Longer Than One Singapore Minute

As part of his contribution to the Singaporean National Day, patriotic mr brown started this meme called “One Singapore Minute”.
He’s asking his fellow countrymen to take a series of photos within a minute to show what their country means to them. All the photos are then collected and displayed here.
Since our National Day is also just around the corner, I wanted to start a “One Malaysian Minute” meme too. But thanks to the haze, I think all the photos from our KL bloggers are gonna turn like this.

Regardless, I contributed towards the “One Singapore Minute” meme. I know I’m not Singaporean and all that lah. Then again, Singapore’s LianHeZaoBao newspaper also said I’m Singaporean liaw, so I think I must be one.

From zbNow (LianHeZaoBao), 4th July 2005.

Here’s my photo set, taken at the New Asia Bar on the 70th floor of the Swissotel Stamford from my last trip to the city state. I have to confess – these shots were not taken under one minute. It should have been that way, but that tulan bartender took ten bloody minutes just to get my drink ready. My One Singapore Minute became my Ten Delayed Minutes.
kennysia's OSM #1
kennysia's OSM #2
kennysia's OSM #3
kennysia's OSM #4
Singapore Sling on top of Singapore City itself. Doesn’t get any more Singaporean than that. 🙂
Speaking of the lion city, what’s with almost every Singaporean I know heading over to Kuala Lumpur these few days? Why go KL? Got haze lah, go KL do shit? Come to Kuching lah.

The haze situation in KL is getting so bad even the garblement is declaring a state of emergency. The problem is, other than closing down all their offices, nobody seems to know what else to do under a state of emergency. The only thing the people there were told to do is this.
Everyone is waiting for the thick white smoke blanketing the nation’s capital to clear up and disappear. So the garblement and residents in KL are all praying for a miracle, praying for the wind, praying for the heavy rain to fall…

KANINA IT RAINED ICE INSTEAD! They must have prayed a little too hard liaw. Poor bastards.
Times like these, it feels so darn good to live in Kuching.

Blue skies, fresh air. Ahhh… bliss. 🙂

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  1. Hehehe, the freaking haze is even on the CNN Headline News in the US!:P
    God I miss Kuching…..although that park around the State Library is a little shady at night no?

  2. oHhh!! is it THAT bad?? mMmm..didnt know that..=X oh wells..Kuching is the ze BEST of all!! =D and uhh..coming from kuching..i have only been to THAT library once i think..shame on me!! lol..it is just too big and not that there is much books there(the last time i went that is)..i remember goin there and makin a LOT of noise..=S

  3. lol..nice haze over there, even my frens dere complaining like mad siah…y not ask all KLians come to Sg for hol? lol

  4. i’m living in KL and have been suffocating in the haze. And guess what? It was reported in today paper that the culprits of the opening burning in Sumatra are our very own Malaysian plantation companies. KNNCCB man!(as opposed to MAlaysia Boleh!) Hope justice will be served.

  5. lol. i didn’t know the haze was that bad until i saw the pic of kuching. i think i’ve forgotten how hazeless kl looks like.

  6. Hi Kenny,
    It’s been pretty hazy in Kuching too. Plus damn hot and humid during the evening and at night. Yesterday on my drive home from work at 6:15pm, the sky was a sickening blend of orangey-pink and grey. And the air SMELLED like haze. But yeah, those poor KL ppl probably have it worse. *snigger!* Oh, did you try freezing your dead hard hard drive yet? It’s suppose to work..

  7. dun lah make ppl jeles….bad enuff got haze in KL now u have to rub it in summore….too much lah! >.dun lah make ppl jeles….bad enuff got haze in KL now u have to rub it in summore….too much lah! >.

  8. Never been to Kuching but will consider going there if the bloody haze comes south. Maybe I can have some kolo mee, your treat?
    Btw, funny stuff without unnecessary slapstick.

  9. stupid haze gets in even into airconditioned shopping malls. i was walking in 1 Utama the other day and i looked down the corridoors. never thought i’d ever see the interiors of a klang valley building look like it was in gentings.
    damn it lar, i can’t leave the state! college still going on even through all the haze. meh.

  10. I finally have a reason to be proud to live in JB other than we are the gateway to S’pore – no haze! *touch wood*
    Come to JB, the jeng-est city in Malaysia. We are also, i believe, the origin of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

  11. kuching’s been through that kinda thick haze before, was it back in 98 or something, i can’t remember. thanks for the rain, God.

  12. Malaysia Libraries: I condemn them! The books r like f**king crap, and not fit for human use.. yucks. I nv go to a National Lib in Malaysia for the past 14 yrs (nw 20 yr old).. Waste $$ be member.
    moi SG classmates oni go JB.. KL.. byebye.. welcome to JB… hehhee

  13. wah heng ah i live in JB. no offence ah,KLians (haha like lians lidat) its just that…uhh… you were a little less lucky. On a (b)righter note,hopefully it clears up soon!

  14. Hey kenny, I am just wondering those slangs I’ve read lately. WHat’s “MEME” and “ASGM” means?

  15. NSDS3HvLDJjD: Your statement (“it’s now KL’s turn to experience it”) was really uncalled for. The whole nation was praying for Sarawak when it got hit by the horrible haze in 1997. I don’t think anyone here wants the haze to affect anyone and anywhere for that matter.

  16. Ipoh here also got haze liaw. But not as teruk as KL lah. They say KL’s condition is not as bad as the 1997 haze but I beg to differ. I was living in KL during 1997 but the haze Cheras was not thick at all.

  17. hello kenny!
    heh, first time commenting though i’ve been lurking around here for awhile and enjoying laughs 😀
    your second pic made me burst out laughing la!
    esp since i did a PAGE DOWN instead of a scroll.. more impactful hahaha..

  18. Jonathon, you mean they STOPPED reporting the war on CNN?
    webo1freak, what the heck is “nice haze” supposed to mean? I never know there’s a distinction between a “nice haze” and a “bad haze”!
    ees, KL is always enveloped by haze. Just in different degrees that’s all.
    bluepuppygirl, I heard of that method but I won’t do it until I have no other choice.
    qsl, aren’t schools supposed to be closed?
    JoyceTheFairy, nice view what. Don’t you think? 😉
    ya, ya.
    ced + NSDS3, lucky I was in Perth during that period of time. I kept hearing my mother complaining about it though. Goddammit when’s MY turn to experience haze?!
    ken, I won’t even waste my time arguing with idiots like you who can’t even detect when I’m talking bullshit or when I’m actually being serious.
    XX, huh? Change of plans?
    Tan Silly, I don’t think NSDS3 meant any malice when he said that.
    notesgirl, meme is something that once someone see, they’ll try to copy. eg putting FaceAnalyzer.com results on blogs. ASGM literally means ‘Wanna fuck?’

  19. always been a loyal reader but never tag before..
    but after seeing Big Fuck’s fucked up look (i mean really funny), I LAUGHED SO LOUD MY LIBRIRAN CHASED ME OUT OF THE SCHOOL LIBRARY.

  20. hi kenny…! luckly you have not experience the haze before at 1997, it is really terrible. and a lot of health problem happend to my friends.

  21. Kenny nau hia,
    Like most of your blogging. Especially those that does not glorify yrself too much. Reckoned if you are in an Aussie (too much lim chui) mood, dont blog.
    Other wise enjoyed your peeks on the jelebu.

  22. blue skies, fresh air in kuching
    mGf just SMS says Catty town’s also Haze-ing
    Caught with your pants down-ken-you’re lying
    Only in ForongJieJie town you get Hazelin’

  23. Apropos of nothing, except that I thought of you, Kenny…
    I made dinner for myself the other night. I had soup. But not just any soup. I had cock-flavoured soup. I kid you not. I took a picture. Come see for yourself.

  24. If you think the media and pics look bad, it’s nothing compared to living through it! Somehow, the 96/97 haze in Kuching was just BBQ smoke compared to this shit. What with all the co2 from vehicles and all.

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