The Most Patriotic Malaysian Car Ever

Here’s a guy that deserves a place in the Malaysia’s Book of Records.

This is the kind of car that would make the my balls swell to three times their original size. Seriously, how could ANY Malaysian NOT be proud of a car like this?
I bet the car stereo is playing Negaraku when he’s driving.

The guy’s got so many flags on his car that if he ever gets killed in a car crash, the country is gonna give him a Hero’s burial.
Man, I’m proud to be Malaysian. I shall go tattoo the Malaysian flag on my back right now.

Reading cypher’s account of the anti-VSU protest brought back sweet memories of my student representation days back in Perth.

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  1. Those kind of cars usually have a season… Merdeka time. Man, they just pop up everywhere. Patriotism at its best. Cars with flags on their bonnets, flag poles (something like that) on cars, lorries, vans. I feel like crying.

  2. I dunno how is it in Kuching, but here in PJ it would be very likely that this car owner provides towing services. Imagine the number of accidents he would’ve caused and he’d have the last laugh cos its $$$ for him.

  3. i wonder do these ppl know what is Merdeka or patriotism?
    if u guy don’t know what i’m talking about, try to go out on the 30th Aug nite… can see all those stupid a$$ ppl on motorbikes, cars and etc etc..jumping up here and dere…drive/ride dangerously….

  4. hmmm….I wonder if he has any problem parking in shopping mall basements. I’m guessing that he probably has double sided tape handy in his car in case some of the flags fall off.

  5. That fella betta’ had his flags stuck on tight. As Merdeka-day inch closer, others may just be tempeted to pinch-off some of his flags and parade them as their own. Why not? He looks like he’s selling them, anyway….

  6. Seriously lah, the mini jalur gemilang mounted on these cars look very oh biang. Can understand the patriotism, but dont you think it looks silly and lack aesthetic? I reckoned for the 2020 forward look, its better to put stickers on the car and Malaysisan can more creative this way…like the formulas? Lagi cantek lah tuan.

  7. Hey Dude, nice post, I saw similar vehicle several years ago, an older model. Anyway I appluase this person for having the gut to be different no matter how tacky it seems. True he/she may cause accidents, but only because we Kuchingites are kepoh ,just like how we block the trafic at accident sites.

  8. well, to tattoo merdeka merdeka merdeka on your dick, you’d need sufficient surface area, no? lolz. anyways, this guy is an accident waiting to happen. imagine if one of the flags blew off while driving, and got stuck onto another car’s windshield. crash. and even worse if ALL the flags came off and got stuck. woah.

  9. I see you are heavily inspired by Just repost to a new audience? Haha! Admire your balls for doing that.

  10. Dear Kenny,
    Cool~ Show us the tattoo then :p
    btw, 31st Aug is Malaysia’s national day rite?
    Show us all how much u love yr country.. haha 😀
    *joking, dun mean to force u into tattooing.

  11. Oh my goodness..this car is actually seen in Kuching? I guess I have to keep my eyes open nowadays. If I’ve not mistaken, this photo was taken at our 4-1/2 mile shopping complex. I think I had better visit there this weekend, I might bump into this patriotic driver…

  12. kay, ummm…
    Shant, I hope you said ‘cry’ you meant ‘tears of joy’.
    jhlam, unfortunately for most ppl, Merdeka Day is just another holiday. Now I don’t know how bad it is for me to say this, but looking back – I wonder what it would be like if Malaysia is still under British control though.
    ct, its verrryyyy tempting.
    raymondevil, unfortunately you only have enough space to tattoo “Merd”…
    e. heh heh. Agreed.
    abc, I can’t say I’m not inspired by him. But ‘repost to a new audience’? Huh? What cock talking you?
    Karen, yes and yes.

  13. OHMYGAWD. This guy got nuthin better to do issit? He really loves Malysia… Well, its not so bad lah, at least he’s patriotic!
    Oh yeah, reminds me as well, I saw one near JB- this guy stuck flags in the same fashion- only he had the Jalur Gemilang on the hood of the car as well!My family and I had a riot of laughter all the way home!!!

  14. I can imagine you getting a tattoo on your dick as some people suggest. At times, your tattoo is merely MAS, a while later it becomes MALAYS and hopefully, it will subsequently reveal – MALAYSIA!!!

  15. HI Kenny! actually the jhlam is right! For merdeka we should give thankful to our country….! But some of the people they know nothing about it, they drive/ride dangerously on the 30th Aug, what are their want to proof? is this their proof love their country?

  16. HI Kenny! actually the jhlam is right! For merdeka we should give thankful to our country….! But some of the people they know nothing about it, they drive/ride dangerously on the 30th Aug, what are their want to proof? is this the way to proof their love our country?

  17. This is typike Ah Beng Car wut …
    Got street fighter sticker oso …
    Niah Beh …. Makes your Lan Pa si Beh Tua Liap !

  18. Malaysian’s sense of patriotism is very much different from other country… In India National Flag is considered sacred and should be treated with dignity, honour and respect.

  19. I don’t like anything Malaysian since Mahathir Mohammad made his speeches attacking everyone and everything. I say boycott Malaysia…anyone agree?

  20. dear sir,i would like to know if you accept telegraphic transfer as type of payment because am intrested in your cars.if you are ready just send me you bank details and i prepare my payments.i need 5 units.hope to hear from you soon.Elijah

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