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Dine and David came back to Kuching all the way from Perth earlier this week. We met up for dinner just then and I cannot help but to be reminded of how much I miss Perth – the weather, the lifestyle, and most importantly the friends I have over there.

Kenny: “Hey you got a new phone! Same as mine.”
David: “Yep. Sony Ericsson K700.”
Kenny: “I got a lot of problems with my phone.”
David: “Like what?”
Kenny: “My joystick isn’t functioning.”
David: “Huh? Your… JOYSTICK isn’t functioning?”
Kenny: “Yeah.”
David: “…!”

I observed the 100th day rite for my father yesterday. I can’t believe its been 100 days since he passed away.

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  1. Well.. juz a thot. If guys don’t do anything funny to their joysticks (like banging them against the wall), will they ever stop working ? If I’m not wrong, the joysticks usually come with a lifetime warranty. 😛

  2. Lol~
    To zuj:
    You don’t get a ‘life warranty’ with ‘that joystick’. If broken, consider changing sex (don’t expect replacement from your mum).

  3. hey, my PHONE’S (yep, same model) got that same problem TOO! Gah, wonder why. It kinda spoils every 3-4 months, on average.

  4. yep david looks like an actor. vely the hansem.
    me phone is K700 too. the joystick is pretty sensitive stuff, i notice. when first using it, it was hard, now it is soft (oops. it works more or less this way for joystick right?) 😉

  5. See what happens when you put a dishy guy’s pix in ur blog. Every1 4got all about kennysia. Poor thing!

  6. well, if dowan to worry about soft joysticks, lolz, then don’t get one with a joystick. i’m still using my first phone, the extremely reliable, if ancient, nokia 3100. who needs all those fancy gizmos? i prefer my phone to be a phone, my camera a camera, my gaming console a gaming console. hybrids are slow.
    no lifetime warranty, sadly. and not exactly replacable. consider changing brands when your joystick stops working. lolz.

  7. good looking friends.. *shruks..
    one thing sucks about being with them is that they tend to overshadow you.. looking at girls googling over them is not enjoyable either, especially the girl that you are fond of do that too.. LOL
    anywho.. what do the other guys who’s not as good looking as his other friend do to get attention? they make fun of themselves.. yeah , being the funny guy around tends to draw attention to your side. Although one bad thing about it is that they tend to call you sicko, dim wit, dumbass.. which hurts alot (sometimes, but hey you’re asking for it whenever you’re making a fool out of yourself)hehehe.
    anyway just wanna tell you that your blog rocks man!! btw my name’s kenny too!! 😉
    feel free to drop in my blog and bash me because of my usage on engrish!!

  8. Hi Kenny! Sympathise with ur joystick not functioning. Sometimes hard-handling of the joystick can lead to this! *Guffaws* Anyway, your friends are looking delish.
    Just want to let you know that I miss Kuching so much! The last time I was there it was like 10 yonks ago! I lurve the seafood and the Laksa and Damai Beach…waaah! Kuching is the best place in all of Malaysia!

  9. Same problem here with my phone…
    …at least now I know it’s not my fault that I need to press it extra hard (to the point of breaking it) to access the menus.
    *grr* I shold have known it!
    ALL Sony products with short life spans…
    My next phone will be a Nokia!

  10. *no comment*
    god, i remember the days where a certain miss mafia-leen and innocent ME harass poor kenny. durex surveys and so on. 🙂
    time flies dude, i so know how you feel. shiat. im like a quarter century thingy old. (not sure how they say it these days)

  11. Reminds me of a joke told by my friend…
    “What you call a joystick in Malay?”
    “Batang Gembira”
    Not super funny….but when I heard this joke I laughed my ass off…..

  12. HAHA! oh my goodness. i wonder what will you do if your joystick(ifl) doesn’t work. can that question be part of your other questions? heh.

  13. Well, Nxt ISC event is coming up at October ( which is the usual pasar malam ) .. Mayb u can plan for a trip back here to visit our School and ur frenz over there ..

  14. never liked kolo mee… hey Kenny, just wanteD to congrAd u- Sharon Sagan(Shal Sagan)may have made a name in the music industry but, u reaLLy made waves in the online worlD. ThanX for giving Catcity a voIce~

  15. Yes, I know what you mean about missing Perth. Has been 2.5 years since I left. Canning Vale, Freo, Cicerellos, crabbing, Araluen … hope to go back this November …

  16. Waverley, Knnzz dun tok about crabbin le … The last time i went( juz tis yr ard April goin May), our grp travel all the way from Bentley to Mandurah at 3am in the morning .. It was closing to winter, so the nite was kinda of chilly .. But with the mindset of goin into the lake to crab with the net, all of us hve to wear T-shirt n shorts enduring the wind n cold water …
    And guess wht .. WE Caught NOthing ~!!!! Super Dulan. in the end, we went fishin instead …

  17. zuj + SY + lucia, my phone’s joystick is no longer under warranty and if I don’t have my phone with me 24 hours a day I’ll die, so fixing it is kinda out of question. But I can live with it. I don’t think I can bring MY joystick to “my factory” for repairs though.
    babe_kl + KucingGatal, David is a former air steward for MAS and he’s MARRIED. Me, on the other hand…. 😀
    suituapui + hteekay, I agree. I might as well rename this site to
    qsl + maggie, I only recently just convert to Sony Ericsson. Nokia phones are a bit expensive nowadays for the limited set of features they provide.
    nebulaenova, you must be another Kuchingnite turned Singaporean!
    joandra, yes I still remember THOSE DAYS. You traumatise me so much back then, you know? 🙁
    JoyceTheFairy, gee why are you called Joystick? Oh wait. I think I know. HAHAHAA!
    kahsoon, *yawn*
    K, old joke already!
    chrissie, they’ll be back by Thursday. They’re here to visit their moms and moms-in-law. Thankfully they’re healthy.
    kay, PHONE WITH JOSS-STICK! HEH. The monks at the buddhist temples would love it!
    fcukling, man that would be so sad. I’ll see if any girls would volunteer to give CPR to Mr Dickonosaurus and try to revive him.
    Sonya, I am planning to drop by Perth around October actually. There’ll be a Matta Fair special and tickets to Perth will be dirt cheap.
    mInn, thanks. Its nice to hear that. 🙂 I was labelled a ‘anti-Sarawakian’ just because my entry on Kuching’s long road names appeared in The Star. People think I have something against Kuching and/or Sarawak. Its not true of course.

  18. Well u should knw it is of the usual 1st week of October is Multicultual week.
    So hopefully u can support us and mayb den ( if i hve finally decided ) u can support my booth. =p

  19. This blog entry reminds me of a Kuching friend of mine with a really corny sense of humour (slightly wicked too). So, is it just me or do Kuchingites have that humour about them? If so, you should blog about this unique ‘Kuching-ness’. 🙂

  20. hmm, yeah though the weather here’s better, but surely u felt the same missing home when u were in perth did u? well anyway, it’s mambo red tonight, and i guess at the very least that alone should make u miss perth.

  21. Erm, the phone ‘joystick’ is actually a thumbstick. I do remember a Symbian 60 app that turns phones into rhythmatic vibrators.

  22. i definately know what you’re talking about. i’m probably the biggest victim of all, cause my K700 has all the problems K700 owner has got. first, the “joystick” isn’t that sensitive anymore. then the phone hangs once in a while during charging…mostly in the middle of the night, when i’m SLEEPING. make all these pinging noice. then phone numbers go missing. think i’m gonna throw the phone someday, real soon 🙂

  23. Hi kenny, I’m now in Perth since 3 weeks ago but I have cravings for kolo me EVERYDAY! Thanks to the drooling pic of kolo you posted on your blog a few days ago!! Now I know why you love Perth so much… nice weather and every where’s sooooo clean!!!

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