I Wonder What They’re Suggesting

The Urban Wire is Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s online newsmagazine.

Photo from luvphobia.blogspot.com
I was interviewed by them during the blogger convention and they’ve published their story here. Do check it out. There’s a very horrijible photo of me over there.
Speaking of which, can someone be kind enough send me a scan of my interview in KLue magazine? I’ll be eternally grateful. 🙂
Spotted outside a shop at the Crown Square shopping centre.

Any girls out there like to try some of these… pussie accessories?

26 Replies to “I Wonder What They’re Suggesting”

  1. Pussies accessories? Wow… and even comes with RM48 off (or ‘paid back’)
    Time for some ‘accessories’ for my girlfriend, what should it be? Shoe heels or dildos?

  2. HA HA! oh my GOODNESS! pussie accesories? i think they are demented. either that, or they have a really weak command of english.
    or probably they’re trying to be funny. HA HA.

  3. Hmmm… somehow or rather, the cherry looks like my friend’s belly stud. I guess in this case it’s an offer for a free labia piercing. LOL! But at rm48 it’s dirt cheap!

  4. There really isn’t much to talk about your KLue feature — just one page. Tiny binary-black-white trademark pic of your annoyed/ing face. Some more can even squeeze in an aside about PPS. You know lah, papers and zines, when on the subject of blogging they print stuff that’s already old news to us.

  5. my frenz bought the KLUE and i read ur interview with them.. hehe.. if u really wan.. i ask from her and scan for u..

  6. LOL Kenny, I saw you at Crowne Tower.
    You looked much chubbier in real person than in your photos. Tua Tua e pat-to (Big Tummy).

  7. aiyah ! the shop is for your gf things wan mah !
    so of course lah..it has something to do with ur gf…like all those vcd sellers. they have a special room with all those pussie accesories !
    SO BE WARY !

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