Things We Like About Women

If any girl reading my previous entry sound like a grumpy divorced old man on a women-bashing frenzy, my apologies.

The truth is, as much as I sometimes feel that women are the cause to all of our woes and problems, there are little magical moments when we appreciate you and think that you’re most beautiful angels sent from above. You may not even realise it, but some things you do subconciously make us feel all tingly inside and swoon all over you.

1. When You’re Putting On Make Up

There’s something incredibly mysterious about watching a girl put on make-up.
Maybe it’s the level of concentration shining through your face when you’re apply the lipstick. Maybe it’s how cute you look when you smile at yourself coyly in the mirror, obviously admiring the work you’ve done.
Or maybe we’re secretly thinking that all that effort you’re going through, is for us.

2. When You Play With Babies

Almost every guy I know are fascinated watching how their girlfriends behave around babies. This could usually mean one of two things.
Either we are secretly attracted to your maternal instincts because we’re thinking this could be how you play with our kids in the future.
Or more likely, we are fantasising putting ourselves in the position of the baby as you hold it close to your lovely bosoms.

3. When We Caught a Whiff Of Your Perfume

Next time you go out wearing your favourite fragrance (such as that extremely popular and excellent fragrance brand starting with “Hu” and ending in “Go”), keep an eye out for the dozens of guys who had turned their head to look back at you with more than a passing interest.
As any guy who have accidentally caught the scent of a woman walking past would know, next to physical intimacy, there’s nothing more mindblowingly sexy than having that sweet feminine aura linger in the air for a while longer.

4. When You Show Your Sexy Back

Everytime a girl bends over and her panties peek out accidentally, our eyes will normally dip briefly to secretly check out the type, material, colour, etc of her undies.
I’m not proud of it, but hey most guys do it. We love it when you tease us with your feminine charms discreetly that way, even if it’s unintentional.
It’s not perving, it’s just the way things are. And unfortunately you’ll have to accept it, otherwise you might have to lobby to bring high-waisted grandma undies back into fashion. 😉

5. When You’re Fast Asleep

Ask any guy what their favourite moments with their girlfriends are, and half of the guys would reply it’s looking at their girlfriends when they are fast asleep.
I gotta agree. Guys love gazing down upon your peacefully sleeping face when you’re looking all sweet and serene and vulnerable. Yeah, it makes us feel manly, macho and protective inside.
Even when in reality we’re actually quite fat and chubby.
Those are my 5 tips for the girls. Nicole has 5 tips for the guys too.
When is the moment when you find a guy (or a girl) most gorgeous?

Tell me your stories.
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254 Replies to “Things We Like About Women”

  1. I think my man is most gorgeous is when he holds me close to keep me warm and secured on a heavy rainy day under an umbrella. His strong arms over me makes me feel so protected and he does not mind getting wet himself just to make sure I do not get into the rain.
    Its these moments that I keep falling in love with him over and over again.

  2. Apart from your 5 things Kenny, I am going to add another 5 of my own:
    1) The looks they have on their faces when they think really hard. e.g., reading a map, figuring out how to parallelelell park.
    2) Their smile when they think you just became their hero. Kill me, babe.
    3) Their white lies. Yeah! I know guys who just get the kick out of listening to “Um, uh, this weekend I need to… uh, *cough*study*cough*…”
    4) Boobs. Aw, c’mon, we men are all pervs anyway. Tell me your eyes don’t turn when you see bouncing boobs.
    5) Boobs. Hey, did I mention that already?

  3. The moment when i feel my girl is most gorgeus is when she is taking care of me like a kid.Cook for me,taking care my small and little things.I just love the feeling and it make me feel i’m protected by her in another way round.

  4. Wow! For me, the most gorgeous a guy is, is when he is concentrating on something. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing… He might be playing online games, fixing the sink or reading is favourite book. I just love the macho-full-of-drive look… *swoon…

  5. The moment when my GF read the SMS message I wrote for another girl (duh…! collegue only!). Her shy & jelouosy face mixed together. Priceless… haha

  6. Oh…everything he does makes my heart flutter. Some of them include;
    1. Yes…watching him sleep and hearing the peaceful snore. (it’s seriously cute until it interferes with my sleep)
    2. The way he would dress up for dates and start tugging at his shirt cuz he feels uncomfortable in it
    3. When he randomly buys me stuff he thinks I would like, the sheepish grin that goes with it and the happy smile that comes after I like his gift.
    4. The best one was when he eats my horrible cooking, lovingly i must add, even though I know it is disastrous for his stomach. My hero! *swoon*

  7. I find a guy most gorgeous when he’s looking all serious, be it when he’s driving or cooking for me or walking around naked looking for his boxer!

  8. Unfortunately, the post is limited to pure physical attraction, which is by-far the most important thing nowadays.
    But then again, reading the title of the post (which I just did again ’cause I had no idea what else to type), this is about what men like in women, in general. (Notice the the plural version of man and woman).
    In my not-so-most-humblest opinion, what we men like about women should be catagorized into steps, not items.
    Take for example, first you see a girl, you like how she looks. Then you talk to her, to see whether she’s a total air-head, and then whether she is able to communicate and deal with our lame-pick up line. Yes, we MEN use pick-up lines knowing they’re lame and hopefully you WOMEN can appreciate the dumb funny lame-ness of it.
    When I go up to a girl and say, hey, someone should re-arrange the alphabet and put “u” and “i” next to each other (which som1 did on this keyboard…whao!). Do you actually think that I’m suggesting the alphabet really be re-arranged? WHAT THE??
    To go a step further, it’d be nice to be shot back with another pick-up line. Or the line , “If I could re-arrange the alphabet, i’ll put “F” and “U” next to each other” . Hhahahah
    So what I’m trying to say is, what I like in a woman, is her body, her mind, then her soul. And of course I’m not going to go into the soul part cause thats just too “lo so”.
    By the way, I love chicks…

  9. Seeing your beloved in a beautiful gown all dressed up for a formal dinner. Be it 100x that first few seconds is always magical eventhough spending hours waiting,walking,cursing looking for the dress,shoes etc. It just doesn’t matter.

  10. The moment when I find my guy most gorgeous is:
    1) When he put on his best smiles at every kid who pass by him.
    2) When he talk to stray cats who cross his path.
    3) When he pats every dog like his own.
    4) When he kisses me on the forehead before saying good nite.
    5) When he knows the answer to all my questions no matter how absurd they are.

  11. When is the moment when you find a guy most gorgeous?
    1. when they show cleavage and u found chest hair…
    2. when they stop going to gym and muscles turned to fats —> big fat round tummy. (cuz big fat round tummy represent safe and comfortable)
    3. when they wear pants on their waist (not drop till the butt)
    4. when they smile (instead of act cool)
    5. when they stop acting like jay chou….

  12. hey kenny i am totally agree with no.1 err and no.4..
    well for ur question, the moment that i couldnt take my eyes of him is after shower..dressing and get ready to work/outing with me, then innocently ask me ‘ do i look” awwhh..handsome n gorgeous man ! u know got that feeling like want to take off his clothes back..haha..

  13. guys are cutest, vulnerable even, when they are having their meals/eating. that 100% full concentration ON the food is just amazing! no amount of nude babes can ever divert their attention (or so i’m assuming lah).
    guys are the coolest, when they get down from their beloved car, just to help the old folk cross the roads.
    guys are most gorgeous, when they are surrounded by the prettiest girls you can ever find, yet they still openly expresses *you* are the queen of their hearts, and mean it. to the girls.

  14. 1.when i had sprain my ankle,he checking and comfort me nervously.seems like he bearing my pain.
    2.when he play with pets and child or babies,this scene most attract my sight!i love family man!
    3.when i just come out from bathroom with towel on my body,he coincidently come into the bedroom.he seems get shock when saw me in towel and his face turn red to neck!wow…how cute he looks!
    4.when he plays basketball or!that is man’s battle!
    5.mature man.Who knows a lot of thing.can settle problems easily.oh god….he is my superman!

  15. The Moment i find my girl gorgeous …
    1) Putting all her pink seat covers , pink wheelcovers , pink hellokitty tissue box , pink hanging dolls , pink pillows and everything pink inside my car , 3 years ago , when she was still in high school when we first started dating .
    2)Getting really annoyed waiting for 1 hour in the car when she do make ups with her cousins but when she came out , gave me a ‘ i am sorry , for making u to wait this long ‘ angel smile , i forgave her and lost my unhappy feeling for waiting
    3)When we go shopping , she ask me wheter this dress is nice or not , and i say no , because i think its not , and she said ‘ You have no taste ‘ ,( then why ask me ? ) but i think thats cute ..
    4)Kiss my cheek and hold me close , when i was feeling down for being rejected in a singing audition for Astro talent quest , She waited for me outside the room and hold me saying ( it needs luck , its not your voice , your voice is great )
    5)When we have our first kiss 3 years ago back in my car while listening to Jay Chou and Landy wen’s duet ‘ Wu ding ‘ …
    This are all my unforgettable memories .

  16. girls always complains about guys eyes looking at girls brest or thier ass everywhere we go.. I have to admit~~ YES IS REALLY TRUE!!.. cause our eyes is like a sensitive sensor which will point to a sexy girl who walk pass us.. this can’t be control u know.. but we r not as crazy till follow tht sexy girl back home or others.. anways in the other word.. IF GUYS IS NOT PORNY THEN GIRL WON’T HAVE BABIES.. i must make this right.. my word PORNY is not having sex around.. don misunderstand..

  17. The moment when guy most gorgeous is when;
    1. When he comes out fresh from shower with clean shaven face and smells of the soaps linger on his body;
    2. When he holds your hand unexpectedly, when he notices someone else is watching you;
    3. When he said, “Oh poor baby” when we complained about our PMS and the pains that we have;
    4. When he sweats after working out in the park;
    5. And, when he listen to all your whimpering and cries and give his shoulder for you to cry.

  18. For me, its just watching my gf fuming quietly inside after an argument.The kind when she is half angry but still wanna big hug sorta look.

  19. My girlfriend is utmost gorgeous when she’s without any makeup. It’s the natural beauty that matters the most to me. We’ve been 4 years together and I find her most attractive in the most natural way. I’m aware that the coat of powder means confidence and beauty to the feminine, but what we desire the most is the sincerity and love right from your heart. In short, makeup doesn’t buy love, it buys attention.

  20. I find a girl is most gorgeous when she is in her pajamas, and when she is lying on the bed falling asleep.. I think the sight of a girl in her PJs are really gorgeous and sexy..

  21. When my man gets angry/desperately mad and lashes out at me over silly things like running under rain or mistakenly drink the sour milk, when in truth, he’s simply worried that I might get sick.
    SOunds like a sadomasocist no? :p
    When he forbids me doing things because he thinks he can and also because he’s being a big tease.
    When he says he sleeps better with me at his side.
    When he swears!! Because he rarely does so.
    One particular time, when he jumped on his motorbike and speeded up to my place when he heard I was sick. He arrived bare-foot :). And it made him even more gorgeous when I heard the whole thing from a friend.

  22. Hah!!! An attractive guy? *mischeivious smile* Well…. the butt for one…
    *slaps self to seriousness* Ahem. To just name a few…
    1) When he blunders, and laughs it off.
    I absolutely adore a man that dares to shyly admit he’s done something stupid. When a guy actually stands there to ask for your help, (because maybe he doesn’t know how to fix together that IKEA cupboard, or the sink just squirted disgusting puky stuff all over him) with his face going pink from embarassment, it is so cute I have to laugh. And when he laughs with me, it’s the cementing attraction.
    2) When he makes me feel secure.
    If I weren’t feeling well, and he walked behind me on steep stairs and said “I’ll catch you if you fall.” It is a swoon worthy moment. I might actually have fallen just hearing those words.
    When we’re walking through a mall, and he grabs my hand in his. The gesture is one that provides both of us with that added comfort, that feeling that shouts to the rest of the world “Nyeh nyeh, we’re together and you’re not! Bleh!!!”
    In a hug. Hugs that you never want to end.
    3) When he argues politics with me.
    I love a guy that respects my intelligence. He could be reading a piece of controversial news, and the first person he calls to debacle it with is me. “Did you read that piece of trash … minister said on the … for the bloody …!!!” When he can respect and ask for my opinion, get angry over a cause WITH me, and often enough, join MY causes, it is too sexy for words. A man with a healthy respect for the opposite sex’s brains, are men with real brains and balls. Oh, and that righteous anger? Goddamn HOT.
    (Of course it doesn’t have to be politics, but that is usually an area guys tend to belittle a girls expertise in)
    4) When he offers a helping hand.
    I’m cooking up a storm, and he’s standing at the door, wondering what the hell the asparagus on the stove are called, and what kind of meat is roasting in the oven, and whether it is safe for him to open to freezer without incurring my wrath over a dessert that was ‘setting’. That helpless look on his face is priceless, and makes me want to grab him and kiss him right there and then.
    Although the sweetest moment comes when, he tentatively walks into that domain, scared to be rejected, and scared to be accepted, and asks if you need any help.
    5) When he’s looking bloody sexy at the gym, in a tux, at the pool, and in his ‘after work business suit demolished’ outfit.
    Guys have no idea how much time girls actually use to stare at their torso’s, butts, faces, in gyms. We did it far more discreetly than the ametuer man’s ogling. But hell, a guy all sweaty, skin tight, muscles pumping, with a towel swung over their shoulder and that look of intense concentration on their face, is downright edible.
    In a tuxedo. I don’t have further to go than to mention every girls american movie dream, to point out that all the male leads we love, have one time or most times, been in tuxes. A tux gives every face that look of confidence and character to make a girl giddy. Combined with the smooth tones of his suit, that flow over those now defined shoulders, are enough to make a girl beg you with her eyes to cross the room to her.
    At the pool, when a guy is laughing, and screaming ‘banzai!!!’ before cannonballing into the water. It’s such a small act of childhood plus machoism, that it’s hard to resist. I love, a guy laughing, and having good honest fun.
    When he’s frumpled getting back from work. The tie undone, half his shirt come untucked, and his hair mussled. Do I have to go further?
    There are a million other ways a guy is sexy. And there are a million other reasons I love guys. But since Kenny only pointed out 5, I’ll stick to the limit.

  23. the way he always hold my hand with his left hand…driving only with his right hand in his MANUAL car. there are times when he needed his left hand too…he would place my hand gently on his lap… occationally, i could feel a little bulging in his pants. *gasp*

  24. 1. When u r angry! Yelling ur head off b’cos I forgot to put up the toilet seat when I pee!
    2. When u r cooking my food!
    3. When u look at me helplessly when u got a flat tyre!
    4. When u r realy ‘hor ny’ & want me to do some ‘pokeing’!
    5. When u jump with joy when I give u a surprise gift!
    The above are the ‘moment’ when I find my gf most beautiful!
    Have a nice day!

  25. how a guy can steal gals heart away?
    i think a laugh n sweet smile some times enough attractive…when guys amaze on what gals did 4 him….or his ‘touched’ n appreciate look after we gals do something especially to him…tats y gals will not mind to sacrifice…=)
    beside,guys is sexy when they serious in their work…when they try so hard for some thing…at that moment his eyes is just full of passion…
    when a guy suddenly kiss n hug the gal without letting her have any preparation when the gals in bad moods and need care from him….he can be the sweetest guys in the world because she know he there for her…

  26. Find a guy most gorgeous when:
    1.They do the most unmanly thing like when they are willingly to help us buy girls stuff e.g. sanitary pads when we need it.
    2. When he find my giggles cute and will giggles
    3. When he said he love to hug me, just to feel my body’s warmth.
    4. When he just come out of the bathroom, with just the towel around his waist.
    5. When he would just entertain my silly requests like piggy back 😛

  27. He is most gorgeous when he tries to
    impress her by fixing her broken pipe.
    He is most gorgeous when he is being a
    gentleman by opening the car door for her.
    He is most gorgeous after a football match,
    eventhough he is all sweaty and sticky.
    He is most gorgeous when he argues with
    her, but later realizes it isn’t the right
    time to defend his ego, hence, compromises
    with her.
    He is most gorgeous when he sacrifices his
    time with the boys to be with her.
    He is most gorgeous when he never fails to
    give her a call, even when he’s busy.
    He is most gorgeous when he buys her roses
    for no apparent reason.
    He is most gorgeous when he buys her ice-cream
    just to make her feel better after a horrible
    He is most gorgeous when he gazes at her with
    his dazzling blue/green/brown/black eyes. (okay, the colour of the eye isn’t quite very important)
    He is most gorgeous when he cuddles her in his strong arms, giving her affection and at the same time providing her with a sense of security.

  28. I love it when my girlfriend gives me all these cute names and justifies how she derived it.
    hunny bunny, to bun bun, to baa baa (sheep sound) to the current one.. bang bang
    Oh, and I love it when she creeps behind of me and gives me a hug while I’m busy doing my hair or something or rather =D

  29. When he sees a line of ants, pointed out his finger and pushed them to dead one by one and said, “don’t die, please don’t die, I told you not to die”, when I, on the other hand was yelling helplessly, “NO! NO!”.
    When he puts on my favorite fragrance then hugged me tightly leaving the fragrance on me.
    When he does something silly like wetting his pants after pooping coz’ he was trying to wash his butt with water, the tissues ran out.
    When he sings to me my fav. James Blunt – You’re beautiful, tunelessly.
    When he cries over the phone like a baby.
    When he wears his g-string with a pair of semi-transparent boxer.
    When he puts on my nipple tape.

  30. As for me, the magical moments with him:
    i. When he secretly looks at me with his sly smile
    ii. When he gives me a pek at the cheek when i ‘merajuk’
    iii. When he gives me money when i am broke..hehehe

  31. Top 5 moment for a guy:
    1) When she comes over to me while watching tv and just quietly sits beside me and places her head on my shoulder (thus allowing me to get a whiff of her hair)
    2) When she looks at me tentatively when she knows she’s in the wrong while giving me that cute puppy eyes
    3) When she places her hand on my neck and give me a little squeeze while I’m driving
    4) When she would cuddle up to me whenever she can
    5) Know when to be matured and when to be playful when the time comes

  32. This is a bit subjective, so let me put it this way.
    A guy is gorgeous
    1. When he just came back from work, with his working attire on. Formal office wear, first button unbutton. (Nothing close to being perv compare to man, of course). And when he rolls up his sleeves, hair slightly messy and give the girl a tired smile…damn, you had me there already. Do that everyday; we don’t mind, really.OH, DID I MENTION bout the MASCULINE cologne scent???
    2. When he is generous (Yes we girls luuuuurrrrveeee money okay; not like you guys are going to believe us if we deny) BUT IN THIS CASE it is more to his HEART and ThINKING. His matured, well educated mind will suck all the soul out from the girls. It would be such a turn off if you see your boy friend whining and complaining about you meeting your ex. This could only mean 1) he is not confident enough 2) He doesn’t trust you. Come on girls, why do we have to date a KID?
    A matured man should be generous and with this point itself, you already showed how macho you are.
    3. When he is with a baby.
    No kidding. As much as you guys like to see girls with baby; we girls like to see guys with babies too!
    Guys with their masculine appearance and manly ego; and when they are around with a baby (innocent and vulnerable)…will cast a bio-chemical-scientific effect when we girls see it. Orgasm!!!
    It is the look on their face. When you look at your man (usually strong, masculine..if not, fat, chubby..whatever it is…) with a baby on their hand…the looks soften. With a soft smile (again, that’s a headshot) that’s what I call SEXY.
    That is the moment when you really wish you are a professional photographer and capture the whole freakin moment.
    4. When he is driving.
    Yes. There is just this THING with guys and cars. Can’t really put it in words. When a guy is driving, his serious, relaxed or cool looks…just priceless.
    There is no need to stress on this point more. Guys and cars, work for every girl.
    Unless you are really really bad at driving or parking. Then try to work on point 2.
    5. When he is SMART
    Smart and humble.
    A guy who knows when to shut up and when to state his opinion is the most attractive guy.
    A guy who talks a lot but has nothing in his brain is an empty can. Loud but empty.
    Whenever you smart guys out there answer the question we asked; properly and with facts; honestly…we always got the urge to jump on and kiss you.
    More like, deep inside our heart, we really do admire and worship you.
    Look; you can change with money.
    But knowledge; is just HOT, naturally. Is like a beautiful girl without makeup. Its so natural.
    Works all the time.

  33. I find it the most attractive and sexy for a girl is when u dunno whether they r smiling o nt, but obviously they are looking at you…Tat’s jz too hot..and of coz, when they smell really really pleasant, like after bathing in a tub of perfume.

  34. i like it when guys:
    1# talking to their frens in a lil table but still sneek his eyes and land it on me. when our eyes meet, i will feel important or special for tat moment.
    2# when they treat u the same around their frens. some guys o shall i say most guys seriously act different with their all-guy company than with our mutual fren company and my frens. they tends to treat u more harshly o slighty rude at times make fun of u. i guess they feel more superior and macho in front of their frens. ish~
    3# when he hugs me from the back. the feeling are safe and sweet. felt so loved.
    4# when they cook when v’re sick. it might taste lk crap but it’s the concern tat i can taste.
    5# when they give tat one-of-a-kind smile to hint us tat v’re talking too much tat he cant understand.

  35. I love it when she makes herself jealous at something that she imagines it in her mind.
    I remember this one time where she came up with a theory that I am having an affair with my maid and that she was jealous at her because my maid lives in my house and the she doesnt, my maid gets to wash my boxers and she doesn’t, my maid gets to cook for me but she doesn’t. Because we’re having a long distance relationship now, I once jokingly said that I was calling my maid to talk to her, she got jealous and hung up the phone. haha. As ridiculous as it sounds, it was utterly funny and somehow I fell in love with her all over again.
    How can anyone get mad at something like that eh?

  36. I remember that I used to have this amazing crush on a girl, but I never acted on it, either due to pure stupidity or fear of her rejecting me. In fact, she actually asked if I ‘Liked her that much’, since I always joked I would like to marry her someday. I sensed something in her words, and just waived it off.
    Since she wasn’t local from where I studied, we hanged out one day and we decided to visit the Eye on Malaysia (weird choice, but we promised each other we’d visit before the year was over), on the worst day of all, which was Valentines.
    Now, the thing she didn’t actually tell me was she was TERRIFIED of heights, and she didn’t say it until we were on the gondola itself.
    Almost immediately she wailed and closed her eyes tightly, asking if it was over. It was that moment, when she seemed so frail and afraid, yet amazingly childish, innocent, and truthful that she seemed the most gorgeous to me. I tried not to hug her, but held her hand instead which was having an iron grip on the seats and tried to comfort her, asking her to open her eyes. Amid wails, it was amazingly cute to see her try to enjoy the view while she dug her nails into my hand.
    I guess her being so innocent, frail, and needing someone to be there for her made me tell her how I felt about her there and then. Sad to say, she rejected me. But then her face back then will always be tuck in my head, cause she was most gorgeous then.

  37. 1) the sound of his voice in the video he recorded playing with his baby boy
    2) when he struggles with his dslr to capture my most hideous look
    3) his control-macho face when i love the restaurant he chose (this is when my plate is full of everything)
    4) he’ll make an ugly face the instant i said he’s cute (the pujian happens on rare occasion, but still love u dear)
    5) when i beat him on the ps3 ,,v(^^,)
    ps: alamak… i feel like having crush wt my boyfriend everyday la

  38. The most priceless moments….
    1. He will still hold your hand or waist(publicly) even after few years of marriage
    2. Be with you in delivery room.. (even though he’s scare like hell)
    3. Give you a big hug when you feeling down & listening to his heartbeat (which is very calming)
    4. Smelling the same sweet smell of his body (especially when he’s using dat particular cologne..purrr)
    5. Thinking about you when you’re not with him..

  39. When is the moment when you find a guy most gorgeous?
    Personally, when he is concentrate on doing thing,such playing game,having breakfast,reading newspaper or ‘oh~ah~’-ing… is the most gorgeous moment.

  40. The way our eyes meet across the room when we’re at a party and you give me that slight smile that shows that you’re still thinking about me.
    The carefully placed post-it between my exam notes reminding me to remember to breathe and that you love me regardless of my exam appearance!!
    When you text me during a guy’s night out that shows that you miss me.
    When you endure the ‘painful’ shopping trips buying what you consider at mindless additions to the neverendingevergrowing closet, and then try to make the best out of the trip by having coffee and having a good meal to ‘keep you going’ for the rest of the shopping trip.
    But mostly, you’re most gorgeous…
    when you’re simply…you.

  41. i find a girl most gorgeous when they have their hair tied up…
    there’s just something about that lil’ exposed spot on the neck.. just slightly below the ear.. very sexy .. 😉

  42. Hi, new here, interesting topic..
    I like it the most when:
    1. looking at my GF giggles like a baby
    2. her puzzled face when ever i give her a complicating question.
    3. when she’s sad n suddenly receive an ice-cream from me.
    4. her pity face when i need to go.
    5. her reaction when wanna ask me for a favor…

  43. A guy is most gorgeous when he looks you in the eyes and says ‘I Love You’ (even though I know I’m not the first and the last person he’ll say it to)
    A guy is most gorgeous when he tells you ‘Everything will be okay’, even though you know it is not! (at least not so soon)
    A guy is most gorgeous when he works hard to bring home the money for the family. This is priority. This is responsibility.

  44. hey, think men should be gorgeous when;
    1. He looks into my eyes and said, “Babe, thanks for the night and hope you have a sweet dream. Good nitez.” And this follows by a “soft” kiss on my forehead.
    2. He gently reached my hand, rub it few times with his warm & “tough” palm, and slowly put my hands into his jacket’s pocket while we’re outside the cold and chilly night.
    3. He puts on my “Doraemon” apron with a “cooking spade” in his right hand, boiling pot on the stove and reading the cooking book as if he understood how to cook the porridge when I’m sick.
    4. He was jovially telling a joke but it’s not funny at all and it ends up both of us staring at each other for few seconds, laughing because of embarrassment. Hahaha….
    5. still thinking, so to be cont’…..

  45. guy make my heart melts when:-
    1#he noticed a wound on my knee
    like aww~ how sweet he actually notice tat small cut n concernly asked how i got that cut.
    2#tolerating wid me during my PMS
    i’m really ridiculas n easily irritated by small tiny things but he’ll remain quiet and try his very best to confort me..(feel real bad bout it..hehe)
    3#guy tat stand up for me
    remember there is once i got accused and got a really harsh scolding from my fren then he came n stood infront of me telling tat guy omg!!i nearly cried not because of the scolding but felt the security from my him!!*puppy’s eyes*
    4#love love love guy tat offer me a jacket
    i really enjoy watching movie..den there is once i went out a movie wid him wearing a tank top(was not a planned one)after half a movie i started to move a lil here n there..suddenlly he took off his jacket and covered me!*so nice of him*
    5#baking me cookies
    was craving to eat cookies one day den i kinda hinting my sis to bake it for me but she refused to while he was there.(really sad)however the next day i found a jar of cookies n a card saying ‘baked some cookies for,ur baby’
    all these moments are just priceless!!!

  46. Gorgeous isn’t the exact word i’d be using here.
    anyway, this happened a long long time ago when i had my first boyfriend.
    he’s the average kid in our school, nothing flashy. there was this time when he was supposed to find a teacher (we were both class monitor then) and came back 15 minutes later panting, saying he couldn’t find her. so i went. 5 minutes later i found her, he was very grateful and had this surprised and ‘dreamy look’ on his face.
    ever since then, he’d be secretly looking at me dreamily and i did saw it once from the reflection of our school’s ‘tingkap’. he’d be so startled when i turned and look at him, and would think of something lame which he uses EVERYTIME he wants me to shift my attention, “look, a fly!” and i’d be happily playing along and smiling, lost in my own cloud-nine.
    a friend of mine actually took a picture of him staring at me, it was priceless.
    sadly, i lost the picture (hard copy); i cherish that memory very much.

  47. Many girls fantasizes about the ‘perfect’ boyfriend, or just plain dreaming / wishing for prince charming to come waltzing along into their lives… what I have to say is “WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!”. For me, the best boyfriend or the best traits that attract me to a man would be far from the so-called “Rich & handsome prince charming” of every girl’s fantasy.
    Lets just be realistic here… Actually, it’s those simple things that men do subconsciously that makes them seem so IRRESISTIBLE!!
    1. When they are sensitive to people around them (espcly their girlfriends!).
    I simply *melt* when a man shows that he is sincerely concern about you, or your family, or your friends. This shows that he is caring and loving. Sometimes, they may not be good with words, but hey, he did try his best! and that’s one of the trait that attracts me to a man! Like, how my ex used to show his concern for me, especially when I was under a lot of academic pressure, or how he gets really worried when I fell sick, or how he really understands when I had my monthly PMS mood swings. Sometimes, it’s those non-verbal cues that makes him shines through.
    2. When a man is in control of situations.
    Admit it! Girls totally *swoon* over guys who are in control! I know I do~ 😉
    I personally find my man attractive especially when he is driving. Heck! He drives 95% of the time when we were together, just coz he likes being the one in control. Relationship-wise, it’s more of a mutual thing. But I usually let him take charge, even though internally, both of us know who’s leading the way! *winks* You gotta give some space for his ego too, ya know?!
    Moreover, men just *love* to be the HERO in every danger, don’t cha think? *Imagine Superman coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress* It just gives you a sense of protection, and just knowing that he’ll always be the one who catches you when you fall~
    3. When he shows his softer and more vulnerable side.
    This doesn’t mean that you can crush his ego as you like. It hurts! Anyways, I’m not contradicting my 2nd statement as I say this. It actually means that deep down under the oh-so-macho and manly exterior of his, there’s a softer and gentler side of him that touches your heart, and makes you feel fuzzy on the inside.
    Plus, I just couldn’t resist when a man actually portray some act of sincere kindness and vulnerability, even when it means that it’s “not a manly thing to do” to most guys out there. but heck! To many girls, it’s a GENTLEMAN thing.. =)
    4. When a man willingly makes sacrifices for you. (no matter how big or small those sacrifices were).
    At this point, you know that this guy is really serious with you! Heck! It gives you such a great confidence boost that you actually feel on top of the world~ There were times where my ex just spend time chatting with me (more of listening to my ramblings and complaints) on the phone when he was in KL, and I, in Kuching, though he’s busy. There was once that we spent 4++ hrs on the phone at night, and he ended up only having 3 hrs of sleep, and has class the very next morning. Poor guy~
    And I especially like the fact that he actually quits smoking for me as well, just coz I don’t like the habit.
    5. When he cooks.
    For a man to get all dressed up or in suits or tux may make me drool like any other girl would. But for a man to be in t-shirts, shorts, and aprons, makes me drool even more! Maybe it’s just the fact that I love homely guys, or prolly it’s just that I can’t really cook!
    And maybe it’s just that seeing a man cooking for you shows that he is the kind of guy that you would consider having a long-term relationship with.
    To sum it all off, it’s those simple acts, pleasures and *sweet* moments you share with him that makes it the cherry of the cake!

  48. Open minded girls are most gorgeous.
    They are willing to share whatever things that happen to a female and in return we(men) can share ours too. Sometimes, when guys start a ‘taboo’ topic (such as sex, masturbating etc etc…), girls would shun away. But open minded girls don’t mind joining and talking such issue without shy. This just shows that open minded girls can make a good life partner as they are willing to share their problems, thoughts, views on any topics…

  49. the 5 things she does, that put the “boom-boom” into my heart:
    1. fanning herself on the neck with bare hand
    girl, the weather’s hot, but u’re wayyyy hotter. the way she tilts her head a little, exposing her sexy neck while fanning herself with her 5 widely spreaded sexy fingers is like giving out signal to the guys, saying “come and blow me on my neck, lover-boy”.
    2. blowing her forehead hair (刘海)
    the way she moves her lower lip forward and blow up towards her forehead hair to expose her forehead for a slight second is like playing a “now u see, now u don’t” trick to the guys.
    3. tidying her hair behind her ears
    the way she pushes her hair to sit behind her ears. it moves my focus to her ears.
    4. tying up her ponytail
    the way she carefully hold every strand of her hair and tie it up tidily, while i observe from behind.
    5. various mouth/lips gesture, especially when she’s concentrating
    i believe all guys are attracted to the motions of the lady’s lips.

  50. To me, i think guys are most gorgeous when they..
    #1 Smile
    -especially the loopsided one. When they smile, it gives you the warmth.. the cuteness.. i mean, guys dat smiles actually let u know dat they can give u hapiness and make u happy. let it be fat, skinny, tall short.. u jus get dat feeling. i’m pretty sure guys feel the same way when a girl smiles.
    #2 Act like a man
    -“be a man”. guys are just wonderful, when they take good care of girls, and act responsibly. of coz, i’m not just saying dis because i’m a girl myself.. honestly, they are just cute when they try to act like one. and copy those seriously chessy moves from korean or taiwanese drama. when they send you home.. wait for ur car.. every single thing like dat means alot. knowing dat u’re safe and he’ll be there.
    #3 they are romantic
    I love it when guys actually put in their heart and make something out of nothing. Instead of buying a card, they put in effort and time, drawing out little balloons, cutting out hearts.. us girls, LOVE it. whether ugly, pretty, small big. we just love it. knowing dat u’re sincere and serious.
    #4 Try to cheer you up
    They basically act like a clown, anything. just to see ur lips curl up. THough we don’t show how much we appreciate it. deep down inside, we do.
    #5 Are just themselves
    This probably is the most important bit. Guys are gorgeous in every single way. Dats why we go for guys instead of girls. every single thing bout guys should be appreciated. =)

  51. not here to comment to win stuff.. But i think, panties show out from the pants/skirt is a NO NO!! Big no no… That’s why low cut undies are created.. Showing panties off are SO NOT sexy… *eww*

  52. I have one sweet memory.It was my birthday and he came to pick me up from my hostel.We were studying back then.He was in Setapak and I was in Shah Alam.I wasn’t expecting much since he’s not the romantic kind.But then he drove me to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (I know it’s dark and quiet but it’s not wat u think,now keep to the story) and I asked him where are we going? Why come here? And he said there’s a restaurant here.”Really???!!!” I asked.And he said yes.I asked,”What restaurant?” He replied,”Kancil Restaurant”.I was thinking to myself,”Geez…wat an unromantic restaurant by the judge of the name.and M’sians really boleh to come up wif such a those roti BOM,roti proton etc….”
    Then we finally stopped.At an empty parking lot!!! Then he told me to get down.By now I’m confused and started to get paranoid.Is he some kind of weirdo? What kind of trouble have I gotten myself into?? Then he told me to go behind the car,and he opened the boot.
    I swear I melted the moment he opened the boot.Inside was filled with balloons,crepe papers with all kinds of colours and a love-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.And a birthday cake!!! HOwever,this is not the end.When we went back to his place,his room was also filled with balloons and romantic decorations.I have on more birthday present,an anklet.To tie me to him forever. :)That night I was a melted “chocolate”.
    Such sweet effort.Nothing melts a girl more than a well-thought out plan for a special occasion.There’s more qualities of coz,but I decided to tell one full story as an example.And oh,why Kancil restaurant? Coz he was driving a Kancil. 🙂

  53. You asked us to make our comments more interesting, eh???
    Then why on earth you chose a kiss-ass, dull boring comments to be the winner???

  54. Guys are most gorgeous when
    1. They get determined.
    Even when its for the stupidest thing like getting a green mnm out of the packet, the determination. damn.
    2. They bother to do their hair.
    You gotta give them credits. no?
    3.They give in to your “girl instincts” and finds it amusing. 🙂
    4. They stand up for something infront of their friends. That takes guts and macho-ness.
    5. They are not being a sore loser.
    say after a football match, they go ” good game brothers ” eventhough they lost. thats something. 🙂

  55. AS for me..what I can say is girls are most gorgeous when they..
    1) Sit down or lie down quietly by your side and she look at you..just the silent moment that she look at you innoncently.. n usually after that couples smoooched..hehe
    2) Laugh so loud and even snorted when you tickle them with your jokes or your sweet mouth.. and in worse case really tickle them to laugh and toss around cos of the itches..
    3) They stood down there and nearly burst into tears of joy(especially she suddenly appear in front of her room door in the middle of the nite)..due to SURPRISES(birthday,valentine or anniversary) that you gave to them!! Big or Small surprises but meaningful to them..and just run to your chest (if you are tall enough) and hug u so tightly..
    4) Smile at you after you some time that you didn’t meet..and they just say..HI BABY!!
    5) When they nearly cried or even cried after some events..whether is after you just got them jealous and they refuse to talk to u that much..or when they really miss u so much that they can’t bear to leave u or over delighted..
    Wish there is more than just 5.hehe..any just try outs..ciaoz

  56. girls are most gorgeous to me when they do the things they dislike together with you just to spend time with you, like watching a football game together when she doesn’t even know the rules and screaming ‘goaaal!’ together with you when your team scores and being there with you when your team just suffered a loss.
    thats what I find most gorgeous in a girl.

  57. 1/When a man is concentrating at his work, he is very attractive, especially if he did a good job afterall.
    2/When he tells you what is right to do, and his way actually works
    3/When he put in effort to cook a meal for you, eventhough the quality may not be promising.
    4/When he helps you out from your miserable nightmare, he will be your hero forever.
    5/When he treats your family like how he treats his family, to the good side.

  58. When is the moment when you find a guy most gorgeous?
    I would have to say: When a guy is being totally honest with you. Like telling you his utmost true feelings (i.e. not trying to act all macho and brave. Hey, guys are vulnerable too), being sincere and serious. When a guy tells you things that are deep inside (his feelings & emotions), to me he’s displaying his most vulnerable side of him and he’s willing to share all of that with me.It doesn’t matter whether we are an item or not but even if my “guy” friends do that, I would find them most gorgeous and I would swoon over them.

  59. I personally (and may haps some do agree) find my guy most gorgeous when
    He does that thing he does
    He gives big bear hugs
    He gives soft little kisses (regardless of where they may be *wink*)
    He asks for a back rub (and says thank you after too ^_^)
    He is in his boxers *yea…*
    He is clean, shaved and smells of steam
    He dresses up (Yes, suits are definitely a turn on)
    He talks to his mom. I mean seriously, the only other woman he’ll ever love as much, if not more than you! Listen eh? ^_^
    He makes those little noises
    He habits on the little things he does
    He pats my head, and tells me everything is gonna be better
    He is simply being him. Love the simplicity =]

  60. Gorgeous is defined by me as a beauty of divine attraction. For me when I found the right girl, it’s all about her that is gorgeous. The times that I took my camera and took a photo of her and comparing what is in the camera and herself being there is unmatched. A photo is frozen beauty, but in life she is a living beauty.
    The part where I am at a distance from her even with all the technologies that can connect us, it still could not match the times I came out from the airport terminal, with my whole body gushing with adrenaline to see her. And as I saw her face and her smile, it is as if there is a glow at her back. The words “You look gorgeous” here makes her glow even more. It almost made us dance in the airport, Hindu style. With Kuch Kuch Hota Hai theme at the background, and the pillars as the trees.
    Another gorgeous moment of her is when she eats. Men are always cincai when eating, as long as the food gets to be stuffed in our mouths. She always eats as fully mannered as possible. How she slurps spaghetti up quietly to the point she uses the silverware to block where the sound is coming from. Eating Popiah with your favourite chili sauce gently and left some of it at your lips makes me want to wipe it off with my hands.
    For many times I see her, she will be always forever gorgeous in my life. I think it’s time to dance at Kuching International Airport while running up to Starbucks.

  61. Can I give ten?
    Ten reasons why I find you perfectly adorable…
    One. You always make sure that we eat at the same time, even if we were separate at the moment, we still have to eat at the same time.
    Two. You start a silent conversation with me from across the room whenever you catching me looking at you.
    Three. You make funny faces, even in front of tons of people, just to make me laugh.
    Four. You fondly refer to me as your wife-to-be.
    Five. You let me use my pen to write on your exposed skin in order to pacify my need to draw tattoos.
    Six. While I’m asleep, you stay up for hours sending me tons and tons of text messages so that when I wake up I have tons and tons to read from you.
    Seven. Even though you complained that it made you feel weird, you still carried my very girl-y bag and my humongous teddy bear because I was too lazy to do so.
    Eight. Even though I asked you why so many times already, you still tell me all the reasons why you think I’m great just cause I asked.
    Nine. You send a text message that says “I miss you” after five minutes of separation.
    Ten. You grab every single moment and chance that you can to squeeze an “I love you” while having a conversation with me.
    But that’s just because he’s my man really.

  62. moments when I find a guy most gorgeous…
    1. when he wakes up early in the morning looking like a scruffy dog
    – they just look adorable and gorgeous…. like a lil boy
    2. when he gets all mushy and teary over a new born baby
    – especially when it is your first and waiting all this time to be a dad
    3. when admitting when he is in the wrong
    – i just love that in a man….. no fear in losing face
    4. when I told him I was pregnant
    – he had this soft and loving look as well as excitement….
    5. being a goof ball
    – without humour in our lives…it would have been dull

  63. I think a guy is gorgeous when he trusts you with his vulnerabilities- when he knows that one day you’d have spent so much time together that he wouldn’t be able to hide it from you anyway.
    I think a guy is gorgeous when he decides not to get into a relationship with you- because he thinks you need time to grow in different aspects of life and he thinks a relationship focussing you on him would take you away from the important lessons you need to learn.
    I think a guy is gorgeous when he remains your best friend- and listens to you cry because of him. And comforts you without it being about him.
    I think a guy is gorgeous when he worries every time you say you like him- because he is afraid one day he will lose your friendship because of it.
    I think a guy is gorgeous when he offers to pick you up early in the morning and drops you at university, even when he stays in the opposite direction, likes you, isn’t your boyfriend and doesn’t plan to be any time soon because of point 2.
    I think a guy is gorgeous when he tells you that you’re beautiful- not to score brownie points but because he believes every girl needs to be valued.
    I think a guy is gorgeous when he is himself, when he wants you to be yourself, and he wants to help you be more than you are, all at the same time.
    I think that guy is gorgeous and I’m thankful he actually exists!

  64. l love it when me n my gal are playing around with it in the garden or the shopping mall..
    secretly..i wished the kids we’re playing ours..hahahha

  65. I find a man most gorgeous when..
    1. He’s workin or concentrating real hard to do something
    2. He is kind towards animals. Gestures like picking up a poor kitten from the road or feeding a hungry dog
    3. He lifts me up and hold me tight and tell me he’ll always be there for me
    4. He’s always there to make me feel better when I’m upset
    5. He tries not to cry but simply can’t hold back his tears

  66. The way a girl’s head ducks down a bit, her shoulders come up, her eyes glance askew, and she puts her hand to her mouth in a gesture of “oops”
    That literally puts a sweet taste in my mouth.

  67. i find that the best moment is when she laughs/smiles/giggles…it is as if they are in their own happy little world…n a guy can’t help but just stare at her…i mean, a guy will never even give a second glance to a moody girl…we only enjoy the happy, giggly ones…i hate to admit it but i do stare at my girl friends when they laugh or smile…it’s amazing…~fin~

  68. You know what Kenny? Women are gorgeous because they always do things with love and care. Everything they do are always in detail. Like all the thing you’ve mentioned, make up, playing around with kids.. when they are doing that, they are concentrated with their motherly love.. which is the thing, we men kinda lack of.. and also, we’re all borned and raised by mom .. that can be seen when lots of men thinks that they wanna be the kid the women are playing we always like that feeling of being love or seeing a manisfestation of love in front of our eyes and we know that we are being loved.. Women are special, full of love, caring and longing… while Men are also special, resembles security, protection.. The Most High had indeed made us in such beautiful way…

  69. 5 things guy attract girls:
    1. The way he smile
    2. The way he respect girls
    3. The way he take up responsibility
    4. The way he thinks maturely..can know by talking to him
    5. The way he cares…

  70. There are heaps of moment that I find a (my) guy gorgeous and each moment just makes me want to hug him and be overly generous with my kisses. But I find that moment when a guy wakes up at dawn and just watches you sleep most gorgeous of all.
    As he waits for you to wake up, you probably know that your hair is at its worst and your breath totally reeks. But for him to be able to still look at that hell-of-a-mess and feel the same intensity of love as the first day he fell head over heels for you, just attracts me even more and makes me fall madly in love with him over again – BUT a little bit more…
    I find it uberly (very) gorgeous when he start fiddling with your nose which he often teases it being big and whispers to your ear a secret code where only you and him knows what it means. ‘Boo boo noseeeeeeeee’ ‘Boo boo noseeeeeeeeeeeeeee……’ he increases the volume of his voice trying his hardest to wake you up simply because he wants and needs to talk to you so badly and just cannot wait another minute to find out what you’ll say. Now that is a guy at his gorgeous moment for me

  71. The things I like about guys?:
    1. his little-little surprises, like when he quietly holds my hand and smiles to himself or buys me an ice cream when he feels that I am down. (the littlest things that a man does are actually one of the biggest!)
    2. when he looks me squarely in the eye and tells me he’s sorry (admit it, guys don’t like to apologize coz of their coconut-sized ego. but when he breaks down that wall and apologizes for his wrongdoings, it shows that he’s different from all the other useless guys that I’ve met)
    3. when he quietly listens to every word I say when I am angry or upset with obvious concern, and when I am done ranting he tells me that he understands and that everything will be alright, gives some reasonable advice and obviously worries about me for several days.
    4. when he pours the contents of his heart out to me – when shares with me his wants, fears, dreams and his sweetest memories. It shows me that he trusts me with his heart, and it shows me that he’s a living, feeling, warm-blooded human, and not a cold-blooded buaya that I for some reason keep running into.
    5. when he cares for me unconditionally like a brother, jokes and fools around with me like a best friend, and loves me like I’m the only woman alive in the world 🙂

  72. a guy is most gorgeous when he looks at you with a daze that only exists after he’s had really good/great/mind blowing sex(with you of course!) and that look in his eyes tells you everything that is running through his mind and somehow or rather, reminds you how much he loves you and why you love him so.

  73. Gazing into each other’s eyes, being around his arms listening to his heart beat, how his hand easily find mine and fit in perfectly…
    basically just being and getting lost in his presence, even when there’s no exchange of words. silence is also a form of communication, because you know there’s always mutual understanding and trust between the both of us.
    and when you look at him, you couldn’t help but putting a smile on your face. because, he’s the man that you fell in love with…that’s the most gorgeous moment.

  74. I will be on top of the world if she agree to marry me. I haven’t had the special moment yet. But i am certain that she will be most gorgeous the moment she wanna tie the knot with me. Imagine that she is willing to spend the whole life with me, Have our own family, have our own kids… and sarifice her everything for our own family. How sweet that will be

  75. 1. When he breaks out in a sweat
    This is awfully sexy. It signifies manlihood, for a moment, you don’t mind having a taste of his sweat. (P.S. This does not apply to men with BO as the odour is quite a turn-off)
    2. When he looks into your eyes and tells you how much he loves you
    Enough said. What can be more gorgeous than being in the centre of attention at that very moment?
    3. When you wake up to see him sound asleep beside you
    That innocent baby-like affection on his face. The best part : you can say whatever you like and he won’t know. 😛
    4. When he has tears brimming his eyes and hugs you to say, you are all he has.
    As dramatic as it sounds, but it does feel good when someone accentuates how important you are to him.
    5. When you know that he’s the man in your life, everything about him is simply perfect.

  76. AHA!
    this is easy~ 😉
    when he gave me a ‘fang lang qi’ ( know those lil key chain soft toy things with a little alarm inside? it’s supposed to make shrill noises when ur in danger of pervs and robbers and be something like an alarm thing) for Vday last year.
    WAHAHAHHA~~ the alarm was hidden in a FROG soft toy. hahaha~ i know it’s not the MOST romantic thing but i FEEL that he’s gorgeous for thinking of something that’s..erm..useful..and so funny. 😀
    oh wait..maybe he just wanted to make fun of me. ==! darn..din think of that….

  77. I find a guy most gorgeous when…. he accidentally farts but blames it other guys around him… omg… his face when telling white lies or denying he did it can be so adorable/macho and smack-able at the same time… =D

  78. Never forget that moment when I was kissing her, looking into her eyes and asked her to marry me, she gazes and kisses me in a way that I want to be saying “I’ve already married you and I love You” (Means my proposal being accepted).
    Cuddled her to my bosom, I know she would be there forever and for the rest of my life.., when I kissed her again, she leans on my chest tenderly with a droopy/sleepy eyes…..
    Before I knew her, ever believed If you love you would accept every single shortcoming. She’s neither pretty nor gorgeous, however in my eyes, she is IN FACT real gorgeous and has drunken me for the rest of my life.
    I Love You. B@NY.

  79. Everytime when my girlfriend is reading or studying..i would sit beside her n juz stare at her..hoping she would stop her work at chat with me…everytime she’ll pretend to ignore me and continues her work…n finally she couldn’t tahan d n she gave me a warm smile…she was d most beautiful lady on earth to me at that moment(Dear u do look pretty at other times too).
    She gorgeous everytime she stares into my eyes n eventually turn away smiling because shes a little shy…she gorgeous everytime she jokingly said she doesnt care abt me…she denies ever loving me n yet in d end she hugs me like i meant evrything to her..shes gorgeous when she’s about to leave n smiled towards me before we parted…looks back n smile again before she leaves…And everytime wen i kissed her on the cheeks shes smiling happily while pretending to be not happy( im sure she does though…and im not a perv…) She just teases me alot…

  80. I love it when my guy returned home at 4am after whole night of DOTA in his friend’s place, leaving me alone at home (!!). I would pretend to be asleep when I heard him unlocking front door. Then enjoy every second when he repeatedly planted (guilty-guy-left-girl-at-home-and-returned-to-find-she-is-fast-asleep-tired-of-waiting-for-him) soft kisses on my forehead (as not to wake me up).
    All is peaceful… until I spotted the moment to give a LOUD BOO that SHOCKED the unsuspecting poor soul out of him (I am evil afterall).
    What normally ensues is a small argument on how DOTA SIN is not worth heart attack at 25…
    Anyway, there is a lovely peace in knowing he kisses you even though you are fast asleep and cant return the same loving gestures. A lovely affirmation I suppose.

  81. For me, the five reasons would all be the same particular one.
    A girl looks most attractive when you are not supposed to be looking at her.
    Be it when she’s sleeping, changing or whatever not, the idea of doing something you know you shouldnt be doing just turns on the adrenaline tap.
    Now, aint that true?

  82. 1. I really love it when my girlfriend calls me up in the middle of the night or really early in the morning just to check up on me and see how am I doing when I’m sick or home alone. Sometimes i just pretend that I’m lonely and tell her that I can’t sleep so that she can call me up and just be with me.
    2. When I’m studying, and she’s sitting next to me, she leans forward and rest her head on the table and looks into my eyes and get me distracted from my work. I stare back into her eyes, she smiles, and I just wanna kiss her
    3. She gets me all worried by sending me smses like “Hey, we have to talk..” or “I need to tell you something.” and then I ask her what’s wrong, heart beating, my face swells up, and she replies, “I just wanna tell you that I love you so much.”
    4. When we fight, I get angry and my girlfriend gets angry and a few hours later, she calls me and tells me that she doesn’t like us fighting, she says sorry even thought it isn’t really her fault. I love her so much for that, and i really hate myself sometimes for not apologizing earlier and instead letting her do so, but it’s so nice to know that she loves me and doesn’t want our fight to get worse.
    5. When it’s a stressful weekday, and I’m in plain clothes at home, and someone, one of my good friends whom my girlfriend are close to, would call me up, saying they are outside and they wanna collect something and when I go outside, my girlfriend would be standing there with a big grin and I start smiling and blush. The effort she puts into planning a surprise visit really lets me know that she’s the one for me.
    That’s why I love her 🙂

  83. Me: Hey, when is the moment when you find a girl most gorgeous?
    Him: When I see YOU walking out of the shower all nice and clean with your hair still tied up (to avoid getting it wet).
    So, when do I find a guy most gorgeous?
    When he automatically thinks of me when asked about questions like these.

  84. 5 things I love about guys –
    When they offer to drive when you go out,
    The way they wait and ensure you have entered your house without a doubt..
    The extensive knowledge they have about hardwares and the computer,
    The relieving thought of knowing you have someone to turn to when you are caught in a technical blunder..
    Their towering and comforting presence when you are out on a cold late night,
    How they almost visibly radiate heat and safety under the moonlight..
    How they act all Man when they are out with their buddies,
    Yet with us become all soft and exquisitely tender like our bedroom teddies..
    and lastly
    What works is when he is confident of himself in the past, present and future,
    As ultimately that’s what that brings out a guy’s innermost character.

  85. The gorgeous thing about a guy is that he could resist shouting over his girl or cursing her simply because of her mood swings, whether is she in PMS or not. It’s very tough for a guy to keep his head cool especially when the girl was being bitchy and really unreasonable, and that’s what a guy hates the most. Which is why you have to count your blessings if your guy actually tries his best to keep his temper under control when your mood is really down the drains, because what you said might be illogical, and you might apologise for saying that the next day, and even if you don’t see it, your guy will be hurt or feeling less love over what you’ve done. So yea, I love my guy for that.
    And speaking about PMS, if your guy ever massages your belly while you experience the worst cramps every month of that time, be thankful. If he buys you chocolates, and visit you whenever you feel the pain, be thankful. If he ever tells you that your suffering every month is actually for the sake of bearing your children with him in the near future, be even more thankful. That was the best things I’ve heard from my guy. And I still treasure it even though he has forgotten about it. Because those were the most gorgeous thing he did when I’m in the worst times of my life. Believe me, it’s pain as hell. So who doesn’t like a guy who knows how to help a girl soothe her pain eh? 😉
    Just my thoughts. See ya. And great blog Kenny. Keep it posted.

  86. A post that touches my heart, i’m ur silent reader all the time… and after reading all the comments that u’ve received, really sweet and touching words from ur readers… well, i started to think too…
    When are the times when HE makes me feel on top of the world… and feel that it’s ok to be a princess forever instead of a tough queen…
    1. When he kisses lightly on my forehead, both cheeks, my nose and my lips before every goodbye…
    2. When i know i’m pretty and perfect, at least to him… no one is 100%… but it’s owiz sweet to know that i’m treasured and pampered so much… just like a pearl in the palms of his hands…
    3. When watching him sleep… hearing his heart beats… his snores… and feeling his body warmth… covered by his arms… having him around, i feel so secure…
    4. When he brightens up my day again after arguments… looking at things that he done for me… just to bring back my smiles once again… and confident too… it’s amazing that he did it every time…
    5. When i turn to him… and i have him there to provide me solutions to make things easier… and kiss away my tears… he’s the one i can cry on… lean on and count on…
    When i’m a nothing, i still have everything because of him. someone i will always love…

  87. The moment i find a girl most gorgeous is when i get to wake up earlier den her and watch her rise for i know that she had a wonderful night in my arms and the sleepy face lets me know that she appreciates me.

  88. kenny, did you thought about how women would evolve in some way with you posting this entry? now more women are going to apply make up in public, in front of their men. more women are going to go “gugugaga” over babies in front of their partners when the truth is they despise those little creatures. every store which sells perfume will have to put up the “SOLD OUT” sign for more women have started to use gallons of perfume. imagine going through a shopping mall filled with ladies bending over pretending to pick up a one cent coin when actually RM100 won’t even mean that much to them but they’d still pick up that friggin one cent just because you said men like sexy backs? and instead of looking all sweet, serene and vulnerable, we’re all now going to act cute while we pretend we sleep.
    aaaanyways. the moment i find a guy most gorgeous ought to be the time when he buys gifts for a girl. be it just a simple rose, or a new fragrance, they find it hard to look for the right gift. eeeeven when its a lot easier to shop for girls rather than guys.
    but whats precious is when they struggle so hard thinking about what to get for their partners.
    you dig? LOL.

  89. totally agree to wat u hav mentioned..would love to giv few more suggestion.
    1#guy that trust me
    would call n check every now n then on me when he noes i’m going out wid guy frens
    2#sensitive guy really melts my heart
    notice a wound on my knee is really very sweet or just simply remember my fav food n drinks
    3#guys tat noe how to bake
    some ppl might call them sissy but i really hav a soft spot for guys tat noe how to bake
    4#surprises once a while
    not onli on special occasion but once a while bring me a short note/card o even roses especially during my PMS period
    5#a guy tat stay just by my side
    whenever somethign bad happen o i just need to complain and a guy tat offer his ears n attention to all my complains and finally giv me a warm hug saying everything will be just fine really melts my heart

  90. i love guys tat..
    *will just giv a warm smile when u glanced o look at them even tho they dont know u
    *drive wif their left hand placing their right hand beside the window

  91. This applies to who i’m happily stuck with. I find him gorgeous or cute or however you perceive it when..
    one. he comes up with the world’s cheesiest lines that give me goosebumps in the wrong way and sounds like shakespeare on the loose. i quote him, “you are the gem of my heart.” note that i almost choked upon hearing that yet found it sweet.
    two. when he starts singing ‘sheena easton – my baby takes the morning train’ out of tune when i’m trying to sleep.
    three. when he’s completely engrossed with his PS2 and the rest of the world disappears and he looks like a giant sized 5year old.
    four. when he silently mumbles when i nag at him to clean his room or go shower and acts all innocent when he realizes i heard what he said. his favourite line for that, “oh my god! you’re like friggin pringles. once you pop, you can’t stop!”
    lastly, when i pull major pranks on him like convincing him i was going to sell him off at bukit bintang and he sulks at me. just something adorable about a grown man yet something else beneath that.
    well, there many more little things i find completely endearing but i chose to mention the oddest one’s. why you may ask? i guess its just the mere simple fact that sometimes its not always the sweet little things that matters so much or really attracts us to someone. it’s the little annoying things that he/she does that we somehow find completely endearing eventhough at times we hate the fact of it but yet feel weird without.the person might not be perfect but its just those annoying yet endearing magic of what they do that gravitates us toward them.
    so think about it once more. asides, the hugs and kisses and roses and surprises there must be more. it’s something nice to never understand yet be able to laugh about it.

  92. 5 things that make a man gorgeous:
    1) the way he smiles at you like there’s no other person in the
    room but you.
    2) the way he shows his concern over everything that you do.
    Eg: when you’re sick.. he constantly texts you to see how
    you’re doing.. making sure you’ve taken your medicine.
    3) when he makes jokes that he knows arent funny but he makes
    them anyways just to put a smile on your face.
    4) when he would stand uo or defend just practically anyone or
    anything that he believes is right.
    5) when he is just being himself.. chilling with mates.. laughing
    the night away.. bottom line.. when he is him..

  93. The moment I find a girl most gorgeous..
    A girl to me would be most gorgeous after she had done something that satisfied her, be it a speech in public, a charity runway fashion parade or even after completing a pile of work at the end of a day’s work. A girl is most gorgeous when she have that smile or look of satisfaction!
    Everytime i pick my gf up from work, she will give me that smile, that look.. from the distance as I my car roams towards her. My eyes could only focus on one thing, which is her. As if everything around her just become a blur.
    A girl would also look gorgeous when she is waiting for someone to come back to her. The moment she sees you at the airport’s arrival hall, at the ship’s docks or the train’s railway tracks. The expression of anticipation, of utmost joy. When a girl’s heart is beating rapidly, at time of anticipation.. she would be in a state of bursting out. All joy would break loose when she finally sees you. 🙂

  94. naw…. I am not going to try.
    With the number of fans you have, i take my chance with4-D, better.
    It is relaxing & at times humourous to read your blog. Hey, how did u manage to snap such good pictures, esp. the ones on Nicole, u got her natural looks & touch, very unique & soft in a sense. (pardon me, no dirty thoughts from me, ok). Good luck to your project, keep jerking but keep the dirty staff out.

  95. i like guys when they
    ~wipe the dirtied side of my mouth and the way the look at my shy expression
    ~give me a short msg like “morning baby” when he wakes up and “nitez” when he wanna sleep. i felt tat he starts his day with me n ends it thinking about me.
    ~totally stressed out but yet call to ask me to say “i love him”.
    ~he hug me from the back and peek a kiss on my neck when i am focussing doing something.
    ~rush over just to hug me and say it’s ok at my down times.

  96. She couldn’t cook… when she knows that I missed some food back in home country, eg. Hainanese Chicken Rice and BBQ pork, she drew ’em out on Micr-s-ft Paint. That was cute. It made me smile from the underneath me all the time, and I have been keeping it as my wallpaper all the time….
    Did I tell you she failed art?

  97. i find a guy most gorgeous when:
    1. he plays futsal, badminton, basketball, whatever. also when they tumble and fall and hold their knees and rock back and forth in pain and start shouting something totally random and irrelevant and cute 😀 anyway guys are always gorgeous doing sports 🙂
    2. he tries to impress me. example by speaking in his banana accent or a dialect which niether of us are familiar with (and then he assumes he’s right etc although somewhat…barbaric).
    3. he radiates his scent. i’m not being sick but it smells really ,really good! i mean, some guys may seem macho with their shirt off and all but the scent evaporates if they do that 🙁 it makes stripping such a hard decision. okay, enough elaboration.
    4. he goes shopping with me (ah, what a darling), and sit on the couch situated right at the entrance of every shop or any bench nearby outside the shop (in fact, i think they prefer this as they can spot for babes) giving me that stupid face that says “i rather watch porn”.
    5. when he denies that he is drunk when he obviously is and starts laughing idiotically adorably and pulls me close and starts kissing my nose instead wtf

  98. I find a man most gorgeous when he offlines, and onlines to get my attention, and then if I did not PM him, he offlines and onlines again.
    Awwwww. Sweet!

    i win. and how dare you call me not entertaining

  100. i like it when he…
    1. cooks food for me when i am tired from class or when i’m sick or he when he just feels like it. there’s nothing more warm and fussy then a guy cooking for you.
    2. is freshly out of the shower. This is when he smells so so nice, and looks so so clean. We girls love that fresh, crisp, macho smell on our guys too. What, did you think only guy can smell tat feminine/masculine aura??
    3. when he looks at me with his puppy eyes,trying to get my attention. You know what they say about woman and their maternal instint, that gets triggered when you see something cute and looks pity eventhough in real life that might not be true. Well, he uses that trick on me all the time and gets away with it.. ( cook for him, help him massage…)
    4. when he is concentrating and memorising his materials. That serious look on him, that feel of responsibility i get from him when he is trying hard in life. It gets me to believe that we can overcome all the difficulties in life together.
    5. when he hugs me tightly in his arms. I feel so safe and protected in his arms that i demand for at least 2 hugs a day! 😛 one in the morning, and one at night, that’s how much i love his hugs!!

  101. When he is sleeeping; that extreme long and curly eye lashes, that rhythmic breathing with occassional retarded snore, that smoothen-out frowning lines, that messy soft hair, that closed up lips that are awaiting to be moistured, that most peaceful baby look of him, have never failed to make me wanting to shower him with endless soft gentle kisses all over as though that’s the most precious thing in the world.
    When he is getting his hand ready, before you reach him; that patiently waiting expression on his face, watching you walking slowly towards him, that firm and tight grab when our fingers eventually crossed together, make me want to have my hands to be held by his forever.
    When he doesn’t know how or what to react when I start staring at him out of no reason for more than 10 seconds; that tad of embaressment and uneasiness, that slowly turning red face, and that cute lil round puppy eyes start wandering around, don’t know where to lay his sight on, are simply too irresistable to not continue staring at him.
    When he never allow you to feel left out in any occasions and his consistency in checkin you in if things are well; that bit of detailed observations, that understanding, caringness, gentleman-lity, that attitude of never take things for granted, that sense of security and reliability, that smile of assurance, that instant short and strong squeeze of his hands on mine, have captivated and melted my heart over and over again.
    When he has his plans/views layed out and wanting to share with you; that confidence, that assertion, that moment of interactive mind and soul bonding session, make me know that this is the one man that I would like to walk through the sunrise and sunset with.
    The list goes on…
    p/s: I enjoyed reading your posts, never have it falied to put a smile on my face when reading it. =)

  102. My man is the most gorgeous whenever he looks at me silently, and smiles. Somehow, he makes me realized that true love does exist.

  103. my guy(s) is most gorgeous when:
    1) he walks in to a room and i could feel his overwhelming aura
    2) we French kiss,one hand on my neck,another pulling my hair
    3) he picks me up in his car,opens the door for me,asks cheekily “how are u baby?” and proceeds to greedily kiss me
    4) we’re at a place full of people we both know,me staring at him without him noticing,without him realizin how much i wanna rip his clothes off
    5) he bites his lower lip,while dancing seductively to D’angelo
    6) he puts an effort to look good for me
    7) he loves the things i do to him
    8) he tells me that he thinks bout me and smile the whole day thinkin bout me
    9) he gives me a call straightaway after receiving my SMS and start saying the things he knows very well would turn me on
    10) he’s not afraid/ashamed to give his all to me – a confident man is high on top of my man-hunt list
    11) he grants my wish
    12) he looks me in the eyes while making love – absolutely gorgeous i could die!
    13) he grabs me on the street and kiss me passionately – preferably at night where there r less people,of course
    14) he flirts endlessly in a public place,with no care in the world at all
    15) he makes me feel absolutely gorgeous – say it and mean it!

  104. My man is most gorgeous when ..
    1)He does things that i never expected him to do just because.
    -Like there was once i complained i wanted bubble milk tea in the middle of the night at about 11pm. He actually drove all the way to town and called everybody up to ask them if they knew any place that sell that. When he finally found the place that sold the bubble tea there were no take-aways and he had to take a cup from Coffee Bean
    and literally bribe the guy to pour the bubble tea in just because i said i wanted it.
    -It is the little things he does that seem so big and complicated that melts my heart entirely and all cos of the reason of just
    because i wanted it.
    -It is these little things that i know i can count on him for the bigger things and that makes him gorgeous.
    2)He puts on a satisfactory face when he taste my really really cannot make it dot com cooking.
    -I am not made for domesticated chores or whatever people normally refers it to. If it is possible i might even burn water.
    -On the contrary, my man is more of the “man of the house” literally .. he cooks,cleans and does the chores and sometimes to
    repay him after a long day, i cook. And eventhough he had a ridiculously bad day he still manages to put on his best smile and
    tells me that “Babe, your cooking really made my day.”
    -When in fact after chipping my nails and getting burns on my fingers, it is his smile of sincere satisfaction that made MY day.
    3)He tears to a really really sad advertisement.
    -Have you seen the Astro advert about the fat little boy who builds paper aeroplanes and thinks that his father doesn’t love him ?
    My man’s eyes linger with tears whenever he sees that advertisement. Why? I do not know.
    -But all i know is that it suddenly made me feel that i wear the pants in the relationship and all could be made right by just putting
    my arms around him and pretending not to know that he teared.
    -A guy’s ego can really be put into jeopardy if seen sappying over an ad.. no? But all in all instead of making him seem like a panzee,emotional and etc, it made me feel that he has a sensitive side under that macho side that most guys put up. And that makes him
    the most gorgeous.
    4)He sleep talks.
    -Everyone sleep talks unconsciously.But when my man sleep talks, he’d say things like “Hey i love you *inserts my name*”, or scream vulgarities to unknown specimens to get away from me.
    -What’s more gorgeous than to have a man thinking about you even when he is sleeping? Well you would know when he sleep talks and your name seem to keep coming up for the right reasons.
    5)He waits for me patiently under the rain without being embarass of carrying a really auntie umbrella.
    – When i walk with him under the umbrella it makes me feel that guys are really hopeless romantics because they could be doing the
    simplest thing ever which is romantic and yet not realise it.
    -The way he puts his arms around my waist and hold me closer fearing that the rain will get to my make up cos he knows that i am THAT vain and when i suddenly caught the smell of his perfume that brings me back to a familiar place which i knew for a long time is what makes me although under a really hideous umbrella feel like i’m with the most gorgeous guy ever.

  105. haha…kenny…ur being all lovey dovey lately..but i supposed hugo boss found the right advertising thru u….u freaking started a whole forum on love!!!

  106. The moment I find a guy most gorgeous?
    1. When a guy knows his own standards. I know this sounds superficial and shallow, but SERIOUSLY, say if one were to be a fairly good looking female, and a guy with looks like a toad with pus volcanoes popping all over his pus infected face comes on to you, SERIOUSLY!?!?! If I were her, I’d run like there’s no tomorrow.(okay, I realize none of this is CUTE, but it’s the truth)
    2. When guys know when to zip it.(Their mouths, not whatever it is your dirty mind is thinking about). It’s amazing when a girl is frustrated, sad or feeling harried, and this amazing guy just seems to GET you. He won’t pester you, annoy you, or bombard you with questions.. instead he will be by you, patiently waiting to see if the girl is ready to open up to him. If she isn’t, he moves on and supports her. (seriously lor, if a guy PESTERS you 24/7, asking ‘You okay or not? What’s wrong with you? Tell la tell la’, will any female even feel touched?! Ew. Women need patient, understanding men, not pestering annoying retarded control freaks who keeps on trying to get into their minds all the time.)
    3. An UNSELFISH guy! Every woman LOVES it when guys put their egos aside at times (But not all the time, because if it’s all the time, the guy would appear to be SPINELESS). A guy that knows when to go the extra mile and do the extra for the girl, this gesture is always amazing. (again, NOT ALL THE TIME! We want guys who know how to improvise, not guys who tag along behind us like dogs and do whatever we want.)
    4. BALLS, GUTS, and BRAINS. Nothing beats that. When a guy stands up for his girl, it’s the classic fairytale dream/dejavu all over again. Always. No matter how strong a female would like to portray herself as, truth is, it’s a male’s responsibility to make sure that being a female, MOREOVER, being HIS woman, is always respected and gets the right courteous treatment she deserves. Nothing melts girls more than the gesture of a guy rushing to their defenses. (But care to make this defense a SMART one. No women would like their guy to be beaten into pulp whilst trying to defend them. This is where BRAINS come in.) Guys, improvise smartly!
    5. Wits and Humor. The REAL deal, not guys who uses secondhand jokes and tries to make it funnier. Brains has a part to play here as well. If a guy can make a girl truly laugh, (laugh: eyes brimming with tears, true real laughter, NOT fake smiles), he’s PROBABLY halfway there already. Wit and humor is an important trait in any guy. Who would want a morose, glum, depressed kind of guy as a companion?!?! A guy HAS to know how to REALLY cheer a girl up, then make her realize how much she means to him (without freaking her out and making her feel like he’s being a total possessive psycho control freak), and make her see how amazing he is, and how good they are together.
    Scenario: Girl has to go abroad to study and has to part with guy. Girl and guy talk it out and girl feels really sad.
    AND THEN (LET’S SAY I’m playing the part of the girl) :
    Guy #1: “Baby don’t leave. I cant stand it. It hurts. I don’t know how to live without you. My heart is broken.
    OH SHUT UP! If your heart was broken you’d be D-E-A-D, not yakking up nonsensical bullshit. You’re supposed to comfort me, not stress me out even more.
    Guy #2: “Hmm. Okay. Hmm. *pauses* Hmm. What are we going to do? Hmm. Let’s elope! No? You don’t want to do that, baby? then what do we doooo?!
    If i wanted to whine and ask questions to myself and then answer them myself, I would have stayed home in my room. And you’re supposed to be my BOYFRIEND! not some freaking car engine, so stop it with the Hmm Hmm-ing, its annoying!
    Guy #3: “It’s okay, put me in your heart, and go see everything. Go see the world. Then come back to me.”
    Now, THAT’S what I call a GORGEOUS GUY!
    SERIOUSLY! If a guy says that to me, I’d be a huge puddle of goo on the floor. WON’T ANYY WOMAN?!

  107. Alicia, totally agreed with you. but somehow, I would only say these guys would only suit certain females… having say that, how many guys are like that? maybe 1 out of 100?

  108. When she holds me uncontrolably without reason,
    when she looks at me with her eyes telling me she loves me without words,
    After her hot bath with her towel covering her, drying her hair under the fan.
    When i can smell her fragrance without seeing her. Just by thinking about her makes me happy.
    She’s gorgeous in everyways.

  109. I find a guy most gorgeous when he is in his element – pursuing his goals in life, playing football with zest, playing starcraft and planning takeover campaigns with you and whooping when the zergs beat the terrans, and giving it his very all (be it trying to win that stuffed teddy for you at the fun fair or working on that project/deadline with every ounce of creative energy).
    I find him gorgeous when I see emotions flicker across his face openly; his eyes lighting up with happiness at the sight of you, a frown furrowing his forehead when his loved ones are sick, a look of indignance and a protest against things that are wrong in the world – it shows that he is an open, feeling person, and those who feel, are more likely than not to act upon what their heart dictates – for the greater good.
    I find him gorgeous when he tenderly moves aside the fringe or bangs that get into his way when he’s gazing into your eyes, as if to give him a better view of the ‘windows of the soul’ of the woman he loves.
    I find him gorgeous when he makes time for his family – when he is respectful to his mother, his father, and his siblings, and everyone around him in general. When he calls them to catch up – just because. When he invites them over to dinner – just because. When he loves them, respects them, honours them.
    I find him gorgeous, above all, when we are together and he makes me feel gorgeous, and complete. When everything seems right, and even if something is wrong, to be safe and secure in the knowledge that he’s there, and that it’s alright.
    And that, is what a gorgeous man is to me.

  110. 1 – when she stands by you when you r sick, even though she says she’ll kill due to a fight
    2 – when she’s willing to try with you the things that she wouldn’t do with other person
    e.g she’s little afraid of height but when u says Bungee Jumping, she’ll go Kia~!
    3 – When she smiles
    4- When she is she’s smiling with a fragrance that starts with H ends with O in her hand
    5 – when she says that the fragrance is for me
    (nothing beats that! xD)

  111. i like looking at his hands…
    – so neat & clean : i’m not discriminating on those oily greasy technicians lah.. they are DA man!! with sweat and umphhh.. but please no dirty and greasy when you want to hold a girl’s hand, right? girls overall still prefer clean and neat guys, who smells gooooood – not too strong, but a tinky winky scent which soothes….
    – so strong : as if you could really protect us from every harm and risk and danger (including the bloody mosquitoes)
    – so gentle : hands can do wonders.. but also disaster.. a pat melts the heart, a slap crash the heart…
    Girl’s heart is in your hands, man!
    (so, make sure you spray some HuGo on your hands too…. ) 😉

  112. girls are most gorgeous when they are careless, for example the way they apologize to you with a sheepish smile after they drop something on to the floor or mistakes like that.
    it’s just hard to even muster a muscle to scold them coz they’ll just make you giggle inside with their way of saying sorry, which is with a kiddish cute smile.

  113. “Things We Like About Women”? my mum consider as woman right 🙂 so i’ll give my opinion about my mum.
    5 things i love my mum. “WOMAN”
    eg: she’s willing to sacrifice anything just to protect me. every mum does? what do i mean by that? before i came to this world my mum have to carry me for months…
    guys! try and carry a bag weight 2kg in front of you for a day. feel it 🙂
    no matter how busy she’s. she will never complain… i should have know how tired it’s for picking me for classes and tuition. mum doesn’t spend just money for me but ENERGY. i’m really sorry for wasting her effort because i didn’t study hard previously. but i’ll show my concern to her and treat her better in future. from NOW ON!
    mum never slap me though i speak badly that hurt her deep in the heart. she cried when i’m really pissed off 1 day but she didn’t take action on me. i rather let her slap me like crazy…. 🙁 i’m really sorry for the past.
    mum treat me nicely for every moment it counts. just take cook as example because i miss her cook now 🙂 pursuing degree far away from home you’ll notice your mum cook is the best!
    mum being natural “she” no matter what happen to her. though she’s tired of life because she has being working so hard either as a housewife or my dad assistant.
    in conlusion i’ll like to thanks kenny for his hard work here. willing to read all these comment all way through is really tiring and annoying. sorry for my poor commment here but allow me to finish my last phrase: MUM….I LOVE U 🙂

  114. Hi Kenny,
    If you ask me when is the moment when you find a girl most gorgeous?…
    Well, being a girl myself, allow me to write out a short scenario/ moment of when I find a girl can be at her most gorgeous for her man.
    …These were my fantasies of how a woman can kill her man…by the word gorgeous…
    It was a dark silent night, and the atmosphere was serene and cold. The thunders were blasting away, threatening for a fierce tormenting rain. The tall trees hovered over his body and he stood still, trying to catch the slightest sound of her footsteps. He was waiting for her patiently under the Birch tree, where they had made it their secret meeting place. The dried brittle leaves creaked at each of the foot steps she made and he knew his goddess was here.
    He felt her soft dainty hand touched his face and he turned playfully to catch hold of her fingers.
    “Gotcha!” he said. “I thought you wouldn’t come,” he added.
    ” How could I resist another night at heaven with you, baby?” she replied and flipped her long silky black hair aside, exposing her fair glowing porcelain like cheek and smooth neck. Her oriental brown eyes were sparkling like a playful child.
    ” I was worried that I might not see you again…do you know how much I have miss you?” he said as he wrapped his arms around her fine waist and pulled her close to him. He could smell her breath of virgin roses and dews.
    “Oh you silly boy…” she whispered into his ears and slowly remove his arms from her waist. ” Now, you sit back and relax..” she pouted her baby kissed lips and winked at him. She made him sat on the fresh green grass, below the Birch tree and the she stood infront of him. “Watch me..”
    Slowly she moved her body and danced in the most erotic way, like a goddess on a pure lotus. She placed her hands on her breast and slowly she moved down to her abdomen in a gentle and caressing motion. She made a gentle turn and her long flowing skirt slightly fell apart exposing her long silky legs of heavenly made. They were fair and well toned.
    The pregnant sky couldn’t hold its life giving water any longer and down came the rain so suddenly…drizzling and wetting her skin. She raised up her arms and gently ambraced the droplets, while she continued to dance. Tiny particles of water fell on her skin, like strings of pearls running along her body. The pink lycra top she wore was soaking wet and hung on to body tightly like her second skin. He could now see the shape of her body clearly..she had a perfect body of the female goddess with a set of firm round breast that bounced gently as she dances.
    ” You like it, my love? You wanna some more?” she whispered fiercely. He looked at her as though his soul had been swallowed by her. He was completely stoned and mesmerised by her mystical beauty of exquisite creation by god.Simply GORGEOUS! She knew what he had wanted and slowly she placed her fingers on her wet dress and unbutton….one..two…

  115. I find a woman most gorgeous when:
    1) When she looks all messy and unkempt, after cooking me a fine meal.
    2) When she ‘manja’ with me after she does something wrong.
    3) When she corrects me (I LOVE intelligent women)!
    4) I have to agree with you, Kenny, when she’s fast asleep.
    5) When she takes the time to know my family, spend time with them, and be patient with the annoyances my family members have.

  116. 3 things I like about a man.
    1) When he holds my hand unexpectedly and just looks into my eyes.
    2) Give me the warmest bear hug ever. It makes me feel that I am the only one that matters.
    3) When he just stepped out of the shower with just a towel around his waist. His hair must be wet but not dripping with water.

  117. There is no one particular moment that I find my guy attractive, because ultimately, it is about the feelings that he evokes in me, each and every moment in time. It is when I open the door and see him standing there and realize that he actually does play the leading role in the play of my life. It is that indulgent look on his face when he hands me that soggy fry because I don’t like the crunchy ones. It is the warmth that envelops me when he holds me close for a hug. It is when he is not by my side and I realize that I really miss him and at that point in time, I get a text telling me that he misses me. It is when the difference in his tone of voice when he says “goodnight” to me makes me feel blissfully happy.
    And, I find him gorgeous because he is the man who will bring out all my emotions from across the entire spectrum. It is his ability to make me laugh under the worst of conditions. It is his ability to bring out the best of my non-existent cooking abilities. It is his ability to keep my self-esteem box filled to the brim; in ways I never imagined possible. It is because he makes me secure in all my beliefs in my moments of doubt. It is because he is the man who’s showed me how to revel in the spontaneity of life and at the same time, learn how to accommodate, compromise and understand. It is also because he is the man who makes want to be selfish enough to chase dreams of the impossible and courageous enough to pursue those same dreams of loving and living.
    He is the man who has showed me what essentially are the 3L’s in life – living, loving and laughter and that, is what is gorgeous in a man.

  118. When I open my eyes after my appendix operation and he is there holding my hand…
    When he wakes me up by giving me a kiss all over my face early in the morning..
    When he smells my hair and tells me that he likes the smell…
    When he just hugs me tightly and tell me everything is going to be alright when I break down..
    When he calls me and lies to me that he is far away doing something with someone else when I just reach the airport after a long holiday and I see him waiting at the arrival hall to take me home..

  119. I find girls really attractive (moreso than usual) in TWO situations :
    i) When its dark , the area is dimly illuminated by scant lighting from the surroundings and how her eyes appear to gleam in the night when she looks at you…. a myriad of emotions play across her eyes in a single penetrating gaze.
    So subtle. So mysterious. Yet so attractive.
    ii) The 2nd situation is not appropriate for public posting =D

  120. Sky is the limit for that special person & that special moment: –
    ~When she sheltered under an oak tree, reading her book forgetting all things surrounded her…
    ~When our eyes met for the first time, fill with unexplained yet warm feeling inside…
    ~When she rest on my shoulder knowing that she’s well protected and love…
    ~When she laugh at my (lame) jokes knowing that I have put so much effort in it to cheer her up…
    ~When her tears trickle down her angelic face saying “I DO”…

  121. Small, tiny acts that a gorgeous man does…
    When we walk along the road side, he always makes sure that he’s walking at the side nearest to the road. In case anything happens, such as snatch theft, or reckless drivers, he would provide a barrier of protection towards me. He never says this to me, but I know that’s what he thinks, and I find him irresistible for that.
    When I have painful period pains, a man who brings me a warm towel to ease my stomach cramps, who massages me, and who makes sure I go to sleep, makes me feel like I’m the luckiest princess in the world.
    I love how he behaves like a macho man in front of his friends and how he doesn’t feel comfortable being mushy with me on the phone with his friends around, but behaves just like a kid when there are only two of us in the room. How he makes me feel like I’m the only one who matters in his heart, the only one who can truly put a smile to his face, the only one he can show his true personality to.
    Something happened the other day which made me fall head over heels deeper in love with my man. I had a long day at work, and was exhausted after dinner and shower. As I was watching TV comfortably, my eyelids started to become really heavy and I couldn’t stop myself from falling asleep. He kept reminding me that I still had not brushed my teeth, but I was too tired to make a move. In the end, he took the electronic toothbrush, applied toothpaste and opened my mouth to help me brush my teeth in my sleep! Of course, that act touched me tremendously and I couldn’t help but wake up and continue brushing my teeth myself.
    Finally, a man who helps to pluck my underarm hair, and looks happy doing it, definitely seals the deal to my heart. Does it not make you feel impressed, touched and blessed, to have someone who cares so much for you, knowing that it is difficult and strenuous for you to pluck your own underarm hair, having to bend your head continuously for a long period of time, while trying to delicately target each strand of hair? I say that’s my man…

  122. I’m not sure if anyone posted this yet cause i can’t really read every comment here but I find a guy most gorgeous when he would come shopping with me and actually enjoys it. When he comments on every single piece of clothing I model for him while actually paying attention to what I’m wearing. When he answers me truthfully as i ask ” does my bum look big in this? ” without going ” no, it doesn’t” while looking at some other girl in the changing room. Most of all, I find a guy most gorgeous when we are enjoying the things we do together.

  123. I’ll be honest and say his looks will be the first thing that attracts me. But to hold my attention, he has to accept me as who i’m am regardless of my flaws. A guy who accepts even the tiniest blemish on me, whether physically or characteristically. Someone who doesn’t want me to change anything about myself in any way and to like me because his heart tells him to and not because I smell good or I put on makeup for him. LOL.

  124. 1. When he plays the wrong chord on the guitar and blushes about it.
    2. When he tears.
    3. When he tries to make me a meal but fails terribly and yet still be able to smile sheepishly about it.
    4. When he makes it very obvious that he wants you to notice that he’s pouting.
    5. When he puts you before his ego.
    What a babe. ;D

  125. Realising she lowers her head with a smile after stealing a glance at you from the other corner of the room.
    you know that’s it.

  126. im GAY. i dunno how to make a men happy at all! so..wat is on my memories with my ex’s are.. Erm.. like..NOTHING..basically.. LOL… weird..ppl matter str8 or gay..they seem to have a longer lasting relationship with good memories to carry with them…but i dun seem to have any with me. i guess im juz another useless guy in this planet eh..
    haiz.. Sad.

  127. Well, to me I will just make it short and simple.
    1) I felt so loved when she shows her charming smile. It feels like we’re in our own world laughing at our own silly jokes.
    2) I like to know when she is going to poo and fart because it’s just so SHE!
    3) I like the breakfast that she made for me, it was so different compared with the same breakfast that i made myself.
    4) I like her singing though she cant sing well and normally i sing along with her =p
    5) I like when she shows her fierce look at me as if she wants to eat me.

  128. I find my man most gorgeous when he goes against all odds just to show that he CARES.Really.. as simple as that. By doing things like getting me my favourite flowers when I’m upset over stuff even small little stuff that to others, would probably mean nothing and probably ask you to shut up or stop whining! Holding my hands to assure me that everything is going to be more than fine. Comforting me when stress is mounting.
    SOME girls define gorgeous man as someone who is buffed, well toned, someone who looks incredibly hunky or handsome. Girls ! Please wake up! Go for the guy who makes you feel special and every time whenever you see your man,you have no qualms and doubtless why you’ve fallen for him. I have always love this thought,’why try to stand out when you are born to stand out’. It is so true. It’s the heart that counts.. corny but it’s the ULTIMATE truth.
    Just a simple act of CARE,HOPE and LOVE is all that is needed.It can even turn a nerd or geek to a prince.

  129. i love how he and she complement each other.
    i love how he comes to the rescue when a cockroach flies into the house and her when he spots Mr Long (aka lizard) in the kitchen.
    i love how she has to drag him to watch Perhaps Love for the 3rd consecutive time and him being extra nice and considerate for the week to score enough points for The Simpsons.
    i love how he stood and waited for her on the rollercoaster/bungee/skydiving and her when she waited for him to finish 4th “last” game of Winning 11.
    Most of all, i love how he left everything to fly several oceans and thousands of kms to be with her, and how she finally let her shield down to accept his love.

  130. 10 things a man can do to turns me on:
    1) plucks my anus hair and eats it afterwards
    2) likes the smell of my farts
    3) licks my feet as soon as I get home from work
    4) molest me
    5) calls me a bitch/whore
    6) lets me kick him in the balls
    7) lets me tie him up and whip him
    8) drinks my urine
    9) have a big manhood
    10) strangle me while I sleep

  131. when do I find him most gorgeous?
    – when he plays daddy to my favourite cuddly bear
    -when all his manliness melts the moment you try to squeeze his pimples
    -singing in the shower on top of his voice and mind you, his voice is no where near that of a frog
    -when the whole world finds him fat, yet, he is still in denial and would flex his so-called muscles in front of the mirror to entertain me.

  132. 1. when i see his back.. it looks like the most sturdy thing in the world and it makes me feel so safe and protected.
    2. when i watch him drive.. he looks so in control and focused and that, is sexy.
    3. when he is curled up and asleep.. like a lil baby..
    4. when he is working out, be it swimming or soccer.. the manly side of him is so hot!
    5. when he is truly laughing from his heart, cuz it makes me happy to know i make him so happy. 🙂

  133. 1. when he look into my eyes and tell me everything will me all right and I’m the only one for him =)
    2.the way he show his jealousy, acting protectively around me
    3.they way he pout, like a small kid to get what he wants.
    4.the way he say “yalah, yalah bii… anything you want lah,” when i’m making unreasonable request ;P
    5. the way he hold me when i’m asleep… keeping me warm and safe

  134. The gorgeous things about guys is when they did these to me :
    1) Doing the house chores and cooking – imagine when he’s busy cooking or doing house chores with sweat all over his body…that’s sexy
    2) Placing his hand behind the my back (during/trying courting time) while crossing the street – that’s so envious ……..
    3) Wiping the fork and spoon for her when eating out and ALSO peeling the prawns shells for me
    4) Taking care of me when I am sick in the middle of the night, driving the car like F1 driver when I am vomitting non stop…(urgg…i think the car smells too..)
    5)…..not angry or annoyed when I vomitted in his car (okay lar, might be angry in your case, but i am happy cos he was worried about me)
    6)His expression when he saw me squezzing my blackheads, pimples and having my mask on
    7) His curiosity when he’s asked me questions about the benefits of my beauty products (which one is for which usage etc…)
    8) Massage my back for me when I complaint about my sore back and shoulders.
    9) Asked me if he can give me a peck on my cheek on my birthday, that’s so sweet, he looked so innocent
    10) When he cares for my family
    What more can i say? Guys are really gorgeous in certain ways

  135. hmmm… to me a guy is most gorgeous when he is in the gym or when he is outdoor playing sports… like for example playing football,basketball,or just anything he like exept sticking their face onto the computer…you can actually see his true passion…when everything he wants is just to have fun.. and not bothering about his looks..etc…

  136. the 5 moments i find a guy sexy is:-
    1) when he is working with that serious look and concentrating on his face
    2) when he lifts my chin up and kisses me good
    3) wrapping his arms around my shoulder to keep me warm when he knows i am cold
    4) looks me in the eyes and says “i love you”
    5) when he just says my name! =)

  137. Nothing beats seeing a man holding a sleeping baby lovingly, with their soft touch caressing and kissing the baby’s hair. A guys is also absolutely gorgeous after a good shower and catching a whift of his aftershave is just so sexy that you will start imaginin things.

  138. hi,
    i think a guy is most attractive when he stares at me with full of questions. besides that, i find them attractive after or during sports. although it might be smelly, but, i still find them interesting. =)

  139. I called her tempura, she called me satay
    I called her parrot, she called me gagak
    I called her fat dog, she call me bui kao
    who else willing to play such idiotic name-calling then the one who truly loves you for who you are?

  140. the way he annoys the hell out of you at the same time show that he cares and love you. ( well , secretly duhh ) and at the same time you feel annoyed yet you just can’t help falling for him. YES , I find that just sweeet.

  141. The moment when a girl is most gorgeous;
    1. When we walk in the street and she lean on me and then get real fucking nasty and bitchy about every girl in the street *look at her, fucking bitch just stare at you! how dare she!* and then when she sees every guy in the street who walks past and says *he is so ugly compared to you* and like, really really really over do it and say how i am the best looking in the whole worl. (and even when we go past a magazine stand and the cover of the guy, she will say *you are way hotter than him* even if it’s not true. And then when we go to the ice cream shop and the guy serving our ice cream at swensen give her twinkle tooth smile she gets very offensive and say very nastily and sweetly *I am taken, bustard!!!*
    2. When we go to expensive makeup shop and she applies makeup in SUPER SUPER SUPER extremely sexual way!!! hahahahahahahahahaha! Roll on the lipstick and then blowing fake kisses and saying mua and how damn hot does I look!
    3. When we are in the car and she is staring at the passenger window so she can get a reflection like its a mirror so she can see her self and make her self look real good *takes about 5 min* and then when she notice some dick guy or bitch girls staring from their car at her and she taps my shoulder for recognition and then we both do the super fingers to passer by traffics.
    4. When we go to have dimsum or eat thai food and all of the girls in the restaurant stare over at her with jealousy and start to clench their bf arms desperately and make them turn their heads away so they cant see her coz they are afraid that they will start giving her a look up, and even maybe desperate to sit near our table!!! and then when the old aunty moh at the cash register takes the money and glares out of jealousy coz she cant take her for her own son! biarccccch!!! serious.
    5. When we go to dinner and i get super spoilt coz she order every single thing that is my foking favoooooooorite on the menu!!! yeah!
    Tomyum, Som yai, Somtum, Prak Gah Pow, Yid noh, Kuak kuay, gai gra tuem.
    And then even order me super surprise desert! and I dont even know about it!
    (and is super hot when she look at the menu names pointing with her freshly stick on fake nails form dolah japan shop in queen street auckland.)
    THAT’S MY HOT 5…
    KENNY: I know I don’t live in Malaysia… but common, coz… I live 20 mins from where your sis lives! In Hamilton nz! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. 1. When he looks at me like a baby
    2. When he clings to me like a baby
    3. When he talks to my dad like a man
    4. When he talks to my mom like a hero
    5. When he says he loves me

  143. 5 sweet things about my guy that sweep me off my feet.
    1)When I smell his scent as he sits next to me. you know, everyone has their scent.
    2)When he holds my hands under the bright stars
    3)When he came to my house in the middle of the night without informing me, carrying a bunch of roses standing outside my window.
    4) When we stare at each other in the eye after laughing at a hillarious joke.
    5)The way he says “good night” on the phone.. every night.
    No guy is perfect, prince charming is just a fairy-tale, despite the imperfections I see in my partner, I still love him as he is, that’s what love is.. unconditional.

  144. This is what i personally think about my girl…
    A girl is not only about her ‘shining beauty’,(although no one can ever deny that the ‘attractiveness’ is what drives a man wild),but it’s also on the inner beauty.
    This story is dedicated to my girl and to share to u guys and girls out there:
    How many of us treat our parents with love, respect and care?.. i’m sure at times we might find our ‘old buddies’ annoying and probably a pain in the ass when they start nagging u on everything in our life (no matter how much ‘love’ and respect u have for them, i’m pretty sure there’s a moment when u feel so).. we do make our vows or often fake promises that we’ll change our attitude towards them(parents) but i still think to a certain extent, we’ll have to renew our ‘vow’ as always.
    BUT, there is something that really makes my girl, the ‘ONE’..It’s how patient she is when she faces my nagging parents/’Mr.&Mrs. Right..It’s how she comes to me and remind me, that my parents are the ones that I have been around me for most of my life, who took care without expressing a single ‘SigH’..It’s how she express her care towards my parents as if they are hers..That’s how gorgeous my girl is, not just a pouring her love towards me, but to my loved ones as well..she plays an important part in my life..
    My girl, my parents and family, friends are the ones that keep me going!

  145. 5 sweet things about my girl dear dear
    1) The way she smile, look at me, hug me, and trying to laugh at each and everyone of my jokes eventhough they are quite lame
    2) The way she massages my back when I am so tired coming back from work. She will get those ointment ready and massage me..keke..damn nice
    3) The way she cares for me when I fell sick after playing badminton with her the night before ( i know it is very embarrassing especially when the Dr told me that I exercised over my body target limit). Of course I did not tell him I played badminton with my girl.
    4) The way she pouts when she merajuk and a second later she curi curi smile when i hugged her..kakaka… so funny yet sweet.
    5) The times when she sometimes will put some small notes in my working clothes, in my bag , in my pants, on the mirror saying ‘I Love You’. kekeke..
    She is just perfect for me!! keke..ah dear.. Wo Ai Ni

  146. A guy is most gorgeous to me when he makes me smile without knowing that he just made my day.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when he grins in class because his thinking of me.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when he suddenly comes from behind and gives me a hug.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when he hardly can sleep because his afraid that he miss my calls.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when he hasn’t had enough sleep and starts to act all silly.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when he sweet talks and I like listening to it.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when I catch him staring at me and he denies it.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when he actually says THANK YOU and means it.
    A guy is most gorgeous to me when his my guy =)

  147. The moment I find a girl the most gorgeous?
    Warning : Ultimate geli-ness and cheesi-ness.
    When she calls my name in a very seductive way “jyuuuu shianggggggg come here for a minute?”
    when I kept telling her how seductive and sexy a scent can be, she tries her best and pull it off!
    When she pulls my hand to force me into a horror movie, when I piss I my pants through-out the movie.
    When she is drying her hair with a blow dryer.! How sexy can it be to see a girl with her hair flying all around.
    When she just woke up from bed with her messy hair, heavy eyebags and covering her mouth while yawning and stretching. Did I mention the cute pyjamas?
    When she forces me to cook her lunch and dinner. I will mumble all the way into the kitchen and she laughs at comedy sitcoms.
    When she pinches me when I tried to tickle her.
    When she says “F*ck you” when we are having an arguement.
    When I tried peeking at her while changing and got chased around the house.
    When I was forced by her to stay up together with her to finish her work.
    Did I mention about how she threatened to kick me in the groin if I ever cheated on her?
    When she shouts at me “COME HERE AT ONCE. DON’T MAKE ME GO THERE!”
    Last but not least at the end of a sweet/shitty day, she says to me or texts me “Hehehe, you know I love you right?”
    Ahhh. That’s when I find her most gorgeous. Vicious women are the hottest. 😉 agree to me Kenny!

  148. The moment I find my guy most gorgeous is when he still answers ‘yes, we can have sushi for dinner dear’ without a trace of annoyance in his voice, when I asked if we can go Sushi King for dinner, for the 2nd time that day, for the 7th day in a row.

  149. the moment when I find my girl most gorgeous
    1. when she swing her long silky hair and the smell of the shampoo coming out from it.
    2. when she’s trying out on some shoes at at V.
    3. the way she hit me when she lose in anytype of games
    4. the way she help me wash my hair
    5. the way she’s trying to take a peek on some handsome guys walking past her

  150. When he tells me he won’t be able to make it back before Valentine’s day…and shows up with a huge bunch of roses at my workplace on V’day to give me a surprise 😀

  151. Well, everybody likes their man or woman differently that is why WE DON”T GO LOVING EVERYONE ON THE FACE OF EARTH… lol… except for some people who loves everyone… eg: God, or some hentai people who just say i love you just to get in bed with you (fuckers)
    I love it when my wife smacks me when I be nice and loving to her
    I love it when she says that I’m a n00b when I try to help her
    I love the way she calls me ‘lo kong’
    I love the way she tries her best to do everything she can
    I love it most when she says I love you too ^^
    LOVE what you HATE and everything that happens to you would be GREAT ^^

  152. The moment when i find my guy most gorgeous is when he spend a whole weekend not going to work and taking care of me in the hospital when i undergo a surgery. The tiredness on his face just draw the endless line of how much he loves me. Truly blessed and loved.

  153. The one moment I find my girlfriend the most gorgeous is when she’s feeling down, and she needs me the most. When she just needs me, and holds me close, and I can look down at her and comfort her, thats when she’s just the best thing in the world for me.

  154. The most beautiful moments, are so very often the simplest moments. The most subtle of all actions, are the ones that are most exquisite.
    I find my man the most gorgeous when..
    1. When they play a musical instrument and/or sings. Admit it girls, musically-inclined boys are always a turn-on. That sexy low voice, passionate expression, smooth crooning, NEVER fails to turn my knees wobbly. His concentrated efforts on trying to serenade and impress you, are breathtaking. Its masculinity and gentleness all rolled into one. To quote Shakesphere, “If music be the food of love, play on!”
    2. After they just finish exercising. The sweat drops trickling down their toned and tanned biceps, tracing the outline of their muscles. There’s something almost primal and arousing about their heavy panting. AND AND, the prominent veins throbbing in their arms and on their neck, utmost sexiness!
    3. When they are concentrating their efforts on something, like attempting to solve a puzzle. Their tongue sticking out cutely, their slightly puzzled expression and that sudden, childish demeanour. Its almost as endearing as a little kitten. AWWWW.
    4. When they stand up for you. That protective stance when they stand infront of you and the soft dangerous tone of their voice. It makes you feel like you’re precious and girls LOOOOOOOOVE feeling secure and protected. Suddenly,you feel like there’s nothing in the world you should be afraid of, because you know he’s there by you side, shielding you from all the dangers of the world. Their don’t-dare-you-fuck-around-with-my-baby-or-you-die-a-terrible-death look exudes such manliness!
    5. That look in his eyes. The moment when both of you turn to look at each other, and POW, there’s this connection. Nobody else matters. That look, that flash of love in his eyes, when you do something sweet for him. That look that seems to tell you: “You’re the only one that can catch me when I fall”. That look that conveys intentions that only both of you know about. I think it should be called the look of love.

  155. For me,i find a girl most gorgeous when they are
    1)just in thier simple and natural way,instead of getting dolled up,and the perfect scent of her will always make every moment wonderful being with her.
    2)looking right into my eyes while listening to me talking with a sweet smile.
    3)lying thier heads on their hands seems lonely,this always makes me want to give her a hug and be with her like forever.
    4)doing silly faces or talking jokes,even it is not as funny as it looks,but it will always be a joy to me when they act like that and always make me love her even more.
    5)acting like a child,they always gives me a pleasant feeling as she jump around or begging for something she wants or should i say when they try act cute.
    well,this all makes a girl gorgeous to me.To put in short,sweetness and joy is a must for a gorgeous girl to me. =}

  156. when he is doing something he’s good at, showing his serious yet charmin face. the level of seriousness with smart combined.

  157. 1. When he just came out from the shower with wet hair.Is that fresh, clean and innocent look on his face.
    2. When he’s tying to fix my leaking car engine oil at 3am.
    3. When he continues driving around with me sleepin soundly in the car until I wakes up on my own.
    4. When he gives me that “不舍得”look each time we parted.
    5. When I know he thinks of me day and night.

  158. His gesture of affection lies in both his hands. Those same hands that holds our future together with thoughts and protection deriving from an honest man. Word worthy are sentences he has discreetly considered before he speaks. He whose tongue locks the essence of passion in each kiss, rendering me ablaze with the reality “he loves me.”
    And I do love you.

  159. hmm..
    I find my man the most gorgeous when….
    1) he hold both my freezing hands in his and try hard to keep “them” warm by rubbing and blowing “warm air” at “them”… and he is 100% concentrating on wats he is doing… … (its when we’re in a library, Kuching State Library)
    2) he wipe off my tears with his fingers as I’m leaving him to persue my degree overseas,and assured me that he would go after me when he finish his in Australia… it was 3 and a half years ago, and now, he is coming to SG in Dec. He could go back to Kuching and help with his family business, but he choose to go to a place that he is unacquainted with.
    3) he said “I love u very much my dear” every night before I sleep. And give me a morning call to greet me good morning, and another call again after 5 mins to make sure that I din fall back to sleep…
    4) he exchanged his food with mine right after I had my first bite… He just somehow amazingly know if I like the food or not. He just took it and give me his without saying a word… and even before I could react, his plate of food is already in front of me…
    5) he said “wait”, and bend to his knee to help me with my shoelace at the park before we start jogging. He makes sure the shoelaces are tied firmly so that I would not hurt my ankles. And there is so many people in the park, but he just bend down in front of me… …
    6) he told me in anger, how he wish he could give a punch on the guys eyes when they are staring at me… (when i’m wearing low cuts)
    7) he feed me with porridge when i’m sick and stay beside me whole day long so as to make sure that I’ll have the blanket on me all the time… I always kick away the blanket when i’m sleeping… haha
    there are too many things that he had done in these years that make my heart melt. It couldn’t be possible to list out everything that he had done… What i want to say is that he is so attractive and simply gorgeous…

  160. i think my guy’s most attractive when he’s:
    1# Playing with his dogs. it’s just amazing to really see how men bond with animals,cos men are usually the macho type. but with dogs, my guy just really melts,like his expression softens and he smiles in that relaxed way which i hardly see.
    2# Whenever he drives. He just looks gorgeously focused and alert when he drives. It’s like he’s taking in everything that goes around him.
    3#Eating. I know guys love to eat alot and that’s no exception for my guy. He’s like any other guy who eats a lot,and it’s just adorable watching him gulp down big mouthfuls of food, enjoying food without really savoring it. It’s cute though it annoys me.
    4#Making handicrafts. My guy’s really slick with handmade jewellery,mostly dealing with seashells and stuff. He once took 2hours just to properly shape the coral shell and the firm determination of making the shell look nice for the sake of impressing me, well that is really something priceless. It’s a sort of moment when i felt so proud of him,soemthing which cannot be caught on tape,but recorded in my head.
    5#When he’s angry. It’s a bit mean, but he just looks so hot when he’s mad. I just had to make him angry just to watch his expression contort and flare up. And he’ll start shooting strings of words out while waving his arms here and there. It’s annoyingly cute. Then i’ll tell him he looked hot, he’ll suddenly smile in that coy way of his and everything else would be forgotten. 🙂

  161. Indeed, one of the best moments I ever had was in fact on that morning when I woke up to find my bf looking directly back at me the moment I opened my eyes. It was 6 in the morning. Later I found out that he’d been awakened at 4 and had been gazing at me since.
    It was also at that very moment I found him incredibly handsome and irresistibly charming. I secretly told myself yes this is the face I want to see every other mornings for the rest of my life.
    And the fact that he still admired me even without any make-ups on, my swollen just-awoken-face, not dressed up fancily but clad-only-in-a-huge-oversized boring tee and shorts, messy out-of-bed hair, that just totally captivated my heart and melted me away.

  162. The moment that a girl look the most gorgeous is when …
    1) she is talking in her phone chatting and gossiping with her ‘crony’ … the way they giggle, lament their disgust on others, pillow-talking cutie face ….
    2) she is watching horror movies … the way she closed her eyes, take cover behind us guys but still frantically asking about whether the ghost is gone or still there!!
    3) she is wake up from her sleep in the morning … although many girls won’t allow guy to see that face, but that’s the most natural and beautiful facial expression
    4) she is wearing her newly purchase two-piece swimming suit … showing off her sexy belly, attractive long legs, nicely fitted boobs … 😛
    5) she is doing her weekly or ‘weekdayly’shopping esp during big big sales!!! Her focus and concentration on her ‘hunting items’ is fabulous and above all imagination …

  163. when a cute girl gets angry.. she really mean it and really angry,or grunting at something she’s not satisfied.. she’s even cuter..~

  164. Pheww…I pity you as you scroll down and read every single comment. The things you have to do..haha..
    Well, what do I like about my guy?
    I like the way he looks into my eyes with much loving and then lightly kisses my forehead. I like the way he pats my head lightly like I’m a little girl. I like the way he hugs me so tight, I almost can’t breathe. I like the way we argue incessantly over little things and then laugh about it. I like the way he makes me smile when I pout over something. I like the way he makes me feel like a lady when he carries my stuffs for me after groceries.
    You see, in this age and time where more and more women are getting more capable in taking care of themselves and more independent in their work and life, it is nice to be treated with love and have someone to depend on.
    I am totally capable of doing many things a man can. But I like it when he does it because it makes me more like a woman *winks*

  165. It’s understandable that people will disagree with me on this, that’s why I’ll say that this only reflects my opinions and I do not generalize or speak for another person. 🙂
    One day in a woman’s shoes.
    – If I come home and find you wearing my apron and cooking up a storm, when your cooking skills are lackluster, it shows that you’re willing to take on roles that I thought you take for granted, and you did your best even though you can’t make soup to save your life, well, hun, I’d tear your clothes (or apron) and take you right there. 🙂
    – I can’t stress this enough. A man who I deemed as the typical Asian ‘computer nerd’ presents a surprisingly intriguing (and meaningful) conversation that I eagerly joined in. He was definitely playing the game, all right, but he’s also very articulate without being overly stiff. By the end of the night, I was so charmed, it took nearly all my efforts not to appear overly enthusiastic as we exchanged numbers. So, I don’t care if you have Brad Pitt looks. If you can hold up a decent stimulating conversation with a woman without rambling about Super Bowl, I’d say you’ll score quite a bit of points there!
    – Nothing spells out sexy more than a man who oozes confidence. Again, you don’t need to be Brad Pitt to be sexy. I love it when a man knows what he wants and will darn well make sure he gets it. If you’re lacking in confidence, practice in front of the mirror or, if you’re at your wits end, get your female friends to coach you on what turns a woman on (but remember that this is a very subjective field, so it’s best to reach a point you’re comfortable with). It’s incredibly easy to spot the difference between a man who’s comfortable with himself and one that just simply tries too hard.
    – Many, and I do mean many, have underestimated the power of a smile. I remembered this man, not a looker at all, but there was something compelling about him, and it was a while later when it hit me that I was very much intrigued by his smile. It’s sexy, magnetic and inviting. It shows your positive air and makes me approach you much easier.
    That gentle side
    – It’s the little things that matter. Your sensitivity, the way you understand that you don’t have to be the most good-looking or muscular to be the most appealing, your thoughts as you explain to me what is it that attracts you to John Keats’ love poems. It could also be the little things, from picking up a flower along the way, the way you brush my hair when I’m sleeping – trust me, no matter how subtle you are, I will -always- take note of it, and fall in love with you all over again.

  166. i find a woman georgeous when she suddenly hug her man from behind after a shower and cheekily fondling with his half wet kukujiao .. syiokk ler!

  167. He is most gorgeous when I forgot we were webcamming and was in towel in front of my wardrobe (at which he can clearly see because of my web cam position) he takes no advantage to see me in towel, but turn the window off and later wait for me to on it again.
    He respects me, that’s the most important thing I ever need from him, besides love. =)

  168. I find my girl most gorgeous when we both wake up in the morning and she has this really woozy look on her face which does not go away until she has showered. It is the most tender look I can possibly lay my eyes on.
    I love to take time and just stare at her like that, without makeup, without doing her hair, just pure Radiance. The occasional imbalanced double eyelid, half closed eyes, and the tender, yet somewhat intimately husky voice that she has when she wakes up. It is an amazing feeling when I hear that voice call out my name.
    Another thing about her is that she will answer any question thrown at her at during this ‘wake up’ period with pure naivety and honesty. I’m serious. Throw her a question and she’ll answer it with the honesty of a 3 year old girl.
    Sadly, I haven’t been able to take advantage of that to interrogate her yet because I have always been way too preoccupied by just staring at her during those few glorious minutes.
    And yes, her name is Radiance.

  169. When is the moment when you find a guy most gorgeous?
    1)When his cute face blushes. The rosy pink cheeks make you wanna pinch his cheeks and kiss him gently.
    2)When he is jealous but doesn’t wanna admit it. He wanna act all cool about it but deep within you know he’s jealous and uncomfy about the issue.He will keep asking you questions to survey what happened in between when he wasn’t around but is still acting cool about it.
    3)When he hugs you tightly and doesn’t wanna let go. And whispering into your ears how much he loves you.
    4)When he stares at you when your sleeping. When he stares at you no matter where you are.When he stares into your eyes. Touching your cheeks gently and kisses your hand while giving you a very loving and peaceful-like look.
    5)When his expressions show how important you are to him. How he couldn’t live on without you. Making you feel some what special. Every girl loves to feel ‘wanted’.
    6)Whenever he sleeps!!! Guys like to see girls sleeping, so does girls like to see guys sleeping!
    7)When he would do just about anything as long as you like it although he dislikes it a lot.
    8)When he always laugh at your silly acts and says how cute and funny you are.
    9)When he always ask for huggiesss… Just like a big cute baby.
    10)When he pulls you nearer to him so that other people(esp other guys) wouldn’t bang you while walking in the busy mall.

  170. I find Jason most attractive and nice when we had a big fight(which was my fault) and he ignored me saying sorry and was really sarcastic and gave me this I’m-so-annoyed-by-you-can-you-just-fuck-off look and took off and played his ps2 while I went to my room just browsing though the net trying not to cry when he suddenly paused his game and gave me a suprise-tight-hug and said sorry for being mean and stayed that way for quite some time. I will never realised how much it means to me till I really think back and I know I should cherish him more than today.

  171. The moment when a guy is most gorgeus ?
    1) When he’s smiling gently at you, especially when there’s only 2 of us.
    2) When he’s cooking for you, the aroma of the food he cooked added with his determination could move your heart.
    3) In a serious company’s meeting, it’s amazing how one could look so serious and mature when he’s being so sissy sometime.
    4) Whenever he calls you “Princess” romantically =P
    5) When he decides not to lie to my parents about where we went to even though I told him to keep it a secret, and claiming it to be his mistakes and apologizes for it.
    6) Lastly, but not least, and my personal favourite is whenever he smiles gently at you everytime you made a mistale and kisses your forehead!
    ^^ Eh, I felt wierd writing this hehe.

  172. When a guy can look you straight in the eye and very determinely tell you that he loves you. That to me is what the term “romantically” attractive means to me 🙂

  173. 1. when he always fall asleep INSTANTLY after lying down. and he starts to breathe deeply and snore. he sleeps so deeply like a baby that my clumsy sounds never awake him.
    2. his macho scent. its the strongest around the sideburn. sometimes when he waited a long time in the car for me, his scent totally fills the car! its like coming out of ambi purr…
    3. the way he modifies his car, installing a turbo engine with a very low pitched sound. and having all these extra meters inside…makes me feel like sitting in a bat mobil. he takes care of all my telecommunication and electronic needs too!
    4. he knows exaltly how to comfort me when i tell him im fat or have lots of pimples… or when i tell him some girl over there look so pretty, he always manage to criticize her looks and comparing it to animals.
    5. when he laughs out loud at my silly acts. it makes me couldnt stop smiling coz i made him happy!
    6. when i can see a bulging tru his blanket in the morning. makes me start thinking of what to do with it
    7. when his beard grows a bit longer. he looks like zorro and i just wanna strip myself naked and let him run his beard over me.
    8. when he always think for me.firmly refusing to see me during exam period. counseling me and sometimes lecturing me tru the phone.
    9. the way he eat his food until nothing is left. not even the gravvy. and the chicken bones are licked til shiny!
    10. finally, he never let go of me… tho he is strong, he treats me gentle and never raises his voice. most of the time, he lowers his ego and apologize.

  174. i find guys gorgeous when they ae playing the piano…although if the guy doesn’t have the looks but when he plays th piano he will still look gorgeous…

  175. Oh well. To write these down into a long list will just make my heart break into pieces because it has brought me back something called MEMORIES. :/
    I just wanna to curl myself in his arms again. Even one minute. Or one second. Because that’s the thing I like about my Man (my Ex) the most (the warmest endless hug I’d got which literally swirled my mind up) despite the millions littlest things that he’d done for me which had once made me the happiest woman in the world.

  176. I find my guy most gorgoues when ..
    *I playfully run away from him, and he tries to catch me. and when he finally does, he gives me a peck on my cheek and tells me ‘gotcha! i’ll hold on to you closer and tighter now so you wont ever get to run away from me anymore’
    *he says the harshest and meanest things when we argue, and I see tears welling up in his eyes while he tries very hard to hide it away from me
    *he, being a totally UNromantic person, tries his utmost best to surprise me, but failing miserably at the same time. 🙂
    *he gets frustrated at himself when he makes me angry or upset
    *he refuses to promise me things I make him to, simply because he doesn’t want to let down and see me cry, if he fails to keep his words 🙂

  177. I find guy most gorgoues when he is working or doing something that it’s his hobby.
    guys taking photograph on scenery, guys sitting on red couch reading books, guys who is listening to mp3 while waiting for trains….

  178. you know shes a keeper if..
    you like the way she licks on a cornetto ice cream. hmmm!
    she puts her hand on your lap while your driving. whew!
    shes shorter than you, so u feel like the MAN. whos your daddy! 😀
    she dresses well (meaning she doesnt look like shes workng in an anime convention.)
    she can hang with your buddies. xup guys?

  179. The way he smiles at me when he is the first thing I see when I wake up
    The way he holds me close to him when I was in tears
    The way he sings-a-long a love song playing on the radio, and at a touch of his hand on mine, I know he meant it with all this heart
    The way he seems to understand me better than I understand myself
    The way he sacrifice the ‘nicer’ egg for me, just because I like it cooked that way
    *Gorgeous personality. Charm in person. Beauty in the heart and soul* For love, is all we posses, and love, is all we can give *

  180. Any guy can portray his most gorgeous side to a girl;
    And any guy can be gorgeous in his own different way.
    But a guy is most gorgeous and special to a girl simply when…
    A girl loves a guy for who he is. 😉

  181. I’ve been reading Kenny’s blog for quite long already but this is my 1st comment @.@
    Memories that I share with my girl? (Ex)
    1. I like the smell of “Dove” on my girl(My Ex) every time I give her a hug or when we are out. Dove + her just smells right.
    2. I like the way she gives me the “Darling-don’t-do-that-ar” look every time I want to do something that annoys her in some way.
    3. I like the times where we had fun, going for vacation and just being side by side with her. The long walks, the endless chats and everything else.
    I just like her for being who she is. She could be quite sassy at times (I mean really sassy @.@) but still, she is who she is and I just treasure that.

  182. for me, her smiling face is what i like most. when everything is so messed up, and you feel totally hopeless like the world is going to doom, but everything turns out fine just right after she shows up and smile to you.

  183. How a lady can appear gorgeous, sexy,and desirable through the deployment of five senses
    Male are attracted through sight,smell,audio,touch and taste. These are the five senses a girl can use to catch the attention of a male and make herself appear gorgeous, sexually desirable to the man of her dream.
    Sight – Man is captivated by a girl, first and foremost through sight (Visual Communication). To capture his imagination, the girl has to appear well dressed, either through sexy clothing or some body clinging dress such as cheongsam with high slits cutting. Two vital physical anatomy parts of a lady that appeal most to man are breasts (preferable size D) and a pair long leggy legs. When a lady dressed up in such a way that showed her cleavage and sexy long legs in high heels, you can bet that these are moments that she is most gorgeous and desirable in every man’s eyes, even if she doesn’t have a pretty face.
    Smell – Fragrance acts on the senses in the nostrils and affects the brain. Animals became sexually turned on through smell and it is believed that the same behavior will occur with man and woman. The perfume worn by a lady goes through several notes as the oils penetrate through the skin and mixed with the sweat. This in turn gives it a unique scene which can be quite arousing to the hormones of the opposite sex. Some man find a woman who sweat it out in a sauna, sexually gorgeous and appealing. Others will find a lady who wear a sophisticated fragrance, thrilling and mysterious in a gorgeous way.
    Audio– The voice of a female can be enchanting. Sometimes one can fall in love with a female through her voice. This is why phones and mobile phones are so popular because, a man can be enchanted by a female voice. Hearing her voice will soothe and even motivate him to greater heights.
    Touch– When a female touch a man, she is using the most powerful senses created for human beings. The way she touch will convey how gorgeous she is. Stroking his hair is the most intimate touch. Touching his face is also most touching and loving at the same time. Even touching by feet(playing footsie) is highly appealing to the man and these are moments that he will not forget about her for life.
    Taste – last but not least, the way to a man’s heart is through the taste buds. A kiss(tongue to tongue) or French Kiss as they called is the ultimate gorgeous appeal to the man’s senses. That is the moments of his life (the first kiss), so make it memorable for life, for him, even if there are many to come after you,he will always remember his first kiss, that unforgetable tongue to tongue kiss, savoring of each other taste, as one in unity. You are just simply gorgeous beyond words of description, lady. And do wear the most desirable lipstick color for that moment. Leave your signature on his collar.
    So, there you are, five senses to five sensational gorgeous unforgetable moments which a lady can deploy on any man of her dreams.

  184. my guy is gorgeous when he offers to cut onions for me when i’m already tearing from cutting them…and he ended up crying onion tears too 😀
    sweet..simple and nice 🙂

  185. i find a guy most gorgeous when he is teaching or explaining something elaborate with patience and shows how knowledgeable he is and at the same time, how generous he can be, as he is willing to give his gold for the other party’s benefit.

  186. 5 Things i Like about girls
    1. Smile
    Nothing could resist me with the genuine smile of a girl. It’s the sweet and humble smile, with her eyes locking straight at yours that mesmerize me. The sweet glossy lips carved like the shape of the diamonds sparkling through your eyes, will penetrate every man’s heart. Definitely, a guy will capture the picture of that girl’s smile and kept and guarded in each man’s memory album. It will definitely give that guy a long-lasting first impression of her. For me, I will not forget girls that smile softly and her eyes focusing on my eyes.
    2. The mysterious trait of a girl
    I need to explain this. What I mean is that the girl has the tendency not to disclose herself to you. She does not reveal about her personal self or express her feelings and communicate the things that she wants. That keeps me guessing and my mind puzzling. During conversation, she just talks about random stuff or the things in the world (shoes, gossip, and hunks), but right inside her mind, she just wants your undivided attention from you or she’s trying to give you hints that she wants something. She does not necessary ask a favour straight directly from a guy, instead, she’ll twist it around and add some interlude, just to give guys a clue what she wants. It’s so cute to see girls talk about things, but still don’t go straight to the point. I took me some time to understand this trait. However, I find this very interesting in girls. In a real life example, a girl is deep down quiet and don’t say much, but deep inside she just want the guy to talk to him. The quietness of the girl is just a small trick to attract the guy’s attention, to test whether the guy is sensitive to her feelings. If the guy initiates a conversation, the girl will start talking about her days and feelings, without telling the guy that all she need is just your undivided quality time and attention. This sense of mysterious trait of girls really generates a lot of curiosity inside of me. Man are adventurous in nature, as their curiosity increases, it will definitely generate my interest in her. The silent moment drives me towards your needs. A girl feels from the insight, guys see from his sight.
    3. A hint of your fragrance.
    It’s so nice to smell the floral and euphoric fragrance of girls. It makes me want more of you and it portrays your feminisms. But, for me, I just like a hint of your fragrance. Just a light to note of your scent is just enough. But, I’m really irritated by girls that try to overdose their perfume. Some of them purposely apply more of their perfume as if they spilled their entire perfume on their body. A light hint of your perfume will draw me to you. Not a chunk!!
    4. Shopping therapy.
    I like to be around with girls especially when they indulge themselves in retail therapy (I have to admit, I’m a metrosexual guy, I just love fashion). I can see so much joy in their faces when they head towards shopping spree. You can see her big eyes staring with amazement on the dresses or outfit outside the window of the boutiques. Then they’ll definitely head towards the boutique and give it a try. When they are done, she’ll come out from the changing room and they’ll start asking “Is this nice?”, “Does this match with my figure?”, “Do you like the colour of this?”.
    There are certain cases where I couldn’t give any comments because they look so great in the outfit that I couldn’t say anything (especially those ‘Little Black Dress’ and evening dresses). My mind began to ponder. Why are girls not tired of shopping? Why aren’t they tired trying different styles and colours or size everytime? Sometimes I find it frustrating to give so many comments.
    As I observed longer, only that I realise that girls are experiencing their emotional cycle (correct me if I’m wrong). As we all know, female has the menstrual cycle which cause them to experience some emotional fluctuations in certain period in a month (girls, you know what I’m talking about rite?). Your emotions could just change in a split second during your menstrual cycle. During the down time, you react furiously or frustrated just for a small little issue, and sometimes you feel so unloved or even angry out of no reasons. Out of this, you’re confused with the agenda in your emotions and the feelings. Girls have the urge to express out your feelings. Shopping is one of the ways to express it.
    As I observed girls will not just pick one, but pick up several outfit to the changing room. They’ll try one by one on the outfit and look at themselves in the mirror. I believe that the outfit they’re trying is like your emotions and feelings at that time. Each outfit you’ve tried reflects different feelings and emotions in you. Some of the outfit you favour it very much and some outfit you like it tenderly but doesn’t fit you, but you still force yourself into it (especially you have to increase your sizing from size 8 to size 10 but you don’t want to admit it). That’s why girls try different types of outfit in order to express their feelings. If something that she likes fits her well, guys will see a big smile on the girl’s face =) Even I like it!!
    So, guys, there is no way to get angry at girls when they try so many outfit. It’s just the way they express their feelings. You’ll be rewarded by the beauty of your girl. Trust me =)
    5. Your love and affection.
    Nothing beats the commitment of a woman to love and cherish his beloved man. Your love and affection softens the heart of your man. I believe that a girl or lady look best during their wedding. You can see their joy in their face of getting married to the man he loves. The satin white wedding gowns, with jewelleries shining through the eyes of his bride-groom and the veil waiting to be lifted by her man. Nothing comprehends the joy and the affections on wedding day.

  187. I find men attractive when they
    1)are in uniforms and suits ( yes i totally agree with you). It turns me on!
    2) are wearing steel watches… like how Brad Pitt having Tag Heuer watch on his wrist. Sexy!
    3)smell good. I like men who are clean-looking too.
    4) mysterious & shy.. I find them really attractive.
    5) having their spectacles on… I mean those men who do wear spectacles. They do really look smart-looking to me. =)

  188. damn! kenny will have a very hard time reading all this, haha, nice to have this column where everyone flood this place will cool thoughts~ good luck uncle kenny~! wahahhaa… maybe not soo uncle. Maybe you should put a post saying, 5 moments where kenny look most gorgeous~ i will write. truthfully, starting with the furongjiejie part in ipoh~ damn, u look hot. ma de~ i sound so gross.

  189. Alistair :
    “Two vital physical anatomy parts of a lady that appeal most to man are breasts (preferable size D) and a pair long leggy legs.”
    “Animals became sexually turned on through smell and it is believed that the same behavior will occur with man and woman.”
    “This is why phones and mobile phones are so popular because, a man can be enchanted by a female voice.”
    “last but not least, the way to a man’s heart is through the taste buds.”
    Well, hun, that may be horrifyingly unsexy, but at least you tried. 🙂

  190. Alistair:
    Would also like to say that there is indeed some degree of truth in it, unfortunately. I can’t count the number of times when I had to say,” Eyes. Up here.”

  191. Sweaty men are my kind of thing. Not the smelly kind of course. Now THAT is a big turn off! But the kind you get to see flexing their muscles while pumping irons in the gym. Or the one that run and jump at a basketball court trying to get a slam-dunk. Or the one that huffs and puffs chasing one tiny ball around the tennis court. Man! Don’t get me started! I’m sweating myself as it is picturing all those hunky-dunky, sweat trickling men!
    That is why when my husband said he wanted to take back skate boarding after 10 years of break; I jumped with more joy than a baboon in a tutu!
    Though people say that once you know how to cycle, no matter how long you haven’t ride one, once on it again you’d get your rhythm back.
    Not so for my husband though.
    He was clumsy. He fell. He hurt himself many times. He cursed the blue blazes. He bruised not only his body but his ego as well.
    But he never gives up.
    In my eyes, he was more of a man than Tony Hawk can ever be. His many attempts were adorable to me (Oh how clever! I make a rhyme).
    It’s like watching a little boy who trying to walk for the first time. It’s cute when he fell and when he crunch his face in despair, I wanted to put my arms around him and comfort him and mummy-ing him till his pain is gone.
    And when he finally got his rhythm back, gone were the feelings of “motherly” and heyho welcome sexy back! Time to slurp on my own man and give em other women who were watching by a finger or two and hissed, “He’s MINE!!”
    He’s getting better by the day. Now, the tricks he pulls are mighty aaaaaaaaahhh factor and as his loyal supporter, I was there to drool especially when I see few drops of sweat trickling down his face…. Can you say, “Uuuuuu?”
    Well, I’m not committing any sin for drooling (literally) on my own husband and being legally bind, I can coyly go up to him and say, “Can I lick that little beady sweats?” and he’d smile his cheeky smile and say, “Tonight aight babe? Now I need to pull a 360 flip”
    Men… you can’t live without em.

  192. 1. I think the most precious time i ever had was when i met my ex for the 3rd time and i put my arms around her from the back and she FROZE like a deer in the headlights. And suddenly she relaxed and we ended up just stading in the dark for 20 minutes in silence until our friends had to come and find out if we had gotten lost or kidnapped on the way to the bathroom.
    2. I remember sitting down in my date’s living room waiting for her to get ready for a prom. When i looked up at a sudden noise i was so stunned. Nothing will ever ever ever compare to looking up and seeing the person you’re in love with dressed to kill. JUST FOR YOU.
    3. When you open you eyes in the middle of the night and they open their eyes a few moments after yours.
    4. When watching a scary movie and instead of screaming or holding on to you they start giggling from nervousness.
    5. When both your legs twitch at EXACTLY the same time. When you smile the same slow smile. ….. gah getting depresed already. I miss her =((

  193. To continue my points;
    I think men should be gorgeous when;
    5. He looks into my eyes when I’m “shou fu” with him!! And I can see sympathy in his eyes too, just like he shared the same problem with me.
    6. The moment I look at him, he knows what I want and decide for me.
    7. He called at 3am to ask whether he can come over my place to sleep with me coz he just had a bad dream!!
    8. to be cont’

  194. 1. When he looks deep into your eyes, blocking out everything else in your vision.
    2. When he takes your hand… And runs like crazy dragging you along!
    3. When thrusting a challenge at you. I love challenges.
    4. When he smiles in your direction. ^^

  195. Many of my values in life have been challenged here.
    Do guys really like it when women wear make-up? Lol. Whatever happened to “natural is always best?”
    Is perfume really that attractive? When I walked into the room, my brother glanced at me, wrinkling his nose, saying “Is that you?” This was promptly followed by, “Get out of here.” My self-esteem decreased significantly, and ever since then I have ceased to wear perfume of any nature.

  196. hey.. i’m sorry too.. i guess i was one of those who “scolded” you.. didn’t mean to.. i thought u were one of those MCP (male chauvinist pig) who thought they’re superior than women.. but i hate to say that.. i really love your blog.. u can be blatantly honest and entertaining at the same time.. such as ur comments at those neoprints machine.. that’s hilarious when u said u looked like a mannequin =P And i still thought i’m the only one who doesn’t understand the instructions (in japs lang.)
    love your coverage on your trip to bangkok.. thanks for sharing.. it was a pleasure reading your blog.. keep on writing!! hehe
    P.S.: you’ve got so many comments, wonder if you’ll ever read this post.. but i really apologize if my past comment was way too rude.. c yah and Merry Xmas in advance!

  197. wow.. jus realized my comment is out of topic cos it’s in no way related to ur current post. Anyway, it’s surprising to find out from you what guys are thinking when they see women applying make-up.. interesting

  198. There’s this guy who I believed I had a crush on..
    I love it..
    when he give me “that” look..the look like saying “i also had a crush on you”
    when he hold my hand..even in not a romantic situations..even when it’s just to pull me away from something/someone
    when he touch my head..(i have no idea why he did)
    when he ask me silly question about my clothes like “why am I wearing ‘tudung'” “Why am I too thin” seems like he care for me, and I love it when he care..
    when he’s not really seems like focusing on me, but still he knows what I’m doing (I bet he’s watching me from time to time..but don’t want to make it obvious)
    when he drive his car (yup, there must be something with guy+car that make us girl fall over again..and again)
    WHEN HE PLAYS GUITAR when I thought he couldn’t. (shit…sing some song for me)
    There’re lots of moment which make me fall for this guy..becoz when you already like a guy, he always make u feel even by grinching.
    p/s: love it when he smiles!

  199. If that is a pretty girl then ok everyone also like, don’t tell me u r not interested but sometimes you also need to know more about the girl before making her your dream girl or making next move. If the girl is pretty but smoke a lot and talking a lot of foul language then i suppose that you reconsider before you like her.

  200. nice post’s good to know dat girls can learn sumthin bout wat guys like =)
    neways for me i just love it when He told me just stay where you are n call out my name without any reason ^_^

  201. I like this guy a lot ..but so far we’re just a friend…i really like him but never dare to tell my feeling
    I really like it…
    1.when he look at me thinking that i didnt realise he is looking at my way
    2.when he smile at me..
    3.when he try to make me laugh…
    4.when he talk to me about something and look in my eyes and didnt let go, while me trying to lock the eyecontact just so that the moment will not end…
    5.when he do something with full concentration…
    I like him…and i wonder whether he likes me or not….? Maybe…

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