Nouvo Club Review

This is yet another very old entry from my trip to KL once upon a time in a land far, far away. I actually completely forgotten about writing this entry until nal1210 made a passing comment to my by e-mail that she saw me before, and she saw me at Nouvo.

Situated on the corner of Jalan Ramlee and Jalan Sultan Ismail, Nouvo is one of the most popular dance clubs in KL. The sexily architectured building is a landmark by itself right in the middle of the Golden Triangle’s busiest nightspot. Nouvo shares the same building with Sangria, a R&B/hiphop club. I ventured down there the night after the PPS Bash to check out the hot chicas the nightlife our nation’s capital has to offer.
Coincidentally there’s a party going on that night.

VIPs get to enter for free before 11pm. I got my free invite from Juice Magazine but I arrived 30 mins too late. That 30 mins proved to be costly as I had to pay RM30 to enter the club.
I was kinda loitering outside the club around a bit hoping some kind soul would bring me in for free. But heh, fat chance. I succumbed to the fact that the chances of being recognised was too slim and I paid my way in instead.

The inside of Nouvo is stylish, clean and elegant. Its very spacious. There’s chandeliers and disco balls and the number 3s (its Juice magazine’s 3rd anniversary) hanging from the ceiling.

The large dance floor area is located right in front of the DJ booth and comfy lounge chairs are scattered surrounding the dance floor and on the second floor. The setting reminded me very much of Metropolis Perth.
House Music and Drum ‘n Bass seem to be the musical theme for the night.

I was disappointed to see that the club was quite empty. Its probably only 40% full. There’s no one dancing. People there just seem content enough to huddle around the bars, beer in hand, staring at an empty dance floor. Geez, what’s wrong with you people?

It looks like all the action was in the VVIP room on the second floor. That’s where all the friends and employees of Juice magazine were congregating. I didn’t know if I was allowed inside the VVIP room or not, but I walked past the bouncers confidently nonetheless and helped myself to some cakes and free drinks. 🙂 believes in the principle that if you’re not invited to an event, you can always invite yourself.

I was happily working my camera away when I heard someone yelled “KENNY! OMG ITS KENNY! KENNY SIA IS HERE!” very excitedly.
Seems like someone do recognise me after all. (Damn, I’ve already paid my RM30)

This is Azhar. He reads Hi Azhar!
A friend of his helped me take this photo. Later he passed my camera to Azhar, then uttered the most ridiculous line I’ve ever heard. “Aiya I dunno who you are lah, but you look like a celebrity anyway so I’ll take a photo with you lah.”

Gee, thanks.

KL girls in the club were game enough to pose for my camera. Some of them even fingered me and asked me to take photos of them. I wasn’t even using a huge professional SLR or anything like that, just a standard digicam.
These girls probably think they’re gonna end up in Juice mag. Too bad they just ended up on crappy Sorry!

There’s something odd about this picture.
1. What’s a Muslim lady doing in a dance club? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it’s haram for Muslims to work in entertainment outlets? (I’m asking a question, not condemning the act lah ok?)
2. Sweeping away rubbish while a party was still in progress? That’s like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
As the night dragged on, only the Juice people (Juicy people?) were left in an almost empty club. Finally there were people on the dance floor. A short unedited video clip of the night can be downloaded here (Quicktime MOV, 9MB).
Some decided to do away with the glasses and took drinking to a whole new level.

And some were clearly not up for it.

Carlsberg – 1       Man – 0

The DJ played Akon’s Mr Lonely at 3am to let people know the club was shutting down. I don’t know why they played Mr Lonely. Probably its to tell us that the lucky guys had already left with the girls, and the guys remaning in the club are all Mr Lonely.

All your ladies are belong to Darth Vader.

To their credit, the DJ was good and the music playing that night was excellent, but I didn’t feel like I enjoyed myself that night. The energy from the crowd just wasn’t there. Perhaps it was a Friday night. Perhaps everyone had gone to either Zouk or Bangsar or Hartamas for their clubbing needs. Whatever it was I doubt I’ll be heading back to Nouvo anytime soon.
Where’s the hot nightspot in KL?

I read that a 54-year-old Israeli woman set herself on fire in protest against the Gaza Strip evacuations. Sometimes you gotta wonder what made these people so passionate they’re willing to put their own lives at risk for their land, their home, their right to be at home.
Would you set yourself on fire? Under what circumstances would you set yourself on fire? I think if I were forced to give up this blog, I might set myself on fire.
Just kidding. 🙂

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  1. haha damn funny ^_^
    i like the part when the person say
    “Aiya I dunno who you are lah, but you look like a celebrity anyway so I’ll take a photo with you lah.”
    classic ^_^

  2. am i missing something here? Why is everyone spelling it as Nuovo when the picture clearly shows NOUVO??…hmm
    anyway, nice entry kenny… =)

  3. There are just too many night spots in KL hence the crowd is spread out. Moreover, the anti-narcotic likes to raid those pubs along that stretch. If you like a bit more quiet place and with a breathtaking panoromic view of KL, check out Luna on rooftop of Regency serviced apartment right behind Shang KL. You wont regret it.

  4. Not related to the main part of the post, but I thought they were so stubborn about not leaving Gaza because they believe they’ve been told the land must go to no one but themselves, so now that they are forced off it, they feel as though they are being forced to sin, and perhaps that they msy be punished for it.

  5. most clubs in KL these days are either lala-fied or Bengified….unless you go to the more expensive ones …
    somemore for the past few months there were stories about police raiding every weekend.

  6. lesser ahbeng/lala nite spots would b the loft, velvet underground, zeta bar n perhaps poppy garden.. yes luna bar is in the must-go list ^^

  7. There’s two things wrong with this picture.
    1. What’s a Muslim lady doing in a dance club? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it’s haram for Muslims to work in entertainment outlets?
    2. Sweeping away rubbish while a party was still in progress? That’s like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
    answer: this muslim lady do a most nobel and respected job that the DJ, Bar Tender, Waiter and Waitress and even the people who clubbing, dancing and drinking in the club. She will not get struck by god just only trying to live her life. Give this lady a break! She just trying to earn some decent living and please take you hypocrite views away from her. Life for her is hard and not as smooth and high tech as yours like meeting people, clubbing, blogging and enjoying.

  8. Samuel, now before you stike me down with your lightning, please bear in mind that I have nothing against her job. It was merely my understanding that Muslims in this country are not allowed, by JAWI, to work in entertainment outlets.
    I was just raising a question on religion and culture. I was not condemning her so I don’t know what’s with your rant on ‘hypocrites’ and ‘life is good for you’.

  9. there is Zouk, Rush-eastin hotel’s club, Atmosphere, jalan doraisamy (next to sheraton imperial) – Loft and a few others there, bangsar and hartamas have a few.

  10. hey you managed to caught some celebrities in your pictures (the 6th )! If I am not mistaken that is Jojo Struys and another 1 I forgotten her name but she appeared in Pillow Talk before.. some model or something…

  11. “These girls probably think they’re gonna end up in Juice mag. Too bad they just ended up on crappy Sorry!”
    Hey! probably gets more viewers per day than Juice magazine per month ok?

  12. I think you didn’t enjoy the night because you are alone with your camera only…try going out with friends next time and don’t go somewhere just for the sake of blogging, then you’ll know what life is all about.

  13. There are no, I REPEAT, NO HOT NIGHTSPOTS in KL.
    Just consume a lot of alcohol and bring your own fun with you. 😛

  14. Kahsoon, I was in KL alone. I was TRAVELLING. I was supposed to meet up with ThaiBoxingGirl but she left way earlier and I couldn’t contact her (see her earlier comment). I think going out alone is way better than staying in my freaking hotel room especially when I’m out travelling.

  15. I would rather hang out in Bangsar. KL…nowadays it’s filled with ah bengz & ah lians who don’t dance. Even if they do, they only do techno.
    I heard Luna is good. Will prolly go there one day.
    The problem is, there’s not many to go there with, most gal pals are gone, most guys don’t dance but drink only. Totally boring bunch of people

  16. hahah…. Kenny… i read the part bout the cleaner, and see nothing wrong with that.
    Can’t believe WATEVA, and WATEVA u write somehow will make someone unhappi. I just dun get it when some people want to think way toooooo much into wat u wrote.
    Might as well dun blog then. haha.

  17. Luna Bar also quite boring, if it’s not for its spectacular view. They play slow trance/house music. Nobody dance there, everyone juz want to be seen and talk crap!
    I used to like Thai Club, but now packed with Ah Bengs and Ah Lians, like Beach Club, another stupid-crowded-sardine-overpriced club.
    Anyone knows any place that spins cool R&B tunes and less Ah Bengs? No techno pls!

  18. Oh yeah, Passion is not bad too. But it’s also way too crowded sometimes. U can’t even stand properly for 2 min!
    Kenny, what about clubs in Perth? I’m heading there for some work-related travelling next week. Any suggestions? If u come to Brisbane next time, I can recommend some place too 🙂

  19. man, my office is just a javelin throw away to P.Ramlee’s nitespots but i don’t even go there! boring place to me… sigh, has my adrenalin standards gone up? damn. woi, next time in KL, email me lar! i bring you to “old buaya’s” hangout places, muahahahar!

  20. That looks like the tackiest dance club I’ve ever seen. Made even more tacky by the girl wearing her tacky white scarf. Where exactly do all the beautiful people go at night?

  21. Kenny, regarding those backlash about the questions you asked about Muslim working in a pub, i have one comment.
    Perhaps you should be more sensitive with your choice of words. You mentioned that “there’s two thing WRONG with this picture”. If you are seriously only asking a question, i think the wrong word should not be used.
    Just my most sincere advice.

  22. give him a break lah guys. it’s his blog. he wasn’t offending anyone or any religion. he did make a disclaimer didn’t he?

  23. Nouvo has been labelled as lala-fied some time ago, that’s why it’s not popular anymore 🙂
    I think most of the clubs in KL pretty much… Sux! Passion/Poppy and Zouk/Velvet would be the most popular (packed) ones at present, I think. But Poppy DJ is crappy and it’s so packed and HOT (thanks to open air concept)! Can barely move in there!
    I’m personally into RnB music only, so Thursday@Zouk is the only night I can enjoy good RnB music, but unfortunately, can’t go coz working on Friday 🙁 So yah, clubbing in KL on Friday/Saturday only leaves me with the one and only sucky Poppy. Complained about it, but I still go eh? hehe 😉
    If you are not into dancing, MUST check out LUNA BAR Kenny! The view and concept is awesome! But remember, don’t be late and get there before 9.30pm alright. If not, you’ll be RM50 poorer 😀

  24. Mannn! I miss clubbing in Aust.
    At least people there really dance! Not just holding a drink and mingling near the bar…

  25. I thought Nouvo dieded??/ kekeke…. dint know it’s still alive….
    Hrmm…Jawi…. I remember that Jawi raid in Zouk…. yeah apparently Muslims are not allowed to work in entertaiment industry….
    Loft sux…. bengs/lians fly and nest there now.
    Luna and Zeta, covers are Rm50/60 respective ly…. mahal lehh…hahaha but u get those preppy and classy dude…

  26. Kenny, am recommended by a gal fren to hit your blog. love it. truly believe u got what it takes to be a freelance lifestyle writer …. walk on and explore. Cheers.

  27. Hahaha, better come to Adelaide’s Red Square pub. It really rocks, until 8am in the morning!! Have to que up nearly 1 hour to enter. The chicks are really shortage of materials on the 🙂
    Cover charge $10, and you get 2 vodka cruisers for $8. And the chicks really dance and the DJ’s are damn good (they have 2 dance floors with 1/2 DJ’s each).

  28. hey isn’t that gurl in the low-left corner the lady from some hair shampoo ad? the host of pillow talk, and the one who played the pretty lawyer in Kopitiam!? LoL!

  29. Hey i know a few hot nightspots in KL. HIghly recommended is Blueboy cafe near Jln Bukit Bintang. It’s blue as in neon blue….just for youuuu….be glad to bring u around KL if wan…

  30. Just 2 1/2 months left and I’ll be back in a place where 10% of the girls are EA. WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta, love my hometown!!!

  31. if you know now, latest happening place in PJ area.
    1. SANCTUARY, The Curve
    2. SCARLETTE, The Curve
    3. BAR CELONA, Sunway Pyramid.
    Anyone can suggest more?

  32. Hey – nice blog, just looking around some websites, seems a really nice platform you are using. I’m currently using WordPress for a few of my sites but looking to change one of them over to a platform similar to yours as a trial run.

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