The Best Thai Food And Seafood In Patong

Phuket has been unexpectedly fantastic so far.
One of the best things about Phuket is the food, and seafood in this little Thai island is said to be legendary. On the first night of our arrival, we set out to fill our stomach with the best Thai food and seafood in town.
The problem is, we don’t know which restaurant serves the best Thai food and seafood in town.
Luckily the Thais are nice. They point out to you which restaurant serves the best Thai food and seafood in town.. And they do so by proudly proclaiming it on their signboard.
Like Cocoa-NutThe Best Thai Food Seafood In Patong Beach.
If you wanna know where this is, it’s located just right next to DangThe Best Of Thai Food and Seafood.
It is also located on the same road with SakronThe Best of Thai Food and Seafood In Patong.
And they are all not far from YoyoThe Best Food In Town.
In Phuket, every restaurant is also the best Thai food and Seafood in town.

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  1. … why all those comments before mine are stupid and useless numbering comments ??? =.=” so fun to grab the first seats meh ???
    anyway i wanna try the REAL Thai food .. miss ’em so much coz quite hard to get in Singapore. .. =.=” except Thai Express .. sweat

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  3. In Phuket, every restaurant is also the best Thai food and Seafood in town. – Kenny
    Yup, the same goes to Penang. Every stall is also the best Char Kuey Tiaw in town, especially in Gurney Drive.

  4. Try Savoey Restaurant!
    It’s near the corner of Soi Bangla and the main strip facing Patong Beach (can’t remember the name)
    It’s Andaman Losbters baked in butter and garlic is heavenly!

  5. 1. The BEST seafood in Patong beach- Seller said he sells the BEST seafood WITHIN the Patong beach
    2. The best OF Thai Food and Seafood In Patong- Seller said he sells the best kind OF Thai food and seafood in Patong means he only pick the BEST kind to sell.
    3. The Best Food In Town- Seller said he sells the best food in town means he sells the BEST FOOD but it’s only WITHIN TOWN area…
    Sound like no. 2 is THE BEST… Not only did that seller filter out ONLY the BEST kind and also it’s WITHIN THE WHOLE OF PATONG.

  6. Hey that is the specialty of Thailand…everything is the ‘best’ :p you just need to get used to it 🙂 That is my experience for the past 6 years lol 😛 Dee mak!!! But which ever it is, I am sure you had enjoyed:P Thai food are just cheap in general, well I am not sure about Phuket though 😛

  7. Food is so expensive in Patong its not funny! I found it cheaper to dine in Japan than to dine in Patong! Its a tourist town so they milk you for what you’ve got.
    Oh.. also the kickboxing tournament is every week. don’t be fooled that this you last chance to watch a title fight

  8. We stayed in when we were in Phuket (in July 2007), only RM32.50 per person, 4 beds in 2 joining rooms, shower, TV, all the basic things we need.. Has any1 seen the ermm.. Tiger Show? How was it? We were too shy to walk in 😛

  9. I was there.. Patong town looks like a European country. Haha, so many angmos there. The food is always nice there. Must go!! Don’t forget to go for a tour to Janbon Island (James Bond Island). Hehe!! Sawadikap..

  10. Halo, Kenny, got any full review of Phuket trip? am going there next week… Need some advice on everything on that island. LOL

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