Toni & Guy Hairdressing Review

This is a very old entry from my trip to KL once upon a time in a land far, far away.

Toni&Guy is a London-based hairdressing chain with salons scattered all over the world. Their Malaysian franchise is located on the second floor of the hip-n-chic Lot 10 shopping center, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s famous Bukit Bintang shopping district.

I was about to meet a whole bunch of strangers at the PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash later that day and I desperately needed a haircut. There’s gonna be girls and media presence at the event, so a man’s gotta look his best ya know?

Toni&Guy’s interior design is modern-looking but it isn’t particularly glamourous. The floor space is kinda small. There’s probably around 6-7 seats available, but only 2 actual hairstylists were working. On display at the shopfront are various products from TIGI Bedhead and L’Oreal. Because they’re worth it. 🙂

I was quoted a price of RM60 – RM120 for a regular stylist, and RM160 – RM220 for a senior stylist. But since no regular stylists are available I was able to get a senior stylist to do my hair for the price of a regular one.
Here’s a shot of me before my haircut.

I entered the shop around 6:30pm. I was told a typical hair-cut-and-wash usually takes around 45 minutes, so by my estimation I should have enough time to travel from Bukit Bintang to Dataran Mederka to attend the PPS Bash at 7:30pm.
The seat was made of faux leather so its nice and comfy albeit a little warm. I was offered a choice of drinks and I asked for iced-water.

It didn’t take long for one of their junior hairstylists to lead me to the back for some shampoo and massage action. I was secretly hoping its a girl who’s gonna do that for me, but kanasai lah – its a guy. I wanted to request for a girl, but even the girl looks like a guy.
In the end, no difference also lah. I accepted my fate loh.

I rate massages at hair salons into three grades.
(A) “Good.”
(B) “Average.”
(C) “Oi, your first day at work ah?!”
For a premium hair salon, its unfortunate I have to rate Toni&Guy a ‘C’ in the massage department. The massage was a total joke.

He started yawning after he finished with me.

It was weak, unenergetic and ended way too prematurely. Perhaps its because I’m used to ones lasting more than 20 minutes. But man, I say that guy probably lasted 5 minutes max. It felt as if the only reason he went at me was because its his job, not because he really wanted to do it. The whole thing is a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am affair. I wasn’t even properly satisfied. I was so disappointed I couldn’t have more.
Yes, I’m still talking about the head massage lah!

This is my senior hair-stylist for the day, Tosha Tan. This is actually the first time I hear the name Tosha (sounds like short for ‘Toshiba’). The guy who did my hair at Alan Salon was called McPhee.
What is it with hairstylists and unusual English names? Whatever happened to John, or Michael?
Anyway, I was asked how I’d like to have my hair done. I wanted him to come up with a suitable hairstyle for me so I answered “Do whatever you want. Be creative.”

I just hope Tosha don’t shave my head and put tattoo on it.

Tosha was servicing another patron in the salon at the same time, so he had to switch between my head and her head every now and then.
Overall, I think Tosha came across as someone who knows his shit right down to its texture and colour. He is very patient and he definitely has an eye for detail. My only small complaint is that he’s… just…. way…. too….. slllooooowwwwwwww.

I was already late for the PPS Bash, but the guy was only halfway done. I didn’t want to rush him of course. Remember, rushing your hairstylist is always a bad idea.

The junior hairstylist emerged again to lead me to the back for another round of shampoo and a half-arsed massage.
Look at his face you also know he wasn’t too happy about having to perform twice in one night. Poor dude.

Tosha finished the job by applying clay on my head for that spiky matte effect. He used L’Oreal A-Head Clay, which costs around RM50 for a small 50ml tub. Expensive stuff right there.
It feels good to see my hair standing proud and erect. Too bad it goes limp very quickly everytime I sweat underneath this hot and humid Malaysian weather.

I left Toni&Guy VERY late for my appointment, TOTALLY unsatisified with the massage, and a MASSIVE RM100 poorer. That was definitely the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had in my entire life, but I think its worth it. After all, I did leave with a head I can be proud of.
Its expensive, but I actually like this hairdo a lot better than the one I had at Alan Salon. Maybe I’m just not a fringe person.

So what do you think? (My hair lah, not FireAngel, ok? I know she’s so bloody hot and everybody wants her, but too bad I cannot link her. I accept bribes though.)

A certain fashion company is looking for a male model/ambassador. Must be Singaporean. Must be famous but not mainstream-famous. Must not own a giordano ‘me’ t-shirt.
If you or someone you know is interested, e-mail me at im(a), for more info.
P/S Steven Lim not allowed.

120 Replies to “Toni & Guy Hairdressing Review”

  1. Entertaining, but it was no Alan Salon entry. That was a classic, and was the entry that made me a fan of Kenny Sia. And it also inspired one of my earliest blog entries. So I have a lot invested in it, y’know? 🙂

  2. Look at it this way- at least you look marginally better than a “yaochizai”(oily boy) or “lalazai” and a lot hipper than your stolid self before the haircut.

  3. I think the hairstylist, Tosha is seriously HOT! *drools* Next time I drop by KL, I have to go to Toni & Guy for a haircut, provided he is still working there!

  4. Looking at the before and after photos… Hmm… Did your head shrunk after the hair cut?
    You’ve just inspied me to go to my stylist and tell her to just do whatever she wants to my hair…

  5. i’m purposely avoiding haircuts for at least the next 6 months. i wanna try growing my hair long enough for a ponytail just to see what it’s like. and then, maybe, if i’m crazy enough, i’ll go do it up in a braid along the left side of my face, just to see my dad’s reaction. he’s already complaining my hair’s too long. not as if i could have done it in form 5. hehe.
    what’s with you and posting, err, ‘cute guys’ pics these past few days, kenny?

  6. Aisehman…if go Hartamas, RM55 but equally as good. Summore the guy has like 20-30 years of experience with L’Oreal =P
    I bet one of the mah chai in Toni & Guy cut for you wan rite? Heeheeheee

  7. omg… this type of harstyle you can get it everywhere in penang… and a lot more cheaper… summore with good services… i mean no offend ok… tats way too expensive for a guy
    but still looks great on you!!

  8. Kenny, nowadays guys don’t keep their hair like your “before” photo lah, that’s decades out of style loh. All the cool guys (yes including MNC corporate yuppies all sport your “after” photo hairstyle, keep it that way, suits you more and you don’t need to comb your hair, just ruffle it up).

  9. Toni n guy is my fav place ! They have the best stylist for guy. I always make a trip down to Johor for a cut . Its definitely worth every cents !

  10. i believe u’ve noticed that me and kim is VERY insulted with how u described the bald headed guy who so happens to be an uncle of ours whom we are very proud of.

  11. kimm + mel, I apologise if the two of you feel VERY insulted with how I described the bald-headed guy who happened to be your uncle whom you are very proud of. Frankly speaking I don’t know why you are insulted because I never said he was ugly, I never said he was bad, I never even said he was mean. Enlighten me but I don’t know how else to describe a bald-headed guy with tattoos on his head, but with the description “bald headed guy with tattoos on his head”. The original caption to that photo in question was “I hope he don’t turn me into him. No hair, but with tattoos instead of hair!” but after careful and deliberate consulatation with melissa on msn messenger I have decided to rephrase it to “I just hope Tosha don’t shave my head and put tattoo on it.” – which was the original meaning of my intentions in the first place anyway but for some reason you detected hostility in that which I failed to detect myself. But hey, if the rephrasing of the caption in question is what makes you happy, so be it. That is all. Thank you for your time.

  12. *checking the archives* Oh, right.. you review salons. So that’s the Alan Salon thing you’re referring to. (You had a better haircut there, btw.)

  13. Been there done that. The cut in Singapore cost about the same but in Singapore dollars. It’s a nice place but after travelling 3 hours to KL non stop and me driving all the way. I kinna fell asleep during the haircut. Haha.

  14. Your face look slimmer and younger with the new haircut. Although its a common haircut, but you definately look better with your new look.

  15. a hair trim costs $70 onwards at toni&guy singapore. but the standard like… not so good leh?
    what the heck is toni&guy doing, man!?

  16. “P/S Steven Lim not allowed.”
    HAHA I was JUST about to suggest him…because Singaporeans would be so…happy.
    May I suggest you walk around Sungai Wang next time to check out the shampoo girls? They’re pretty good hairdressers too (need to be, competition is fierce there).

  17. Kenny, what hair cut??? They restyled your hair only lah. Places like toni&gay or a cut below are to rip off the kiasu rich and famous Tai- Tais.

  18. I LOVE that salon! I was in Loreal hairshow once and the stylist was this ang moh guy from a Toni branch in Phillipines.
    He gave me this amazing punkish-look which totally changed my usual ‘blah’ look. (i haf a square face n am very very particular abt haircuts).
    I found out later that that haircut supposedly costs around RM300-Rm400 but of course it was free la… dun even know if that quote is for real..=)
    Later on cos no money to maintain the stylist I had to go somewhere else, and they totally butchered the style=(

  19. Nice Hair cut la kenny .. but thts about how much other saloons in KL charge 😀 😀 😀 i paid 250 for my hair last week 🙁 burn hole in pocket i tell u

  20. Hey Dude, on Pic #12, care to explain why the “yuG dna inoT” apron on you is a mirror image and the hair stylist’s is a “Tony and guy”, even thought you are both in the same “mirror dimension”? cannot be lah.

  21. the junior who gave u a massage is my friend and ex-schoolmate….lol…gotta tell my other frens abt this blog….they laugh their heads off seeing how u made fun of him…haha….

  22. now which part of my msg denoted hostility?
    i was not angry, but a tad annoyed because as much as i don’t want to take it personally, the person IS my relative and well, that already makes it personal by nature.
    are you depriving me of my rights to feel annoyed?
    same like if i were to put a picture of your dog up and call it a cat.
    that aside, i was not pissed, i wouldn’t dare to be. u needn’t sound so hostile yourself either eh?.

  23. PaulZi, I request for permission. 🙂 I told them its for my blog.
    Su Ku Kia, yea I never intend to make this entry any more or less interesting that it really is. Its tough shit trying to keep up the same standards as the ones I set before. Besides I’m not in the best of mood lately what with all these hate sites going on, so my sense of humour is totally out the window. Better to just write whatever I want whenever I want and then just try to score a classic whenever the inspiration hits, eh?
    n305er, now that’s the spirit!
    qsl, that’s why I tried to make it up by posting FireAngel’s pic.
    Observer, I sweat a lot in this weather and my hair doesn’t stick up the way it should. 🙁
    eyeris, ORH! You die!
    FireAngel, why!? You look good wat!
    artie, everything is worth a try these days. And I paid for it myself, they didn’t sponsor me.
    SerSitiv, heh. I fell asleep during the haircut too! What was supposed to be a 45 min haircut ended up 1.5 hours instead.
    fcukling, shit! that’s freakin’ expensive. I heard a lot about this kImage place in Singapore though. If I do pop by in September I’m gonna have my haircut there.
    Lainie, I’d do ANYTHING to have a girl shampoo my head next time. Bloody premium hair salons never hire chio bus.
    Tan Silly, hahaha! No lah, not that bad.
    Avril, goddammit hair models have everything!
    e, yea the apron I’m wearing mirror-imaged their logo but the one on the hair stylist’s t-shirt isn’t.
    Sennin + Bryan, your friend needs to massage a lil longer.
    aaron, oh yeah.
    kimm, the hostility was detected more in mel’s message than yours. I don’t know what dog what cat lah. The only reason the photos is *there* is because he works *there*. I admit I made comments on Tosha and I made comments on the junior hairstylists who shampoo-ed my head, but I doubt I’ve made positive or negative comments about your uncle serious enough to make you feel compelled to ring up mel early in the morning to tell her that. Depriving your rights to feel annoyed? I don’t even know I have the right to make you feel deprived of your rights. I’m just upset at the fact that you were upset at what I did, which I thought, was seemingly very innocent – ie, describing a man I saw at a hair salon. Other than that, I don’t know what else to say.

  24. bloody kenny!
    i mean u do look good wif ur new hair style.
    but don’t u think they juz snip a chunk here and there and put some gel/wax on it. and WALA! new hair style?
    100 bucks for that kind of service is totally a turn far so good for their reputation.

  25. Mel and Kimms attitude so typical of the type of “siew hei” “kiasu” Malaysians.( not all malaysians only the ones I mentioned) You’re entitled to write what you want in your blog as long as you’re not slandering or hurting anyone. I’ve never heard of being bald and tattooed as an insult.

  26. Mikey, I admit I’m one ugly fucker, but I never think myself “very cool n all that”. I appreciate you putting me so high up on the pedestal.
    fed up, Kimm and Mel are actually real life friends of mine, so please leave us be. Thanks.

  27. Hi Kenny, I think the guy washing your hair should be a salon asst, not a jr hairstylist. Maybe he was new therefore the massage sucked. Anyway, if he took 20 mins to massage your hair you will be lagi late for your appt,no?
    Toni&Guy is fantastic in Heeren and Robinson Singapore. I can’t say much about the Holland branch cos i haven’t been there. In any case, my advise is to stick to the stylist that you’ve always gone to if possible. A good hairstylis from any salon t can keep up with the times and keep their clients.
    Nice but btw. 🙂

  28. btw kenny,
    didnt the salon people ask you why u carry ur camera all the while they servicing u?
    it’s kind of strange ler

  29. lol. A post so simple like tat, and there are still “Mikeys” who want to fuck u upside down. Well, Kenny u can ask them to FOOK off (Remember?) lolz.

  30. u want people with weird names, go to kim gary restaurant.
    the outlet at hartamas has a waiter named “BOY” (says so on his name tag) & a waitress named “STRAWBERRY”.
    & last time the dave’s deli outlet at sect 14 jaya supermarket had a waitress named “APPLE”.

  31. hi kenny. wouldn’t the hairstylists feel weird with you taking photos after photos while they style and trim ur hair?

  32. Hey Kenny very funny article as usual. I can’t wait will be home in KL the month of Sept woot woot!! Anyway totally agree with you on the hair people with weird names. I once met someone from HK and his name was Season! What kinda name is that??!?

  33. it cost me 45-50 for a haircut with the senior hairstylist from toni & guy in uk.
    and it wasnt so good coz i dont think they know how to cut asian hair/ bah.
    went there 2-3times with diff stylists and juz gave up.
    lesson: never let angmos touch ur hair.

  34. sorry, 45-50 pounds not RM..thats wayyyy not worth it at all. ppl,juz let ur hair grow like a monkey’s hairy butt is a better choice if u cant get to a asian salon.

  35. Goodness, look what a haircut can do to a person! Kenny u dont look uncle-ish anymore. Finally u look normal.

  36. You have really done me a favour! I am going to KL next week and live in Langkawi, where it is not good for decent hairdressers. I recently paid RM100 for a hair colouring that looked like a donkey grey instead of blonde! As I am used to paying anything from RM700 in UK at Toni & Guy I wanted to get my hair done in KL and now you have told me what to expect. I think your hair looks good, but I will eat before I go in! Cheers, mate …

  37. ha ha love ya self dnt ya lmaoooooooo keep takin fots coz ya propa in love wid ya self mate sort it out!!!!!!!

  38. im hair stylist,you must know hair salon situation,ofcoz maybe e massage a lit mistake not perfect enought,any u dunno work in salon is so difficult and stressful!!hope u can understand and dun take picture in e salon,we r adult!!!dun be so childish….hope u dun mind wat i say that!!u r cute!!ofcoz u can be smart too….

  39. i’m impressed. I was searching for Toni&Guy KL and the first site that popped up is not the official website (i still can’t find it) but yours!!!!!
    oh and i got their contact and address from your site so no need for the official webby. But if u have it, let me know…

  40. Dear Sir,
    I,Siddhartha Chatterjee age 26 year’s an Indian live in
    India,unqulified but english is good,doing a small business
    from last three year’s comeing from a very good family.
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  41. Can i just say that i work at a toni and guy and we dont always have time to spend 20 minutes on a head massage because the salons are that busy and very popular!! Im very sorry that you didnt enjoy ur trip to the salon of your choice but when i get my hair done there i thourghly enjoy it!!!!!!!

  42. Claire Johnson (L) Aaron Tommo
    Emma Walker (L) David Cooper
    Leanne Blair (L) Kev Reevel
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    4 E V A !!

  43. I had my hair cut at Toni & Guy, New Eltham. It cost me £50 (£6 of which was some hair stuff i bought) but it was rubbish!
    It was not just only that the ‘top dog’ I booked should have been reported under the Trade Descriptions Act, but the service was appalling. She didn’t listen to me once, she never mentioned my name,even tho’ I said ‘hello are you Anna’? she just nodded. To add insult to injury there then came along a young man who just stood beside me and her,they were giving each other lots of eye contact – the pair of them just grinning and smiling (I was really in the way here, and all the time she was supposed to be concentrating on my hair) , I assumed he was her boss and was checking what she was doing because she seemed to be a little in awe of him, but when I asked who he was she replied he was a trainee.!!
    I’m paying £45 here for a haircut ! What’s going on?
    Anyway, when all was done I looked around and I had exactly the same hair style as all the stylists in that salon. Please bear in mind they were all in their 20’s or younger, I am a middle aged woman. I asked for a trendy hair style, but not to look like someone of 45 trying to look 20 !! Where’s the creativity here?
    Tell me, are they only trained to give one style of cut.
    You’re not cheap, and I can get such better service and knowledge of the craft elsewhere.
    The end, I’ll never go back.

  44. My last visit was 6 months ago. I used to go every six weeks for a trim. enway on my last visit i booked a late time. the studio was not even busy they cut my hair when it came to blowdry i was so shocked I had two people drying my hair both pulling my hair all angles as they were trying to dry my hair. It really hurt!!!!!!! when I asked them they replied sorry we about to close in 5 minutes. as they were combing my hair and blowdrying at the same time is not good customer services. I will never go there again!

  45. Wat the fuck is wrong wif ur fuckin brain????? u think its fuckin nice goin around talkin bad bout ppl and making comments bout ppl… would u like if other ppl say things bout u like wat u comment bout them in ur blog. Let me warn u once, im related to toni & guy, and u better erase off tat blog, if u don’t i will get u sued. i dun wanna repeat tis again, my advice for u, get it erase and stop wat ur doin or u will pay the price.

  46. Im am writting tis to give u a warning, if u would like to make comments bout ur fuckin experince, it better be a good comment, if its a bad comment i will trace u down, and hand u over to the police. its seems like ur FUCKIN RETARDED brain is not fucntioning well. Stopped wat ur doin or u will regret for the rest of ur FUCKIN USELESS life. FUCK OFF u BLOODY NERD LOOKIN FUCKIN ASSHOLE. Ps….I will haunt u.

  47. Hey…..U FUCKIN PUSSY minded gay. FUCK OFF and go to hell, there’s ntn wrong wif toni & guy or their staff, they havnt done any wrong to u. Its u tat does all the wrong doings, and one more thing, U really look like a FUCKIN RETARD. ur head is so FUCKIN BIG like a buffalo’s asshole. got tat BUFFALO’s ASSHOLE. FUCK OFF big headed RETARD.

  48. Emergin_ignition & Henry please for goodness sake the internet is a FREE world which means freedom of speech. Whether or not the comment is +ve or -ve it is totally and utterly up to you to take it or leave it. You are of course entitled to voice yours too but not to the extent of issuing threats. Kenny in my opinion could well report this matter to the police and sue you for issuing a threat to his personal security fyi. So please think twice b4 hitting on sum1 or not it might be the reverse.

  49. i think toni&guy is excellant i have alot of family in the inderstry of hair and beauty this september i am going to have my work experience in toni&gut up hackney.toni&guy in my point of view is beter then any of the outher hairdeasses

  50. hey Emergin_ignition,wth,he likes to say what let him la…if u arent satisfied then f** off…why even bother 2 read??…if tonynguy is really that good,prove it to kenny n the world that its really that good…why get so pissed off and wanna sue this n that.,…if u can cut hair well y bother even getting angry?”berani kerana betul,takut kerana salah” u are like a balless useless dog barking away…FUCK you.

  51. and i personally think kenny is cute handsome and are just freakin jealous,Ho and Henry…perhaps you are the one without any good looks..sour grapes!!….sissy gays with a foul temper…oh..but look here..kenny’s NOT BOTHERED.=P

  52. Super funny the way u wrote the blog!
    U r really a good story teller.
    I looking for toni and guy hairdressing school in KL then accidentally go to ur blog,
    If u knew more abt that pls inform me,k.
    Ur new hair style is very nice but really too expensive!

  53. hey… come on man, ur hair after is better than before u knw, im also a member of toni&guy, im TONI&GUY student at United Kingdom LONDON. at tontenham court road. so i hope u dont ever try to say about bad to TONI&GUY, If u feel u ‘re not realy happy to ur toni&guy cut, that’s not toni&guy wrong, is u’r Hairdresser(tosha)wrong. if u come LONDON i must prove to u, what is TONI&GUY cutting style. PEACE TONI&GUY

  54. hey… come on man, ur hair after is better than before u knw, im also a member of toni&guy, im TONI&GUY student at United Kingdom LONDON. at tontenham court road. so i hope u dont ever try to say about bad to TONI&GUY, If u feel u ‘re not realy happy to ur toni&guy cut, that’s not toni&guy wrong, is u’r Hairdresser(tosha)wrong. if u come LONDON i must prove to u, what is TONI&GUY cutting style. PEACE TONI&GUY

  55. hey… come on man, ur hair after is better than before u knw, im also a member of toni&guy, im TONI&GUY student at United Kingdom LONDON. at tontenham court road. so i hope u dont ever try to say about bad to TONI&GUY, If u feel u ‘re not realy happy to ur toni&guy cut, that’s not toni&guy wrong, is u’r Hairdresser(tosha)wrong. if u come LONDON i must prove to u, what is TONI&GUY cutting style. PEACE TONI&GUY

  56. hi sir and madam,,,
    im looking for job as a senior hairdresser,im pilipino 25 years old and i won intrnational compition held in sri lanka colombo and sydney just trying to email you if need a hairdresser asian(pilipino),, thanks

  57. i wanted some lates haircut dvds could u pls help me with this , where can i find them… i wanted to do an advance haircut course (short term 15 days course). pls send me he detials…
    thanks a bunch.

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