Cigarette Packs

Cigarette packs in Malaysia.



Cigarette packs in Thailand.


No wonder there were so few smokers we saw in Phuket.

Dear husbands and boyfriends, have you ever wonder why during certain time of the month, you die die also kena blamed for everything?

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  1. *Dear husbands and boyfriends, have you ever wonder why during certain time of the month, you die die also kena blamed for everything?* Not so bad-lar… and why you guys always blame of women’s pms when things went wrong???

  2. It’s anti-advertising to get people to NOT buy a harmful product. The gov’t of the US state of Montana has some even more “damn geli” TV ads to try to cut down their methamphetamine epidemic.
    Well…nicotine is legal and meth isn’t, but in either case the respective gov’ts have been unsuccessful in persuading people to stop so they try stuff like this. Conclusion: Malaysian gov’t doesn’t really care if thousands of Malaysians die of lung cancer. Maybe the Health Ministry does but of course some other Ministry must be making money off cigarette taxes =P

  3. even if they don’t deter smokers, at least it shows the smokers what they will look like later, if they continue.
    anyway, it’s not like those smokers do not know, they just don’t care…

  4. s’pore not only put those deterring images on the packs.. they also limit places u can be chimney.. end of the day, if the pics dun scared u off, the limited places u can smoke deter you. Cos you wouldn’t want to be caught smoking illegally and risk getting fined SGD 200. it’s like another 17 packs of cigs?

  5. what was that 3rd pic on the thai’s ciggarate box?
    (the one with pouring with the with bottle onto the hand)

  6. ya i think our government should change the cigar packaging too..last month i heard they said they want to change it to erm lung cancer ..but now now news from our gov. hmmmpffff

  7. eww gross~ I received such an email not long ago..cigarrettes in europe are packaged just like that way too. I would have lost my appetite to smoke thinking about the negative effects it would impose on my body lol.

  8. those yucky photos do not actually deter the smokers from consuming cigarettes. Cigarette sellers in West M’sia told me those pics actually add interest for the smokers to choose which design they want.

  9. “No wonder there were so few smokers we saw in Phuket.” – Kenny.
    I think the government should start implementing gory pictures on the cigarette retail shelf, instead of putting such pictures in the mainstream newspapers.
    It may not deter addict & heavy smokers from purchasing cigarette from the retail shelf but at least it may deter would-be smokers and passive smokers from picking the habits.
    Just my 2 cent worth.

  10. this will only stop young new smokers
    hardcore old smokers don’t give a shit about this.
    even that, some young smokers nowadays have their own cigarette boxes

  11. this will only stop young new smokers
    hardcore old smokers don’t give a shit about this.
    even that, some young smokers nowadays have their own cigarette boxes

  12. Do u know that in Thailand they did not sell ciggaretes openly. If u walk in to 7/11 or any shop , u cannot see any ciggaretes coz they hide it behind the self… when u request for it only they will open it and sell it to u…. hehe…

  13. You don’t get to see many people smoking in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand. At least not as much as KL and so on… but then again One will surely miss fresh air if you are in Vietnam as people there smoke anywhere they wish. KL is still better in a way.

  14. calm down calm down, dont be so serious la..
    sometimes i do notice that i can go very moody or really low.. and it’s the hormone that makes ppl like that (cant blame us also!!), so isn’t it a good thing if they be careful and try to avoid making us angry? 😀

  15. in the UK, they print it black ink on white paper “Smoking kills”, that’s it!
    i dont think they even notice it.. -_-”
    so perhaps the thailand way will warn people more..

  16. eeeww…the packages are disgusting… but its a good way of scaring the witts outta smokers (better than the packaging here in uk which printed “smoking kills” in big bold letters)

  17. Oh wow, you are so clever. Glad I have you to point out “It’s anti-advertising to get people to NOT buy a harmful product.”
    HOW WOULD I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT. Thank you so much. You’re so clever. Really

  18. hey .. u doctor … dun pray pray ah.. hahaha … pretend to be someone else ah??!! lol .. by the way you have a nice blog there!! will try to visit sometimes =/

  19. Aiya…u dun see so many of em in Thailand is because the gov banned ppl from smoking in public places mah.
    These pictures will not stop anyone. Like someone said, we already know the consequences. But whatever!
    *lights up*

  20. Haha, that’s very funny. How come they dint use the same kind of advertising for the same products? i think they should use the same package design in msia too.

  21. cigarette packs in canada are like those in thailand too.. malaysia should do the same thing.. to reduce the number of smokers in malaysia..

  22. Gross images on ciggi packs initiated manufacture of ciggi pack covers.
    I stopped before No Smoking bans, but emphatise with smokers because Govt make rip-off Taxes from them knowing the product is not only harmful, but made deliberately Addictive to hook people.
    Bigger impression than all available data, was growing actual Tobacco leaf and making my own cigs. NO Relation to mfg product. I quit soon after.

  23. Most smokers only stop when they get chronic disease due to smoking. Once chronic disease struck you there is no turning back. People just dont care when they are still healthy.

  24. Imagine your gf ask you “Will you still kiss me when my lips become like the one in the ciggie pix?”
    The answer is “Eh…….”

  25. didn’t your folks tell you all not to quit whatever you’re doing, fight until the end? didn’t the teachers in the schools, the elders on the streets say the same thing? do you really want to be called as a quitter.
    if one is meant to die, he or she is going to die. for example,
    a healthy lady who never smoke or drink at all in her life, ran over by a car which was driven by an old heavy smoker. morale of the story, life is too short to decide what to do and what not to do. if smoking makes you feel cool, takes away your stress, helps you spend your overloaded cash or whatever it may be… then, smoke the shit out of yourself.

  26. ‘Most’ smokers in Bangkok are those from ‘Low class’.
    Once someone told me that if you get to see Asians smoking around (Bangkok) most probably they are from Malaysia (tourist) – sure enough its true.

  27. is disgustin bt stil i miss my dunhil menthol cz hubby dn allow me smoke.. now malaysia de packin dn hv it, is like askin me 2 smoke oni.. drool

  28. Sawasdee Khrub, 7 out of 10 Thais smoke. Why? Coz your anti-gov and pro-gov organizer give away free cigs.
    That’s why you guys got so much free time to demonstrate and protest on the roads and the airport whilst smoking away your lungs.
    Go get a job and get a life!

  29. I thought the gahmen also wanna implement the same thing ady wat aren’t they?? I mean printing ugly disease images on cigarette boxes, which I think will bring at least a little effect on smokers’ thinking. lol

  30. i gave up reading as i was reading on the evil of smoking
    BY THE WAY… let me point it out as a medical student that everyone’s lungs are all black… but not months old infant… dont u guys inhale those jerebu smoke due to the deforestation???

  31. I thought the Government said they’re gonna set the rule that all cigarette boxes to have those scary pictures as well, i thought it is due byy november last year, but still no effects.

  32. but its hard to say that all outcomes of smoking would result in said pictures ont he boxes, other stuff contributes too. its like a slippery slope kinda thing. they put the picture and asks you whaddya think? XD

  33. Aiyor.. print those horrible pictures on cigarette packs for —
    Research has shown that smokers won’t even bother about the pictures. They still buy it anyway. It backfired when non-smokers have their appetite affected when they catch a glimpse of those disgusting pictures! Imagine lar, those coffee shops that sells cigarette sure very headache.

  34. That PMS buddy site is kinda useless actually. Doesn’t cheer the girl up or calm her nerves, which is What We All Need. Instead, it just keeps a timer for you, which is subject to two flaws: (1) hormones aren’t always punctual, and (2) if they were, you could keep time yourself.
    Also, there’s one page where they recommend their advertisers’ services to smoothen the rough edges, such as with flowers. But listed among them is–because if things are *really* bad, then you should be looking for another gf!!!
    But then again you men never needed an excuse to browse pictures of hot girls, now did you!

  35. Seriously lacks of efforts and ideas by the M’sian govt in stopping or rather ENCOURAGING people to quit smoking.. should have more (serious and creative) advertisements, programmes on quitting smoking and of coz be more realistic and daring in approaching smokers.. I am from Malaysia and used to smoke 2 packs a day and more when I went out clubbing!! Other than serious health concerns, imagine the money I burnt, too!! But only when I came to New Zealand that I finally stopped smoking!! The anti-smoking ads on TV and the yucky photos on the ciggi packs kinda worked for me!! Plus morale supports from various non-govt organisations, are just amazing!! But hey!! It’s entirely your choice 🙂 I chose to quit 🙂

  36. no la.. you people are retard seriously… this pic dont have any effect whatsoever toward the smoker, they r just wasting ink on printing those image on the pack.. here in miri everyone still smoke as usual, you know what stop smoker from smoking? to actually stop the production of cigarette… think smartly la..

  37. i smoke and i know the effects but
    i dont feel i have to be reminded everytime i pick my packet up
    at the end of the day the gov make millions out of our addiction ….now they try to make us feel bad about it
    give us a break

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