Nouvo Club Review

This is yet another very old entry from my trip to KL once upon a time in a land far, far away. I actually completely forgotten about writing this entry until nal1210 made a passing comment to my by e-mail that she saw me before, and she saw me at Nouvo.

Situated on the corner of Jalan Ramlee and Jalan Sultan Ismail, Nouvo is one of the most popular dance clubs in KL. The sexily architectured building is a landmark by itself right in the middle of the Golden Triangle’s busiest nightspot. Nouvo shares the same building with Sangria, a R&B/hiphop club. I ventured down there the night after the PPS Bash to check out the hot chicas the nightlife our nation’s capital has to offer.
Coincidentally there’s a party going on that night.

VIPs get to enter for free before 11pm. I got my free invite from Juice Magazine but I arrived 30 mins too late. That 30 mins proved to be costly as I had to pay RM30 to enter the club.
I was kinda loitering outside the club around a bit hoping some kind soul would bring me in for free. But heh, fat chance. I succumbed to the fact that the chances of being recognised was too slim and I paid my way in instead.

The inside of Nouvo is stylish, clean and elegant. Its very spacious. There’s chandeliers and disco balls and the number 3s (its Juice magazine’s 3rd anniversary) hanging from the ceiling.

The large dance floor area is located right in front of the DJ booth and comfy lounge chairs are scattered surrounding the dance floor and on the second floor. The setting reminded me very much of Metropolis Perth.
House Music and Drum ‘n Bass seem to be the musical theme for the night.

I was disappointed to see that the club was quite empty. Its probably only 40% full. There’s no one dancing. People there just seem content enough to huddle around the bars, beer in hand, staring at an empty dance floor. Geez, what’s wrong with you people?

It looks like all the action was in the VVIP room on the second floor. That’s where all the friends and employees of Juice magazine were congregating. I didn’t know if I was allowed inside the VVIP room or not, but I walked past the bouncers confidently nonetheless and helped myself to some cakes and free drinks. 🙂 believes in the principle that if you’re not invited to an event, you can always invite yourself.

I was happily working my camera away when I heard someone yelled “KENNY! OMG ITS KENNY! KENNY SIA IS HERE!” very excitedly.
Seems like someone do recognise me after all. (Damn, I’ve already paid my RM30)

This is Azhar. He reads Hi Azhar!
A friend of his helped me take this photo. Later he passed my camera to Azhar, then uttered the most ridiculous line I’ve ever heard. “Aiya I dunno who you are lah, but you look like a celebrity anyway so I’ll take a photo with you lah.”

Gee, thanks.

KL girls in the club were game enough to pose for my camera. Some of them even fingered me and asked me to take photos of them. I wasn’t even using a huge professional SLR or anything like that, just a standard digicam.
These girls probably think they’re gonna end up in Juice mag. Too bad they just ended up on crappy Sorry!

There’s something odd about this picture.
1. What’s a Muslim lady doing in a dance club? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it’s haram for Muslims to work in entertainment outlets? (I’m asking a question, not condemning the act lah ok?)
2. Sweeping away rubbish while a party was still in progress? That’s like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
As the night dragged on, only the Juice people (Juicy people?) were left in an almost empty club. Finally there were people on the dance floor. A short unedited video clip of the night can be downloaded here (Quicktime MOV, 9MB).
Some decided to do away with the glasses and took drinking to a whole new level.

And some were clearly not up for it.

Carlsberg – 1       Man – 0

The DJ played Akon’s Mr Lonely at 3am to let people know the club was shutting down. I don’t know why they played Mr Lonely. Probably its to tell us that the lucky guys had already left with the girls, and the guys remaning in the club are all Mr Lonely.

All your ladies are belong to Darth Vader.

To their credit, the DJ was good and the music playing that night was excellent, but I didn’t feel like I enjoyed myself that night. The energy from the crowd just wasn’t there. Perhaps it was a Friday night. Perhaps everyone had gone to either Zouk or Bangsar or Hartamas for their clubbing needs. Whatever it was I doubt I’ll be heading back to Nouvo anytime soon.
Where’s the hot nightspot in KL?

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The Most Patriotic Malaysian Car Ever

Here’s a guy that deserves a place in the Malaysia’s Book of Records.

This is the kind of car that would make the my balls swell to three times their original size. Seriously, how could ANY Malaysian NOT be proud of a car like this?
I bet the car stereo is playing Negaraku when he’s driving.

The guy’s got so many flags on his car that if he ever gets killed in a car crash, the country is gonna give him a Hero’s burial.
Man, I’m proud to be Malaysian. I shall go tattoo the Malaysian flag on my back right now.

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Enter website address to translate:

I was happily writing my Ah Beng entry last Saturday when suddenly I sensed something was amiss.
Notice how on the Internet, we have these English – Spanish translators, English – Chinese translators, etc. Heck, we even have an English – Gangsta Talk translator. But has anyone ever noticed that we do not yet have an English – Benglish translator.

Think about it! We have literally tens and thousands of technology graduates in Malaysia and Singapore working their asses off each day for giant corporations like Motorola. And for what? Does it benefit our own people? NO.
On the other hand, we have all these Ah Bengs and Ah Lians on our streets. They rather drive their modified Kancils with boom-boom sound instead of surfing the Internet reading blogs. Why, my friend, its because they feel neglected! Neglected by society! Neglected by school! Neglected by all these proper English-speaking people! We only care for ourselves. But what about them?

The English we use on the Internet all so cheem-cheem one, how do you expect those Ah Bengs to understand? Can you imagine an Ah Beng surfing the Internet or not?
“EH! Wat all this lan jiao Googur chee bye Brogspot!? I DONCH KNOW ONE LEH!”
Poor Ah Bengs. 🙁 I’m sure they all feel very left out.
And that is why over the weekend, I flexed my programming muscles and came up with this English – Benglish Translator. Its just something I quickly put together in my spare time, and there’s only around 100 words in the dictionary right now, so its not gonna perfect. Any suggestions, let me know.

Enter website address to translate:

Recommended readings:
Project Petaling Street in Benglish in Benglish
XiaXue in Benglish
Minishorts in Benglish
Joel Tan in Benglish
Mack Zul in Benglish
Cowboy Caleb in Benglish
Finicky Feline in Benglish
Vincent Lau in Benglish
If you’ve found any funny Benglish-translated sites worth visiting, comment and share lah!

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I Wonder What They’re Suggesting

The Urban Wire is Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s online newsmagazine.

Photo from
I was interviewed by them during the blogger convention and they’ve published their story here. Do check it out. There’s a very horrijible photo of me over there.
Speaking of which, can someone be kind enough send me a scan of my interview in KLue magazine? I’ll be eternally grateful. 🙂
Spotted outside a shop at the Crown Square shopping centre.

Any girls out there like to try some of these… pussie accessories?

Writing An Ah Beng Blog

I noticed lately there’s been an explosion of blogs written by Ah Bengs within the Malaysian and Singaporean blogospheres.

In Malaysia, we have this Cantonese blog and that Hokkien ‘bollock’. I have to say, the Hokkien blog impresses me even until today. Limpeh still find it quite amazing how that Hokkien Lang is able to spell all these bloody Hokkien words using English. Even his readers also comment in Hokkien instead of English! Waliew!
Hokkien Blog

Then over in Singapore, those Ah Beng and Ah Lian bloggers lagi more power. From Apple Lim to BlinkyMummy to Big Fuck Rambo Tan, to Rockson Takumi Tan’s Talk Rock which spawned imitators like the now defunct Emilio Jackson Tan and the Ranting Rock.

These are all very popular blogs and I admit its guilty pleasure reading them from time to time. I realised that suddenly Bengism is not just a subculture others would look down on, because when you can cuss with style and write words like “KNNBCCB that NKF, TT and CPF!” dammit YOU ARE COOL OK!?

Seeing as how being an Ah Beng is cool once again, I decided to try my hand, and write the rest of my entry in Benglish – ie, in broken English, heavily applying swear words, and excessive use of the word ‘ok!?’


All these news about Rafidah Aziz I read until my coconuts also turn from green to red liaw. That bloody Rafidah gave out 67,000 car import permits, 28,000 of those to just FOUR of her Bumi friends. KNN your friends all drive Jaguar and we’re still fucked by Kancils. Not fair ok!?

Actually hor, I got no problems if she gives those free permits to the Bumis lah. Otherwise they won’t be in the sell car business one. Long long time ago all these Malays sell sell satay and rendang, now sell BM and Honda. Good lah!

But fuck, wanna give permit also have to see who you give it to ok? Some ppl got no caryard you also give, no showroom you also give, no office with chiobu secretary in miniskirts you also give. Give them AP for fuck?! Where you think they gonna store their cars?! Inside their kacheng kang issit?! KNN damn kuay lan ok?!

How come they look so alike one?

Those import permits might be a piece of A4 paper to you but is worth a lot to us. One piece of paper you give for free to your Bumi friends with no car yard. You think they go take the paper and sell car one is it? Cheebye lah you kena conned. They not in the sell car business, they in the sell paper business ok!? Those paper they sell it to all their non-Bumi friends ok!? Not 50 sen not RM1, but RM40,000 for ONE PIECE of lan jiao fucking paper ok?!? CCB my ten year salary also not that much ok!?

See lah now you anger Mahathir already. Mahathir you also dare to anger. LIMPEH MAHATHIR IS PROTON ADVISOR OK! He no like imported cars one ok! He the biggest most powerfullest person in Malaysia ok?! Even me, Kenny Pukima Sia, also scared of him one ok!? Last time Anwar so nice carried his balls, then when he try to fuck with Mahathir see what happened… Mahathir fuck him back deep deep now and Anwar have to pang sai like waterfall!

Mahathir: “You’ve been a bad girl Rafidah…”

Ah then Mahathir scold you and then you cry. And now you say what want to abolish AP! KNNCCB!!!! Already give out 67,000 permits still dare to say want to abolish AP!!! NABEH ten years ago can abolish you don’t wanna abolish. Now give out all these free permits and make all your friends rich rich liaw then say you want to abolish!!! KANINA RAFIDAH!!!

Your cheebye talk so much crap! No wonder they complain the air in KL smell like shit!

Fuck your motherfucking permits lah!!!

Longer Than One Singapore Minute

As part of his contribution to the Singaporean National Day, patriotic mr brown started this meme called “One Singapore Minute”.
He’s asking his fellow countrymen to take a series of photos within a minute to show what their country means to them. All the photos are then collected and displayed here.
Since our National Day is also just around the corner, I wanted to start a “One Malaysian Minute” meme too. But thanks to the haze, I think all the photos from our KL bloggers are gonna turn like this.

Regardless, I contributed towards the “One Singapore Minute” meme. I know I’m not Singaporean and all that lah. Then again, Singapore’s LianHeZaoBao newspaper also said I’m Singaporean liaw, so I think I must be one.

From zbNow (LianHeZaoBao), 4th July 2005.

Here’s my photo set, taken at the New Asia Bar on the 70th floor of the Swissotel Stamford from my last trip to the city state. I have to confess – these shots were not taken under one minute. It should have been that way, but that tulan bartender took ten bloody minutes just to get my drink ready. My One Singapore Minute became my Ten Delayed Minutes.
kennysia's OSM #1
kennysia's OSM #2
kennysia's OSM #3
kennysia's OSM #4
Singapore Sling on top of Singapore City itself. Doesn’t get any more Singaporean than that. 🙂
Speaking of the lion city, what’s with almost every Singaporean I know heading over to Kuala Lumpur these few days? Why go KL? Got haze lah, go KL do shit? Come to Kuching lah.

The haze situation in KL is getting so bad even the garblement is declaring a state of emergency. The problem is, other than closing down all their offices, nobody seems to know what else to do under a state of emergency. The only thing the people there were told to do is this.
Everyone is waiting for the thick white smoke blanketing the nation’s capital to clear up and disappear. So the garblement and residents in KL are all praying for a miracle, praying for the wind, praying for the heavy rain to fall…

KANINA IT RAINED ICE INSTEAD! They must have prayed a little too hard liaw. Poor bastards.
Times like these, it feels so darn good to live in Kuching.

Blue skies, fresh air. Ahhh… bliss. 🙂

Toni & Guy Hairdressing Review

This is a very old entry from my trip to KL once upon a time in a land far, far away.

Toni&Guy is a London-based hairdressing chain with salons scattered all over the world. Their Malaysian franchise is located on the second floor of the hip-n-chic Lot 10 shopping center, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s famous Bukit Bintang shopping district.

I was about to meet a whole bunch of strangers at the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash later that day and I desperately needed a haircut. There’s gonna be girls and media presence at the event, so a man’s gotta look his best ya know?

Toni&Guy’s interior design is modern-looking but it isn’t particularly glamourous. The floor space is kinda small. There’s probably around 6-7 seats available, but only 2 actual hairstylists were working. On display at the shopfront are various products from TIGI Bedhead and L’Oreal. Because they’re worth it. 🙂

I was quoted a price of RM60 – RM120 for a regular stylist, and RM160 – RM220 for a senior stylist. But since no regular stylists are available I was able to get a senior stylist to do my hair for the price of a regular one.
Here’s a shot of me before my haircut.

I entered the shop around 6:30pm. I was told a typical hair-cut-and-wash usually takes around 45 minutes, so by my estimation I should have enough time to travel from Bukit Bintang to Dataran Mederka to attend the PPS Bash at 7:30pm.
The seat was made of faux leather so its nice and comfy albeit a little warm. I was offered a choice of drinks and I asked for iced-water.

It didn’t take long for one of their junior hairstylists to lead me to the back for some shampoo and massage action. I was secretly hoping its a girl who’s gonna do that for me, but kanasai lah – its a guy. I wanted to request for a girl, but even the girl looks like a guy.
In the end, no difference also lah. I accepted my fate loh.

I rate massages at hair salons into three grades.
(A) “Good.”
(B) “Average.”
(C) “Oi, your first day at work ah?!”
For a premium hair salon, its unfortunate I have to rate Toni&Guy a ‘C’ in the massage department. The massage was a total joke.

He started yawning after he finished with me.

It was weak, unenergetic and ended way too prematurely. Perhaps its because I’m used to ones lasting more than 20 minutes. But man, I say that guy probably lasted 5 minutes max. It felt as if the only reason he went at me was because its his job, not because he really wanted to do it. The whole thing is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am affair. I wasn’t even properly satisfied. I was so disappointed I couldn’t have more.
Yes, I’m still talking about the head massage lah!

This is my senior hair-stylist for the day, Tosha Tan. This is actually the first time I hear the name Tosha (sounds like short for ‘Toshiba’). The guy who did my hair at Alan Salon was called McPhee.
What is it with hairstylists and unusual English names? Whatever happened to John, or Michael?
Anyway, I was asked how I’d like to have my hair done. I wanted him to come up with a suitable hairstyle for me so I answered “Do whatever you want. Be creative.”

I just hope Tosha don’t shave my head and put tattoo on it.

Tosha was servicing another patron in the salon at the same time, so he had to switch between my head and her head every now and then.
Overall, I think Tosha came across as someone who knows his shit right down to its texture and colour. He is very patient and he definitely has an eye for detail. My only small complaint is that he’s… just…. way…. too….. slllooooowwwwwwww.

I was already late for the PPS Bash, but the guy was only halfway done. I didn’t want to rush him of course. Remember, rushing your hairstylist is always a bad idea.

The junior hairstylist emerged again to lead me to the back for another round of shampoo and a half-arsed massage.
Look at his face you also know he wasn’t too happy about having to perform twice in one night. Poor dude.

Tosha finished the job by applying clay on my head for that spiky matte effect. He used L’Oreal A-Head Clay, which costs around RM50 for a small 50ml tub. Expensive stuff right there.
It feels good to see my hair standing proud and erect. Too bad it goes limp very quickly everytime I sweat underneath this hot and humid Malaysian weather.

I left Toni&Guy VERY late for my appointment, TOTALLY unsatisified with the massage, and a MASSIVE RM100 poorer. That was definitely the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had in my entire life, but I think its worth it. After all, I did leave with a head I can be proud of.
Its expensive, but I actually like this hairdo a lot better than the one I had at Alan Salon. Maybe I’m just not a fringe person.

So what do you think? (My hair lah, not FireAngel, ok? I know she’s so bloody hot and everybody wants her, but too bad I cannot link her. I accept bribes though.)

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dine david
Dine and David came back to Kuching all the way from Perth earlier this week. We met up for dinner just then and I cannot help but to be reminded of how much I miss Perth – the weather, the lifestyle, and most importantly the friends I have over there.

Kenny: “Hey you got a new phone! Same as mine.”
David: “Yep. Sony Ericsson K700.”
Kenny: “I got a lot of problems with my phone.”
David: “Like what?”
Kenny: “My joystick isn’t functioning.”
David: “Huh? Your… JOYSTICK isn’t functioning?”
Kenny: “Yeah.”
David: “…!”

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Questions Answered

My desktop, before the Blogathon.

I’m proud of what we accomplished.
I’ve sold stickers for the Red Cross Foundation before. I’ve ran in 12km races for charity before. But until Sunday, I have NEVER EVER, in just one single night, raised over RM5,000 before in my life. Not bad, considering my previous fundraising record was merely RM75.

StarMag (The Star), page 12-13, 7th August 2005.

It all worked out pretty well. My entry on Datuknametoolongitis was picked up by the editor of StarMag (an insert of The Star, Malaysia’s most popular national daily), and it was published Sunday morning with my site address on it. Anyone who came to my site after reading that article would no doubt find out about our fundraising efforts.
Its bloody fantastic knowing what I started initially as a hobby turned into a difference-maker for the lives of less fortunates. To Suanie, Peter, Paul, ShaolinTiger and minishorts, I found new respect for you guys. And to those who have donated or helped in the promotion of our cause in any way, thank you – you have my sincerest gratitude.

My desktop, after the Blogathon.

At the end of my four hours, my fingers had already melted like butter and I still had not answer all the questions that were fired at me. When I went to the toilet, I couldn’t even take my dick out of my pants without typing on it like a keyboard. readers asked the darnest questions. For those who missed it, here are some of the highlights from the “Ask Kenny Anything” stunt.
From Anthony Lim:
If you woke up one day and found that Kolo Mee did not exist, what would you do?

Mmmmmm… Kuching Kolo Mee!

Go back to sleep and pretend Kolo Mee exists in my dreams. That’s what I used to do in Perth. That prorbably explains why I was always late for class.

From Johnny Bravo and PokerfaceXX:
Btw.. Do you have a Full Time Job? 🙂
Yes of course. What, you think I blog all day long ah? I work in the IT Department of my company. My role is mainly to source, evaluate, procure, and implement IT products.

From Curtis G (aka Su Ku Kia):
Do you have plans to [go to the United States]? Which one(s)?

New York City ranks alongside Tokyo, Japan and Paris, Hilton as top three places in the world I’d want to visit before I die. At the moment, I don’t think I can afford to go to any of these locations though.
One thing that’s still on my not-so-distant to-do list is to spend a year working in the UK casually, travelling and backpacking around Europe before settling down on my professional work life.

From Nadia:
How good are you at cooking? What is your specialty/signature dish??
I suck at cooking. I only cook when I was in Perth. Never in Malaysia – food here is too cheap to justify me lifting my finger. My specialty dish is grilled chicken breast with grilled mushrooms using my George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine.

I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to wear a pale pink shirt (I think it’d go well with his skin tone) but no matter what I say or do, he insists that it’s a sissy colour or that it will be a fashion mistake he will regret. What do you think about guys who wear pink?
The only reason I would wear pink is if the girls like it. Its true most guys think its a sissy colour. But hey, if girls wear bikini for guys to see, I think its only fair that guys wear pink shirts for girls to see.

From Kat:
Do you have a private blog, or sometimes feel the need to have one? Because you obviously can’t put some stuff in this blog, but you need to get it out of your system.
No I don’t. Maintaining one single website is difficult enough for me.

From n305er :
What is your Computer’s specification and how does it looks like?

My baby here is a Pentium 4 2.8GHz running on MSI 865PE Neo2 series and 1GB worth of DDR2100 RAM. Video powered by GeCube Radeon 9600Pro. Sound powered by Creative Soundblaster Audigy DE. Its all nicely enclosed in my sweet Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case. My keyboard is a Logitech LX700 and my mouse is a Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse – both wireless. I have 4 hard drives with a grand total of 440GB worth of disk space. My 120GB Seagate hard disk went bonkers on me two weeks ago. There’s still thousands of photos in that hard disk that I’m trying to retrieve… to no avail. 🙁
I scratched my 17″ Samsung SyncMaster 710T (with digital input) 2 weeks after I bought it. I have a Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 speaker set. Yes, I’m a major sucker for the word ‘Digital’.

From 12345:
do u play any computer games?

Nowadays its mostly just a random game on my XBox or PS2 every now and then. I used to play Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour online a lot, but not anymore. I got pwned one too many times.
Malaysian broadband sucks kancil’s ass.

From grace:
Where and how did you pick up your sense of humour?

My main sources of inspiration are Perth radio hosts Luke Bolland and Nathan Morris. I also read a lot of FHM, Maxim and Ralph magazines. Reading other funny blogs on the web helps too. 🙂

From TT (not Durai):
Are you more of a good or bad guy in nature? (pls elaborate)
I think (I hope) I’m more of a Mr Nice Guy. I’m approachable most of the time and I treat people the way they treat me – be my friend and I’ll be yours. Once in a while I can be a deliberate asshole deliberately and hurt people’s feelings, but I doubt I do that often enough to be called a Mr Bad Guy. 🙂

Doesn’t it bother you that you already have a girlfriend but still seen “flirting” around with other gals? (because that’s the image that you portray)
I can tell you this: It sucks being in a perpetual long-distance relationship with zero-to-no-chance of being physically together anytime soon. It really does.
Regardless, I don’t think I was being unfaithful when my partner and I have an understanding on this particular issue. I wrote before that our possessive grips on each other is not as tight as your traditional boy-girl relationships. Its precisely because we’re young and the fact that we used to be SO possessive of each other that now, we agreed to give each other a little bit more space to meet more people of the opposite sex that we like. In other words, she can go out with any guy she likes, I can go out with any girl I like. We still talk on the phone every so often.
I find it funny that its NOT my gf who have a beef with my behaviour, but rather the other ppl who’ve seen photos of me so-called “flirting” that were upset at me.

From desperate addict and Kuzco:
When’s your birthday?
27th November 1982.

Are girls with traditional moral beliefs boring – don’t smoke, sleep around, drink/club, dress sexily… ?
It depends on the individual’s taste. Personally I’m ok with those habits you mentioned except for one. In a serious relationship, I will never date a girl who smokes. Period. I simply find it a huge turn off.
I don’t think girls with those habits have anything to do with whether a girl is interesting or boring. Its all about the bond or chemistry you share with that person.

Attica Too, Singapore

But I think most guys are hypocritical when it comes to this. Most guys will EASILY be attracted to girls who dress sexily and all, but as soon as they start a serious relationship with them, the guys would want their girls to “cover up” and miraculously transform back into a virgin.

From psiops:
if you could date any of the female bloggers you know, who would it be?
Tough question. NEXT!
XiaXue. (kns, I kena forced to say her name.)
This is bloody tough question OK! I think and think and think and concluded that there are so many great girls out there, and I really don’t feel like answering that question because no matter who I said the response surely will be “HAR!? WHY HER!? OMG KENNY YOU GOT SUCH A BAD TASTE!”
But hey, the keyword here is IF – ie, in a fantasy situation.

I’ve heard a fair share of people who said I look “compatible” with Xiaxue. I’ve also heard a MORE THAN fair share of people who puked last night’s dinner at the thought of me and her together.
Look, Wendy is a great girl and all and I do like girls who are strong-willed, independent and have a compatible sense of humour as I do. Wendy is all that, and honestly I’d love to date her.

“D-cup breasts, round bottom, a 50-cm slim waist and weight under 45 kilograms. Wherever I go, I soon become the focus of the crowd!”

But I’d rather date her instead.
(Siao lah. Of course I’m not shallow enough to think a woman’s figure is the most important thing.)

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Today, I Am A Saint


The Borneo Post, page 4, on the 4th August 2005.
I just had a look at how much money we’ve raised so far and its only USD$550. Thanks to all the nice people here who have pledged their donation.
But frankly speaking I think that amount is pathetic. Between the six of us participants, we get about 10,000 daily visitors to our sites combined. If each of these visitors were to donate USD1, just USD1 (that’s RM3.70, the price of one plate of chicken rice), the volunteers at the Hospite-At-Home program would have enough funds to help the unfortunate for the next 5 years.
Anyway, the Blogathon for charity is in progress till 9pm today. Please head over to You can help keep us awake by telling us a joke or two, or something.