Why Do Men And Women Need Each Other?

Men need women, but sometimes I’m afraid that women dont need men as much anymore.

With the advancement of technology and the changing mindsets of society, I am sometimes quite afraid that girls do not actually need guys anymore.
In the past, women are mostly confined to the kitchen while they depend on their hubbies bringing home food and money to feed their children. That was last time.

Now, a lot more women I know are graduating with good grades and securing high-paying jobs. In many cases, women are now very much self-sufficient do not need to rely on men for cash anymore.
At the same time, flip through any papers and you’ll read news on technology coming up with interesting ways for women to replace the traditional needs they require of men. Reproduction is replaced with IVF, sex is replaced with dildos, and companionship is replaced with pet dogs.

“Who needs men when you could have a pet sausage dog?”

All these led me to believe that maybe in the years to come, women might actually not need men anymore.
Don’t get me wrong, I like a smart, independent and self-sufficient woman any time. But I was demoralised when I read what Nicole wrote on her blog, because she pretty much suggested that the only reason why women needed men now are for “entertainment purposes”.
ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. That is how insignificant our role is right now!

Why are you doing this to me.

So it’s slowly becoming clear that girls don’t need guys that much. But the sad thing is, the same cannot be said for us guys. In fact, guys still NEED girls in a lot of things.
The obvious one is sex. Blow-up dolls just wouldn’t cut it.

My birthday gift for Su Ann. It’s a tissue box cover. NICE RIGHT?!

We still need girls to bear the fruits of our loins. Babies don’t just drop from the skies. And even if they do, us men can’t milk outselves like a mother could. (Actually we could, but let’s not go there)
We still need girls to do our laundry and clean our houses. Call it old-fashioned if you will, but after a long day at work, very few men including myself enjoy doing household chores on their own.

More than anything, guys need girls to be their companion, to show them admiration and to tell them how awesome they are. Don’t laugh, ok! I’m serious. Men will DIE if girls don’t feed our ego.
We need to know that we are the hero in our women’s eyes.
Which is why as much as I applaud the feminist movement and how women are being treated more equally now in the modern world, I still fear that our roles as men in women’s lives are diminishing.

Perhaps men’s biggest need of all, is that we need to be needed.
Nicole thinks women still need guys, but do you all agree or not? All you feminists out there better comment!

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218 Replies to “Why Do Men And Women Need Each Other?”

  1. we don’t need men too much… they’re nuisance… sometimes they think too hihly of themselves that we need to leave them alone… that’s for me to say… I dunno bout the rest

  2. 4th~! -_-” Well,i think women still DO need men in many ways. Example,Women need men to change their car’s tyres if their tyre is ‘pancit'(only few of them can change it by themself i suppose?). Or sometimes they need us to repair some electrical things as i noticed that most of the women i know is very bad with electronic gadgets(but I think not all of the guy can ‘repair’ those things. Or lazy?). Thats all for now. Can’t think other examples anymore. Any yeah Kenny.We need to be needed. lol

  3. hell yeah..dildos are too synthetic for girls..they prefer human fleshed dildo if u can get them one..so the conclusion is PUSSY NEEDS COCK-IE

  4. its easy for women to say they dont need us men (that is women’s ego too) but the truth is when they are in trouble / need, they’ll come swarming over you with all their antiques. . *ahem*. nabeh…
    Women do need men as much as we, men need them.

  5. women definitely still need guys…cuz dildo and stuff cant giv us love…can a dog repay the love we gave them? can a dildo kiss u??can …definitely not…

  6. i’m among the first!
    p.s: i think we still need each other and the fact remains. you can’t wed a dog, can you? and dog can’t talk, no matter how good it is as a companion.

  7. women definitely still need guys…tis is becuz…
    can a dog repay the love we gave them? can a dildo kiss u??can IVF replace the satisfaction we get from sex?…definitely not…
    women still need love and care…so we can conclude that….women still need guy…as much as guy need women.

  8. Yes. Dear, I agree we don’t need men too much anymore although it’s good to have one by our side when we needed one to massage after a tired work days or to help us repair our leaking pipes and broken bulbs..
    they’re nuisance especially when they’d reached their mid life with crisis… sometimes they think too highly of themselves especially the rich and a little higher educated ones that we need to leave them alone…
    and a headache when they fall in love again with younger chicks when they think their wives isn’t that satisfying anymore like when they first married… and desired to have a second younger wife to play around with.

  9. –>its easy for women to say they dont need us men (that is women’s ego too) but the truth is when they are in trouble / need, they’ll come swarming over you with all their antiques.

  10. I agree with nicole, we need guys for our entertainment. Only the male species can provide strong shoulders for us to lean on and when we need “manja-manja”. But that doesnt mean we cant learn to replace a tyre or change a light bulb. Its just nicer when someone else gladly does it for us!

  11. For me, women do in fact need men as much as men need women. No man’s an island; no woman’s an isle too.
    Speaking of reproduction, if men need a woman’s ovum and womb to bear their child, women need sperms to fertilise their eggs just as much. Afterall I believe sperms in the sperm bank aren’t coined from the mint like money does, right?
    If women have emerged out from illiterateness, men are very capable of handling chores and running errands for their homes nowadays too. I have seen men who are more particular about cleanliness and tidiness than any women I know. Truth be told, many ladies these days barely do any housework (take me for example.)
    While I admire and have true respect for single parents who single-handedly raise up their children, it’s undeniable a family would not be complete without a father and a mother, a husband and a wife.
    Men and women are made to complement each other. What I believe is, we may live without the other, but we do need each other.
    My two cents. =)

  12. Of course we need men! Who else is going to smack flying cockroaches and throw them out? Oh, and we need their sperm, even with in-vitro fertilisation. Technology isn’t that advance yet.

  13. In my point of view, no matter how independent a woman is, she still needs a man… It’s a balance in nature… Women are born fragile and delicate we need the strength and masculinity of a man to nurture and love us. No matter how strong or independent a woman is to the eyes of the public, she may just be a fragile glass in her heart.
    Also no matter how advance technology is, nothing can replace the touch of a man, the kiss of a man, the love of a man and of course, without men how are women going to reproduce?
    Some feminist may be angry with me for betraying my own sex, but honestly I’m glad men exist in this world and I honestly admit that I very much depend on the love of my man.
    Man needs Woman
    Woman needs Man…
    This is the fact and the balance of life, everyone please stop lying to yourself…

  14. Because we have higher level emotional needs. Being the only female in my research group, it is both flattering and frustating. Discounting reproduction (how unromantic)issue, women certainly are becoming increasingly self-sufficient, hence, it is inevitable “we can do whatever you can do”. We see it everyday : from female bus driver, engineer, CEO (i.e. woman power in male-dominated industry).
    BUT hey! This does not mean the other group of women – who loves to bake cake, plant peace lilies, and who are determined to spend the rest of their lives loving and tending for their family – are no longer out there.
    It’s just a matter of choice and circumstances. We go into male dominated world for various reasons : love the challenge, love the work, financial independence etc. But deep down we know nothing can beat the joy of raising our kids. Of being there watching their first piano recital and making lunch boxes.
    So trust me, as much as we, working women love our job, we are born to be feminine. We need to return home from office and complain about our boss to a patient husband (and you NOT to disagree with us under any circumstance – no matter how unreasonable we are). We love them for changing the bulb though we can do it anytime. We love to leave all plumbing works to them in exchange of making the best dinner. Sure enough we can carry own our shopping bag, but it is lovely to have you carry it for us.
    we need to NEED you.

  15. lol, this is crap.. purely crap… women dont need men????? wowmen just need men for entertainment ???? hahaha… this could only come out from a young hot chick that have tons of guys crowding bside her everytime. Then we time passes by, she’ll get older and older and older….. with no more guys bside her, then she’ll think twice about wat she said bfore.
    The only think that can replace a guy in a girls heart is a guy. not a dog, not dildo, not cucumber, not a very close friend either. ‘if i have money, i can always buy all the men(Duck) i want’ then go ahead and spent all ur money. The one with love is totaly diffrent. MONEY CANOT BUY EVERYTHING!!!! all those women out there, do you wanna be hug and kiss by a guy who loves you or u wanna kiss(lick) and hug by a big dog??? haha the answer is obvious, For Those that choose the later..ermm …. no comments.
    According to the BIBLE, GOD created Eve bcoz he saw that Adam is lonely. The purpose women is created is to accompany man, support him, love him, and have babies with him. And of course the other way round. ‘Perhaps men’s biggest need of all, is that we need to be needed.’ I totally agreed with that.
    For me, when i’m ask to change tire, i m very happy to do that. Coz it makes me think that i’m needed. but the price to pay is, now every ppl i know will call me when they’re having problems with their tires.. oh well. Another thing is, I feel more ‘happy’ when boasting among girls.. i think all those men out there feels the same. it’s no fun boasting with guys…. the pleasure is aint the same :P. lots and lots more example about this ..
    There’s a hole in a women’s heart that only guys can fill in. Ok lar got another hole also lar but that is not i wanna talk here :P. Women need a guy to acompany her, listening to their braging, their happyness and so on. but most guy cant do this for more than 5minutes. for me 30minutes would be nice, after 30minutes i ll get boring coz the samething will keep repeating untill she feels ok.
    Man needs woman, woman needs man. This is always a fact from the start.. don’t start on lesbian and gay thing here. This is not man needs women more or the other way round, we need each other as much as you do, not just sexual needs but in all matters- Heart, Mind, Body.
    To nicole:
    So don’t say that you just need men for entertainment.. this is kinda hurt… but it’s ok if u need kenny for entertaiment only. 😛

  16. As independent as I could be, I still want and need to feel/be loved. A shoulder or belly rub once in a while, words of encouragement etc. Pets cant do those.

  17. Kenny, better still. You’ll be more highly demanded in the new world coz you got high entertainment value. lol

  18. Man needs woman is like man need perfume ie.. No perfume also never mind ma..But sometime without perfume, man stink like shit lorr.. with perfume, they not only smells great, they also look great !
    So woman same like perfume, if no user, no laku la..
    on thier own single. If man don’t buy that particular perfume that means that woman must have got something wrong liaw..
    So, if man with perfume.. wow !!!
    if man with too many perfume, si liaw liaw..
    So, Kenny.. now you are using Hugo or Nicole ?

  19. hmm.. took me forever to get this page loaded properly before i could leave a comment.. Anyway.. NEED is such a strong word.. women need men?? i dun tink so.. otherwise, how can they live without getting married?? then again if u’re saying the mechanic or the electrician you call when sth goes wrong happens is a man.. then yeah u do need them!
    My point is.. men can give us ladies the love we crave for, the shoulder to cry on, oh-that-fleshy piece of fat for us to smack when we’re angry, the comfort that we all just need. I have to admit, bffs somehow just don’t cut it. It’s juz different i guess.. the XY chromosome can never be replaced by the XX chromosome. And i’m sure SOME of the macho men out there would probably feel “what the heck.. i dun need a woman… she’s juz wsting my life” but i’m sure their hearts will melt when they see their women crying or feeling sad.. and it even makes them more ego when the ladies oohs and ahh at their manliness for fixing the car or changing the lightbulb or smacking tat ewwie roach..
    haha.. well.. Men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti (it’s a book i read) men think like boxes and women like to relate everything together. Though absolutely different, it’s the difference that makes both need each other:)
    p.s. your blog’s great kenny! props to you:)

  20. i still feel that girls definitely still need guys around.. but HELLO~ we dun just serve to clean the house for GUYS after their long day of work okay! (REMEMBER?? WE ALSO HAD A LONG DAY OF WORK!)

  21. Godness it is for sure that women need men, actually just to be precised, women are hungry for men..
    1. To breed
    It is interesting to know that some people with really strong characteristics will claim that without men, they can still have babies via clonning. However,without a cross over of gene coming from the “innocent” sperm of men or “vulnerable” ovule of women, their babies will just look exactly the same to them. So what’s the point of having babies??? To get your own replica? Wouldn’t it be boring for a lady with an unbalanced breast or a guy with a tiny penis to be able to predict how their babies will look like in future? There will be no more uncertanties and consequential to that further socials tigmatisation might even occur! The flamboyant group of the society is gonna continue stay good-looking and the bad-looking population will just grow bigger and bigger. There will be no chance for Hillary Clinton to have a baby mimic Brad Pitt as she wouldn’t have a chance to simply “breed” with Brad!
    2. Sexual sensation
    Sensitive but true enough, without guy, sex will no longer be interesting for women. It changes the whole concept for how sex appears to women, they will no longer be looking forward to male with “strong” body, and they will have no need to try making their own “body figure” captivating.In fact, there will be no need for sex education and condom manufacture, which will further lead to the jeopardy of porn production!Doom day for women,and men.
    3. Environmental impact
    It simply means more rubbish made. Women used to not being able to finish their portion of food and more often than not, men are those who help to finish up the “food” so that it won’t be thrown away as rubbish. Plus if men dont exist, I’am sure many women will start trickle down their tears and more tissues will be needed and thrown.Bah, is that how pollution works?
    4. Last but not least, jeopardy of HUGO BOSS perfume business
    Without men, why will people stillw ant to buy HUGO XY? Men and women, XX and XY are meant to be complimenting each other=)
    As for me, life without women will be a big nono. There will be nobody who tries to act cute in front of me, nobody to share my lame jokes with, and nobody for me to give flowers to=)
    Romance, tenderness, and Hapiness come only when men and women compliment with one another,and that mutualism exist between two creatures who needed one another=)

  22. Ok… I thought I need a man in life as in marriage and all the predictable stuff…
    But, after being dumped while two months pregnants, (Ok.. don’t go to condom laa… my mistake la!), I thought, how am I going to raise this baby…?
    Well, without man in my life at that moment, I took a brave decision… I will not do abortion, and hell, I don’t need to it because just because a dick head thought that he can ruin my life, meaning I have to kill my own baby ‘just because for the sake of society’. At that time, I decided to quit my job…So, basically I was zero on financial and emotional support from man.
    I somehow manage to go through pregnancy… giving birth… etc.
    But,that was two years ago. Now, that I have a good career, a beautiful daughther.. I am totally free. I don’t need man in life… I already have a child… SOmehow, I see it as a blessing in disguise. Lucky me,I made a right decision back then.
    Of course there is an emotional void in me… But it is there whenever I am with my daughter, because I am feeling love and joy. What more can I say? 🙂
    So, you might be thinking.. I might be saying “As a conclusion, woman do not really need a man”.
    I kinda agree and disagree. But this is what I think:
    i. Women does not neccessarily need man when they are in trouble. When you have family, you will be OK. Like in my case, I am still OK even without man at the lowest point of my life.
    ii. However, I still need a man just because of emotional thing. I am lucky to have someone NOW for emotional support regardless of my past. It is good to have man in life that you can share happiness and sadness. Besides, it is kinda sweet to share ‘all the small2 things’ about my baby with him.
    iii. TO have a man in my life now, I can still believe I am well protected. It cancel the thought of “ALL MEN ARE DICK HEAD”.The good one still exist. 🙂
    iv. Hey, I need sex Ok? Even it means that I only get it once a year!! (I wear condom now.. hehehe).
    So, there you go…

  23. Hmmmm, I absolutely adore women. Their engaging smiles, the color of their eyes, the warmth of their skins….. all good.
    But as the grand Kenny pointed out is alarming and disturbing…. oh man, not good for us male species.
    That’s it. This is too depressing for me. Where’s my sprite…..

  24. Men need women, just like women needs men.
    It is a piece of puzzle only completed by joining the two both physically and spiritually.
    Everything in this universe has an opposite to keep them in balance. Like the Sun and the Moon, Night and Day. Men need Women to fulfill their destiny just as Women need men to do the same.
    No matter how advance technology can evolve into, no matter how many replacement we can find for companionship, nothing beats the true heart of an opposite gender. Because only humans understand other humans.
    That’s my opinion.

  25. Actually, some researchers predict that the Y chromosome is getting smaller with each generation and will eventually disappear (I saw that on the Discovery Channel). Just look at the Y chromosome in your Biology textbooks. Its puny compared to the X chromosome 😛 Lol, you know what that means- males will eventually go extinct, and women do not need men to reproduce anymore. You get that in nature too.. there are all-female species but no all-male species. Something to think about eh?

  26. Men and women will forever need someone in their lives because of ONE main reason. We all need to be loved. Need to feel wanted and need to belong. Other things we do for our partners like doing their laundry or cooking for them is just ways to show and express our love.Including sex(traditionally a way to express our love but now it’s more to just satisfying the urge.)

  27. If I really go through all the needs for men over women u stated above, the only needs I want to get from them is sex. Since my student years, I have been taking care of myself with minimum dependency on women. (Besides my mother of course). But I was away from her when I went to college on my own leaving my hometown.
    Among my friends in student years, I felt that guys can live more independently compare to the ladies. Maybe guys nowadays are doin things more like the ladies olden days, but I can say that guys can take care of themselves better, for eg. cooking, cleaning, washing. Its really a disaster when I went to ladies accommodation. Their place is more chaotic than guys! Not to mention that we need catch mice in ladies accommodation.
    Maybe thats also becoz ladies are letting the guys do the “dirty” jobs nowadays.
    As for our manly desire, we are still able to get that easily. Thats when the sex industry come into play. Or we still got our good friend “righty” or “lefty”.
    But what the heck, some guys dun even look for ladies anymore. Look at http://www.meatspin.com .
    I might say, the needs between ladies and guys are still in a balance. We might have already switch roles in the moderm society, but still… its in a balance.
    Thats wat I wanna believe.

  28. hey Kenny,
    Thanks for letting the girls know that you guys still need girls around.
    I personally think that we girls still do need guys around, maybe not so much on the financial side but more of physical.
    Like what you said, you guys need us to stroke your ego, we need guys to praise us too. yeah, pet dog are cute and nice to be with.. but you can’t talk to them right?! imagine this:
    me: hey darling, do you like me in this new dress?
    pet dog: woff woff.
    wtf right??
    we all need love and needs to be loved. It’s even written in the Bible that the greatest thing is LOVE! call me holy but i believe in that, ok?! Love, communication & phsysical touch are the reason why we are attracted to the opposite. Technologies are the creation of the Satan to destroy a normal relationship Men & Women are suppose to have!
    Cheerios! =D

  29. Guys and girls will always need each other.
    They might not realise it. They might not acknowledge it. They might not believe it.
    Other than our outward needs, everyone needs companionship. They might not need it today, tomorrow, or in the next 20 years. But eventually, we all will have a need for it. We may deny it when we’re content with our lives, or we’ve been hurt in the past.
    Everyone will need. Sooner or later. It’s what keeps us human.
    Guys and girls will always need each other. … Well, STRAIGHT guys and girls anyway.

  30. Girls dont necessarily need guys, that is why we have so many of unmarried and single women. try to the church, how many are there nuns and how many are there pastors?
    still, whether we need guys or not, boils down to this. Do we have it all yet? are we happy with what we have?
    If girls think they have everything and don’t feel like dating a guy because she feels it might disturb her career. but when it comes to having a baby, we can also visit the sperm bank and get ourselves a kid without a guy.
    but i believe is the guys that need woman more than ever. some guys can’t seem to stick to one woman but they need women. like russel peters
    “OneGina and Vagina”
    Women are becoming stronger each day and guys just can’t handle the complications of a woman, which makes them weak. sikit sikit wanna break up or find another woman..
    Conclusion: it depends, majority of the woman seem to live without man

  31. Your posts (including previous ones)are very convincing that true love doesn’t exist anymore especially among men. XD
    It’s all about demanding demanding and demanding.
    For your current post, I would say that it depends on individual.
    Depending on what are their NEEDS.
    If they don’t need anything from each other then they don’t need each other.
    Unless it’s truly love that they need each other yet they don’t demand anything from each other.

  32. When my guy is lying with his head on my lap or cuddled in my arms and we enjoy each others’ company quietly; letting every moment spent together pass by leisurely and seep deep into the grains of time; somehow knowing – no words necessary – that the future is ours and nothing can break us apart as we gaze out into the wide, promising horizon filled with hopes and dreams. Then slowly, as he turns and looks up at me, our eyes meet and pierce into each others’ with a burning, pure white-hot love; the sound of silence so deafening and everything around us seem to turn blurry, yet nothing can be as clear as day the moment that wonderfully familiar, warm, loving smile breaks on his face, eyes wrinkling with joy and says the three most beautiful words: “I Love You”. And that’s the moment when I find him most gorgeous – both inside and out. And that he is mine forever and always. Harmony is overrated? Then so is Love. 🙂

  33. erm, i think women still need men. it’s the animal instinct. i still think that human are still animals, it’s just that our species has learnt to stand upright, and [males] have put their tails in front [sorry for the bad tarzan joke]. humans are like animals, because in order to “get it on” we still have to play the “courting game”, and men have to show how damn manly they before getting the ladies. so u know la why women are googoogaga over egoistic men instead of those timid ones.

  34. We need men because it is very time consuming otherwise – Who else will tell us that no, we don’t actually need that 1.5hours in the bathroom for makeup, accessories, hair and that the 17th dress that we put on *is* actually the perfect one.
    On the other hand, like you have already said, men need women because their ego needs it.

  35. What is it with you people, arguing about whether boys and girls should make out? Whatever happened to being asexual? Animals.

  36. I think the topic should be whether we need a man (as in a boyfriend or husband) in our lives rather than say whether we can live without men or women in this world (read: reproduction issues, etc).
    I think we need to define what you mean by need. Women don’t need men to survive or live and breathe but we need men to love. I think the basic human need is the need for companionship. There are many kinds of relationships we can form with people, like family love, friendships, and boy-girl love. Each of them fills certain voids and needs in us. It doesn’t mean that we will die or necessarily be unhappy if we don’t have either of those relationships. We can pour ourselves into other things (like work, hobbies) and still be relatively happy. But, having said that, we are creatures who need companionship, and loneliness strikes us no matter how full our lives are. We long to ‘connect’ with another intimately – emotionally and physically. We can find that fulfilling connection with family and friends as evidenced by many fulfilled singles as well.
    But, perhaps man-woman relationships are the ones that bring the most intimacy, constant companionship and lasting richness if it is really love and not infatuation. And, all other relationships cannot satisfy the ultimate physical connection – sex. However, sex is just one small part of intimacy. Relationships and marriage would still be lonely if partners lose their connection with one another.
    When women say they don’t need men, they are effectively saying “I can be happy without a man” and it is perfectly true. We women sometimes say that because we have previously found relationships with men to be heart breaking and it’s a defence mechanism to protect our heart from being hurt again ,or maybe the right one hasn’t come along to sweep us off our feet *grin* or maybe we are just happy where we are. But if we are in a relationship which is fulfilling, with a man who treats us well, well then, we NEED that man because the relationship brings much joy and ‘fulfills’ us in the void that all of us have for male companionship.
    Money can’t buy you love but for everything else there’s Mastercard! Hehehe… Some of the comments here mention needing men to be handymen, to change tires etc. Well, money and women learning those skills can solve everything :p. I think rather than needing a boyfriend or husband to do these things, it’s more like we prefer them to handle those areas that we are not familiar with. The feeling that someone is taking care of us, or protecting us is a very nice feeling. And it still comes back to companionship and love.
    We humans are lonely creatures indeed, not knowing what to do when stuck with me, myself and I alone. But if we can look beyond our self pity, actually many other relationships can fulfill us as well and we need not pine for that male/female companionship. In conclusion, we will be “extra” happy (and have extra troubles as well) if we have found someone to love but without it we need not be unhappy.

  37. The y chromosome in male is shrinking as time goes.so if mankind could survive for another million or billion years,there will be no more male in this world just like a species of lizard which i couldn’t recall the name.

  38. duh-ho .. i do agree wit women doesnt nid guys as much now .. u cud c dat many coll chics will jz hook up wit loaded man 2 buy them gucci & L.V .. but when dey cud afford them? who nids man? guys!! no offence .. im jz bein realistic!
    true .. young, charming, career women always gt d guys buzzing arnd them.. when they r old .. they felt lonely .. bt r u sure d man dat u r married 2 for 30 years still gonna lurve u n be there 4 u like he use 2? or he jz gt bored n choose 2 hook up wit younger chics? isnt dat loadin u wit more prob, i wunt say every man wud b .. bt .. its really a bet .. so gud luck!
    i do agree wit man r jz entertainment .. its like a BONUS when i gt a nice 1 .. n if i dun.. i stil gonna live happily wit my high pay job and i gt those cash n time 2 myself
    .. loneliness is always there .. havin a man by ur side is jz 1 solution 2 loneliness ..
    tough housewhole r now slowly taken over by housewifes .. try walking out d neighbourhood and observe d families arnd .. man will jz sit n shoke their balls and watch tv while their wife nail d wall .. man now retire at 50 and let their wifes b d breadwinner and also housewifes!!! so wad do v nid man 4? i rather feed 5 dogs than a useless man at home!!!! ..
    4 a 19 year old chic .. i think i nid man now 4 their cash, sex, and entertainment .. older women? i guess it jz no diff .. v jz nid 2 sperm d breed nt man!
    p.s : sori 4 offending mans! it jz how d world goes round now ..

  39. Men and women need each other. We weren’t engineered to be asexual or solitary creatures. Human beings generally need to need and be needed. Even homosexuals need companions of their own gender to feel complete.

  40. Men and women were created for each other. Women still need men to be the breadwinner and soul companion. They love to hug and be hugged, kiss and be kissed. No man is an island.
    Statistics have shown that married men and women live longer and have more money in their bank accounts than their single counterparts. Single lonely people tend to have more stress and spend more money to feel good to make up for their loneliness.
    Kenny, women still need men as much as men need women. Just my 2 cents.

  41. Forget about the fruit from the loins. Let’s be honest. It’s the process of fertilization that we all enjoy. Heh. Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for the real thing.
    That aside, I reckon it’s cos we get pissed off at different things.
    A gal bawls over chipped nails, and the guy soothes her ruffled feathers with a kiss and a hug.
    A guy gets pissed over “referee kayu!” and the gal wearing nothing BUT a soccer jersey, and a beer and all thoughts of violence, looting and plundering goes out the window.
    Sure occasionally the system causes friction instead of oiling the gears of life. But hey, what’s life without a little spice?
    After all, without a few quarrels, how will one have make-up s**?

  42. dont be silly of course we still need men! i know i do. though i can change my own tyre, do basic mantainence on my car. most definitely can fix my own comp. change light bulbs etc. of course i cant do plumbing etc. but not that most guys my age can anwyay! jz call the pros. but most importantly basic needs there’s no replacement. dogs for companion etc. just dont cut it. dogs cant tell stupid jokes!

  43. Try raising a kid without a father. Yes, it is still doable but that is akin to saying “I can drive with my feet”. Just because something can be done, it does not mean that it should be done.
    Another reason I can think of why women need men is a practical reason; Who is going pay women compliments/support just as much men needs them from women ( unless both genders are entirely homosexual )? Both sexes have a form of ego. It is inescapable and downright ridiculous to fight it.

  44. raising a kid without a father, something angelina jolie did before brad pitt came along. but hey that’s because she’s rich and all that. but many women are leaving husbands to raise kids on their own. because they can. no father is better than an abusive father. my mother raised us 3 without the help of my father. he was around, but was he a FATHER? my sis, my bro and i would answer no to that question. instead, he was a burden. but i shall not go into the details. point is, i would have preferred my childhood without my father, because the memories of him around disgusts me. and in times like this, IT SHOULD BE DONE

  45. Finally~ Something good and clean from you! Hahahha! Good thing you didn’t turn the whole post into something twisted~
    me thinks..
    -Perhaps men’s biggest need of all, is that we need to be needed.-
    … is so true~ Wahahahaha! thats work well for me~! for a guy to say he still need girls in a lot of things a.k.a. life .. means.. not bad liaw.. ego not so high for the moment ONLY! Haha!

  46. This is my part of your say Kenny.
    Reflecting back on this issue based on all the current surrounding factors and the way people reacts to this issue, it seems like guys are no longer a necessity nowadays; but rather a desire.
    It looks like back then when we guys are like food to the she’s-they have to eat to survive- , we now seems to be like a optional entertainment to them-to do with , its good. to not do with , its still alright.
    A close and detailed look around would lead to the perception that couple’s are couples because of love , the admiration for one another. And. Almost not because it’s dead mendatory. Not like the days when our grandaunties would match make two souls by all means necessary.
    So. Being a guy myself, we Male Speciesâ„¢ should play along with this thrend and not mourne about the past, but rather build the future. If girls nowadays want love, or nothing, so be it. We shall offer love, or nothing else. It’s time to be less physical, less mendatorial, less commandsive , and smarter to make us an option to them , but rather a choice they couldnt reject.
    We make them fall for us! We are to be prince charming.@!@!@@#@#!

  47. You’re probably thinking with this insane, vein-popping determination that it’s impossible, IMPOSSIBLE that a female who actually has a life and two firing brain cells to rub together would POSSIBLY have anything pointedly critical to say about whether females NEED males? Here goes.
    Women do NOT necessarily need men. They say we expect too much from men. I say it’s vice versa. All we want from men is to be treated as EQUALS without being smothered by your egos and shallow men perspectives. Why do MOST men expect a medal and a gold star for doing what they SHOULD do? That earns you NOTHING, that is your OBLIGATION. It’s just a simple as wiping your ass after you shit, we are not going to congratulate you for having decency and common sense.
    What makes me want to hurl, are the people whom by the mention of feminism thinks that a woman is bitter. The objection of feminism by SOME girls mean that they get to label themselves as special, whilst they get to call the other more independent women as whiners, when it’s the FIGHTERS who are protecting the rights they are ignoring. Hey, girls, REALITY CHECK: Don’t think that those MEN are still going to continue to love your submissive, spineless, weak, giggly little self once your tits start drooping and crinkles up like a prune, with no brains or personality whatsoever to make up for it. For guys, just because we accept you as you are does not mean that we have given up all hope of your improvement.
    I have had it with men convincing other men that to be “out-done” by one’s woman is to be humiliated. If we can earn more than men, or have a more secure job, and still see him as an EQUAL, then WHY on earth do they still have an issue with it?!
    Women everywhere need to reach out to their more cranially-evolved brethren of the XY persuasion, and let them know that we DO APPRECIATE a man who appreciates us and what we have worked hard to become and represent. As long as idiots out there continue to perpetrate and support the mindset that “THE guy has to be in charge” rather than embracing the concept that “people in a relationship can be EQUALLY strong and capable”, the gender as a whole will remain trapped in the “one step forward, two steps back” conundrum and never truly evolve. Men have become just as indoctrinated by societal expectations and gender roles as women have, and the effects are just as destructive to both genders.
    Too many men think that their superiority come from the fact that that they must be NEEDED by women. WRONG. There are lots of smart, sexy, successful and SINGLE women out there who have yet to combust due to the lack of the presence of a penis. The primordial fear is that “If a women don’t need me, what good am I? What do I have to offer? Men need to realize that they have to offer MUCH MORE than paychecks and that they can’t continue to be children in adult bodies and get away acting like imbeciles. MEN have to be someone women can love and respect – someone a woman WANTS to be with, rather than someone a woman needs.
    As long as we continue to condone immature male behavior, NOTHING is going to change. It’s not about sucking the fun out of life – guys; you can have tons of fun and enjoy life WITHOUT being a self-absorbed ass or being lead around by your dick. I’m certain none of this will actually penetrate the craniums of readers who stumble on this, but for the rest of you reading this I challenge you to do your part to change the world – DON’T condone and perpetuate dysfunctional, insecure male behavior.
    I hate it how feminism always get dismissive treatment. I hate it that people often think that COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY years are the time to hunt for partners. I strongly OBJECT to the primeval notion that women should consider their college years as an opportunity to find a husband, hook some bastard up, or just fish for a boy. Women, regardless of age, should have an intellectual curiosity that goes beyond wondering if their shoes match their purses.
    SO WHAT if we feminists choose to be loud with our thoughts and not sugar coat whatever that comes out of our mouths? SO WHAT? If that is to be defined as rude, loud and obnoxious, all I can say is that a lot of warm vulgarity is incomparably preferable to a little bit of pinched niceness.
    The problem is that many SMART, TERRIFIC women have made themselves overqualified for the job of wife/girlfriend, because many males prefer women with receptionist-level brain skills, rather than anything higher than that. Meaning: If a woman doesn’t hang on a man’s every word, doesn’t NEED him every so often, has a SPINE and brain that works in TANDEM, challenges his leadership, wants to create her own hours, demands emotional raises, then there won’t be as many openings for the kind of wife/girlfriend position she is seeking.
    It might help some women to understand male psychology if they understand that men see themselves as sexual predators; proud jungle cats. They pursue you(the female) through the jungles of seduction and then, with grace and power, pounce. Then they cling to your leg and whine for the rest of their lives. Male lions also spend most of the day sleeping. My advice to you, my sweet little female gazelles, is to R.U.N like HELL.

  48. that is such a total crap that nicole said.
    Who said women dont need man? Though we might earn more than man nowadays but a strong arm is what we needed when we were scolded by the boss, bullied by the rude ah beng, and when the weather is too cold.
    But the bad thing is, Guy doesnt need woman as much as women need them. They choose to fling around when they think they have value, thts so lame, total shit! F* big time all those guys, to hell I wish u.

  49. MEN…
    – drive women crazy (literally)
    – want to watch football
    – neverhardly phone
    – don’t like shopping (I find that a crime)
    – can’t do more than one thing at a time
    – don’t do the washing up (that’s why guys desperately NEED women)
    – forget birthdays (and every other important dates)
    – think they’re always right (the ego: If MEN had PERIODS, they’d brag about the SIZE of their TAMPONS)
    – have huge ego (similar to earlier said point)
    – think they can drive better
    – are never on time (this is a 50-50 thing)
    Let’s just face it, we can’t live with them… but we can’t live without them.
    Let’s cut the sexist comments. I do feel that women do need men. Only because women may not be as emotionally stable as men. But somehow, men these days are learning to cry and need women’s shoulders.
    This may be the modern age, where women are a lot more independent compared to the days of our ancestors and grandparents. And I find that a blessing. These days, there are a growing number of women leaders in different countries… that does show that women don’t need men.
    I feel we do. As a female, life just wouldn’t be the same. We need our men. We need our father figure, our brothers, and our husbands.
    And men need their mums, sisters and wife.
    At the end of the day, I’d say men need women just as much as women need men!

  50. Women still do need man. Not so much to provide food on the table anymore these days but we still need someone who is there for us. Someone we can pour anything we feel like telling. Someone who will listen to you even though sometimes it doesn’t really make sense. Someone to tell you “Its allright” and “You can do it” when you screw up real bad. Someone to cuddle. Someone who will be so excited that you promised to cook spaghetti for dinner. Someone you can pamper with gifts on occasions (yes, its fun pampering a guy too). Someone to whine and cry to. Someone that just makes you feel special…and that makes you know that he’s there no matter what.
    If indeed fate refuse to deal the love card to me, I still think I can live through this life without a man but life can be so much more sweeter with your special someone sharing it with you.

  51. Just like how men still need women, I think women still need men as much!
    First of all, to balance the world and to stay sane. Can you imagine the world with only women? It’ll be full of cat fights and bitches and pink and PMS and blah blah blah. Or a world with just men; it’ll be chock full of testosterone, ego, etc.etc. It’ll be a world gone mad. So we need a nice balance of men and women. We all know that men and women have different perspectives on things i.e. whether toilet seats should be up or down 😉 There’s only so many same-gender friends we can hang out with before we go mad.
    Yeah, I agree that women have become more independent over the years but one can always do with some tender loving care from the opposite sex.
    I guess it’s just that gender roles have been changing. Nowadays women are not just seen as a domestic version of homo sapiens, just like how men do not just bring the bacon home. Men are just as capable of cooking, cleaning the house, looking after kids, etc. That is, if they admit they actually can, just that they don’t want to do it.
    So the opposite sex isn’t just about traditional gender roles anymore, being together with someone of the opposite gender is less restricted to those boring chains. It’s entirely up to ourselves whether we want men or women in our lives, not a do-or-die issue anymore.

  52. Hmmm so we’re back to nature… where the female species makes her choice of partner.
    But come to think of it… the world has always acknowledge only Men are the dominant species of human, if there is such thing as change advancement in technology, change in culture, the necessity of viewing things at different point of view, why not see it as another evolution in this world?
    We just need to accept the fact that there exist a new priority and choice in women’s life of the current world.
    Totally cutting men out from lives isn’t really a best choice in life.
    I even have a friend that made a daring sentence which i won’t solely agree with her. ” Men can even be taken as pets”.
    The necessity of having them around us AS MEN is indeed getting less.They are some what like how you say,Kenny.. an optional selection to tick it in a checkbox.
    But hey, its also the existence of some type of men- SOLELY exist to allow his ego to be fed were one of the reasons that made them tick them off the list. I am sure girls still need an understanding partner to share with her ups and downs. Not to be bombarded with anger and ego whenever the guy is unable to face/solve certain problems they encounter.
    So, being indipendent ourselves need not be a bad thing for guys.We leave guys with less burden! i am sure they wont find it comfortable if a girl clad herself to the guy like clothing.
    Both ways, girls n guys just need to accept that culture has changed.
    Just have to understand that there are certain facts of life we can’t change and just understand that it always happens around us.Just like the encounter hypocrites in life! If you encounter 99.99% of human being around you are hypocrites, you won’t even raise an eyebrow to even feel angry anymore right?They are just the way they are and feeling angry, intimidated or any other emotion will only affect yourself and no one else..

  53. as far as i remember, IVF requires ovums and sperms, and neither any of these fall from the sky like rain.
    so stripping off all other needs like entertainment, company, etc, the basic instinct for reproduction is always there. and if im not mistaken, that means a male and female has to be around. 😉

  54. yup, woman still need man. Everyone need a break every now and then, (be it facial or an adventurous sports). Its indispensable yet can be delayed and re-scheduled. If its only all female around, the world will be so boring…

  55. . .-“-.
    (“-._ (o\—/o) _,-“)
    (_( “\( . . )/” )_)
    (_( _( (T) )_ )_)
    (_/ / \ \_) /– It’s all Cupid’s
    / / \ \ \– Fault! He has
    \_) (_/ been shooting
    \ _ / less arrows in
    _) | (_ recent years.

  56. Women still need guys because we are sentimental human. We live with feelings revolving around us. We need to hug a man’s muscular flesh; listen to sweet-talker who lies on everyword that make us feel great; and most importantly, we longed for the masculine smell to arouse our desire. But back to reality, we need men to pay all our credit card bills; drive us to work; and carry our shopping bags & be our security guard…. 🙂

  57. HAHA….U r so right…I agree with what u’ve said..However, i think woman still need man but not for financial security anymore..maybe is jz for love n romance…If the man is not sweet/caring enough, she can jz dump him anytime..

  58. Well, Women do need men. =P We still need love right? And Dogs, family and friends can give you love, but its’ all a different kind of love. We women love others differently as well after all. There is an emotional need and by the way, it’s not exactly that guys are not needed or girls are not needed. We are all equal and should be treated with equal respect and need. There should be do dominance in a sucessful relationship. =P

  59. i think we still need men.. we need them when we couldn’t (or lazy to :p) carry heavy stuff for us; we need their hug to feel secure and being love; we need them to protect us when there is danger; we need them to sayang, manja us and treat us like princess; and we still need their company in our life 🙂

  60. In this age of equality, we sometimes don’t realise that being equal doesn’t mean being the same. Equal status; unique individuals; you get what I’m saying…
    We may pay the bills, rock the social scene, manage the house and take care of ourselves all at the same time; but I still can’t open a jar of Prego’s pasta sauce by myself. *sheepish grin*

  61. haha, there’s a new research which successfully developed sperms from a woman’s leg cells or something, changing XX to XY omg omg omg! so yeah.. we don’t need men anymore..

  62. lets see…
    not by religion but sort of by common sense:
    who did God make first?
    then why did God make WOMAN(EVE)?
    because man needs woman.
    and God used part of Adam to make Eve…
    i need you, you need me
    plants need animals(for carbon dioxide)
    animals need plants
    so live with it

  63. man and woman need each other!!
    eventhough woman may feel that they’re tough enough, but they will still feel lonliness inside them… same goes to all man…
    no man is an island…
    well… Why woman exist??
    >>>FOR MAN’S SAKE!!!
    God created eve because adam felt lonely…
    most of our body parts comes in pairs…
    2 hands, 2 feet, 2 leg, 2 eyes, 2 balls….
    so…. everyone has his counterpart….

  64. as much i like singing ‘I Don’t Need A Man’ by the PussyCatDolls with my girlfriends when i’m feeling bitter and hormonal, i still think that women need men, why?
    1.who’s going to make you feel like you look like angelina jolie when in fact you look like you’ve just got striked by lightning?
    2.the porn industry would die (not that i would care)
    3.there won’t be anymore sappy soap operas and romantic comedies to watch
    4.who’s going to talk nonsense and make you laugh hysterically?
    5.everyone would be lesbian. (nothing against lesbians though)
    6.the rubber industry would deteriorate because we won’t need condoms anymore
    7.we would have to resort to self satisfaction with the use of vibrators and dildos which COST money and DON’T feel as good as real willys (not that i would know)in the ABSENCE of porn unless your homosexual in which you wouldn’t have any problems here (no offense to those who are)
    8.we couldn’t successfully persuade anyone by just
    -sweet talking
    -leaning forward when wearing low-cut blouses
    -crying(if u must)
    -pouting our lips
    9.there’ll be less people to ridicule and tease without then calling you a bitch behind your back, admit it girls you do that.
    10.we wouldn’t be able to spend money we didn’t earn and at the same time have it be given to us willingly (at times)
    all in all no matter how many times we girls b*tch about how much we hate and can live without men, the actual fact is that in the end when we sit down quietly alone we fantasize and we know we love you. LOL

  65. No man nor any woman is an island…you can have all the dildos & puppy dogs, go thru IVF several thousand times…but you’ll still be missing the most important thing…the human touch….

  66. Being a woman… It’s really nice to have a man around who needs me as I need him. Someone to share thoughts and experiences together.
    It is the fear of getting hurt physically and emotionally makes in both men and women made up various reasons for not needing each other.

  67. HI Kenny,
    I do agree with you at some points of this post.
    Girls nowadays are getting more independent, smart and not mentioning, drooling over pet dogs, shih tzu, chihuahua and pekinese etc instead of men.
    Girls nowadays, desire luxury and money more than men. Therefore, more of these women are working and climbing the corporate ladder, stepping down the men.
    No offense to men, I realise that more ladies are holding high positions in companies.
    However, when God created Adam and Eve, they existed in a pair, and they were supposed to until the naughty Eve ate the apple.
    So, actually, how successful a woman is, she still holds a soft side inside her heart, which only THE ONE a.k.a the man can get into.
    Me, being a woman, can’t deny that I always complaint about men especially my bf. I always shouted when we were arguing on how I don’t need a man, that I can earn my own $$$ and stuff like that in front of him.
    But comes to think of it…
    I admit I need a man to share my happiness and sorrow..
    and most important to let me bite his hand when I am so damn angry over something and to let me lean on his shoulder, crying my heart out.
    this is when a woman turns into the most vulnerable and fragile creature…
    and she needs a strong hand a.k.a the MAN, the hold her…and to protect her.

  68. quote: most of our body parts comes in pairs…
    2 hands, 2 feet, 2 leg, 2 eyes, 2 balls….
    )— logic fact…lolz
    F still need M, i think not only M need F for sex, F need M for sex too…F need M especially when in the darkness & scary surrounding!!!

  69. Of course la. Men own tools which would otherwise rust if not been put to good use. Shafts that need fixing also need some care. Nuts that need screwing and tightening are also important.Limbs that need oiling are essential. It is this delicate connection between man and woman that builds this machine called love and relationship.
    Treasure your partners/ potential partners. 😛

  70. v need guys :
    1. for a warm nice cuddle. imagine cuddling a woman with muscles. yuck~
    2. for our eyes so scan the party groud for hot guys.
    3. for SOS call when our car decided to pull on some attitude. then v can have the guys to fix and get dirty and sweaty rather than us.
    4. for them to make us feel safe and protected.
    5. for them to irritated us but yet make us laugh
    6.for them to give us cash. yes i kno alot of woman nowadays are having good career but cash from guys are meant to b spent without much of a heartache and purse ache.
    7. for us to fall in love. love is such wonderful thing to do with a guy. no offense but i prefer falling in love with guys.(XY)
    8. for us to feel vunerable at times and for comfort and attention. just to cook a lil for them to make us feel “woman”. i mean lots of woman out there now are strong career woman with strong attitude and character. v need guy to make us feel tat sometimes they are the one in charge.
    9. for beautiful sex made for God in the contex of marrige.

  71. to straighten thing out so that there will not be any more arguement anymore.
    as what we are make of into this world and the evolution has make us as it is.
    the both sexes need one another to function properly. like yin and yang, as the confucius always say we have to be balance it and vice versa. we cannot disrupt the environment so that harmony can be achieve.

  72. Unless a woman can do whatever a man can do, then that will be the day where we women, no longer need men. But it is undeniable that its good to have :
    1) A handyman to fix all the craps (read : car problem, read maps, electrical stuff, kill the cockroaches..etc)
    2) If we cook and there’s no one to appreciate, what’s the point of cooking good food??
    3) without the existence of men, there may be not much of a reason to doll up….so we might not be frequenting those shopping malls much…bye bye to Pavilion, bye bye to the Gardens…
    4) who’s there to be the man when we are scared huh?? sigh…
    5) there’s more…but I wouldn’t want to bore you guys…in conclusion, we can survive without guys, but to live without the existence of guys…there won’t be much fun!

  73. A woman needs a man,
    when she feels lonely
    when she is excessively missing her ex-boyfriend
    when she is alone during Valentine’s Day
    when she just broken up with former boyfriend
    when she is lacking of money to buy her luxuries
    when she needs someone to fetch her home
    when she has to attend a glamorous promenade
    when she wishes someone to touch her lips
    when she needs someone to lean on
    when she is in cold and need some warmth
    when she is crying
    when she needs him to repair her water closet
    when she has lost her door key at the night
    when she left her purse at office
    when she doesn’t know the way home
    when she feels fear while watching horror movie
    when she is trapping in the escalator
    when she couldn’t reach something high
    when she has no place to stay on that night
    when she wants to punch someone to relieve her anger
    when she needs someone to carry her over barriers
    when she can’t live without a man…
    I do think women still need men, for plenty of reasons. But when a woman needs a man, there is no reason able to stop her to.

  74. Men and women need each other, its a fact. Cause lets face it, deep down inside, everyone’s heart has a special little corner for that one member of the opposite sex. When that corner is filled with LOVE from the relationship, suddenly life is great. =)
    We want to love and be loved by that special someone.
    We all want companionship and the feeling of being needed by our special halves.
    We all like those small yet meaningful things our loved ones do for us.
    We love spending time with that special someone, time slows down.
    We love looking into each others eyes, filled with love, which speaks more than any words could say.
    We like to cuddle each other and find any excuse to hug and hold our spouses. =]
    I use to find my life a boring void until i met my special girl, and now we are happy together. Aint nothing gonna keep us apart.
    I love my girl and she loves me too…
    Even Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera have sang it before : Nobody Wants to be Lonely…
    Cheers to everybody…

  75. i do belief God created both adam and eve together for his very own reason.
    Wat u have mentioned is true tat women nowdays are very much self-suffiecent and dun really rely much on guys anymore however they still some how need guy in their life in a long run,
    as pets can’t talk and can’t comfort.
    most of all women need guy simply to enjoy the beauty of love!!!love is the key element tat bring joy n spices to our lives.on top of tat love fill up the loneliness of our hearts with each other companionship.
    Therefore to me both men n women live dependently on each other!!

  76. As men need to be needed, women just plain need. Make any sense? A woman can rely on herself, sure when it comes to money and getting along in life, but there is just a difference between a man and a dog. Usually the girls who deny that they need boys are the type who got their heart darn broken and stuff. The disappointed and let down ones who think all men are bad. A true girl needs a true guy just like a true guy needs a true girl. To share life with. It may not even be a romantic deal. It can even be just friendship, cause I know ladies who don’t get married and are ok with it and stuff lah…

  77. It meant to be that we need each other. No doubt about it. No matter how sophisticated the society are. Well, we are brought to the century where man and women are equal. Hell Yeah, women can work for their own living, secure high pay job and so on but it the basic necessity that is the concern.
    Man needs women as much as women need man. Is just not the same without either of the sex. As you said, man simply can’t get satisfy with blow up doll, same goes to girl when come to sex. Failing in love with dildo is just too weird.
    You are born to be attracted to opposite sex, unless you are a homo and that explain everything. I do agree women can survive on their own but when come to basic necessity we are meant to need each other. Just like guy need girls to tidy the place, girl need guy to do the hard labour.

  78. traditionally, men earned the dough and women made the bread. But now that women can do both, i suppose it is a little difficult to find a place for men in our lives. Especially men who marry working wives and still expect the women to take care of the housework. You’ve got to admit, from a woman’s point of view: if i can earn my own dough and make my own bread, why do i have to susah susah wash two persons’ worth of clothes?
    it’s not the end of the world though.
    women have simply taken on more roles, moved on, upgraded.
    and the men better catch up, instead of sitting around and whining. start with accepting that cleaning up after yourself is a permanent part of life.
    women aren’t just going to settle for any man… you’ve got to be worth it. good luck!

  79. i think that both parties still need each other regardless of their intellectual and emotional capabilities following the evolution of mankind. the newly formed human race aka the ‘fembots’, although can no doubt fend for themselves, will still need men to fill up the emotional capacity deep inside. like cmon! it’s just not the same having a sausage dog to cuddle for warmth during cold nights or when u need a manly shoulder to cry on. and men nonetheless, need women. not just for the sex, but for the comfort that women can bring. both sex need each other. yes, mebe things will change and women will the ultimate breadwinners for their families in the coming years, but without one another, mankind will extinct. plus, won’t we be emotionally and mentally restricted?

  80. if women don’t need men why do God create human beings with both sexes?I believe God create each of us, men and women to feel each others anxiety,fear,happiness,sorry,joy,etc.He wants us to share our feelings with each other be it happy or sad or miserable.Its is only natural that men need women and women do need men in return.Some of you may think it selfish that men and women need each other for say maybe their own personal need but this ‘feeling’ of need is already embedded into us and no matter how u argue you can;t deny that feeling inside when u suddenly need a women be it for pleasure or chores or whatever needs it maybe.I’m just voicing my opinion and that is men need women and women need men as well.All things in this world that God create has a balance to it.
    And let’s put it in our daily routine.Say when you wake up in the morning,who’s going to prepare breakfast for you?Who’s going to help you change the tyre?Who’e to help you with the laundry n etc.One may say that they can do it themselves but who are you to kid if you say so.You will still want someone to do it for you cause you wan to feel the need and importance of that particular someone in your life and that particular someone wants to feel needed as well.
    But then again this is all just my opinion and some of you may agree and disagree.And maybe I just talk too much crap.haha

  81. “We still need girls to do our laundry and clean our houses. Call it old-fashioned if you will, but after a long day at work, very few men including myself enjoy doing household chores on their own.”
    To all males who agree on this statement, go eff-ing hire a maid, or be your mummy’s boy for life.

  82. Women need men, men need women. That’s it.
    Why is there even an issue about who needs who more? Men need women more, so.. does that mean women win? What did they win? The satisfaction that we are needed, which makes us valueble in a way?
    Nay I say!
    You can’t just rely ur relationship on sex, googly eye, that butterfly-in-ur-stomach feeling and so on. After that phase in life, the hard part kicks in. You’ll realize that u actually have to communicate, and listen to tons of complains about who didn’t do the laundry, start to argue because things are not done the way u want it, get fed up with his egoism and never admitting to his mistakes, and being pissed off whenever she went to the toilet and the lid’s still up.. so on and so forth. Which then became the source of the discussion that who needs each another more? Based on these flaws it seems who needs to get rid of who more.
    But can’t u see? This is why we need each another. Complains, makes u realize what they don’t like, what’s bothering them.. Egoism, something they succumb to because they want u to know that their men is always right, always very macho, and always there to protect you. They can dig up the courage to confront each another, starting with the toilet lid issues, thus leading to a strong trust between them because now they know they have the courage to confront their opposite, and also to tell d truth.
    So, that’s why men need women, and women need men, not more, but equally! =)

  83. Oh wow, what a tremor you’ve just unleashed Kenny.
    Lately, there’s been this post feminist undercurrent creeping out in the WWW, and in most newspapers. Let me just stick to the facts and end this in a question.
    Men are biologically programmed to mate and reproduce as much as they can. That’s why WE MEN have a BALLSACK. We carry our generations, LITERALLY, around us ALL THE TIME.
    TESTOSTERONE SHOULD BE HANDLED WITH CARE. I know it’s hard to explain this to the gentler sex, but women, AS A FACT, do not know how men cope. They can’t, and not even when their swallowing BUCKETS OF TESTOSTERONE, would they even begin to understand man’s complex need to have sex. ALL THE TIME.
    To all Feminists, men are just a larynx and a dick. They formulate on this and beyond this, and continue to COMPLAIN ENDLESSLY WHEN THEY DON@T GET ENOUGH OF IT. They hate the Idea of FAMILIES because, very obviously the very IDEA of MARRIAGE destroys the ROCK that FEMINISM is built on.
    So to be fair, Men need Women, and Women need Men. That is a fact. Failing that, would a overqualified, independent, young lady with a career move away from the thought of relationships with men?
    No. Why?
    Because for Women, it matters how deep Men’s wallets are. How much can a Man provide to the women’s offspring, is the defining need of ALL women.

  84. I wouldn’t say women don’t need men. That’ll be too strong a statement to make. As much as men are complicated (Yes, I know you men think otherwise. Heh), we can’t live without them.
    My favourite quote: Men. Can’t live with them, can’t live WITHOUT them.
    Who’s going to pamper me? Self-pampering just isn’t the same. You can’t nuzzle yourself. -_- Sounds so wrong. It just feels good to know that after a long stressful day… you know you have someone strong at home you can lean on and feel safe. I know I can hug myself… but… uh.. it’s just not the same. I’m pretty sure you know where I’m coming from.
    I agree that women today can do many things. We are far more independent that was we used to be. However, we still need a man to make us feel feminine and fragile.

  85. Vocabulary check:-
    “MAN” is part of “WOMAN”.
    “HE” is part of “SHE”.
    “MALE” is part of “FEMALE”.
    Can’t be calling them – “WO”, “S” or “FE” right?

  86. Well, It’s nature that men needs women and vise versa. why? coz women needs men to feed on their ego to, like some men will sweet talk about how beautiful they are, how sexy they are, they smell good, etc. Also they need men to tell sweet lies XD i mean… come on..which women like HONEST men that would comment on their bad spots?
    No one’s perfect… ^^

  87. All the talks about corporate ladies,wonder-women,politicians,datuks(once regarded for the XY only) certainly have proved that we women can stand up against the men and face them with mere steel determination.Equality we want,justice we demand.
    However,i believe that we need men in our lives.Truth to be told,nature still plays it naughty tricks on us,making us the vulnerable,weaker species.We need the courage,Herculean strength and comfort from our man.Hence,even if women become stronger day by day,at the end of it,we do need you men to do the guy’s jobs: changing car tyres,repairing electronic gadgets and the burst pipe etc.
    Fear not my fellow countrymen,you dont have to feel used just because we want you there to do all the things mentioned above.We can hire a mechanic,handyman,plumber…Deep inside every woman,lies a Princess.A fairytale of being whisked away by her Prince Charming to a white shining castle ( too much of Cinderella i assume)..As much as you guys want your egos to be stroked,we too need abit(okok LOTS) of attention,love and care.TO tell us that we are the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen since Angelina Jolie.To assure us our bottom dont look big.Be there when we needed you.
    All in all,women need men.Vice versa.The cycle never ends.It just strike a perfect wholesome harmony.

  88. Woo…Kenny! The feminists and male bashers have appeared! BEWARE! Some of them might ambush you this Sun during the Terry Fox Run!
    You sure stirred up a bee’s nest here. =P

  89. -_-|| Kenny, if you say that women need men for entertainment purpose, then men need women for their ego boosting, house cleaning and sexual needs only? That sound much worse than women needing men for entertainment purpose only RIGHT?
    It is true that women is on the rise these days in many fields – even in male-dominated fields. Supposedly women can live without men – a lot of women are able to do things that men can, like we are not so bimbo about cars, technology or electrical appliances. We can fix the light bulbs on our own, get things done at the PC or do those registering things online etc etc etc. Well, not saying men can’t do household works like cooking, cleaning but they are just too lazy? And why is it that men needs women to do that?? Because it has been traditionally like that? Hey, that is so NOT fair!
    Okay, before I launched into the feminist mode, let not diverse my thought on this. Like what most people said, men needs women and women needs men for a balance in their life (well, unless they are *ahem* umph, have different preferences when it comes to gender). To fill in the gap of loneliness, to have someone to feel our love, their love to us and etc. Makes us feel like a woman but definitely not to make us feel like a fragile poor thing that needs pampering and protection – that is just too weakling.
    There is a need to strike a balance for the needs from both gender, harmony like the yin and yang.
    Then again, I suppose there are some women who take men as entertainment purpose, just the same where alots of men treat women like that >_

  90. Do we girls still need guys ?
    It is true that women nowadays are more independant and stronger in many ways.. I wouldn’t say we NEED guys, especially not to the extend we cannot live without them, but instead I would say we do WANT them..
    Girls want guys they like to want them, love them and care for them.. They want to feel protected by their manliness and paid well attention to.. We cannot get all these from our pets..
    But then again, because women nowadays are more independant, we know we can take care of ourselves even if we don’t have a man by our side.. Unlike before, women weren’t given very proper education..
    Which is why now it seems like we do not need men much anymore, but the real reason would be we girls just do not let ourselves be devoted or give our heart and soul to a man a 100% in worries of getting hurt and also not wanting to be too dependant on him..
    In conclusion, instead of needing a man we would rather say that we still want a man.. Needing sounds a tad too desperate for independant women like us nowadays, no? =) Haha..

  91. sheet, it seems only thing left valuable to female species are the testicles that produces worms.
    think about it, probably not even plural, just 1 ball will do the job too.

  92. Men do need women and so do women who need men…its all proven in our life….let me refresh myself back to our young age…when the time we were small kid, we as boys played a lot with the girls (consider our playmate ) which we quite enjoy the moment together. When we are teenagers, we all falls in love with both sexes attracted to each other. Without one sexes, the LOVE (puppy love or true love) there was no fun and excitement. Our heart won’t be pumping and beating so hard when we tried to woo a girls and girls won’t get the glamour when woo by guys. What an exciting and sweat moment of experience for both sexes then. When we reach the adult ages, we are like thinking to settle down after an enjoyable teenage moment. That is the moment we really have a good look at who is the best to be the partner in the life. Marriage life (second best thing that happen in my life) is never really complete without a child in our short life. So, to enable us to get one in natural (gods’ way), both sexes do depend on each other. The best and most wonderful moment in my life is to have a baby, when you saw your own flesh blood with the smile and cries, wooo, is the happiest moment in our life where both sexes felt it. Lastly when we get old, we shall have our partner of life to accompany us to enjoy our counted days. Who can denied that we both sexes doesn’t need one others…..this life cycle between both sexes and will continue and continue…… I hope all of you will have a wonderful life ahead and try to appreciate what lied in front of you and don’t ever regret when you lost that moment in your life .

  93. -edited-
    v need guys :
    1. for a warm nice cuddle. imagine cuddling a woman with muscles. yuck~
    2. for our eyes so scan the party groud for hot guys.
    3. for SOS call when our car decided to pull on some attitude. then v can have the guys to fix and get dirty and sweaty rather than us.
    4. for them to make us feel safe and protected.
    5. for them to irritated us but yet make us laugh
    6.for them to give us cash. yes i kno alot of woman nowadays are having good career but cash from guys are meant to b spent without much of a heartache and purse ache.
    7. for us to fall in love. love is such wonderful thing to do with a guy. no offense but i prefer falling in love with guys.(XY)
    8. for us to feel vunerable at times and for comfort and attention. just to cook a lil for them to make us feel “woman”. i mean lots of woman out there now are strong career woman with strong attitude and character. v need guy to make us feel tat sometimes they are the one in charge.
    9. for beautiful sex made BY God in the contex of marrige.

  94. Well, No doubt women are being independent, and most of the girls i know, want to be marry 30 and above, or not get married at all.
    However, if you look at it, the Biomedical Science point of view, hormonal changes will drastically affect the women more then man. Human have natural behaviour “instint” to fall in-love with a counterpart, have kids and grow old together. Unforfilling this, might have a drastic phycological affect on them. Besides, one of the happiest moment in a person/couple life, if, they were to discover they will be having a baby.
    If you look at it the genetic point of view, if you live independent, not get married, not get kids, you are label as unsuccessful being. That is the genetic point of view.
    But, I would say, get a partner, love them, cherish them, as there is nothing like growing old together with your partner.

  95. Women still need men in one thing, entertainment purposes…and sexual intercourse….hate to admit it but,I totally agree with Nicole…

  96. Hello.
    I hardly, or never have commented on your blog. But I am a feminist myself and well, I just can’t help but reply on this particular post.
    Sure, the modern age women seriously do not need men as much as they did in the past. Sometimes even,I feel there are little things in which a woman can be so much better than a gentleman. Because plainly, guys are pretty much insensitive and unobservant to people around them and their surroundings. (No offense, really.)
    But then again, when a modernistic woman has her successful career, her adorable pet dog, her surging bank account, at the end of the day, she would still feel empty because she needs her other half (irregardless whether it’s a guy or a girl) to share all these with her. To share her sorrow and her joy, to have a shoulder to lie on when in need.
    So, the final conclusion is, A girl will definitely still need a guy. But she doesn’t need the guy more than the guy needs her. So don’t be discouraged! 😀
    p/s.: Actually, to be honest, girls might even settle for a lesbianism relationship. (Afterall, girls are pretty much more sensitive than guys. :P)

  97. Men and women need each other of cause and that is my opinion. First of all, if we say men don’t women and women don’t need men, then what is the point of this comment, and there will be no such thing as HUGO XY or XX perfume giveaway instead it will be HUGO XX perfume giveaway only or ortherwise. Worst if we don have either man or woman then there won’t be Kennysia and Nicole arguing about this matter!
    Let just say one day there is only woman in this world, there will be a big problem of who should make the first move? This is because woman prefer to drop hints for her potential partner than making the first move and man should be the one making the first move because is our priority. So if really there is no more man in this world wouldn’t that be funny because everyone would sitting there and waiting for someone to come ask her number or for a date.
    Next, what if the world only have man, I rather not elaborate on that, go watch “I Now Pronouce You Chuck and Larry” or maybe “Brokeback Mountain” then you will understand.
    Lastly, men and women do need each other, if not there is no such thing as marriage, without marriage there is no family and thus no new generation and human number will slowly decline and at last will extinct and those other animal will rule the earth… wahaha

  98. Hey Kenny!
    I guess you are quite wrong in this part.. we girls still do need men in ourlives…
    Like you said, men needs attention.. men need someone to feed their ego… men need physical touch…
    Me as a woman, i need all those as well… a dildo just really wouldnt work.. as i cannot hear my the other half panting and moaning, smelling his manly scent… the love and kisses given to me during the intercourse…
    Im on a long distance relationship…but that long but im in penang, my bf is in KL… I actually feel very lonely without having my bf around me.. hugging me or giving me kisses whenever… I also need someone to tell me that im beautiful genuinely… i need someone to tell me that im his princess and a bunch of sweet talking… Well, its the same here… i need someone to feed on my ego at times… i need someone to make me feel wanted and loved… i need to be needed as well…
    Let me give you a few example of when i needed a guy the most…
    When i was in Australia, i was staying alone… and im very afraid of darkness… Whenever i have blackout middle of the night in my apartment, i will totally go lost… so afraid that i actually just freeze there and wouldnt move one bit… That is when i needed someone the most… i would call my bf and he would come running all the way to my apartment even though his house is like 3km away!
    I need men to help me around the house with technical stuff… such as fixing broken pipes, changing my car tyres and etc…
    I also need men to help me get rid of bugs like cockroaches or lizards! they really disgust me to the max!
    I need men whenever i fall sick… i can honestly say im quite pampered by my bf… cause he will definately be around me 24/7 whenever i fall sick in Australia… but now, sighh… im always lonely as i have to work in Penang and he has to be in KL…
    Yes its true that nowadays women are getting more and more independent each day… but still, we women are sensitive creature… no matter how strong we look like… no matter how butch we look.. but at the end of the day, we need someone to be there with us to share our lives with… to do something together… having some physical touch and love… to have someone to complain about our work with and etc…
    like people always tell me… “NO matter how strong you think you are, even if u know karate, judo or watever nonsense.. you will still get raped.. cause women is women; we have pussies… and when something like rape is gonna happen to us, we will panic, we will turn fragile and MEN will definately be stronger than us….”
    So yeah… we women still need men!

  99. i dont think it is a matter of need. i believe a man-woman relationship is more like a companionship as at the end of the day, wont it be bored if the world is only full of same-sex people living in it?
    i mean,where’s the fun in that? i agree that us, women can definitely do without men in the future as will the other way go. There’s even an article in the Stars newspaper recently that can confirm that. Men, if given the time, may not even need women (evident by the fact that men are now CAPABLE of doing household chores without being formerly nagged at)unlike in the olden days.
    As to what kenny has said about men not being able to produce milk..i’m sure techno will compensate that in the near future. The advancement of techno and even human’s own capacity has made everything possible. So what if one day, every woman/man wakes up and decides that they should ‘do’ without the opposite sex?
    There’s no denying that one is capable of fending for oneself or doing whatever that the opposite sex can do but the fundamental question here is; will that be worth it? Just because our egos tell us that we can do without men, we should follow? For the sake of proving our capability, we forsake the rest? Loneliness will kill, my friend. I believe only when the two sexes rely on each other , can they ultimately grow (mentally, spiritually, emotionally etc etc.)
    That’s all i can say..men and women need each other to survive..even if in every aspect, each gender can do without the other, they cant live without ’em.

  100. Humans are complicated beings. The difference between needs and wants is becoming very subjective. The basic necessities of humans USED to be food, clothing and shelter. Now what is it? A car? A nice house? A good education? A stable job? A happy family? A good relationship? The list goes on and never ends. The point is if we are going to argue whether something is needed or not, the argument will never end in a million years time, because everyone has different needs. A simple example: If you are living in KL and your workplace in Seremban, you NEED a car to commute everyday. But if your workplace is just a few blocks away from home, heck you can survive without it. The same thing goes with needing a man/woman. The argument is merely a waste of time.
    I will present this point in an argument. If I say humans need companionship and love, there will ALWAYS be someone who says people survived without it, was succcessful being single, had a happy life, etc. Same goes if I said humans don’t need companionship and love, there will be those saying love makes life complete, you can’t survive alone, you’ll lead a depressing life alone, etc.
    On my personal opinion, the only universal NEED for man to need woman and woman to need man is for reproduction and continuing the human race. If a woman wanting a man is considered under the term “entertainment”, I believe the same applies for a man wanting a woman. Its all just a matter of the word used to describe it.
    Heck with women doing housechores, feeding men’s ego and taking care of the family. Heck with men fixing techincal appliiances, doing the dirty work, getting the money. Its the society and environment that decides the needs and wants of both men and women. It all comes to accepting and enjoying life as it is. Since there is man and there is woman, we should just accept it as the variety of life and stop arguing who is needed. Needs and wants develop because of different circumstances.
    The two facts I am mainly pointing out is that
    1) Generalizing the world is stupid and pointless because everyone is unique, and face it: who wants to be just plain ordinary and normal. What’s the point of living if you’re the same as every single being in this world? This point explains itself with the number of people who post opinions: we all want to be heard, somehow.
    2) The term “need” is too subjective and is wasteful to argue about.
    3) Enjoy life as it is, be it with or without the opposite sex =)

  101. Life is about happiness. And I’m pretty sure plenty of people out there would be happy to say that they are still happy without the opposite sex, but think twice.
    Cherish each other, be it whether its a guy or a girl, and the feeling of being cherished back and loved is infinte.

  102. women still need men!
    for all it’s worth we need men to love us, to tell us we look good in that dress, or to love us just to make us feel beautiful.
    i once read in an article that women need their men’s touch as in literally, whether it is just to hold her hand when both are going to a party, or a quick kiss on her cheek when he leaves for work.
    these..are gestures of love. =)

  103. women don’t need men. and men don’t need women either. marriage is overrated and companionship is too. Everyone is self sufficient and they don’t need the opposite sex to survive. Sure, having a companion is a very satisfying feeling but at the end of the day, we complete ourselves. The whole idea of belonging and needing is soo embedded in us, we fail to see that we can belong as an individual being. Heck, if men can stay bachelors(and live like a rockstar), why can’t women be bachelorettes?! And actually ENJOY it? i can think of plenty of things women can do without men and sure as hell enjoy themselves! Not to mention, at the end of they day, we women(and men alike) have dreams and aspirations(eg. backpacking, living abroad, living in the Alps….and ect.) and i don’t think we will ever find a companion who wants the EXACT same things as we want and then we end up compromising….and giving up our dreams….settling for new, lesser dreams. If we didn’t have strings attached, we would be happier and be able to fulfill our wants and needs; making us “fuller” people and definitely, happier people… and isn’t that what everyone is looking for in the end? HAPPINESS?! We just need ourselves to be happy….and men…well….we can cut them out of the picture.

  104. Kenny, God is so fair, don’t you think? You would love to have a woman to clean up after you, clean your house, wash your clothes, iron your clothes, and at night, let you *ahem ahem*.
    But thank you for saying that at the end of the day you still need a woman to bear your babies, and nurture them for you. At least you’re not one of those MCPs.

  105. Just why men can’t see this, I do not know. As a member of all things male, I cringe to the point of wanting to slap some sense into my fellow MEN for how they too often treat their women.
    Male infidelity? Slap them.
    Domestic Violence? Lock them up forever after a good slapping.
    Yelling and screeching at their women? Slap them again, only harder.
    (Slapping is such a male response to something wrong, isn’t it? See what I mean?)
    Most men just do not get that without a good woman, they are left to wallow in a disgusting mire of screw ups, mistakes, agonies over how to get out of the pit of despair they’ve dug for themselves.
    How would it be for women to run the world?
    I don’t know.
    But maybe it’s time for men to give them chance and see how they do.
    God knows, we’ve messed things up long enough!

  106. girl still need guys…to protect them…
    imagine…if u had a nightmare n scared in the dark but no one there to help, if u watch a nice movie but no one to share, if u had no one to chase rats, “siu keong” and bugs for u…
    haha…frens might be the one but the frens might have their own “someone”…

  107. Hie,
    Well, I believe that girls still need guys.
    We may not need to rely on them for money or food, but for warmth and care. It is just a feeling you won’t get anywhere or anyhow. Sometimes with a guy u love, u feel your existence. That’s all, even with a guy u love, both of you are still separate entities, but it feels that the world does spin because of that.

  108. Men create a hunger in women that is very addictive: a hunger for passion, for sharing the life of another besides our own. Of course we need men. They make us feel satisfied and yet always wanting more. We actually need men to give of themselves: their time, thoughts and intimacy.
    Don’t be a “Hamlet”, just “Nike” it! If men become extinct it will be because they (and women!) spent all their time overanalysing and not enough time just enjoying the “good stuff”.

  109. women DO NEED men.
    but whether women WANT men or not is a different qns.
    im always generalising… but i begin to despise men whenever i hear about guys (of certain religion) able to practice polygamy and thus spread some hiv virus to their WIVES, and then ABANDON their WIVES + KIDS who are hiv positive because they are DIRTY. oh, so, it’s the women’s fault eh?
    women of these days certainly dont need guys to ruin their lives.
    just look at those in the African countries and you’ll know. women will be better off without guys.
    but yea since we’re not talking about african countries or honour killings (oh, another #$*#&*$), women need men to provide that extra something in their lives. love, laughter, care… (:
    dont really know since i’m without a guy,
    proud to be if you look at the guys here (singapore) *pukes*
    nice guys are hard to come by.

  110. men do NOT need guys. they ARE nuisance. women can do things that men can do. in my opinion, men are just girls entertainment, or play toy. when women have relationship with men, they are usually dominated by the males. we women have equal rights in this world and we do not have or we do not want to be dominated by anyone. men think that they are ‘hero’ or what-so-ever just because they provide the money and food on the table. the table’s turning now. women can earn money for the family too. sometimes even more than the men. so why do we need men? we can adopt lil kids (exp angelina jolie) or have test tube babies.
    we do not need men. its an option for us to want or don’t want men.

  111. Hey dude, just wanna tell the ladies out there, women can hadle technical stuff. My mechanic is a married, pretty lady. We have a few female engineers here at the company who are not afraid of hooking up 480V/100amp three phase utility power, hell even our pretty boy space traveller went to the space station on a space craft with a female on the control panel.
    Ladies, you can do the stuff men can….. my sister can whoop Kenny`s ass!

  112. In the very beginning of life on earth, God saw everything was beautiful. Then God decide to create a man called Adam. He saw Adam was lonely and IN NEED of a companion, so He created Eve.
    That was the NATURAL LAW – Adam was made for Eve and Eve was made for Adam. God saw that MAN AND WOMAN NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE. God made Adam and Eve husband and wife, and they love each other, as God teaches them.
    # God DIDN’T create Adam and Steve NOR did He created Evelyn and Eve.

  113. For some extent women still need men. But compared to few centuries ago, nowadays, women really can be a very independent human. They can be excellent in work, settling house cores, taking care of children and almost everything in life. So, what actually men play a role in women’s life? I guess, a companion, especially during women are start getting old. I believe every women like the feeling to have a complete family and a good companion beside her and holding her hand when she’s old.

  114. Basicly god made Adam n Eve, therefore in the lord name we have to accept the co-existens in both sex. Male n Female have different ideal so it’s clear that Male n Female need each other.

  115. Things that are hard to get is always the most desire ones. I guess women jual mahal a bit will be getting more from a guy. We women do need guys. But no point having a guy who wants us only for the cooking, cleaning and sex. We need guys who knows how to pamper us like a queen. It’s okey to not having anything, than having a soul torturing one.

  116. women do need men. dogs don’t understand relationships and dildos don’t hug us afer sex. we still need some one to care for us and protect us.

  117. women need men because we want to be loved and taken care of no matter what. they want to take care of their men and make them feel alright.
    men need women because they want to love and take care of their women. they want to be cared for by their women and feel better about themselves.
    men and women are a complete being when they are together 🙂 i sound sappy.

  118. p.s refer to http://www.xanga.com/david_scz for original photos
    Why do men need women?
    Men need women for various purposes. From the simple reason of propagation (or you’d like to call it creating your own partial clone) to social and even spiritual needs, men need women by their side as a support. There’s even a proverbs saying behind every succesful men is a women *yada yada*. Yes, men do need women, but I am afraid at this current modern age, where women are so superficially realistic (OK, no generalisation here-see men are afraid of women liao), men might as well don’t need one. So why is the need for women still urging desperately among men?
    1. Women are as mesmerising as the sunset…
    As much as women are quite unreasonable at times, guys always stupidly fell for them because men simply cannot resist women’s beauty and gentleness…just like the sunset, full of warmth and comfort
    2. Biological needs
    Except satisfying the desire of a-part-of-body, it is every men’s (well almost) wish to establish a family and see how the little clones they and their wives have made..thinking how cute the combination will look like.
    *My colleague’s daugther Chloe
    (wahlau think too far la u all, not mine!)
    (Not going to talk about social and spiritual needs here). Hence, with all the factors mentioned, men always crazily fell for women despite a lot of times it doesn’t make sense to them…especially financial sense
    *One of the idiot who fell for women *next time the flower pick from street can already*
    Buying flowers, presents and expensive dinners just to be gentlemen and impress women. Without much consideration and calculation, they rushed to women’s demand (when they became their gf) without any hesitation anywhere anytime (just like pizza hut) -just like how they’re accustomed towards their boss, with the only difference being they are not earning any money from it – instead they LOSE it!
    Tell me since when does an average income human being happily lose their money? It just don’t make sense!
    So the relationship started, women started demanding for materialistic needs.
    Women: Dear dear, I want sony ericsson handphone, if not i not happy
    Men: But you got me so care of you mah good enough loh 🙂
    Women: *distorted face* yala yala, enough la, I also had enough of you already! Let’s break up (common lame weapon used to tame men)
    Men: Oh oh oh, don’t angry loh, tommorow go buy tommorow go buy
    The next day:
    *Haih, buy 3 somemore (p.s one of them is mine, hehe)
    Okloh, buy dy happy liao…settle her liao, at this moment at least…see women are materialistic, 1st reason why men DON’T need women..women are liabilities
    2nd reason…
    Phone ringing..du du…du du…
    Women: Wei, lets have supper
    Men: *In cyber cafe* Huh? want meh? playing dota with friends wor
    *Background noise-ooi, don’t always talk to gf lar, stun him loh, what u doing!!!? *noisy noisy* *
    Women: Don’t want to talk to you already!!!! so not gentlemen!!!!
    *Bak!!* Phone shut off
    The next day: *After waiting in front of her house for 4 hours til morning*
    Men: Wei, don’t angry loh, wanted to company you that night one, haven’t say finish you shut off the phone liao
    Women: Who ask you so not understanding!? So not gentlemen
    Men: Oklar, my fault loh…lets go have dinner tonight
    *This is Cherl Lu my friend, if you’re interested (p.s consider invesment properly!)
    *Acidic Lemon juice squishing out*
    2nd reason why men don’t need women-NO freedom. Every single day men have to report to women and consult them before making any decision. Men’s career is totally devastated by the increasing demand of women, straining men of their time and energy required to perform. Women’s anger and high demand caused men to be intimidated, from the great leaders of their corporation and their singlehood life, they submit to the authorities of women like little puppies
    To ease women’s anger, they will have to eat a lot a lot of nice and expensive food. If they continuosly eat a lot of terrible food, their mood will worsen and it is not advisable to leave them at home eating self cooked maggie-mee (cuz women tend to cook lousier than men nowadays) since the lousier food they eat, the worser goes their mood.
    *A friend whom angry that time need to eat a lot-like pig
    So men got to bring them to expensive restaurants (even if they don’t, women will ask them politely to) to ease their anger. 3rd reason …money wasted …again WOMEN ARE LIABILITIES
    The money could have better been used to feed the poor and do some goods in between!! :p
    Ok, so the eating is done, time for shopping~! (I can hear all the bfs crying, begging for help now)
    Shopping is a GREAT (if not best) way for women to soothe their emotions, when they buy a lot of nice stuff, they will be happier. Besides, it is time for a sweet revenge on men…afterall, the money is not theirs! What good way to make yourselves happy!!
    *K.S choosing clothes in Crown entertainment complex
    Wahaha~ *men crying in agony* again money flying away just to make women happy. Men may not have needed women that much afterall..the time spent to company women could have been better used to educate men themselves financially…4th reason why men don’t need women…LEARNING THINGS THE WRONG WAY, WRONG INVESTMENT IN BUYING LIABILITIES (Namely women). Men could have better spend the time for women’s shopping for training or attending courses to build their career, but with women around all they learn is how to spend, spend and spend -and not earn instead
    Just like any liabilities (cars, house-during installment, boat, adult toys), women are liabilities themselves – always money out, no money in.
    Women: Hey, lets go travel, I wanna go Hong Kong!
    Men: Huh, want meh? I prefer Vietnam, got world heritage site, beautiful sunset-like you(refer to http://www.kennysia.com)
    Women: Vietnam not nice one, I wanna go Hong Kong, shopping and eat a lot
    Men: Oh okok, then I go do some research first, self plan travel cheaper and nicer
    Women: Don’t want, I want tour, tour surely is cheaper one
    Men: Nolar, self planned cheaper and more adventurous, afterall it is not hard to travel around Hong Kong
    Women: Don’t want, I don’t want waste time wait for transport or when get lost, go tour safer
    Men: But self planned you may find little surprises along the way ma, I feel tour only cater for uncle aunty…
    Women: I don’t want to talk to you already, I want to BREAK UP
    Men: yada yada yada
    Women: BREAK UP!!
    Women: BREAK UP!!!!
    Women: BREAK UP!!!!!!! (Damn you, can’t you be more creative?)
    (Alright, I was just making it up ;p)
    5th reason why men may not need women….BEHOLD…when they launch their ultimate weapon…
    *Ok, the price is exagerated*
    Men, quickly get yourselves rid of this liability OR start generating more assets. With 5 negative points (look at bottom left smiley face icon) and 1 :p face, men consider properly whether do you still need women. Well, start preparing yourselves for the dishes and houseworkds already! hehe
    *Disclaimer: This is written as a funny post and is never intended towards offense in whatsoever way towards women. Please don’t ask the women rights group to sue me please. I no money already after paying for gf :p *

  119. Man will die without woman, woman is like the essential piece the very last piece of the puzzle in a man’s life. Imagine going home opening the door walking into an empty house after a hard day of work? now imagine a beautiful lady open your house door from inside welcoming you in, give you a great big hug and prepare dinner for you while you take a shower where the clean clothes is all there hanging neatly and after your bath you have a nice decent home cook meal from the sweetest girl ever.
    i raised my case man always need woman in their life when you are a child that woman is your beloved mom, when u move out to university your life is like a havoc unless there’s this loyal girl that tends to control your life abit abit whom you may call best friend or girlfriend, and when you start working your best companion and your must trusted person shall always be your wife.

  120. I’m a lesbian and I am speaking for many other lesbians out there, we don’t need men. Not for love anyway. Don’t get me wrong, we are not boycotting men, the other reasons we do need men ie changing tyres, plumbing, diy,.. we can hire a mechanic, a plumber and a handyman!

  121. Let’s not view of whether woman needing man or vice versa. Talking about equality in gender in the modern world. Both genders have the equal amount of capabilities to survive on this earth. Both guys and girls are able to fulfill the needs on the material side with the income they make.
    So now we are on the page of both genders are equal, why should both genders need each other? It’s always a balance in this world.
    Man = Yang
    Woman = Yin
    Man = egoistic side
    Woman = softer side
    Man = A strong pillar/stand for a woman emotionally
    Woman = A natural unexplainable cure for daily problems a man has
    We exist to support each other very much on the emotional side of a human being. Don’t any gender always feel the sense of belonging, happiness soothing cure when he or she sees the person they admire/like or the stronger word – love? No matter what problems we have unless it’s a problem that exists between the sexes, it’s a relief to see each other anyhow! Such feeling might even motivate you to do anything more efficiently without thinking twice. Let’s put aside the problem arise from relationship, and assumption is both genders found ‘The One’ in their lives.
    My conclusion is, I totally agree with Kenny on the fact that girls don’t need guys to survive in this world but instead of this, take it we guys needing the ladies as extra comfort to us emotionally too and vice versa. 😀
    Afterall, last I checked, air and water are important elements we need. Woman is not a necessity but it makes life more interesting for a man. Life is dull without woman and I don’t recall breathing air and drinking water make me floating on cloud 9…

  122. Hmm..
    Riddle me this gentlemen/ladies…
    Isn’t it possible for a man and a woman to get together because they WANT to as oppose to being NEEDY?
    I don’t hang out with my female friends because I NEED them but because I LIKE them. They are cool.
    I get attracted to women because I like what I see and feel when I’m with them, not because I NEED them. It’s a dangerous thing to get involved out of a perceived NEED. It is the root of a lopsided, unequal and ultimately unhappy relationship.
    Why does it have to boil down to NEED all the time? People are not tools nor are they pets nor are they trophies to be put up for display.
    Personally, I would be very offended if I found out that someone wants to befriend me because they needed me instead of enjoying my company.
    Based on my experience, in a way men and women do NEED each other. But not in the way that some people think. Both are capable of taking care of themselves, both are capable of washing up and doing the laundry and repairing complex mechanical devices and machines. I should know, one of my colleagues is girl and she is very, very capable.
    These days, all those things don’t mean much at all.
    On a deeper level, they need each other’s company and friendship. The happiest couples I know weren’t formed out of need.
    I know that sounds very cliched, but it’s true.

  123. Hmm…for some women,of course they need men to help them in their life,but i’m afraid that they don’t love them.

  124. i think women needs men for security..to FEEL secure..
    and men need women to give security..to make women feel secure…
    GOD made eve from adam’s ribs..an object that guarded his heart..and supported his body..
    women might not need men for the physical things..
    but we definitely still need them for the comfort of knowing we will always have a solid back to fall onto..
    we are different..there is no doubt to that..but opposites attract..
    so why bother comparing?

  125. do men and women need each other? holyshiet~ if they dont. u wont be here reading this blog lah peeps. if they dont. i’m really sorry for ur next generation. can u imagine a world when both men n women don’t need each other? that’s probably the end of the world. dunia kiamat!

  126. I think it is evident that in the world we live in most women do not need man to have a good quality of life.Certainly, having lived in Europe for nearly 7 year, I know that most women here do not live off their men.
    However, ultimately it is still better to have them in our lives! I am extremely self-sufficient,independent and had always advocated for feminist rights but I still love men !Perhaps I have been lucky enough to meet the right men, some have taught me while others have given love and friendship to me.
    Most people these days are so critical of the opposite sex. Don’t give up hope!

  127. yea..women always need men…we need some one to care…to pamper us….we need to feel the love tat men can give us….we need to know that we r special to a men…other things cannot be replaced by this..
    some women will think that they did not need guys….but is this just because of they hurt before from some irresponsible guy or they stil haven meet the right one….? ok…they may claim that they can love themselves and do need guys at all….but then she cant feel caring and the warmness that a guy can provide which always different than others…a guy’s love can make you feel that you are so special in this world just because of him..
    i m not mean tat women must have men to survive…is we ‘want’ a men but is not a ‘need’ to have a men…just that we want men love and care which we suppose to have from them…=)

  128. I make sure I don’t need men like I can’t survive without them … who needs them when I have family n friends for companionship, have a job to feed me n buy me things that I like, can go around places with my own car…… just that part of me would never be explore…I know wat u think! But it’s more than that!… if not b’cos of man, I never get to know I also got the soft side in me (I know u laugh!), I never realized I could be so important to someone that my every move affects him, I never discover how much I can contribute n sacrifice under the name of love, I never learned I could become better n stronger…
    with the love of a man, the flower is a bit more beautiful, the food is a bit more tasty, the music is a bit more touching, with the lose of love of a man, I taste the bitterness that I never had before, I know the tears could be so heavy, the heart could feel the slash even there’s no cut on it, I learned to treasure love around me n who’s the one worth sharing my secret garden….
    No, we women need no man…they just complete us.

  129. simple
    it goes by the saying
    ” for everyone there is someone ”
    and thus to me, men and women always need each others, regardless of who’s the boss.
    coz i have fallen for the nicest, most cheerful, cutest girl ever…

  130. “We still need girls to do our laundry and clean our houses. Call it old-fashioned if you will, but after a long day at work, very few men including myself enjoy doing household chores on their own.”
    OMFG… dat is such a chauvinistic thing to say! cant males do their own laundry and clean the house too??? dont u think dat females would like someone to do their laundry and clean the house too? u dont actually think we ENJOY doing that do u??
    i think that men and women need each other, not to do their dirty work for each other, but more to fulfill each other emotionally. like u said, there are alternative ways of fulfilling ourselves physically. =p
    sometimes when a woman needs company, male company can be so much more comforting then female company -i do not mean this in a sexual way. just leaning on a mans chest can make a woman feel oh-so-safe.
    men provide women with the much needed feeling of security. like when a woman is dancing in a club, the presence of a male friend deters other males from bugging the woman.
    when a woman is sad, she may prefer to confide in a man instead of another woman because as we all know, women gossip alot while men tend to keep secrets better. we need men as a confidante.
    i do agree to a certain extent with nicole when she suggests that men are for “entertainment purposes”. 😉 the same way men check women out, women check men out too. u need your eye candy and so do we. it just makes life so much more colourful.

  131. haha.. this is hilarious…
    ok now, more and more women these days are nurturing their egos to possibly match the men’s. and a lot of women will tell u that, they do not need a men in their lives because they are very self sufficient and independant. but i think thats bullshit.
    no matter how much a women says she is happy the way she is, single and all, the brutal truth is that they do long for a special someone. the feeling of being loved and wanted will forever be there, just that women nowadays are way too uptight bout it and would refuse to admit that there is a spot of weakness somewhere in their lives.
    everyone will deal with it in their own ways. some see men as entertainment, yes. but that is just for a while. at the end of the day, when they’re all alone and thinking life thru, they’d know that they still want ONE special person to be there for them and it is always too painful to admit. so for some, to hide the pain, they go out looking for more but temporary ones just to fill in the ‘blanks’ for a while.
    i think a lot of women will hate me for saying this but, i believe that every single one of them women out there still seeks a man’s love and warmth and care.
    now prove me wrong

  132. As for me, its very subjective. Its depend on every individual on how they feel the opposite sex are. Some women tend to be very manja type and hope their partner to be more romantic while some are not. Same goes to men. Some are ego while some aren’t. So it depends on who you are with end of the day. But obviously, who said we do not need a ‘live’ partner for sex?? I dare those who can satisfy themself with hand or fingers or whatever tools to raise their hand. haha..
    burb burb…

  133. I like reading your blog for two reasons. Travel tips and humour. And the best part is I dont have to think too much. Now that you come up with all these… Q&A-cum-competitions, they MAKE ME THINK!!!
    Damn it, here’s a thought.

  134. as mentioned by mr kenny sia, men need to be needed. men need women to depend on them. i guess it’s true. men as supposedly stronger among the two genders. men get the feeling that they should be the ones doing the protecting. men feel like they have to come to the rescue of women even if it’s small things like, being able to open a bottle cap or screw in a light bulb or squash a cocoroach. men have to emerge from a “situation” as such like heroes. with women looking up at them like there’s this glow of light coming from behind them, like there’s a cape being blown by wind and like they are the strongest man seen in life. in return women cook for and clean after men. this is like their reward for “helping out around the house”. so really then, do men need to be needed? YES! well but then women do too. and that’s what makes women to a certain extend demanding. because they need to see that theie man is stronger and they need the assurance and the security that their man can look after them. so if men go about trying to be heroes, women will go about be damsels in distress. as far as sex goes, i think we all aren’t so shallow as to need to discuss that.

  135. Call me old fashioned but I still think that girls need guys…if not, why did god make us male and female? there has got to be a reason for this…Even when we are in this era of male and female being equal and all, we need the companionship from the male…The feeling is definately not the same with a pet…(except when the guy is being unreasonable, but that’s not the point)…Apart of what Kenny said about guys feeling to be needed, I guess the girls also have this need to be needed…It’s vice-versa…

  136. I would rephrase the statement ‘women need men’ to, ‘women don’t need men, we want men.’ That should make the men feel more special.
    We don’t need them for a reason now like before….for sex, food, fixing the house, catching the mouse, killing lizards, etc etc etc. Modern women like myself…ahem….strive for independence and breathing space. We are pretty much self sufficient in most aspect. Need to change a puncture but can’t lift the spare tyre, get a man. Yes, WE WANT MEN then. We still DON’T NEED them because if Mr 1 doesn’t help, there’s always a Mr 2 or worse…get those macho girls.
    But we still want men. We want man for companionship. We want man to balance our strength/ weaknesses, yin and yang. We need a punching bag during our pms days. We need guinea pigs to try out our cookings. We need someone to throw out the garbage cause it isn’t a glamorous job. We need strong shoulders to cry on. We still need men for many reasons.
    Imagine a world without men. Damn! I’ll rather be dead.

  137. Yes, we still need and want men. I’ll just flip the arguments:
    1)Gender roles are slowly changing these days – some men are quite comfortable staying at home and learning household duties while the wife/partner is off at work. What about dual-income families? Women do rely on men to help keep the house running.
    2)Replacement – I’d say it’s because most of the good men are taken. In any other case, we’re quite time-poor – hence the dildos, pets (no need for long-winded communication), etc. This doesn’t mean that we don’t WANT men. The situation and lack of time just doesn’t allow for it. Nothing can replace the real man 🙂
    3)In general, us girls have been treated like entertainment objects. Why can’t we flip it around and say guys are our entertainment objects? 😉
    4)We also do need guys to impregnate us what.
    5)I pride myself on being a strong, independent-minded girl. That doesn’t mean I’m some Superwoman though. I still need and want someone to hug me and tell me I’m alright. Men are dependable in the way women can’t be. Ever see a man gossip? When you bitch about problems, women tend to lend a helping ear, but also gab on by saying, “Yeah, this happened to me and then this is what I did!” I love how guys can just sit and listen (the ones who really care) and then say, “Okay, things will be alright. What can we do about it?” Practicality rocks!

  138. yea i agree that women still need men. ain`t a woman just share her feelings with her pet? they need someone to lay their back on. and they need men for their love life. woman is `wo-man`. they definitely cant deny the important role of a man for their life. rite?

  139. Get over it!!haha…Men and women both need each other! It’s true, it’s undeniable, it’s a fact and it’s all natural!! No matter how much we spit at and backstab each other, it is completely necessary for men and women to co-exist, not only for pleasure, not only for needs but it is vital for the survival of Homo sapiens!! 🙂

  140. You know what? After having a think about this, I sincerely don’t think men and women actually exactly need one another other than to reproduce!
    Look at how animals are; they mate and then they go their separate ways.
    We humans are more complicated than that, although some of us treat (or would like to anyway) sex as something casual, most of us seek for more than just that.
    Most cultures value monogamy. Humans are programmed to find a mate and attempt/pretend to live “happily ever after”.
    Perhaps men and women don’t need each other as much anymore but we all like to be loved by someone else. By loving someone, you’d need them, wouldn’t you?
    I wouldn’t worry about women not needing men anytime soon.
    Yes, we are more self-sufficient than we were 20 years ago but we still grew up with fairytale stories of handsome princes who’d rescue their princess and love her forever and ever and ever and ever and everrrrrrrrrrr (I think I’m losing the point here)
    Anyway, though we will grow to realize reality is nothing like that, most of us still like the idea of growing old with someone else. By then we would definitely need to look after and care for one another. You may be bald, wrinkly with a set of fake pearly whites by then but we wouldn’t say anything, after all, we still need someone to put the trash out.

  141. Life would be meaningless for a man without a woman, regardless the woman is the love of his life or a mother who inspired his life. Men simply can’t live without women regardless it is a young woman or old woman. Either lover’s care or motherly care, men indeed really needs women to feel being needed~!.

  142. I think men and women need each other so that they can irritate and infuriate the hell out of each other.
    Life will be too boring if the girls always has a shoulder to cry on and guys just have their mates and beer..

  143. OF COURSE women still need men. you don’t expect us women to still be waiting at home though, just for the men to bring back food whatsoever, that was a very long time ago.

  144. Let me start by saying that Harmony is NOT overrated (sorry Hugo). Instead Harmony is quintessential.
    First, take a look at mother nature. Nature has everything in harmony. With Day, comes Night. With Ying, there’s Yang and with Man, we have the Woman.
    Women still need men..just like us men, who still need the women.
    Put away the arguments that a woman these days are self-sufficient, who dont need a man to support them.
    Put away the arguments that a woman seeks a dildo instead of a man for sexual gratification. (I’m pretty sure that a lot of women out there don’t see us like a bunch of bouncing dildos. Even if they did, maybe that’s the entertainment part that we provided?:-)
    Put away the arguments that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (and children are from Hell) and that we’re forever not understanding each other.
    A woman needs a man, for the most obvious reasons: To Love, To Hold, To comfort and in return to be Loved, To be held and to be comforted.
    Some might argue, saying that a sausage dog can play that part 😉 The die hard debaters might even say that a sausage dog can lick to show love and comfort. But they are forgetting that men, too can lick, and they can lick better… But pun aside, a sausage dog does have its limitations.
    A sausage dog will not be able to hold her tight with all his might, when she feels lost and down. A sausage dog will not be able to provide a shoulder to cry on when everything seems to be going wrong.
    When she has her problems, a woman needs a man to listen to her. Not so much as to advice, but to just listen, occassionaly grabbing the hands to make her feel secure, hugging her to make her feel wanted, kissing her to ease away the pain and talking to her soothingly for her to regain back her faith.
    A woman needs a man as much as a man needs his woman.
    So, let’s not try and be macho and say that we do not need each other. Let us not be each others’ fair-weathered friend, or who takes each other for granted most of the time.
    As a man, we should not only think that we need them for household chores, or that they are pretty when they’re sleeping, or that they smell fabulous only with their favourite perfume.
    Let us need them too when they are sick in bed, or when their make-up run due to tears. Let us need them most when they are grouchy and moody from PMS.
    So I think the wedding vow speaks for itself when it says “For better or for worse…for health or in sickness…till death do us stop needing each other…” (err…did I get that right? I need a woman to help me out with that 😛 )

  145. well to me, men are women are like a set of 2 piece puzzle. They complimnent each other, both physically mentally. Not forgeting the biological aspect as well. No matter what the argument maybe be, they just need each other, thats why god created men and women. If this is not the case, then why would dear lord need to crack his head by creating men and women? Everything happen for a reason and the creation of both men and women is make this world a better place, harmony, peaceful and fill with love. cause love is the most wonderful thing in life that money cant buy.

  146. Feminism means that women can choose to be who she wants to be. Why is being a feminist a negative word? It is not who is better. With feminism men can be househusbands and women be the top engineers etc.. Well, in Nicole’s view, she CHOSE to think that men are only useful for entertainment. (they are still useful right? I am a feminist and I think that both sexes complement each other; one is not better than the other. It is just when one (males) tried to put their views on the other and controlling them you get the uneven balance between the sexes. So there you go Kenny, that’s my opinion.
    Thanks to your blatant whoring of the Hugo perfume (XY is nicer than XX) you encouraged a rather lively debate on gender differences in society. When you whore out condoms/birth control pills/dildos/sex dolls etc we can discuss more about sex education and stuff like that… Just a thought… you’ll have to model some of them though!

  147. In my opinion, a man and woman still needs each other contrary to certain quarter of the male population’s belief that “WOMAN” really stands for “WOe to MAN”.
    Let’s go back to nature itself. A lion will go out to hunt for its prey while the lioness will tend to the cubs. This male/female roles & responsibility also applied to the cavemen. This is because that GOD has endowed the male species with a strong physical strength while the female species with a feminine persona (more suited to child nurturing) and child bearing abilities. With the existence of supermarkets, the human race no longer needs to hunt for food anymore.
    In the modern world, the depth of your pockets determined whether you are successful or not. Women no longer need to depend on men to survive in this dog eat dog world anymore. Heck, some woman even earns more money than their male counterparts.
    Top 3 reasons why man & woman still needs each other
    1. Companionship -> It can get very depressing, when you see all your friends getting hitched one by one and you getting older year by year with nobody special in sight. For woman, the number of potential of suitors will fall exponentially as time erodes beauty away. For man, you cannot expect your guy friends to ignore their gf /wife when you ask them to go out until the dawn of day like you used to. The word “fong fei kei” will be imprinted into your vocabulary.
    2. Reproduction -> This of course is a no brainer. You think babies fall from the sky meh? Or when we were kids, we were made to believe that the stork delivers babies to future parents like in the cartoons.
    3. To have another person to do the things that you HATE to do -> a good example is that most women that I know of like to cook but dislikes washing the dishes. Since the majority of guys knows only to eat but not cook (including me), so by default the guy is assigned to wash the dishes.( no choice but to do so unless you want to die of starvation) So there man & woman compliment each other here.
    Last but not least, man should never ever try to win an argument with a woman or make her angry lest she bring countless woes to your life. So Kenny, sorry to say that Nicole is right. 😛 End of argument.

  148. Man…
    how in d world do you read through all these comments?
    I bet u will surely miss my comments as well..

  149. It’s just as monitor and cpu they need each other la…that the same story goes to us human women need man you can say u don’t need through your mouth but come on la girl search deep inside your heart you need a man…when it’s goes to sex hey…ori joystick(tut…censored) always batter that fake la…for sure you can use it but something just not there..something missing..no ummpppphhhhh….. and it goes oppsite to man…so put your ego away…we need each other..hehe..

  150. Hola~!
    I think that both sexes have an equal need for each other, because thats the way we are created. Males and females are made to complement each other, and thats the way it will remain (at least for the forseable future).
    In terms of financial needs, it is true that most women don’t need men to provide for them anymore, but this is not true when it comes to having babies or long-term companionship.
    Society here is still quite narrow-minded when it comes to single parenting, and all the stigma by surrounding friends, family and colleagues will make single-parenting a very challenging task. Though it is true that one can always ignore others’ opinions and stick to one’s own beliefs, this can be a case of “easier said than done”- it is very difficult not to be adversely affected by societal pressures, especially on a long-term basis.
    Moreover, the in-vitro-fertilisation (IVF) procedure is not easily done and involves a lot of risks and complications. Even so, the question of where the sperms are obtained arises: since they are not manufactured, they actually come from males, and thus males are needed for creating babies.
    Then there is the issue of companionship…can a dog (or any other pet for that matter) replace a human? The answer is no, it can’t, becuase humans and pets provide fundamentally different roles. Pets can be excellent companions, but no matter how high the level of communication attained between a pet and its owner, the pet is still unable to have a conversation with the owner, or discuss important life decisions. Another thing is that pets don’t tend to live too long (perhaps a lifespan of 10,15 years?),plus they are not allowed in many places- one can’t exactly go to the movies/go shopping with his/her pet!
    I wouldn’t be very knowledgeable about males and females in terms of sexual relations, but it is logical to deduce that if men don’t find blow-up dolls satisfactory, then women would also not find other” replacements” to be as pleasurable either. After all, a synthetic replacement cannot communicate or initiate any moves…
    Lastly, it is not just men who need to feel needed or have their egos stoked. Women need that too- all human beings would have this need because it is in our nature! There’s also the fact that many women don’t know how to do certain things like changing tires or lightbulbs, whereby men usually come in handy.
    Aaand a finishing note: many women don’t like to do household chores nowadays, and more men are starting to learn how to clean their homes- in fact, it is not uncommon to see couples sharing the household duties and performing household chores together.

  151. Girls need companion, that’s for sure. I don’t know about other girls out there, but for me, I would rather prefer talking to my girl friends when I’m down or whenever I face relationship problems.
    Guys are just…guys. They are not as sensitive as we are. So giving advice to us girls are not exactly their ‘thing’. The most they can do is staying beside you and listening to your moaning and wining. For me, I prefer advice rather than just comforting.
    Thus, I think girls do not need guys nowadays. We got us girls sticking with us, so why still need guys who can’t help us much when we need a helping hand?
    Time changes, things change too. We, girls change as well! We do not rely on guys as much as we did in the past. We can earn money ourselves. We got the ability and requirement to find jobs outside. Since we have the ability and jobs, we have money. We use money to hire part time maid or whatever to help us do our house chores, clean up our houses, etc. So we no longer need guys!
    For relationship stuff, lesbian is the best evidence to prove that we, girls are getting more and more independent now. =]

  152. I think God didn’t make the toxic waste line and the recreational system (our private parts) for no reason, you know… Go figure out the maths…

  153. Seems to be confusion between Dependence & Need.
    Modern Woman has more independence, but definitely has Need for Man. Besides all of the obvious:- Procreation, Companionship, Exclusive Partnership etc. Men & Women are certainly not Equal, and definitely not meant to be, genders are endowed with their own unique assets and deficiencies which foster reliance on each other.
    I was amazed to discover that though Men have the rep for reckless lust, the Genetic urge to have children with more than one mate is strongest in Women, for the sake of ensuring preservation of their Genes.
    Goes unacknowledged, much like the conflict which often developes between mother & daughter as daughter closes in on Leaving home.Not much to do with dislike, simply an unconscious prep for the pending seperation.

  154. Yeap..30% agree with nicole.
    The 70%:
    Reffering to what we are facing now(this 21st century) that 70% looks like a definite.
    Womens nowdays can work ouselves, feed ourselves, enjoy ourselves. Waiting for money from men at home? Guys, that is a long long time ago…Even worst, sometimes, men seems like a ‘halangan’ for us to reach the success. Ok, maybe not, men still help a lot. Doesnt this seems like what we always say in chinese, but ‘terbalik’ already? “Man of a Successful Woman’s back”
    The leftover 30%:
    Fine maybe sometimes, man are ‘useful’. Like changing light bulbs carrying heavy things. Wait, wait!! Erm..i can change the light bulb myself..hm…Carrying heavy things..I can use the machines. Aww..now left 15%!
    The leftover 15%:
    For the *ehem ehem* purpose of course. I know this purpose can be take over sometimes (example: IVF, …toys), But, human are still human, most of time, woman r not attrated by the things mentioned above, BUT MAN! That’s what God created us like. Man love woman and woman love man, we are suppose to be needing each other. Cases like woman not attrated to man are caused by happenings around us, like sad event during childhood.
    So, for me it’s a 15% for men. LOL..see, woman still needs man!
    P/s: What i stated above doesnt include lesbians. Lesbians doesnt even need men. So, in their life..Men=0%

  155. why do women need guys if we can do most of the things ourself?
    women are no longer fragile and dependend to men anymore
    many things that proved to be impossible are possible
    if men can live by themselves without women, why do they need chicks?
    even they have to pay for it huh??

  156. There are different kind of women, as there are different kind of men. Some are homely and still think that being married and having a family is the sole purpose in life. Like Charlotte of Sex and the city. Some are independent who does not need a man to make her whole. Like Sam and Miranda of the same show. I think women in this category dont need men, they just want men. There is a difference in this. Women dont need men anymore. Not even to change their tyre, heck I did that with a female friend of mine. Plus, you can always pay someone to do it. You dont need a man of your own to do that. So to say all women dont need men nowadays would be unfair, but to say that for some would be just.

  157. As much as i enjoy reading this post, i couldn’t agree with one thing- you mentioned men do not enjoy chores after a hard day from work.
    Women don’t as well, Honey. What makes the situation worse is exactly this kind of ego self centered thoughts of men.
    “I’m so tired i should read newspapers and take bubble bath.”
    “Women should do what they are suppose to do.”
    It’s the men who made women evolved. So don’t blame the women for what they’ve become.

  158. The universe works in balance – if there is no dark there is no understanding of what ‘light’ is – if there is no smelly, grunting boy there is no sophisticated, nice smelling girl. Simple theory.
    Successful, independent women need the existence of not so successful, reliant men in order to prove their point – we’re smarter than you, can get more things done than you (albeit some via the manipulation of male subordinates.. but still) and face it, we know and you know that females are generally nicer to look at too.
    After all it’s not fun without a comparison. Being smart isn’t really a big deal..being ‘smarter than’… now we’re talking 😉
    haha my feminist quota for the day! *yey!*

  159. It’s your God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved
    Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love
    man, women we’re all the same….

  160. i need a woman..a girlfriend i mean..man seriously need them..not for seX(not only for sex..haha).. but also to love and being love by somebody..although i haven’t found my truly lover yet, but i know one day i will..
    p/s: woman don’t need man(liar)

  161. i think either men or women need company in their life regardless to the sexuality, it could be a pet as well that you can rely on, someone that you can share your sorrow, happiness, support you and you can be truly who you r in yr life.

  162. There is no need to say much about why men and women need each other:we are MADE FOR EACH OTHER. Though more often than not, life’s screw ups gets in the way and there is when the emotion takes a fragile side – cos we all know that love can make us feel so alive, but also makes us wanna die but most of all makes us give birth to LIFE.

  163. As life gets more and more sophisticated and congested with the fast paced of modernizatino, things like love takes the backseat. So if you’re saying that girls will need less of us, is true. But guys need them less since the beginning of time … so… just parteh!!!!!

  164. well..women n men need each other..no doubt bout that..yin and yang what..its all bout balancing.
    I mean u cant live in this world without *ahem* entertaiment from the opposite sex right?
    All I can say is men n women need each other because thats how it goes in life..
    sad and pathetic but wth..its life..LOL

  165. Yes, women need men. men need women. But for how long? When my teacher asked how many of us have divorced parents, just about half of the kids in the room put up their hand, myself included. So they need each other but for how long? And how many? Why can’t men be satisfied with one woman to bear his babies, one woman for sex,one woman to admire him and love him, one woman to make him feel needed, and VICE VERSA? One woman can do all of these things. I think there’s some other driving factor behind this need.

  166. hmm, come across this writing. Objectively, women still need men as men need women. Yeah, coz we both seek happiness, love and caring.

  167. I guess men don’t need woman either if we are to put it this way. I mean we can learn to do our laundry and clean our own houses….. how do single men survive or gay men if you’re correct and we are too dumb to learn? I believe this feminist movement was good at first but now it’s just over rated and is all about ego and how lesbians wish to justify their way’s of life.

  168. In my opinion, I think that men and women need each other. It is true love that bring two souls(men and women) together. When you have met your true love, you will know that men need women and women need men.
    I don’t think that women would want to spend her life with pet as their companion(dog, cat, hamster or any pets) and use IVF to get a baby. If they really want it that way, then it is their problem. When time passed by, when their friends get married and their friends live happily with their partner. Then, women who choose to live with their pets and use IVF will realize that how lonely their live are.
    I think that when a man and a woman become a couple. It would be a very sweet thing in life.
    Women: Imagine that you have a good husband. A husband that respect you, love you and care for you. A husband that is responsible where you will feel very safe with him. You love him very much and he love you as much as you love him. You have children and your husband and you can learn life together until the end of life.
    How sweet that will be.
    Men: Be responsible. Be a good husband. Be tough because we have the responsibility on our shoulder to take care of our family when we get married. Give your wife(girlfriend) love and care.
    I think that women would not want to have a child using IVF because who will be your partner to share your happiness when your child was born? Who will be sitting by your bedside in the hospital taking care of you after give birth? What should you answer when your child grown up and ask you “Who is my dad?”
    I think that giving birth to a child is something special in life. It is the creation of two souls. The child is the sign of true love.
    So, don’t ask “Why Men need Women?” or “Why Women need Men?”. You know the answer clearly within you.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  169. i think its not about needing. its more to, do women still want guys? They might not need them to change their tyres, fix their electrical stuff etc. etc. They are capable of doing all that if they just try hard enough. But do they want guys to love them and etc. etc. There’s a difference between wanting and needing. Do you want a woman who only needs you, or do you want a woman who wants you? I say you should pick a woman who both wants and needs you. 😉

  170. im a gal 7 i admit i nid my man bt he is actin like sum moron who desertin me 4 his man time, aka dota / bettin soccer. tat mks me feel sad cz kenny said guys nid gal bt y my man dnt? like kenny said, luv nid 2 b sparked once a while bt i c ntg frm my man bt oni c mor & mor faces day by day. mayb nt evry guy nid a gal & 2 b frank i regret 2 marry d wrong guy cz he’s nt d man i wish he was like wt kenny say. i do agree gal reli nid man no matter wt, bt guys, not al of em.

  171. lol.. yes.. eve created for adam
    coz adam needs eve n eve doesn’t need adam if she want to
    dats why in religion they tell eve to respect adam, coz if not the world ruled by eve n no more fairness LOL

  172. Very very outright simple. I believe most everyone will agree with me. i cant believe im replying to this very old post but… well
    Women still need Men to feel ‘loved’ just as we need them for the very same reason. No matter what is invented, nothing can replace that!

  173. i believe that women really want to need men deep down every women wants a family and i man to love her and support her but so many men in the generation before ours failed to correctly father the generation of young men we have now or even father them at all for that matter so most young men let women down and young women have only learned that if you rely on a man you will ultimatly end up hurt and let down so women do watever it takes not to let that heppen not to end up like their mothers or sisters or friends that were deeply let down and hurt by men

  174. “We still need girls to do our laundry and clean our houses. Call it old-fashioned if you will, but after a long day at work, very few men including myself enjoy doing household chores on their own.”
    Oh yes because girls enjoy and LOVE doing household chores for you boys after a long day at work. Seriously?

  175. Dear men,
    We like you WAY more than dildos.
    I think it’s adorable how happy you are when I compliment you-
    especially when you try to act like you are not flattered.
    Seriously sometimes I compliment them just to see how happy they get. If they could see their faces!
    Don’t worry about the independence:
    that allows you to weed out the gold diggers….
    much love- some woma(e)n.

  176. it seems that women don’t need a man in their life today. they have become so very nasty to talk to, along with their SHIT DON’T STINK OF AN ATTITUDE. i am a STRAIGHT MAN that would love very much to meet a GOOD WOMAN for me, if there are any left. the way that woman are acting today, it seems to me that there are so many LESBIANS now, and even the women that are STRAIGHT, do not want a man. so i really can’t BLAME myself, since i did not do anything WRONG. years ago, women were CERTAINLY MUCH MORE EDUCATED than today.

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