Hell Hath No Fury Like Women During Warehouse Sales

So I happen to be in KL when the FJ Benjamin warehouse sale was held.

This is one warehouse sale that everyone was crazy about. It was so crazy that ‘crazy’ is not crazy enough to describe how crazy it was.
Because when they meant “sale”, what they really meant was “siao”. We’re talking about RM500 bags going for RM100 and RM800 sunglasses going for RM120.

It doesn’t even matter that the sale was held in Klang, 40km away from KL. People are still willing to travel all the way there to grab a bargain.
There were queues outside the ballroom from as early as 8am. Within minutes after the door opened, the entire floor space rapidly descended into chaos.
It was like the Perak State Assembly, only much worse.

The ladies, in particular, were ferocious. A whole bunch of them were hawking over the Guess handbag section like the Orang Utans I saw in Sandakan during feeding time.
It was a complete and utter mayhem.

To make matters worse, none of the changing rooms were available. People were waiting up to 50 minutes just to try on a pair of pants.
I seriously cannot be bothered queuing up to get into the change rooms when all I wanted was to try on a couple of Raoul shirts. A couple of aunties were actually trying on clothes OUTSIDE the change rooms. So I followed suit.
I went to a quiet corner of the hall and basically, took off my T-shirt to try on my new clothes. Nobody cares anyway.

Now this is when something funny happened.
As I turned back around to put my T-shirt back on, suddenly I could not find it anymore! SOMEBODY HAS TAKEN AWAY MY T-SHIRT!
What the hell? I searched high and low, but it was gone! Who the heck would wanna take my T-shirt!
Must be these aunties!

They thought everything was for sale until they also took home the shirt I was wearing!

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148 Replies to “Hell Hath No Fury Like Women During Warehouse Sales”

  1. ahahahaha, farking funny la u kenny!! so what happen aftr that? u bought what u gonna buy and wore it back? lol

  2. that is a good entry kenny. It a typical thing to happen during sales I guess, maybe next time tug your tshirt in your pants for safety.Hahhahaha .Just a thought

  3. LOL~~ you can even relate to Perak State Assembly.. i think this is 10x more worst than Jusco Day.. also total chaos.. is not like RM500 handbag selling around RM100, is like Jusco is giving away handbags… =.=”

  4. Ur T-shirt’s gone? Did you find it at last? If you did not find it, were you naked? Did you make announcement to search for your lost T ?

  5. maybe try for looking for it on eBay… how much would Kenny Sia’s t-shirt go for?? hahaha (mana la tau if it’s a crazy fan, right =P)

  6. The ladies, in particular, were ferocious. A whole bunch of them were hawking over the Guess handbag section like the Orang Utans I saw in Sandakan during feeding time.
    It was a complete and utter mayhem. – Kenny.
    This is what I called WOMAN’S POWER.

  7. HAHAHAH that was hilarious. but somebody said something about a scheme, forcing you to buy one of their shirts. that’s highly plausible. and equally as hilarious

  8. Hi Kenny,
    So, did you get your T-shirt back? Or you walk out of the shop half-naked?lol
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  9. Yes, don’t mess with Klang people! *winks* I went on all three days and it was as mad as ever especially on the preview day. Actually, sales like these are fun and whooh, exciting!

  10. good for u kenny… luckily u did nt try on any ck or armani underwear.. or else these aunty might end up taking ur underwear as well..

  11. i never liked warehouse sales because it is so crowded that i cannot see or touch the dresses in piece!!!! yes piece!!! not peace!!

  12. haha, you made me laugh so hard.. oh dear, they really think that everything was on sale even though there’s no price tag on your shirt… so how did you deal with it?? did you wear the new shirt back straight away after paying?? or you went off half naked??

  13. Yeah, I heard these mega sales from my west msia friends but I can’t really imagine it’s so so so chaos?
    At least that’s a good experience for you.

  14. ya lah! Luckily I can just buy a new shirt there.
    I was wearing my new shirt to the counter and they practically scanned the barcode off my back. They must’ve thought I love the shirt so much that I wore straight to the counter before paying.

  15. That was really funny. I was thinking how you went back. The aunties are really crazy! I can’t help but to laugh hard at this post.

  16. So Kenny, next time try some new undies. You may leave “legacy” to those quick-hand aunties. πŸ™‚

  17. hey Kenny…i was there on Sat…not as packed as Fri, i guess…lucky i didnt take out my tshirt when i try d shirts…lol

  18. Huh?! Kenny why u become Auntie also? With your income you don’t have to wait until cheap sale ma. Btw, how much was yr original tshirt? U just wear it and sneak out also no one will notice u la…

  19. Lol Kenny. Can’t believe you actually shop during warehouse sales…I find it too crowded and stressful. It’s like a killing field out there…

  20. This is funny and do show us what t-shirt you bought….hehehe.
    P/S: Maybe we need to check on e-bay or lelong on your stolen shirt…..

  21. i was very bad mood since morning… but i cant stop laughing after reading this post…hshshshshshhs.TQ

  22. ‘It doesn’t even matter that the sale was held in Klang, 40km away from KL. People are still willing to travel all the way there to grab a bargain.’
    I think someone stay in Sarawak still go there.. even though it’s all the way in Klang… hahahahahaha

  23. Mother-‘effing’-God!!! Lucky you don’t try out new pants and shirt at one go.. or else, you’ll ended up with only boxer!Kenny, next time, try the new shirt on top of the old shirt! Hmm… I don’t know whether u could do the same with pants *thinking2* Nothing beats crazy-aunties-on-shopping-spree! Totally NOTHING!

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  25. Haha. My office is there and I am all the way in Melbourne also get to hear about this sale. That is how massive the sale is!
    On the other hand there was this VIP sale in a mall here in Melbourne and guess what? Guess was like a pasar malam! :S
    And I wonder how would they get off with your T-shirt..and were you wearing a Guess T-shirt on that day? Just pure luck la, aunties and scary.

  26. Kenny if I know you are there, definitely I will go to meet you, I really hope there’s a chance for me to see Kenny thru live not only blog

  27. No Kenny, i dont think it’s the aunties! Coz u were wearing a men’s shirt and why would the aunties want it! Must be a man .. or ur fan!

  28. No aunties cubit your tek-tek when you took off your shirt ah? Or suck saturated fat out of your tek-tek? Wasted chance.

  29. aiyo. u were there ar? too bad i din spot u.. too many people liao.
    i wonder what happen when the auntie take the baju to counter to pay.
    hahahahaha she will get the greatest shock ever!!

  30. hey kenny ur a mother fucking cunt faced faggoty horse sperm eating obese wanking grandma fucking piece of poop.

  31. hey urafag,ya a faggot monkey rapers scrotum eating dog nuts junkies purple pussy licking twat.
    cheers and thank you urafag.

  32. LOL that was funny.
    btw kenny. i’m a big fan of japan and i hope u’ll blog about ur trip there.

  33. Wonder how you got to know about the sale in klang….care to tell me how or where u got the info from?

  34. ermm, you might want to check out e-bay or lelong in case your shirt ends up there.
    what do you think? you are a famous blogger, surely people would have noticed that and took ur shirt as a memorabilia? haha

  35. i wonder how the cashier gonna react when the person goes to the counter and says that he/she wants to pay for it . then , the cashier will be like ” let me get my manager here ” ( cause there’s no price tag on ) .

  36. LOL… What if you dont see any nice shirts u like?? just walk out half naked la… or take others t-shirt… hehehe…
    funny aunties!!!the t-shirt soaked with all your sweat..

  37. gross! somebody actually fell for your sweaty T-shirt?!! hahaha … wonder how much they paid for it.
    desperate situations call for desperate measures. one question though:
    how the heck did the aunties manage to evade stares/CCTV while changing?!!

  38. HAHAHA… Apparently, your “pheromone” is being tested scientifically by those aunties (those are having menstrual cycles adjustment when exposed to your scent)
    The shirt is nothing, the SCENT comes the deal!

  39. Thank you for the reminder. The next time when i go for this type of sales I will hold tight of my underwear and pants, if i will try a new one

  40. Hahahm very funny. Make me want to go to this warehouse sale, never been to this coz no idea wat it is

  41. that was funny.. i almost choke on my choc-banana scone when i read abt ur shirt disappearing.
    really cute lar.

  42. haha… i experience tat also… jz few days ago during Jusco member day sales…. It make me figuring abt recession and yet those aunties grab the items like no body business… haha

  43. It’s still an overpriced fraudud designer’s stuff. Check the materials rather the brand. Be a smart consumer before falling into the superficial traps of branding and licensing.Value= Means of Production + Labour Time.

  44. FYI, FJ BEnjamin sales was in klang not KL..and klang is under selangor and not under wilayah persekutuan kuala lumpuur… hehe :p

  45. hahahaha… ur comments really made my day…. was there on the 2nd day… the queue was close to 500 meter long from the main entrance at 10am…
    luckily you did not try the pants out in the open πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ good luck to the ladies/men who bought a sweaty t-shirt

  46. U will find all sorts of such crazy sales in Spore. Especially when its GSS now. Great Singapore Sales.hahha..

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