Today, I Am A Saint


The Borneo Post, page 4, on the 4th August 2005.
I just had a look at how much money we’ve raised so far and its only USD$550. Thanks to all the nice people here who have pledged their donation.
But frankly speaking I think that amount is pathetic. Between the six of us participants, we get about 10,000 daily visitors to our sites combined. If each of these visitors were to donate USD1, just USD1 (that’s RM3.70, the price of one plate of chicken rice), the volunteers at the Hospite-At-Home program would have enough funds to help the unfortunate for the next 5 years.
Anyway, the Blogathon for charity is in progress till 9pm today. Please head over to You can help keep us awake by telling us a joke or two, or something.

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  1. Being out of the country its a bit of a pain to mail in the payments in money orders and stuff. If there was a paypal account or they took credit card transactions it would be a lot easier (and you’ll probably get more pledges – especially for your overseas readers). Can I just mail in a check denominated in a foreign currency?

  2. Yeah. I’m in America, so sending in a money order will be a bit of extra work. On the other hand, it’s not a huge amount of effort, and it’s for charity, so it’s worth it. My grandfather was on hospice until about a month ago, and it really was a big help.

  3. The others are right. Perhaps this is a lame excuse, but it really is inconvenient to donate if you’re overseas. I believe there are many of us who are keen on donating, if things were more straightforward. If there was a credit card option, that would greatly facilitate things.
    All the same, i think you’re doing a great thing.

  4. Frankly speaking, I think if you named the charity blog “Blogforcharity” or such ,that sounds more serious than joking then you’ll get a more serious reaction. Well good job anyway. Iamgine that, showing up ‘The Star’ …Bloggersaremorons….

  5. I’m sorry guys. For ethical reasons all proceeds must go DIRECT to the Hospice-At-Home Program and I wasn’t allowed to accept any monies from you. It sucks that the charity does not have a PayPal account or something, otherwise that would make processing a lot easier.
    Connie, yea I read that article and I think its DISGUSTING that things like that are happening. Of course that doesn’t mean we should stop donating to charities all together, because one bad apple doesn’t mean the rest of the basket is bad.

  6. Hmm nobody got back to me about whether we can just write a check in USD. Oh well, I guess going to the post office and getting a freaking money order can’t hurt… beats staying up all night coming up with stuff to write 😉

  7. Kenny,
    I am not doubting any bit that what you guys are doing good. Just wandering how transparent the organisation can be. Part of the reasons why I normally drop by the Charity Centre myself to donate the money, or food or cloths, or volunteer my effort. The Boys’ Home/ Salvation Army welcome people, all the time. Sometimes I forget that there are needy people in our own backyard.

  8. bzb, honestly I’m not too sure about that. But for money orders only Western Union would work. 🙂 I’ll call my bank tomorrow and see if they know about this.

  9. Connie, its definitely highlighting the ugly fact of life – corruption exists anywhere and everywhere. How transparent? We don’t know. Often we just give them the benefit of the doubt.

  10. You know I’m not too sure the NKF deal is as corrupt as it seems. I mean sure Kenny can spend a weekend in a blue moon blogging until his ass gets numb but the sale of bookmarks is an ongoing effort. The person selling it needs to eat and pay rent, the bookmark needs to be manufactured and the delivered.
    I think whenever we buy something for charity, all that needs to be taken into account… unlike if we donated say to a charity organization directly.. without getting a product or going through a middleman.
    But even then, people who work at the organizations need to be paid, just like teachers and postmen.
    I’d call it corrupt if the middleman in this case happened to be making a disproporionate amount of money compared to the money being given to the charity after all the overhead costs have been taken out.

  11. Talk, talk, talk, have you all donated or not?
    Excuses, excuses, excuses, this cannot, that can or not.
    Just send a cheque, a bank-draft whatever.
    If donno whose name to write,you can put under Kenny’s name & send these to him.
    You cannot trust him, ah, you think he will take the money, ah? What, lah, you?!

  12. well just treat it as money mysteriously dropped into your bank account and you’ve no where to put it so u donate it? ;p

  13. Nice work.
    Just wanted to comment that the article is badly written, quite a number of errors.. like, ‘join force'(forces)?
    tsk tsk

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