real test of whether you “click”.
    Wendy cheng/xiaxue probably started off with mike this way.. Me and my baby too lol. If not for instand messenger, we won’t have found this connection. Starts off with interest in one party, get to know each other (online), meet offline, viola!
    For me, online dating’s not jus meeting on dating websites, but chatting online with acquintes you know, or blogger you click with. And it can work. Cos without the online element, you might miss that special somebody

  56. Online dating works for me last time. But it’s temporary and never can become permanent. In my opinion, cyber and reality are 2 very different things. While 1 can be very nice in the net, in real life, their personality could be what you dont expect. So it’s really difficult for people to find the perfect someone in the net.
    My experience – There was once a friend who got to know a girl in the net. My friend push me to meet her instead since she’s staying nearby my neigbourhood and report back to him about her looks. She came early in the morning waiting nearby the phone booth. As usual, I went to introduce myself and when she turn back to face me, i was shocked. She’s weird looking (so sorry. Dont mean to hurt anyone with this statement). But i was really shocked. After introducing myself, i made up an excuse to say that i cant join her for breakfast as i’m rushing off to somewhere (so bad of me. i know). Then she asked my friend for my number and my friend GAVE HER (Arghhh). When she called, i spoke to her for 3 mins the first time. Then after that, i claimed that the person has shifted. (So bad of me again). I admit i should at least be her friend instead of looking down at her weird look. Right now, i really dont mind being friend with anyone and would advise everyone to accept just about anyone to be their friend. Do not be like me in the past. This world needs more love!

  57. everywhere u go we see u being with nicole now a days?
    your posts are getting a bit annoying as if u are trying to tell us something and to hind something at the same time(meaning.. trying to make it clear that u and nicole has nothing intimately going on by openly talking about each other and posting each others pictures in blogs but again… if there’s nothing going on,how come both of u are always together?? going places as couples ..sharing food and rooms…towels?
    hhmmm…u trying to play mind game with us ler..
    but of coz.. we would always love your posts no matter what! 🙂

  58. This is pretty interesting topic, infact, the last chance to win HUGO. Somehow, win or not is not the matter, but i really have my story behind this topic.
    I’m now 25, same age as Kenny lol. Has been in this internet world for more than 10 years. I remember my nick as Gal15 in MiRc chat room, what a lame one. But i have a even lame one.. lenglui. Wuueek. Please la, my cheek is red and hot now, such embarrassing nick! Don’t laugh, dun tell me u never had such a lame nick :0 ?!
    My intention of chatting the the chat room is to know more friends, thats initially.. but who knows, i had crushed with someone older than me, he was 23 i was 15 , who is in USA but is a hongkies. As a xiaomeimei, having a friend from US of cos feel so high, everyday dream of him lar. We’ve been contacting tru email, mirc, there’s no msn back at that time, even icq also not much people using.
    On my 16th birthday, i receive a surprise gift from him, from USA. I open, i see, i shocked. Its a birthday card, a $10 dollar us note, 1 pack of looney toon’s pencil (he treat me as a xiaomeimei), and few pcs of his picture. I thought tat was the greatest gift from him. He even told me, the $10 dollar note was his first wages for helping angmoh to do home gardening, GRASS CUTTER lar.. I was like, o… its something precious from him… what should i do? So i’ve posted back my photo and a RM2 ringgit note. Hahah… so silly of me..
    Sweet moment wont last long, day by day.. i’ve get lost contact of him. I never see him online anymore.. i couldn’t trace him from Mirc either.. i know he’s no longer there for me. And i assume, he finish his study and back to HK.
    Oh ya, one thing you must be curious, is he handsome? At tat moment, of course he is! But now, think back, he is just a skinny and fair guy with long hair. What about myself, i’m just a chubby or fat girl with dark skin and even tomboy hair! No wonder he left me lar… hahaha…
    I don’t blame him, or should say i dun have hard feeling about all those thing. Ever feel sad, but that’s not the end of the world, MiRc still going on !!! and with the growing number of ICQ, that’s even more fun !! That’s how i comfort myself, i did not found any new online crush ever after him. Somehow, it let me learn of something from tat incident. Long distance relationship, is really hard to maintain. Online bf is hard to trust. Of course after him, there were few guys after me, some are even from nearby school, but the attempts all fail. I have no confident with all those online thinggy.. So i start to search for Real crush.
    First crush, first kiss, first hug, first sex. All these thing couldn’t be done online. Don’t get me wrong, my first sex was at 19 not 16 lol!Haha… Sorry for being too honest to you, Kenny. :p
    Anyway, back to your topic, I think my online dating experience were all so sweet. I do not encourage people to find a real partner on the net, but its really a good way for you to find a good listener from the net. Its not that over 100000 of people u bump online will actually listen to wat u say, but eventually, one in a million, you will get one who is loyal to you. Same theory apply too, there would be one in a million that can be your real lover.
    I do have friends who is successful online couple, but they both were from local JB people, now they are married and have one baby. Truly, sex after marriage !
    Another friend of mine who strongly believe on online dates, who used to date only Angmoh. She also failed for several of time, cheated by angmoh. End up one day she found a real bf from the net, Zorpia. They have the same interest, they have same thing in common. The guy is a malaysian stay in Oz, the girl is purely chinese foochow, sibu girl. They can overcome the long distance problem for 2 years , i strongly believe this will be another successful couple.
    So kenny, that’s all i wanna share. Long enough, interesting enough, that’s up to u to decide. Truly, its real life story that i’ve experienced.
    My conclusion, online dating is something sweet, but poisonous, so becareful.. sometime it could be bitter !

  59. Online dating??Im not sure whether mine is consider 1 though.
    Here it goes.
    It happen last year, the year 2006 when I get to know her. How? Thru a game which is called O2jam and Im sure most online gamers knows about this game. Coincedencely, I get to know her while we’re playing together and we exchange emails and keep in touch thru MSN. By then, Im her godbro and at that time, i’m still in a relationship.
    Most of my friends get to know about it and was praising me of how good I was for being able to get a godsis thru a game!!!Thinking bout that, I somehow felt that It was destine.
    Im from Ipoh and she’s from Klang. I don’t have any friends which knew her and so does she. Its just like we just get to know each other and the bond increases just like that without any help from anyone. Normally, you get into a relationship is because your friends may introduce a partner to you, and you’ll make a move to court her, but in this case, we just met like that!!Thru an online game.
    Things gets better after I moved to KL permanently and the distance between us gets closer. To make things much more better, both of us broke up. Well, actually she broke up 1st and then my turn.
    Although she’s from Klang, but she’s furthering her studies in Sabah but will be back to her hometown during sem break. During her breaks, I’ll be off to Klang to look for her. After few outings with her, things started to change and the sparks just comes out like that till I didn’t know that I’ve actually fall in love with my godsis!!And my godsis actually fall in love with me as well!!
    Its the first time that i’m having a relationship with true love I guess, I don’t need to court her, I don’t need to compete with anyone to get her as both of us had fallen in love with each other. We started off and up till today, our bond is very strong and i’m very firm that she’s the right one for me.
    When our friends ask us how do we get to know each other?They just take it hard to believe my answer, what more can I say?We’re really close, passionate and I just love her so much =)
    Is that consider online dating?Or online destiny?I’ve no idea but i’m sure that we are destine =)

  60. I don’t believe in online relationship. It lacks sincerity. It lacks the ‘feel’. It lacks emotion. For all these can be faked. Anything that a person say can just be taken from anywhere which is meant for others. It doesn’t need commitment to date online. The person is not there physically when needed. A relationship like this isn’t the relation that one deserves.

  61. To me, online dating is too superficial. You couldn’t expect much honesty from it since the truth usually is stretch farther than reality. And to think that honesty and integrity is one of the solid foundation of a relationship!
    It is also too planned out and takes out the thrill in dating. Boy looked in the Internet, Boy picked a Girl with flaming red hair and loves to cook, Boy asked Girl out and gets married and makes babies all their life. Sounds boring? Very.
    Online dating may be the next best thing since slice bread but is it the answer to all single, desperate people out there? The answer lies in the how much you’d willing to be truthful and expectation of predictability. By the end of the day, to each his own, I’d say!

  62. online dating haha 🙂
    To tell the truth, i dont have any experience :(.. meeting online friends yes, but not dating lar. Back when i was playing RO, i really makes some good friends in the game. Went to kl meet them, they come our to Penang to meet us. This is really fun.
    I used to remember back to last time when there is no streamyx, no IM, just icq and mirc…. and lot of noob internet users going to mirc hoping,dreaming to find some nice hot chick. what i did was, put a Girly nick – snowy, Jessy – those nick, then waiting for some guy to talk to me .. chat chat chat , took his icq, ( i also have a fake icq acc) then send a trojan to him. took his tmnet password ,hahaha ….. used it to online……
    The when it came to Ragnarok.. i have friends that always use this kind of method to con ppl…..
    But, there are still those that is honest and real female out there :). I have known some of the couples that met in RO. and still together till now, and both of my collegues got their GF from friendster and matchmaker :).
    There are always exceptional case. And i do hope all those guy and gals out there, Don’t get urself too deep in online relation untill you met him face to face.. everything is so perfect in online hahaha……

  63. online dating haha 🙂
    To tell the truth, i dont have any experience :(.. meeting online friends yes, but not dating lar. Back when i was playing RO, i really makes some good friends in the game. Went to kl meet them, they come our to Penang to meet us. This is really fun.
    I used to remember back to last time when there is no streamyx, no IM, just icq and mirc…. and lot of noob internet users going to mirc hoping,dreaming to find some nice hot chick. what i did was, put a Girly nick – snowy, Jessy – those nick, then waiting for some guy to talk to me .. chat chat chat , took his icq, ( i also have a fake icq acc) then send a trojan to him. took his tmnet password ,hahaha ….. used it to online……
    The when it came to Ragnarok.. i have friends that always use this kind of method to con ppl…..
    But, there are still those that is honest and real female out there :). I have known some of the couples that met in RO. and still together till now, and both of my collegues got their GF from friendster and matchmaker :).
    There are always exceptional case. And i do hope all those guy and gals out there, Don’t get urself too deep in online relation untill you met him face to face.. everything is so perfect in online hahaha……
    i still think that traditional way of meeting girls is the best way to know each other 🙂 Internet is just a helping tool to start off, but not to maintain a relationship 🙂 cheers

  64. My friend’s sister chatted with a guy from India through some online service for years, talked about everything under the sun, been together since then, the guy posted presents for her every year, treated her very well but they never met before and suddenly 1 day, the guy proposed to her. The guy flew in to Kuching from India to meet her parents and even gave her 100 roses which filled her whole room, how romantic and he intend to bring my friend’s sister to meet his parents. Having to fly to India to meet the guy’s parents, the girl’s parents were so worried because they won’t know what will happen in India, they might sell her and cut her into pieces and sell her intestines. Eventually, my friend’s sister flew to India and got married. Now they have a beautiful caucasion daughter with huge eyes like a doll. Happily married.
    But for my own experience, I was with a guy in MIRC many years ago when I was still in Form3, he’s from KL, never came to Kuching. He was very nice, we chatted in MIRC whole night until 6.30am everyday (when Mirc was very popular at that time) Everyone was having their cyber boyfriend, cyber sisters, brothers etc and so I accept him as my cyber boyfriend out of curiousity on how that felt. He posted birthday, christmas presents from KL to Kuching which was a big thing many years ago. I even flew to KL to meet him, he turned out to be quite ok looking, chubby,cute and rich but after few months, I called him and wanted to break off, out of sight, out of mind. At that time, relationships from different city is just impossible, and he cried pleading not to break off with him, not knowing what to do, I hung up the phone and off my handphone. From that day onwards, we lost contact til today. I guess I must’ve hurt him badly as he was quite serious about that relationship.
    I guess online relationships depend on certain people, whether you can accept the fact the guy might turn out not the way you expected or sit in front of the pc for hours.

  65. Dear Kenny,
    I have a friend, who dated a person half across the globe, online. She got married to him and now they have 1 kid. They met at Yahoo Chatroom. I think its possible to find your soul mate through online, but then again…. how many are genuine ones? Maybe she’s just one of the lucky ones. Her husband is a very nice guy, raised in a family whereby sons are being thought to respect women (which I think is very rare) and daughters are thought how to be a good and intelligent wife (skip the ‘kamasutra’ part. Maybe I should start selling “husbands’ on e-bay.

  66. The problem of online dating is that if you screw once everybody will know you as they are always the same people there in the dating site. The other thing is choices…if someone fancies you, because of coices you ll wait until you get better pick, its endless. Lastly, human expectation can be rediculous.
    Nevertheless, online dating is inevitable and its the future.

  67. i don’t believe in online dating or making friends online. chances of getting cheated is very high.
    u are the only blogger who will change the blog’s theme according to whichever festivals comes along. it’s nice of u, keep it up!

  68. I met my hubby from MIRC… but we always tell relatives and friends, we were introduced by a common friend haha… We chatted for like 1 yr be4 we finally had the courage to meet up… We both exchanged pictures be4 we met and had some kinda expectation towards how each other looked like…
    I guess either my hubby or I have done something good in our previous lifes that we were able to meet, love and cherish each other. The moment our eyes met, it was startling. We just fell in love. We were just starstruck! I still remember the next morning, my hubby called me up and said he feels like a schoolboy who has just found his first love…
    I was excited. I couldn’t believe whatever senses that I have. I was a common green blade of grass grows at the roadside where the cow dungs drop… but when my hubby picked me up, I feel like I have blossomed into a beautiful rose. Under his loving gaze, I feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world…
    So online dating is not that bad after all… there are really some nice people out there who are waiting for their missing pieces…
    I guess I am a lucky girl to have finally found my missing piece through online dating… 🙂

  69. It was back in the day when Friendster was the rage and Facebook didn’t exist. I was a teenager and I used Friendster mainly to procrastinate and to keep in touch with friends. I never used it to contact girls as I thought it was such a desperate thing to do and I had enough girls in my life to keep me distracted.
    One day, a random girl messaged me on Friendster saying that she liked the same sort of books that I read. She didn’t have a display photo. In my mind I was wondering whether to just ignore the message and perhaps crush the self confidence of a miserable insecure teenage girl….or to just reply her so I won’t feel guilty. I chose the latter option.
    We chatted about random things. Turns out she was a Malaysian girl from Miri and was studying somewhere in the middle east because her dad was working there. I figured the experience was quite fun and just kept the email conversations flowing.
    After exchanging our MSN addresses and keeping in touch, she showed me her picture. (she knew what I looked like from the beginning from my Friendster pictures) She was/is quite a pretty girl. JACKPOT! I smiled and was quite happy that I didn’t ignore the initial message she sent.
    Nevertheless, although we liked each other, I don’t count it as a relationship because we knew it would never work out. I wanted to study in Australia. She was stuck in the middle east. So we were ultimately just close friends. No promises about the future. No expressions of love. Just some heart to heart conversations.
    I met up with her about 2 years after. She didn’t exactly look like she did in the photos. She was prettier. Overall, I was just glad to meet her as a friend and happy that I was very fortunate to make a connection with someone special.
    I am 21 now and I have never used an online dating service. There are plenty of pretty girls in the University of Melbourne to keep me distracted. I suppose things will change when I start work where the number of eligible people to meet is much smaller than in the university.
    Perhaps I will consider using it in the future when I am older and wiser. In the meantime, I will just enjoy the wonders of having a social life and meeting eligible girls through my network of friends.
    p/s. I’m a commerce student. I can count 30 Malaysia/Singaporean girls in a lecture and maybe only 5 Msian/Sg guys including myself. I am so gonna miss my uni days.

  70. Online dating does work, and though I know that there are many pitfalls in it, there are also success stories.
    I’ve got two girlfriends, one Canadian and the other American, and they both met their husbands online. The first one, Melissa (the Canadian), met her Filipino-Canadian husband, JM, through ICQ. They met up after 4 months of chatting on the phone and ICQ – he flew to her home and met her family and all that. Four months after that fateful first meeting, they got married, and now they’re onto their 3rd anniversary. They also have a lovely one-year-old daughter, Aly, who is a product of their love.
    My second friend, Chrissy (the American), met her Canadian husband through a social networking site in North America. Chris flew to the US to meet Chrissy, and before long, they got married. Now, they have a two-year-old son named Avry who is their pride and joy.
    Of course, I’ve also heard of bad online dating stories, such as the guy turning out to be a fraud, or the girl turning out to be a slut. We all know that. But why diss online dating and say that it’s not good when there ARE success stories out there? Even though you might not want to do online dating, don’t forbid others to do it. It’s not wrong, though to you it may be wrong or weird.
    I hope people will see both sides of everything, and if they come up with their own conclusions, that they won’t stop others or force others to think the way they do. Let them decide for themselves.

  71. Online dating works or not I don’t know…
    But I know for sure Online Sex works…
    Girls out there, if you’re interested in trying something new, send me an email or just leave me a message here .

  72. Hey…
    That picture..that….The one with the metal bar..What happened?? Got stuck? Tummy too..”big”??
    Hmm. FOr me, ONLINE DATING will not work. Ok, so maybe you go blahblah blah..I got my spouse from online dating. But there are still so many things you dont know about him le. I have heard too much stories about online dating, especially tv, how they got cheated so badly..:( Some got married, but somehow divorced again after few years, maybe months..maybe days..or even hours..OMG!
    So, it is DEFINiteLY A “NO” FOR ME!!

  73. haha looks like got a few people here jealous of kenny and nicole issue. I guess its great being a blogger huhh ? keep up the good job both of u.
    ok back to topic, online dating by friendster worked for 1 of my friend.
    So it depends lo, if the girl is okay with online dating, and the guy also okay with online dating, the sama sama click lo… and can become BF/GF lo.

  74. i used to be craze about online chatting till i had several cyber boyfriends. Once come back from my school, 1st thought just chatting and chatting.. i can chat till.. unimaginable.. gave my phone number away and chat with them on phone.. from one cyber boyfriend to another.. each of them didn’t worked out but until one day i met HIM. Chat our heart out, our hobbies and etc.. A story book has been created since we met online.. until one day he decided to meet me. I was timid to meet a stranger. What will happen if he’s not the one i love or the one i knew.. so i brought along my friends.. Of course he did show me his picture and all.. Once i saw him among the crowds i knew it’s Him.. He went to the jukebox and played my favourite song and waited for me a table near by. From there, we knew each other until we continue unfold the beauty of our love. Until one day, my best friend who sat next to me in class liked him.. and stole him away from me. Felt so betrayed by my own best friend and was angry at him for leaving me just for her. The story didn’t end till there. For few months he tried to convince me that he never did loved my best friend. I wasn’t convinced at all.. Not even a bit.. the anger, the hatred filled my feelings fully! Not only that, he insisted to join the same tuition class just to spend time with me indirectly. Was so touched.. By then i was feeling better and feeling in love again.. Wanted to tell him how much i feel towards him.. But i was so afraid.. Really afraid that things goes wrong again.. My feelings towards him until today stays the same.. Still full of care and love. For me, he was my 1st love..but i don’t even know where i stand in his life..
    Time goes by, he found another and i was straggling in life.
    College life came, and suddenly i found him in my class! We never did talk, just smiled and look each other in the eyes. Both were shy upon the magic we created. To him, he knew me the best among all my classmates just kept quiet all the while. Same goes to me. Until one day i found out that he really loved someone so dearly that i gave up my hope on him.. but feelings of care and love still there. No regrets but just thankful to have the chance to see him again..
    I learnt alot from him.
    He used to say this to me “If he/she belongs to you, he/she will come back to you no matter when”
    And honestly from my 1st love experience onwards, i never dare to dump my boyfriends. Until today, my 3rd boyfriend, all my ex are the ones who wanted to break up with me. Reasons why i never dare to be the one who wanted to break up cause i’m afraid that i did the wrong decision as what i did towards my 1st love.
    Kenny, i know i elaborate super long and super crap. But what i wanna say is, even though online dating may be crap at times, may be fake at times, but once u chatted and found the right person, you can connect directly to them meaning NO SECRETS, THE REAL SELF and JUST YOU. From there, when both does the same..when both has the same interest.. and when both feel the same towards each other, sparks and ‘feelings’ are born.
    And to conclude my story, it may be the worst experience in my love life but it is the most wonderful story book i can remember clearly until today.

  75. Nope..I will never join!
    most of the website that i had visited, mostly have pictures with girl naked…
    Last time,i used to chat with this guy from US,
    after an hour chatting with him,he suddenly send me a picture….
    so i accept it and open it…
    after i had open it..
    i was curious about the picture….
    so i observe it for a few minutes..
    after 5 minute observing..
    i find out that it was the picture of that guy penis!!!!!Yucksss!
    So,i quickly close the conversation and offline as soon as i could…..
    Starting from that day, i swear i will never visit that site again!

  76. Online, even with photos, people ask if you are good looking or not. How are you suppose to answer? Its shallow. Everyone is beautiful, and I dont agree that mercedes attract, what if the car is on loan.
    Somebody told me a story about fishes in the market, theres big fish and small fish, at the end of the day, the fishes are gone, bought over.
    Theres always someone for everybody.
    Nevertheless, online dating provide volume, what I mean is online you meet larger crowds compared to you try to socializing by yourself, how many people can you meet in a day.
    Online dating is not bad but people abusing it is bad.

  77. Hmm…I never believed in online dating or even falling in love with somebody I meet on the internet, be it YM, MSN etc.. When my sister in law got married to her hubby, I went like, “What? You sure you know this guy? can he be trusted?” and the list of question goes on and on.
    At that time I was in my 6th year of wonderful marriage. In the 8th year, unexpected things happened and we got divorced which made me felt like the world is cruel and unfair as I don’t think with my looks and physical structure (I’m 5’10” – too tall for a malaysian) I’m going to find a replacement.
    A year after that, I started going online. I went into a few websites which I can’t remember in detail. I didn’t manage to get any dates – maybe because I posted my real photo and “statistics”.None! There were messages but all sounds like perverts. And I knew they were not actually interested in me.
    At last one fine,(from my Yahoo details) a guy YM me and wanted me to help him around when he comes down to KL for a meeting.I was just helping out- other than promoting Malaysia , I got to know him as my new friend. However we lost contact for 2 months due to the time difference and we thought that both of us were not interested even to become friends.
    And now, with the help of ‘online dating’ via YM, that is how we proceed with our relationship and get to know each other better.And yes, he is coming over to marry me soon.

  78. I met my husband through Yahoo Personal and until today, I still think it was a fluke that we actually connected. I was bored being single (just like you) and failed to meet anyone I remotely enjoy spending time with. (That was when you started to wonder if you have turned into an emotionally imbalance spinster – like in the HK drama series). The original intent was to laugh about how bad the quality was on online dating website, and the nerdy pictures and corny introductions. Then a couple of postings stirred some curiosity, so I thought I respond and see what happens. But no, Yahoo Personal needs you to post yourself on the personal in order to allow you to respond. So I did, something I did in 2 minutes without posting pictures, just so that I could respond. To cut the story short, nothing good came out of it. Then just when I was about to delete all the emails from my ‘secondary imposter’ email account, I saw an interesting email. Not sexy kind of interesting, but just sounded like a genuine nonchalant friendship seeking email. I emailed back and thought we could be friends, in a big city in a foreign country that gradually became home to me (I am a Malaysian). We met at a pub for a few drinks and just clicked right away. No pretense, no awkwardness, just being ourselves. That was 6 years ago. Now we are happily married with a Goldendoodle son 🙂

  79. Online dating has Pro and Cons ..
    I’ve tried 4 times UNSUCCESSFUL aka HORROR of Online Dating which is mostly from ICQ. I’m not the lurker to get girls contact but in fact , girls got my contact.
    One of my worst online dating was with a KL girl which claimed to be an eurasian ( oh well .. i believe most eurasians are nice and pretty ) … and her daddy owned a very big company and filthy rich bla bla. Beside her race and wealth , she claimed herself a very pretty and sexy. Baaah! I was just a small kid and with my stupidity I believe every single things she said eventhough we haven’t met. We are only ONLINE + PHONE CALLS dating. She made me call her lots and lots of times to KL. Just imagine from Penang to KL , outstation calls which accumulate more than RM1000 ( I know I’m in Deep shit ) Beside that costly phone bill , she lied to me a lot. She promised to pay me a visit but she postponed. Giving out all stupid and unrealistic reasons e.g. Her aunt pregnant , she met an accident , bla bla. She kept on lying and lying since the first time we were chatting in ICQ. Later I gave up! No more accepting her calls and blocked her up. I had to do this.
    Ok .. that’s my first HORROR!
    As the second and third horror would be problems after meetup. Via online is very hard to get to know each other unless real life meet up. Both of this girls are choosy and materialistic. I’m poor back then and I’m a lousy dresser ( u know lah .. penang kia ) I would not have being dressing GIORDANO , GUCCI , DKNY or FCUK during my secondaries. During online , they chat like as if they knew you for centuries. But when real life meet up , they tend to talk less ( compared online ) and give an excuse they need to go back early and that would be the last meet up. Is it meet-up via online must be in-relationship?
    As for the 4th Horror would be my friend. I’ve recomended to him a girl ( which we chat in ICQ before ) and she seems to be a very nice girl. I got her hp number and I pass it to my friend since my friend ( guy ) were still single and innocent. So , one day my friend called this girl and both of them chat until send kisses via phone and that made me goosebumps all over my skin. Both of them haven’t had any real meetup yet but already started kisses.
    After those ” goosebumps callup ” , later both of them plan to meet-up. I accompany my friend to meet this girl ( so called pretty one + sweet voice ).
    As we were standing near a restaurant ( which is our objective location ) , suddenly a big fat giant girl ( with malay attire ) bump to us and say ” are you Mr xxx ” ..
    We were like ” WTF!! ” I opened my mouth widely! My friend was stunned. My friend was planning to escape but I told him It’s not nice to treat a girl like this. You’ve made it up and you have to settle it down. If can’t be with relationship , then a normal friends would do. In the end , my friend treated her a drink and have a little chit chat. No more goosebumps calls after that.
    After those 4 times of HORROR via online dating ,
    I’ve been low confident of getting a girl via online. I’ve been real down since then. No more ICQ Dating or MSN anymore to me. My whole life was blackout.
    But until
    one day …
    I met a girl named Jennifer. She’s very nice and she added me ( if i’m not mistaken ) and we chat very well. What coincident was that Jennifer and I were in the same classroom for English Tuition. After knowing each other well via online , later we plan to meet up and we have tea together. She’s a nice girl and she always smile and chat politely. She’s totally different from what I’ve experienced before. She treated me like a real man. OH HELL GREAT! We guys like girls to treat us like a real man! We are the man! Finally we’ve been holding hands together for 3 years until now.
    I believe that Dating via online are no harm for trying. You might met your dream guy/girl over there.

  80. Hi Kenny,
    This is totally off topic but I seriously reckon you fancy Nicole. As a woman myself and pretty world wise about the ways of men, I noticed that you have been making lots of references to her and photos as well. Why don’t you just ask her out!? Date her then you won’t be looking for dates online. (although it does sound like fun!)

  81. Now stop ! stop ! stop!
    Stop reading
    stop dating..
    stop chatting…
    stop on-line..
    this message is especially to all form 5
    and form 6 students..
    Concentrate on your studies..
    don’t play, play..
    SPM and STPM is comiing soon..
    Cry now, laugh later,
    Remember those who laugh the last, laugh the best..
    Good Luck to all SPM and STPM candidates !
    May you all pass with Flying Colours…

  82. LOL kbguy’s comment is so funny!
    and coincidentally i ought to be studying too instead of being here but haha..
    anyways. i frequent online social networking sites and dating sites for fun, cuz im bored and want people to talk to, but i’d never consider them as potential dates/bfs in real life.
    cuz there will always be a part of me wondering, if that guy has messaged a million other girls the same introductory message he msged me..
    and that he can v easily find other girls as well (why me?) and that even if we got together, he mite cheat on me easily with finding another girl online (and what makes me think im not already the 3rd party)
    so yeah, i dont trust guys i meet online. although yeah i know its ironic cuz i am also a girl online..but hahah i think girls are more trustworthy than guys (as long as girls dont start askign for money after the first few online chats lah)

  83. i met my current boyfriend 2 years ago, on truth be told, that all of us are attracted by the photos of the opposite sex. well, he dropped me a message and i responded. then we moved on to chatting offline. though it took us almost a year to meetup in person. we didnt quite start out feeling obesessed with each other, infact, we had frequent tiffs, even as friends. and there was an incident where we went for supper and i told him that i could just watch him eat, because i wasnt hungry. who knows, i gobbled up the entire big breakfast he bought to share, haha!
    till a year later, we metup for dinner and the dates just kept going on. i guess, certain things dont quite develop the way you want them to, rather, it’s very much about fate. i discovered that i couldnt do without our harmless squabbles and his presence. so i suggested that we try seeing each other, who knows, we are into the first year to being together and still very much in love.
    i guess, the thing about online dating, is that you not think so much about the ending output. rather, just enjoy yourself, know the person as a whole, rather than just visual feast. before you know it, true love may come knocking on your door 🙂

  84. Hey Kenny,
    I met my bf online when i was 14 and him 15. he’s from Scotland and am from Malaysia (actually, Nicole’s primary school friend :p). If u ask me if i believe in online dating, I would say, there’s a possibility but you have to be careful.
    Though i met my bf online (that was when we were in high school and first got our internet, Microsoft chat was the place we met), but to me, at first, for the past 8 years before we actually met, we were very honest with each other….coz we were kids then and treated each other as friends….sharing experiences etc. Being together wasn’t on our mind till we got older, i guess….thinking bout the possibility of being together was slim(coz he’s scottish and me malaysian, distance and time zone and blah blah) and the fact that we have never met, we kept our feelings to each other……
    we sent each other gifts and letters for 8 years and chatted online every other day, just like good buddies. we sure know each other very well…and eventually moved onto webcaming and sharing photos. Yes, though sometimes doubts do came to mind but we trusted each other coz we were nothing more but just online chat buddies. Till…..
    I went to Melbourne for studies….he’s a year older than me, so by then he was working. He decided to get to know me in person (though we knew each other well online but online and offline can be different yes, the way you relate to each other and stuff). He saved up(working for a year) and booked a ticket to melbourne as a tourist for one year, to be with me….Yes, we finally met and hooked up and the weird thing is, We know each other so well, we feel like we have been together for years though the truth is, we have only been together for one year :).At first we did have difficulty, adjusting to each other in real life, it all felt so awkward but we were true to each other, honest with each other and we are getting on more than just fine 🙂
    So, what i am trying to say is it can work, if u were being truthful to each other…and honest with each other….infact, i have ltos of friends who got to know their gfs or bfs online….it’s not new anymore….But i just think meeting someone online, means u get to know the person inside-out instead of outside-in. Talking bout meeting someone face to face first can be superficial too…..people tend to open themselves up more when they chat online…coz then they can remain anonymous.
    But like i said, online relationships can work but to be honest, online and offline can be a different experience. So don’t expect alot out of an online relationship till you have finally met up with the other party.

  85. its funny but im not gona say anything about your page but one of my friends was browsing thru and she told me to check it out. well, as a matter of fact, im not signed into Ah but one of the girls (in your first display pic on looks like a 100% naive version of is SO freakY! someone else on this planet looks like me!!! without make up anyways..LOL OH crap. im not unique anymore 🙁

  86. online-dating the way of the future?erm I don’t think so…..
    Wahh..i sign up with frenster since 2004 since then I can tell u
    Online profile or character is 90% fake or lakonan semata-mata in other word hypocrit…
    In their profile tells something like wuarghh I’m gothic(next day thanks God)..i dun’t need man(next day fall in love again)..or I’m not afraid of death(I felt unwell..dun like flu)-the u like death?..luv him until death seprate us…(I’m hurt again)…or it’s so unpredictable la….how can you find your love…hard to find those who really be who they are….
    Beside that that kind of charcter…try to check Hot Chicks will always their take pic with their boy friend..touch2 or kiss2 somemore…or on their profile state that ‘IN RELATIONSHIP’ or ‘TAKEN’ man how can you find lover????you been killed at home before you go to to win???
    But if you try to make will find much people by using this kind of me I meet with most of my friend from online site and I found most of them different from who they are online..but I can accept them because my expectation is just a frenz not lover ..but for those who expect for love heh you gonna dissapointed…hahah…beside that friend if you lucky you will found ”TEMAN TAPI MESRA” from your online pal’s hehehe hey kenny you know what I means haaa….
    Clearly that people goes online is much more to find friend or waste their time just like me if I’m in office felt sleepy I start to search for hot chicks or intersting profile online that can turn my eyes from sleepy to healthy……huhuh make sure your boss not around la…
    To get someone who you will marry too, have kids and then live happily ever after nyehh..i dun’t think so maybe 1 of 1 billions..You batter belive in love at the 1st sight physically that online….coz real things is much much batter that imagine infront you pc or webcam…not good for health some more hahahah…
    Online+Friend+Close Friend+TEMAN TAPI MESRA*YOU=Good
    Finnally I’m 110% Agree with Kenny….

  87. for me, it’s better to be save than sorry.
    u cant even know a person totally even in real person wat say over the net. he/she might b lying about everything.
    i will wanna kno a person in real life compare to internet. i can see his real height,look,dressing,smile for myself.i dun mind chatting n making friends but to really meet up and all i got no guts.
    besides if tat person really have good character and personalities why is he/she found online? tat person must have been taken wert unless wat v read arent tat true afterall.

  88. Well actually, I personally don’t think that a Mercedes should be used as a tool to attract girls. Guys who use fancy cars.. they’re normally the ones who only wanna have a 1 night stand with chicks. I mean c’mon, they’ve got the cash and the hot cars, you think they’d wanna sacrifice all that to get into a relationship? Eventually they will, when they realise they’re starting to get old, but then it shouldn’t be a way to court girls.
    And online dating? These days, we keep hearing about girls getting raped when they meet the guys for the first time. Especially in Malaysia where the crime rates are pretty high.. So yeah, I don’t really support online dating either.
    But those who have met their husbands/wives online, you’re one of the lucky ones 😉

  89. Hi Kenny,
    I met my gf online in canvassed thru over 1,000 girls in one week, shortlisted around 30, but this one chick is the one which occupied my mind the most. she was among the 1st which turned up in the search, probably cos she is a hottie and kept checking her profile.
    anyway, like all hot blooded males, i messaged her thru the messaging service. Took a while to compose my “masterpiece” message. for after a week gone by, she did not bother to reply. I reckoned that either she is getting too many hits and hence too many dates to bother with me-just another nameless and faceless entity in cyberspace.
    Then I hit upon a “brilliant” idea of hmmmm, could her nick on be the same as her nick on other services like yahoo and MSN messenger? So one night, i registered her nick on YM, and voila! i hit the jackpot! it was around 11.00 pm. and she accepted my invite to be her friend immediately. I guessed she was chatting with numerous male admirers at that time, and I was lucky to hit upon that eureka idea.
    to cut the story short, we ended up YMing each other till 4 a.m. pretty long conversation 5 hours for a 1st time meeting. from the flow of the cyberspace conversation, we have chemistry and she used her womanly instincts to give me her handphone number and address without me asking 😀
    The same morning I went to work sleepy from lack of sleep yet energized at the same time. Rather than listen to some of my more “learned” friends on that one should not “rush” into the relationship i.e. give a few days cooling to “show” the girl that we are not desperate, I decided to strike while the iron is hot, followed my gut instincts and sms her for a date in the evening itself. she replied ok and in between work, I managed to access her homepage and blog, and learned quite a bit about her.
    She having her own homepage and blog really helps on gathering info about her, much like how a scout gathers info on the opponent before a match. I noted down interesting tidbits about her and prepared my conversational material and pickup lines.
    I took her to Secret Receipe Taman Tun, as this is one of her fav joints though she has not been to this branch b4. Its nice, 2 shoplots wide and cozy. Given that I had nearly a full day to do my research and memorize my lines and demeanour, everything went like clockwork. We found out that we really have natural chemistry and chatted for 3 hours till the workers have to sweep us out of the place.
    It’s been a happpy 26 months with her and I am thankful for Will definetely recommend this service to friends who are still looking. there are perils on online dating of course, both of us are aware of that, but then again, physically meeting up the old fashioned way also carries its own risk as well. In the end, trust one’s own gut feelings and the old trusty-common sense. follow your head’s warnings, not your groin’s urgings.

  90. OK this may sound cheesy but I actually met my bf online. I am sure you all heard of this site called Myspace. I am such an Internet junkie that one day I just signed up for an account. I was browsing thru some list of people and I came upon this person. Lets call him J. I was talking to J for 2 months and one day J’s room mate, let’s call him D, was using J’s computer. Prior to all this J’s other room mates I have spoke to them for a bit were all bunch of idiots and when I was IM-ong J and D was on J’s computer I thought, great more of J’s idiotic room mates. But it turned out that D was really great to talk to. I ended up taling to D for hours at some point to talking to him everyday. So we talked for months and until one day I dunno how he said he would pay for my plane ticket to go see him in Washington. So last October I hoped on a plane to meet this guy I have not met in person before in my entire life. After a month there, things were great and now we have been dating for over a year doing long distance relationship. So far he has come to see me twice here already. So boys and girls, sometimes meeting your other half online does work. For some people.

  91. I’d tried online dating before and it really did helped me know a lot of people out there. Seeing more is always better because you know what you had been missing all this while and understand yourself more on what you are looking for. Anyway, bad dates leads to bad ending, no matter online or offline. Being rejected and rejecting others wil never be a good thing to do. I’d met this guy online who falls in love too fast until he needs to do the desperate moves, forcing intimacy, but it end up ugly that we can’t even befriends after that. Online datings are for casual daters, if you’re looking for serious ones, look around and you might found MR/ MS right near.

  92. too much of unsuccesful stories came to my ears bout this online dating thingy.
    the recent one is one of my fren went out wid a guy she meet thru internet.he finds her pic(face shot) very attractive and he persued her for a while.finally she decided to give the guy a try.after the first date the guy stop contacting her and left the gal wondering.
    not too long after tat she bumped into the guy in a shooping complex wid another gal.den she confronted him.he say he never expected her to be so fat and called just not his cup of WTH??
    besides tat i heard lots of bad news.
    To me all the are not really practical n realistic as they created sure hope for ppl tat find hope.on top of tat,the expectation some time is too high and it brings lots of dissapointment!!
    i would prefer to date someone tat i know his character n personality rather than thru his pic.den wat is the difference between blind date they used to have during our grandparent era rite?

  93. I met this guy through (yes!) and he turned out to be 10 kgs bigger than he looked in the picture (later found out that the picture was taken 5 years back).
    So we went out and I really did like his humour. However, that was the only thing i liked so i didn’t really pursue. We exchanged phone numbers and he would call me once in a while to see how i was.
    So i needed a pool buddy, he was really great at it and i needed lessons so we were going out as friends. On the first “date”, he pickedme up from home and took me to his house and introduced me to his entire family and insisted that we took photographs. We went for pool later on and he introduced me to his friends as “the sexiest woman to have walked my planet”.
    I left for Singapore shortly for a trip and i never told him about it, when i was there, i received approximately 40 SMSes from him asking where I was, and why i wasn’t replying. Next he told me that he could not believe I was avoiding him. See, i did not have roaming services so I was not able to reply. When i saw how psychotic he became, i was horrified.
    When i came home, i told him that our friendship was over and he threatened to jump down from his office building. And he changed his mind, saying that he would only break his leg as it was a three storey building. I hung up and received a nasty SMS that says that he will down a bottle of pills and would come back and haunt me if he dies.
    I was terrified. I did not see him for a week and one day i was walking home from the mini mart near my house and there he was, sitting in his car in front of my house. Before he came to me, I confronted him and yelled that I would seriously seriously get my boyfriend’s uncle (made that up) to castrate him if he ever comes by or tries to contact me again! I swore that on my dog’s life! He tried to calm me down but I was hysterical.
    He drove away and I never saw him eversince!

  94. i love the sexy nurse Sooooosoooo much yoyo..
    Mel….love it..u looks so great on tht party!!!~~~~~~i need a nurse like u,,,yea

  95. it was just an open forum where everybody came and put forth their mind freely. about 15 of us over-active members decided to came out and meet up. It wasnt love at first sight, but we both knew we were attracted to each other – the sarcasm, the “evil-ness”, and how we laugh at the world for its sillyness. We both ditched our then bf/gf to be together – we were so sure, we were that determined. Four years, I dont remember any serious argument we ever had. The silly joke we shared, the silly dance we do. Dahling, you simply owned me.
    Now I am married – with another man.
    Yet deep down inside, I am still yours.
    Tim, I love you. I’ve gave you all my love that I had none left for anybody else, not even myself. I miss you so much you have no idea…
    *simply a public confession that i couldnt make on my own blog… oh man, why do i tears simply uncontrollably whenever i whisper your name?…

  96. Talk about online dating, I hv tried to play MIRC about 10 years ago, I have an experience where I blindly met 2 girls from the Internet. You know, 10 years ago, digital camera or video is very expensive, and we don’t even have a web cam or digi cam cell phone at that time. As a result, as a desperate man like me, only can play blind date.
    I remembered I was very excited for my 1st time dating chicks from Internet. And I even tried to date 2 online girls at the same time. They chatted with me about 2 months time, & both of them very friendly & nice to talk to. So without hesitate much, we suggested to meet at a familiar shopping centre to have a coffee session, where I’ll bring a male friend out as well (bcoz he is desperated too).
    When my friend and I were there, we nearly wanted to escape, because 1 of them is fat & short, and the other 1 was super skinny, and we can concluded that they are not our type at all. However, we still keep our mind & continue with the meeting as we are kind people(konon). They seem like look surprise also when they saw us. I guess our look also nothing better than Steven L. During the coffee session, we are so quiet & totally out of topic. The worst is we smell something not right, i think one of the girls used the wrong perfume, I mean we really hate that smell. My friend & I keep looking at each other and i think we have an mutual thought, we want to leave ASAP. After about 15 minutes, 1 of the girls suggested to go home, then we put our legs up & agree with it. So we ended the coffee session with a bad impression.
    And that day onwards, I have fear to meet girls from the Internet. I think nowadays should be okay, because we can check the profile or picture 1st before we can go for a hit. Great.

  97. yup yup.. i did. sort of… for me, it was actually because of the comfort…. When you’re in safe distance, I feel more comfortable sharing with the other person.. Of course, there comes this “I don’t know if this person is like this offline”
    I met the guy.. and he wasn’t what I expected.. Suffice to say, now I know, a person might not be the same online, offline.. so yeah… Of course im speaking personality wise.. 🙂

  98. Hi.. 1st time commenting. not really about online-dating but somehow related. hopefully can snatch it this late 😛
    That time i was in form 2. i went to my friend’s house to watch football. i remembered it was man u vs arsenal at old trafford and since we supported arsenal we were devastated cause at half time arsenal were trailing 1-5 (damn dwight yorke) so we were bored. then my friend had a “ingenious” idea to log onto mirc and pretend to be a vulnerable female user to lure out the sexual predators on the net.. if they were any. we figured it’d be the prime time for those desperados in front of their computers on a saturday night.
    so we used the nick lonelylady.. hehehe. sure enough we received “steamy” a few messages. there’s this one guy that we pretty much screw up tho. the conversation goes this way:
    lonelylady = us
    hamsaplou = the hamsap guy lar!!
    hamsaplou: y r u so lonely?
    lonelylady: my bf went watch football i’m all alone 🙁
    hamsaplou: reli? are u feelin horny when u’re alone?
    lonelylady: not reli, but a lil company helps..
    (* part where my fren and hamsaplou converse in steamy conversation.. mind you i was quite innocent at that time 😛 not so now.. *)
    hamsaplou: i’m longing for u so much now. ur bf wont b back soon. can we meet??
    (* at this point we wanna take another “step” in this relationship. muahahaha. after all we wanna see if this guy is really desperate ^^* )
    lonelylady: sure. how bout hui sing hawker centre. i’ll b wearing a pink t-shirt wif shorts. y dont u wear pink 2? it’ll b easier to find u.. hehe..
    (* we choose hui sing hawker stall so we can walk there to see if this guy is that desperate. my friends house is in hui sing *)
    hamsaplou: reli? sure.. see you there!! my car is proton saga plate number ****
    hamsaplou has logged off**
    so we walked to hui sing hawker stall (that time where got can drive) and ordered drinks. sure enough there’s this white proton saga with plate number **** driving around.. hahahaha. didn’t get to see his face clearly cuz the glass was slightly tinted. but he was wearing a pink shirt. HAHAHAHA. my fren sort of freaked out so we ran home. then we laughed till our stomach hurts.
    Desperados!! stay at home!! ^^

  99. I met a guy 10 years ago, at the chatroom for Microsoft Exchange! Suffice to say, we were both geeks, who’d show up at technical chatrooms to get our daily dosage of technical news.
    Somehow, we got past the Microsoft Exchange topic, and started to talk about our lives, our loves, our work, and finally exchanged our photographs. We spent so much time chatting on ICQ back then. I remembered turning down night outs with my real-life friends, just so I could stay home and chat with someone I have never met in person. Weird!
    2 years after our chance meeting, we finally had the chance to meet in person. I was totally nervous about meeting this guy for the first time. So much so that my cousin said he’ll turn up at Sunway Pyramid (where we were supposed to meet up) and ‘check out’ the guy for me! In the end, we did meet up, had a nice dinner, and he was a gentleman who offered to send me home, and ended up looping through a lot of wrong roads and toll booths!
    After going out for a couple of times, fate parted us, and I had to leave KL. Later, we both admitted to having feelings for each other, but, somehow, time just was not on our side. So, sadly, there were no fairy tale endings to this story, but, 10 years on, we’re still friends, and we still keep in touch on MSN! So, not too shabby, eh?

  100. I believe that Online Dating can works. I believe that the keyword for it to work is Honesty.
    Online dating is more than just words of black and white in digital form. What’s make it sparks is the soul that are behind the screen. What you looks like does not always be the winning factor in the game of love. The life partner we all looking for are a soul that can match our own, am i right?
    Some may think that we can all pretend and do as we like as no one will know who is behind the screen but in the end, the moment of truth will come. And if you are honest from the starts, everything will goes well.
    Therefore, whatever you do, just don’t lie.

  101. Hi Kenny & fellow readers,
    The temptation of a free perfume has certainly attracted many responses. Especially so on a controversial topic such as Online Dating. I have no intention to share all my juicy online escapades though.
    However,I beg to attract you and your readers attention to the 10/10 event that happened in KL, where approximately 40,000 citizens of all races, creeds and ages have marched for you and me.
    Yes, without consulting you all, they have marched for free, fair and clean elections.
    The basis of democracy is a free and independent election. Otherwise, it is just fruitless to talk about democracy. Our country is not as bad as myanmar or pakistan, but rest assured, any further apathy and indifference towards the state of the nation, we ll be certainly the next kabul in making.
    Take things for granted, and you ll notice that the gradual erosion of rights, freedom and democracy in our country to be replaced with corruptions, power-abuse and autocratic government.
    Thank you for reading.

  102. hey kenny…i think ur doin a great job….i love ur HUGO advertorials…bought a bottle of XX…loved the smell!HUGO……….wayyyyyy to goooooooo!

  103. Relationship that starts from an innocent ‘hello’ online and gradually develops into late night chats and endless phone calls. The little kisses that are given out so easily through the chat room which develops into hard copy “Miss You” cards. When cyber friendship develops into real life relationship and the sweet memories of the virtual world collides with reality, how would you know which one is real? The caring, sensitive and humorous guy you knew online, or the personality of a womaniser?
    A person can be so misguided when in love. So blinded by the memories of chat history that we tend to believe the person we knew through the virtual world because those seemed so real, while reality seemed surreal.
    So, a few months back, when I chanced upon a dating site called, my instant reaction was a “hah!” with a smirk and to click “x” but curiosity got the better of me. Something caught my attention – the testimonials of happily married couples who started through cyber dating.I wasn’t convinced. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitter because of my past experience and neither am I a cynic when it comes to Internet dating. I do believe in cyber love. I just don’t believe in the authenticity of it all.
    Can a love that is built over the Internet surpass all levels of cultural differences? Can you still connect with each other when there’s the language barrier in between? What happens when you realise that you connect better when you’re both online? And after months of long distance friendship, will there be the awkwardness of trying to find a topic of interest when you finally meet in person, face-to-face?
    After over an hour of browsing through the picture gallery, I showed interest to about a million men and sent over a zillion e-mails. Ok, ok…so, I’m exaggerating. My point is…choices are abundant! Men here……are……perfect. As the saying goes, if things are too good to be true, then they usually are too good to be true. Check out some snippets of these interesting profiles:
    – Tall, dark and handsome (Classic!)
    – I would like to find a wife as soon as possible. Live can be lonely.
    – I’m your angel.
    – Honest! (Just a one-word description)
    – A gentle, caring guy looking for a real woman.
    – You can be my woman on top, I’ll give you all the authority. I like a woman in control while I take the back seat and you can get me to do anything you want.
    – I’m a homely guy who enjoys cooking for my girl.
    – I’m a well-balanced financial analyst who enjoys the great outdoor, cooking and watching movies. I’m living in a studio penthouse ……………….…………..…………..looking for a petite Chinese girl whom I could spend quality time with.
    Some people, who took all the fuss and time to list themselves here along with all the necessary personal details, summarised their profile into:
    – I don’t give you a f***.
    – Don’t bug me if you want a relationship.
    The myriads of interesting personalities in this big virtual world – a place where you are ‘picked’ based on the photo that you put up, and judged based on what you would like to be perceived as. I think it is much too complicated for an ordinary girl looking for a man who can simply love her for who she is.

  104. Life is ironic at times. “Never trust anyone online.” was my advice to all my friends during secondary, when MSN was the *IN* thing (and still is) and Friendster is like a dating hub for the desperados that needs the feel of LOVE.
    No doubt, I enjoy being online as well, you name it, i’ve tried it. From MSN, IRC, ICQ to whatever chatting system, i’m an experienced user. The ‘internet’ is like my own version of caffeine. It’s not like I don’t have a REAL life. But as time goes by, I even reject invitation to go out just to stay online!
    My addiction is not just to the internet alone, there’s online games as well. Online relationship, there is nobody I’ve known of that had more boyfriends online than me. From the East to the West, you name it, i got it. But the keyword is always, “Never Trust Them”, and it keeps me out of trouble for a good number of years.
    ======= My Story =======
    Beginning of 2005, I’ve met this guy through an online game, Maple Story. We ‘clicked’ almost at once. Being of the same age, having the same mindset, chatting day and night in game and msn with each other. We treats each others almost like soul partner (friend-wise, not bf-gf type), sharing secrets and interest of the likes. I admit, I have a crush on this mysterious guy online. About almost half a year of this, we never went anything beyond friendship. I was content, and i’m sure he is as well.
    After taking 6 months to know each other, we finally realize we’re actually tuition mate (I was in form 5 at that time). Is it fate? Is it destiny? Does this mean God sent him to me? For the first time in my life, I thought i was in love. But that didn’t go too well. As he’s from an all-boys school, he’s too shy to talk to me in class. (It was too hectic to start a convo anyway, SPM classes) We never really go beyond a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ in real life. But our relationship in game remains the same. We still chat about everything under the moon, and now, about tuition class too!
    Things didn’t go too well during SPM though. We were too busy to contact each other, both preparing for exams and so-on. I thought it would be fine after that. But no, he went to college right after that, leaving no time for me at all. And there it is, I realize my love all this time is one-sided. Even when i confess my love to him, he thought it was a joke (-__-”’). From then on, our relationship grew sore, and i lost this soul partner of mine. My friends told me that FINALLY i found someone that breaks my heart (after all this time breaking uncountable hearts online).
    ====== The End =====
    It’s been 2 years since i saw him. I found the love of my life from an online game as well (that’s another long story). Everything is unintentional. We’ve been going out for a year plus now. If nothing goes wrong, we’re gonna get hitch somewhere next year.
    I’ve known of people dating people online and breaking up due to many real-life factors. I had a friend that got married to Singapore (She’s from KL) just by keeping in touch for a good number of years online, having loads of trust, and LOVE each other. (Btw they know each other from Maple Story too.)
    To those that had bad experience meeting ppl online and detest people that date online one way or another. It’s all about fate and luck. To those that’s still trying, don’t try too much, let it be, and be yourself too. Online or Offline. It’s still about being yourself.
    Thereby, I end my super long first entry to Kenny Sia’s comment box =_=”’

  105. Been married for 14yrs. Will not see the 15th year. After my 14th anniversary, my wife asked a mutual friend to tell me that I m ignoring her.
    Told him that when I come back tired, I have not time for her. Just want to recuperate and get charged up for the next day.
    I believe soon after that, she started chatting online, under a pseudonym & fake location. The chatting was with many men, and she clicked with one guy. The chatting moved from mere “friendly” talk to “adult” talk. She will be doing the typing her notebook with me or my child present in the room. She of course says that she is doing her office work. My electricity bill doubled as she chats during the night. I pay for the streamyx too. I even pay her mobile phone bill too. Guess what, she started calling her cyber lover.
    So why dont I confront her. Well that would mean that either one of us will no longer live in the same house. I dont have a marriage anymore, but I m not willing to make that move as yet. It will happen one day though, perhaps b4 my next wedding anniversary. Do u know, on my engagement anniversary, she was chatting with her cyber lover? Pathetic aint I? But I brought in on myself. I didnt pay attention to her. The time is coming to hit the road soon…

  106. i didn’t purposely try any online dating sites, but i met my boyfriend in an online forum, and we just kicked off as friends. didn’t even give this person a second thought but just my interest towards him merely grew larger and larger as we found that we click extremely well as friends. and that was during smsing sessions. which persisted for a consecutive 5 years (the 6th is incoming my love!). never ever thought that we would become couples and just continued our beautiful FRIENDSHIP over smsing each other and once in a blue moon meetings. who would’ve known?! fate kicked in for us to meet each other online 5 years ago and now i guess fate plus hard work and effort from each other brought us together now, in a RELATIONSHIP. that’s it, as couples. extremely loving and trusting one, that is. i love you dear~

  107. Met bf in an online game. Know of three other couples who were in the same guild as us who met in the same game. One is a singapore/malaysia couple. Guy(poor student) goes over to malaysia twice a month to meet the girl.
    The game, if you’re interested to know, is granado espada.

  108. online dating????emmmmm… ok but not very good action….it look like “buying” lah. kan everybody need courtship not dating .For me dating means Play play…….ha ha ha .

  109. well.. is true tat online dating is not tat simple. but for some couple.. it maybe useful. for example.. long distance..
    many ppl did really find their partner using dating website too!! every1 use false info jus becos they wan to make themselves more perfect.. but they didnt think about wat if she/he think of u when meet up.
    by the way. owning a Benz?? tats impossible. i think showing she/he ur feel and how care u for him/her is the best way.. of cos need some tricks too.. XD

  110. ok la long ago post but still.. i met my boyf by accident online. like, he’s my friend’s friend. we started msn-ing randomly, and then got closer. but i agree that sites like are BS.

  111. well i think it just the way we experimenting in our live..
    it’s just entertaiment thats’ what we all like..
    life is short no harm in tryin right…and guess what it good to make frens and chatting,express mind and feeling,gain more confidence and be more friendly…
    who knows…
    but if you do like entertaiment here you’ll get all…
    gossips,jokes,funny videos,18sx stories,magic,games and more and more to get rid of boredom..

  112. Hello Kenny,i know the contest has ended,but i am still posting this comment to share my own experience.
    After reading so many comments above,i can see that some ppl see the pro,some see the con of online dating…but for me,i think it all depends on luck,and fate of course…
    I have a friend,a girl btw,she met her ex bf through mirc…and as usual they chat,send email,talk through phone,met each other,and end up as couple…but not long ago,when i chat with my friend in msn,she told me that guy is a cheater,he cheated her feeling,and almost cheated her to sleep with him(which luckily she didnt).i guess the most painful part is that she really love him and end up knowing that this guy had slept and cheated a lot of girls before.
    On the other hand,for some ppl,its a different story…i had a friend whose her sister met her husband online,and they are happily married to each other lately…Actually i met my bf through mirc few years ago too…whats attract me to him is that he is different from most guy in mirc,who always like to ask about my weight and height,how we look like,ask for hp number,and talk about sex issue,and being so horny…its a long story anyway,and an interesting and funny experience.Somehow,i felt that its all fate.Once my bf ask me why am i so daring to meet a stranger from net alone?and what if he turn out to be bad guy or cheater etc…ya,come to think of it,i was really crazy back then,maybe i was too young,so i never think twice before meeting him…but after few yrs,thinking back,i was lucky to meet him,instead of a bad guy,or cheater…sometime i felt that it was God looking after me from above and blessed me…i also truly believe that its fate that bring us together…till date,it has been 6 yrs together…
    Conclusion is we should always be careful with net strangers before involving in any relationship with them…Again,its all depends on luck and fate…so it may not necessary be a good thing,may not necessary be a bad thing too…
    P/s:btw kenny,i am a new reader for ur blog,and i like ur blog alot,u are a really hilarious person…keep up the good job!

  113. i totally believe in online dating….that’s how i met my hubby….i’m kinda lazy and tot that it’s easier to go online to know someone, rather than spending long hours, over boring dinner and making small talks. it really works, but you gotta be very cautious with who you met online.

  114. kinda get tired of it all to be honest. its just irratating. i am tired of trying these paid networks and getting nothing but spam. seriously. but i guess it runs with the territory, i won’t be paying for a dating site though.

  115. Whenever Personally i think down I love to read weblogs like yours, it makes things a bit more bright and some wish that not just about all in this world are evil and terror, keep up cheering us up, I know for one, which i will follow you in every method I can, great sit you got going!

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